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"Yae Yo (Remix)"
(feat. Cormega)

"Yae Yo (Remix)"
(feat. Cormega)

[Snippet from Scarface #1]
Hey, fuck you, man!
Who put this thing together?
That's who
Who do I trust?

Nah this what I'ma do
I'ma get on the phone one time

[Chorus 1]
Yae yo, yae yo, cop that yae yo
Gotta be thuggin, thuggin

[Verse 1: Raekwon the Chef]
Yo, ayyo, why this shit ain't cooking up right?
Papi told me this is solid white
Fuck it wrap it up take it back up
Still in all it's a play out
Tired of spending money
Might get them niggas laid out
Yo, yo Fernando sent me, yo
Stop acting hostile, yo
And yo don't point that shit at me
Bad enough I gotta come in the crib
Wid spanish niggas using languages and shit
I'm feeling like a dick
Left the crib wit my hand brolic
This is some bullshit
Might get knocked take the wrist coward
Yo, Fernando what happened?
Shit cooking up backwards
Light up a Backwood
Don't make me backtrack
Blew it dime it, the yae yo lay low
Saying in my mind
Fuck that papi gotta pay off
Cash rules the Power-Wu chant it
Yo Louis this ain't our product
This is Carlos family
Oh y'all wanna play me like a smoker
Coming out my ice choker
My man in the back, looking colder
Papi yo why y'all wanna jucks me
Yo listen B we got the best clientele since '83
Fuck it, pull out the pot let's cook it
Light the stove up
Julie go to the store get some flour
Sat back burning a big dutch
With the crisp 18 shot glock, stashed in my nuts
Poured it in the Pyrex sizzling
Now it start drizzling
Rainy day murder, black won't miss him
Still I'm yelling this shit is business
But they still ain't gon' violate
What I stand for wid these drizzers
He took it off the stove run the water
Trying to work me, yo
Knew I shouldn'ta hit the nigga's daughter
He mighta showed more love
Than went in the freezer
And broke the ice down, pour it in
We both looking at it on the twirl around particles grew
Fly Khaluas is mad sliding Coronas through
Feeling like Castro's cousin
Gave them niggas all of my life
All of my paper all my judgement
It droppa only like an ounce worth
Should I just come out my shirt
Go berserk and let the Macks burst
Skate off body in the Bronx
Same shit Gotti was on
Shallah, they gonna get your's play it calm
Seventeen five was the total plus the five,
Hundred for the cab driver that was rolling
Yo, he blank rubbed his nose like a Nazi
Jocked me, glock meets cock
Ready to light up shop, watch me
Standin by the 'fridgerator then caught the gleam
From his eye, and he watch a nigga ride for the rent
He looked up, recognized real
Oh Papi, yo, pardon me
Your glass spilled all over the floor
Guess that's real, we both shakin hands
Holdin guns, gave me back, all my ones
We did that shit political, it's all done
Last word, we bout to vanish
Cognio, you woulda bust, right?
Don't Puerto Ricans speak Spanish?

[Chorus 2]
Yaaaae yooooo
Cop that yae yo
Yae yo
Bap do dap do da da yae yo
Cop that yae yo
Yaaaae yoooo

[Snippet from Scarface #2]
Say hello to my little friend!

[Verse 2: Cormega]
Yo, lay back like a fat Buddha
Holdin my pearl handle mover in a Land Cruiser
Rims shine like day time, in Bermuda
I write rhymes smoother than niggas
Who be frontin like, half a key movers
I have to be financially set
New Lex in front of my duplex
My shine, drippin wet
New nines in case your crew flex
My brown eyes leavin your boo stressed
So bad you had to get a new red vest
Cause I collects tax
My advice is to accept that
Step back, blast, don't even wet that
Yo, it's mandatory
I'm self explanatory
Don't front on me shorty
Young Scarface, for real
I wanna die blastin
Fuck stashin
My next 50 G's I'm buyin me a fire wagon
Thugged out, leather interior
Meg is superior
My art of war dented your area
My mug shot praised in jail cells and drug spots
My razor, touch faces and carve rocks
Corrupt cop cases
Had me on semi-vacations
It's day dreams, lay down way schemes
For niggas who get payed and takes cream
Drugs supplier, thugs admire
Ghetto dun-dun gunfire
Keep my nine higher
The drama equilizor
I speak the mind-a, Keyser
Soze, no survivors

[Snippet from Scarface #3]
Say goodnight to da bad guy

[Snippet from Scarface #4]
Go ahead, I take your fuckin bullets!
You think you can get me with bullets?!
Go ahead, I take your fuckin bullets, go ahead!
[Shotgun blast] Aaauaaagh!
[Splashing of water]


(feat. Ghostface & Crooked I)

(feat. Ghostface & Crooked I)

[Intro: w/ Raekwon ad-libs]

No more rocks, Rubber glocks homie
Move here all I hear, Call the cops on me
Ankle gold straight for my chucks, Chevy truck
Good CD, I rhyme to every nigga with I'll weed
We at the cheeba house toast'n, Rhymes we roast'n a hundred K
All they say is Rae and Ghost shitted
Mind frame puzzled, Bezzle cost one million franks
The Louie luggage bordered in Brussels
No he didn't, Harry Winston watch, My time's limit
I.C.S., The G kitted, We fitted
Making my way all through the garden
Large nigga respect, Yep, The Chef up, He kept calling
Counter move'n with my shorty, We both lizard down
Her neck, My ring blizzard down, Get up in the South
Cooling with the hood goonies
The Mickey Rooney's of the Project when mad logic step in the room

[Hook: Reakwon]
(Yes sir)
Where niggas rock mink coats and carry a mink tote
We got our bitches on mean boats
(Yes Sir)
The money that come we spending it, Getting it
Don't give a fuck you get shot in the rented kid
(Yes Sir)
Don't play with the Kings with blings on
(Yes Sir)
No fake shit, Say the wrong thing and your team's gone
(Yes Sir)
From killers and rap niggas who clap niggas up
What, Yeah but, Go get your little gats nigga

[Ghostface Killah:]
Yo this ain't your average type boss shit
Steel pipes big enough to blow out your fausete
We car buying, Bar buying, Not to mention
My wall got flicks of me standing in the back of a large lion
Shearling on, Shirt chill burning my man up
Style is back up in this like P. and E. Sermon
So what ya'll wanna do these bars is French toast
Sin City style I'm like Marv in the trench coat
Busting off arrows like Cupid
The truth is I got the mother load from my girl and booked it
Went to my cell shitted out then pooped it
Sat broken down twenty dollars for two sticks
Uhh, I'm a hustler, Ya'll my customers
Broke niggas just wanna smoke like a muffler homie
It's Crooked I and the Chef, And of course me
Michael Phelps of this shit who wanna endorse me


[Crooked I:]
If it's war I'm reaching for the heat
I got bullets the size prehistoric teeth
That'll bite you like the heater or the beef
So I feed it more to eat, To lead a boy your sleep
Leave em leaking on the street
Then I'm creeping low, Discreet
I'm the reason for police when I'm squeezing on my piece
Like I be squeezing on your piece
When she drinking on my skeet
She move when a gangsta say so
She wanna pop skittles, Wanna taste the rainbow
You never know, Crooked could be poke'n your Mom
In ? while smoke'n a bong, The ultimate Don
Closed mouth don't get feed, I'm quoting you Psalms
Closed fists don't get bread, So open your palms
Yeah, How can you not feel that
I'm on Rodeo with the top peeled back yelling C.O.B.
I took a vow of abstinence for ya sucker emcees
Which mean I swear to God none of ya'll fucking with me, Uhh

[Outro: w/ Raekwon ad-libs]


"You Hear Me"

"You Hear Me"

Get this flow together nigga
Get that flow sounding ridiculous you heard
You heard
For real
Check the flow

Glass shoe tape
Wristband kick slaying cub cop a pair
Mind blown bricks laying whats foreign
Grew up on stick ups
The whole click robbed know we ain't starving yes
Pulling out big notes yes
Jumping in the big S I'm fresh
All about success let's flex
From the rip get checks what's next
Hit grass get a pass that stress
I remain non-lame I'm blessed
Pull the nine I'm firing yes
Cause my mind knows best
Catch me in the shop
Buying a bitch out
Flying in a Lear
I'm right in the bitch mouth
Heard I'm in the chair
Louie the bitch out
Its all real yeah
You heard it from his mouth

You hear me
You hear me
You hear me
You hear me
You hear me
You hear me
You hear me
You hear me

Crown broken down, freaks want a thousand
Let me stroke 'em down
One bite, one town
Send siblings, hustling is business
Tustling niggas up, stomp 'em in Tims
Meet my hounds
Sitting on plainsclothes
Bitch calm down
All I rock's Kangols
Six all brown
Inside mangos
Getting it hold the town niggas got a rainbow
Everyday motto, seek for pay day
All in the lotto, Sheep's could sued grey
Out in the Cabos eating steak plates
Whatever it do, Keep the same traits
Jeeps with name plates, Sweep the main gates
Try the blunts yo they fixed with green flakes
Living up top, let's rock with team faith
And get money nigga pop I need space

You hear me
You hear me
You hear me
You hear me
You hear me
You hear me
You hear me
You hear me


"You Might Die"

"You Might Die"

Yo, at night time, reflection from the mural
Federal bureau with ikes, did it all our lives
We Swiss bankers, cream making in Australia
Floss whales, we live, men, plus the son of the Mahalias
Gold plated horse with the wooden face, catch me up grace
Iceberg blanket, Queen Cheeba sheets
The Giganti's, paparazzi nazi, elbow money
Invisible glaciers, laying over rastas
Let the stars know, the crescent is the blessing
We came here to show and prove, make moves, for every dollar in the groove
Rhymes that's imported, wore platinum kitchens and shit
Niggas gave bitches, most got extorted

[Doo Wop:]
Yo, aqua swiss iceberg wrist, the chocolate swiss miss
Love the Spanish kid, with the Starburst twist
Marvelous, with the '59, 50 fitteds, matching the kicks
That's crispier than Saint Nicolas fish
Do take, niggas slipping the disk, Wop and Rae world premiere shit
Like Sermon and Smith, homey, my sermom is swift
I got them powerful verse, that if
This was a church, the'll give a cripple person a lift
And now he crip walking, I ain't just talking
I do this thing often, ask Kenyon Martin
Last week, I gave his chain a bone
And told him, take this with you to Boston (the kid's awesome)

[Chorus x2: Raekwon]
From every borough to borough, every castle to castle
We connect, put it down, and we ask you
Real niggas rapidly past you, mumbling, come on
Standing right in front of the building, son, nigga, you might die

[Doo Wop:]
Yo, I came across the Verrazano, to polly with Mr. Polly, himself
Plus I need a pair of wally's with the cheddar melt
Goat snake skin to coincide with the belt
It's doe or die, baby, like Sosa, hold your penny up high

Aiyo, inkless colorless Aston, toast, nigga, post
One of the finest made taylors to sow
My medicine's growth, young popes, greatest of all time
Spoke, who drove off, had sixty horses on post
It's automatic magic, thirty kangols
Understand, fabric spray at faggots, close
The legacy's dying, fakers approach, hit him with the hater soap
Clap at your gators and snatch your hoe

[Doo Wop:]
It's the 2 double 0 3, version of the Cold Crush
And Force MC's, I'm bout to force mc's
To get their weight up, yo Rae, I'm a DJ, and I'm still telling
Rap cats, to step they game up, ain't that some shit, playa?

[Interlude: Raekwon]
Hahaha, yeah bulletproof armor tank shit, nigga
P-9 material only, real niggas, Sing Sing style
Word up

[Chorus x2]


"Young Boy Penalties"

"Young Boy Penalties"

[Verse 1:]
Call 'em a lobbyist, you stay parked, this is obvious
They won't leave the block, his people gon' copy this
18 wildin', no cream that's sloppy shit
Need a real nigga to tell him that's jalopy shit
Wrong moves, yeah that old ass Monopoly shit
You need to play chess and kill all that cocky shit
You not hard, you just on some fake Rocky shit
One day nigga gon' smack out your choppers, kid
Yeah we all know that lockin' ain't watchman shit
Skinny jeans, long Tims, ain't poppin' shit
Just real yeah, general with stocks and shit
Stocky, no Glock, just hand full of rocks and shit
They hold L's and get craned, that's popular shit
Gold ghost on some Phantom of the Opera shit
Take a ill toast and shop, buy more Glocks and shit
Stay away from petty ass slimes who watch your shit

[Hook: x2]
Young boy penalties, when will you learn
Young boy penalties, when will you learn
Catch young boy penalties, when will you learn

[Verse 2:]
Ay yo, no morals at all, you lost shorty
Don't know which way to get on, come on shorty
You should've stayed around on the real, get lost shorty
Now they sendin' your ass upstate for 40
You wouldn't listen, now you just runnin' in Jordies
Frontin' in the back of the building passin' 40's
You ain't just built for war, you for the ball leagues
But you'd rather front with them four niggas that's corny
Never get money, they sit yappin' they jaw-pieces
That's when they get broke, cracked in 44 pieces
Meet you by the store for the one vision of glory
Then I'm a tear your face off, it's mandatory
I ball forever, through any category yo
It's like a fresh Gucci mock against a Maury
Catch me in a pool full of sharks, I wrestle surely
The realest, fresh off the block with the porgies

[Hook x2]

Word, gotta school y'all little branch face ass niggas, man
Stop fuckin' actin' like you're listenin' to the wrong niggas, man
And keep them 71 characters out of your body too, man
Niggas is just fuckin' up the whole poster right now, man


"Youngstown Heist"
(feat. Trife da God, Sheek Louch, Bully)

"Youngstown Heist"
(feat. Trife da God, Sheek Louch, Bully)

[Intro: Ghostface Killah]
For the city, to get this money, Vegas, yo, yeah

[Ghostface Killah (Trife Diesel):]
Here's the rundown, Mustafa's getting money out in Youngstown
Get some goons together, a driver and bring them guns down
Heard he had his hands in some bricks, plus a few pounds
Hang with some wild Haitians, settle shop in the dude lounge
Niggas is migrating, he came from Cue Gardens
With a live situation, got it in preparation
When you get there, pick up the whip with the navigation
And follow all the clowns til you get to your destination
(We here Tone, got our masks on, we bout to run up in
I know you ain't talking bout the house, with the broken henge
65 Alpine Drive, it's looking shady
So I hopped out, pulled the glock out, plus the 3-18
Hit the living room, I've seen a ripped up sofa, a shattered coffee table
Broken lamps, and a flipped up stroller
The place was ransacked from front to back)
Yo, Trife, what you talking, black?
(Yo, Starks, cut the bullshit and tell me, where the office at)
Take a left and head, down the hallway steps
Pass the painting on the wall, the third door on the left
The safe is on the wall above the fireplace near the decks
Look inside the top drawer, and get the key out the chest

[Interlude: Sheek Louch (Bully)]
Damn son, aiyo what's taking this nigga Trife so long (I don't know)
Oh shit, yo Bull, get down, get down, get down
Look at Stark pulling up, son (aww man)
I'm a try to kill this nigga

[Sheek Louch (Bully):]
Aiyo, hurry up I see a car pulling up, windows tinted
Can't really tell who's in it, but, I know it's a rented
Down south plates, Atlanta or, one of them states (yo the cameras on)
Man, I wanna see what's up in those crates
Should I pop off, take his top off, before he get to you
Bully like (Yo, chill, chill, this is what we gon' do) aight
(Go ask for directions, right, I'm a go around the back
Wait for them to come inside, I'll hit these niggas with the mack)
Ok, before it even get to that, let me see where Trife is at
Hopefully he on his way, and no one gotta die today (bang bang)
Two shots go off (Homey trapped inside, quick put the mask on, Sheek)
Fuck it, Bully, let's ride
Shooting out the sunroof, missing and shit
I was too high, still think my Dutchie was lit
Trife running out the building, busting, cussing
Blood everywhere, you had to see this shit (disgusting)


"Your World & My World"
(feat. Havoc)

"Your World & My World"
(feat. Havoc)

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yeah, yeah, let's go, nigga

[Chorus: Raekwon]
This is your world and my world, nigga, let's make a movie
Get it jumping, hit the box office hard, get it pumping
This is your world and my world, nigga, hundreds to hundreds
Let's burn, then fuck it, put our mamas up, keep 'em fronting
This is your world and my world, nigga, bust a nut
Get a cut, then gettin' paper, by laying in the cut
This is your world and my world, nigga, we flyin' fly
In the bank, nigga, you know how we get down, thanks, nigga

Arm & Hammer boxes, we love foxes, leaning in the Tropics
Blood money, boats is abnoxious
Standing in the mess hall when, nose froze
Posing like a king, I'm rocking New Balances, new silencers
Glass table'll choke, twenty four challengers
Half of my niggas is slow, but they dough island
You know the pantries is full, ranches with bulls
And wolves there, who sit around, fronting in Wu-Wear
I slam a Noodles hat, pull hair, two tokes and Ghost
In a ghost, I be back in the wrong year
Long sleeve, one cuff up, rugged gold teeth
Fronting with Colombian niggas who gave me raw meat
Due to the gangstas that died, forever ride
To the rats in the manholes, who hate, niggas live
But it's all good, you from a poor hood, I guess
Back in the Guess with the Champion hood, what?


Glass sculptures on my vultures, fifty cultures
Play the couch, posted, count your money, hide your toast in
Black tea, sucker free, ask me, clappers is free
Metal knick knacks, get slapped in your hat, B
I'm dynamic rec room potent, that'll blow you in the open
Pay a cop off, fly you your coke in
My house is worth 2.9, my Benz is worth, he want mine
Nowheres, we call that shit high heels
Dedicated heat rock sprayer, spray your mother and your lover
Better pay up, these guns is from Grenada
Wild fight, customized dice, get nice in the Trump Tower
Drunk bitch, spaghetti and sliced
Everybody features is that mean, never leave the lab
Lacking, always in the red, blacks and green
Drug slingers turn into slug singers, one of them snitch?
It's just a gut lingers, laying in the mud

[Interlude: Raekwon]
Slimeball ass, nigags, man, for real, man
Stay away, man, knowhatimsayiing?
Get that muthafucking, hater gator spray next to a nigga
We ready to zap one of ya'll niggas, with the quickness
Aiyo, Hav', man, these niggas don't know what it is, man, about hip hop, man
These niggas, man, for real, man, eat them niggas

[kung-fu sample]
I got to admit that Shaolin boxing ain't that bad!
But, now watch mine!

Ya'll niggas food, I peep that shit a long time ago
Dick rider niggas trying to front like they grimey, tho
This is my world, I just let you live in it
But the lease is up, you faggot niggas get evicted
How many times I gotta tell you cowards, mind your business
Oh, you still yapping? Time to catch 'em slipping
Doing dirty, we don't mind getting our hands dirty
And you can't fuck with any bitch because her ass dirty
Cuz when it pop off, we just up in shorty ears
And you just stuck with it, and how us niggas got you there
That little bad caramel with the long hair
Got you lined up, and caught in the crosshair
Nothing but bosses here, we enforced the fear
Always in the hood, my office there
Blow a bag with my comrades, polly my next move
And have you niggas bugging, how I wet 'em and crept through