Šta je novo?


"Verbal Intercourse"
(feat. Nas, Ghostface Killer)

"Verbal Intercourse"
(feat. Nas, Ghostface Killer)

[Rae] No tricks, no tricks baby
[Nas] Yeah, aiyyo Rae
[Ghf] Check it out y'all
[Nas] It's the science
[Ghf] Fly wonderful
[Rae] Yeah y'all
[Nas] Tony Starks and umm Lex Diamonds
[Ghf] Tony Starks, my nigga Nas
[Rae] Strength my whole team is eatin off this type of shit
[Nas] For all the fake niggaz out there, yaknahmean
[Ghf] Word up
[Rae] Good shit, nigga next time, no more whatever shit
[Nas] Fakes be celebratin but they be mistaken
[Ghf] Word to the wise
[Rae] Keep your eyes open and your wallet in your front pocket
[Ghf] All types of shit, yo son
[Rae] Rock it, RZA Chef Ghost and Nas niggaz is the prophet
[Nas] Tell em it's on right?
[Ghf] Show those crabs how to rhyme
[Rae] RZA Chef Ghost and Nas niggaz is the prophet
[Ghf] It's only like five percent out of a hundred
[Rae] RZA Chef Ghost and Nas niggaz is the prophet
[Ghf] Do it to em baby

[Verse One: Nas]

Through the lights cameras and action, glamour glitters and gold
I unfold the scroll, plant seeds to stampede the globe
When I'm deceased, by then the beast arise like yeast
to conquer peace leaving savages to roam in the streets
Live on the run, police paying me to give in my gun
Trick my Wisdom, with the system that imprisoned my son
Smoke a gold leaf I hold heat, nonchalantly
I'm grungy, but things I do is real it never haunts me
while, funny style niggaz roll in the pile
Rooster heads profile on a bus to Riker's Isle
Holdin weed inside they pussy with they minds on the
pretty things in life, props is a true thug's wife
It's like a cycle, niggaz come home, some'll go in
Do a bullet, come back, do the same shit again
From the womb to the tomb, presume the unpredictable
Guns salute life, rapidly, that's the ritual

[Verse Two: Raekwon the Chef]

Perhaps bullets bust niggaz discuss mad money
True lies and white guys, we can see it through the eyes
Catch the most on tape, kilos disintegrate
Pyrex pots, we break, fiends lickin plates
In the building niggaz building, like little children starin
Them older niggaz aint carin
Sirens circlin fiends are lurkin in your baggage
oh, one's gone now, what, smack him in his cabbage
In the woodwork, crack cells bubble like Woolworth's
in the projects, richest niggaz rockin all the real worth
Police questioning, rooftop cats invested in
Tradin in they Lexus' GS's sendin messages
Two and two makes four, Cristal's crazily pour
Gun wars my crew phantom like swords

[Verse Three: Ghostface Killer]

With the green leathers, hunded pound snakes and cakes
Fiends found in lakes, jeolously Jakes we shake
What I strive for is what I live for
Infatuated by material things, and it's wild like for war
like somewhere over the rainbow, I see a big pot of gold
Future stacks yo I hold
Thousands of cracks bagged up inside the shoebox
Don't keep jack in my lap, don't wanna see Tupac
Got two spots, a new lot, flooded with rocks
Shoot-outs making me hot, crooked cops Bad Tony and the ball drop
In the Now, I'm bangin niggaz for slide time
Hurry up Duke I'm next, show em mine
And what the fuck is you looking at?
By the way young blood, hit me off with that Green Bay hat
Watch your back inside the hall, new niggaz slide through
like doors yo, you're starin in the mess hall
Your adrenaline runs, cigarette niggas be swindlin
New jacks surrenderin, come home not rememberin
Made bail with different size kicks on, a white dress shirt
Lookin gay in the yard, and you got hurt
Flashbacks, of the day room, mop ringer style
Your faggot ass got bashed tryin to turn the dial
You told your boo you was whylin
Once you heard Wu, out of the blue, your family's from Shaolin
High class cooks, throw on vestes out of phone books
Infirmary niggas are screaming, "I got drugs!"
Sharpen toothbrushes 190 mixed with baby oil and shit
Your man's in the kitchen stashing ice picks
Well I'ma end this with a big red cherry on top
Me, Nas and Rae got the best product on the block

[Rae] Strength my whole team is eatin off this type of shit
[Ghf] Word up, throw your hands up
[Rae] Good shit, nigga next time, no more whatever shit
[Ghf] Cock back the Mac an say whatever
[Rae] Keep your eyes open and your wallet in your front pocket
[Ghf] Your Hawaiian's stale, exoticness, fly shit
[Rae] RZA Chef Ghost and Nas niggaz is the prophet
[Ghf] Floatin on in nine-five in the basement


"Visiting Hour"
(feat. Andra Day)

"Visiting Hour"
(feat. Andra Day)

[Andra Day:]
I wanna be where you are
Where you are

You see my heart won't let up
I'm trying not to fall
Wish I could write you a letter
I know you heard it all before
What I mean
What I want is
I want to be where you are
Where you are
Safe from harm
In your arms
In your

Got to stay on my feet, I can't slip
Remain focused because these vultures are lurking
Praying I don't win
But they can forget about it because I ran for this
Yeah tears and sweat devoting I planned for this
Keeping the slammer close, I'm not alone
Smoking that black cabbage
Making my enemies go poof begone
So the facts is
Money make niggas throw rocks at the throne
I'm thinking
[?] on their action
Reality is I mean business
Please stay out my way
For real I'm serious, negativity out my space
I wear grown man britches, this is no child's play
Making haters love me
So our relationship is love hate
See I describe great
And you despise that
Putting pressure back in this game
Word from this live cat
Niggas besides that
I'm from a place where most don't make it out alive
And homicide can't even buy that

[Andra Day:]
You see my heart won't let up
I'm trying not to fall
Wish I could write you a letter
I know you heard it all before
What I mean
What I want is
I want to be where you are
Where you are
Safe from harm
In your arms
In your

Some of my niggas is still taking penitentiary charges
Life lessons
They never learned whether they lived or died
They not concerned
Caught in the system
Clips, they got mouths to feed
By any means they got to feed
By any means they got to earn
Who am I to knock 'em
If they cover their faces stocking
Run up in the spots and let the Glock kick
That used to be me
Young, ruthless, and carefree
Until I seen the bigger picture
Shifted, my way of thinking
That 25 to life is real
So is the casket once it close on you
Word to the youth
Its not a game, cause life'll swerve on you
One day it might change your life
From poor to rich living
Better fresher in white leather
From out the hand me downs
Flashing high-priced threads
Matching the foreign cars in the driveway
Living that wealth forever
From me to you young world
Here's my letter

[Andra Day:]
You see my heart won't let up
I'm trying not to fall
Wish I could write you a letter
I know you heard it all before
What I mean
What I want is
I want to be where you are
Where you are
Safe from harm
In your arms
In your

Coming from the city where they run out
You know I seen it all before
I ain't here to judge what you've been done
You know I done it all before
Coming from the city where they run out
You know I seen it all before
I ain't here to judge what you've been done
You know I done it all before


"Wake Up"

"Wake Up"

(One) gun go off, showin' everything is lost
(Two) hold between me and you, these the rules, c'mon
(Three) yo, we gotta stand together to take cream'n
(Four) without me and you the crew just could never be

[Verse 1:]
Imaginative mental, blood flyin'
the most hardest niggas cock they iron
foul, live like a Lion
listen to the streets and your gun go off
sorta like a show off
jungle way of livin', hittin' dro off
lifestyle changes niggas see that
they gettin' anxious just to throw one in your ski hat
watch your language, yeah, you fresher than a Million bucks
you got a new hustle, you hardly knew niggas would envy lust
they gettin' hungrier and niggas bust
they lit a bigger dutch
fixin' them Calicos to dig your guts
detectives roam
niggas come home and got a bigger dome
ready to zone on what a nigga own
caught in the mischief
how can you live when it's a sickness
that sorrounds that projects and the trenches
walkin' through the bushes at night
you gotta be sharp like a butcher knife
subtly show up when the jooks is right
and everything will have a major like
whether it's black or white
nobody knows until they snatch your life
wake up son, the season's just a thing the mind make up
it's only real kid, ha, wake up!

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
The meat market pardon me, the heat market
chill, we got it on lock, the nigga got to sweet talkin'
I gotta eat and got the beast targeted
relax, my Brothers on 'role, niggas got police barkin'
they want us killed, sieze the sargent
blowin' each cartridge
we ill, realer in each market
feel the leather jacket, sleek ostrich
unleash the arsonist, just popped the wig off of each hostage
make it real and make his niece watch it
yokin' Grandmothers up, we kill until his peeps squash it
verse is somethin' mean regardless
a green jar of harvest
just smoke, niggas got the green Garcia's
a terrifying team of heartless
move on the Narcs's
we only on it for extreme profits
and anyway we dream darkness
I saw it through the Jean Paul Gotier mint green gleam optics
So wake up Son, the season's just a thing the mind make up
it's only real kid, ha, wake up.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
A message from Elijah's kids
my eyes opened, got wise on the biz
start risin' my wig
seen everything I saw before
had dreams behind a wall
all I wanted was to balance my all
make it through feedin' my kind
readin' the lines
on how the dollar bill is shaped and designed
taught from the Eighties
talk, build, and protect all Babies
strong shelters with strong Ladies
a nigga died, died amongst Daisies
he did it for the Babies
thats peace, feed 'em if they gettin' lazy.

[Chorus x2]


"Walk Wit Me"

"Walk Wit Me"

[Intro: Raekwon w/ others]
[sniff] Yo, boo, calm down, man
Chill 'fore you break your nose, man
What up, what up, king (yo what's going on?)
(Yo, oh, who the fuck is this?)
(Yo, walk this bitch outta here, man)
(Her hands is all white and shit, looking all crazy)
Fingerprints all over the refrigerator
Yo, girl, chill chill, come on, man
Just give me papi number, man, for real, man, you playing

I'm on the crisp blue yacht, with my hand on the twat
With a Commodore CD, a bottle of stock
On a green rug, GG's on it, a mean snub
Bad little Asian, named Asia, my love
Had connects, plus fame favorite flick, Black Rain
Pinky finger rocked up, giving me brain
Like Grizelda's little flame, ran with her for forty months
Came home, her estate was insane
Vuitton toilet paper, Polo walls, Jimmy Choo
Pots and pans, this broad had a horse
Cash it in, yo, Masta, live with me, take it all
You can have whatever, five hundred leathers
Bruno Mag' sweaters, Gucci rain boots
Brook Brothers, New Eras, jew killers
New line sponsored by fellas, catch 'em in the hall balling
I thought about it, whatever

[Chorus: Raekwon (sample)]
(Walk with me) Relax and get your facts right
(Walk with me) You know we only getting cash in the fast life
(Walk with me) Living, giving my all, I give it back, right
(Walk with me) We die, we die together, this the last night

CNN watching, ESPN friend
Coat shopping, lochness, smothered up, god damn
Boo living it good, Aspen, the color of wood
On the outside, vibe is good
Knowing I'm hood, I should, escape project life
Run with my rifle, live in the woods
Grow a rugged beard, and chill, poppa real
Poppa eat, poppa a rolling stone, for real
This the deal, chill, this how we live in the Hill
Kill a nigga for me, kill or be killed
Share that money and still, when it's time to reveal
You never met me, but respect me, you will
Dinosaur wheels we peel, skated with the fly seals
She broke out, died in Brazil
Met her younger cousin Nil', you looking for birds, right?
Yeah, my cousin said you real, you gotta


Oh shit, gold slagger in the gold dagger in a gold Acura
A gold Phantom pulled up, yo, go backwards
They had a package on 'em, hold half a bit, it's half rough
But still, I got me forty traffickers
Riding through Manhattan tough, got my mavericks up
We on, rolling thirty deep in the gadget trucks
Spending magic bucks, fuck around, get an Aston truck
Fly around, fucking actress sluts
We been clashing with the masses, what
Put the gasses up, flame 'em out his lab, splash him up
That's how we get it on, that's what's up
Don't ever wrassle us, you might get shackled in your castle, what
Play with the boys, that's the stuff
I'm talking bout, niggas they die, faster than a pastor fuck
Seeing 'em mourn me, flash a buck
Pull a bulb out, like Con Ed, keep it on a massive hush


[Outro: Raekwon]
Come on, man, word up, let 'em talk
Put this bag out, and after that, take it to heed
Man, I see you in a minute, chill
You got to lay on the other side of the fucking wall for you
Word up, this the nigga face, man, I only got four million, man
Straight up, last thing I heard, the nigga grandmother was in Argentina
I want her too, for real, for real, we ain't playing no games, man
The nigga like to shop and floor shine
He stay on 44th, catch the nigga by Delancey, too
For real, I got his baby pictures and everything
Word up, his cousin, his cousin is a security guard at Barnes/Nobles
For real, his little nephew, his little nephew work in the
Muthafucking fish store
Up in, 138th and Harlem, man...
This all the money for today, man
A lot of paper came in today, a lot of Franklins
Bring the other bag, son, yeah, hold it, huh
Toaster head nigga, get the fuck off of me


"Wall To Wall"
(feat. Busta Rhymes & French Montana)

"Wall To Wall"
(feat. Busta Rhymes & French Montana)

[Intro - French Montana:]
My nigga Raekwon talkin', uh-huh
Everythin' you want you don't need
And don't believe everythin' you read
And only half what you see

[Pre-Hook - French Montana:]
I said I won't, I don't need it, yeah
Don't believe everythin' you read, yeah
Only half what you see, yeah
Man, this shit is what it is, yeah, ooh

[Hook - French Montana:]
It's "Hello", oh, Lord
When you're tryin' to bail out, who to call?
Your bitch turned down, this shit is love
Me and my niggas fill up, we goin' to war
We goin' to war (wall to wall)
My money's stacked up (wall to wall)
My shows' packed up (wall to wall)
Her ass stepped up (wall to wall)
Got my money up, we goin' to war

[Verse 1 - French Montana:]
Clear view, dark tints, hustle by the park bench
White top, blue tops, niggas I don't call friends
'Til they called it love
Called my niggas, grabbed their hammers
'Bout to go to war
Prices on your head, I'm a spend it
Everythin' in that showroom, nigga, I was in it
On my son, I was in it, I was in it
Dirty money, ten chains, I be shinin' every minute
I'm shinin' every minute
Soft to the hard rock, Hard Rock Casino
Me and shorty watchin' Nino in the hardtop
I done counted ten mills when that ball dropped
Me and Chinx poppin' bottles out in Far Rock



[Verse 2 - Raekwon:]
Frozen fishscale, you better go to Ishmael
Tiger-skin hammer, sittin' by the Benz grille
Knots of hundreds; it's lunch, kid, play fair
Say "yeah," feed your brother, be's a one, shit
Enough money to slum kids, kings with pillows
Leave your body, yo, under the dumpsters
Take money suitcases, bracelets, cake mix
Come out the hole, this is weight flicks
So much bread, we build lead houses
Run in the shed, see dead thousands
Faces, we call 'em big noses
Flashin' in the foreign shit
Grubbed up niggas is wasted



[Verse 3 - Busta Rhymes:]
Yo, whip my feet up, gettin' manicures in a zap
And spectacular visuals
Niggas be camera-phonin' up my movement
Everythin' we do to sit and take precedents
While we go stackin' residuals
Niggas starvin' to know just how we do it
Absolutely be stayin' the money every night (Dracula)
Niggas, stay up in it like Jamaicans and stay in the maximum
Difficult to predict, I'm calculated like algebra
Cause the money traced back to them diamond mines out in Africa
We in the future with it though, closin' my eyes for pictures
Phone'd have me speak with holograms
When I'm buildin' with bitches
And then I bang 'em like body slammin', one-handin' 'em ishes
Like I was sellin' warheads and I'm baggage handlin' missiles
Fuck it, decided to blow an M just bein' silly
With a bob and a step and a charisma like I sit on a billi
And for the five percent with the science
And the ones that really get me
I got a lot to do with civilizin' and countin', I'm busy



[Outro - Raekwon:]
Salute, salute, yeah
Montana, what up, baby?
Word up, you know what it is, my nigga
Louis Rich right here, baby
Yeah, you know what this is, nigga


"We Will Rob You"
(feat. Slick Rick, Masta Killa & GZA)

"We Will Rob You"
(feat. Slick Rick, Masta Killa & GZA)

[kung fu sample:]
Who the hell teaches you kung fu?
Your master must be an ignorant idiot as well!

[Intro: Slick Rick]
(Uncle Ricky, would you read us a bedtime story?)
Nah kid, but I'm a give you one them old Raekwon crime joints
Feel me? We will, we will...
We will, we will - here we go

Well it was late one night, walking through the park
With my leathered down coat and wallabee Clarks
Getting my step on, big shit, big six, big wrist
So much excitement in the air, I was crisp
Money suitcase, Louis joint (yo, Rae, I'm a get some shit just like yours!)
Go make it happen, black God and get rich
Saw the D's fly by, in a New Yorker, yup, tints and shit
They made a right on me, them last two dicks
Know I seen 'em, Max loaded, jog right back to the car
They spun around again and blast they shits
I dropped a Backwood, a puff and then a 6-4-5
You'se a live nigga, you almost smashed yo shit
I'm a don my way out the bitch, moving through the car
Nice and slow, two hoodies on and a golden pit
Nigga had a white eye, they both blacked down
What's the clown shit for? The dog jumped in the whip
It was a trained one, wops pointed at me (yo, nigga, freeze)

I told the Chef Raekwon, pump the breaks
Slow it down, you know these C-Cypher Punks scanned your plates
Release the seatbelt off the shoulders, a mile ahead
Then the vibe got a lot colder when the marksman said
"Black niggas in the Jeep, get the fuck out the car"
"Put your hands where my eyes can see or suffer a scar"
He was a veteran, who kept, pepper spray in the cannister
Donut shop lounger, thirty eight brandisher
On top of that, the blunt smoke just rang a bell
Of his bloodhound who had an acute sense of smell
Beef tripping, saliva dripping from razor sharp teeth
That was pointy as the daggers of the Indian Chiefs
Same cops known for exorting pimps and booking whores
Aimed glocks at me and Rae, cause they was looking for
A few MC's wanted for a string of break-ins
Last seen, wearing long minks and snakeskins

[Chorus: Slick Rick]
We will, we will, rob you
We will, we will, glock you
We will, we will, what? who? (not you)
Here we go...

[Masta Killa:]
You know my Clan done ran from Japan to Atlanta
With stamina, peace to Chef, Mr. Meth
Move it on your left, with the Iron Lung breath
Ghostface Kill', U-G I'll
Deck so real, Dr. Ason Unique, the medic
Ahh, Allah Just, The Abbott, ya'll niggas can't forget it
You might catch a Cap if your shit ain't Street
Allah Mathematics make the cypher complete
See knowledge is the foundation of existence
To know starts the spark of the flow
Wisdom activation of the Nation moving
Wise words, show and prove or understand the 13 letters
And the Masta, culture be the way of life
Freedom is reward, who will pay the price for the power
Spending hour after hour, preparing his self
For the hour, now look how refined
When the mind and body is one, every part of me
Supreme equality, manifest the nature of self
G-O-D, now build and add on to the truth
Destroy the bullshit, born incomplete




Hailin from the slums of Staten
Extra gats, Massive workers, Some come home and collapse
Witness the style, Profile, Whillin, Floatin with spliffs
Dinosaur fifths, They all got style with it
Rockin raw pour genuine fabric, Know how to puff Arabic black
Donna trip, Slap a bitch, Drive nothin but sevens
Eleven of us, Hot legends that will pop for the record
All about trips, Flippin bricks, Minglin
Gleamin in your whore face, Jump out, what up bitch, Trick blingin
Hittin Cristal and coffee, Yellin get up off me
You want war, Fuck it, Give em all of me
For all the young coke buyers and triers, Live wires
Nice niggas down at the offerings yo
It's nothin, Came at ya'll niggas like what an
Skatin in the H2 eye, Pop the button
Flash that million dollar hand, He clan
He came through, Fisherman hat, Weather channel on
Lampin that fly dirty leather I got on, Blampted


"What Do I Do"

"What Do I Do"

Test the waters B, Stop playing man

(What do I do?)
When the cream is pile'n, Crib on the Island, Just be style'n
(What do I do?)
When the feds is on me, Pawn separating, My bitch want me
(What do I do?)
When them niggas is tell'n,
Aint built for jail and they nail'n me
(What do I do?)
I just jet off and sail,
Aint no time to be fail'n

What's up niggas, What's the deal, You know the half yo
Bubble bath, Crude style, Check out my laugh yo
All this money in the back of the tub
I reminisce yo when black was a cub
Mad money, Honeys around, Pop'n onies, All hoodies and hard bottoms
Smoking big reefers, The God got it
Slide to the table, Cable drip, Hang to my navel
The feds in the building for Nagle
Forty-five we skate'n, Debate'n if we hit'n up Nathan's
Catch me with a Spanish __
Average nigga, You crazy
To fuck with my wolves is bullshit, Them little guns is for daises
We got the T.I. joints
You violate the crew the clip gone dump on the stage
And everybody's contagious, And when them shots fly off
It's just a recipe for Chef and his cake mix


Ayo, I tell you I love you
But that's what it means to me
More precious then silver
More precious then diamond rings
I really feel that I, That I, That I could kill you

Ayo, The belt holders, Dutch Masters L blowers
Champion hood, Fly A-R, The stainless gazelle soldiers
Yeah we pumping them boulders, Cop'n them gold Rovers
Every show Chevy with no shoulders
That means doors that fold up, The team gleams
More cobras, Graveyard rings, Just old stuff
And then we told ya, Ayo
You running round cake'n off eating healthy my tholdier
Yeah this is the scroll what, So roll up
And let my party people niggas be grown up, and sho nuff



"What's Goin' On"

"What's Goin' On"

Days that fly through the mist, so young and so rich
Powerful minds, the lines get intense
Wall to wall, cats in hell, so many trapped lost
Some will prevail and get clapped off in jail
Families mentally dyin', the roads is narrow
Jump out, bow and arrow, hit you with science
Huh, we've been livin' this daily
The wiz know what it is, that's why the vision is more clearly
War between money and lust, trust me, I hit enough dust
Suade fronts, color schemes, truck rings, stuck kings
Suade fronts, Balley's and blunts
Living amongst thieves, all we did was robbin', we won, Marvin

[Outro: Marvin Gaye sample (Raekwon)]
Hey baby, what you no good? (That's right lord)
And trusted and back with, it's me I want
(Niggas gotta cut this faggot millennium shit out right now)
War is hell (War is hell, and get real with life)
And will it be (start teachin' ya'll brothers, man)
When will people start gettin' together again


"Whatever, Whenever"

"Whatever, Whenever"

Fly shit, man
Word up, man
It's that old motherfuckin' laid back and...
Leanin' back on that good old alpaca
In the back of the vehicle and shit
Countin' up motherfuckin' 68 thousand
Two motherfuckin' vests on the floor
Got mad reefer in the ash tray
Police put 17 cars away
You already know, man, shit is realer

[Verse 1:]
Threw on the Harley leather sheepskin gloves, my Beretta
'Bout to hit the ghetto, hard-body bring the kettle
Niggas is drinkin' and gamblin', all you see is hammers in my corner
Champion sweats, hoes in pajamas
7-50 new blue, this is my lady
She stay playin' suits, mad cute, two 3-80s
And her cousin, a police who live in the east
I knew him from the fifth grade, he definitely a beast
A thug smugglin' cop who live in the 'hood
Plus he rock a lot of Carharttt, Braveheart, die hard
The day I seen him, was the day they tried to rob him
They pulled out a flare gun, they shot out his charger
Yo, beast started simmerin' at dice games and pubs
Niggas runnin' up in alleyways gettin' mugged
Niggas lucky, 'cause them other niggas butt
I sat back, calm as fuck, enter the conference

Whatever, whenever
Just keep that thing up on you
Wherever, whenever
Whatever, whenever
Just keep that thing up on you
Wherever, whenever

Show 'em how we position, all of the shit glisten
Stones flooded the Smith &, liquor, I'm reminiscing
Fiends are still sniffin', sons are still in prison
My pen is still scriptin' all of them ghetto visions

[Verse 2:]
They gave me the contract, came where Moms is at
Left a Audi 8-6 in the driveway with the mack
Felt like young Bond, Tom Forrest, slacks and metal lenses
Two polaroid pictures in front of his brother's Benzes
His sisters was some hustlin' dykes, bullyin' niggas
Ridin' around, mollied up, plus suspended licenses
Hit the stash box – right there, a hundred in cash
Left a blue steel muzzle in the glove box, yikes
4: 40 that morning, it's foggy, I'm under the Gotti
Louis jumper jacket, huntin' hat, cocky
Mad 'cause I ain't fuck that morning
I had a Korean-Malaysian black sister with a thunder back ridin' me
Made it to the balcony part
Tossed the rope around the big lion head statue,
Climbed up remarkably
Right by the window, they there
Took a glance through, they covered in Versace covers,
Fuckin' in the mirror
Couldn't see the faces, heard the moans
Drawers hung off the chair, cocked the chrome
Emptied the barrel, all you saw was goose down flyin'
The trigger felt like wind, it was two bitches lyin' there...