Šta je novo?


"Where You At"

"Where You At"

[Intro: Raekwon]
Let's go, kid

Something's in the attic, drugs on me, thugs gettin'
Bubbly, let's pop, surround the block, looking lovely
Extra nine glindin' on me, women who barely know me
Swarm me, faggots try to front, blow me
Aiyo, I'm from the soul bluntly, we in them H2's coolin'
Want me, try to kill a kid, bring your country
Son's nice with rifles, white fools, white dudes
Jumpin' out, fed jackets, dare you to bump me
A glow like Willie Bostic, I do the knifework job, yeah
Rappers sprint, clap 'em, this is our 'jects
Who taught ya'll niggas, it was the kid with the tarantula
Tinted up, extortin' ya'll monthly
Crabs in a bucket, rap, fuck it, yo, go get your handgun
I'd rather shoot yo' ass in public, you ain't a Air Force boss
You a hoster, frontin' like me on your poster
Now ya'll niggas fuckin' with my ones
We need to battle for cattle, acts, boats, art and crafts
Scalpals, thumb rings, dick, be careful
Fuckin' with Staten Island's heartless
Son of all flames, God guard frames, catch me with the Starks kid
The authentic Ghost, we on the golf course, with rentin' boats
Eagles on, feastin' with bigger GOATs
Come take it in blood, dare any thug to re-up
What, we gon' keep it on the hush

[Chorus: x4]
In the clubs, where you at?
In the clubs, where you at?
Open paperchasing, on the low getting trapped

Aiyo, drove into the water like bait, the ocean was dark
The moon lit, swimmin' to the bottom to get to the sink
We on niggas, and we comin' boy, talk with ya gun
Me, I'm ready, and I'm ready with cake, yea
Flawless, more powerful horses, the kid flow naucious
Everybody gettin' weeded, we all for this
Armored tank style, moving in ranks
Hundred that'll rock for me, still kill you, over your men bitch
Skiing in Alaska, half the man, half Casper
Runnin' with wolves, the bulls look nastier
Silencer, each is thee least, will kill on Easter
Ya'll gon' get it, wait til we get creased up
Nothin' but, rapid fire, livewire, brand new trees
Burn 'em up, they respectin' your street, cousin
We gon' bring it to every label, pay attention, ya'll
Cuban is back, now put that on a glass table

[Chorus x4]


"Whips And Kicks"
(feat. AZ)

"Whips And Kicks"
(feat. AZ)

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah nigga
That's all yall niggas talk about all fucking day man
The whips man, Fucking cars and all that shit
Fucking vehicles and shit man
We been swing'n and all these niggas need to cut it out man
Cause yall niggas is babies man

Remember the Four Runner's, Corsica's, Back with the gold cunnions
Maxima yep, Stances, Audis with sick vances
Datsun's, Corolla's, All of the oldies yo
Riding through the city, Jetta's and Volvo's
Crestas' was for the extra terrestrial
Alpha Romeo's, Yeah the Wrangler's and Lexus'
Pinto's, Geo's, Suzuki's was the truth yo
Making them up town trips, Cops'll shoot you though
Benz's, Five-sixties', Gallant's and the fly Rivies
Rivera's look grisly huh
You know we come through, Something mean under the sun roof
I blow a blunt, Poof, Shorty singing I'm Koof
Yeah the Sterling, The Grand Am's
The Lincoln with the crab amps
Made me mad, In the Blazer we all crampted
Six deep, Four bags of cheeba, A crisp beat
All I need to show you now is a sick Jeep

Eighty-four mopeds, Blue and white Pro-Keds
Just started puff'n, Got instructions for an old head
Co-ved, Wally rock'n niggas tryna grow dreads
Back in the bush, Church Ave. on the juxs
Shell toes, Black and white, No laces in em
Pat U-edition had his whole face in em
Straight leg denims, Taylor made shit
Kareem Laker colors, Low cut suede tip
Stay dipped, Stan Smith lay sick
Two-toned colors, Put the taps on the rubber
Puma rock'n nigga, Fuck a womber I was bigger
See a bitch in seconds an assumed that I could rip her
None hipper, Copped kicks with the zippers
The Fila's arrived, It was Levi's and high
In V Tracks I was simply the mack
Everything I snatched had to match with the hat
Reebok rocker, Whole crew couldn't knock us
Fuck who, Only thing to do was just glock us
Valley Competitions and the Jordan's hit stores
I'm sitting reminiscing, T. La Rock it's yours
Now fast forward time nigga still on the grind
Haters everywhere, Nigga still gotta shine
Gucci's all kinds, Switch em up for the weather
Louis' in lime, Only do it for the pleasure
Come fresher, From the tech on the dresser
Fifth in the waist, Still crys'd and I'm laced

[Outro: AZ]
Niggas, And I do it for real you dig
You know, I still rock the Gor-Tex and Tim's when necessary
Other then that, Bogary low cuts the minimum
Or I do the Italian Classic Olympic cut Gucci's
Three quarters, You bum ass niggas




Snatch the bitch wig off, give up that pussy, ho, get off
We taking that, Benjamin Franklin pussy, blinking that
C.C.B., Barbara Streisand, Cali sisters in the right hand
Rip the shirt off, had a nice pair
Twelve o'clock, afternoon boom, fucking from room to room
Enough to zoom, ten minute a wound, I comfort this
Stark confronting her, hello, miss-miss, come out the Tyra bra, miss
Marvelous, awesome bitch, out as a rich
Fly groupie bitch, crazy cum color, Penela' swiss piss
Dirty burst on her, wipe his dick on her lips
Slow the fuck down Rich, half his wrist up in the uterus
She spoke, "I'm tellin' Louis Rich", Max, shoot the bitch
Rollie was rooting this, Goldie hardly spoke, shit was ludicrous
She bit his dick, God wilded on her with a kick
Bobby stressed out, just like life is like a lighter
Lit a gal' on her, boo, stop wilding, for real, lighten up
For Noodles caught a lapdance, pussy clap-clap just like a tapdance
Let her fuck you on your head, go to bed
Delrio the Leo, hot pelepeno, lace a Gambino nigga, right
Wash knobs for free, though, only me though
Hah, polishing wax floors, she's a real whore
Keep it raw, you break law? My cousin Blake break jaws
We all raw, broke bitch, try to come aboard
Snort on the right, ho, now right as a core
I'm only fucking ya'll, cause ya'll on, keeping my legs strong
You dead wrong, talking that shit, giving me head wrong
Sextress, dress ya ass off, bullshit necklace
Here, rock this robe, if you lose it, death wish
More head, we all getting feds, forget
Down the lamb spread, buying the right bread, Nike head
Dike head, married a white dread
Drive a snow white five, died in the air, swallowing white shit
Whores, they never listen, what? The girl's a whore
Come on...


"Wild In Da Club"
(feat. Ice Water Inc., Ultra)

"Wild In Da Club"
(feat. Ice Water Inc., Ultra)

[Intro: P.C.]
Don't take it per-son-al.. it's only mu-sic
Holla at me.. yo! Yo!
Ice Water! Yo.. yo.

Try me, P.C.'ll put a clip in a nigga
Fuck a hole, my bullets'll dig a ditch in a nigga
Listen, I've been reppin', only pack big weapons
One shot to the stomach, you missin' ya midsection
I'm off the wall, dog, I could off ya balls
Stick his ass to the rooftop, toss 'em off
Hit the Ave with the rooftop off the porch
I get money cuz it costs to floss, nigga you feelin' me?
And if not then fuck what you gotta deal with me
I've only been here for a minute but haters wanna get rid of me
P.C. creep with at least three heats
And a shotgun stashed underneath the backseats

Niggas actin' like you don't feel a draft
You seen ya man? Tell him I'ma kill his ass
And I don't, wanna talk I want a mill in cash
I come through 'tards shittin', lookin' ill in the past
Cuz it's the, Ice Water, don't get it confused
And one false move'll cause me to spit at you dudes
It's Stumic, motherfucker and I'm pickin' ya food
And ain't no one out you know that my niggas'll do you
Let's spit on 'em, rush these niggas
and crush several fuckin', will leave a dent out ya liver
Only kid in the hood with a mustard ninja
Heard you broke down good, well I fucked ya sister

[Chorus x2: Stumic]
Eh yo we Wyld in Da Club, style in the club
This is for my niggas gettin' down in the club
At the bar throwin' down rounds in the club
Talk slick and get the four pound in ya mug

[Break: Polite singing]
Yo I keep my gun on me, what the fuck y'all want from me?
Y'all touch my property somebody gon' die, uh-huh
This ain't no joke, it's for real
My niggas they totin' they steel
All it takes a phone call and they ready to ride
Get ready to die

Eh yo the cards are dealt, the words are spoken
Nigga, welcome to the Hell, the gates is open (uh-huh)
Gatekeeper, first degree murder through the speaker
Who deep enough to flow with the reaper?
Stuck in the middle, I spit a little riddle
Leavin' niggas crippled, my niggas ball 'em like Kerry Kittles
You niggas makin' it hard, it's really kinda simple
If a nigga gotta pull it out I'm puttin' it in ya temple

Official I do this, rude maneuver
I use the Rugers to keep the bullets movin' through ya
Weak anatomy, fuck the small talk and flattery
Ya power is weak, to beef you need much more batteries
Keep it genetic, or dead it, Ice Water Inc. we said it
Whoever so-called did it or said it, promote it and spread it
Fake it or front it, get ambushed and confronted
With slugs in ya head, back, chest and stomach
Niggas don't want it or ask for it, so we give it to 'em
Dead in the club and let them things spit and rip through 'em dead in the club
Is you gon' fuck around and be the nigga dead in the club?
(Yeah? Uh-huh..)

[Chorus x2]

Egyptian look, gazelles on, L's lit, this how it's goin' down
Ski mask, Chanel shit, move like a terrorist click
Nineteen eighties babies, worldwide, ya girl on our dick
All you know is Rae look good, he hood
Envision the flips, I make money like them niggas who take money
Fresh out the can, Duran look, Astro van
The ill Castro, rap Son of Sam
More Rugers, more bow and arrows
Still no losers, forty five dollars ahead
Go at niggas shootin' lyrical leads
Stop absorbin, break shit, knock that gay shit out ya head

[Chorus x2]


"Wisdom Body"
(feat. Ghostface Killer)

"Wisdom Body"
(feat. Ghostface Killer)

[Intro: The Mack]
No man all bitches are the same, just like my hoes, you know
I keep em broke
Wake up one morning with some money they're subject to go crazy you know?
I keep em lookin good, pretty and all that
You know, but no dough
When I get a bitch, I got a bitch (right on)

Word up, that motherfuckin brother wise
YouknowhatI'msayin? Teachin the uncivilized
Yeah, runnin the streets, know it's deep
Word up, check his technique, yeah
I be Ghostface
Flippin the, marvelous track
You know the steelo, but yo, yo
Check the bangin sounds that I invent
Fake niggaz who tried to flex hard came and went
They couldn't match up with the fly nigga
Wit his back against the wall
Heads clapped once I came in the door
I played the speaker, sippin on Kahlua
Saw this bad bitch wit a switch
And yo, I had to step to her in a manner
and rather wished the current was warm
When I had reached her, I looked and knew the shit was on
Peace, excuse me, allow to introduce myself
Yo, I'm the man, and Honey, you've been rated top shelf
Yo, what's your name hon, hair wrapped up in a bun
Your eyes sparkle, just like glass in the sun
Never diss em, it's hard for a nigga just to miss em
Especially, when you're browsin, goin fishin
Your wasteline, bangin like a bassline
Physical form is well complexed
And yo, I love your outline, Boo
Your whole body is wild, wit your rugged profile
Enough to make a hard rock smile
You can't strikeout, tell me what can really go wrong
You rockin' labels - Tommy Hil down to Claiborne
Show me some love hon, show me some love boo
Show me the vibe and I'll be more than glad to shoot it through
Aiyyo peep it, I know you love Victoria's Secret
And lovin' all the marvelous slang on how I freak it
Plus, see you're the type to make a nigga crash
Far from trash, your flesh is way softer than a baby's ass
Your body lotion is the potion, the shit got me open like dust
And yo, your stee is high potent, yo
We can go the distance, I put you under wings
From this convo we can spark and see whatever brings
I walked a hot Arabian desert, barefooted
I grabbed your hand, you grabbed my joint and knew where to put it
Word up, yo, straight up and down yo
Check the joint, baby
It be the Wu-Tang production
Yeah, yeah, and all types of shit
And brothas catchin repercussions
Yo, straight up


"Worst Enemy"
(feat. Liz Rodrigues)

"Worst Enemy"
(feat. Liz Rodrigues)

[Hook - Liz Rodrigues:]
I'm wrapped up [?] trying to break free
I'm my own worst enemy, me
They'll never let me by though, cause I'm always tryna beat
Beat my worst enemy, me

[Verse 1 - Raekwon:]
Ayo, a better platform for all to listen to me
We out in DC deep, ain't got no sleep
The ride bumpy, who jetted out the country to buy D
Came back, [?] ain't nothin' sweet
My dome is yellin', "Go home!" but I ain't through
So many years in my career, it's a long route
Thinkin' when [?] skinned his face on the plaster
We was dusted back then, I smoked the last of it
And jumped into the Acura, sleepin' at [?], what it do?
Stew, beef, chicken, where my boo?
Had a quarrel with a hood rockstar, I broke his arm off
Cause he was pointin' his fingers at Ivanne's daughter
What's next? Dreads want a piece of my spot
This my crib, I pay here to live, fuck the pap


[Verse 2 - Raekwon:]
Ridin' with the gun cocked, sweatin', musty tee on
Black Timb Bs, 10, 10 degrees [?]
Couple Ks, some had charms
I'm strictly Eagles, few suedes on
Next Friday I'm [?]
I gotta kill this nigga's head
He'll prolly do mine when nobody's there
Cause the only way to score, leave no witness
A thug on my shit list, pay him to slugs back
The slickest and remember that I built two graves
I wasn't stupid, I was ruthless
Check the bazooka crew, they bookoos
Broke the glass slammin' my rings down
That's doofus, don't mess up, you got the longest clip, use it
Yo you see 'em in the lobby, they right there
Headshots only, kill him, he right there



"Wu Chant (Outro)"

"Wu Chant (Outro)"

[repeats:] Wu-Tang


"Wu Crime"
(feat. GZA/Genius & Killah Priest)

"Wu Crime"
(feat. GZA/Genius & Killah Priest)

Yo, there's a rumor, that an inmate heard
Salesman hiring, a convict of murder
Bodyguard, who used to do physical fitness
His business, is catching to terrifying the witness
In the gym is where he gained his powers
Boss was the pizzeria owner that rolled flower
A made man, felt good to be made
Turned murderer, extremely quick to upgrade
But he still baked pies, and his cake would rise
Like his enemy, he watched to take dives
Allies, would retaliate the least
Even the score, had a thousand guns, they would calibrate
He sort of loss and double crossed, moved on them
Swiftly, if worlds away, sit and shuttle off
Horror in the 'Ville, without the Amity
Scars upon the grill of your friends family
Workers utilized and brutalized
Informats scrutinized and crucified
Wakes firebombed, functions shot up
The jakes was not alarmed to damage the product

Shoot his mans, grizzly stance, up in the GT, Clansman
With the sword that'll blow up a van
When them peoples come, blow right past, mind your business
I don't know nothing, they found his ho in the trash
Barbeque wings, blings for my niggas that's true kings
Sit up in the crib, catch supper and screw fiends
Yeah, watching me, next time, scotch me
I drink Crystal liquor, I'm a version of Hitler
On wax, no 'dacks, just water, a doorag on
I scratch waves, saying 'niggas is trash'
Yo, learn how to write, beware, I pull up, he here
I should of known, I had a clone, see weird
Niggas'll get hurt, merked, dropped off in a new turf
Trunk full of Siamese rats and gnats, yo
I do it for the cats in pits, and all the bitches with big tits
Five hundred shoe game switch
Shake that shake, I bake, I live in estate
That kill niggas over grits and steak
You might get smacked with a mack eleven, or run off the road
Or shot in McDonald's for fronting with fake niggas

[Killah Priest]
Aiyo, Saladin, vivid Wall Street sixteen
Muslims, kufis, uzi's, the Wu is supreme
Ferociously, I rank general, a world's above self
Conspicious, crime make me grab the nine off the shelf
The dark hallways, amazingly convenient, the Phoenix with Jane
Juggling cracks or playing with ninas
The law of the streets, gangsta crave the beef to feast
Fiends with plates and snake wanna eat
Gazed at the spectacular rapper, niggas is Dracula
Rap tours, Priest the hood ambassador
Passion for war, Wu-Massacre, threats, they never worry me
Plots to my death, mic jack conspiracy
Lyrically, I'm only afraid of my own ability
Words that shape into nuclear wars, we shooting through walls
Bringing down the mall, I ring around the store
Planets of the Apes, bandanas on our face
Hammers on our waist, cameras out in space
The nickel plate, fake armor, will harm ya'll snakes


(feat. Method Man, Ghostface Killer, RZA)

(feat. Method Man, Ghostface Killer, RZA)


And in our line of work, we need all the help we can get
Tony Wind is the name, he works for a drug ring in Central America
Who wants to kill him?
No information, say yes or no
One point five million
Alright, you get what you want - money's no object
They're all clean, no serial numbers, untraceable
And there are explosive head bullets, in the clip

[Raekwon, Ghostface, (Method)]

Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo-yo, here come the cop man
Yo Starks come here, come here Sun
Come here for a minute!
Aiyyo aiyyo hold up hold up
Shit we gotta go to the store for more baking soda
Yo yo yo get your fuckin, yo this made of glass nig!
Get your big Adidas off my moms table man!
Get the fuck off it man.
Yo just chill man, pass the Cristal man.
Niggaz is greedy man, damn.
Big ass shits.
Yo man you ain't smoking none of that weed in here man.
Chill man.

Bobby Steels
Somebody go to the store man
Sup kid?
Get that baking soda.
(Yo!) Let's cut the pie five ways
(Noodles) We came off with two mil kid
Fast (Rollie Fingers, no doubt coming through)
La cosa nostra
(Johnny Blaze!)
(Lou Diamonds!)
Represent kid.
(Tony Starks)
Universal frontier
(Original blood claat bad bwoys)

[Chorus: Method Man]

Who come to get you? None. They want guns!
I be the first to set off shit, last to run
Wu roll together as one
I call my brother Sun cuz he shine like one

[Verse One: Method Man, a.k.a. Johnny Blaze]

Check it
Scriptures hit the body like sawed off shotties
Like my hair notty and my nosepiece snotty
Fuck a nigga hottie, that whole pussy probably
Burn like the deserts of Mogabi, for real
Ain't nuttin fraudulent here, we pioneer
Commandeer a new frontier, this be the Wu yeah
Thirty-six chambers of fear, huh, you lost it
Information leakin out your faucets, hmmmmm
Time to forfeit your crown and leave the ground
There's a new sheriff in town holdin it down
It's the two holster, shit shot smoker
Wanted dead or alive, bounty on the poster
Wild in the West, a student of my culture
And life is the test, hold up
Let a nigga catch his breath, we still payin dues
And the last one is death, back to the essence
With that shit you stressin, this rap profession
Now peep Tical, the son of the Shaolin
Isle plus my style, Criminology pays
The last times and days, Johnny fuckin Blaze

[Verse Two: Raekwon the Chef, a.k.a. Lou Diamonds]

This goes for niggaz who know
Wu will grow like llello, ley no
Plus coolin in Barbados
Ricaans be givin me much shit, the dutch shit
Stay cool papi, seize it with enough shit
Back at the lab a, crack's bagged up
Yo niggaz act up, what blow up the workers if they hafta
Senoritas, fuckin up a storm buyin guards margaritas
Suckin his dick, up in the whip long
Designed for rhyme prime nigga jail time jiggas
Them niggaz up in Height figures bitin niggaz
Silks Wally-Wear finger rolled chain yeah
Jakes beware black rap millionaires
Rock hairs leather goose bears blowin this year
One eight hundred gambino niggaz yeah

Wu roll together as one
I call my brother Sun cuz he shine like one

[Verse Three: RZA, a.k.a. Bobby Steels]

Solid gold crown is shinin
Solid gold, check it Sun yo
Solid gold crown be shinin and blindin like some diamonds
I be pioneerin the style in the cloud with silver linings
Double breasted, bullet proof vested, well protected
The heart the rib cage the chest and solar plexus
Castin stones, crackin two-hundred and six bones
And watch yo' ass get blown to a sea of fire and brimstone
How dare you approach it with dim pones
The overfiend like noah bean green souls with a soldier mean
The grand exquisite imperial wizard oh is it
The Ryzarector come to pay your ass a visit
Local bio-chemical, universal giant, the black general
Lickin shots to Davy Crockett on the bicentennial
Happen millenium two thousand microchips two shots of penicillin
goes up your adrenalin son it's time for boutin
It's a mileage resemblin niggaz who like followin
Trapped inside your projects like a genie inside the bottle

[Verse Four: Master Killer]

God steppin forth upon holy down of the track
It's the sound that surrounds and hurts me like I'm under attack
So I decided to bite down on the mic
So the pain of the track won't deny the fact
That I'm the Master, for what lurks, is an expert
That hurts the individual who tries to visual-ize under
Cuz I strike, like thunder
Niggaz couldn't stand my heat, it's unbearable
My wisdom fucks up your respiratorial
Systems are fractured by the killa tactics
Style is ragged and thoughts are mad jagged
Enter the entity, my vicinity
Is three hundred and sixty degrees of humidity
Represent the school of hard knocks and glocks my
Clan is hoss and got mad moss for blocks so
Feel the force of impact from the iron side of
The gat as I attack the track
From the blind side of the pack, Starks pass the chrome
Watch a nigga get blown out his muthafuckin dome
piece, deceased, laid to rest


[Verse Five: Ghostface Killer, a.k.a. Tony Starks]

Yo, aiyyo I got to serve them my way, move give me room
Holdin up your saloon, clean sweep, like a broom
Full moons make me howl like a wolf outta breath
Sold only new vocal cords I heard Genius on Gef
So step back, to the lab at, high velocity
My teammate, enhance cells well like a pharmacy
Fuck horado pablos plan growas bravo
Goodfellas we know, best sellas become novels
The man rockin head bands, silk scarves and jams
Early 80's british rock, playboys, mocks, and shams
The laser beam vocalist does well at symphonies
Bad days, watch me snatch ice right outta Tiffany's
Remember them kids that came off with 8 million
Robbed the Brinks and I labelled in royal pavillions
Them flower heads must have been stupid
Tell me how the fuck black niggaz get caught wit all that loot kid
That's jet money, undaground money
Submarines and rings too bad you fucked up dummies

Cosa cosa, come on...


"Yae Yo"

"Yae Yo"

We doing this baby,
Oh shit!
What the fuck happened
Nah man, Nah
Nah this what I'ma do
I'ma get on the phone one time
Stupid, yo, aiyyo

Why this shit ain't cooking up right
Papi told me this is solid white
Fuck it wrap it up take it back up
Still in all it's a play out
Tired of spending money
Might get them niggas laid out
Yo, yo Fernando sent me yo
Stop acting hostile yo
And yo don't point that shit at me
Bad enough I gotta come in the crib
Wid spanish niggas using languages and shit
I'm feeling like a dick
Left the crib wit my hand brolic
This is some bullshit
Might get knocked take the wrist coward
Yo Fernando what happened?
Shit cooking up backwards
Light up a Backwood
Don't make me backtrack
Blew it dime it the llelo lay low
Saying in my mind
Fuck that papi gotta pay off
Cash rules the Power-Wu chant it
Yo Louis this ain't our product
This is Carlos family
Oh y'all wanna play me like a smoker
Coming out my ice choker
My man in the back, looking colder
Papi yo why y'all wanna jucks me
Yo listen B we got the best clientele since '83
Fuck it, pull out the pot let's cook it
Light the stove up
Julie go to the store get some flour
Sat back burning a big dutch
With the crisp 18 shot glock, stashed in my nuts
Poured it in the Pyrex sizzling
Now it start drizzling
Rainy day murder black won't miss him
Still I'm yelling this shit is business
But they still ain't gon' violate
What I stand for wid these drizzers
He took it off the stove run the water
Trying to work me yo
Knew I shouldn'ta hit the nigga's daughter
He mighta showed more love
Than went in the freezer
Broke the ice down, pour it in
We both looking at it on the twirl around particles grew
Fly Khaluas is mad sliding Coronas through
Feeling like Castro's cousin
Gave them niggas all of my life
All of my paper all my judgement
It droppa only like an ounce worth
Should I just come out my shirt
Go berserk and let the Macks burst
Skate off body in the Bronx
Same shit Gotti was on
Shallah they gonna get your's play it calm
Seventeen five was the total plus the five,
Hundred for the cab driver that was rollin