Šta je novo?


"1,2, 1,2"
(feat. Snoop Dogg)

"1,2, 1,2"
(feat. Snoop Dogg)

[Verse 1 - Raekwon:]
If I ain't rockin' emeralds and Bentleys,
I'm coolin' in Poughkeepsie Me, shorty, new Glock 40, and some bent weed
Ridin' the married boots, take care of me, sincerely
I'm Israeli, machettes is cris, swish some Baileys
Snuggled up, mink on, call it a cover up
Just like two murders in the hood, I'mma double up
The rap surgeon fix the game up, crack merchant
Everything I sell is well, my shit is that worthy
GATs that come up out the ceiling with the beam on it
Chinese Queen, Parasuco jeans on her
Rock long jeans, known for throwing blings on her
I stay king, by any means scream on it nigga

[Hook 1:]
Come on, let's go nigga
Word up, close the door to the Aston nigga
Yo, get out the, take that shit out the ash tray man

[Verse 2 - Snoop Dogg:]
Do you remember a real gang member?
Choppin' til he timber, December to December
Never stoppin', too busy poppin' off lead in the heat
Clownin' ass all around him, they crown him the Dogg Father
Glock hot, crock pot on the block with a chef
Out of bounds on the grounds with a hole in your chest
Invest in back in feedback, gorilla the west
Take a whiff of me, spliff, till it fill up my chest
Convertible with the Cadillac, mackin' the mack
With some Roscoe's Chicken in my lap, imagine that
I'm groovin' down sunset boulevard
No harm, no foul, no body guard

[Hook 2:]
Yo, stop right there man
You don't know what you're doin' man
Chill, chill, let them handle that man for real

[Verse 3 - Raekwon:]
Chill yo, the movie is scary
Take off the sheep skin shotty
Nigga make a move, and don't dare me
I'm blessed with these million dollar hands, I'm like poker
Niggas screw they motherfuckin' face, so what?
Guns are collected, flips perfected
Boats flying in, every brake's inspected
The clique's connected, everybody wrist and neck lit
Two shots of Cisco, let's slip
Post like Scarface and Sosa with my memosa
All that motion, see my billiongs posted and roastin'
See my villains most of them roastin'
Freshmen chickens get close in 'em
Make one move, she buyin' me the Ghost in it

[Hook 3:]
Pass the dutchie
You know what it do man
We in Wonderland huh

[Verse 4 - Snoop Dogg:]
Stealth but get loud like a space shuttle
Catch a case, a motherfuckers got a place for you
And it's 100 brothers like you that's cold with the Typhoo
Slang and things and buck 50 with the jinzu
Draw that line, flip that dime, spit that nine
Homie this Crip on mine
Thought you knew
We cold crushin' bum rush the chef, it's my nephew
The king of the west too, niggas to test you
Let your next move be your best move
Ja bless you
1,2 1,2 what you gone do when we come through?
1,2 1,2


"10 Bricks"
(feat. Cappadonna, Ghostface Killah)

"10 Bricks"
(feat. Cappadonna, Ghostface Killah)

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yo, yo, Iron Chef (gracias)
I need some of that, (slide through the back)
I need ya'll to come back to the, (I heard juice)
Back of the store over here (just be easy and tell ya man to be cool)
We got some culinary cats right here, we need you (we'll kill him if he

Aiyo, rappers stepping to me, they want a brick, son
But I'm the Chef, my price is 26, son
Move up, about 32 of those and open locker dough
Soldier got locked up, blow killed the doctor
Flamboyant police is X fives, watching my lofts
So many leeches I just left it and walked
My flow wicked, Miami money, moving and riducly
Geico on the arm froze, rose gold with me
Take baths with white women, lingerie see-through
Taking trips to Iran, my Spanish nigga people
Selling drugs to Flatbush, call my nigga Cecil
Snub with the black gloves, on half-moon Greek do
Killed him in the Bahamas, his wife ran, white van pulled up
They caught him out in Brooklyn with a white man
Slutted out, rosed out, sister was gone, she geeking
She threw the rifle in her mouth and said 'good evening'
Yup, Paul Wall grill line, be getting money, crime thief
I know her from Africa, pretty smile, nine teeth
Gold joints, frames only, Louis Vuitton, pony
Leather with the matching sweater on, you owe me

[Chorus: Raekwon]
Knock the ash off the blunt, confront niggas who cunt
Swing an ax, tax niggas rhyme different from cats
Specialize in mic rippers, splashes
We the last skippers, big rocks and the block will stick

Beefsteak Charlie niggas eat and they get fat
Chase heads up and down the block and kill rats
Skilled with the gats, even feds don't know where the shells at
The shell trapped up in nice crib with four packs
Four macs, caught a nice cell for four stacks
Yeah, me and my nigga Arafat
Gotta escape but we'll be right back, real soon
Chef cook it up, we got a date with real goons
Telling you Ghost, my connect crazy with the wreck
Pythons used to talk to her sister named Yvette
I speed it up, me and the Linx, was getting weeded up
I beat it up, yeah I hit that, but I ain't seed it up
Meanwhile, back on the block, we seen two trucks
Then the windows rolled down, we see these two fucks
Soon as they jumped out, see these tools bust


[Ghostface Killah:]
Yeah, yo, I lit a boogah up, rocks is gone, so we bagging up all shape
Binocolurs, scanners, we all listen to jake
Ran out of baggies, my mouth is dry
Got them dirty joints all scattered, don't act surprised
Nah, nigga the currency rushes like popping a wheelie
Holding a pipe with one hand, the other down in the Bentleys
You know how it be with the peppermint Clarks, throwing darts at a hoodrat
Getting slow neck up in The Bronx
That's all me, thirty four shines, forty four lines
I just chill like Aaron Hall, writing raw rhymes
Like, threw Kool-Aid rubies in a lemonade bezzle
When I was 12 in the church, I started packing that metal
A deuce deuce, my supplier was Loose Bruce
Ever since I had the drop, my instinct was to shoot-shoot
This ain't For the Love of Ray J, it's for the love of the AK
Cause you can get scratched like AJ
Cuban Link Dynasty has emerged, this rap shit stop
I have a team of niggas moving my furs



"100 Rounds"

"100 Rounds"

What up D? Huh?
You bought that from Tower Records?
What's that, let me see that bag
Get the fuck off, get the fuck off it
Come here man, what the fuck I...[banging]
Like that nigga, give me that man
You dead on this purple tape nigga you dead on that
Fuck outta here [gun cock]

Niggas think I can't sell five million?
Ya'll niggas is mad
Ya'll must not know the work I put in on this
For real, that's for real for real (ha ha)
Represent, flick it up all day nigga, Immobilarity
Ya'll know my work, this category is raw

Aiyo slash your position
Verbal mike physician
Blow lines like chimes in the kitchen
God should vega, straight up stomp that fake out
What, he biting everything, biting his nuts
We slang like champions
Caught me in the outlet in Hamptons
Style it out
Throwin four thousand out
Swimsuit mammal get high
Float flammable
Drop off in a Benz boat lampable
Rear like hittin a deer
Playin Cuban Linx movin in the chair, he got a ear
No question all brolic guerillas stand up
Whoever large throw a hand up
Throw a grand up
Let's like multiply
Con-nect both sides, big shit low rides, ga-lide
Everybody bump once
Yo Chef gonna throw ya'll niggas free lunch
Hit the L twice, need it once
Track be yelling like a whore
Like a swelling on a sore
Or this rap Magellion on your jaw
I'm a night freak,
Boating on the weekends, ten a week
Flows spray it like Clinique
Rich unique, bitch you weak
Contact Reek, we callin up Leek
Yo he famous like Ali feet, yo mystical
Rap Larry Davis with a pistol
And dis you
You a student, fuckin wit a principal

[Chorus x2]
Rollin like ten at a time
Begin, love revolves around a thin line
Go against this, send mine
Lace you chase you down
Let a hundred rounds race you
Now you went from brolic to a facial

Yo, ayo glass tree house
Yo, Fiendin like fuck in a green house
Rush and cut, chain cream out
Blow steam out
Rare like guccis in ears
Goose bears
Skied up, loving all my deustch years
Coat for broadway
Hundred and 39th all day
Got my chick rollin call her Parle'
20th century max like jail penitentiary
Nikki Barnes gon' lynch me
What, fruit flavored nikes
Benz 2000 the hype piece
Send half my love out to white peeps
Wu-Tang emblem, success, make a nigga tremble
Nine of us stand, nine resemble
Filling out tax reports
Look live up in Guess shorts
Bitches got love and support
Yo, leather jacket, yellow
Leather hat, mack it real mellow
New York state of mind, crime Othello
Wild zoo of bitches, burrow that's Staten
Yo we actin, Wud up we do that crack thing captain
Still camaflouge jackets
Mad rackets
Out yo we cap shit, picture that nigga mashin

[Chorus x2]

Yo,aiyo blowin more reason
For a season, wud up shortie jaw season
Baltimore hall bleeding
Take money, remember that ?dun gottori? son
Dripped out in Bahamas all bummy
Gain you out patriot
Portrait of my love mad shit
Now we with things, the long gray shit
Luke bitches in Barook
Cute big, fat bitches with Luke
Lex you need boots that switches
Flights over Iraq
Ironing my hat out, and 'lax
Connecting with diplomat cats
Harlem hustle connect, Iceberg varsity check
Rimmin well ice drool off my dick
Abe Lincoln president suites, lay eventually
Pinch me, I bought head from Monica Lewinsky
Arrest that hoodlum
Strong arm that the white gooden
Faggot nigga frontin, knew he wouldn't
Flexible impact rhymin professional
We staked out eatin all side vegetables
Prosperity rhymes, lines
Casians and Asians
Let's blaze niggas with the shine

[Chorus x2]

Yea word up, that's right ha ha
Ya'll be loving my shit, yea all the real niggas
stand up, hey yo let me speak, let me speak
Yo this a new year right here
It's the 2 with the 3 zeros, here me?
It's gonna get technical for real
Let's play the game right
It's jus a friendly game of baseball
Ha feel me? Hey yo Santanna, yo
Bring that suitcase in here kid
Let's count that, where it came from?
Where it came from? Rollin like ten at a time...


"4 In The Morning"
(feat. Ghostface Killah)

"4 In The Morning"
(feat. Ghostface Killah)

Did he have hands?
Did he have a face?
Then it wasn't us

[Verse 1 - Raekwon:]
Bernard Goetz Gazelle's on
.45 in the bag, mask a Bourdon
Sacks Willy jury is all really
Rich nigga's paying for the team
Sniff the eighth and feed Lily
Lily is a cocaine Willy
Who got mad connects in a small town in Philly
Octopus soul sister rock a puss
Ghost outside parked vertical
Yeah, the Jakes'll murder you
Four to five hundred bricks
Dicks come in with no tie on
That symbolizes the wire on
All Krylon heat my rings bling
500 feet away
Hit the church steeples in the D
Brand new shells on
A python, a Fisker
Twist from the Astons
Made for the listener
Or rather yeah, the driver
Suicide rider
B bums and Wally's
Me and Shallah's colleagues

4 in the morning [8x]

[Verse 2 - Raekwon:]
Blow hands, the stove is a roaster
Where bottles whip in motion
May cause 'drop him in the ocean'
Irish blood gangsters, the roulettes
Cooler moving through Texas
Grandmother she Mex-ish, yup
Tablets, krills, bath salts, last call, get it
Drugs flying minutes like a fastball
Smash all, I will remain clean, the status calm
I do it for niggas who last long
Last Don's chill
Kings in the chair, cigars in the air
This the last part with snakes that'll break any mans arm
Which way the grass growin'
We've sown enough and now we're farmers
Who come through with lawn mowers and armor

4 in the morning [8x]

[Verse 3 - Ghostface Killah:]
Yeah, I used to move cracks
Sort diesel and gats
Runnin' trains on them hood rat bitches up in the trap
We used to blow 'em out
Fiends comin' in [?] with the [?] bite
With residue stuck all on they pipe
4 in the mornin' when the gates start jumpin'
Dustheads lurkin' and the fiends start thumpin'
And it seems like the fiends, he own CREAM, so they jumpin'
??? he stole green so he cut 'em
The ??? star, souflee'd one half of his cheekbone
Now he talkin' out the side of his mouth
But yo, peep homes, stuck
Fly dust, that's four finger nuggets
With plastic stuffed in the Kangol buckets
Dirty burners on, gloves and scanners
Smart mouth, [?] bitches in the back gettin' sandwiched
After a dick suck accountant
In the wee hours, backing up mountains
4 in the morning

4 in the morning [8x]


(feat. Altrina Renee)

(feat. Altrina Renee)

[Intro: Raekwon]
Okay, okay, okay, okay
I see her
I see that
Turn me up, turn me up...
Give me some juices...
Give me some juices, kid
Come on, listen!
Le'ts go, man - for real
Aye yo, aye yo

[Verse: Raekwon]
Wood green jacket in the clapper
Catch me inside Mojito City with a stretched plump actress
Grabbin' her thong, the light-skinned Mia Long
Rich niggas way back, the bitch do John
Why would you ever wanna be here?
Guns bigger than me here
I'm like the centipede, three pair
Wallabees, first pair ferocious
Guns from Scotia, everybody know I flow like oceans
Truck little pieces, how're we gonna eat this?
I walk around fly, high, telekinesis
And my lady a well known designer who fell in line with me
And all she do is sell LV
We in the grow house, trees look alone
I built the Dutch Master train set, relax, you home
And watchin' Carmelo when the Knicks go in
I'm playing my square, I'm in the front row, my bitch roll in
That's not wifey, that's a lover
She gave me some top, but how we met, she was alone with my brother
Givin' twenty-year veteran good dick, came to my senses
Stay strong like old man in dentures
Wintertime rockin' the fox, hangin' with Bruno Mars, The Lox
Sting, yo, Nas' pops
We gettin' honeys, Rat Pack clique in my gunny
Blowin' two Ls, Ocean 11 this money
Floss stays coolin' on them horses
Hoppin' over logs, long Polo boots, ownin' them Porsches
Maxin' king, everything Gucci
Just like the suits I play Saturday to stay in Jacuzzis
Brother Man, I'm floatin' to mother lands
And came back with ounces of gold, wrapped aside, rubber bands
Hangin' in McCormick & Schmitz
Doin' my OG thing, slangin' some 'caine in the mix

[Bridge: Altrina Renee]
I'll be flying to the islands when it's cold outside
Matching furs, his and hers, got matching black cars
On my life, livin' right, baby... love is no limit
Life's good either way... long as you in this

[Outro: Raekwon]
Yo, be easy Chef
Word up, next year, man
You can have it, man
The whole year, you heard?
Twenty years of rap, nigga
It's real
Ice H20
You already know
And we ain't stop
We ain't never gon' stop
Real... real, real... real


"86' (Remix)"
(feat. AZ, Altrina Renee)

"86' (Remix)"
(feat. AZ, Altrina Renee)

[Intro: Raekwon]
Ok ok ok ok! I see her
I see that! Turn me up turn me up!
Gimme some juices! Gimme some juices kid
Come on! Let's go man for real!

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
Aiyyo! Aiyyo wood grain jacket and the clapper
Catch me inside Mojito City with a stretch plum actress
Grabbin her thong, the light skin Nia Long
Rich niggas way back, when bitch knew John
Why would you ever wanna be here?!
Guns bigger than me yeah I'm like the centerpede three pair
Wallabee first pair ferocious
Guns from Scotia everybody know I flow like oceans
Truck little pieces, how we gonna eat this
I walk around fly, high, telekinesis
And my lady, a well known designer
Who fell in lined with me, and all she do is sell L.B.
We in the grow house, trees look alone
I built the dutchmaster train set kid relax you home
And watchin Carmelo and the Knicks go in
I'm playin my square I'm in the front row my bitch roll in
That's not wifey, that's a lover
She gave me some top but how we met she was alone with my brother
Givin twenty year veteran good dick, came to my senses
Stay strong like old men and dentures
Winter time rockin a fox hangin with Bruno Mars, The LOX
Sting, yo Nas's pops
We gettin honeys, ratpack clique and my gunny
Blowin two L's (Ocean Eleven) this money
Floss days coolin on them horses
Hop over logs, long polo boots on to them porches
Maxin king everything gucci
Just like the suits I play saturday to stay in jacuzzis
Brother man I flown on the motherlands
And came back quick, ounces of gold, wrapped inside rubberbands
Hangin in my cormega schmidts
Doin my O.G. thing slingin some 'caine in the mix

[Chorus: Altrina Renee (AZ)]
He got my flyin to the islands when it's cold outside
Matchin furs his and hers black, matchin black cars
Got my life livin right baby, love is no limit (Aiyyo Rae you what it is, it's that sugar hill vibe!)
Life's good either way, long as you win it (Let's pop off on these little niggas! Bring this shit back home)

[Verse 2: AZ]
Uh! From bullet holes and graffiti
Bein low to exposin and money rolls on the TV
Clothes on neatly cologne switchin weekly
Women chose no need to be told how to treat me
Discretly, used to dick 'em down just for G.P.
Freaky, now I work for fortune no freebies
Easy, went from 22's on the shoes
To just chill with the factory field I'm still cool
Refuel, fresh from the era low sweater
Cold weather used to be when Ra, Kane flow better
Forever, Larry Davis live be obliged
For them broads bein blessed to absorb a nigga vibe
Reside, in various places some spacious
Others is basics, but the facelift escalates it
Persuasive, probably with many but not friendly
Cop a Lindsay, fly versace and rock fendi
Inde, came from the bottom no problem
Nothin surprise 'em, niggas try but can't size 'em
Possum, me and the Mrs. gourmet dishes
Instagramin our pictures under chandelier fixtures
Scriptures, straight from the heart my pen's dark
Chess players deep what I peep I pick apart
My wiz is sharp, wine and dine when it's time
Line for line leavin that crime shit behind
The world is mine, suited and booted so secluded
Leavin 'em clueless, this is how thoro niggas do this
Ha! Quiet Money! Ice Water!

[Chorus: Altrina Renee (AZ)]
He got my flyin to the islands when it's cold outside
Matchin furs his and hers black, matchin black cars
Got my life livin right baby, love is no limit (It's that east coast New York shit!)
Life's good either way, long as you win it

[Outro: AZ]
Certified stamped, and approved, from the cloth you heard
AZ, Chef, what else they want?


"A Pinebox Story"

"A Pinebox Story"

A metal rock hit his face with a rush
They pistol-whipped him, shot him with his Dutch
He lost all his trust
Smoking Dutch, choking in his lust
Living out his lies, so one day he stole a pair of nuts
Tried to go hard, that's the wrong song
He should've just jetted, Moet in his mind up was wrong
He could've made it but he waited, hesitated
Laying on a bitch, they caught him right in front of his Moms
They did him extra dirty, stripped him, tied his hands to his Vans
Them old school niggas left a victim
His blooded waist, broken arm, cut him in his face
I heard the chants, he don't deserve life, let him lamp
Choking him, poking him, hitting him with all kinds of knobs
Left him soaking, [?] all in his mouth
He was out, they broke him up, knocked him out
Three times then threw him in a slouch
They took his sneakers and his beeper
Where's Theresa? Snatched the reefer
That bitch is next, catch you on the sequel
Swollen eyes, his face was pulverized
Trying to be a hustler, two ounces he want to mobilize
Dumb dummy, no team, he barely had money
Flying around, old ass Jag, buying blow from me
Ski mask robbing, jean wearing ho sweetass


"A Rainy Day"

"A Rainy Day"

Just to let you know
Sometimes it takes a rainy day
Sometimes it takes a rainy day

Hey y’all, your skin color is the shit
Bubble when your back look delicious
My strawberry queen, nasty quick, slide through Geneva
Switching gears on me, I’mma leave her
She driving her own shit, she a keeper
Then clip jury on, live in the woods
What’s good? No Hollywood, whole shit, yeah, you good
Sipping drinks, rocking minks, come visit the shrink
Check crib, it’s bigger than Liv
What you think? I’m just a part time romancer
See me in the club, I’m a ransom
Time me up boo, I go against you and I queen that I want
She gotta think like a king, respect mine
Oh, stay in line, do your thing and we can meditate, do yoga
Chilling on the sofas and my lofas
You’re making that bread, I play cofa
I’m a stare case baby with a train, vision it
I know I’m living it, with queen


I did you wrong ’cause I was fucked up lost
They caught me in the Porsche, go crying divorce
Hey y’all my jury look tough, when you was sober their lost
And then you did this to me picture me cross
And you was never there when I was grinding and just flossin’
And I had you in school like daddy be bossy
And now you wanna cry sober, it exhaust me but keep the wheels right here
Then jet to Georgia, I’m a chief on ‘em
No, no, noble extortion, yeah, take it or leave it, acquire losses
She did this for capital to ball like a boss
So hold the fort down, protecting the shores
Hey yo, no more remorse, cut endorsements
Fuck that, go back home, jet to Boston
Barking like a full grown pit’, take caution
I’m just wanting the shits, this is spot shit



(feat. Ghostface)

(feat. Ghostface)

[Ghostface Killah:]
Chunky, ?, Brolic, Please be careful with my chains
Stop palyin games, It costs too much
The jewelry man said it might attract feds
The few men that wanted shit was found dead
See it's not a game, The power I possess is real
Wait up, Money caked up, Tape ducts and kill
Rock my gold bow, Polo robes, Scrooge McDuck shit
Uncle Ghost will download gold, Whether sixth floor Brooklyn house
Slid through quietly then took the house
Spazed out on the faggot then they moved me out
Hurry check the box office my new movie's out
I'm not feelin broke niggas that be frontin for nothin
Stuntin, Wanna rock Playboy I keep it comin
Word to Granny I'm quick to buck fifty somethin
I'll be right up on that ass like you sixty somethin
Come on

[Ghostface Killah:]
Big head ants, Lamps that glow
Goldfish with gold chains hangin from they necks, They swim slow
Watch me poke Vics, Sit slick, Throw Vicks on it
Ship shit, Kick Arabic, Bag bricks, Karate kicks, Fly Wu bitch
Don't hesitate to clap a sugar woogy, Just do it
Hop in the Buick and bounce, Harry's lounge