Šta je novo?
"Ron Simmons"

Gipsy Salami cheese is from the cave
Wild dandelion greens dressed up on the plate
Parmesan crisp, we wildin' in marea
Doing all the drugs off of Pico and Labrea
Peace to Kings English, sticky green fingers
Brock Fetch Polaroids
Bitches named Dinga
Cunnilingus, Buddy Holly singin
Hash between my butt cheeks, hookers in the plush suite
Whole grain mustard, 12 grain bread
Move cocaine out of Spokane, I got no shame
Spit the propane, relieve you of your gold chain
Go to bed without even knowing the hoes name
Hazelnut spread, banana on the bread
Treat you like a shark, put the hammer on your head
Mock neck sweaters, Alpaca on the threads
Fat black leathers. Leave your body in the shed

Ron Simmons
Peace to motherfucking Iceland
Ron Simmons
Ron Simmons
Ron, Ron Simmons
Ron Simmons

Damn, your fucking with a pro kid,
No triple A I went straight up to the show, kid
While You can catch me out in Spain on the coast, dick
Don't ever say my fucking music sound like Ghost shit
Born alone, stood strong for half of fifty
Vocal reminiscing of a kid that hold a semi
Old and sweaty, motherfucker shit the bed
They crying in the corner while there shorty give me head
Yeah, ice sculptures, Venezuelan white vultures Chinese wizardry, long capes
Old grapes in the glasses she suck me while I'm flaccid
Every summer catch me grilling steaks by Lake Placid
Dabble then pass it, don't ever babble or get blasted
Bitches ass to ass, double dildos made of plastic
Remain classic with all this flash inside the pan shit
Like Jr. Griffey smashing homers, never land bitch

Damn, we never land bitch
Yeah, we never land bitch
Kinda high, never land bitch
But you can see me eatin Lamb, bitch
"Ronnie Coleman"

[Verse 1:]
When I'm alone
Smoking weed, sitting by the window in my home
Often thinking why the fuck is it I'm not in Rome
If I had a little motivation, money, and a hot body
I see it now Brons in the heart-throbby
No more pigging out, binging on the late night
No more sneaking juice in the syringe to get the game tight
No more packing hot dogs on my neck right by the fade right
40 pounds to go and then you hookers getting laid right
I'm eating salad but I'm leaving off the croutons
Cause ever since... huskier than yukon
Savings on the cookies, mommy clipping out the coupons
Passing out from over-eating, sleeping on the futon
Lock the refrigerator, there's no controlling me
Steak and chocolate got they muthafuckin hold on me
Ain't trying to be laid in a box, roses on me
Bronsolino running 5 miles for the glory

Let's go, 20 more to go baby boy
Yo you want that... by the crotch right?
Yeah let's go (I want it)
Gimme some pushups
Gimme some dips (I can't no more)
Let me get some jumping jacks (Gimme a sandwich!)
Yeah you want that steak dinner don't you? (AAAAH)
Your gunna work that sandwich off now (I need Marshmallows!)
Yeah let's fuckin go
20 more miles, let's go you fat fuck
You motherfucker you, fuck you!

[Verse 2:]
From philly cheesesteaks, lobsters on the barbeque
I'm getting twisted eating chicken with a prostitute
An hour later eat the burger with my drug dealer
Then add the butter to the fudge to make the fudge realer
Every five minutes look in the fridges as if magic happened
Sneak a cookie, rip the bag, and fix the plastic wrapping
I don't want know one to know that I took it
Cause I'm a no good... ay yo fry the mayonnaise man
Life is a shmorgishborg to me and I'm a over do it
I wanna wear Italian clothing but it just don't cut it
Not the type that show the package with the crystal studded
The shit they model in Milan that's looking crispy custom
5 and 6 bitches, lickin' my dick twitches
Serve up a facial, miss the Belgium bitches dismiss em
For now I'll take what I can get till this shit switches
Whatever fuck you stupid bitch
Yo here's to the drugs of heaven
Here's to beef ribs
Extended lunch time I eat enough for three kids
Go on a diet, then fall off because I'm weak kid
Since I was young I'm eatin' candy on the sneak tip
My day is based upon fine drugs, cholesterol
Though at my height and weight I'm probably still the best at ball
I'm tatted up, I have no shame to show the chest at all
I bet I have your lady humming on my testacles

Yeah, Bronsolino
Bout to be fuckin, summer time in the winter
"Seven Series Triplets"
(feat. Prodigy & Raekwon)


[Verse 1: Action Bronson]

Uh-huh, yeah, yo
Cash in a brief case, trying to play it smart
Love is a privilege and you better play your part
Don't wanna leave it to the lawyers breath
Snap my fingers, you'll be laying on the foyer steps
Wishing you were a boy again
Late night stand on the roof, smoke a newp
Reminiscing when I had the broken tooth, we were loose
Three different colors on the goose with the boots
Maryland College basketball suits
I drive the 525i made in '95
Shawn Kemps on the pedal, I'm a kamikaze
Right arm hang out the window while I steer left
Near death, slam into a deer's chest
Lights out for a second, but I'm back
Hopped up like a karate master
Still I blast the shottie faster on you bastards, make you backspin
Come out the closet you've been trapped in, that's it, Queens

[Verse 2: Prodigy]
Yeah, nigga you know I put the work in
Head shots real precise like a surgeon
I see your heart beating out your shirt, nervous
Nigga shaking in his J's, his legs gave in
Wow, and I ain't even pull the gun off my waist yet
This nigga done got so scared he took a shit
Then I swerved in some low key wheels
And go about my business like it never happened, chill
For reals, pop a couple pills, cup a drink
Come to think about it I feels like turning up the rap ignorant loud
Like this weed that I smoke make a thick yellow cloud
Perpetual payday, my money don't vacay
I'm out seeing the world, my life is so crazy
You could only imagine but you could never fathom my intelligence
I get at em

[Verse 3: Raekwon]
Oh shit, it's real like that, right y'all?
Word up man, pledge allegiance man
I Patrick Ewing niggas, long shotties I be suing niggas
You gon' pay, face the camera ruin niggas
And my money uncollected and I'm stepping
Might slap the shit out your man and take his weapon
Hungry and angry and I'm savagery
But still mow your majesty
Wipe out the cool t-shirt, vacuum it
And I'm gon' keep you rich so chill
Or you can live with them faggots and stay away from real deal abbots
Death is our game plan, new playing bullets come in spray cans
Write graffiti all on your vest
Lester, cousin Eve sleeve all greasy he the best of it
Put it right there you get a check, slang prostitution
It's prohibition when we move shit
This is what some niggas suggest
I suggest war and clout
The fake niggas they could move out
Take no chance you never know y'all.

[Outro: Raekwon]
For real man, cause we ain't playing no games no more, no more homies
You sit around this, you sit around the best
With gold forks and all that, word up
Y'all niggas that come shine, come through come through come shine, come.
You know what it is man, it's automatic.

We've been the best since I stepped in
Bring a hooker to the muthafuckin Jets Inn
In the sack, break her back like a Redskin
Need the dough like I'm trying to get the bread thin
Tree to make the head spin
Every season play the corner like I'm Revis
Light Caesar, heavy bearded like I'm Jesus
New York City, Queens borough be the backdrop
I bring it back to all the benches, need a blacktop
Big things, see me moving like a Sasquatch
Money, I'm in pursuit, cuchillo inside the boot
Bitches are on display, give brain
Inside the coupe. Shift gears, that's with the left
Which means I'm on the right, get paid
By any means, you hold it, say goodnight kid

Two fingers hold the potion when I'm smoking
Slow motion, snatch a snapper out the ocean
In my lungs go the drugs like the red chief
Red leaf lettuce blood money on the bench seat
12 courses laid up on the long table
Aged wine got me spinning like a dreidel
For fly women use a condom cause it's fatal
Hazel eyed bitched always blazing up the basil
The red razor cut the features in your facial
Creep in Corona, bumping Fernando Villalona
Puffing cheeba in the street by the chimi corner
Tu ne tappa me, muthafuckas are sloppy
Captain of the rap, you talking to papi
Up in Niagara Falls, make your wifey suck a
Bag of balls, it's sick, just like a Magic cough
Same person on camera or when the muthafuckin' camera off
Hash straight from the desert, can knock
A camel off, Sheep straight out of school
Let the hammers off. Off the boat shit
Whole cliques roll thick, no shit
Piss drunk and they smoke sticks
Not a word of English but
They hold the four-fifths
FILA jumpsuit, sandals, the whole shit
Young kids walking around, got the Desi in hand
Going "Boom Shakalaka!" like it's NBA Jam
Never speak to fuzz
Tap out the reefer, show him how
To use his sneakers, cuz
Roasted peppers, sweet tomatoes, heirloom
We on the beach, fresh Ceviche
We in Cancun, fly girly curly
Hair is getting read through
We in the shower give me head: shampoo
Swimming trunk, shoe accentuate the ankle
Eyes blue, put the children's money in the Banco
Giuseppe Franco, take the cash and tango
I'm straight stoned -sly, thank you
Bye, peace, one, fuck you
"Standing In The Rain"
(with Dan Auerbach)
(feat. Mark Ronson)
(from "Suicide Squad" soundtrack)

[Chorus: Dan Auerbach]
I saw you standing in the rain
You were holding his hand and I'll never be the same

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
You can see me on the riviera dressed like a Playboy
Or you can catch me up in Rivieras Tuesday night
Pillow fights with Dominican mothers
That's what happens when it's suede on the roof
Swervin' lane to lane in a coupe
Shit, if I crash it, I'll probably just leave it as a token
That your boy coulda died right there, no jokin'
Uh, eating well so my foot's swollen
Fuck it man I'm rollin', you rollin' or not?
The boat plane’s waiting at the dock
I wonder if he let me fly it, but it's a long shot
The money eases everybody's mind
Put kids through school, new titties on wives
New titties for the mistress
Fuck it, new titties for everybody, it's Christmas, yeah

[Chorus: Dan Auerbach]
I saw you standing in the rain
You were holding his hand and I'll never be the same

[Verse 2: Action Bronson]
I use milfhunter.com to ease the pain
It was ninety-two degrees with rain
Right before the seasons changed
On trees just a little bit of leaves remain
My heart broke when his cock was in your throat
But fuck that laid top out on the boat
Heard you fucked around at Philippine and 1 OAK
My man seen you both at the Sonoko
Kissing and touching, lied and said that this was your cousin
Shit, I should have known when you stole money
Bitch called the cop and rolled on me
So good, I got old money
To lay on any motherfucking beach on the planet
With equestrian colored salmon
We examine my life and make sure I'm never dumb again
But first, slide your panties to the side girl, I'm comin' in

[Chorus: Dan Auerbach]
I saw you standing in the rain
You were holding his hand and I'll never be the same, no
I saw you standing in the rain
You were holding his hand and I'll never be the same
"Steve Wynn"

Jungle Rule - can't be no fool
Jungle Rule - can't be no fool
(I needed a little taste to that)

Twisting joints like a contortionist
Laid in the Porsche
My father driving
Days been sunny since I started rhyming
No denying me. I'm known to keep it fresh foot like podiatry
Nobody high as me
Green timbs.In Vegas I'm like Steve Wynn
At the same time, fellatio from three twins:
Those are triplets. I've been wilding since the Rabbie snipped it
Then they laughed, then they brisket, fuck!
On my behalf, he had a meeting at the Neptune
Had little daddy hide the heater in the restroom
Guns drawn like my bath from my lady friend
Mesothelioma money: Drop Mercedes-Benz
And I ain't never left, you know I'm still here
Spit the shit to bring a cripple out the wheelchair
Bite a bitch like George Whipple in the stair case
Long as she got big nipples and a tan face

Jungle Rule - can't be no fool
(Yeah, you're in the concrete right now)
Devil is on the loose, no...

Foul living like Sandusky and Paterno
I've been husky, motherfuckers couldn't touch me
'Lo rugby with an Asian model so ugly
Celebrating 1987 - no bubbly
Facially I'm like a young John Kennedy
More obscenity. EBT in Genovese
Go to Ock, get 70 for 100
I want the 75 from Ocky but he fronted
Take the money, cop 5 dimes, 2 chicken sandwiches, 9 limes
For the Cadada Dry; pose for the cameras by the banister, high
In the summer, rock the vest set: Salmon Kani
Flex the three-quarter cream V's
We're summer seam G's. Steamed red snapper: Vietnamese
Catch a case, get a Jewish lawyer, beat it with cheese
Fuck the beat, cause it don't go together. Read it and weep
It's very easy make you disappear now, kid
Make your paper, but you need to stay grounded
Eyes wide like a chick who got the dick in the but
We're out here, trying to get the money, baby live it up

Talk about me if you please, but I must be Hercules
Hercules, I must be Hercules!
"Strictly 4 My Jeeps"

Better slow down baby
I'm out here wildin'
Better slow down baby
Shit is crazy

You need to slow down baby
My whole team cash and load out baby
I'm a hero in my home town, baby
Stop talking, just go down, baby

[Verse 1:]
Shit on my chest, shoot colors like a care bear
All year see me tan, hopping out the van
You wasn't there, now you tryna show face
Fuck around, be a cold case
Chrome skates on an old day
Remote control chains, promote dough for the veins
Poke chicks, hoes with vogue legs
Eat steaks off a cold plate, stoned listening to Cold Play


[Verse 2:]

Long knife, by the spinal built like a rhino
Push the 635 to the finals
Pearl white like what you sniffin' in your sinus
The finest vaginas demolished by my dick
One year from Queens to the top
Cream of the crop Serve a fiend out my sock
Five minutes till they lean like the drop
Now they spinning through the furnace like the scene from The Rock
Hide spinach like a doomsday prepper
Every Sunday in my Tuesday leather
Now my beard look like Uday and Qusay
Play the pool on a cool day


[Verse 3:]

A lot of people with their hands out now
Got these motherfuckers mad 'cause I'm a stand out now
You never let the hammer off, you got the soft hands
I hear you singing for the boss man
I'm from a lost land, spill coke on the heater
Drop a little sauce on the beater
Zero to 60 in a Porsche like a cheetah
New York I'm like Jeter, light Caesar
No hypebeaster, rock a nice sneaker
You get drugs for a good price
My price cheaper, guaranteed
My trunk snapping like a tambourine
Bodying these pussies with a camera team

Uh! You better slow down, baby
Uh! You better slow down, baby
Uh! You better slow down, baby
You better slow down, baby


[Outro: x2]

You need to slow down baby
I'm a hero in my home town, baby
(feat. Meyhem Lauren, Shaz IllYork, Fonda, & Machine)

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
Exhale the fucking essence
Absorb me

Peace to Lonnie Londell
Everything is mar-vel
Kid, on this side we shine like the sun
Though the night brisk on the night shift
Peep the tight lips
Cause muthafucking loyalty is priceless
Fly bitch blow me harder than a vuvuzelo
My mood is mellow
Catch me hopping out the Cougar, yellow
Brew the Bustelo, Brosonlino
Smooth as Othello in convertible Z3's bruising the pedal
Chief of command, it's hard for you to try to see me
Your team ain't ready to win a war like Mussolini
Harsh as a Russian winter
Still we dining at Lupa right there on Bleecker and Thompson
Eating a custom dinner
Wine served, about a third of the glass filled
Premium rap skills, lounging in the Catskills
Let me end this with a kiss from my bitch
One love, Bronsonlino, signing off
Who better than this, kid?

[Verse 2: Meyhem Lauren]
Luxury sports apparel is what I rock to cover feet
I feel like everyday is Thanksgiving
That's how we usually eat
Rep the street, my flow is heat
Queens made me complete
When we outside deep
It's like a Double L retreat
You know my status, everything's mar-vel
Hard shell shots will tear you up
Now you scar well
Bizarre hell, I'll take you there
Never fear nothing, not me
Shellfish specialist, I'll eat it if it's from the sea
Action Bronson is in the building
So it smells like half a key
He's usually smoking marijuana in a jacket past his knee
Yeah, we live this, still crispest
Back to business, fuck bitches
Most of ya'll were living blind until I hit the light switches
Peace to my dress code and my way of life
Super trife, slay your wife
Ask about the way Lauren can lay the pipe
Never duplicated, wordplay is custom made
Niggas know my steez
Catch me in Queens covered in suede (word up!)

[Verse 3: Shaz Illyork]
The fine fabric delegates
And Peter Pan Posse
This the finale, Youtube is where the fans watch me
High definition, Lo religion
Loving Scottie Pippen's
Switched it from Jordan Dream Team
It hurt the slutty women
Love to collab, I used to dabble in a couple of things
Facelift the Team, Outdoors, where the Mens will be
Cop Killer Queens, the Upper East, we need a gallery
We unscripted, real drama, never no fallacies
I might party like a rock star for a couple of days
A couple strays tag along taking bumps of K
I keep a Buddha, little liquor, make me triple stack
Ideal wifey, small titties and a lot of ass
They call me Shaz, before it was my government
Unholy convenant, could never get enough of it

[Verse 4: Fonda]
So pay attention when this rich bong's broken in half
And don't get left behind to choke on my gas
Ginger ale, juggle, Gen Pop, pockets intact
Prime king in the booth
I got it like that
But wait, audible react
Don't get caught in the trap
Real recognize real
And see it's part of the act
I break hearts, surround sound
With the sermon I spit
And leave behind a trail of permanent drips
In a room full of douchebags burning their lips
And bugging out about the right amount of water to mix
The freebase specialist, I dug him a ditch
Struggling with that addiction's a son of a bitch, fucko
I'll give you something to fix, get sober
You'll understand when you're older
The rap Al Bundy got the handicapped boner
Hot breath and the ice cold shoulder
So, give me room so my set can breathe
I'm from the Up East, plus I got connects in Queens
So how you want it?
Bent, skeed or straight blunted
My rap good like Deer Park in your stomach

[Verse 5: Machine]
Incredible Hulk, flash the villainous smile
He trying to stay young, he's never going out of style
Fresh to death like the corpse out the morgue
The new slang stay stiff, pause
No shirt when he record
Stay zoned, known to kick rap through payphones
Mighty Healthy set the tones
Spread the wealth through fly poems
Well known rap flesh
Keep it tight like close homies
And never known to flip like a Solid Gold Cody
Known to keep it scummy like a Sunday at Jones Beach
Known to keep it bummy like a Sunday at Centre Street
Known for having fun, blacking out, that's the motto
@toechamp, twitter game you should follow
US Weekly with the centerfold
A thousand tapes pressed up
A thousand tapes sold
Kids screaming out, "when the mixtape coming?"
Streets is fiend out, yo, they really need something
Understood, no matter what
Shine like the sun
Remember one thing
[?] rap and number one
"Swerve On Em"
(feat. A$AP Rocky)

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
It's your baby boy Bronsoliño
Yeah, yeah
(La Musica de Harry Fraud)
Yeah (All my life)

[Action Bronson:]
The style icon, ’bout to get the dough like taekwon
Beat the pythons, when I fuck I like to leave the lights on
I'm just a piece of art
All these tattoos hidden under bracelets on my right arm
Shit, I need some tiger balm, I don't even like this song
Yeah, I skrrt 911s better with that other one
Man, these pussies love to run, but they always runner-up
I ain’t with that funny stuff, yeah, I'm 'bout that money up
Leave 'em sunny up, give 'em tummy tuck
Bronson always hit that fucking target, never dummy luck
In these fucking streets, you get your collar popped for 20 bucks
And I'm just focused on these hoes that's on the honey nuts

[Action Bronson (A$AP Rocky):]
I swerve on 'em, skrrt on ’em, swerve on ’em, swerve on 'em
High as fuck, your boy almost hit the curb on ’em
Swerve on 'em (Yeah, yeah), swerve on 'em, skrrt on 'em (Yeah, yeah)
Looking like you need some help (Yeah, yeah), throw a bird on ’em

[Verse 2: A$AP Rocky]
Had a funny feeling you fronting, every time I see you, you phony
Bitch, everything Johnny, jabroni, everything gettin' jolly, lil homie
Ever since my childhood, I grown to be, astonishing, notice me
Just notice me, I make her cream, call me Jodeci
Man, I ride like you're slow to leave, niggas know Flacko Jodye
Took a toke, nigga, pour the lean, feeling stomach pains, nausea
Had me absent, no notary, no, no, nothing to sober me up
Fell asleep, go to sleep, my niggas still asleep, rest in peace
Ready or not, here I come, man, I feel like a refugee
You just captain, Captain Save-A-Ho, hoes screaming, “Come rescue me”
Man, I came for the best, so who claim they the best?
Swore she knew what was best for me, when she left, took what's left of me

[Chorus: Action Bronson]
I swerve on 'em, swerve on 'em
Skrrt on 'em, swerve on 'em
Swerve on 'em, swerve on 'em
Your boy almost hit the curb on 'em

[A$AP Rocky:]
Had a funny feeling you fronting, every time I see you, you phony
Bitch, everything Johnny, jabroni, everything getting jolly, lil homie
Ever since my childhood, I grown to be, astonishing, notice me
Just notice me

[Action Bronson:]
Baby, just notice me
I'm in the green Lotus Jeep, try not to go to sleep
Don't let the devil take control of me
My eyes closed, but I know where I'm going
It started snowing and I started dancing
And I started crying, bitch, it's Johnny Handsome
I dive off boats, jump out of planes ass naked
Swervin' Maserati trucks in the rain
Man, it's all about the hunger and pain
And to this jungle, I came
With these drugs all in my lungs and my veins

[A$AP Rocky (Action Bronson):]
Had a funny feeling you fronting (You know)
Every time I see you, you phony (True)
Bitch, everything Johnny, jabroni (Uh)
Everything getting jolly, lil homie (Uh)
Ever since my childhood, I grown to be, astonishing, so to speak, just notice me
(Just notice me, baby, just notice me)
"Sylvester Lundgren"
(feat. Meyhem Lauren & Ag Da Coroner)

[Verse 1 - Action Bronson:]
Cash off the top, cash off the top
Play with my money motherfucker get shot
Weed from the dread that I roll in the fanta
Cover on my dick so I won't catch the monster
I don't even know myself, I'm twisted
This exquisite shit that flip when I rip it
Crisp kiddicks, right hand quicker than Riddick's
Safe to say that I'm the shit here
Red suede shoes, a holiday in Arizona
Cocaine knives open up the abalone
Smoke the macaroni, eat the cannelloni
Put the cameras on me, take the cameras off me
Motherfucker raise your hand when you speak
Act wild this .45 is gettin' jammed in your cheek
Play the hotel room with bitches tossin' my butt
Layin' back chillin' blowin' a blunt
Motherfucker you

[Verse 2 - Meyham Lauren:]
Play them sound blocks, tinted, not timid, no gimmick
Game of life is trife but due to good advice I'm 'bout to win it
Fuck with rap but I still run around the map and still get it
Let a nigga violate, I make a visor out his fitted
Shoebox spinach, new Glocks finish, my life is real
Calm when clocking currency but on the stage we hyper, still
I spit for New York where we rep a different type of skill
But often plan to kill while listenin' to Cypress Hill
My knife is ill, infections get spread through incisions
Conquer and divide when we ride, peace to division
Shinin' when I'm rhymin' my slang fuck up your vision
Missiles leave you layin' missionary if I'm on a mission
That's all precision, precise moves change of position
Never snitchin', define a mime during an inquisition
My team's about to run the world and that's a true prediction
Another day, another dollar, and a new affliction

[Verse 3 - Ag Da Coroner:]
You know you picked the wrong niggas to fuck with, you punk bitch
Tyson uppercuts, Bruce Lee front kicks
I'm Dexter with the blood splatter
Have you shakin' in the back seat with JFK, covered in brain matter
Everything I talk I walk
Crib lookin' like a blackboard, oh shit, flooded with white chalk
Heartbeat racin' fast, when I chase yo ass
With a Jason mask, pussy boy wave the flag
Life ain't savin' that, family draped in black
Visit your maker, now you can't make it back
One-way ticket to the fire and brimstone
My mental's locked up but my physical been home
Question our God ask him what do I sin for
He said I do wrong cause Eve is my kinfolk
Bloodline of a disobedient
Mixed with the heart of a butcher, make the coroner ingredients