Šta je novo?
"Twin Peugots"
(feat. Big Body Bes, Mac Miller)

[Intro: Action Bronson]
Am I rapping or what?
I can't hear the headphones yeah
Turn me up in the headphones
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Ok, alright

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
Jump tumble
Front flips off the roof like a stunt double
My shorty doing kegels for her cunt muscle
Keep her shaped up
The M3 all green fly like a strange duck
My dad was right when he said I was a deranged fuck
Now every meal is calamari and boudin blanc
Saddam Hussein guns
Held by nuns who do drugs while beige hard bottoms slide on the new rug
Pinky up
The joint thicker than Pinky's butt
Just as stinky
Nick Van Exel with the handle, Helsinki
Eggs Rothko
The handmade suit cloth I got the sports coat
Twenty three and a half feet on the sports boat
Brown vest made of suede on my torso
Close my eyes, inhale deep, sail free
Blind fury, hoppin' out the braille jeep
Serve me snails to eat
No ham and cheese
I'm tanning
The 540i, color salmon
Smoked can, and
Push the seat back
Put your feet up
Roll my weed up

Why's it feel like my life is moving fast, yo?
Get your own, don't worry about my cash flow
I need a chick to hide the hammer in her asshole
I need that first class dough

Why's it feel like my life is moving fast, yo?
Get your own, don't worry about my cash flow
I need a chick to hide the hammer in her asshole
I need that first class dough

[Verse 2: Big Body Bes]
It's me Big Body
Who the fuck else?
You gotta pardon my absence man
I just came back off of vacay man
Just spent the whole fucking weekend up in Orchard Beach
Living the fucking life
I was out there Wildin
Had your moms on the motherfucking boogie board
Doing all types of stunts
But now I'm back though
Ain't shit changed
Just came back, check my motherfucking emails
Got more motherfucking deals on the table
Don't even know what the fuck to do now
Oh my God
You can still see me though
Out there on Fulton street at 3 in the morning
Bench pressin' a fiend
Ain't shit changed still loitering

[Verse 3: Mac Miller]
Ok, Ok
I'm relyin' on Viacom to keep my lights and fire on
Made a deal with Lucifer, said, "give me the universe" (Every Single Planet)
It hurts kind of like losing your first love
I saw the bright lights and started doing the worst drugs
Now, I'm backtracking and hash rappin' with Action
Throwing hand grenades at paddywagons in passing
Old fashioned soul grabber snorting all the coke up
The type of shit to turn a World War into a Polka
Load up, the double RL icon
Steppin' out the limo, tuxedos made of python
Listening to Lionel Richie, fuckin with the lights on
Rice on the table, have us going all night long (Again, and again, and again)
Rooftops, sippin on some red wine
Start to realize I've been trippin, shit it's just fine
So, I read a passage out the Bible as I take a bath
Dry off, Hit the Colosseum on Jamaica Ave
Bout to say fuck it and form a union
March up to city hall and protest pollution. (Yes!)
"Warlord Leather"

[Earl Sweatshirt:]
Dipped and writ his own ransom
Chest full of spliffs told the bitch it was cancer
Hit the road for some months
For the fan in the front row, getting punched out
Screaming "Whoa" with his hands up
The glorious bastard is back
In that hoodie like a vein that collapsed cause it's black
Sittin' shotty in the Mazda, pack cover lap and his
His daddy like an answer, 'cause he never had one
Eyes all low on account of what the grass done
Higher than the Masten
Five star telly, nice belly on the bad one
Heavy with the raps way cause a nigga chip em out
Be really what attract the bitches
Switchin' brackets with the taxes never actin' different
Boney nigga think he's thin, kind of baggy
With some niggas that be trappin', shippin' packages;
Their cake is up
Got my mama tripping like she jogging and her ankles touch
Now I'm at the Waldorf stressin'
Fidget with the zipper on the warlord leather
Whisky with the spliff, because it goes more better
Why bench him if he's scoring under full court pressure

[Action Bronson:]
Put me in coach
Put me in coach
I got this man I'm on fire tonight
Telling you

Your bitch pussy smells like Sway's hat
I'm like Swayze mixed with Sajak, in a straight jacket
Aim the iron at your facial bracket
You can't escape great magic
My mind make the fishes swim in strange patterns
Drift in the beige Satin
Switchblades, new face, get the face tatted
Inside my lungs look shattered
Hanging backwards off a ladder
EBT card got my baby momma face on it
Big checks with my name on it, put my name on it
My face is on the pen, cause I'm a G
Looking for some other shit, send 'em down the street
Can't even compute on how much I spent on then retreat
I spent up about a eleven thousand Yen just on the feet
Another twenty seven thousand Yen just for the heat
Play the guitar with my teeth (Yeyeyeye-ya)
Coach called him off the bench, told his ass to sit down
Motherfucker you were picked up in the sixth round
Throw him in the tub that's filled with hot sauce
I'm laid back, gettin' sucked, eatin' nachos

You know it's me motherfucker
You know it's me
And it's me again
Dinosaur legs in the building
Yo, Gary! turn that shit up, I can't hear it motherfucker
"What About The Rest Of Us"
(with Joey Bada$$)
(feat. Rico Love)
(from "Southpaw" soundtrack)


[Action Bronson:]
Oh-five, pounds in the Laredo
They gotta get there today though
Ain't no time for tryna lay low, babe bro
If you can't do it, all you gotta do is say no
I'll take it from there, Asians on grand ready to work it
Displayed a smirk like Mr. Perfect
Under the bridge behind the van in the cab I made the drop-off
Thank signs that nothin popped off
Since I was young, handled lots of foreign vehicles and things
My father wore the ring when he pushed me in the swing
Plus he pushed that red thing
I wanted to be like him so bad, wear the same shoes that he stepped in
Of course I need paper
I wanna ride the one-seater like Speed Racer
In the Jetta smokin a one sheet of the green acres
Listenin to bullshit music - thinkin how I'm gonna do this, uh

[Chorus - Rico Love:]
Uh, the temptation's real
Even though we feel I've been here before, somebody help me
Lord, have mercy
It's like the world we live in, was only designed for, somebody wealthy
But what about the rest of us?
What about the rest of us? Screamin, "Somebody help me" (somebody help me)
But what about the rest of us?
It's like the world we live in, was only designed for, somebody wealthy (somebody wealthy)
{"Turn the lights on!"}

[Joey Bada$$:]
Yeah yeah, yo
I'm from a place called the jungle where the livin' is rough
It had me low for a while now I'm pickin' it up
Holdin' the spot straight stickin' it rippin' it up
I dropped (99 Problems) switchin' and not givin' a fuck
So what you want? Got your bitch nigga grippin' her butt
Around my dick, takin' pics nigga flickin' it up
My clique is what's up, get buck if you want
You'll end up dumped chump in a pond, lake, in a trunk of New York
There's no duckin' me, the Bada$$, time for no fuckery
Won't find a chick who got a dime or take a single buck from me
These hoes be lovin' me, I keep it so G
Respectin' where I be, nigga check your OG
My back flow will mirror your fat flows well here it go
My, visions is lineal when I'm rippin' the video
It's a lyrical miracle when I enter your stereo
The rarest breeds sick like venereal diseases, uh


[Rico Love:]

Dyin for nothin
Killin to live
Fightin for somethin
Too bad we don't know what it is
What you think all of this cash for?
Tryna put stamps on my passport
Man I'm just schemin on new hoes
Already forgot 'bout my last broad

"White Bronco"

Woo, woo, ah
Woo, yeah, yeah
Woo, yeah, yeah, yeah, uh huh

Yeah, it's true, the Lamborghini truck light blue (true)
The shotty down my leg and we stuck like glue (true)
My shorty like, "Damn, nobody fuck like you" (I ain't know)
One love to my uptown crew
This new shit swing like Tiger at the Masters (uh huh)
Man, I don't fuck with none of these bastards (none of 'em)
I'm like a fucking father to these bastards (uh)
Shut the fuck up and eat your pudding (pudding)
Twenty alligators die for this shit I put my foot in (foot in)
You barely got your footing, everything I do, they said I couldn't (uh)
Now it's middle finger up with the hoodie (uh)
Eyes dumb low blowing goodie goodie (uh)
Baklava, bestseller (true)
How we celebrate? Went to 125 and bought a red leather (another fact)
Man, your boy is on another planet
He just sitting in the whip by himself bumping Janet
Rhythmation, living life without no limitations (uh)
Tryna have enough money that'll fill the basement (please)
And enough drugs to fill my face with
And enough to give the M6 a facelift (damn)
Turn that motherfucker to a spaceship (woo, yup)
All these women calling me Tay Diggs (uh, woo, yup)
It's me (yeah, yup, yeah, yeah, yeah)

And I'm just out here living my best life (it's true, oh shit, yeah, yeah, yeah)
And I'm just out here living my best life (yeah, uh, uh huh, whatever, yeah)
And I'm just out here living my best life (uh, whatever, whatever, whatever)
But somebody always tryna fuck it up
"White Silk"
(with Statik Selektah)

I smoke drugs as if it's cigarettes, Popping like a giga pet
See my silhouette, right behind me bitches pirouette
That's a dance move, it's origin is French
I'm chilling in the park with several warrants on the bench
Suspended license, Over four years, that's three cars after
Cause I'm like a mush, everything is a disaster
Put 'em in the bathroom, cause that'll be the answer
Let 'em know I'm sick and every flow is like a cancer
Catch a rooster, cut his fucking nuts off
Serve 'em for a hundred dollars, sesame and plum sauce
Try to dip the bill, the Mexicans'll let the guns off
Or cut you with a pleasure similar to getting nuts off
Your whore told me that your putz soft
Plus she caught you in the basement with a tranny getting sucked off
Wheres your morals? Your genitals are floral
Like it in the back just like a fucking epidural
Me, I'm like a caveman, raised from out the mountains
Oriental bathhouses, laying on the couches
Cop a rub-and-tug until I'm spraying like a fountain
Take a hundred out my pocket, lay it on the counter
Peace, arrivederci, bouncing towards the exit
Asian lady crying because I left her fucking legs split
Dookie blunt of regs 'til I'm pookie in the face
Queens, the kids a star like a Mookie on the bass
The flows water, like rafting on the Congo
Take a hit of drugs and I'm passing like I'm Rondo
Motherfuckers sweeter than when Omar kisses 'Naldo
Get it straight sick, so I simmer up the cuervo
De pollo, look in my eyes you know I'm royal
Hustle up some money like Sidney and Billy Hoyle
Puerto Rican shorty, features like she's Rosie
Titties like a motherfucking pocket full of posey

Elevator, just take me to the top please
Rocking all white silk, whipping drop V's
Elevator, just take me to the top please
Rocking all white silk, whipping drop V's

[Bronson speaking:]
Yeah, I wanna be rocking all white silk, on the beach
In the moonlight, with my Nubian queen
Yeah I said it, I love you

Obama copped me the sandwich, I dipped the cops like I'm Sanders
For minor work, get your momma murked, napkin covered designer shirts
Cause we eating like some animals to say the least
Bronsolin' bust a nut right in your favorite niece
Smoke in my lungs when I'm driving on the FDR
Steering with my knees, and I'm rolling, almost wrecked the car
Squatting twelve plates, all I do is set the bar
Call your father, your a doula coulda stacked the bar
Making dough, baking bread just like the French
Hustle until we're living right, sleeping on the benches
Swinging for the fences, helicopter chauffeur
Cyclops catch you with the lasers and the lenses
Arnold Palmer on the graphic in the beverage
Everything I do myself, I'm using that for leverage
About to rape the game 'til this motherfucker hemorrhage
Moat around the crib and garages full of Benzes

Elevator, just take me to the top please
Rocking all white silk, whipping drop V's
Elevator, just take me to the top please
Rocking all white silk, whipping drop V's

[Bronson speaking:]
Yo shouts to the Lord man
Get seared up like fucking salmon
Bronsolino, Statik Selektah
Queens to Boston

[Action Bronson:] Just tell me how high you are
[Action's Mother:] I don't know, what are you giving me?
[Action Bronson:] Just tell, just tell everyone how high you are
[Action's Mother:] No, I can't talk, I'm not telling anyone
[Action Bronson:]
I'm not telling anyone
Can you please-
[Action's Mother:] Are you recording me?
[Action Bronson:] No I'm not, can you just-
[Action's Mother:] You are lying
[Action Bronson:] Can you please tell them?
[Action's Mother:]
I-I can't describe it, I am so high
That's it, it's like I'm tripping

[Action Bronson:]
(Yeah, Yeah, Wolfpack)
Puerto Rican Air Force 1's at the wedding
I'm only speaking truth
Uh, I might open up for Bruce
My own horn I don't really mean to toot
Sign big deals with yamakas on and suede gloves
It's safe to say your boy done came up
Too much lobster on the plane
The plane won't stay up
Bitch I'm butt naked layed up
Yo, what the fuck (Wolfpack)

This dick'll make an R&B chick write a song
About the rain when it falls and the pain that it causes
And how she always wakin' up alone
And now Bronson gotta call Tyrone
Fuck that, I'm tryna blow smoke towards the moon
Until my mind start racing like zoom
I'm hotter than when Bow Wow dropped in the Summer
Girls scream and I hop into the Hummer like
Uh, I'm a teenage heartthrob
You smoke little blunts, like Kevin Hart's arms
My bloodline predate Aardvark and large shark
And cookin' flesh off of charred bark

I shot dope before I wrote this
Sniffed coke and did aerobics by the ocean
This is Blue Chips 7 not Usher
Big muskets get squeezed like mustard
And mother fuckers flee off in the Nissan
They say that life is like a see-saw
I roll solo, why I got these extra seats for?
Hit eject watch him free fall
Better use both fucking feet dog

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Bam Bam, Blue Chips 7
My Blue Heaven