Šta je novo?
"The Rainmaker"
(with Statik Selektah)

(Are you ready)
(Statik Selectah drop)

Changing my life man
As I sit here and smoke this fucking drugs to the neck
Just be pondering on that shit man
Expands the mind

I free my mind, want to travel in time
To a place where the world moves slowly, I'm feeling lonely
No one to hold me, no one to console me
My drug use out of control, I hit the road
Leaving behind all the memories of yore
Not of drinking, but it had me sipping Hennessey for sure
My daily thoughts are 'what's the penalty for raw?'
When I should be making money singing records on a tour
But I'm stuck in a room, living with mommy
Telling bitches not to scream so loud, serving salami
I won't stop until I'm laying in Ferrari
Long removed from the days of playing Sega and Atari
Failure's not an option, success is imminent
Not trying to have my baby raised up in the tenement
Take a hit of haze, the vision right in front of you
Hard work 'til I'm set like the sun'll do

[Hook x2:]
This green plant has infested my mind
Over years I've invested my time, not to mention paper
Now I'm looking for a comeback, a gamebreaker
Stomp the ground, do a dance--the rainmaker

So now I'm smoking, and I'm stuck in a daze
Hear the music of the waves, silent stuck in a cave
Searching for daylight, I promise that I'll change
Before I see the grave, never that--fingers crossed
Every day it seems I'm talking to the wall more
Hallucinations, bugging, digging up the floorboards
Set me free to a life without anxiety
Every day I'm moving further from sobriety
No one helped me when my life was in a spiral
Now I'm something like a pyro, I'm on fire
'Lo attire, choking victims with a short wire
Situations for the money cause the dough dire
Kids are hungry and they need an education
But mommy needs a leather jacket, 47 bracelets
Facelift, don't forget about the basics
Don't ever trust a fucking fake bitch
Understand me?

[Hook x2:]
This green plant has infested my mind
Over years I've invested my time, not to mention paper
Now I'm looking for a comeback, a gamebreaker
Stomp the ground, do a dance--the rainmaker
"The Rising"
(feat. Big Body Bes)

[Intro - Action Bronson:]
Fly Mary in to sing to that cow before we slaughtered it
And then I ordered it

[Hook - Action Bronson:]
Don't say a word to me
You already committed perjury
A bunch of lies and sneaks and I don't play that
You know better, you better save that

[Verse 1 - Action Bronson:]
Laid by the pool, my legs gettin' massaged by your professional
Strictly business, nothin' sexual
Seasonal vegetables lookin' exceptional
You ain't think I was hot then, now you wanna hum on my testicles
I'm from a dirty borough where that Sun don't come out
But when the moon come and the goons come, the crew runs
Like a big Jamaican, I stand adjacent
To that S600 in amazement
My time gon' come, I'm headed to the top
Like I never wore makeup, and I'm ready for the spotlight
You know I got my hoodie on, and it's such a hot night
Shit I'm straight from Queens, catch me in the limo like it's prom night

[Hook - Action Bronson]

[Verse 2 - Action Bronson:]

This that do a hundred in the rental in the rain
With the jammy, a day before I have to go to Spain
Livin' on the edge, different colored women in my bed
Different, different colored linens on my leg
My mother said I better win or else she'll fuck me up
Ma we did it, I love you, you lucky slut
Since I was young I had the husky gut
But I'm gorgeous, got money in the pouch just like a tourist
Swerve in a Skylark, big piece of the pie chart
Bitch this is fine art, I gets my shine on
You lyin', dog, you never even put the iron on
You drive a Scion, you ain't ridin', dog
Me, I'm cell built, grab your chest
Still get hit with right hands from left field
My life is a kaleidoscope
She makes me feel just like I'm high on dope
I never calm down, shoot the gun without puttin' my son down


[Big Body Bes:]

You should have been known who the fuck this was, just by my fuckin' tongue. Big fuckin' Body Bes. You know I'm all over everything now. You know me, you might see my face stamped on a bag of dope, out here gettin' filthy cause you know I got that ooh woo woo. You know me, I go home and change up. I get fresh to fight. Just caught a new fuckin' case. But it's alright though, I got this stupid mothafuckin' lawyer. He told me, "Don't even worry about that shit, Body. I'll make that go away. Now what's for lunch?" I told him, don't worry, I got the hookup. Anything you want. Crown Fried on me, 1 through 6 only. I know your type though, the type of mothafucka wear a three piece suit to go to court, shook to death and you there for smokin' weed. Piece of shit, get the fuck outta here
"The Rockers"
(feat. Wiz Khalifa)

Bam Bam
La musica de Harry Fraud

White leather to the knee, we in the tropics
Left hand is switching speeds
I'm in the cockpit
Straight from Flushing man, we known for using chopsticks
Problems getting dealth with, never pop shit
Hit you with the dropkick, Marty Jannetty
Know I hit you with the dropkick, Marty Jannetty
Know I hit you with the dropkick, Marty Jannetty
Know I hit you with that dropkick, Marty Jannetty

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
Rock this Shawn Kemp, kamikaze
Burning cheese, Saganaki (on fire)
Greek shit, whole team sick
Hold bitches from Cleveland on my dick because I rap
Fuck it, make it clap
Throw the money in the air then pick it up
I'll take that back, bitch
Homie hold me down
Homie throw me phony pounds
The scent of dollars like some crispy garlic golden brown
Addicted but ain't nothing prescripted
Baby clams from Montauk, mix it up with the linguistics
Bitch I'm high


[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Uh, know I hit you with that hot shit
Straight up off the block, roll up pot shit
Niggas just don't wanna go to school
Act like they are, but they not sick
Money all up in my pocket, putting diamonds in everything
See me out I look rich as fuck, clothes smelling like Mary Jane
Ride coastal been on every plane
Say these guys close, but these guys loco
When they see me they non-vocal
High as fuck I need bifocals
Kush got me moving slo-mo
Steak and eggs in my dojo
It's some Gs in there
Need some weed? I'm there
All these cars I own, ain't no keys in there
Tapping young niggas out, rolling weed out an ounce
Now I got a bigger crib
Repping what I live about
My hair long, my weed strong, so they staring
My weed strong, my money long, I ain't caring

"The Stick-Up"
(with Statik Selektah)

The tangible goods, that's all I'm interested in
Bronsolini and I'm better than the best of them
With the power invested in me, '93 on the vest with the ski
The watch spin perpetually, time for compensation
Babies need shoes, Bronson keep pounds of weed only three brews
Long jackets, curly hair like I'm Hebrew
Fabric with the green ink had been the root of evil
Gotta get it on the late night, sun rise
Ain't never trynna see the look of sorrow in my son's eyes
What about a refill of the ganja when the blunt dies
New Yorker Mangold see me playing on the front lines
Two sixty five eight, the beard gumbo
Three pointers in the park for a clean hundo
Cream Caddies, hookers in the back of it
Spectacular shit, the resume immaculate

Better have my money
Quit the bullshit, it's a stick up
Better have my money
Quit the bullshit, it's a stick up

Yo, vicious chowder
Asian bitches sniffin' powder
Bronsolene catch me creepin' at the sicko hour
992 is scripted on the balance
Got talent, but all we really love is valence
Laid in the palace like a sultan
Polo on my back cover the Carhartt king
And that's for certain, hung like a curtain
Pussies get the drapes
Motherfucker know you in the Planet of the Apes shit
Dusty bottles from a cellar in a foreign land
Dr. Lecter, digging in your sister's rectum
Sweetbreads and capers, Martusciello to evade the danger
But I really wanna taste the paper
Golden bars from the treasury, spit cleverly
I'll leave it neverly, lappin' in the Beverly
Deadly medley, mashing on the pedal, B
Light on my complexion but I'm heavy on the celery

"The Symbol"

Yeah, fucking throw up on the floor shit
Get the cleaning lady
My bad! Hey yo!

[Verse 1:]
In only one year, considered as a veteran
Top of the line, the whip look like tropical lime
Off the boat, cousin, Glock by the spine
Do a murder seven thirty, then they flying at nine
Handspring half twist into the Buick
You say you're doing shit but never do it
I say I'm doing shit and then I do it
Never going back to work in labor
Fuck that your little chain, you better tuck that
Uh, vultures flying over the carcass
Bitches blowing on my dick like a cartridge
Throw some grass up, aim a little east of the target
My brain was sculpted at Harvard
Never mention all the crime I been a part of

Serve like Ivan Lendl up in the rental
The cheese been assembled
They receiving health benefits and dental
The lamb was laced with fennel
Left hand then shift the right foot touched the pedal!

From now on I'm just the symbol
Hundred dollar drugs smoke at the window
Paper plates, I never had a license
Could always cash, we're smoking spices
Triple lindsey out the Jeep, land into a splint
Get up in the spin, doggie, I'm the shit!
You're staying broke, like Maury with the hip
Huh, catch me on Maury with my bitch
Fuck with me!

[Verse 2:]
The whip gymnast
Jump out the car into the river
Don't splash on the dive
Straightforward money, cash on the side
If you catch him I want that bastard alive
My bitch's ass is like an apple
You bitches see me look astonished
Your boy is ill with the phonics
Since Gary Payton had the pill for the Sonics
You're still a novice
And to be brutally honest, your shit is garbage!
Dog, I've been a scholar
My shoes are still alive from Lake Victoria
Fuck the order up, leave you stretched in the corridor
I got my aura up, hoes that drive me in foreign truck (dykes)
One is riding me, the other one is rolling up (weed)
Pray to science they don't pull me over
If they do, then the fun is over
Whether young or older, motherfucker's been a musket holder
Just sprinkle cheese on top of me, and let it get crusted over!


Fuck with me! [repeated throughout]
"Through The Eyes Of A G"
(feat. Ab-Soul)

I think I got 15... bullshit, this is nothing. Look, my feet hurt, I need DOPE. When are we gonna do some acid cause I got, I need piles of money. Forget this shit... but a hit of crack will do for now

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
Yeah... through the eyes of a G
Through the eyes of a G, see me in the all white Eclipse
A husband pay me 10 stacks to fuck his bitch
Hand up her ass like a Muppet baby, it's crazy
While she do a buck-eighty in a mustard Mercedes
I move the mustard from Russia to Haiti
Forty-fives will kiss like the touch from a lady
Fuck with my lunch and then the pump leaves you under the daisies
You know your bitch is just another cocksucker with rabies
I'm signing autographs in Spanish, I live with Michael Jackson's anguish
Hop in the Vanquish and vanish off the manor in a strange manner
Aim the hammer at your dame's bladder, like it ain't matter
I smoke 'til I got down syndrome
Tan gators, brown linen
Multi-color money, seven different kinds of cheeses
My silhouette resembles Jesus in all seasons
Take a ginger shot, doing concentration curls with the cinderblocks
Doing squats, hope the ox don't drop out
Don't make me have to slap the fire out your pop's mouth

It's me... uh
Through the eyes of a G

[Verse 2: Ab-Soul]
Through the eyes of a G
A-B, utilize what you and I use to see
To move forward
Cause I get bored with niggas talking 'bout
Who they used to be, what they used to do
My homie headed to court, not for a 2-on-2
Ironically, I'll have you know we do it for the sport
Or at least to keep a little gold in this uniform
I'm abnormal like a unicorn that you could get on
Cows jump over moons when my nouns and verbs move
Etiquette of a veteran, still getting checks
You get a F for your efforts, we never trade techs
I tried to keep the peace but now I gotta keep the piece
I speak in synchronistic frequency with triggers squeezing
And one day I'll drop to my knee and repent to Jesus
'Til then I'm humping my lust demons for no reason
Soul-o ho, from Del Amo to SoHo, ho

Yo, yo, check, "you do not know me, no, no, no
You do not know me but I know you-"
I had to, I had to do it
"Thug Love Story 2012"

[Verse 1:]
She had the sweetest scent I ever smelt, that woman have
Skin would glisten like reflections off the bluest jag
She had a Jewish dad and a Jamaican maid
Started hanging with strippers and dropping the zippers
And selling the pussy for paper to play
Crusty feet like she hiked for days and live in the mountains
At the pub she piss in the fountain shit on the Michigan towers
She quick to split
She loves some dick in her bowels
Dabble in crystal, polish the pistol powder her sniffles with flour
Straight flieshman
In the private part of her pussy pocket
Random pussy farting
Sold at the hookers auction
Left as a crooked orphan
Wrapped in the sports section
Box score, fake black rubber cock in the top drawer but

Make this fucking bitch sit in vinegar
Apple cider baths
Sit in the vinegar

[Verse 2:]
So many unfamiliar faces that have come and gun
Your a constant fucked you in the school closet
We were young then experimental periods
Laid a towel cause I fucked you on your period
Stole my mothers car crashed it by the burger king
Young blood but we thought it was eternity
Raw sex never thought about paternity
But now this cunt is trying murder me
Abusing me physically and verbally
Said my dick was too small
I went and got the surgery just to show it off
This ain't real shit baby I'm just going off
Clear the mind fuck it so I wrote a song
Night life I'm destined for the bright lights
Knife fights at the bar with some white dykes
She hold me down break a bottle on the bitch head
25 out the pussy and it's mislead
We always end up in the situation
She throwing diapers out the window at me
Called the cops said I be the face
Beat the case now I shiver at her sweet embrace
Sucking like a vacuum
Like a Smack spoon
Bubble butt thicker then the double dutch
In the family tied up and bubble fuck

[Verse 3:]
Cold tard and I mean it
I thought we grow to be old farts in Phoenix
Well now you see me low scarves and a ski knit
But I've been here since the beginning like a prefix
But I'm a to do what I gotta do
Trying to make this french dough like a Pâte à Choux
Over your head after sex shorty hold me in bed
Smoking Ethiopian red
The son goes a single teardrop fallopians bled
Nowadays you catch the hooker Sniffing coke in the shed
It's a damn shame I'm just chilling eating lamb brain
I keep the weiner on display for the campaign

I'm just doing what I had to do
Drop me in the ground but I'm not going
To the top till I fall just like Owen
Heartbreak drowned sorrows in a love state
"Thug Love Story 2017 The Musical (Interlude)"

[Action Bronson:] Who was that one you were telling me about the other evening, you were singin' about the sister in the street gang
[Guy:] Uh you're talkin' about... damn... say some words that I... I got so much shit
[Action Bronson:] ...in the street life...

I'm lookin' for this lady
She's special to me
So if by chance you see her
Won't you hit me on the hip, will you please?
I went to Red Cross and I went to the station
I looked up missing persons
And I found out that she wasn't there
Did she find, did she find
Did she find someone new?
Is it true?
Did she find, did she find
Did she find someone new?
I hope it's not true
My sister came over with no smile on her face
She said, "You better sit down"
It's gonna hurt, what she has to say
"That lady's not yours, she belongs to the streets
Where gangsters and hustlers
Where they meet on 125C
She can never be yours, a housewife, you see
She belongs to the ghetto, my friend
She doesn't belong to you or me
Did she find, did she find?"

[Guy:] See you could go two ways, it could be about drugs or it could be about a woman
"Time For Some"
(with Statik Selektah)
(feat. Lil Fame of M.O.P)

[Hook: Lil Fame]
Time for some action
Yeah, but you don't hear me though
Come on, here we go
We put it down everywhere we go
So motherfucker come on cause its

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
Here's a toast to the fact that I'm a man and I can stand alone
And all my suits are made by hand in RomeRicotta stuff that Cannellon'/I'm in the garden smoking roses
Deliver like Malone, I'm talkin' Moses/Part the ocean
Spark the potion/Diamonds in the rough
We shine 'em up/Make a necklace, dive up in the muff
Then wash my dick, straight to breakfast. Hop up in the truck
Got more flavor than some Dr. Pepper
Hottest stepping struts
And the streets paved with concrete
I'm known to smoke the same shit that makes the lawn green
Gaze at the moon right off the shore, dream
But me no worry got a strong team
Just like my Knick's '94 team, we winnin' though
Go 80 layers on the Baklava, that's hand made by my nana
Peace to Antigona
The whole Shkup, Bill Clinton Boulevard
Since a youth Bronsolini known to put it on

[Verse 2: Action Bronson]
Already mentioned with the people I respect up in the rap shit
Couple of months you probably see me with an actress
Getting my ass licked, while she driving never crashed it
Smoking on that shit, fantastic
A little breezy off the coast as the sun set
Gallop on beach on the horse cause we young vets
Limited edition, signature inscription
Certificate of authenticity, I'm on a mission
Queens representative, dismember your genitals
Now you got a pussy, fuckin with the general
Bas Rutten, I'm ass bootin', I'm past shootin'
Display fast movements, know that cash rules
Drug clothes and I ain't talking 'bout a bento box
Penetrate your mind, spice it with the mental lox
Fundamental Soundgarden verbal Black Hole
Son at the flicks getting sucked in the back row

[Verse 3: Action Bronson]
Lungs filled, smokey like the pork shoulder
Lash out, one second in the fourth quarter
Triple penetrate, pussy meat I renovate
Fuck 'em like a dog and leave 'em twisted like my mental state
Off the deep end, snorkel in a river
I take it back to Walkman's and tape decks
In great neck, having great sex
I didn't even have a hair on my face yet
My feet were always classic though
Pinky up, classy flow
If you know me, you know never to pass me blow
Straight shitting on these songs so the grass can grow
'Til we sitting in the garden, smoking
Listening to Marvin go
I treat the shit just like a title fight, you sparring
Sooner dip Ferrari, sexin models straight from Holland
Lamb encrusted fennel pollen
When I rhyme it's like the metal hollow
These other motherfuckers smell of flowers
"Triple Backflip"

Peel the top off the Cantine Pellegrino
Lost my money at the tables, but I got it back in Cee-lo
I'm trying to have the bank account with all the 0's
Rolling Camaros, Jose Canseco was my hero
Swing the bat like I swing the 'Lac
Snap my fingers and they bring the crab
Wave my hand and they bring the bag
For your body motherfucker cause you old news
And then you see me fucking skip away in boat shoes
Ri-ri-ri-ri-ri-ri-ri-ri-ri- rip your dick off
Ahh uhhh! Motherfucker I'm a sicko
Fucko, amethyst on the knuckle
On the arm something Spanish with the bubble

Uh, it's big trouble in Little China
All of the china hidden inside of a big vagina
Uh, I'll pile drive her through the bed
Hit the strip, get my motherfucking bread, don't you say a word, bitch
I need the gators just to match the vest
Have my apprentice put the stainless to a bastard's chest
Come out the sweatsuit
Do a triple back flip into the red coupe
Skrrrt, we out

Come, hold my dick while I take a piss
Shake it off, put it back in my boxer shorts
Ride in the drop top lobster Porsche
Inside the joint I got some pasta sauce
Uh, stalking the street, just to put the fork in the beef
Coffins are cheap, seats are very soft in the Jeep
The lights hit me at the club, my skin was like a chicken
And now my leather to the ankle by my Pippen
This feels crazy and I hoping I don't blow it
That goes to show I'm still a human under all this glow
Needless to say I'm exceeding while you pussies bleeding
I guess your wake was not in season