Šta je novo?
"Picasso's Ear"

Sniff a little coke, please, don't go to sleep yet
I kn-I-I know, I know
Pour some water on your face, do some jumping jacks
We about to leave, it's me, it's me, yo

Who could it be? It's me, running down brick lane
With a visible limp (Uh), and an alligator pimp cane (Uh)
Rubies where the eyes go (Yeah), car so low (Yeah)
Gotta drive this slow (Yeah, yeah), black windows like we hiding, ho
Fuck the 5-0, unless we talking 'bout the 'Stang (Mustang)
Man, I'm just watching all these actors from the rafters like Sting
In the surveillance van, fucking with computers like Ving (Ving)
Hundred milli', that's a light ching, shoot him in his right wing

Don't wanna drink, don't wanna smoke, don't wanna smoke no more
You fucking stupid? I'm tryna do all that shit
Don't wanna smoke, don't wanna drink, don't wanna drink no more
You fucking stupid? I'm tryna do all that shit

Listen, tiger, my shit fire (True), hard to forget like a thick Maya (Damn)
I like my mind a little bit higher (Higher)
I need the violin section tighter (Make it tight)
And if you need to drive the 'Vette (What)
I left the keys by the tire, tiger (Thank you), just be humble
'Cause if I punch you in the chest, you'll do a hundred yard tumble (Uh)
Standing over victims like Mutumbo with the finger waving (No, no, no, no, no)
I'm such a motherfucking player, my hair should be in finger waves, uh (God damn)

Don't wanna drink, don't wanna smoke, don't wanna smoke no more
You fucking stupid? I'm tryna do all that shit
Don't wanna smoke, don't wanna smoke, don't wanna smoke no more (What)
You fucking stupid (What)? I'm tryna do all that shit
I wanna drink, don't wanna smoke, don't wanna drink no more
You fucking stupid (What)? I'm tryna do all that shit (I know)
I wanna drink, I wanna smoke, I wanna smoke some more (Some more)
Yeah, I'm tryna do all that shit
"Pouches Of Tuna"
(feat. Roc Marciano)

[Action Bronson:]
Been on the honor roll sculptures of my body out in Nagano
My shawty features like Madonna, Low designer
Bending these young lola fellana's over ace la tesse
Baste the breast with the juices
Under the influence of fly shit, I glide like ovechkin
Disqus hoody, Puff hibiscus, balance be the crispest
Baby girl your wylin if you sniff this
You gotta take a piss test, piss right through your fishnets
Robbin moses state park lamm in the sand, blam blam
When piggie tried to put my fam in the can
Strictly coppin golds, until we laid in the Galapagos
Eating tacos, higher than a opera note
We never ride civcs, the mob blonde scripted lyrics
It's like a avant garde to the critics
I throw you in the armbar with the quickness
Either you with me or bitch you in the shit list

[Roc Marciano:]
Bitch please picture me in Sicily
The hard bottoms gettin slippery
I just had an epihany
And now I'm shittin on your whole steez ridiculously
45. fire at ya, attire, to break your armor up like fine china
Fly designer hoes diggin for gold like a 49er
I hit the diner to carolina
Pass the lighter to the passanger in the spyder
Vagina splash like apple cider
So fuck your little 2 cents blue benz bitches jump like Harold Miner
I'm in the recliner, trace like eye liner
And I escape like McGyver
Bank robbers, bank 38's to taste cobbler
And lay up with a case of vodka
Get cake and prosper ate steak and lobster the frank sinatra
Egg you out leave your face some pasta
Get laced and dip the chicks in the grey boxter
Bitch foxy 88 clogs
Ladies identify gangsters posture
I'm feeling like jay hoffa
Fuck ya'll, eat a fat dick with the monster

[Allen Iverson Snippet:]
I'm supposed to be the franchise player, and we're in here talking about practice. I mean, listen, we talkin' about practice. Not a game, not a game, not a game, we talkin' about practice

It's motherfucking me
When I'm up real late, and you know what I'm doing
Bam Bam Bronsolino is tuned into the one and only Peter Rosenberg
Real late on Hot 97, man, get it together

[Verse 1:]
Thirty thousand for the DNA swab, don't quit your day job
You batty boys ain't even on my radar
Order breasts of veal at Walt Frazier's
Dog, my women come in all flavors, fold paper, Lord save us
Complete a drug deal in a rental rented from AVIS
Best believe my motherfucking Timberlands pounding the pavement
Dog, I lay with hoes, I smoke butter the same color as Jalen Rose
Stand on the balcony naked, just screaming, "Fuck it, I made it!"
Every meal I eat steak to make a statement
Patrick Bateman, thirty Mexicans in the basement, let's get it shaking
The whole block's smelling like bacon
My shorty keep it real, take a shit out the car window
Hide money in a Nintendo
Got a degree in dental
Cook like she down in the delta
Wrestled the gator for the foot display
River monsters, Dog the Bounty Hunter
Open bally stuntin', this is Southern Cali summer, bitch

[Verse 2:]
It be the novelist, bare-handed choke a hippopotamus
I need to go to Drug-Dealing Anonymous
Cheerio ship-flip like Rey Mysterio
Me laid up with big money be the scenario
Out the watch flew a canary, it's cuckoo
Let my man who just came home throw a party where you poo-poo
Uh, that is not a nice thought
Get locked up in the afternoon, I make it out by Night Court
Long as I don't see that world
I got the lawyer on retainer like a teenage girl
Eating chicken parmesean in the holding cell
My feet up, hittin' my G-Pen, yeah, you know me well
Quadruple-black coupe, smacks for if you act stupid
No love here, motherfuckers, I clap Cupid, jump in the black Buick
Then make a sharp right
My mother wrist is so cut, look like a shark bite
And when I play the guitar, I'm always on acid
She said I look like David Justice when she see me floating in the Maxima
It's me
"Prince Charming"

I finally found love and it's fucking beautiful
I no longer bite my nails down to the cuticles
My sex stories ain't suitable for listeners
Cause prisoners to wack off, aw man
Enough of that soft shit, me by myself is like the four horsemen
You're just a poor sportsman, your sports car could be your coffin
The thought of revenge release endorphins
That make me feel just like I'm swimming with some dolphins
Ring, ring for this I gotta call 'em baby, shit, I might retire
Spend the rest of my days down in New Orleans maybe
Money changed me for the better
So I brought it back and got the all black Jetta
With the header and the leather bra
Thinking back like "Shit dog, you really set the bar"
High as fuck 'bout to twist another
Too many people gone, damn, we miss our brothers
What the fuck is going on? A strange sense, ah
Something's going wrong, I can feel it in my fingers, man, shit
A strong scent lingers
Something's going wrong, I can feel it in my fingers
Like arthritis when it's raining, uh

Let it rain on me
Let it rain
Uh, it's me
On me

It only took me nine times to make a debut, tenth time's a charm, shit
Now man's on road, that means I'm hard
Charge whatever on the Visa card, half moon Caesar parts
A lot of motherfuckers blind, they couldn't see the art
War stories, throw 'em through a stack of tables
Wrap my body in a stack of bibles 'cause shit could get dangerous
Bam Bam splash off the turn buckle
Now you no longer have to use your nerves or muscles
We'll see who loves me if I need a liver, shit
You feel defenseless in the presence of a stripper
You cannot be trusted with the access to the money
I crash more Benzes than when they practice with the dummies
I make these bastards look funny, Bugs Bunny, pussy
I make these bastards look funny, Bugs Bunny
Uh, yeah, these motherfuckers must be crazy, 'cause I ain't going nowhere
Until I'm called up to the stars, then I'll go there
Until then, I'm back here to live another life
But for now I'm asking ladies like "What's up tonight?"
Baby, what's up tonight?
Yeah, what's up tonight?

I got the True Religion jean suit
G-Unit sneaker shit
"Put It In Your Mouth (Remix)"
(performed with Hologram aka Jay Steele)

Say it...
(In my mouth, in my mouth, in my mouth, daddy)

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
Well you could, lick it, flip it, taste it if you wanna
I ain't gonna chase you 'round and sweat the pussy like a sauna
Her skin tone a touch of cinnamon and chocolate cookie
Fuck it eight times raw, I call it Octopussy
White shorts, a little moist right by the pussy line
Now it's push, push, push, right in the tushy time
School Blanding, that mean she got a baldy
She sucking pee pee, makin' bread just like Grimaldi
But I'm the hero, servin' sausage like it's San Gennaro
Forget your past and come with me because your man is zero
I'm the whole shit, vintage from the cellar
The floor is made of glass and not the slipper, Cinderella
Yeah, test my libido, known to pass it twice with flying colors
Talking crazy on the text but now your shine covers
That don't fly bitch, I thought you was a fly bitch
Turn that ass around and let me hit you with the Heimlich

[Verse 2: Hologram]
Now you can fuck me for free, or suck for a fee
Trust and you'll see, it's nothin' to me
I need me a cutie, with a petutie
I'm on duty, hittin' the booty, 'cause
My nigga Magic Bronson came through with a hummer
Jay-fucking-Steels left a rim shot like a drummer
And she was from Cali so she said it's a bummer
I gave a rim job to a nimrod, I've been hard
With a dumb bitch, in that 65 Impala she had one switch
She had one wish, she said she wanna have my dick like a baby
No maybe, she like dark meat, white gravy
And we was uptown so I told her I'm wavy
And now I got a little message for a young lady
Wash your leather Cheerio after you take a dumpington
'Cause when we start to humpington
I'm goin' in your rumpington
One thing I won't have twice is shit dick, say it...

In my mouth, in my mouth, in my mouth, daddy
In my mouth, in my mouth, in my mouth, daddy
"Randy The Musical"

[Verse 1:]
You can find us in the garden like Spike on any night
Encrusted in some ice that look bluish in the light
Spanish on the mistress, Jewish on the wife
Shootin' like a piston, aim for proper distance
Live from London, number crunchin'
Drivin' gloves with some Asian bitches rubbin' me with sponges
Expensive lunches, wages off of hunches
I bet the dogs and if I win it then the paper yours
Pack your bag, wash your pussy, then leave
Meet me at the airport, the plane is leaving at 3
She said alright, blew smoke through my nose
It's the talented younger stallion, no Pinocchio nose

[Verse 2:]
Please stop your shit's all hype dude
Meanwhile the wrist all spiteful
Just be real, that shit's not like you
Man you know these things go through a cycle
Straight from Queens rock fatigue all weather
Fila three-quarter cream feet all leather
Never sing the blues, man my team mo' better
We blow cheddar, au four feta
City lights shine bright on my complexion
Self-reflection, red hands flashing at the intersection
Life is green-lit, one star no script
Supporting actors, fresh peaches no pit
I love my people, considered as my brothers
Came from different mothers, came up in the same struggle
Some estranged, some deep up in the game still
Money separate, believe you know the fame will

[Verse 3:]
Ayo macerate the fruit, tap it over angel's food
Yeah we gettin' loot, Timberland the boot
Kush is by prescription, prolific in the kitchen
People on my dick because I'm vicious with the diction
House shoes and some khakis on the west
Hit the beach up, twist the Cheech up, let the beat thump
Never fuckin' with the crab that's pre-lumped
Makin' bitches sign a pre-nup
Chocolate with the mean rump
Serve some cream stuff, shit to make the fiends jump
Crispy greenery, tropical the scenery
Believe you me, this shit ain't always what it seem to be
I'm feastin' dolo down in Italy
I'm in the street like a hooker's feet
I'm known to sit on leather
I'm smokin' hash and marijuana cause it go together
Old school PAL at the colder center
Three AM we on the corner rockin' Polo sweater

Thank you
It might be the illest track I ever wrote
Who left it? You?
Word yo
I'm sippin' something, I gotta sip before I rap
I gotta ooo ooo ooo
Bing bing bing bing bing
Bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing
It's rap
"Rare Chandeliers"

[Verse 1:]
All I want to do is buy boots, ride coupe, hide loot
Uh, flick chives in the soup
Stick knives where you poop
Backflips off the ledge, hang-glide off the roof
Land on one leg, see me all up on the front page
Holding a pump gauge, ready to dumb aim
At your nuts, like the mouth of a whore
Somersault Cadillac on the door
I been gorgeous, good friends with the florist
Transportin' work in the Sequoia
Now the chandeliers inside the foyer, feet wrapped in snake
The rug gotta hibernate, jacket tryna find a mate (sex)
Choke a duck later on the plate (roasted)
Snap my fingers for the waiter come and pour the grapes (toasted)
What's the word baby? (slow motion)
Only vision out my home window (all ocean)

[Verse 2:]
Suede cape shootin' ball at the park (swish)
Thousand on the free throw, you just a weed blow
I'm a full-grown human, half my leg covered in Ewings
You know a pussy gettin' ruined to the point where it doesn't even work
Taz and Bugs Bunny on the shirt
Hop up in the Jag and skirt
I'll show you how the magic work
Take a bastard lay him down in dirt
Aim at your apple with the archery
Chef with the tweezers place the parsley for me
Person in the travel car seat's a G
I'm gettin' V while you home beatin' meat
Can I sense I'm a stud
Drink the blood of the snake
Burn a fake at the stake
Drinkin' grapes with the steak
Make a cake for your wake
Jamaican dancers on your face rockin' 8's
"Respect The Mustache"
(with Statik Selektah)

Meanwhile, behind the facade
There lurks the secret of a strange Albanian genius

I'm like a young Bill Kazmaier, swollen from the juice
Primobolan in my hemoglobin, chiefin' on the spruce
Rocking all white silk, shorts just stop at the knee
Stay saucy like a pasta, with the broccoli, who's stopping me?
You gotta be out of your mind, I'm an anomaly
Salt and pepper beard, distinguished look just like I'm Connery
Escape the rocks, see me rollin' through the furnace
If I make it to the top, it's cause this motherfucker earned it
Well since I'm high, straight polenta from the pot
On some bad lieutenant shit, show me how you suck a cock
Hoppin' out the 96 Cadillac d'Elegance
Pocket full of Mozza, see me fucking with some lesbians

Man fuck that Bronson, don't even say something to these faggots, you already know what time it is, we fuck around and fuck their fathers, up

I love chocolate just like Colagaro, from Flushing out to Kosovo
My family pedigree picnics with Berettas
Filas on the slippers, windbreaker pants and sweaters
Very clever, ancient blood line gettin' cheddar
Cobblestone the streets, shifting manual in Benzes
Neighbor with the hoxha, him and all his shit offends [?]
We gather up the lamb, he sacrifice it properly
Stuff and twist with cabbage leaves, smoke exotically
Control the whip with one hand, listen to Hendrix
Loaded 45 chrome, tucked by the appendix
Every sentence like the Machu Picchu descendants
When I rhyme, I'm always on time, perfect attendance
I'm living splendid, blowing sticky in a rented
The olive oil virgin, first press, it's never blended, kid
I'm straight raw like Carpaccio
I'm just a heartthrob straight off the screen, just like DiCaprio

Fuck your feedback, respect the moustache
You're like a 40 dolla holla from Guadalajara
[Scratching] Respect the moustache
[Scratching] Motherfuckers ain't promised tomorrow

Control the floor just like I'm Morimoto, hold my nuts in my hand
That's when I pose for photo, doggy I'm often dolo
Cause I'm an only child, plus I love the silence
Just me and my thoughts, one hand grip the hooptie wheel
Soon you'll see me in the Coupe Deville
Eating stupid veal, steady aimin', shoot to kill
Walk with a cane, but no I'm not a pimp
P-P-Pinkie in the air, martini glasses full of shrimp, pussy

Yeah, straight fuckin' fly shit, shout out to my men Statik Selektah, Action Bronson, and shout out to your moms man, that made me the fuckin' man I am today. And a real fuckin' shout out to P.O. Garcia man, stop ringing my bell 9:00 at night man, you know I'm not in my crib, Big Body Bes, man

"Ring Ring"
(feat. Big Body Bes)

It's the captain, skipper

To all the women that I hurt in the past, I din't mean it (Sorry)
Now that we clear, come here, put your mouth right here (Uh huh)
I'm rare like a white deer with spiked hair (Uh)
New Nike Airs, smoke big cigars in a nice chair (Uh)
Oh why, oh why do I feel like I'm starving in Lionheart?
And sniffled every drug that's on the science chart (Damn)
I got a Mayan heart and I'm running like I'm Deion once the sirens start
Ring ring by the park, my pants keep falling, I hop the fence easy (uh)
They stopped chasing, damn, my ID dirty
Habañero, eat thirty, swerve off (Skrt)
Genesis, I Can't Dance blasting
Heavy metal hand clapping, captain, uh

Machine gun money

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's me

I'ma stay fly until I'm up on that big spaceship in the sky (Sky)
The money coming with me when I die (Yes)
My drugs are coming with me when I die (Uh)
Nobody better cry (No), nobody better cry, man (No)
If you need me, I'm at the bottom of Lake Titicaca
Watching World Cup soccer, Portugal won, it was a shocker (Uh)
This rhythm open up my chakra (Uh)
And it keep telling me to cop the Porsche in aqua (Ooh)
It also said your boy is destined for an Oscar (Ooh)
And for my birthday, mommy blessed me with a chopper (Oh)
On my worst day, you couldn't clean my boxers
Or diagnose this mind with eighty doctors (Uh)
Life's a box of chocolates, it's me, man

Machine gun money
"Rolling Thunder"

Aw man
Smoking in that rocking chair

My past life I was a Rabbi
Now I live the fast life
Drugs on standby in the circle by the campfire
Telling stories of yesteryear
Pull out the pocket mirror just to check my hair
Hit it with the comb again
The rap Dennis the Menace with Dennis Rodman in Venice inventive
She took a bump then started dancing like Elaine Benes
The big chain sway like I'm playing tennis
One man team, about to win the pennant
Now you can tell by my pendant that I'm protected
Direct descendent in the blue and orange Lexus watching 'Se7en'
Land in Dublin
Pull me in the room and ask if it's resin
I said no they sent me on my way with blessings

I trained a dolphin to let the slammer off like Dolph Lundgren
That's if your mouth running
You'll get your cow something
I'm rare like a fucking Asian playing hockey
My ocean view is due to Papi
Bitches call me Rodney
Bought my bitch a present hope I don't spoil it
'Was is it baby?'
Face to face toilets
Toyota with the spoiler Ace of Base boiling
I play ball like Billy Hoyle
Now I need a Sidney Dean to help me start this brothel in the Philippines
I stay in Flushing like I'm Dillon Gee
You ain't gotta open up the comic book to figure who the villain be
It's me doing perfect dives in the Sicilian sea
You know I like my bitch with a Brazilian V
Bumping Bobby Brown
Cry when I'm not around
She always hold it down pound under the seat
In that all white Jeep
Sleep, that's if you wanna
I be schwitzing in the sauna
It's better than the piggys blissing on the corner
Come in the crib every night, and I kiss my daughter
Same lips spit on the lawyer
[Spitting noise]

We out
It's me