Šta je novo?


"The Tower"

"The Tower"

I'm rollin' up in a big gray bus
And I'm shackled down
Myself that's who I trust
The minute I arrived
Some sucker got hit
Shanked ten times
Behind some bullshit
Word in the pen the fool was a snitch
So without hesitatin'
I made a weapon quick
If found a sharp piece of metal
Taped it to a stick
Then a bullhorn sounds
That means it's time for chow
My first prison meal
The whole feeling was foul
It wasn't quite my style
But my stomach growled
So I flushed the shit down
And hit the weight pile
The brothers was swole
The attitudes was cold
Felt the tension on the yard
From the young and the old
But I'm a warrior
I got my ground to hold
So I studied the inmates
To see who hd the power
the Whites? The Blacks?
Or just the gun tower!

In a blink of an eye, a riot broke out
Blacks put their backs to the wall
Cause it was north and south
A gun man shouts
And everybody had doubt
Until the bullets started fly'n
Took two men out
Thn they rushed everybody
Back to their cells
Damn the pen is different than
The county jail
I'm in a one man cell
I know my life's on a scale
I wonder if that gunman is goin' to hell
This is my second day
I got a ten year stay
I learned my first lesson
In the pen you don't plaay
I saw a brother kill another
Cause he said he was gay
But that's the way it is
It been that way for years
and when his body hit the ground
I heard a couple of cheers
It kind of hurt me inside
That they were glad he died
and I ask myself
Just who had the power?
The Whites? The Blacks?
Or just the gun tower!

You see the Whites got a thing
The call White pride
The Blacks got the muscle
Mexicans got the knives
You better be wise
You wanna stay alive
Go toe to toe with a sucka
No matter wht size
A fool tried to sweat me
Act'n like he was hard
I stuck him twice in the neck
And left him dead in the yard
It was smooth how I did it
Cause nobody could see
With my jacket on my arm
And my knife on the side of me
Bam bam, it was over
Another one bites the dust
I went crazy in the pen
With nobody to trust
Bench'n ten quarters, so I'm hard to sweat
Used a tat gun, and engrved my set
They call me a lifer
Cause I'm good as dead
I live in the hole, so the floor's my bed
And I ask myself again
Who has the power
The Whites? The Blacks?
Or just the gun tower


"They Want Me Back In"
(feat. Big Rich)

"They Want Me Back In"
(feat. Big Rich)

Yeah, Shit is going down again!
This motherfuckers want me back in! Fuck!
[Method Man: Word up, our niggas is strapped, ready for war!][4x]
Get out the H-K!

Niggaz talking crazy cause they say
That I kill one-a-day motherfucker
Sucker ass busters, did he, did not,
I got more drama with the niggaz from the other side
Call my nigga Rich and he's right!

[Big Rich]
Fuck them niggaz I got a truck full of 38, some bullet shields
Ice, we can send this niggaz all to Hell
I never like them niggaz from the gat
Go use to braken my craps and fuck all the motherfuckin hoes!

Made another car-hit 30 Killers on the hip,
ready to rock, packin, eggin and Glocks
Man connections who trips the question
Niggaz on the way to play in a laser rain.

[Big Rich]
Nigga you got two strikes and I got two strikes
we can feudally no fuckin witness tonight
But if this is what they want is like Christmas to me
It's been a long time since the Big Rich caught a body

Fuck it, I Like the way you think my man
I pack 20 motherfuckers in a ??? van
We bash abd creeo about 12:30, dirty
Nigga be ready to roll, I know you heard me!

[Big Rich]
Nigga it's on, so don't trip I'm down
I got to saw ??? and I'm ready to claw
Bless the nigga in the Face kill his fuckin hoe,
Ice, you don't did this kind of shit with me before!

[Method Man: Word up, our niggas is strapped, ready for war!][8x]
They want me back in!
niggaz want me back in!
They want me back in!

niggaz wanne ill, but my nigga get iller,
streets full of hardcore stone-face Killers,
one Love my nigga Big Rich puff
I don't get high, I wanne see some niggaz die!

[Big Rich]
Yo, some niggaz hit the corner with the lights of Ice,
that shit don't look nuthin nice,
but if this niggaz wanne rollin my Hood,
Yo then fuck it, brake out the whole World, boys fuckin buck it.

Niggaz pulled out my crew is ready
Me turn the fire rock the punks steady
when they shoot and stop car look like confetti
Went my ass home jump back in the bed G

[Big Rich]
Fuck why they wanna fuck with us
When they know my posse is crazy and they down to bust
Big Rich take no shit from these busta ass tricks
Check your punk ass nigga like check a bitch

I got no love for no nigga flippin, trippin on my fam
Got damn, I make L.A. hot as Vietnam
but ill niggaz should be left alone,
please excuse me, while I rest my dome!

[Method Man: Word up, our niggas is strapped, ready for war!][8x]
They want me back in
niggaz want me back in
They want me back in
Why......niggaz want me back in?


"This One's For Me"

"This One's For Me"

Yo yo whassup Ice man you look upset brother
Yo man, I got a lot of things on my mind man
But I don't know if I should put it on this record, yaknahmsayin?
Man go ahead and kick it man
Let the people know what's happenin man
You know brothers out there sellin out man
Why they goin out like that man?
Yo, sellin out like it ain't nothin man
I ain't with it

Dig it, I'm just a brother from L.A.
South Central, I live life the fly way
Used to bang and hustle but I traded for the big game
Infamy got dumped for fame
Now I'm known and respect as creator of the crime rhyme;
but my lyrics are deeper
Because I'm the one that makes you think before make a move
I wrote "Pusher", "High Rollers", and "Colors" just to prove
that I could kick game, and drop knowledge at the same time
But one L.A. station wouldn't play my records one time
I'm tryin to save my community
but these bourgeoise blacks keep on doggin me
They don't care about violence, drugs and gangs
KJLH, you ain't about nuttin
You just a bunch of punk bourgeoise black suckers
and this one's for me

You won't play no Public Enemy
You ain't playin no Boogie Down Productions
You ain't tryin to represent the black community
You just carin about your little ol' R&B +BULL+
you play all day and night
I represent Los Angeles all over the United States
and you ain't did NUTTIN for me
Think about it

Hold up, I ain't finished on the diss tip
There's a few more punks that I got to rip
All you chump MC's who sell out quick
When P.E. was on the top, you rode the tip
But now they got problems and you suckers run
Who's Chuck's real friends, does he really have one?
You yell P.E. this, P.E. that
Fist in the air, proud to be black
Now they got static and you run like punks
I haven't heard an MC stand up for him once
Maybe you suckers are just hopin that they fall off
so you can fill their shoes, nope sorry boss
That's what the matter with black people anyway
We ain't down with nothin, I don't care what you say
yell or lie, don't even bother
How low will a brother go for a dollar?
Public Enemy broke a new rap age
And now you rappers ain't got nuttin to say?
"Yo it's their problem"
"Griff shouldn'ta said it"
E where's my pistol? (Yo I'll go get it)
Cause it's time for me to enforce some discipline
Are you down or not, are you out or in?
Chuck Flav and Griff are my true friends
I got their backs if it means my career ends

All you so-called down MC's with Public Enemy
I ain't heard nobody out there, tryin to help my man out
YouknowhatI'msayin? Griff is my man, I don't care WHAT he said
YouknowhatI'msayin? And I ain't gon' let them go out like that
YouknowhatI'msayin? Chuck, Ice got your back
Anybody out there got problems with Public Enemy, come talk to me

Once again, I'm back in the diss mode
I gotta speak my mind, it's time to unload
on this so-called government we've got
If I lied like them, I think I'd get shot
They sell drugs to kids and say it's us
And when the cops are crooks, who can you trust?
You only see young brothers in a drug bust
Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust
My homey got a year for an ounce of weed
while Bush sells weapons to the enemy
You gotta be stone blind not to see
"Our government is honest!" Nigga, please
Cocaine can't be made in the United States
Kickin facts like this our government hates
The young kids on the streets ain't the enemy
They're just ghetto youth after money
They sell drugs, but who sells drugs to them?
Try the C.I.A. my friend
or the F.B.I. or even Bush
Somebody's gettin rich, damn sure ain't us
We're just killin ourselves while others laugh
Look at the street, it's a cocaine bloodbath
We gotta realize dope is pure death
Mess with drugs, you're breathin your last breath
Sellin drugs is straight up genocide
They're gonna laugh, while we all die

Sittin up there thinkin you're makin that money
Hustlin and all that, you're killin your brothers
YouknowhatI'msayin? You just stupid, straight up stupid
Puttin dope into your body - c'mon, youknowhatI'msayin?
You gotta get somethin goin out there
Get some brains, youknowhatI'msayin?
We are just playin ourselves cold out of the pocket

This one's for me, I make records for you
but this cut I straight out had to do
There's topics in my mind I have to break
cause so many of you out there are so damn fake
If ya ain't know they're no-one, cutthroats
backstabbers, scheamin for banknotes
And all of you out there know what I'm talkin bout
If you claim you're down then NEVER sell-out
Never sell out, youknowhatI'msayin?
You gotta stay down for yours
You know I want it, sure as I'm Ice-T
I make records for you, but this one's for me

You know what I'm talkin bout out there
There's ways to sell out left and right
But you ain't got to do that
There's things more important than money
I'm talkin bout pride, I'm talkin bout dignity
You got it out there
All you got to do is stand on your own two feet
Don't go out like no sucker
Stay down, youknowhatI'msayin?


"Threat Interlude"
(feat. Threat)

"Threat Interlude"
(feat. Threat)

What they screamin' when they shout?
Who they fiendin' fo' - Zoo rock the house fo' sure
We boom you need some elbow room, that's right
Cause I be chokin' the mic, place me under arrest
I'm on the hit list baby cause I'm one of the best
We on a quest all across the coast to get fresh, yeah, yeah
Nigga fly like the air, been up in the game and you can keep the change
Tried to smash all the beef, turn the leaf over
Cheap Rock-Rolla, can't be seen, bring your football team
Bump your Queen plus we want the chips
Spank the white man on his ass with the whip
The world is fillin' us, killin' us softly, Adolf Khadafi
Still real gangsters don't tell what they do, they just do what they got to


(feat. Ice Cube)

(feat. Ice Cube)

How many bullets can your back hold, suckin from the HK
The red dot's on your dome, from the light ray
Boom bam bust oh shit kid, your head is a pile of puss
I'm kickin up much dust, the nigga ya can't trust
This is my shit, my hood, my turf
My gold, my grip, whatever the fuck it's worth
I don't need nobody comin in my territory
tryin to rip a nigga off and fuck your fuckin sob stories

[Ice Cube]
Take a good look at my motherfuckin jacker
About to feel the wrath, of a greedy ass cracker
Pale as snow, so you know the hoe stand out
Comin in my hood with his hand out
Tryin to get over on the black, but the motherfuckin mack
will put a fuckin slug in his back
And with the boom ping ping, it ain't no thing to blast
on greedy motherfuckers that trespass


[Ice Cube]
Olly olly outcome free, here come the G
I'm saggin, and Enter the Dragon like Bruce Lee
I gots to get mo' money mo' money
Can't get pussy with no money
See I'm kind of greedy, cause all my heroes
got zeroes in back of a one
Here's my gun, about to get paid at last
But now I'm gettin covered, in dirt and grass, kick it

The madder I get, the higher the debt, the deeper you get
The thicker the sweat
Cause I'm a nigga with fat clout
But ya in, but ya gotta get back out
No easy job, for some suckers is out to rob
Crosshair on your dome and your mind's blown
You wanna go home... ain't that a bitch?
Cube, dig the ditch (yep)


I got a full time job of takin suckers out
Breakin em off, yea word, I love revokin clout
Test me, stress me, who could the best be?
The teflon nine go through vests G
But when you're greedy you don't care about life itself
You're chasin extreme wealth
You can't be trusted cause trust ain't in the fuckin game
Scandalous is your fuckin name

[Ice Cube]
I'm the motherfucker you're stuck wit
Ice Cube -- "Wronnnnnnng nigga to FUCK WIT!"
I'm rich, pitchin a bitch about gettin mo'
The big fish, swimmin in big dough
The G backstabber, I got ta have a
Lexus Coupe, when I troop
with the ski mask, gotta get the cash
My homeboy ain't home, so fuck it I'll trespass


"Twice The Game"

"Twice The Game"

[Intro: Talking]
Yeah DJ Ace, Iceberg nigga, Gangsters' shit
Niggaz out there running their motherfucking mouth
Acting like bangers, acting without SAG cards
Like somebody supposed to be afraid

You faggots don't scare me, I'm twices cold
Niggaz can't tell me shit, I'm twices old
Fuck how much you sold, I got twice the cash
Fuck how old you are, I blast twices fast
No matter how fly you get, I get twices smooth
No matter how slick you are, I got twice the moove
Fuck how big you get, I got twice the fame
One word burnt, that means twice the game

Twice the heart nigga, look in my eyes
L.A. gangbanger to these streets I'm wise
Not to knob us when it come to the guns
I've never flashed just reach and blast
Chrome hydraulics and the black ski-masks
Your next decision might be your last
Real niggaz, fade the fuck up with the fakes
Think about the next move you make, nigga


Fame, motherfuckers wanted so bad
Give away every fucking piece of soul they had
Lie to themselves then they lie on the pad
It's a motherfucking Hip-Hop fad
Get gangsta, get gull, get raw
Talking about shit you ain't never fucking saw
When the streets talk, they say they need to holler at you
You got to jail, you got problems there too
That's the drama that comes with the fakeness
Bodyguard niggaz straight making me laugh
Fourty niggaz in your entourage, twelve of them fags
The real nigga in your crew's straight extorting your cash
Who I ma talking to? ~ half of you rap boys
Rolling with the cops, talking all about you're hardcore
No names needed, everybody knows
The real niggaz in the game, and the straight whores


The streets got a problem with you
They say the shit you say on your records ain't true
They say you're talking about people that you never knew
It's a gammick niggaz see right through
They want a little cash back for the lives you stole
They say they'll take you back and your blood and your gold
More bodyguards, more stipulates;
In the doors of your cars and your SUVs
You know, you got real problems cause you're fucking with Gs
You got the fake gangster rapper disease
Keep lying, nigga, digging your grave
Claiming how you bust guns when you know you Bitch-made
Your whole posse knows, nigga, when will you learn
They're looking at your bankrole laying to turn
You wanna be a gangster but forgot one thing
Gangsters get murdered or they're dying to bang


Nigga, SMG, go to your stylist
Get some gangster war-draw put together
Put on your make-up, come out and do your video
Rented cars, rented whores, rented houses
Fake guns, fake lifestyles, MTV cribs, enemy in your house nigga
Got to practise what you preach nigga
Talk the talk you got to walk the walk
Street niggaz wanna talk to you, kid, and talk to you face to face
Your bodyguards homosexual anyway, fat-ass nigga
Iceberg, the truth kid!


"Valuable Game"

"Valuable Game"

[Intro: Ice-T]
This song is dedicated to my man Tupac Shakur, rest in peace!!
Notorious B.I.G., rest in peace!!
And all my other homies that have died
in the madness called street life
Rest in peace!!

I'ma straight up G, let's not pretend
Dedicated to, all of my friends
On the East and the West Coast
Gotta let this drama go

Nineteen eighty six, deep in the mix
me and my team out for cream and jewel-liks
the faster, the better, blood, leather, the baby sledge
Case hitters - me, I'm the point man
Give less than a damn about anything, just let my hammer swing
Come up, give me my cut - what?
Girls don't mean nothin' to me, don't push the button on me
Out for the twist, ya nastically nasty G
Basically makin' me anti-social individual, too hype
Recognize the type?
Then a music called hip-hop came along and saved my life
I had a story to tell about my knowledge of hell
$2.50 for a book, listen and look, now let's do some Math
A gun and a hand, plus an angry man, minus love
equals and me, the sky's blue and they rags
toe-tags and body bags - y'all feel me?
Is it too real G? Brothers say drop some heat T
Absoultely, everything's goochie since we realized
this games' the only one we got left
Hip-hop's become the game of death
Some of y'all busters out there tryin' to waste up
It would've took some of us hustlers all this time to lace up

I'ma straight up G, let's not pretend
Dedicated to, all of my friends
On the East and the West Coast
Gotta let this drama go

Ok, let me break it down, they got the one strike law
You go in, you reach the other two before you know
what happen to you - game's over dude
On the next page, they got power in effect
while you two rednecks waitin' to see which one of us
kills the next brother next
Think about it too long'll make you sick
Believe me the last thing they wanna see is us risin'
economically, astronomically it could happen homie - follow me
Hip-hop's the black goal - mind and soul
refined as we roll, another ghetto story is told
I stopped flippin' ki's in eighty three
They need a time machine to carcerate me
I'm square as a pool table, twice as green, know what I mean?
flippin' from heat, the legal green, the hip-hop scene
Beef, the only beef I got is the steak
I'm tryin' to eat from the players elite
East, West, North, South, Moon, Star
I'm gonna ball wherever the chips are
I hope y'all players listen, ain't out there hatin' and dissin'
Y'all know the game is to be sold and not told
I should be takin' a collection, this time I'll make an exception
I've just been here for the start of this
I gotta come from the heart for this

I'ma straight up G, let's not pretend
Dedicated to, all of my friends
On the East and the West Coast
Gotta let this drama go

Some nights I lay awake tryin' to analyse
and anticipate the moves of the fakes
Wonder if the cancers' in too deep - can't sleep
Tryin' to diagnose the poison that's increased
injected into a pure hustle born on city streak
Migranes fill my brain as I reach toward the realm of the insane
Wishin' and prayin' that another brother gets
to live the life that I got to play in
Tryin' to represent to the fullest
I gotta come hard y'all, no time to pull it
Y'all fools think illin' and tearin' up
hip-hop is the thing to do G?
I'm paid I don't need rap no more fool I make a movie
Y'all tryin' to lose me
And to y'all suckers with your afrobatic, player hatin' tatics
tryin' to jump over the bree and plannin' and hustlin'
I've been corporatin' to this music over these years
Y'all will fall victim to your own lies and the P.I.
will continue to rise, over your eyes kid
This games' immaculate, dramas' irrelevant - stay sucker reppellin'
Invent, incoporate, parlay, play
And I got no reason to lie to you

I'ma straight up G, let's not pretend
Dedicated to, all of my friends
On the East and the West Coast
Gotta let this drama go
I'ma straight up G, let's not pretend
Dedicated to, all of my friends
On the East and the West Coast
Gotta let this drama go


"Walking In The Rain"

"Walking In The Rain"

[Intro: Ice-T Talking]
ooohh, that's what I'm talkin' about
Ice Berg, 2006, remember this

Go Ice man
Walking in the rain with the people that I love, feels so fine "uha"
Walking in the rain with the one I love, on my mind "yeah"
Walking in the rain with the people that I love, feels so fine "uha"
Walking in the rain with the one I love, on my mind

[Verse 1: Ice-T]
Damn, this record takes me way back, to day that
I said the words I love you, I'm not that kind to say that
I spent my lights in the streets with beef crooks
shook cats get lifted off thier feet with heat
nobody loves, you can feel the cold in thier hugs
at each man checks his weapon that protects his life
and last thing on my mind was ever having a wife
no, I'm not the type to do that, I can't commit to that
but then you stepped to me "Damn"
blew my whole spot up
dropped me to my knees, and I still don't think I got up
ugh, you made me revaluate my G
now I'm gangster for you baby, and you gangster for me
and we're walking......

Go Ice man "ugh"
Walking in the rain with the people that I love, feels so fine "you know"
Walking in the rain with the one I love, on my mind "uha"
Walking in the rain with the people that I love, feels so fine "come on girl"
Walking in the rain with the one I love, on my mind

[Verse 2: Ice-T]
the truth is, it ain't easy for a brother from the streets
to ever show an affection or an aim at direction
when we roll, you're by my side, I feel pride
and my partners got no problems cause they know that you're true
and if anything just jumps off I taught just what to do
get low, get the bail money, call up the crew
you take a bullet for me, I'll take a bullet for you
we'll do old, strollin' girl
you know how we do, we're just walking....

Go Ice man "ugh"
Walking in the rain with the people that I love, feels so fine "uha"
Walking in the rain with the one I love, on my mind "yeah girl"
Walking in the rain with the people that I love, feels so fine "ugh"
Walking in the rain with the one I love, on my mind

[Break: Ice-T Talking]
Break it down, yeah, you know
it comes in time in every man's life
player hustler or whatever, that he realizes
that he needs that companionship of the women
strong women to hold him down
through them cold nights
through them hard chips, pains and struggles in the streets
stress "go Ice man"

[Verse 3: Ice-T]
realize I've grown in life I had to get shot before I understood
that you come in this world and die alone
don't wanna spend my life chasin' flash and cash
I'd rather whip through the hood with your feet on my dash
the homies understand and they lookin' for girl to thier own
so they can't get out these streets and stay home
it's cold when you got no one, but I've found mine
as long as we together girl I know we'll be fine
cause we're walking.......

Go Ice man "ugh"
Walking in the rain with the people that I love, feels so fine "come on"
Walking in the rain with the one I love, on my mind "yeah girl"
Walking in the rain with the people that I love, feels so fine "ugh"
Walking in the rain with the one I love, on my mind "we're just"

Walking in the rain with the people that I love, feels so fine "holdin' hands"
Walking in the rain with the one I love, on my mind "holdin' our pistols"
Walking in the rain with the people that I love, feels so fine "grabin' your booty"
Walking in the rain with the one I love, on my mind "yeah baby"

Walking in the rain with the people that I love, feels so fine "come on"
Walking in the rain with the one I love, on my mind




At this moment you are now listening to an Ice-T LP
If you are offended by words like:
Shit!! - Bitch!! - Fuck!! - Dick!! - Ass!! - Whore!! - Cum!!
Dirty Bitch!! - Low Motherfucker!! - Nigga!!
Hooker!! - Slut!! - Tramp!!
Dirty Low Slut!! - Tramp!! - Bitch!! - Whore!!
Nigga!! - Fuck!! - Shit!! - whatever..
Take the tape out NOW!
This is not a Pop album
And by the way; Suck my motherfucking Dick!!


"Watch The Ice Break"

"Watch The Ice Break"

It's goin down
From the Ammo Dump
I got my nigga SLJ and DJ Aladdin
Droppin the fat tracks
Hit em with it
Syndicate's in the muthafuckin house
All duck MC's get flat, muthfuckas

And it's still me
A rappin brother from L.A., the cool T
Diss a brother, hate a brother, I still come back
With the fat tracks, fuck the pop crap
I got a mind to cold diss a fool
Wack rappers sellin out urge me to pull tools
For no reason
Pop suckers hookin for hits like hoes skeezin
Prostitutes that can't shoot, yet you clock loot
Dancesteps with the weak styles, but you look cute
Bitch, that shit's wack
Let Hammer dance, and you other fools ease back
The microphone in some twist in a clenched fist
Mind locked on [?] load of my hit list
And make duck rappers pray
Many talk shit, but none step this way
Cause I'm quick to beat down a weak clown
Clock crazy juice from L.A. to the Boogie Down
I play the whole map
Got hoes locked like a muthafuckin bear trap
Ice muthafuckin T
Before hoes gee they need two forms of I.D.
Never fess, not the best, but I'm hard to shake
Huh, watch the Ice break

Watch the Ice break

Yo, let's see now who's tryin to diss me
Say I sold out cause I rocked with the B.C.
Y'all are bitches, you're straight wack
Quick to talk shit, but always behind the back
I do whatever I wanna do, punk hoe
I rock a perm, you rock an afro
I wear khakis, while y'all wear silk
Y'all drink forties, and I drink milk
Cause that's my muthafuckin biz
I never sell out, cause it's no sale, kid
Hardcore to my heart from the fuckin start
Whether done over beats or loud guitars
I drop the dope hits
Case you forgot, I invented this gangsta shit
You wanna step to me? New jack, walk
Come back in five LP's, then we can talk
You're just new, kid, you got a hit out
In interviews you talk a lotta shit out
You got paid, you really made out
You went broke when your one jam played out
Now you're searchin for that one more hit
I ain't new to this, I got gangs of gold
I come original, then I break the mold
Too many MC's hit, then fold
They're just fakes
Hah, watch the Ice break

Watch the Ice break

Syndicate jumpin off 1993
On some old fly smooth shit
All the muthfuckas out there down with us
You know what I'm sayin?
We're rollin strong
All the busters out there that got some static to say
We're settin this shit off physically this year
Like KRS-One says:
Sucker MC's duck down
Muthafuckas ain't takin no shit
I'm swingin on busters, point-blank
Diss me and it's on
Straight up

Now it's the break of dawn
And the mic is still on
All hoes are fuckin and the rhymes are damn strong
Many MC's that choke from the mic smoke
Those who tried to get with me
Lost in rhyme infinity
Or they lost breath
Try to step to the Ice equals sure death
Cause (it's then I begin[?]) than you ever assume
Drop the mic, go rap in your living room
I love the quick kill
Swing on a nigga sometimes just to break ill
Knuckle up, buster, fool, in his fuckin eye
All hands, I need no gun, yo punk, why?
Cause if I pull my gun, you die
No second try
I gotta cool out now, so I don't over-freeze
Nut up and start murderin MC's
Start catchin bodies from state to state
Throw on a ski mask and walk the streets late
And do me up a whole damn crew
The Geto Boys was trippin, but my mind's trickin me too
Cause diss me, and I meet you one day
And bet your life it won't be a fun day
I hope, nigga, it's not your fate
That you're around when the Ice breaks

When the Ice breaks