Šta je novo?


"The 5th"

"The 5th"

He yo, Ice
This guy here say he wants to get in, man
You're sure homeboy's ready?
Yo Ice, this nigga said he's ready, man
Yo, kid you're sure you wanna be down with this, right?
Yeah, I'm sure, I'm ready
Know what you're in for, right?

[ VERSE 1 ]
Blood flows like sands in the hourglass
Cash moves everything
Bitches in g strings
Gats flashin, mothers make cream on a stick move
Improve your dope flow
Cold max with the long dough
High rollin, back breakin plot diggers
The ill niggas
Comanche style
Blood letting weapons of death
Stop your breath
If you trip on the click
A hot thump to your chest
And your back just rips
You wanna be a made man
The fam accepts no mistakes
Chopped up bodies, lots of funeral wakes
Make your bones
Bring a rat back dead just ahead
A cop's better
Use this beretta
Snitch, bet your bitch
She in a pre-dug ditch
Cause I command a whole batallion of life takers
Plus the other bosses wanna see yo guts
Check your nuts
Dump the bodies in the desert
Here's the keys to a truck
Me, I'm overloaded, born hard and scarred
Crime intellect
More complex than nerves in your spinal chord
Bank job my forte
Not off of gunplay
Hostage taker
I killed my brother with a salt shaker
He tried to short me a buck
What the fuck?
A nigga that lies
Is a nigga that dies
No cries for the punk
He got trunked and bombed
Since he tried to steal I chainsawed his arm
I drink blood from a cup when I wanna then
Plus the bosses up north made me kill my friend
They told me, "This ain't no game, kid, you're in it
You're down with the Syndicate, but never admit it"

Muthafucka, now you're down for life
Rat on the fam and we'll kill your wife
Fuck up a scam and you'll feel the knife
Who is this?
(The Syndicate does not exist)

[ VERSE 2 ]
A thousand ki's, off-shore private yacht
Really ain't no sweat, Coast Guard and customs are bought
Columbian-Mexicano connect
Raise the bet
One DEA woudn't roll, we pulled his tongue through his neck
Just a message to the rest: don't test
Housing developments are built on the bodies
Of punks who wouldn't party
Big shots are called from the pen's inner sanctum
Where the mega-gees
Regulate the streets, fuck release
They got power that you can't comprehend, my friend
They want you dead, yo, you're dead before the daylight ends
Your eyes shiver and you grit your teeth
You sold your soul, now cold blood's how you get relief
Now you do what we do, say what I say
Muthafucka, don't blink unless I say okay
This is a organization, not a one-man gang
And you die if I ever hear you spilled my name


My friend, I thought this day would never come
(What do you mean, man? Hey!)
Who was there when your wife had your first child?
(Hey, why you're lookin at me like that, man?)
Who looked out for you when no one else was there?
(Hey, I'm your friend, man!)
Now word's out you're talkin to the feds about me
(..they lyin, man)
There's only one thing I can do
(Hey man, wait a -)
You treat me like a bitch
(Hey yo - )
Now look at you!
Look at you, muthafucka!
Now look at you!

[ VERSE 3 ]
Cops on the take, I got moves to make
Feds ain't that easy, I still got em to shake
They had my man's bitch wired for a month and a half
Snatched my nigga up in Aspen, bail's five million
Bounced him out in a hour - power
Went and met him quick, hit him with a ice pick
Can't take no chances, he romancin with whores
No tellin what he spilled when behind closed doors
The fam's protection and loyalty is top priority
Violate, your body is found in three states
Cargo is heat on a Hong Kong cruiser
??? contact ???
No cash, they want a ton of crystal meth
High risk'll bring more riches than the national debt
We launder money through he s&l's and pro-ball teams
Ain't no business untouched when it comes to cream
Documents forged from my hitters from Jamaica
In and out of town before you hit the ground
This is the mob, baby, now you're on, no off-switch
Suffocation ??? you snitch



"The 7th"
(with Marc Live, Ras Kass, Tash)

"The 7th"
(with Marc Live, Ras Kass, Tash)

[Ant Banks]
This is Ant Banks, and it's hella motherfuckin' deadly sins
But don't ever fuck with the seventh bitch

[Intro: Ras Kass]
Yeah, seventh, uh-huh, first things first man you're messin' with the worst
One, come on, come on, one

[Chorus: Marc Live]
Yo, yo, yo motherfuckers can't fuck with this, realness
Seventh sin deadly, raise the key to rock steady
Run son the hour has come, touch ya
Remember this, real niggas don't rhyme
we walk up and buck ya
Stuck ya in the head, rush ya
Trife niggas knife you, seven venoms fight you
Your life's through, fuckin' with the wrong click - kapow!!
From the crackhouse, niggas quick to blow your back out

[Marc Live]
Enough talk, niggas talk too much, let's set it
Time to splash bitch niggas, gun fights, paramedics
Call my regiment up at midnight, tape on a flash light
Youn claim you want beef, it's too tough, called your bluff
Shot you at such close range, blew out your eardrum
Caught you with my mack, blast your cage our your back
Yo, the nigga stepped up and got bucked by my ninja's
Casualty after casualty all up in ya
Ya not a street vet yet bitch, just a beginner
My niggas eat punk like your crew for dinner
Rock ya in broad daylight to make the wrist-double
Hit ya then lower my gun and watch ya chest bubble
Step up, feel the Teflon, black talent
Rip through your vest, hit your chest, lose your balance
You never had no drama with the real, now ya want it?
My skill got you haunted, my ski-mask got [?]

[Marc Live]
Aiyyo blackout, my whole click we blastout
The wrong move, show improve you assed out
Venom it, warn the niggas, treacherous
Squeeze automatic, quick to bust fuck with us
Yo the worst niggas, work the bitch to double figures
In new sixes, hennessey with dark mixes
The richest, fuck around, you won't fix it
Toke, heavy metal, settle shit, rebel shit
Fuck a cop, why not, we last niggas on your block
Last standin', coked up, we fucked up
Twenty g's, rope 'em up, you in the trunk - Lex Coupe
I'll leave a nigga with cement boots
Now we off lootin', hold me down, yo I'll start shootin'
in ya double lefts and tell the rest an'
Marc Li-ive, fuck the pad, bust his ass
and slide my fuckin' heat in the stash

[Chorus: Marc Live]
Yo, yo, yo motherfuckers can't fuck with this, realness
Seventh sin deadly, raise the key to rock steady
Run son the hour has come, touch ya
Remember this, real niggas don't rhyme
we walk up and buck ya
Stuck ya in the head, rush ya
Trife niggas knife you, seven venoms fight you
Your life's through, fuckin' with the wrong click - kapow!!
From the crackhouse, niggas quick to blow your back out

[Ras Kass]
She musta kicked off like special teams
I walk rare from a muchy bled nigga all lookin' like Grenedine
Murder scene, three to the head, three to the sline
We tied that motherfuckin' number like Kareem
It seems that I used to wonder why niggas don't give a fuck
within 2G - niggas is just buck
From hip-hoppers to gangsta's, sportin' stompers at yompers
The mirror has two faces in this room is not proper
So we religiously pray for peace and pack one
I walk softly, carry a big dick
these family jewels is my most important riches
but I still want my liquor, my sorry-ass friends and my bitch
And nigga this me, I only see green like a Marine
Support Calvin Klein jeans, fed a bitch from the Phillipines
with a immoral nose ring (masterbatin' with a magazine!!)
Yeah, I'm acid 9 and half the time undercover
Fuck you, your lesbain lover and your mother with the same brother
The blade runner, my games' tight
I could talk the Virgin Mary outta panties the same night

And that's the seventh deadly sin as the terror begins
Me and my friends came to rob ya for your props and your ends
Tuck it in, my niggas want, whatever's costin'
The rings plus the watch, plus thst chain from the slossin'
Son, that's why I go in and shit stop
Last night my nigga Ice-T had to pop a cop
I write the chop-chop lyrics, tryin' not to scratch the detail
I put 'em through the system, slang 'em out at full retail
It's thirty g's for the title and the ki's
Throw in the extra three and take the tyres and the D's
Nigga please, this is lik-wit and I'm the Alki
At three months from now you're gonna read all about me
One cause I smoke 'em, two cause I'm wealthy
Three because I rapped on my nigga Ice's LP
It's Castrophe, lik-wit fam, lik-wit crew
West Coast is in the house nigga, what you wanna do?

[Chorus: Marc Live]
Yo, yo, yo motherfuckers can't fuck with this, realness
Seventh sin deadly, raise the key to rock steady
Run son the hour has come, touch ya
Remember this, real niggas don't rhyme
we walk up and buck ya
Stuck ya in the head, rush ya
Trife niggas knife you, seven venoms fight you
Your life's through, fuckin' with the wrong click - kapow!!
From the crackhouse, niggas quick to blow your back out

[Outro: Marc Live]
Yeah, seventh deadly sin bitch
Ice-T, Marc Li-ive, Ras Kass, Castrophe...


"The Coldest Rap"

"The Coldest Rap"

[Verse 1: Ice-T]
Some people claim that I'm born to play
Cause I'm your Icetea on the sunny day
I make the goers come, the leavers stay
I make the lovers kiss and the workers play
I make the runners walk, the quiet talk
I burst so viciously, I make the blind man see
I'm the ladies' cream, the virgins' wet dream
I got that kind of movement that the young girls fiend
I'm tired of these DJs going around
Taking about how they go down to town
Cause I'm the best Rapper that you have found
So all you lovely ladies, let's party down
Take all your rapping records, don't end the track
Ice-T is the only brother that you got to back
Hook up the studio, turn up the wire
We're gonna rock til the niggaz call up Entire
We rock rock y'all with no fear, and if you don't dig it turn off your ears
We rock rock y'all and keep on, and if you don't dig it take your damn ??
Cause I'm a player, the best alive
I prefer fast money to a Nine-to-Five
From the womb to the tomb, I run my game
Cause I'm cold as ice, and I show no shame

[Break: Sound of cold wind blowing]

[Verse 2: Ice-T]
Well I'm (Poww) Ice-T, I'm terribly back
I'm here to knock out the wheel as we blow up the past
I'm maybe small but I'm willing to say
I jam this party in one hell of a way
The powers I got are hard to find
The beat breaking woman's hearts, while I'm blowing their minds
They be giving me money, and buying me things
But I spend their cash in pirate rings
If they treat me right, I'm willing to show
The coolest young brother they ever know
But if they do me wrong, I hate to say
I've never teach them how to rock this way
Cause back in the thirties when time was hard
I have had, a sawed-off shotgun and I marked different cards
A turned up collar, a turned up hat, a .38 cutlet I stole that
I walked in a party, they won't leave for a day
And I started dancing one hell of a way
I was dancing so hard, couldn't no one compete
I turned out the party with my Ice-cold feet
Cause I'm a player, that's all I know
On a summer day, I play in the snow
From the womb to the tomb, I run my game
Cause I'm cold as ice, and I show no shame

[Break: Sound of cold wind blowing]

[Verse 3: Ice-T]
We're born to play, and brought up that way
We chase the women night and day
And when I run through, I will talk to you
And you'll become one of the chosen few
Can't you see that now I'm mean? I'm the brother known as Ice-T
And umm.. I'm the brother whose like no other
Whose black in soul but not in color
You digged the race, and a hit to the case
When you're trying to get outta my face
I'm trying to tell you I'm a brother that's nice
I'm sweet as honey, I'm cold as Ice
But if you say something to me that ends you down
You be picking off your booty up off the ground
You can ask your father, your sister or mother
I got a Rolls Royce in every color
I keep my rides tune the perfection, I got a strut for every direction
I'm the pimp, the player, the women layer
The holy dueler, the whorehouse doer
I just play young whores, slam Cadillac doors
I'm the black Mack of the heart attack
But.. I don't smoke no whack, I don't cut no slack
I'm here to rock y'all, so rock rock
I'm Ice-T when I dress, I never jock
I do all my shopping on Rodeo Drive
When I leave the pad, I'm never allowed
I'm damn so sharp, I cut through the pipe
I got so many clothes, and my words these day
When I put some in, I got to throw some away
Cause I'm a player, some call us Macks
With private phones and our Cadillacs
From the womb to the tomb, we run our games
Cause we cold as ice, and we show no shame

[Break: Sound of cold wind blowing]

[Verse 4: Ice-T]
The ladies say that I'm heaven sent
Cause I got more money than the US mint
I ride Rag-Top Rolls with rocks on my hand, Maseratis and Mercedes Benz
I have the Uz to line, private Jets, Bel-Air-Boogies place my bets
I own islands up, there close to France
Now I wear designer, chucks and pants
When I was brought into this world
My mamma never asked if I was boy or a girl
First I rolled over to her, and gave her a kiss
She said: Your daddy don't rock me like this!
When the doctor hit me on the behind, I broke on down with a funky rhyme
The nurses said, I was awfully cute
When I played out a joint, in a three piece suit
Yo yo yo, please please, please check it out
Cause I'm a player, I'm always clean
I bought Mercedes Benz when I was seventeen
From the womb to the tomb, I run my game
Cause I'm cold as ice, and I show no shame

[Break: Sound of cold wind blowing]

[Verse 5: Ice-T]
Then I met this madam named Angel Adam, she said she liked my style
She said sit down too, let me rap to you, for just a little while
She was a gravedigger, pulled .38 triggers
She is a lady in love and sent from above
She wasn't sly, she wasn't slick, just made that money real quick
She had a way.. of getting fast, it came from dealing in cold cash
She ran her game with the utmost ease, to break a player down to his knees
I said: hey look, freeze on that rap, and prepare yourself for a heart attack
I took her by her hand, I said come with me
We drove up in my vicious eighty three
I took her to diner, I took her to the show
I took her to the suite cause she begged me to go
We got into the room, to make After-Long snaps
So she just shut the seven buckles up and came up with a gat
Stretched through the door, I didn't cut no slack
I had her on the floor, on her stomach, on her back
I had her on the wall, and I hold it on the knee
I put her in the hot tub and the water started to freeze
I took her out the hot tub then I put her on the faucet
"Ooh Ice-T, I can't take no more"
I put her in the bed then she looked up in the mere
Screamed so loud, I think the East Coast did hear
I floored on my back, I put her on the top
She said: "Ooh Ice-T, would this ever stop?"
I said No! the freaking has just began
We hit fifty more positions before I got gone
When we've got finished, it was no longer dark
We had rocked so hard, made her snotty farts bark
Then she rolled over to me, she looked me in my eye
And said these words to my surprise:
She said: I tried to check you, cause I knew I could
I came here with you, cause I thought I should
I tried to freak you, cause I thought I could
But oohh baby, you're sure I could?
She said: baby you're one hell of a man, ain't no better riding than Disney Land
Now to all you ladies that think you're fly, and can out freak the average guy
Don't ever come venturing through my door
I'll have begging to stop, while you're screaming for more
Yo, please check it out
All the ladies in the house come check it out
Cause I'm a player with juice on every hand
So deeply in packet I control demand
But we all know how I earn my pay
Cause if you don't wanna work, then you got to play

[Break: Sound of cold wind blowing]

[Verse 6: Ice-T]
Brothers when you winning in Donna Fox
You don't take her to MC Donalds to jack in the box
Don't pick her up, in a bus or a Cap
She needs a black belt chauffeur and a cornice wrap
You can take her to dine at the finest spot
Or you take her to a disco that's really hot
You can take her home and while you're all alone
Don't forget to disconnect the phone
You can take her to the bed, you throw back the sheets
Rock her butt to the rhythm of the beat..


"The Game's Real"
(feat. Marc Live, Smoothe da Hustler and Trigger the Gambler)

"The Game's Real"
(feat. Marc Live, Smoothe da Hustler and Trigger the Gambler)

[Verse 1: Ice-T]
Enough time has passed, false prophets steering you wrong
You won't appreciate my wisdom, 'til I'm dead and I'm gone
Underground dead from combat
Laid down on the floor.. in some club
Girls scream at the ocean of blood
No use to call the paramedics, to hit me with the fifth energetic
Close range, cut in the base of my brain
Blew my face on through some bitch's head, before I hit the ground
Some nigga touched me in the chest, and blew it out with the pound
My niggaz didn't have chance to move, they used silenced weaponry
Couldn't hear the sound, as the club bass bound
All you heard was.. Yo, Ice is on the ground
The assassins, when they heard this up, stepped back and mixed in with the crowd
Gloom broke into hysteria, spot went wild
A lot of bitches yelling and crying, while fake niggaz smile
I heard voices of my loved ones said I leave the party
God kisses my face as I leave my body

[Interlude: Deuce Fever]
Yo, I wanna see what the fuck's happening!
Yo, yo, back off my man, man! [Sample of L.A.P.D. sirens]
Awww shit! y'all

[Chorus: Ice-T X2]
The game is real, anyone can get touched up
Get moved on, left in a plunger blood
No matter how gangster you are, how deep your crew
Niggaz can get you if they want to

[Verse 2: Mark Live]
Yo.. yo.. yo.. attack mode
Look, listen, it's the general.. code
Gully and gutter, I roll with some box cutters
I'm bringing.. fucking Jersey City niggaz
We got.. tons of triggers, for tons of niggaz
We walk and talk a lot, we run some niggaz
No glitter and glades, it's guns and niggaz
Nightclubs or your social clubs
Backstage with your membrane, on the side of your freeway
It's ugly, the bomb squashed blonde bitch for our shit
It's M-16s switch off clips
Bullets ripped fleshy death right through your kids
Except your bids, except all that shit you did
Uhh.. you can't hide in the town houses
When two niggaz are nine-ing like two ounces
Scarface Colombia, Walker Tah's style surrounding, your white bitches out

[Chorus: Ice-T X2]

[Verse 3: Ice-T]
Now, if you faggots got some questions about how real this is
A straight Strong-Arm, half of you niggaz in the biz'
Your bodyguard, bitch made, motherfucking fake ass whores
Can't even roll for dolo, walk through your own hood solo
Niggaz push up and change-snatch your logo
The truth is.. no homeboys are brought through
Your own crew is destorying you
So now you're carrying guns, you know, you won't shoot
You copped a new whip, had to get a bulletproof
You wanted to be Rap-Star, now, you're too shook to move
Cause the streets say the words, you kid gotta prove
Living a lie, you might die, in this game of hot caption whores
Check your rearview you're being followed

[Chorus: Ice-T X2]

[Verse 4: Trigger Tha Gambler]
Eat the dick, if it be.. we gonna shoot from a block away
We keep with heat, and turn your face into a plot to play
Yeah, we spray out your feet and watch you burn in a flock away
Nerd, niggaz stop and pray
Heard, they can't drop the lay
We come out, run out, one route to Dun-house
We're about to blow his wig off "yeah yeah"
Nigga we jump out, pump out, dump out
Infront of the Dun house with the sun-hounds
Shit to peel off and I'm.. running the trot like crooked cops
Taking capes, pushing weight, while I shipped this back
From California to the.. Hill Tah, Comille fitting dots
Activille for them bills and he'll get drop

[Verse 5: Smoothe Da Hustler]
Look I.. show guys and buyers we're not kidding
I know the size, brothers stick-bys, when we start spitting
They go beside rocks and dodge with guns ticking
But it's devilish regardless the art is squash business

[Chorus: Ice-T X2]


"The Girl Tried To Kill Me"

"The Girl Tried To Kill Me"

[Verse One:]

Yo! I met this girl the other night
Hype super-dope body and face, her mini-skirt tight
Talkin' 'bout legs and lips, mindblowin' hips
Had to cross my legs just to look at her tits
Said she came out lookin' for some fun
Looked me in my eyes and told me...I was the one
I said "Why?", she said I was fly
Grabbed me by my hand and I thought I would die
Said she wanted to take me home to make love
Now that's the kind of rap that brothers dream of
I said, "Fast, slow, hard or soft, baby?"
She said, "All the above"

This girl tried to kill me, she didn't use a gun or a knife
This girl tried to kill me, took me within a inch of my life

[Verse Two:]

Now, I ain't no sucker on the weak tip
But let me tell you, she was on some motherfuckin' sex trip
Took me to her crib that night, leather and spikes
Broke out the rope and the dope strobe-light
And started buggin', lightin' candles all over the room
Then she did a backflip, landed on my dick
I knew that I would be dead soon

This girl tried to kill me, she didn't use a gun or a knife
This girl tried to kill me, took me within a inch of my life
This girl tried to kill me, she didn't use a bomb or a gun
This girl tried to kill me, homeboys, watch out for this one

[Verse Three:]

Yo, my pants were on, but so what?
She ripped off my shirt and tied my monkey-ass up
Faster than I could say "No!"
It was like a rodeo, I was with a sex nut
I looked in her face...
She sweated and she grinned with delight
And then she broke out a whip, I said "Shit!"
This girl had crazy plans for the night

This girl tried to kill me, she didn't use a bomb or a gun
This girl tried to kill me, homeboys, watch out for this one
This girl tried to kill me, she didn't use a gun or a knife
This girl tried to kill me, took me within a inch of my life

[Verse Four:]

Now whips ain't all that she had
All kinda crazy shit was at this bitch's pad
I'm talkin' about latex suits, spike-heeled boots
Oversized vibrators so that she could get loose
I said, "Don't...don't...don't whip me!
I'll do anything you ask!"
And then homegirl stripped, 38" tits
Man you shoulda seen that ass

This girl tried to kill me, she didn't use a gun or a knife
This girl tried to kill me, took me within a inch of my life
This freak tried to kill me, she didn't use a bomb or a gun
This girl tried to kill me, homeboys, watch out for this one

[Verse Five:]

My dick was harder than a bulletproof vest
She started pourin' baby oil on her chest
And then she said, "Gimme gimme gimme"
Jumped on my Jimmy, and rode me like the Wild West
I almost passed out, then the front door cold bust in
It was her fuckin' husband, six-foot ten
I knew my life would soon end

Homeboy tried to kill me, he didn't use a bomb or a gun
Homeboy tried to kill me, yo...yo, nowhere to run
Homeboy tried to kill me, he didn't use a gun or a knife
Homeboy tried to kill me, cos he had caught me fuckin' his wife


"The House"

"The House"

You know the houe down the street
Where the kids are
and every day
They seem to have a new scar
Something strange is going on
And everybody knows
Doors always shut
Windows always closed
The little girl had a burn
The boy was black and blue
They said it came from play
You know that shit ain't true
The boy's arm's broke
Girl's scared to speak
Their parents drink all day
Couple of dead beats
Some days they go to school
And other days they might
It's hard to stay awake
After you cry all night
You see 'em every daay
Tear tracks on their cheeks
But they will never tell
It goes on weeks and weeks
(But what can they do?
They're only children man!)

You ain't no fuckin' kid
Act like you give a damn!
Won't someone save these kids
Do something, call a cop

The other night I heard gun shots!


"The Hunted Child"

"The Hunted Child"

[Verse 1]

(Today in Los Angeles another youth loses his life. Gunshot wound to
the head. Street violence is at an all-time high)

No jokin', I'm sleepin' with my eyes open
Wanted for a homicide ride, the gun's still smokin'
Didn't know what I was doin' but did it anyway
Now the posse's on my trail, they say I'm gonna pay (Run!)
I had a gun, it's mine and I packed it
Out with my crew, the boys caught some static
Me and this sucker punk went at it
Bang! Nine automatic

Hunted Child
I'm the Hunted Child

[Verse 2]

(Sources say the assailant was 17-years old and lives in South-Central
Los Angeles)

Now I'm on a hideout tip cos they're after me
LAPD says they're gonna capture me
Was I crazy? I guess I had to be
Cos once you kill it's instant catastrophe
Your whole life is over (Through!)
Forget about your girl your (Crew!)
Nowhere to run, so what you gonna do?
Be glad it's me, homeboy, and not you

The Hunted Child
I'm the Hunted Child
Hunted Child
I'm the Hunted Child

[Verse 3]

I'm only 17, I didn't mean to kill, man
But I was slangin' and bangin' for the thrill, man
When they said (Kill!) I felt chill, man
But once I pulled the trigger, boy, then things got ill, man
My homeboys dipped out the back fast
Left me alone in the echo of the gun blast
Everybody saw my face, I didn't wear a mask
You wanna know my name? Just ask

The Hunted Child
I'm the Hunted Child
Hunted Child
I'm the Hunted Child

(The science of Capitalism which you teach to the youth on the streets
today with the 'ends justifying the means' mentality ain't happenin')

[Verse 4]

I'm sweatin' heavy cos my face is on TV
Everybody in this whole world's after me
Since I was young I never had a damned thing
At Christmas time I'd hate to hear the bells ring
Cos in the ghetto Santa ain't got a dime
Your mother's standin' in the welfare line
The way the youth survive is crime
My life is over so I might as well speak my mind
I killed a brother cos this system had me geared to kill
Cos what I call home you call hell
My ghetto quarters ain't no better than a jail cell
But there's a message in this story that I'm tryna tell
We're just brothers on the streets killin' brothers
This system has us geared to kill one another
Sellin' dope to poison each other
The plan of The Man, word to the mother
But I'm a sucker cos I fell into their plan
187, I killed a brother man
My life on Earth was hell, you understand?
But when I die I'm goin' to hell again

I'm the Hunted Child I'm the Hunted Child I'm the Hunted Child The
Hunted Child

I'm the Hunted Child

I'm the Hunted Child


"The Iceberg"

"The Iceberg"

[Verse 1]

What's that spell? Iceberg, nigga, can't you read?
Time to bleed, slaughter, slice
Try to say I wasn't nice as we waxed them punks like lab mice
Dice 'em up, slice 'em up, dissect
Put you in a boilin' pot and let your ass sweat
Cos I rap on game you think I'm weak in a freestyle?
Well 911 you should dial
Before my posse makes a move on your mom's crib
Think we got knives and guns? We got bombs, kid
Blow up your whole block, ya hear the gunshots
Throw you in the Syndicate cellar and let your body rot
Cos I'm the coldest motherfucker that you ever heard
Call me The Ice...or just The Iceberg

[Verse 2]

Evil E was out coolin' with a freak one night
Fucked the bitch with a flashlight
Pulled it out and left the batteries in
So he could get a charge when he begin
Used his dick, the shit was tight
Bitch's titties start blinkin' like tail lights
Rolled her over to change a connection
The bitch's ugly face cold spoiled his erection
I'm the Ice rhymer, a big timer
And yes I'm a pimp and a player and a hustler and kinda
A mack and a poet, impressive I know it
Don't only rhyme for niggas cos I live my life co-ed
On the mic it's livin' breathin' hype
A 1989 type Dolemite
Cool motherfucker, word
Call me The Ice...or just The Iceberg

[Verse 3]

Charlie Jamm fucked a freak on a ski-lift
10 below, gave her the dick
It was cold and she said "Quit!"
Charlie Jamm said "Bullshit!"
She said "Oh, oh, oh my god!"
Charlie's dick was frozen hard
But she said she never felt it
Maybe Charlie's dick melted
Yes, I'm the rhyme kicker, the hard liquor
Parental Guidance Sticker? Yeah, I'm the nigga
Triple X is how I rate
I'm the one your parents hate
I'm as cold as cold can get
Under pressure never sweat
Cool motherfucker, word
Call me The Ice...or just The Iceberg

[Verse 4]

Out with the posse on a night run
Girls on the corner, so let's have some fun
Donald asked one if she was game
Back Alley Sally was her name
She moved on the car and moved fast
On the window pressed her ass
All at once we heard a crash
Donald's dick had broke the glass
Yes, I'm the big wheeler, the girl stealer
And if we play cards don't let me be the dealer
The Ice, cool as water, hard as stone
The black mack of the microphone
Talkin' shit the way I do
Rhyme Pays, the posse grew
Did you like Power? Word
Well this is The Ice...or just The Iceberg


"The Lane"

"The Lane"

The fast lane, half heart, half money
Ain't nobody smilin, ain't nothin funny
Raise the risk, raise the profit
And can't nobody stop it
Unless your game's weak
So baby, don't sleep

The fast lane, half heart, half money
Ain't nobody smilin, ain't nothin funny
Raise the risk, raise the profit
And can't nobody stop it
Unless your game's weak
So player, don't sleep

[ VERSE 1 ]
The streets crawl with ill niggas on the block
Goin hand in hand
Leanin in and out of sedans
Pumpin crack dreams to crack fiends for a fee
Their dream is to re-up to a ki
Cops watch the influx of dope
Through a telescope
Snitches in the game
Give the young g's names
Bitches on the jock
Of the hustlers on the block
Jump from gee to gee
Similar to a flea
Suck the blood out, or in this case the dough
Roll with the blow till considered a hoe
Babies are born and pawned off to grandmama
The bitch ain't done, she still lives for the drama
Lookin for another baller
To hit and never call her
All in vain
Life in the Lane
A new crew of hookers on the track from up north
Vice cops, they watch em stroll back and forth
They take a pay-off
Or a blow job just to lay off
The Lane's no joke
Yo, you players stay broke
A ghetto garage makes a nice laboratory
PCP and crystal meth, wars of glory
End of story, gotta watch my back myself
Or else they'll find my body layin on a coroner shelf
It's the Lane


[ VERSE 2 ]
Gees take the game on the road to Minnesota
Supermarket's all sold out on baking soda
Gangbangers start to understand the dope game fast
Kidnap the drug dealers for the ransom cash
Gotta represent, what you say you are, that's a star
Feds got a homing device on your car
That made you easy to follow to Denver, Colorado
Birds you had, 12 now you got a l
Crack babies born in the hospitals cryin
Drive-by shootings can't end, kids are dyin
The cream is the ultimate goal
Gots to roll
Till my cash flow's mega
Baller not a beggar
Bitches workin plastic with the fake ID's
Life in the Lane, stackin up g's
Chop shops taggin up Benzes and Beamers
Crack spots boilin full kilos in beakers
Damn, the game's quicker than shit, don't slip
Cause bet your life there'll be another hustler checkin yo grip
It's the Lane


[ VERSE 3 ]
Brother on parole need a quick lick to come up
The score went bad, now he's back stuck
Bitches settin niggas up jacked and waxed
Small-time workers movin weight in a g ride Lac
Don't talk on your cellular, your phone is tapped
Don't check the rear view, there's no turnin back
It's the Lane, now you're in it, hit the gas and mash
Through the land of the hardcore hoes and cash
Jackers and robbers, hustlers and clockers
Everybody'll squeal, take the l or the deal
Yo, spin the wheel, for the cops you're a meal
Tailor suits gator boots make the fly hoes kneel
But if you miss, my friend, guess what you win
A one-way ticket to the federal state pen
It's the Lane you chose, you fill your shit, ride Rolls
High-priced clothes, baddest fuckin hoes
Anything goes, there's no limit, just mash
The cops will be there when you crash



"The Syndicate"
(feat. Donald D, Hen Gee)

"The Syndicate"
(feat. Donald D, Hen Gee)

Liquid, solid, gas - we'll be kickin ass
In any form, or matter, or mass
(This ain't science class) I know but it's science
From the rhyme boss of the Syndicate alliance
Rhyme Syndicate brotherhood, we rock a blood oath
Radical posse down to death
While your crew's on the tape, Donald-D break

Syndicate comin through, I'm talkin to you
Flexin hardcore, what could you do?
When we roll up you send your girl up to the crib-o
Is it Rambo? No, the mic ammo
Stompin you down on the ground, task forces
Let you know Rhyme Syndicate bosses
Any show, any tour, we house program
Donald-D is who I am, damn

Atttempt to do this, boy, you're takin a risk
Cause my voice sounds doper than a compact disc
Styles and lyrics [?] in the pocket
Stupid dope beats and Evil E rocks it
[?] straight from my heart
My jam is sure to hit the top of the charts
Ram is my sign, he's different from all kinds
Rock you all of the time, just form a single line

A lot of MC's like to talk 'bout they self
A first-grade topic, I think you need help
How many time on one album can you say you're def?
"I'm baaaad" - Yo punk, save your breath
That's weak shit from a weak mind
And a weak mind creates weak rhymes
You ain't never kicked knowledge one time
Just livin on your own dick (that's a crime)
Homeboy, why don't you talk about somethin
You just talkin loud and sayin nothin
And if you get mad, sorry brother
And when you're in LA, watch your colors

I'm a MD, but no medical doctor
Mic-Dominator Donald-D has got you
Comin to the jamboree to hear the poetry
And when you break north, the melody
Stick to your mind like paste, it can't be erased
Face to face I overpower like bass
To the climax, I don't carry a sax
I carry a axe to tax and wax those who rap

Born in Brooklyn, crib West Coast
MC's I toast, you that talk most
Trash, noise, can't throw, get with it
Comin from the mouth of Hen-Gee from the Syndicate
Ballers, mafia down to throw
Gangsters, convicts throwin solid blows
Start prayin, your sisters I'm layin
I'm Hen-Gee, a Spinmaster, hear what I'm sayin?

(Party on the dancefloor)

[DJ Evil E cuts up]
(Evil E's in the place)
(Doggin the wax)

An organization, alliance, no duplication
Rhyme Syndicate, a strong creation
The Syndicate's stronger day by day
12-gauge leave suckers brutally..
Layin in a [?]
Your lines are thin, Hen-Gee came to win
Don't talk a bunch, just known to crunch
My one-two punch will put your butt out to lunch

Full-court pressure's what I'm applyin
No relyin on the next man, roar like a lion
Flexin, plexin ultra, the Bronx is my culture
Strikin hard like a vulture
Flingin, I'm slingin my hammer like Thor
No singin, bringin it raw to the core
Shogun assassin maxin in a limousine
You stick your head in, out comes the guillotine

[?] the game as I kick it
Don't miss it, get with it
Diss it, you're a knucklehead evicted
From the crowd that's proud to be the Syndicate connection
Respect mandatory, up is the direction
I stand alone, one man that's true
But you, my crew, you're on my side
We're on a ride
Power and pride is our gift
And you're down with
The Syndicate