Šta je novo?





It's time to start the party if ya'll don't mind
Me and "E" clean our Adidas with 409
He rocks the highs,I dog the bass
Ya wanna hear us rock?
Here's a taste!!!

Every day I make a sandwich with ham and cheese
Use miracle whip,I don't like mayonnaise
I eat a can of beans,good for my heart
About 1 a.m.,I always.....
Far from me to bite anothers rhyme
They're just too easy to write
I do'em two at a time
Like doggin' the wax and ya don't quit
And if you didn't like that then suck my....
Dictations how I write my raps
Cold maxin' with two freaks upon my lap
Chillin' on the phone,bookin' more def shows
An' if the freaks get illy I smack the....
Whole days of my life are spent inside my bed
Just maxin' an' relaxin' like I'm at club med
Ya say you like this record,you think it's fun?
Party people get stupid we just begun!!!


You're get,get,gettin' real stupid
As the beat hits your body get ill!!!
You ain't dumb you paid dollars to party go off!!
The girl you're dancin' with has got great hips bug out!!
Go on homeboy and grab her.....
Tape recorder turn up the bass
No time to waste just dog the place
R-R-R-Rocket like a missile in space
Evil E keeps his 1200s in an anvil case
We fly T.W.A.,Pan Am,P.S.A
To places close to home,far away
L.A.,New York,Detroit,Miami
If I see a girl and like her then I let her see my....
Jam rockin's how I got my fame,Ice capital T
Evil E's his name
If you can't see who's rockin' you must be blind
You better clean your gazelles with some 409!!!

Go Ice get busy [X2]
Go Evil Get busy [X2]

Turn up your stereo,equalize treble
Bass be kickin' stupid hard as metal
On the mic tonight that's right your rhyme opponent
M.C. Ice T just microphonin'
33 and 1/3 revolutions per minute
This record is def because my heart is in it
Vocals laid by the Ice,tempos tight and precise
Special effects will be created by an editor's splice
The funk is in it,ya dig it so stop that frontin'
Bust a move to my groove work your body do somethin'
No way in the world that you can deny my method
As my record rotates,my words get more impressive
I'm an M.C., Evil's my Dj on Sire Records not M.C.A.
C.B.S.,Capitol,cause they move too slow
Now Sire/Warner Bros. clocks all the dough
As the record revolves money's gettin' made
A.S.C.A.P. pays me every time it's played
I chill in def leathers pure silks and suede
And the gold around my neck will never fade
Down with my Syndicate organized rhyme
Kickin' def tempos that I design
And if you can't hear'em thats such a crime
You better wash your dirty ears with some 409

I always rhyme elite,stay on beat
Travel in a posse when I walk the street
Loved to say my rhymes when I used to max
Now I don't speak much,I save my words for wax
I just wanna make a little point in this song
With a little nonsense we can all get along and on and on
Till the break'a break of dawn
This jam will never play out because the grooves too strong
Guys grab a girl,girls grab a guy
If a guy wants a guy,please take it outside
I wanna make ya enjoy yourself
On the mic tonight Ice T!!Who else?
Evil's on the cuts,Henry Gee's shot gun
Islam's my producer,Bambattas son
Bronx Style Bob's cold watchin' my back
Melle Mel's just layin' for some punks to act wack
Grandmaster Caz and Donald D ,Scott La Rock
Red Alert,Chuck Chill Out
If you're down with my crew you will be fine
But if you ill we'll get dirty-bring your 409!!




"6'n The Mornin'"

"6'n The Mornin'"

6'n the morning' police at my door
Fresh adidas squerk across the bathroom floor
Out the back window I make a escape
Don't even get a chance to grab my old school tape

Mad with no music but happy 'cause I'm free
And the streets to a player is the place to be
Gotta knot in my pocket weighin' at least a grand
Gold on my neck my pistols close at hand

I'm a self-made monster of the city streets
Remotely controlled by hard hip hop beats
But just livin' in the city is a serious task
Didn't know what the cops wanted
Didn't have the time to ask


Seen my homeboys coolin' way out told 'em bout my mornin'
Cold bugged' em out shot allmenn little dice until my knees got sore
Kicked around some stories bout the night before
Possed to the corner where the fly girls chill

Through action at some freaks until one bitch got ill
She started actin' stupid simply would not quit
Called us all punk pussies said we all weren't shit
As we walked over to here hoe continued to speak

So we beat the bitch down in the god damn street
But just livin' in the city a serious task
Bitch didn't know what hit her didn't have time to ask


Continued clockin' freaks with emcee posterior
Rollin' in allmenn blazer with a louie interior
Solid gold the ride was raw
Bust allmenn left turn was on Crenshaw

Sean-e-sean was the driver Known to give freaks hell
Had a beeper goin' off like a high school bell

Looked in the mirror what did we see ?
Fuckin' blue lights L.A. P.D.
Pigs searched our car, their day was made
Found allmenn uzi, 44 and a handgranade

Threw us in the county high power block
No freaks to see no beats to rock
Didn't want trouble but the shit must fly
Squabbled this sucker shanked' em in the eye

But livin' in the county is a serious task
Niga didn't know what happend
Didn't have time to ask

Back on the streets after five and a deuce
Seven years later but still had the juice
My homeboy Ken Gee put me up the track
Told me E's rollin' Villain - BJ's got the sack

Bruce is a giant - Nat C's clockin' Dough
Be bop's a pimp. My old freaks a hoe
The batter rams rollin' rocks are the thing
Life has no meaning and money is king

Then he looked at me slowely and Hen had to grin
He said Man you out early we thought you got ten
Opened his safe kicked me down with cold cash
Knew I would get busy- He didn't waste time to ask


I bought a Benz with the money the rest went to clothes
Went to the strip strted pimpin' the hoes
My hair had grew long on my seven year stay
And when I got it done on my shoulders it lay

Hard from the joint but fly to my heart
I didn't want no trouble but the shit had to start
Out with my crew some ounks got loud
Shot gun blasts echoed throug the crowd

Six punks hit two punks died
All casualities appiled to their side
Human lives has to pass just for talking much trash
We didn't know who they were - No one had the time to ask


[Part Two]

Swat team leader yelled hit the floor
Reached in my pocket pulled my 44
Dove across the room peeped out the window
Twenty cops jumped behind a Pinto
Out the back door like some damn track stars
Broke down an alley jumped into a car

Suckers didn't even see us They musta been Blind
Black wire touched red the car was mine
We hadn't done nothin' but some suckers got shot
Hit the first turn god damn road block

Broke through the block and we did it fast
Cops wouldn't shot us on sight
They wouldn't took time to ask


The rollers gave chase at a serious speed
One more conviction was all I need
This shit was for real

This was no La-Di-Da-Di
Cause the boys had to pin the shit on somebody
And me and my crew we were known to get ill
We carried heat for protection but not to kill

We bust a corner doin 60 one police car spun
And all I was thinkin was murder one
Bust a move into an alley and did it right
And me and my vrew we're gone into the night

Broke to my old lady's who drew me a bath
She didn't even know what happend
Didn't care Didn't ask


Qwe made love like crazy on top of the sheets
This girlie was my worlie a natural freak
She ran her tonuge over each and every part of me
Then she rocked my amadeus as I watched TV

A technican with a mission that's what she was
If there had been a crowd she would of got an applause
This girl did everything on earth to me that could be done
The she backed off and teased me so I couldn't come

Then she cold got stupid pushed me on the floor
Had me beggin' to stop as I was acreamin' for more
After she waxed by body she let me crash
She knew her lovin' was def
She didn't waste time to ask


Up the next mornin' feelin good as hell
Sleepin' with a girlie sure beats a cell
Hit the boulevard in my A.M.G.
Hoe's catchin' whiplash tryin' to glimpse the T

Ring on my mobile yes celluar
Got to have a phone when I'm in my car
Was my homeboy Red Some say he's insane
Broke his bitch jaw for smkin' came

Told me to meet him at the airporrt
Said he's jumpin' bail said he just left court
Caught the first thing smokin' in a serious dash
Didn't know where we were going.
Didn't care Didn't ask


Fell a sleep on the plane and so did he
Woke up chillin' in N.Y.C.
Called up my posse when I got there
Hit the Latin qarter Union Square

Rooftop Devil's nest the rest we passed
Back doored the Palladium just for class
About 4 am we crashed the deuce
We never catch static 'cause my boys got juice

Deuced it to the Bronx to rest our heads
Where a shoot out jumped off mine people lay dead
It sounded like it happend with a mac 10 blast
But it was 6'in the mornin'
We didn't wake up to ask.....



"7th Deadly Sin (Intro)"
(feat. Jay-Z)

"7th Deadly Sin (Intro)"
(feat. Jay-Z)

Seven deadly sins [repeated several times - Morgan Freeman]

Yeah yeah yo Ice what's up?
Just chilling ya heard? It's the god.
Know what I mean?
Heard you preparing to drop this 7th deadly sin
Know what I mean?
Just showing, you know, love, you know what I mean?
One player to another, you know coastal
How we do you know? Connect
Hit me up, give me a call. You know how we do?
Peace out
Roc-A-Fella Style, Peace

Motherfuckers said I'd never survive, here I am
Check your sound scan virally grand out the box
Bitches and glocks, hoes got rocks on my table
Fuck your cable, you better Ice that shit
Fuck you income you better twice that shit
You couldn't see me if you stood right in front of a pimp
You niggas make a million dollar but still manage to sink
I can stop for 10 years and still be 5 years in front of ya
What do ya want?
Mad bitched to flaunt
And mad wealth, but you fuckin hoes yourself
If you caught one its like a lesbian connect
You and a bitch all pussy no dick
Since '86 I been bustin off clips
Mashin mad whips, bendin hot chicks
Westside them niggas that ride for this shit
Fly to New York City, crack a Brooklyn bitch
You see me in a tunnel with my niggas on hit
Light skinned nigga in the full ink mink
Fuckin off chump change on bitches and drinks

(Yo Ice you fuck that bitch?)

Nigga what do you think?
I aint fuckin these hoes cause these bitches aint payin
Pimpin to me, that aint no bullshit sayin
Every song I hear today's about straight trickin
Mother fuck a bitch, hoe get your heels kickin
And all you niggas out there that don't like me
Fuck you! Fuck what you're goin through, fuck your hood
And all my real motherfuckers know it's all in the good
A nigga came up like a real pimp should
I feel you players out there givin me love
And all my dead homies watchin me from above
And all you down bitches recognize in the heat
Step to a pimp when you see me on the street
Let a nigga know that you down to hoe
Represent the Ice and collect the dough
This aint nothing new aint no mother fuckin façade
I've bee rockin shit for over 10 years god
You haters paralyze when a real baler comes around
Nigga give it up and put you fuckin head down
Cause you don't wanna talk to about how much dope you sold
You don't wanna talk 'bout how hard you claim your role
You don't really look me in the eyes sucker
(Know why?) Cause game knows game
And I don't know you buster
You got a deal with you own reflection in the mirror
So what you did a bid
You still a bitch kid
And not too many niggas gonna do what I did
Come off the streets, make raps about the lifestyle
Real for my niggas from the ghetto to the penile
Say what you will I moved to the hills
The seventh deadly is envy
Nigga fuck how you feel!


"99 Problems"
(feat. Brother Marquis)

"99 Problems"
(feat. Brother Marquis)

Yeah, last year a lot of motherfuckers asked me
why I didn't do no old sex nasty shit
But this year I went down to Miami and got my nigga from 2 Live
Brother Marquis in the house! (Yeah I'm the motherfuckin nigga)
Yeah, we gonna answer the question about girl problems
All these niggaz is havin girl problem, Marq
(Huh, tell them man, tell them how it is)
Lemme tell you what time is it...

I got a ho from the East, got a ho from the West
Got a ho that likes to jack it off and rub it in her chest
I got a ho from the North, a ho from the South
A ho that likes to suck it long and hold it in her mouth
I got a bitch with hair, a bitch with none
A bitch with a knife, a bitch with a gun
A bitch with a ass big as a TV set
And there's a bitch over there; hey, the one I'm gonna get
But yo but maybe not, she might not like me though
No sweat to a vet; I'll slam a sista though, word
Ice in the whole damn herd
I fuck 'em all and leave 'em on the curve
I got a bitch with a mink, who rocks a fat gold link
who likes to fuck me with her ass up on the kitchen sink
Got a bitch with tits, a bitch with ass
A bitch with none, but hey I give her a pass
And I love 'em all, I love 'em crazily
And they love me back - that's why they stay with me
So if you havin girl problems, I'll be there for you son
Got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one - hit it...
Nah a bitch ain't one

I got a bitch that's old, a bitch that's new
A bitch who love velvet in the colors blue
I got a bitch who's fat, a bitch who's built
A bitch who all her titties give out powdered milk
I got a bitch who's funny, a bitch who ain't
A bitch who can sing, a bitch who cain't
A bitch who loves fuckin on a airplane..
I even got a bitch off +Soul Train+
I got a bitch who rolls a rag-top Benz..
Long ends
I got a bitch who's broke as a bum..
But she's the most fun
I got a bitch who play piano, a bitch who don't
A bitch who dances naked, a bitch who won't
A bitch who's short, a bitch who's tall
A bitch who burns my pager with priority calls
And I love 'em all, I love 'em crazily
And they love me back - that's why they stay with me
So if you havin girl problems, I'll be there for you son
Got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one - hit me

Yo Marquis - you from Miami man why don't you show
these motherfuckers all the over the world; the 2 Live style
of how the bitches treat a motherfuckin fly nigga like you

[Brother Marquis]
I got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one of them
I don't trip on hos, cause I don't need none of them
Pussy's the temptation, dick's the persuasion
All hos suck cock nigga how you play 'em?
That's why I don't sleep on 'em, I just freak on 'em
Stick dick in they mouth; take it out and I skeet on 'em
The nigga the one-nighter, the bitch exciter
I only love my hos when I'm goin up inside her
Problem number one is gettin money
I'd rather taste the green than sip the honey
So don't expect nuttin cause I ain't offerin
I go hard on my bitches, cause I'm never never softenin
Puttin the demand on 'em, fuck 'em and scram on 'em
The "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" game is ran on 'em
So fuck how you feel, you fuckin cheap thrill
I hope you took the pill cause I won't pay the bill
Gettin pussy's just another expense
If pussy pays the bills then dick pays the rent
I only need a ho for one thing and that's to cum
I've got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one!

Ha! Yo Marquis my motherfucker you got problems man?
(A bitch ain't one) Aww shit!
Now let me tell you how to do this shit

[M] I got a bitch that loves to G
She'll fuck you right after she fucks me
[M] I got a bitch who loves both
I got a bitch who loves handcuffs and ropes
I got a bitch that's fast, a bitch that's slow
[M] A bitch that's a virgin and a bitch that's a ho
A bitch that lies
[M] A bitch that's true
A bitch who's a man BECAUSE THEY'RE "Bitches 2"
I got a bitch that's cool
[M] A bitch that's hot
A bitch who loves rap, a bitch who loves rock
A bitch who's lost and one who knows where it's at
She gets up under me and purrs like a cat
[M] I got a bitch that runs, I got a bitch that walks
[M] I got a bitch that yells, I got a bitch who talks
I got a bitch that's dirty, got a bitch that's neat
I got a super fine bitch that I knocked in the swap meet

And I love 'em all, I love 'em crazily
And they love me back - that's why they stay with me
So if you havin girl problems, I'll be there for you son
I got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one - hit me...
No a bitch ain't one..
(Huh, you know a bitch ain't one!)

Youknahmsayin? I got problems with my motherfuckin rent Marquis
But a bitch ain't one

[Brother Marquis]
Man you got yourself nothin man
Fuck them raggedy stank-ass hos nigga

A bitch ain't one
I got a problems stayin out here on these streets
with the police trying to take a nigga out, y'know?
But a bitch ain't one
Got problems with motherfuckers.. buyin my records
But a bitch ain't one

[Brother Marquis]
Fuck 'em all, nigga fuck them motherfuckers

Youknahmsayin? A bitch ain't one
Got problems man

[Brother Marquis]
All them motherfuckers can kiss my motherfuckin ass.. f'real

Really, niggaz worryin about bitches
They better, they better find somethin else to worry about
[fades out]


"A Lotta Niggas"
(feat. Sean E. Sean)

"A Lotta Niggas"
(feat. Sean E. Sean)

[Sean E. Sean] Yo, what up my nigga Ice?

[Ice-T] Yo, what's up Sean E. Sean? how you're living, baby?

[Sean E. Sean]
Yo man, cool it up
You know, it ain't me man, but a lot of niggaz, man
It ain't me, a lot of niggaz is saying, man
You went out, doing the movies, you know
You got the BC, Rock & Roll band, you know
You supposed to be Ice-T - O.G. - Hip-Hop

Yo, yo, check this out man!
A lot of niggaz don't know what a DI blow is
Is that mean I don't want one?
A lot of niggaz got lot to say about Rap
But ain't never grabbed the mic and rocked one goddamn show
A lot of niggaz still on the street cause they worried about
what a lot of niggaz would say if they go out and get a job
I've never ran with a lot of niggaz
I only ran with the Real Niggaz, you know what I'm saying?
And if you ain't willing to do shit your way
Then you have to copy a lot of niggaz, and that copy can't be real
It could only be counterfeit
And a lot of niggaz had never figure that shit out
Yo, I'm out here man, Peace!

[Sean E. Sean]
Word! man
FUCK them bitch ass niggaz!


"Addicted To Danger"

"Addicted To Danger"

"Yo whats up man? Yeah I gotta trunk fulla this shit
Word, broads still with me man, comin over to grapevine right now
Yo I can't talk right now man, I gotta get off this phone"

Damn, how'd I get into this scam
Roll in a car with the trunk worth 5000 grand
I came up from the curb, word
First thing it rocks, now my ride's packin crazy birds
I gotta freak in the front seat
She got crazy game, might even have more than me
And thats why I don't trust, I ain't no busta
One wrong move and I'll dust her
But she knows that, keeps a gat
Works much plastic, always stays on phat
She said she loves me
Looks deep in my eyes, sometimes cries, all lies
She only loves my cash flow, long dough
The falso love of a pimp and a hoe
But me and her gotta job to do
Get this luggage back to the crew
She got scanner, I hadta listen to the pigs talk
And if they speakin about us then its jumpin off
But I ain't sweatin them at all
2 cops'll roll up and 2 cops'll fall
The lines on the highway, I'm makin my mind drift away
To my last jail stay
5 years for a 459
I'm never goin back, no matter what the crime
Surrenderin ain't me
Fuck that, I'm holdin court in the street G
For a nigga like me there ain't no ounce
My life filled with drug busts and shoot outs
Pure ghetto anger, pure ghetto anger
Pure ghetto anger, I'm addicted to danger
Some nights I crash clubs
Rollin with the posse made of well-known thugs
Cool out with the freaks
Truckin much jewels, beggin for beef
Thens some niggaz roll up
Lookin for a way to pump the reps up
But I ain't the one
I'm handin out beat downs, no need for guns
Sometimes I gotta ask myself
Is all this buck whylin good for a niggaz health?
I don't know why
Am I suicidal, do I wanna die?
The answerin, simple
A headache throbs in my temple
It says it ain't fair, it says it ain't right
It says its goin down tonight
We finally made it to the drop spot
King and Weston Ave, snoody fox
The posse was there, but it ain't right
Fuckin police lights
Its all goin down that road blocks
I never seen that many cops
It was a setup, my whole damn crew's gettin wet up
Big time, some motherfucker dropped a dime
But even in the flurry of gun shots
My adrenaline was boilin hot
I crash down on the floor of the ride
Punch the gas, drove that benz through they punk ass
Hit Vernor doin 90
Looked in the rear-view, no one behind me
I got on the phone
Called up the homies to see what went wrong
But no time to sweat that
I still gotta trunk fulla shit, I was on phat
I just need a cool place to hide
Dumped the benzo, slammed the G ride
Me and a freak hit a motel crash spot
The streets was hot
Rubbed me down, said she adored me
Said the gunfire made her horny
The she pushed me back on the bed
Licked me head to toe, toe to head
Then I closed my eyes real slowly
Is this love? No not me
Then I felt a pain in my chest
The smell of gun powder and burnt flesh
I looked in her face, opened my mouth
And then her badge came out


"Ain't A Damn Thing Changed"

"Ain't A Damn Thing Changed"

Ban me? Try it
You might cause a riot
What the radio won't play the underground will supply it
I'm a MC pirate, this loud not quiet
Radical as they make, they make a rule I'll defy it
Critics may say I'm wise, some may call my words lies
I've lived more in one day than they will in their lives
Cops hate kids and kids hate cops
Cops kill kids with warning shots
What is crime and what is not?
What is justice? I think I forgot
Squeeze the trigger, 1986
Ain't a damn thing changed motherfucker


"Always Wanted To Be A Ho"

"Always Wanted To Be A Ho"

This goes out to all you ladies out there.
A lot of you won't grow up to be lawyers or doctors,
but you have a dream. And I think you should follow your dream.

When you was just a little girl, you used to love nice things
Pretty party dresses, candy and rings
You was your Momma's little angel, Daddy's little girl
They used to fix your hair up in pretty ribbons and curls
Your sex drive was much deeper than the rest of the girls
You used to freak your boyfriends, take them 'round the world
As a teen, you didn't like school that much
Your moms drank, your daddy likes to cuddle and touch
Too much, so you hit the street looking for love
Affection and devotion, met none of the above
Met me in the club working your fake id
Looked me in the face like a slave set free
I said walk into my eyes baby, come with me
I can show you things that you dream to see
Take you off the street get you something to eat
Something nice to wear and a place to sleep
My name is Ice, I'm the nicest guy you're ever gonna meet
Tell me what you want, I'll make your life complete
She said, I always wanted to be a ho
I always wanted to be a ho

You just had to find the player that was right for you,
Now you met the Ice baby, and your dreams came true

The first thing we're gonna do is buy yourself a new dress
Take some pictures, put you in the LA Express
Teach you how to walk in some high heeled shoes
Let you strut your stuff by the House of Blues
Or farther down Sunset where the tricks all cruise
"Are you my pimp?"
Oh dear God don't say that
I'm your manager, your boyfriend, you're agent, your mack
Now I'm a do my hair baby, I'll be right back
Because we gotta look good when we hits the track
Now your real name? "Shirl"
Yeah, we gotta change that
I think I'll call you Apple, cause your ass is kinda fat
How old are you? "16"
Well that's just right
But you're 18 if anybody asks tonight
I'm a teach you how to get this long paper right
Catch a trick, suck his dick, break his ass for life
Cause I love you, that's all you really need to know
I'm 'bout to miss my hair appointment, girl I got to go
She said, I always wanted to be a ho
I always wanted to be a ho

You just had to find the player that was right for you,
Now you met the Ice baby, and your dreams came true

"Now what if I meet a trick that got long cash?"
That's when I call the crew with the black ski masks
But right now we'll only worry 'bout the basic stroll
Hooking up my Cadillac, and upping my gold
A hundred for a full hit, 50 for a hand
Throw in a blow job, they'll fuck off grands
I may even put you where the real johns at
Some call the strip club, I call the indoor track
They got lap dancers, table dancers, mad back rooms
And you can double up your profit if you take them home
"I wanna be the best"
Well this game's the test
G-string bikinis and silicone breasts
Suckas break themselves just to sniff your nest
And if you get tired, I got crystal meth
"I think I'm in love..."
Baby doll it's on
You were made for me baby, since the day you were born

You just had to find the player that was right for you
Now you met the Ice baby, and your dreams came true

Yeah baby, we gonna do a lot of beautiful things for each other
You know what I'm saying?
We gonna get me a new car
We gonna get me some better jewelry
Some nicer rags, you know what I'm saying?
We gonna help each other out, you know what I'm saying?
We gonna get me a new pad, you know?
Maybe get me a Rolex
We gonna do a lot of things for each other, it's gonna be beautiful
Me and you
I love you baby
We gonna put a whole lot of money in my pocket
That's what we gonna do. You are so cute in that dress
That's right
Damn, go on,
get your ass out there and do something right quick for a player
Yeah I love you, get your fucking ass out there
I love you, get the fuck out.. aiite..


"Ballin' Bitch I Knew"

"Ballin' Bitch I Knew"

Mad game she was too damn fly
Gotta get that girl, I gotta get that girl
Mad game she was too damn fly
Gotta get that girl, I gotta get that girl
This is a love song
Mad game she was too damn fly
Gotta get that girl, I gotta get that girl
Mad game she was too damn fly
Gotta get that girl, I gotta get that

Sit back and kick it for a minute or two
Let me tell you 'bout this ballin' ass bitch I knew
No joke, she'd leave a nigga broke quicker than shit
Hardcore, she'd leave a motherfucker dyin' for more
It was drama when you met her right up till she left
Therefore a lot of motherfuckers that met their death
No way to figure her out 'cause she was too complex
No way to leave her alone because she had mad sex
Had a body that could make the hardest nigga weak
Talked with her eyes, the homegirl really didn't really have to speak
Set ya up like a puppet then she'll blow you away
Different nigga, different sucker every fuckin' day
Mad game, she could talk like an angel
Make it seem so real, the girl had mad skill
To make a brother open up and spill his whole program
I seen the girl in action and I say 'goddamn'
If me and her could role we'd be like Bonnie and Clyde
Make a million dollars, buy some fat ass rides
Fly around the world and break a mark a day
Love it every minute 'cause we'd love to play
And this is somethin' that I just had to do
I had to get next to, this ballin' bitch I knew

Mad game she was too damn fly
Gotta get that girl, I gotta get that girl
Mad game she was too damn fly
Gotta get that girl, I gotta get that girl
This ballin' bitch I knew
Mad game she was too damn fly
Gotta get that girl, I gotta get that girl
Mad game she was too damn fly
I gotta get that girl, I gotta get that

Too fly when baby walked or talked
She had mad niggas stupid over her from L.A. to New York
Strap a nickel twenty-five to her thigh, don't try
Quick to catch a body, she pumped shotties
I had to have this girl
She was the baddest hustlin' apparatus, ass was the fattest, 'damn'
I stepped to her in the club and cracked a fly grin, 'what up'
Let the games begin
I hit her with a overload of high-tech dialect
Then it was set, she eyed my Rolex
I walked straight through her eyes into her head, 'psshh'
Moved some things around, made the bed
She looked at me like a slave set free
Asked me my name I told her 'Ice T'
She said she heard my name in the game
Said she heard I got juice, she said she heard I got fame
Huh, I gotta watch this expert in gassin', beatin' and breakin'
Bustin' and blastin'
I took her to her crib in my rag top ac
Spot was fat
Black leather and chrome to the dome
Twenty-fifth floor, leaded glass doors
She took me in her room and laid me down on her bed
The black widow's web
And now I'm thinkin' 'bout what to do
With this ballin' bitch I knew


She came in the bed head first like she was dying of thirst
Thought I would burst
But this was sexual competition
Lift her ass in the air, made my precision incision
I beat the pussy up like a Tyson fight
While I politely sixty-nined her all night
She had erotic super freaky sexy tongue techniques
Slipped down beneath, kissed my feet, uh
And even though the girl was great
I jumped off the pussy, kicked back and watched her masturbate
Next day she called me 'the king'
Kissed my ring
Said I made her hormones sing
Then she opened up a closet full of fly men's clothes
All my size, couldn't believe my eyes
Then she broke into tears
Told me how she wanted me near
Said she watched my style for years
Cracked the safe, there had to be at least a hundred g's
And said 'please'
Let me be your true, I'll do whatever you want me to
I'll hold the world for you, 'right'
She kicked the ?? and the choice was me
And now I got a down ass gee
When we hit this together just like Bonnie and Clyde
Made a million dollars, bought some fat ass rides
Flew around the world and broke a mark a day
Lovin' every minute 'cause we love to play
And for me she turned to be this hustler's troop
Somehow I got next to, that ballin' bitch I knew

Mad game she was too damn fly
Somehow I got that girl, somehow I got that girl
Mad game she was too damn fly
Somehow I got that girl, somehow I got that girl
This ballin' bitch I knew
Mad game she was too damn fly
Somehow I got that girl, somehow I got that girl
Mad game she was too damn fly
Somehow I got that girl, somehow I got that

Hustler's dream


"Bang Bang"
(feat. Smoothe Da Hustler, Trigger Tha Gambler)

"Bang Bang"
(feat. Smoothe Da Hustler, Trigger Tha Gambler)

[Trigg:] Trigger Tha Gambler
[Ice-T:] Iceberg
[Smooth] I'm Smoothe Da Hustler
[Trigg:] So come check us out at, sexmoneyguns.com
[Ice-T:] Yeah
[Smooth] What?
[Ice-T:] SMG motherfucker, you heard about it?!!
[Smooth] Fagots know
[Ice-T:] It's going down, niggaz started sounding like motherfucking pussies out there
[Smooth] They carry Guns dogg!! no matter..
[Ice-T:] It's real, this is it nigga, yeah, this is Gangster Rap
[Smooth][?] heard about it! smell y'all, smell y'all
[Ice-T:] Iceberg in the place
[Smooth] Uhha!
[Ice-T:] Gambler, Hustler, it's going down bitch!!

[Chorus: Ice-T X2]
Bang bang; Every time we come around your city
Bang bang; Twenty macks hold about fifty
Bang bang; Should've claimed your block out quickly
Bang bang; Bang bang!!

[Verse 1: Ice-T]
Out on time gagging; just came to take the sock out of your mouth
Then take you in the backyard and blow your fucking brains out [Explosion]
Twist the game up, complex, gangster confusing
You'll never know which strap I'm using
Whores speak the tunes in; better than Gs, hand the heat off
Catch you in the V-I-P, knock your whole street off
Catch you in a vall-ey, leave you on your bailey
Watch for the ricochet cause.. this is L.A.
Home of the Body-bag, home of the toe-tag
Home of the Blue and Red rags, and the pants sag
Pull out your gat nigga, dress for the freeze tag
You think I care, I put on my vest before my underwear
Never smiled nigga, don't talk that much
My gat's cold, I feel it when it's touching my nuts
Let's get it going, fuck the flowing, bring your drama
And don't forget your body armor

[Chorus: Ice-T with minor variations X2]

[Verse 2: Trigger Tha Gambler]
It's the black beast from Brownsville
Scaring like the dark block when the Hounds kill
You found scar in your life, I found steel
Never left a gunfight until the ground's filled
Never ran, never will, I take blocks and raid spots
Whatever that the round spills, is where the tape stops
Since a kid, we kept a grudge, we hate cops
SMGs the replay switch, .38 the glocks
Play heading niggaz, I can flip your blow bouts
Heat niggaz by these whores, split the skull out
It's the reason why; Def Jam held me back
My mind is out of the troll; they had to mail me tracks
Trigger's whack; what hell is that? - I spit like the gat
I'm iller than your Rasta, you ain't got to tell me that
96 I was back, hard to the core
Flex was dropping bombs, like a station just blown to roar

[Chorus: Ice-T with minor variations X2]

[Verse 3: Smoothe Da Hustler]
Every time Brooklyn in the place "BANG BANG!!"
Anytime Hustler on the Mic "Same thang!!"
Hit your head, lift your chain
Watch your brains hang, so maintain nigga
It's the New York native, Brooklyn ripper
Niggaz move back when I cop the groove back like stirrer
I'm a dolo dirt doer, I do that better
Nigga trip, triggers drip, spit through that leather
Shoot at, do the damage down and dirty, I demonstrate
Destruction with the Derringer, and watch niggaz disintegrate
I'm no joke, blow, gunsmoke, if one choked that's one hope
And for second you got the next one wope
No folks on both coasts who throw toasts
Butter niggaz out for the bread, I'm drawing votes
Hustler figured fuck for the bread, I roll with both to keep my .44 so close

[Chorus: Ice-T X2]