Šta je novo?
"Last Hope"

"Last Hope"
[DMX - Intro]
Fucking Assholes
Do it every time man
Every time man
Every time they do it to me


[Hook - Adreena Mills]
I gotta make it out, or move quickly
Can't allow the past to restrict me
Bet this time around they won't skip me
I am the last hope (The Champ!)
Won't hesitate not even for a second
The hustle has become an obsession
I'm on the frontlines with my weapon
I am the last hope

[DMX - Verse 1]
Damn, I went through it again
After telling everybody I wouldn't do it again
I kinda feel like I let my people down (yup)
But to get them right, I got's to pick myself up (come on)
When I heard this beat and hook, it was so raw (uhh)
Looked in the mirror, didn't like what I saw, (uhh)
All I could say was: ahh man shit gotta change (forreal!)
Even get it right and take one to the brain (blam!)
But y'all knew the pain that I went through daily, (woooh)
Tryna stay sane through the rain, y'all hear me
I'm slippin', fallin', I can't get up
But this time I'm outta control, I don't give a fuck!
But for the thugs!, I'm the last hope for the team (come on!)
I'm the reason why some niggas, gotta hole in a dream (come on!)
These cats know what's good, I am the hood (Aii)
I ain't hoping that they don't, I wish a nigga would (come on!)
I gotta make it out, or move quickly
Can't allow the past to restrict me
Bet this time around they won't skip me
I am the last hope (The Champ!)
Won't hesitate not even for a second
The hustle has become an obsession
I'm on the frontlines with my weapon
I am the last hope

[DMX - Verse 2]
I gots to do it for me, do it for them, (yeah)
I ain't playing with this shit, I'ma do it to win
Know I can do it again, (come on) cause I did it before
With little to no effort, and y'all niggas knew the score (for real)
First album dropped in may, the second in december
Over platinum in one year like, y'all don't remember, (come on)
Only nigga who's first 5 albums debut at number 1
And you wonder why I call you son (my son)
I just begun, to get started, but the hardest part of it all
Is to climb a slippery wall and, still don't fall
Break down and call up to God, when it get to hard
I know you ain't gonn' let me go now! (please) brought me too far
Showed me I was as a star, all my life
I know it, all it right, before I, call it a night
I'mma thank you for it all, the blessings and the curses
And I hope you listening, there's a lesson in the verses

[Hook - Adreena Mills]
I gotta make it out, or move quickly
Can't allow the past to restrict me
Bet this time around they won't skip me
I am the last hope (The Champ!)
Won't hesitate not even for a second
The hustle has become an obsession
I'm on the frontlines with my weapon
I am the last hope

[DMX - Outro]
Does it bother me?
Yeah of course it bothers me
That's not who I am, I'm not you know, the person the media portrays me to
Be, ya mean?
"Let Me Be Your Angel"

"Let Me Be Your Angel"
Let me be your angel, let me be the one... (let me be [x3])
You believe in,

[Verse 1:]
It started of dark, mostly night,
Wouldn't dare let my darkness bring someone light,
I gladly go through it all for the purpose of a lesson,
That will hopefully turn out to be a blessing,
No second guessing,
Let me be an example of how strong this love is,
And to never put anything above his, 'cause what if,
It wasn't unconditional, then what would we do,
If he did how we do,
We know we wouldn't suppose to do the things
That we did but we did 'em,
And if that wasn't bad enough then we hit 'em,
But you saw it all, So we only lie to ourselves
Help us, save us from hell,
Let me be!

Let me be your angel, let me be the one for you,
Let me be your angel, let me be the one... (let me be [x2], let me see!)
You believe in,

[Verse 2:]
I ask a lot of questions, 'cause I need a lot of answers,
Sometimes I think I need to ask the questions faster,
Surrounded by confusion, am I winning or losing?
Is it because the lifestyle that I'm choosing?
Ups and downs, Right from wrongs,
Goods from bads, Rob out the ghetto all the good I had,
Still I grab, opportunity and ran with it,
And a brother still can't get it, man quit it,
All lives have already been written,
There's no need for asking'
Don't mess with the fruit that's forbidden,
We know god loves us, but don't test faith,
Because woulda coulda shoulda are all to late!

Let me be your angel, let me be the one for you,
Let me be your angel, let me be the one...
You believe in,

So many nights I felt alone,
Without a friend I want to call on,
Unlike the rain would never end,
Until you came and found a friend,
And through my ups and my downs,
I have someone to stick around,
Your the reason I keep believing!

[Chorus: x2]
Let me be your angel, let me be the one for you,
Let me be your angel, let me be the one...
You believe in,

I wanna be, I wanna be your angel...
"Life Is What You Make It"

"Life Is What You Make It"
Yo ill will, ruff ryders
what what, sraight like that

You a killer or a hustler, dealer or customer
Gangsta or buster, youngster or old nigga
A weed head, a coke sniffer
You rich or a broke nigga
Know you all relate to this shit that i wrote niggas
Lots of my mans trapped up in a max
Penatentary, sending me letters i answer back
That eventually, we all be bentley'ed out
Throwing campaigns, fuck it I'm running for White House
My niggas control Senate, pipe seats jeeps tinted
Mad Lewinsky chicks, some kinky shit
Did dirt now I knew it would come back one day
So I'm on point, scrap, prepare for gunplay
Stared at one face, thought it was beef he looked familiar
Ready to blast ,nigga gave me daps said I feel ya
Can't believe how my life changed
From the hood, the first time in my life I can say i did the right thing

[Chorus: 4x]
Life is what you make it nigga, I'ma make it
No matter what it takes my nigga, we gonna take it (uh)

uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
Everyday shit, around the way shit got me stressed (what)
So i keep on the vest in case a nigga wanna test (uh)
I got no time for games cause I'm all grown up
You wanna joke nigga? laugh when you get blown up (come on)
See how funny it is when your kids aint got no father
Cause you played it sweet now you floating in the harbor (for real)
Shit is hectic so respect it for your health (what)
Didn't think it was right, you should've checked it yourself (come on)
Life is too short to get caught up in some dumb shit
Wake up one day, 40 years old on some bumb shit
Time flew by, you was too fly to see the light
Everyday it's getting darker then comes the night
Now what? (what) realize that you ain't got shit (uh)
Not long ago you was the man on some hot shit
So just peep the flow yo, cause you already in this
Make sure your shit is right kid and handke your business (uh huh)


Make history before you go
Fuck the misery, you po we gettin doe
Except the ?dollars? other reasons why I'm living yo (why?)
Time is viable
Low and behold the young, black, and powerful
Got to eat yo, everyday my daughters feet grow
You wack and cheap with the doe, my heat could blow
Payin doctors when I'm born, a preacher when I'm buried
That's why cash is needed for my kids to inherit
Gotta pay just for living, tax life is a b'ness (business)
If you catch a bad deal, watch your life deminish
Deals made by God and the Devil, and we in it
Pawns in the game, can't complain or say shit
Just strap up and hold on, hope for the best
prepare for the worse, no fears no nothing on earth
No tears if I'm dumped in a hearse, I won't be the first
Nor the last nigga, let's get this cash nigga

"Money, Cash, Hoes"

"Money, Cash, Hoes"

Turn the lights all the way
Turn the lights all the way down
What Uhhuh Yeah
Come on
Big flow
(GGRRRRRR) Come on yeah come on

Yo Yo J-A-Y, I flow sick
Fuck all y'all haters blow dick
I spits the game for those that throw bricks
Money cash hoes money cash chicks what
Sex murder and mayhem romance for the street
Only wife of mines is a life of crime
And since, life's a bitch in mini-skirts and big chests
How can I not flirt with death
That's life's a nigga, long as life prevent us
We gonna send a lot and pray to Christ forgive us
Fuck it
Ice the wrists and raise the price on these niggaz
Y'all cant floss on my level
I'll invite you all to get wit us if ya ball is glitter
When I go all the harlem playaz wall my picture
If you get close enough you can read the scripture
It reads money cash hoes how real was that nigga what

[Chorus: (repeat 2X)]

Money cash hoes money cash hoes (WHAT)
Money cash hoes money cash hoes (UHH)
Money cash hoes money cash hoes (COME ON)
Money cash hoes (WHAT) hoes (WHAT) hoes (WHAT)

Flavors robust platinum and gold touch
Y'all rap now, fast money lets slow it up
Niggaz try to stop Jay-Z to no luck
Roc-A-Fella foreva CEO what what
Us the villains, fuck your feelings
While yall playa hate we in the upper millions
Whats the dealings (huh) its like New York's been soft
Ever since Snoop came through and crushed the buildings
I'm tryin to restore the feelings fuck the lord keep dealing
More money more cash more chilling
I know they gone criticize the hook on this song
Like I give a fuck I'm just a crook on this song
Bed-Stuy Brooknon took on the world
Shit I led a life you can write a book on
Sex murder and mayhem romance for the street
Man and I tell ya itll be the best seller

[Chorus: (2X)]


D-M-X and my dogs bite
Jigga my nigga rhyme all night
Thugs for life one night with this rap shit
Let em go and I bet they know what'll happen
When we clap shit
Actin like we owe em something
Then we show em something
Talk greasy I think they found em down the road or something
Fuckin wit a madman in a bad mood
Its like fuckin wit a mad dog that wasnt fed food
And the only thing thats stoppin him is you
Cause the only thing that he'll be droppin is you
Topic include; choppin in two
Drop it to Clue and the response from the street
This was one dog that loves raw meat
But gettin back to just cause I, love my niggaz
I shed blood, for my niggaz
Let a nigga holler where my niggaz
All I'ma hear is right here my nigga

[Chorus: (2X)]
Roc-A-Fella shit uhhuh
Ruff Ryders
My nigga Swizz
Uhhuh uhhuh
Dont stop biatch
Uhhuh yeah
Inspect the game yo


Niggas is dead, dead I tell you, can't be serious
What you think is gonna happen
with three of the illest niggas together
Street music and so fourth on one track,huh?
Can't be serious, it's murda nigga, huh, it's Murda

Motha fuckers wanna kill me but don't got the heart
To look me in the eyes with the nine and spark
Cause whether your for or against this
When I spit with murderous intentions, everybody goes everybody knows
The weapons I possess they not for show
And you put dresses on your weapons when you walk out the door
See once I flash mother fuckers better do the one shot dash
Or be one shot ass
J to the A-Y to the drive by to your hood screamin bye-bye to you
Why would you fuck with me
Knowing I put you six feet deep and them niggas could die wit'cha
Cock the hot pistol and pop the hot Cristal
And promise you only one thing, to not miss you
Jahova know the god that served ya
Cause dead or alive when I arrive it's Murda

Shit I hope ya'll niggas know to lay low now
Cause thou shall perish if you don't bow down
Cause I hit em on sight, its dark dim the lights
You shot twice god bless to this the night
That alot of niggas fear the coming of their life
And you dead right be in hell looking for ice
Fuckin with Ja you bitch niggas talking shit
All on my dick you broke niggas making me rich
You gonna blaze me cause you high ripped off the henne rock
Flow semi-hot handling me your not
Check my forte not even on a bad day you beat this
Rather beat your dick or your bitch
My flow be the sick shit, pray again
Niggas dying cause they know I spit like iron, nothing but bark flyin
Flows and mics, hell and night, go together like heaven and light
Niggas ain't seein my plight, It's alright
I let the world know I shine like ice
I bet it all I can throw a hard four in the dice
Cause I'm a gambling man, you should gamble with a gat in your hand
Spin in barrel and put it to your head
Cause we don't dance no more all we do is cock and spit
Dedicated to giving you nothing but thug shit
Think we playing, you undoubtable fall further
Fuckin with I N C is Murda


I'm a crudy nigga, goin raw-dogin dirty bitches
And if I give birth I'm giving that shit to thirty bitches
You say you know a nigga like me, guess again Poppy
I might smile up in your face but I ain't your friend Poppy
Jump out the fifteen hundred like runnin, niggas don't want it
Get it, Done it, when I'm blunted
However it went down, I made it happen, made it scrapin
I made it fussin, bustin, I made it cappin
And lettin off wasn't nothing new to a nigga
Something to do to a nigga, Cause you is a fool nigga
I know your type, you hype, all up off that fake shit
You can't understand why a man would have to take shit
Or steal shit, but this is that real, niggas kill shit, peel shit
I hit you in your head you won't feel shit!!!
Let the dogs lose on a niggas ass
Find out if the niggas faster then the trigger's blast
A fucking snake in the truest form
Knowin damn well that what I do is wrong, plus what I do is strong
Niggas is makin movies so i gots to stop production
I need a block to function and maybe I'll stop destructin
The blocks is not for frontin, So let me get that shorty
Cause you don't need that shorty
you don't know what to do with that shorty
You might as well hit this 40, before you hit the floor
Another 24, What you want, Money, More!?!
Them niggas did it raw, with no condom
You find em, sayin sorry he for what he said before I blind them
Get the flame out the four fifth, and there aint gonna be no more riff
Dog you want a floss tiff, but would of made it to the door if
Bullets travled alot slower, and you ran alot faster
But they don't and you can't so don't think about after
Cause tomorrow ain't comin, so stop runnin
cause you gonna die like a sucker
Murder Motherfucker!!!

Uh!, where my mother fucking dogs at, Uh, Uh
My nigga Jigga, My dog Ja, Irv Gotti, Rough Riders, Def Jam
Where my dogs at, Top Fight Uh, Where my dogs at
Hold me down baby, Hold me down baby, Hold me down baby
Boomer One Love Nigga, URRUURRRR, Murda Motherfucker..
"Nowhere To Run"

"Nowhere To Run"


It's that shit, you know what I'm sayin'?
I'm a give a shout out to my niggas
I ain't givin' a shout out to no Park, nobody, fuck that
Big Baby Jesus in the mother fucking house
Know what I'm sayin'?


Unh, come on
I don't walk, I stalk, livin' foul like pork
Shuttin' down underground streets of New York
Hawk is what them niggas call me, 'cause they all be
Suckin' my dick and on my mother fucking balls, G
I know the half, so I laugh wit' 'em
Blood bath went I let the fuckin' rap hit 'em
Full clip, but only half did 'em
That's all it took, another crook
Taken out over a dirty look
I bag game with niggas I leave shot dead
You're only taken a piss from me with hot led
You know my style nigga, 'cause I'm always schemin'
In jail, niggas holdin' a sink screamin'
Police, but you got no peace
Yo, was that you big man, and alot mo' grease
All I gets is pounds, you ain't want none of this
Back streets are like track meets 'cause I be runnin' this
[Chorus: Ozzy Osbourne]

Ain't nowhere to run ('cause I be runnin' this)
Ain't nowhere to hide (come on)
Ain't nowhere to go ('cause I be runnin' this)
Reaper saved your soul (come on)

[Ozzy Osborune]

Surroned by the colors, I see crimson, black and blue (come on)
Locking open doors again, I'm still afraid of you (straight up, mother fucker)
Light to dark, then light again, I always thought I knew (come on)
Young to old and young again, what's left for me to do? (straight up)
Center of the universe, collecting me in time (come on)
I'm falling down upon the earth, and singing truth in rhyme (come on)
If I was a rolling stone, I'd roll until I'm through (come on)
And if I was a garden I would bloom in black for you (Dirt Dog in effect) [Chorus] [ODB]
ahhhh, yi yi yi yi (come on)

[Chorus] [ODB]

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
What you mother fuckers invented
Is the craziest nigga that ever been invented
ha ha ha ha ha
Most know, don't front on Ol' Dity Bastard
ha ha ha ha
I call on Jesus
There's no obstacles that you have to jump
There's no walls that you have to climb
This is real, this is elementary dear
Elementary, Watson, Elementary
I ain't no pictue on your fore wall, necklace wearin' beard
You don't want this money till it's rich
Buy my album, coded by Dirty, set you free
Go against the grain, I got the p
I know you don't recognize me now
I dunked your tongue
How many lightening bulbs do it take to light up a fuck mode?
Brothers, people, you'd better get the fuck off of me
We don't need it, it gets more ugly
Fools tryin' to bust their ass
Tryin' to get away from me when I said my real name
I call myself in the niggas butthole
All the same, all the same, all the same

[Ozzy Osborune]
Ain't nowhere to run
Ain't nowhere to hide
Ain't nowhere to go
Reaper saved your soul


ahhh yi yi yi yi
What, mother fucker?
Don't try to psychology my shit, mother fucker
'cause you'll never psychology it, mother fucker
Never, never, never, mother fucker, never
"Pull It"

"Pull It"
[dogs barking]

Uh, let me tell you somethin
Act your age, and I ain't even, matta fact, listen to me
Let me tell you somethin


Don't make me come at y'all, y'all don't wanna brawl
Make me run at y'all gun at y'all, take it all run it all
Actually there's a front it all lemme talk to y'all
Done it all y'all ain't even begun to ball
Winter, spring, summer, fall
The cream still stackin if the fiends still crackin
You the same one cryin, for that Billy Jean jacket black fever
Pussy ass, don't smoke no pot neither
Mommy take care of your high fever neighborhood watch leader
Close the drapes up, make the tape duct tape your face up
I fuck wit more powder, then makeup get em laced up
P doe, have a party for the brother
15 minutes, but I feel sorry for your mother
I kill like the greats did
Had a state bid for stashin little Nate
(He was only eight) but I hate kids I know all parents think they experts
But yo my TEC bursts is death spurts wet hearts and Guess shirts, what!

Uh, Uh, Uh
AAAYYYYOOOOW! Lets get it on baby (what) cause I'm ready to start
Take the locks of the cage cause I'm ready to bark
and niggaz gonna know when it's on for the heart
niggaz gonna go when it's on motherfuckers mad trucks you know
they feelin' it I'm flippin' it to niggaz
got them thinkin' that they real in it
you hear that but don't go near that you better fear that
you was the one that wanted to have the house wit the the pool right
where it at RRRRRRRRRRRRRR! don't make me bite you
I used to fuck wit yo' sista don't make me fight
you see how I play wit it but stay wit it I'm ok with it
I'll do it, but he will be the nigga that they say did it
what you don't know is gonna get you fucked up
and when you don't roll it's gonna get you stuck up
niggaz want what (what), thats what I thought
Dark Man baby, X for short

What, what, what, uh, what, what, uh, what, what


[DMX] Runnin around niggaz like circles I hurt you
"Did I do that?" Just like Urkel I jerk you
[Cam] Yo, aiyyo, it's Harlem World NY yo what try yo luck
but I know what niggaz won't know how you're stuck
body right beside your truck, what
[DMX] But they're screamin' I'm screamin' but they're screamin' ice creamin
They should have fuckin' known there was no such thing as an ice demon
[Cam] Aiyyo, you dogs don't play wit me I'll beat yo' ass from A to Z
Bag you up like A & P DMX n' KFC
[DMX] Bench nigga I'm a bless niggaz wit my slugs stress niggaz
I'm a wet niggaz wit my thugs
[Cam] Yo, yo, aiyyo when niggaz like to act ain't no wonder
I creep aiyyo don't make me put your ass nigga, under my feet
[DMX] Ha ha, hold me down baby bark at your dog
let me know if it's real walk in the fog
[Cam] And then we hit 'em
[DMX] Slap 'em
[Cam] Click 'em
[DMX] Cap 'em
[Cam] Stick 'em
[DMX] Tap 'em
[BOTH] Motherfuckers all know how we have 'em, what!

[dogs barking]


Where my dogs at? (what)
Uh, where my dogs at? (what, uh)
Uh, where my dogs at? (what)
Cam, my nigga


DMX, Cam'Ron, Def Jam, Untertainment, what
Pure Uncut Remix"

Pure Uncut Remix"

DMX McGruff and Canibus.
You know where you heard it first.
My man Cardin, G Black, Ralph, Universal Records.
Uh [all echoes]. Pure Uncut,
Eightball [DMX barks in background]
DMX (What?) DMX, McGruff, McGruff, and Canibus, baby.
Yeah, its the Pure Uncut, raw, we keep it raw.
Its the Pure Uncut, raw we keep it raw. Listen...


Niggas at Ruff Ryders is the illest, baby gorillas
And shit we do today is gon' catch up with us and kill us
Long as I feel this, motherfucker's head is shot
Fucking lead is hot, and leave them dead to rot
Ruff Ryders cut the shit up, like raw keys
Like that crystal aching my last ?name is Raheed?
It can happen niggas, dog keys, and still gun it down
Only cause I know how you look up to a nigga, from the ground
Running clown, you no better, than ?a braveless heart?
?For my kids? I thank you God
And if you don't know, ask a nigga, that they just put in the ground
Slugs ran out of him, so I must've put in a pound
At least! I gave it to another nigga for lookin
Money, ?could never stop my slugs? from cookin
Remember me, cause I'ma be there when they bury, you
Leave your skeleton in the cemetery

Dum, du-du, dum
Who got the, who got the bum bu-bu bum?
We wrap it up and smoke it, sixty green
I'm a fiend for this rap thing
Down South hustiln' and we all about the cream
Stick em up, mad face, car chase through the city
Fuck the police, I'm mad plus I'm going off that gritty
Frank ?Nitty? got a mob down to murder with me
Catch one to stick me, believe it or not, I cripply
I rip thee, back into a stack and flip it like a tech
Pure uncut, tie it up, and watch the fiends come back
Bucklin, real dogs stay around for troublin
Eightball, pick up the ball, when them tricks start bumblin
Rumblin (vrooom) much room, cloud trippin
Victims who lie there die when I be speakin, releasin
You heard me, are you worthy
To ride with the Suave House and get down and dirty?

[Chorus Eightball]

Its the Pure Uncut, raw, we keep it raw [2X]
Baby Pure Uncut, raw, we keep it raw
Its the Pure Uncut, raw, we keep it raw
(What?) Nigga, Pure Uncut, raw, we keep it raw


Yo; where the fuck is the dough? its time to bubble and blow
If I spit this from the back, have em clutchin they ?toes?
Once smoked my lungs out, but now I fuck with my nose
Perform shows, bad bitches crunchin my clothes
Yo I'm 'Gruff, street thug beyond the speakers, beyond the rap
Man I'm on a car and my gat, swarm attack, sip Don and Cognac
Ain't just me, my whole freakin army strapped
Aiyyo, fuck that! And fuck you! Who the fuck you?
Touch you, you act like you want trouble
Money don't know you, don't rub you, I got' eat, that's like trying to tell me don't hustle
I gotta blow a couple, niggas away just to show the muscle
Yo, I squeeze till your vocal tussle
Niggas please, I got keys, coke, and snow to bubble
Hoes to cuff you, fuck you, suck the shit out your dick
Sucker for love, think you can fuck with McGruff?
Now listen mister
Gruff put your soul in a twister


Just got off the payphone, on a three-way line, with Eightball and Tony Draper

Askin me for a favor
Now let me take it from the top I touch your knot, with the rubber glock
Then I take your title, nigga, fuck your spot
Peace to the players who crush a lot, but they call me Canibus because I bust a lot
You can suck my cock, and got the same transmitted disease your mother got
Being a favorite with me right before she was forced to pop
She came home at four o'clock, was shot, she was riding me on top
I told the bitch to keep the door locked, I know your heating up hot
Because I touched the sure spot, you got defeated and dropped
I punch you in the jaw-ops
You talk dirt, you get dirt thats how I stand on niggas networks
You think that best works? You think you can't get hurt?
The bitch in you, makes you run for cover when I spit at you
A man-to-man zone Allen Iverson couldn't dribble through
Rapid fire syllables, you gotta bribe me with a mill or two
To keep me from killing you with the lyrical
All you chief executives ampin ?answer? wreckin shit
See, what goes around comes around, bitch
"Right / Wrong"

"Right / Wrong"

(Right and wrong)
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong)
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong)
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong)
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong)

[Verse 1]
Made me a leader before I was ready to lead
Took away my hunger, but didn't give me greed
Made me successful, when I just wanted to be heard
Give me the light, cause all I need is the word
Give me a life, that I'm responsible for
I'll give him what's right, cause I'm responsible for him
And into the night, I'm gonna be there with him
Facing a fight, I be right there with him
Ready for Heaven, cause I done been through the Hell
And since I was seven, I've had a story to tell
See God is great, and that's why I'm still livin'
He gave to me, so I'ma keep on givin'
The bravery of a man's mind is slavery
Is making me the man I was made to be
I hate to see when cats know but don't spit it
Right is wrong, when it's on you gon' get it


[Verse 2]
I wake up frustrated dog, I'm hurtin' inside
Think about the brothers that put in, work and then died
A certain have tried, a certain have cried
When it didn't go right, you hit me like
You see things ain't always what they seem to be
And the reason I dream of thee is He's with me
And the reason I get through things so easily
Is by the grace of God cause he, see's the need to guide me
Walk right beside me
Because he knows what's going on inside me, he tried me
Knew where my heart was at
Knew what I was thinking
Knew when I was down and out, left there mistaken
Knew when to pick me up, cause it got too hard
Knew when I was gonna scream out "Please God!"
And you already knew that you would be there for me
That's why I bring you together to give you the glory


[Verse 3]
Everyday of life is a new chapter
And it's already been foretold, so it's up to the soul to capture
The essence of it all, the meek shall inherit the earth
Destined to ride with the call from birth
The true worth of a man, is not measured by what he does for himself but
What he does for someone else
And if you help another, without concern for a reward of gold
What you give, you shall receive to tenfold
And I, put that on my soul
And, put that on my life
And, everything I own
And, everything I know
And, everything I show is what I was meant to do
Everything I told you is what I've been through
And everywhere I been, I was for a reason
Walk through the desert, ended up freezing
Start there, end up where?
And now they know...whatever which way they go

Whatever which way they go (right and wrong)
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong)
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong)
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong)
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong)
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong)
Whatever which way they go (right and wrong)
Whatever which way they go
They know they gonna owe
They soul to the road they choose
It don't matter if you win or loose
You still gotta pay them dues
You still gotta pay them dues
You still gotta pay them dues
"Rolllin (Urban Assault Vehicle)"

"Rolllin (Urban Assault Vehicle)"
Play the fucking track!
Play that fucking track!!
Oh there it is
Limp Bizkit, DMX, Redman, Method Man
That's right y'all
We just keep on rollin baby
Are you ready...
Are you ready...
Are you ready!!!


Move in now move out!
Hands up, now hands down!
Back up! Back up!
Tell me what you gonna do now!
Breathe in, now breathe out!
Hands up, now hands down!
Back up! Back up!
Tell me what you gonna do now! [C'mon!]
Keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin [Uh!]
Keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin [What!]
Keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin [Uh!]
Keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin

[Fred Durst]
Now I know y'all be lovin this shit right here
L I M P Bizkit is right here
People in the house put them hands in the air
Cuz if you don't care, than we don't care
See I, aint givin a fuck, quit pressin your luck
Untouchable, branded unfuckable
So keep me in this tape, until you run that mouth
Then I'ma hafta play, and break the fuck out
And then we'll see you slept after one round wit X
And what am I bringin next, just know it's Red and Meth
So where the fuck you at punk, shut the fuck up
And back the fuck up, while we fuck this track up

Are you ready...
Are you ready...
Are you ready!!!


[Method Man]
Oh what, y'all thought y'all wasn't gon' see me?
Check my, dangerous slang atrocious
When I let these nuts hang, focus, it's Wu Tang
What the fuck's a Hootie and the Blowfish
I wave my black flag at the roaches
Who approaches, these twin, supersoakers
Who have poisonous darts for culprits
Too late to get your blow gun un-holstered
You're left buttered up and lightly toasted
So what, I drink and smoke too much
So what I cuss too much, *shut the fuck up!*

Yo, yo, now when we roll
You motherfuckers tuck in your gold
Cuz for the platinum, I'm jackin niggas up in limos
It aint nothin, for bullets to unbutton your clothes
Description, yellow male, tissue up in his nose
You bitches, swing the vine on the bathroom nuts
I'm hairy as hell, outta hell and tattoed up
I'm a dog only fuck in the bathroom, what
In high school, I dealt only with the classroom sluts

[Method Man]
My name is, Johnny, Donnie, Brasco
Tuck the gat low, cut your cash flow
Yell if you want money, funny
A hungry dummy snatch crumbs from me
Doc and Hot Niks, bodies in the mosh pit

Yo, and I'm the D.O., you lookin at the raw invented
On Friday, I spit 35 to 40 minutes
Smell up, the bathroom like Craig Paul was in it
Endin up, on your back, Wu swords up in it
Anyone can match me I crack 'em all to Guinness
Fuck how many thugs, players, and ballers in it
Brick City, Shaolin, better call us sinners
Boys that'll run up in your wife, maul and spill it
Yo we said c'mon!!


[DMX] It just don't get no darker than that kid with the barker
Bald head with the boots who shoots to make it spark
I'm a fair nigga, but aint nann nigga
Quicker than the hand trigga, so if you dare nigga
It'll be like your man tryin to hold your brain to your head
But you'll be shittin on yourslef cuz you already dead
And at the funeral you won't need a casket
Leavin just enough of him to stuff in a basket
Just get the casket, I really need my ass kicked
My mom never let me forget, that I'm a bastard
I aint never been shit, and aint gon' be shit
That's why I taste shit, whenever I see shit
It's just that D shit, D's short for do what I wanna do
And that's what I'm gonna do, right here in front of you
And I'll be runnin you and your man straight up out
And y'all niggas aint runnin a fuckin thing but your mouth

[DMX bark]


You, wanna mess with Limp Bizkit [yeah]
You can't mess with Limp Bizkit [why?]
Because we get it on, [when?] every day and every night [oh]
See this platinum thing right here? [uh huh]
Well we doin it all the time [what?]
So you better get some better beats
And uh, get some better rhymes [oooh!]
You really, really, really wanna get shit started
Well people everywhere just get retarded
Get retarded, get retarded, people everywhere just get retarded!


That's right baby!
Watch out punk!
Limp Bizkit! DMX! Method Man! Redman!
And Swizz Beatz!
Where the fuck you at?! [DMX bark]
Bump that shit! Bump that shit! Bump that shit! Bump that shit!
Ruff Ryders! Punk!