Šta je novo?
"Top Shotter"

"Top Shotter"
Rrrrrgh, uh, uh-huh
Uh.. uhh uhh, uh-huh
Here comes the boom [8X]

Here comes the boom! Boomin, bouncin
Stalkin, must walk in, hawk get to pouncin
Get em where it counts and, hit em like a mountain
Spit em have em spittin out, blood like a fountain
Don't look at me like that, we just might fight black
And that fight, might end up in me takin your life back
I don't, go for the bullshit, cause I've been down
and time is, just too important to be fuckin around
Talk nigga, I stomp a mudhole in your face
Motherfucker, rip your butthole out of place
Cock the glock to your head, let off about two in it
Yeah it's a dirty job, but I just love doin in

Here comes the boom [8X]

[reggae chatting by Sean Paul & Mr. Vegas for next 50 seconds]

Here comes the boom [8X]

[more reggae chatting by Sean Paul & Mr. Vegas]

I did more kinds of war crimes more times
than in war times, went way before times
You know what's sad man, that I'm such a mad man
bad man, with that BOOM you never had man

Here comes the boom [8X]

[more reggae chatting by Sean Paul & Mr. Vegas]

Here comes the boom [repeat to fade]
"Trippin Remix"

"Trippin Remix"
Huh, you know what time it is
This is the remix (this is the remix)
'99 to infinite
Bad Girls
Kima, Kiesha, Pam
Talk to me

Baby, yeah (I like this right here)
Your show is bumpin' (c'mon)
You show me somethin' (heh heh, something, baby)
See, I won't (c'mon), trade you
In for nothin' mmmm (I like the way it's goin' down)
See erything, you do to me
You got me trippin' (you got me trippin' baby, but I like it)
And I'm satisfied (c'mon)
And I'm guaranteed (let's go)

I hope you (yeah)
That you've been checkin' me (it's the remix)
I know what you're talkin' bout
You got me trippin' on my own feet, yeah, yeah
You got me buggin' boy (c'mon) ohhh
You bring me so much joy, (yeah)
You got me open, boy
And I'ma save my - self for you, baby (that's right)

Keisha talk to me

Baby, yeah (huh)
There's something (there's somethin'), I'll mention (c'mon)
Me and her (I like the way that sound) la la la la la la la (c'mon)
See, she's no (she's no), competition (heh, heh)
So tell her, yeah (tell her now) (you look good, can I taste you?)
That you're through with her (yeah)
And you're lovin' me (that's right)
And that's To-totally (that's Totally, Kima, Kiesha, and Pam) Totally
And you're dedicated (you're dedicated), to me

Uh, huh, ah
Like to sprout when the lights is out (DMX)
Keeping niggas on point, that's what life's about (that's right)
You like to shout? I'ma put that shit to a-cease (huh huh) (yeah)
From here to the paper, from the bed to the grease (a'ight)
Like police, I get away with mad credit shit
Only the niggas that don't catch it, doin' some mad hungry shit (huh) (uh huh)
All that buddy shit was left alone, back in school (ugh) (c'mon)
Even then, the nigga was cuttin' up (yeah), actin' fools (what!)
Broke a lot of rules (why?) just because I could (uh, huh) (that's right)
Got away with most of it, just because I'm good (uh huh)
Stabbin' niggas with wood, I was one of the first
Doin' dirt, but I'm still outrunnin' the Hertz
And it's always worst than it looks (uh, huh) (c'mon)
But then you never understandin' the thirst of a crook (you arrested)
First comes the hook, the assault, then come the robbery (damn)
My world is always (ugh!) dark and ain't no stoppin' me
Come on!

(C'mon, sing to me Keisha) (Mmmmmmmmmm) Baby
(Take me to the bridge) (Mmm-mmmmmm) There's one thing
(Can you feel it?) (Mmmmm-mmm) I'll mention
(I like the way it feels) (Mmmmmm-mmm) Nah, nah, nah
(This one's for me) (Mmmmmm-mmm) See she's no
(Mmmm-mmmm) Competition (c'mon, let's go)
(Bad Boy) (Mmmmmmmmmm) Baby
(Ruff Ryder) (Mmm-mmmmmm) There's one thing
(Def Jam) (Mmmmm-mmm) I'll mention
(DMX and we won't stop) (Mmmmmm-mmm) Nah, nah, nah
(Cuz she won't stop) (Mmmmmm-mmm) See she's no
(Back it up, back it up) (Mmmm-mmmm) Competition
I hope you That you've been checkin' me (just dance for me)
I know what you're talkin' bout (just dance for me)
You got me trippin' on my own feet (just dance for me)
You got me buggin' boy (this is the remix)
You bring me so much joy (this is the remix)
And I'ma save myself for you (yo hooker, yellow man, PD)
I hope you
That you've been checkin' me (hit me baby, HA!)
I know what you're talkin' bout
You got me trippin' on my own feet
You got me buggin' boy
You bring me so much joy
And I'ma save my - self for you
"We Got This"

"We Got This"
.....[Forte & DMX Growling]....

[Chorus - Forte' & DMX]

You wanna bust guns? (You wanna lock fists?) - DMX in parentheses

Forte' ! (DMX!)

Be the hottest!

[Forte' & DMX]
We Got This!!! (You ain't hear?!!!!)

We Got This! ( Nigga! You ain't hear?!!!)

We Got This!

[Forte' & DMX]
Straight up! We locked it!!!

[Forte' - Verse One]

Associated with the razor blade spinners like gym stars and heavy hitters,
Them younger gods love banana clips, broads that strip
candle wax, brown Beamers to whip
And jerk a bitch, known to hit ya, for taking pictures!
Thirty two shots to split ya!
It's all about the cash when I'm fuckin' wit' ya!
John could make ya richer!
Fuck the Prince of Bel-Air!
I'm known to sell heir, got game like a politician
whose trying to add on, when it's not addition
You need to revamp! The hottest nigga out the Refugee Camp!
Run up on you B, and leave your seat damp!
And sell stocks slow, sellin' high, by low
From Madina up to Y.O.
El Capitan John, micapo
Get tore down, and that's the way it go down!
The east is like the wild west without the showdown!
Them niggas be like, "what now?!"
Get cut down! From the gut down!
Intense heh? And leave you shut down!
You knocked out! Regardless, what round! WHAT NOW?!!


Unghh!!! My nigga said it!!
Niggas'll get it! That's the rule!
I'm 'bout to break money off - a - li'l somethin', pass the food!
Cuz when I'm drunk! I'm a different nigga!
And all you gonna see is a spark, ain't no whiffin' nigga!
I figure like this...It's just me against the world!
Cuz all my fuckin' life, it's been the world against Earl!
What you think I'm-a do...when my back's against the wall!!?
Fuck it! get ROLLED! Roll 'til I fall!
X'll Kill 'em all!!! That's what they say to me now!
You vermon nigga! In a time where it's okay to be foul!!
And you lovin' it!
It's got John Blaze! Just duckin' it!
And this track won't rest, unless X'll put the slug in it!
But, would it fit?! Nah, don't even think like that!
This is some shit that I could let go, and bring right back!
It's like crack, if you cook it, overlook it, so I shook it!!!
Like a pit, what you get, is what you wit' me so I took it!

[Chorus 2x]

[20 Grand Pikasoe - Verse Two]

This track'll make me zone out!
Run up in the party with the chrome out!
Clear Jerome out, no doubt!
Ice jingling, sons mingling, drugs we bring it in!
Pikasoe baby!
Gotta get this money baby!
50's and 100's baby!
My whole crew be sonnin' you
What you gonna talk about wit' a gun in front of you?!
Niggas grimy wit' it, slimy wit' it!

Put in the card baby, you gone
Too many hard rappers live for cunan
You knew John was too on
Me and DMX, whether change your suit on
Walk dogs, word to god bound to live large and get charged, WHAT!?

Unghh! Unghh!
If you my dog, YOU CREEP WHEN I CREEP!
For real, SHIT IS DEEP!
And what you don't know, will kill you!
From X, to Forte' niggas will feel you!!

I'm roundin' mine more
And very few can nine hold
The kick's too strong, y'all niggas do songs, we live on!
Dough to sit on!
I'm down to shit on!

Watch y'all talkin' mothafuckas keep walkin' watch the dogs barkin'!


Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!

I set the clock!
Clip the glock!
Hit the block!
Rip the rock!
In the sock!
Get the knot!
This shit is hot!
Can't deny it, you mothafuckas since you know how it go, don't try it!

[Chorus - 3x]
"Whatcha Gonna Do"

"Whatcha Gonna Do"
I say
I can give it to you but whatcha gon do wit it,
I can give it to you but whatcha gon doo [2x]
wha-wha wha-wha whaaat

[Jayo Felony]
I can give it to ya but whatcha gonna do wit it
When Im in Texas Im bumpin' screw music
With Big Mike and Scarface and Luke loop
Me and lil' Crook like Bo and Luke duke
When Im in Miama I go to scoop Luke
To see the peep show and hit the duke shoot
Went to Branson, back to back, Lex coup
Up in "Harlem World" in my Timb boots
Two suckers had beef so I watched them shoot
Called up Benny Rat, copped a bullet proof
Seen T-Funk he took is to the fruit
Then he went to the Tunnell and brought down the roof
Mink coats and moet, bitches drippin sweat
Slang a cassette to Funkmaster Flex
And now Im bumpin' on East Coast tapedecks
Went from Swatch to platinum Rolex
S.D., Jersey we getting more sex
flow next
go next


Im too sexy for my motherfuckin hood, hood
Im too sexy for my motherfuckin low ridahh [2x]

[Method Man]
If my niggas cant eat then yall niggaz cant sleep
I just begun to peep Nightmare on Elm Street
Release from Jones Beach to South Beach, capeesh?
Kickin dust as I bust, .... peace
And all them crooked cops on the beat
My niggas bring the funk like your Grandpa feet
Til death do us part, save my bullets for the charts
With darts, like HBO watching after dark
No love for a mark, even less for a trick
That wanna be like Mike, Mike who my ...
Real shit hotness
Run wit my niggas that aint got shit
Pop shit, and peddle poetry for profit
One time, out for mine, but cant stop it
Trying to keep they hands in my pocket
So I bring obnoxious, infected lah that be toxic
Leave the crop scene spotless
Mix the green with the chocolate, heres the topic
Niggas, synchronize your watches
We're goin in, wit nothing but a clan logo
Mr. meth, (DMX!)
Im running loco


I got a wicked flow and Im gonna kick it yo
Feel the pressure
Snatching niggas up just like a chain off the dresser
Niggas hit me with the best shit then what
I shake that bullshit off *arf arf arf* then go ...
Ive been down too long, cant a motherfucker show me nothing
Y'all .. niggas is duckin me like you owe me something
I got more homies than an esse, but lets say
I couldnt talk you wouldnt walk my way on your best day
The best way you can hope to get close to me
Is right here under my wing like you're supposed to be
The first time you start acting fuckin strange
Best to be ducking range
Talkin shit wearing a fuckin' chain
I break niggaz like promises
Split em' open like Thomas'
And sell more drugs than a pharmacist
Strapped wit nothing but a rhyme a long history of violent crime
Attitude that doesnt mind doing time


"Why We Die"

"Why We Die"
Uhh, that's some shit..
..that that that niggaz ain't even seen before
That's that shit! (Motherfuckers ain't never seen
nothing like this before, for real man)
It's goin down baby, uhh..
UHH! Busta Rhymes
WHAT?! Uhh, DMX nigga
Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh

I see ghosts clearly; even though, most don't hear me
They still wanna get near me - fear me, so I'm leary
Kinda eerie what I'm feelin - from the floor, to the ceilin
Straight through the roof, want the truth?
I kinda miss robbin and stealin
cause it kept a nigga hungry, only eatin when I starved
I was ugly, so I robbed, no one loved me, shit was hard
Went to God once in a while when it got a little too hectic
He was the only one I knew that I respected (WHY?)
Didn't know why, didn't know what I was livin was a lie
If I ain't shit then, why should I try
See, plenty niggaz die, over dumb shit, up in the hood
Real good heart, but up to no good
Thought I did what I could, but I guess it, wasn't enough
The Devil told me it would happen but I kept callin his bluff
When it rains it pours now, my pains are yours
as yours are what's mine, define, revolvin doors (nigga!)

[Chorus: Busta Rhymes]

(Why?) All my niggaz tell me (why) tell me (we die)
Cause we crazy with it, quick to blaze you with it
From in my soul to every word that I curse
with all the agony expressed in this verse;
let me ask my niggaz (why?)
My niggaz tell me (why) tell me (we die)
Because we Gods nigga (and) we go the yard nigga
Because I walk the ground under my feet
and keep it live and stay in tune with the street
Now let me ask my niggaz (why?)

They say the good die young, in the hood where I'm from
I only got one question to that - why the fuck am I here?
I look to the air, I ask God, "Love me please,"
but in reality, only people that hug me is thieves
Same niggaz that send shots through my rugby sleeves
They wanna, slug me and leave, I'm thinkin it must be me
Please shed light, the hood's dark
I did my dirt but got a good heart
Shouldn't that count for somethin?
I was told I'd amount to nothin, most of my childhood
Like (??) it was stuntin my growth
Seperated me from the shit I was wantin the most
Felt myself comin close to pumpin them O's
Lump in my throat, chest poked out, face was poker
Tryin to, erase my ghostes, chase the smokers
Got demons on both shoulders,
tryin to chauffeur my life through the streets
In other words nigga my will was weak
Please feel what I speak,
this ain't your average ordinary jargon
weak rap niggaz be talkin
This shit is deep, from the mind of Busta, 'X and me
To all my fallen soldiers, rest in peace, til we meet niggaz

[Chorus w/ minor variations]

[Busta Rhymes]
I must be cuckoo, like I respect the new-you, never
See you too could get it through your FUBU sweater
like a nigga when he walk in the dark, trespassin
on a nigga land, shots echo loud in the park
I live and die for all the shit I believe
And rep for everything I stand for
with every single breath I breathe
Like the intake from cigarette smoke, it's like you inhale
the demon in the gutter stressed struggled and broke
If the shit was all over tomorrow, I'd leave a treasure
for my kids with a legacy for my CHILDREN to follow
You know it's funny how the good die first
Get the peppin in your steppin faggot nigga
cause you could die worse
Hold on, you know I cut off my arm, in the name of reppin
REAL NIGGAZ in the midst of droppin this bomb
Allah blessin me to rep for the better, and carry on
somethin great and keep a nigga name livin forever!

[Chorus w/ minor variations]
"Y'all Niggaz"

"Y'all Niggaz"
Ah shit, what the fuck?
Are you serious?
Hit the motherfuckin' floor, baby!
Let's go!
Uh, uh, uh, YEAH!
Uh, uh, uh, YEAH!
Uh, uh, uh, YEAH!
Let's go!

Y'all lookin' for names, I'm lookin' for beats
Y'all lookin' for fame, I live in the streets
Y'all talk the talk, but I walk the walk
School street, home of the brave, NEW YORK
Y'all make movies, but I make moves
Straight up, y'all got somethin' to prove
Y'all niggaz duck, but I swing back
Y'all niggaz run, but I bring gats
Y'all niggaz whisper, "X is a crackhead"
Aight fuck it, I'ma just crack heads
I bang niggaz that cross the line
Y'all niggaz talk shit from way behind
I stand my ground, but y'all niggaz don't
Shit I go to jail, but y'all niggaz won't
Y'all niggaz walk around and get scared
But I don't give a fuck, I don't care

[Chorus: DMX]
I ain't a dancing nigga, I just move to the beat
Sit there and nod my head but won't move my feet
Gangsta, so I'm holdin' up the walk
That dancing shit up to the rest of y'all

Y'all niggaz is pussy, straight up ass
I keep that thing, and I'll blast
letcha man know, he don't wanna push me
Remember, it's you not me that's pussy
Y'all niggaz walk light on your toes
I come through hard, kickin' down doors
I spit a mean 16 without a pause
Then let 16 go just because
You in it for the dough, I'm in it for life
You in jail beatin' your dick, I'm fuckin' your wife
I bring the drama, I bring the noise
Kidnap yo mama, bring her to the boys
I make shit happen with one word
You take shit laughin' nigga, you's a bird
I take niggaz for everything they got
That's why I'm the dog and you not