Šta je novo?
"Born Loser"

"Born Loser"
And away we go(we go we go we go)
Some old born loser type of shit (shit)
On the remix tip (tip, tip)
Dr. Seuss (Seuss Seuss Suess)

[Verse 1]

The Born Loser, not because I choose to be
But because all the bad shit happens to me
I got kids, but their mothers don't want them to know me
Sisters use to like me, but now they call me homie
Use to have a family now I'm out on my own
Had to scrabble the Pitt, cause I tried to take his bone
Bitches don't like me, they don't kiss me or hug me
They call me Kill-pretty, because I'm mad ugly
I use to get pussy, but I busted off quick
Now I get snooched, so I gotta beat my dick
Time are hard in the ghetto, I steal for a living
Eatin dirt and the Now or Laters
If that ain't enough, life is rough, I swear
I don't have an address so I can't get welfare
They kicked me out the shelter
Because they said I smelled a little like the living dead
And look like helter skelter
My clothes are so funky, they bad for my health
Sometimes at night my pants go to the bathroom by their self
Even when I was little nothin went my way
I got beat up, and chased home from school every day
And despite the fact I won all the spelling bees
On my report card, I didn't get F's, I got C's
But for those who choose to snooze
Since I was born with no hope, I ain't got nothin to lose...


Young man went out and made a name for himself [3X]

Check check check it out

[Verse 2]

The Born Loser, a title I was branded with
Went to Liberty Island, and got stranded with
The Statue of Liberty, but they really didn't hafta
Leave my black ass there till the day after
No time for laughter, this shit's for real
Ribs are showin through my back, cause I ain't had a meal
In about a week, you can see bones in my hands
The racoons, beat me to the garbage cans
I'm Starvin Marvin, and it shouldn't be like that
The only thing that I'm carvin, is an alley cat
But sometimes in the daytime
I daydream of a Manwich
When all I'm really eatin is an oxygen sandwich
For those that don't know,
Thats 2 peices of bread slapped together
Or I'll have a rain sandwich, depending on the weather
Born loser, caught up in the game
And I ain't even got nobody to blame..


[Verse 3]

The Born Loser, yeah, that use to be my ammo
When I couldn't get a soul, to listen to my demo
Door shut in my face, until I started jammin 'em
I'm behind the doors now, but I'm the one slammin 'em
I did what I had to, to get where I got
Though I'll admit, what I had to do was a lot
I still gave it a shot, and sometimes I had to shoot
Catchin vicks just to get a little loot
I thought it was cute, and didn't care who knew
Mess around get in my way and I'd bag you too
Cause I was, born to lose, straight from the beginning
Hit the dugout, because I struck out the 1st inning
Winning, was everything, thats why I had to ask
My man to find me the loot, and he said I'd be glad to
Now, who needs a major label, we got our own
I'm the divine master of the unknown
Ain't nothin changed, I'm the same as before
When opportunity knocks, I'd just answer the door
But criminal at heart, even though I don't show it
I was always a winner I just didn't know it (know it)


Born Loser
DMX the great
"Catz Don't Know"

"Catz Don't Know"
Uh, it's that real shit yo

[1] - Can't stop
Gotta eat
Stepping on, my feet
Spread love, think it's sweet
Uh, uh, uh all you catz don't know

[Repeat 1]

Yeah baby, shit's about to jump off and
Lookin' for the bus to bring in my man from up north
Been like three years since when got knocked
Since he got caught
Punked up like five new blocks, holding down for it
Kept a nigga straight with money in the books
And them bitches is crooks who look out for other crooks
Took him shopping, money in his pocket is straight
Dropped him off at the wife's crib after we ate
Our estate was the next move for me
Had to make that nigga chill for at least two to three months
Cause when it's on, it's on
He didn't care
It's like slow down baby
The money ain't going nowhere
Keep in touch though and show how much your ass is with it
The dope flow is there and in a minute you can get it (come on)
You gotta watch a nigga just coming home in a game
Cause on the low we may just be trying to go against the grain

[Repeat 1 (2x)]

I never figured this nigga would pull this shit that he pulled
What is strange is the change that niggaz go through
When they're locked down and really can't hack it
A motherfucker like me handles a bid like a jacket
Strap it on my back, niggaz ain't built like me
And by the end, niggaz was like "Yo, why you killed Mike, D?"
Wasn't me, but yeah he had it coming to him
Used to be my dog, so I let my cousin do him
Sent him out of state with like half a brick down to my spot in VA
Cause the money comes quick
Half of that got fucked up before I even got the check in on him (damn)
But things happen so I really wasn't wreckin' on him (damn)
Got him up out of there and sent him down a little further
Ain't heard from him in two months, murder, murder
And from the next flight thinking I might have to steal something
This hungry shit will make a nigga wanna kill something (come on)

[Repeat 1 (2x)]

Listen, money is missing and it's hectic (what?)
Found the safe, checked it
Shit looks detected (what?)
Just what I expected when I got no word from him
Asked around but ain't nobody heard from him (uh-huh)
But money talks and most niggaz is snakes
So it wasn't long before his man was ready to take
Me to where he was at, checked my gat
Threw in a four clip, pumped myself up
Cause I can't go for that bullshit (come on)
Fuckin' with my last load of cash ain't the issue
It's just real fucked up when your man tries to diss you
Takin' back for niggaz in New York and how they told me so
Now I got to knock his boots, he owes me dough
Layin' up with a hoe, then he hit me with the sob story (come on)
The famous "Oh you didn't know I got robbed!" story (come on)
Told it's to me he should be grateful to
Fuck that bitch! Look at what she made you do
Now there's love lost and a double cross
Pointed at that bitch, turned her braids into sauce
So you wanna be with him (uh) and talk to me like I'm silly (yeah)
Five bottle of Mo on the floor, boxes of phillys (uh)
Ten g's in the shoebox under the bed
And for every g I put a fuckin' slug in his head
And from then, the moral of the story if you missed it
Is the grand is always gonna be there
Just never go against it

[Repeat 1 (2x)]

You cats must not know
"Do You"

"Do You"
That "T" would help though
Here we go again
Yeah, check it out, y'all
Check it out, check it out
Check it out y'all, check it out y'all
Straight Y.O. mother fuckers

Now days cats and middleman, little man, ain't controlling shit
Talk about holding bricks, but ain't holding dick
Niggas talk real slick, but that's about it
Soon as I see 'em headed my way, I cut them off quick
Must you beat me in my head everytime I come through?
It's shit like, everybody tells me I sound just like you
But you got me, got me? And you can't live without me
If I wasn't DMX, you wouldn't give a fuck about me
Ain't about "Dog I wanna be just like you"
How about you wanting to be just like you?
You can do what I do, just in your own way
Shit, I get niggas that ride big every fuckin' day (I-ight?)
If you got talent, talent is yours, it can't be mine
And it take you where it's gon' take you, it'll be fine
Let me hit 'em with the rewind
Do you and I'll do me
To me you'll see how real you'll be

[1] - Do you - Cuz what it boils down to it's true
Do you - Cuz you are held accountable for you
Do you - Is that really what you want me to see
Do you - Cuz I'mma do me, truley

Do you - Cuz what it boils down to, it's true
Do you - Cuz you are held accountable for you
Do you - Is that really what you want me to see
Do you - Cuz I'mma do me, truley

Hey yo dog, I got lyrics
Hey yo dog, I got beats (Word)
Damn, is this the type of shit I gots to put up with in the streets?
Used to be able to walk, not have to talk to nobody
Everywhere I go it's like I bring the whole party
It ain't about tryin' to follow or tryin' to be like
But if we all see it through the eyes of the Lord, we see a light (c'mon)
Just let me get a hold of the mic, I'll teach you a little something
Now the good things that go wrong because of a little frontin'
Express yourselves, be who you are, umm umm, you're a shining star
You don't even know what you got inside
How the fuck you gon' find out, you keep wanting to ride
Hey yo, I ain't gon' let it slide no more
You're best to go for what you know
Can't do you, then what you flow for
You ain't gon' get there tryin' to be me, dog
Look through your eyes, see what you see

[Repeat 1]

Like fuck it, you wanna be me? Here's what you do
Grow up neglected by both parents and still pull through
You gots to come up fucked up, get treated like shit
Then have your mother's new boyfriend smack you like a bitch Turn into a killer,
don't carry shottie
Cuz the way it's goin' down right now, you gon' kill somebody
Get a dog, walk the streets, learn what you need to learn
Better have a cause but because you'll get burned
You got 15 years without ever coming out
And beat your fist at the world and what they talkin' about
Then get locked up every two years
For two years keep it real, hold back all tears, face your fears
Become a man before your time, rap but live out your rhymes
Let 'em know what's on your mind, then you'll get your shine
In time, everything you hear will come true
But you won't be doin' me, you'll be doin' you

[Repeat 1 until fade]
"Don't Call Me"
(with Rakim)
(feat. Shontelle)

"Don't Call Me"
(with Rakim)
(feat. Shontelle)
[Intro: Shontelle (DMX)]
Heyyy, yeahhh yeahhh (Wow)
Hmmm (Wow)
Ohh yeahhh (Thank you)
Yeahhh (Thank you for letting me be a part of this)
(Thank you)
Don't Call me

I idolized my father, he taught me to survive the horror
Cause times is harder, the skies are darker
Look through the eyes of the snake, see inside the monster
To rise, need divide and conquer
If it's all about money, I don't respect your power, that's weak
They could prowl and devour, they cowards you ask me
Powers that be, mistreat us, mislead us
Thinking eventually we gon' bite the hand that feed us
Some of them, they tried to keep all up and from them
Move us all those and club them, eat, plural, it's on them
New order of the ages, out of many one
While the rest of us is calmed out of pennies
None us starving, it's problems we ain't fed quickly
Our brethren's would be the ones shaking heads with me
Jealousy, hate, lust and greed would spread quickly
Don't call me brother if you ain't breaking bread with me

[Chorus: Shontelle (DMX)]
Don't call me mother (Ohhh)
Don't call me sister (Nooo)
Don't call me brother (Whoooa)
Don't call me father (Don't call me! Don't call me!)

Don't call me brother, we ain't got the same mother
Or the same father, you get down like the other
Don't speak on wisdom when you know you don't love her
Don't shake my hand when you wanna see me under
Don't talk slick behind my back
Don't walk like this when you act like that
You tryna bark on when instead you a cat
Come to your hood like "BAP! BAP! BAP!"
Mess with the kid if you want to
But your mans and them tell you it'll be the last thing that you would do
You built like a scooter, I'm built like a hummer
Was built like a tank, you don't want it baby, uh uh
Stop playing with D, it'll get you hurt
You a girl, you can't play in the dirt, you wear a skirt
You don't know a damn thing about putting in work
With your whole effin blocks up the murder type, arf


It's a start
And they don't know what it is

AY! [14X]

No no no

[Chorus till fade]
(feat. Keyshia Cole)

(feat. Keyshia Cole)
Father can you hear me when I'm callin' (callin', callin')
I need you to be near me when I'm fallin' (fallin', fallin')

[Verse 1: DMX]
Stop me Lord, I'm going down the wrong road
And I'm moving fast for a person with a strong load
But the weight I bare, I can't wait to share
Scrapped it there, my faith was always there
I'm a make it yeah, life is what it is
Nobody said that you would make it fair
And I'm a take it there, built for war
Gladiator with a good heart but built for more
But sometimes ain't enough sunshine till you dark cloud
Cause the devil on line, cause there was one time
You put your hand on me and said
Don't worry about where you go, cause you're being led

Father can you hear me when I'm callin' (callin', callin')
I need you to be near me when I'm fallin' (fallin', fallin')

[Verse 2: DMX]
Day gets hard, but it's supposed to
Call on God cause that's who I'm close to
Told him, I chose you
I was introduced to the Devil
And through it all, I still chose you
I needed you, you rose to the occassion
Stood beside me, no matter what I was facing
Here I go chasing the wrong thing again
But if I fall, I know it's you not him
That's be right there to pick me up
Put me back on my feet, ugh, lift me up
Plus you gave me the voice so I'm gon say it now
I love my God and I'm gon say it proud

Father can you hear me when I'm callin' (callin', callin')
I need you to be near me when I'm fallin' (fallin', fallin')


Uh, uh, uh
Niggaz gettin trampled on, what's all the fuss about?
Suckin my dick so hard, I'm bustin in they mouth
And then I snuff em out, four to the mid', fuck what I did
With no regard for a bid, ripped you up, while you wit your kid
Slid into the shadows, cause I'm dark like that
I bark like that, jet black, but I spark like that
Where ARE they at, when I get thirsty, shit
Ain't a nigga strong enough to stand the worst it gets
Bits, and pieces are all thats that left
Niggaz so scared to death, they hold they motherfuckin breath
til I pass, cause they asked/assed, and I smelled em
The S-P-E-L-L-E-D T-H-E-M, I spelled em
To make me have to swell one, eye up, lump up one head
Catch a body with the shottie, pump up one dead
Red alert, niggaz is about to get hurt, do work
to skirts, like a jag on the merk, ARF
Night time is the right time for creepin
Vandalize your crib, rape your wife while she's sleepin
I been off the deep end, since I was semen
That's why now, I'm such a motherfuckin demon!
SCREAMIN, my bloody head off, shit on my mind I gotsta get off
Can't even hold a joint, lest I let off
a couple of rounds, from the big three pound, seven
That's about eleven hundred as of now
the-sin-be-plenty-before-the-age-of-20 *sing-song like Nice and Smooth*
Life ain't worth a penny in, my book faggot
That's why I took faggot shit, I'm a crook faggot
Fat loops leather jackets, I bag it, along with
the jewels smackin tools out the hands of fools
On the strength that they don't know what they holdin
Niggaz caught me tail end cause the weight that I be sewin
shit up cause I get up, off my ass and SKATE
Makin more moves than U-Haul, from state to state
I speak the GREAT, and if a nigga tells you different
You turn around you ask the nigga, "The FUCK is you be sniffin?"
Cause when it come to riffin, I am the riff raffin
Gots to say nuttin, niggaz know they get had

Motherfucker, Funk Flex, volume three, the final chapter
Ruff Ryders, Irv Gotti, Def Jam..
Right here, where my dogs at?
Got them all for you baby I got them all
I gots them all..
"Friend Of Mine"

"Friend Of Mine"
Uh-oh! (GROWLS)
Don't tell me!(GROWLS)
Don't tell me it's another one of these PK joints!
Not another P. Killer joint!
Uh, uh, uh

You better stop that
Before I come ridin' back (RIGHT BACK)
Right back to you (BACK TO YOU)
I know you wouldn't like that (OH NO)
We don't need no (WE DON'T NEED NO)
Extra offer see (WE DON'T NEED NO)
Wasn't really no friend of mine (WASN'T NO FRIEND)
Wasn't really no friend of mine (OF MINE)

I'm part of the meek, started to speak, at age 10
Other kids were ridin' bikes, but that was the age when
I became a man, learned to stand, on my own
One dog, no bone, so young, so grown
Kid left home, shit got harder, kid got smarter
Did my part of the bad shit, I was the starter
Came from the heart of the hood, not lookin' too good
Fuckin' did what I could; ready to bitch in the wood
For all the shit you do, just when you think you sly
What goes around, comes around, the wrong damn time
Maybe too late, but damn, I shoulda did that back then
Shoulda thought about that then, now come on out the den
Slowly, Come on; keep your hands where I can see ‘em
You don't know me, but we already got wifey tied up in the BM
And know who set you up? That bitch with the crazy ass!
Another shorty, another party of your shady past!


God don't like ugly, all that love me, wanna plug me
But fuck me, it's about “Is this really what you want G?”
The more dirt you do, the more dirt you get
More fake niggas that ride, that'll jerk your dick
The more you think your slick, but somebody sees everything
Sometimes the thieves never hang
They remain, outlaws, wild dogs, outdoors
Strippin' cats about yours, it's all about claws
Beggin', scratchin', weighin' and matchin'
You stayin with the batch, and playin' with what you catchin'
Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you, that's under you
You must first separate from, then connect with
Fuckin' with that X shit (WHAT), ‘cos this the best shit (WHAT)
Motherfuck the rest bitch (WHAT), it's all about this (WHAT)
Do what you do, and you get what you get!


See what it boils down to, is that it all comes through
Remember what you do, cause it's gon' come true
A little harder than you did it, but that's the way it is
I aint know it be like this, but that's the way it is
Keep fuckin' with them kids, cause they all get grown and shit
When they get they own, what's gon' been that you shown ‘em?
Fuck how to take a bone? How to rob a nigga of his throne?
How to be left standin' alone?
Get a nigga gone, that aint right
Do it yourself, be a man and fight
Nigga earn your stripes, I damn sure earned mine
I already know your language, now try to learn mine
Dig ‘til you find, and when you find you keep
I done spelled it out for you, but you niggas is still asleep
6 feet deep, was just around the corner
Be surprised how many niggas, wanna, wanna!


[LL Cool J]
Get the fuck out of here, I'm LL Cool
Soakin wet with bad bitches in the indoor pool
Yo what am I, an animal?

Cuz I bagged your's too
One bad mooley, and you can get pants, schooly
I'm the G.O.A.T., what I wrote cause fire and smoke
Think I started on the choir singin solo for the pope
Tell your mama please, get up off her knees
You can't wear yellow spandex wit a ass of cottage cheese
Open toed shoes, feet smell like collard greens
Toes *Kriss Krossed* like she on J. Dupris' team
Button your sittin up like beach balls in the sand plus
A mouth full of rotten teeth with a dildo in her hand
Who the fuck let you in, all my assistants are fired
Now I'm lookin for some washed up rapper that I can hire
You know some old school nigga wit a bit of attitude
Pay him $1500 to fuck a girl in an interlude
You say I'm souped up, well, soup is good food
So what I scratch my nuts, how the fuck is that wrong
For so glowin, afro pickin
S-curl hatin, Jamaican rum sippin

[Method Man]
Kid I'll burp on your girl buttcheeks

The honey had my nuts like two red beets
I'm banannas, out of my fuckin mind they won't let me back in
Cuz I was down before the hype like Dusty Rhodes and Bob Backlund
Bruno Samartino, Stan Staziak
Now The Rock and Stone Cold are my favorite maniacs
The top rooster pluckin, chickens when I'm cluckin
WWF stands for When and Where we Fuckin

Yo kid
Yo, Fuhgidabowdit
Yo, ey, Fuhgidabowdit
Ey, ey, Fuhgidabowdit
Eh, Fuhgidabowdit

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
I'm like Menace II Society
I roll through the drive thru like Kane
Jack you for the cheeseburgers and chicken wings, and datins too
See my boys down the ride crack patience too
Bricks, walk around, snorkel down
Maccaroni and cheese Timbs broke out the orphan house
Transportin out, the poison in 'em
Box 'em up in the aisle with the frozen dinners

[Method Man]
And them niggas that ran...
My goal's to get 'em
With the heat seekin flow wit, fo' antennas
Doc's Da Name, that's why y'all fuck wit me
I'm pocket change, the bums don't fuck with D
Objective in 'em, Carlo inspection sticka
Check the pen, I write like a X was in 'em
Teeth grittin, I brawl wit a major league mitten

Where the stash at
Yo, yo, punk, M takin me wit him

Yo, Fuhgidabowdit
Ayo nigga, Fuhgidabowdit
Yo, yo, yo, Fuhgidabowdit
Yo dog, Fuhgidabowdit
Yo you heard, Fuhgidabowdit
Ayo you hear me, Fuhgidabowdit
Yo nigga, Fuhgidabowdit

[Method Man]
Yo, this be the Cool J function, music get my blood pumpin
Down for whatever, which usually means I'm up to somethin
Who owe me somethin, them niggas in the back frontin
They rockin cuffs and, put the eight up, rappercussion
You know my name, so there's no need for introduction
I'm Mr. Done it all, so none of y'all can do me nothing
Bitch I'm grown, puffin on that one and bone
Bet me and Queen Bee be swingin til the honey come
Backs get blown, trash get thrown
In headlocks, from this view, I'm fuckin Star Jones
I'm red hot just like candy, in '95 won the Grammy

Yo, he use it as an ashtray now
Niggas can't stand or understand me, yeah
Either or, funky headhunter wild comanchees wit shitty draws
What's that shit, what shit, that shit on your lip
I can't smoke wit ya kid, but I'll save ya the clip...

Ayo nigga, Fuhgidabowdit
Yo, what the fuck, Fuhgidabowdit
Yo, Fuhgidabowdit
Uh, Fuhgidabowdit
Ayo dog, Fuhgidabowdit [DMX growl]
Bitches can't stand me, Fuhgidabowdit [DMX growl]
Still pullin out pennies, Fuhgidabowdit [DMX growl]

The shit I see every day brings tears to my eyes
How I holla at my niggas brings ears to my cries
Stick niggas for not knowin, then teach 'em somethin
Bitch niggas talkin bout you from the streets you frontin
I never liked you, and you, I don't know
So what the fuck you think is 'sposed to happen, we gon go
Mono on mono, whatever nigga, I'm gon dust you
If you can't pick that afro, I'm gon bust you
Walkin like you was a lil nigga cuz you is
And don't forget that daddy's gonna always love his kids
Crackin niggas got the nerve to wonder why I rob, why
You guys will live while everybody else'll starve
That pretty shit is played, fuck what your name hold
Break a nigga off somethin, watch a nigga gain fo'
Now you layin somewhere cold, stiff as shit
And all that riffin shit, mens will get you hit, bitch

"Get Your Shit Right"

"Get Your Shit Right"


To all my bitches in the spot lookin' real fly
An' all my niggas wit the corner locked gettin' high
An' all my playas world wide it's the shot or die
Getcha paper, getcha dough, getcha shit right

First off, ya'll niggas know I don't slouch
An' as a kid I done did the shit you talkin' about
I'm from the South
Ya heard
Where niggas fly birds outta Impalas
Live lavish
From ATL to Dallas an' the little palace
Goin' once, goin' twice
Everyday, livin' nice
In the grey wit the ice
Makin' money rollin' dice
Livin' the life
That ya'll dream of
Puttin' niggas outta buissiness like Sony did to Sena
You seen us
The green stuff
An nuttin' else that's all I collect
I got the hots like the Lox
Money, Power and Respect
An' I can damn the check
That any of ya'll niggas spit
I stay hittin'
I ain't bullshittin'(he ain't bullshittin')
Wit more glitter
Than M.J.
It's all pimp play
When it comes to me
An' ya'll muthafuckas know how JD gets down
An' those who don't it's a new sheriff in town
Feel me now

[Chorus x2]

[Mad Rapper:]
Yo, let me tell you were I'm at ya'll
Shits kinda sad ya'll
If you ride the buses or trains
Watch ya back ya'll
Who think he stallin?
I still ain't ballin'
An' I got wild bills
An' a crowd that keeps callin'
My dogs wanna hang(bark)
My bitches wanna bang
But it don't mean a thang
When all you got is change
That's why my women ain't dimes
Not even close to nines
Sorta like fives and sixes
Wit scars and stiches
Type of bitches that spit in yo' face like Alomar
Broke hoes without a car
snatchin' fruit from salad bars
Which one of ya'll come on, test me now
Me not goin' nowhere, you don't impress me now
So next time you see me up in them clubs
I'm probably scemin'
While you at the bar
Brick hard and fiendin'
I wait for 4 o'clock when yo' drunk ass is leavin'
Cause I paid to get in
An' now I gotta pray teethin'

[Chorus x2]

Niggas goin' to parties
Thousand dollar shoes and jewels
You Begets what I be wantin' so I be bringin' the tool
Tryin' to snatch up all that ice that you came in
An' nigga D be flippin', yeah, money, it's the same shit
What you thought
Cause you bought
A joint
You might be able to creep a nigga
When he ain't on point
An' I can see it in yo' eyes that you comin' closer than tryin'
An' every step you take brings yo' ass closer to dyin'
An' I don't flow wit the dough
cause money comes and goes
Gimme the love of my thugs
Hoodrats and hoes
An' I'm good
Cause muthafucka I'm stain' in the hood
An' I'm gon' rip till I'm stiff like wood
You wishin' that you could
Keep it as real as me
An' you gon' know that the pain that you feel is me
When I get ill it be
Some next shit
Muthafuckin X shit
Wreck shit
For respect bitch

[Chorus x4]
"Getting Down"
(feat. Bazaar Royale, Big Stan, Kashmir)

"Getting Down"
(feat. Bazaar Royale, Big Stan, Kashmir)
[Intro: DMX]
Gettin down for what we stand for cause it don't stop
Once, the, Line's, crossed - BAZAAR!

[Verse One: Bazaar Royale - singing]
I am from the ghet-to
I don't do the dis-co
I just pull my pis-tol
Take a chunk of your soul
It's me who ride up by you
Police won't recognize you
Run up right behind you
To let my ratchet squeeze
And you don't want no drama
Pistol-whip your momma
Put that bitch in trauma
You don't wanna war with MEEEEEEE!!

[Chorus: DMX]
Gettin down for what we stand for cause it don't stop
Once, the, Line's, crossed
Gettin down for what we stand for cause it don't stop
Once, the, Line's, crossed

[Verse Two: Big Stan] + (DMX)
(Next out the gate is B.S.!)
Dog, I don't have to use the fifth to be a threat
I stand 6'3", 430, any less?
Motherfuckers want they shit split, I ain't the one to test
Understand what I'm sayin if NOT, how I figure
Nine to your tongue while I play with the trigger
Will make you understand what I say a lot quicker
Do we have an understanding? (YEAH!) My nigga
In case I be frontin know they really - DON'T WANT IT WITH MEEEE
Come comin with them hollows and heaters - TO PUT IT SIMPLYYYY
So if your team don't follow its leader - THEN COME AND GET MEEEE
But ALL you cowards better believe it - YOU COMIN WITH MEEEE!


[Verse Three: Kashmir] + (DMX)
(Next out the gate that bitch Kash!)
Dog, I'm known for gettin up in these niggaz ASS!
And they don't wanna, fuck with the bitch of this shit
Cause I position the hits
Speak with the nine, niggaz ain't ready for that shit that I spit
OH NO - get at these niggaz for SHO'
Cause once you cross the Line you already, know we get DOUGH
Dog, the quicker they slip, the quicker they ready
Holes in your Pelle, body laid up in the back of the deli
I thought, y'all already knew about me and these triggers
Get touched if you ever fuck with, me and these niggaz
The bitch is loose, got niggaz like, "Bitch you loose!"
I'm the realest bitch of them all cause I get down for what I stand for


[Verse Four: DMX]
.. YO!!
Fuck I gots to say it for? You already KNOW!
I was goin dizzy, I get busy with the FLOW!
Oh, it's like that? Aight, AIYYO!
Niggaz comin through anytime, any-WHERE!
Pop up and pop niggaz up RIGHT THERE!
Put yo' man's brains in the motherfuckin AIR!
Pop pop pop, you drop drop drop.. stoppin
Look at, what I done to you niggaz
I don't wanna be your father, TIRED of sonnin you niggaz
And I'm sick of bein bothered, I'm confrontin you niggaz
And take this and run, in a minute, I'm huntin you niggaz
Go on now!