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"The Stick Of Truth"

"The Stick Of Truth"

For a thousand years, the battle has been waged
But there’s strange tidings, the tides of war are sure to change
We live in sinister times, there’s an imminent fight
Bigger than Kyle’s mom, have you seen her behind?
A hero will rise, he needs to be wise
And Jews can’t be saviours, so it’s best he isn't circumcised
There’s whisperings around these parts of a new kid
There’s a house on Fuller Street that they say he moved in
I hear tell he’s a muteling, he doesn’t speak much
It has nothing to do with the game’s pre-release budget
We need a saviour greater than the Dragonborn
Let me consult my magic tome stashed away within this stack of porn
There’s Cartman, Grand Wizard ruling Kupa Keep
Where you can barter, buy some armour or just find some food to eat
This is the tent in which we kept the Stick of Truth but see
Clyde had one job, and he messed it up quite stupidly
And so now, new kid, it’s up to you to seek
And return the Stick to its place to break the losing streak
Let us proceed in this hour of darkness
With the courage of dragons, and the power of fart mist
Through towers and arches, we scour the territories
Whether showers or fire pits, disembowel our enemies
The sourest hardships will never defeat our people
We keep releasing lethal farts that are without equal
An ancient secret: the Nagasaki Fart
Leave you with a bleeding nose and looking like you party hard
With such an epic quest, you need a band of merry men
To dig up buried treasure chests and see you to the very end
Butters is a Paladin, Stan’s a Warrior with A.D
Kenny is a Princess, don’t ask why, that’s how he’s rolling lately
And Kyle finally acknowledges his true self
As he transmutes into the form of a High Jew Elf
So go forth now, blow the war horn
I will stay and guard the Keep and maybe look at more porn
Use your power shrewdly, or never see your enemy fall
Because one does not simply fart on anyone’s balls
Battle Underpants Gnomes, Goblins and Vampire Kids
The town relies on you to undo that which has been did
In you we trust, I've prophesied your destiny
Put an end to evil in the nuts like a vasectomy


"The Wolf Among Us"
(feat. Adam Harrington)

"The Wolf Among Us"
(feat. Adam Harrington)

(Look, this is Fabletown)
The place where fables are found
Grimy roads replace the yellow bricks
Paved on the ground
(How many of them stay here?)
I’m unable to count
Because labelled as outcasts
They stay underground
(They keep themselves to themselves)
Invisible among these mundies
(They use a spell to repel)
Every community needs a way to keep in order
(Someone to police the place)
A sort of senior lawman
Formerly the Big Bad Wolf
They call him Bigby
(Went from eating kids to drinking neat whisky)
When lying alone at night
I don’t quite know why
He’s got the hots for Snow White
(I know, right?)
All it took to hook him long ago
Was a lone bite
It was so wrong (Yet so right)
In Fabletown they face a daily struggle
To escape the place they came from
And the range of ways
That they can raise up trouble
(Dark forces want to see this place
Razed to rubble but Bigby’s a razor blade
Erasing any trace of stubble)
Perhaps one too many close shaves
Check the mirror, see things a little clearer
The answer’s getting nearer
He needs to keep his fellow fables
Out of harm’s way
Be they in Bullfinch Street
Or at the farm, hey
Stop crying over spilt milk
(Pick up the dairy pail)
And dig up the truth
That’s hidden underneath this fairy tale

You better beware, for there’s a wolf among us
But the truth is the food for which he hungers




[Verse 1:]
I'm a dastardly master thief
The chance of you actually catching me
Is but minimal I've maximum mastery
Mastered each of my skills to the max, you see
That's the key
I treat combat as last and least
Because I vastly prefer sneaking past with ease
But if I have to, I'll attack from the back, crack
Snatch your key and stash that in my knapsack
This isn't the way the planet has to be
Handcrafted skills killed by factories
Fat cats are treating talent nastily
Somebody has to redress the balance and it's me

I'm a thief, a man upon a mission
I'm a shadow in the corner of your vision
Taking all your things with no need for permission
I'm a man upon a mission, I'm a thief

[Verse 2:]
Freedom lies where I hide in the shadows
I desire to strike into the light
Like the flight of an arrow
I creep through the narrow streets
And the breeze sends a shiver through my marrow, see
I haven't much left in the war chest
So I best make a quick trip, visit Baron Northcrest
There's a right tyrant
So I might have to end my silence
And get a mite violent
Cause if I don't
Then Orion'll be vying for a fight
And his style and aggressiveness
In Rhetoric are quite diametrical to mine
He'd rather break a window
I tend to pull the blinds


[Verse 3:]
I lived in a realm that I doubt was jocund
But this new town's nought but rotten
Greed and disease and the sound of coughing
Drowned out by the crown in the House of Blossoms
We could recrown it in the House of Sodom
There's a sea of people out need help but sod them
Leave it long enough it'll be no doubt forgotten
Like the time Xiao Xiao said I felt her bottom
I hear the tick tock of the tower clock and
It means I better nip off out for shopping
Prowl atop inns, the crippled burrick pub
Down I drop into the city that I love
The pinnacle of criminals; I slip in from above
A night owl with the philosophic mission of a dove
When there's no one left to police the streets
And keep the peace
You best leave it to me
The thief



"This Is England"

"This Is England"

The 1980s was a time of strife, the Falklands War, the miners' strikes
The poor got poorer, while all of the fat cats had the time of their life
Now Shaun was a troubled lad, who could have had a family, could have had a mum and dad, but his dad
went away and wasn't coming back, and he just wanted someone to understand that fact
And that's exactly what happened one day in a dank underpass
It'd come to pass that some cunts were laughing at his mum's fashion and he'd had enough of that
He come across a couple of lads having a chuckle that asked him what was up? What's the matter?
So he told them the answer and they brightened him right up with their banter
til Gadget come back with a grudge and some cans and demanded "budge or I'll batter you"
So Shaun goes home alone, he knows the ropes of the fuckery that's happening
He roams the lonely roads and knows there's no-one to trust and be happy with
But next day there's a tap on the pane of his glass, it came from the path and it's Gadget
He's asking if Shaun wants to play, but Shaun isn't sure what to say
Woody wants to know would he want to go because he's sorry for the other day
Boys will be boys, buildings destroyed with military toys, the voiceless
Youth amused by noise, abuse, let loose, an excuse to avoid the truth
loosen the noose for a moment til they have to go home to a home that's hopeless
New shoes just won't cut it, if you want to let your hair down, go and cut it
A new suit, boots and braces, new mates to play with, share the pain with
Parents hate it, scared of changes, and letting their little tearaways get away with it
They're at an age where they'll go to parties and be exposed to the harsh things
It's hard being dark seeing as the friends of your friends are incredibly right wing
He can't mean what he says, he's a mate but he's asking you whether you're Jamaican or
English, because your skin's different to his he considers you insidious
Then shit begins to get serious, how did we get here to this?
Giving a talk on the British and forces being killed in the war in the Falklands
Then Shaun took a swing at him all because this was the war where he nearly was orphaned
Awful things happen, you have to draw a line, with a choice to walk away or stay behind
Combo saw what the naked eye couldn't, the pain inside Shaun that made him ripe
for the patriots' fight for the land so he made them shake hands and say goodbye
Sad, but it must be. It was time to take a drive, and travel the country
And after the National Front meet, Sean got moved from the back to the front seat
Truly one of the gang and a thug, see, that's when stuff really began to get ugly
Tagging profanities in backstreets, bashing Pakistanis and black peeps
threatening to slash cheeks, a new flag and a tat on the back of the hand
that's for keeps, our protagonist seems to have forgotten how to ask for sweets
These acts in the past were petty, but who can backchat to a machete?
brandished by an angry fascist heavy, "put that away Meggy, your ass is sweaty"
Gadge and the lads grabbed fags and bevvies, cans of Pepsi, then ran back
through the entry, left the shop totally messy, adrenaline sent Combo in a frenzy
Head red, heart hopeless and empty, it's a headwreck why folks are unfriendly
to people of a different origin, cos what has skin got to do with it, we're all wandering
through the shit, the human condition is truly a mission for a lunatic to live in
So we stick to wishing eachother well as long as we think that they're wishing it as well
that's why they gave the Asian living hell before baking a cake now they're giving it to Smell
Skins have relationship issues aswell, and given the days he's been living in a cell
can you blame Combo for his difficulties now? There isn't much to dwell on for prisoners but how long
until they're coming out. But I tell you this, getting blitzed isn't really gonna help
Sitting in a flat getting fried with a black guy, issues in the back of your mind as he acts like
he's got everything you never had and wish you did, rubbing it in your face, who is this kid
Immigrant from another race taking British priviliges, a nigger, ripping the piss
Gonna give him a kick in the face, a bit of discipline'll stick him in his place, a sickening disgrace
Beat him senseless; he's defenceless, leave your friend bleeding, please just end this
Immediately the grief and regret sets in, left one of your best friends with his head
decked in, you better get checked in to the A and E, lock yourself up, chuck away the
key. When the world's on your shoulders you've got to be a soldier because
Real men don't cry
Real men don't cry




The dystopia
Gets slowly worse
Over the years
We're going to burn

And I'm sorry for making you scared
But it's a sorry state of affairs

When man's a virus with shoes, a violent abuser
Of the planet he resides on and relies on it too
I want to do something to change it
But I'm afraid it's inside us, entwined in our nature
You and I should face it - the primary trait that
Unites the races is the way we use nature and rape it
I'm trying to find pride in my nation
But I'll die waiting for higher civilisation

Sorry for making you scared
But it's a sorry state of affairs when

The dystopia
Gets slowly worse
Over the years
We're going to burn
Gets slowly worse
Over the years
We're going to burn

And I'm sorry for making you scared
But it's a sorry state of affairs - listen

The class system of a past Britain
That still runs fast and thick through the innards of every last citizen
If you're from Pakistan, black-skinned, or just act different
You'll be asked questions and blacklisted
The fact is we're attached umbilically
To a fetid capitalist trap full of misery
But that isn't what gets me, the ignorant hegemony
But the fact that we're happy to live with it

The disaffected youth are in effect living proof
That respect is reduced to a reckless abuse
Of the ends where they grew through the stem to the roots
They will step on your shoes then expect you to move
Flipping heck, next thing they'll do's
Have you hanging in a hood, neck through a noose
So whether you accept or you're scared of the truth
Say your prayers cos we're due for a desolate future

The dystopia
Gets slowly worse
Over the years
We're going to burn
Gets slowly worse
Over the years
We're going to burn


"Tiny Tiny Prayer"

"Tiny Tiny Prayer"

Can't seem to find the words but I'll try
I can't seem to find the words but I'll try
The words never seem to come
Is it me?
Is it something that I've done?
Is it me?
Is it something that I've done?
Please let me know
Please, will you let me know?


"Titan Quest"

"Titan Quest"

Ah, greetings young soldier
Come, join by the fire
And let me regale you with tales of
What the fuck is cracking

We're in an ancient time, we face an ancient threat
Civilisation's never dream this kind of danger yet
Historians are self-assured but they forget the daily tribulations
Of the cases from the place and age who met
Mythological creatures with the oddest of features
At this moment there's no place fricking horrid as Greece is
Until I cross the seas to Egypt and see that
When they say they've got a problem, they really mean it
For Prometheus, it seems that getting me's the easiest
Way they could alleviate the evil that is bleeding us
But I'm one of leagues of heroes, you best believe in us
It takes every drop of faith to battle evil thus
I tackled hell fire, to travel to Delphi
And fight what I find from Jackalmen to Telkines
I leave at least ten beastmen deceased, dead
Each second, 'cause I reckon they don't really even need breath
I cleave heads like a watermelon before telling a Merchant
Whatever he still hasn't bought, I'm selling
I've got to get the loot, the best produced
So I look fricking godlike whenever I'm next to you
From Greece to China, you'll never see a finer sort
I keep a pile of horns of Minotaurs and Gorgon Queens' vaginal walls
Purely for the reason that I coul arrive at home
And write and then recite this vile rhyme for y'all
I never meant to babble on but when I get to Babylon
I'm still only part way on the hard path I travel on
You won't find a travelodge here in the wilderness
The plans are just as dangerous as every building is
Filled with a selection of enemies to be killed
And it's down to you how you choose skills that you will kill them with
Are you built like a brick shit house or is using spells more a soothing sound?
Ensure you're choosing well
I'm felling skeletons as if I'm an elephant
Then a second later I'm repelling them with elegance
They're in the closet and I'm burying the evidence
I call the force of nature, every one of the four elements
I've been through countless winters, heat that'd burn hell to cinders
Just to lead me now to the heaving mound at Mount Olympus
I climb and shout "Oi, come out now and fight the best
Mortal to walk tall the final bout of Titan Quest"

Now, you may think these are the ramblings of a drunked old soldier
And you'd probably be right but when the shit hits the fan
Whatever a fan is, don't say I didn't warn you




Hop in the Titan
With the aim of stopping them strikin'
I'm not going to lie
It'll probably get properly violent
You should eat your greens
Because you're lackin' in iron, man
I don't mean to talk beanstalks
But I'm jackin' your giant
I've seen gore beyond belief
War machines torn up like magazines
Fragged to smithereens with C4
Rock you like a see-saw
Rucking's what I breath for
Drop you into free fall
And pop you when you respawn
Free runnin' and free gunnin'
Among the debris, becoming elite
Keep runnin' your mouth
I'll separate your gum and your teeth
I find it funny you keep
Comin' back for more
Like Oliver Twist did
When he risked it
'Cause he really wanted something to eat

Are you big enough?
Tell me are you big enough to ruck with me?
Reckon you're big enough?
Tell me are you big enough to ruck with me?

You're talkin' all that
While I'm ignorin', walkin' tall
While I'm takin' great strides
You were barely taught to crawl
I'm a fighter personified
Warts and all
You've never fought a war
In all your life
Why, we all can brawl
You've not got the balls
To drop and fall
Hop from wall to wall
Adrenaline is setting in
A veritable smorgasbord
Of fluids runnin' through you
Like a sewer or a waterfall
You're short of all the gall you need
And so you're sure to fall
Check my vortex blocker
It could more or less stop a chopper
While I take a break to make a mocha
Make a mockery of you
You can't refuse
I made an offer
Leave you shakin', quakin'
Mate, you need to take your beta blockers

Are you big enough?
Tell me are you big enough to ruck with me?
Reckon you're big enough?
Tell me are you big enough to ruck with me?

Yeah, I think you're rather justified
In feelin' mugged off
Every attack you tactically attacked with
Atlas Shrugged off
So spray me with de-Ogre-ant
That stuff just rubs off
I stride up in my Stryder
And tear your lugs off
My smart pistol is rippin'
And pullin' apart gristle
Leave a dark ripple in your chest
You need kevlar nipples
I blast missiles at trolls
For laughs, giggles and lulz
So I wouldn't advise gettin' involved
If you're not MLG
A shower of empty shells
As everyone around me's
Shredded into bits
And sent to hell
No one's ever started somethin' with me
That ever ended well
Whatever pilot or Titan tried it
In the end they fell

Are you big enough?
Tell me are you big enough to ruck with me?
Reckon you're big enough?
Tell me are you big enough to ruck with me?

Are you big enough?
Tell me are you big enough to ruck with me?
Reckon you're big enough?
Come and have a go, I'll knock you off your feet


"Tomb Raider"

"Tomb Raider"

Her name's Lara Croft and this
Is the way that she started off:
She hits land, stranded
In the wreck of the Endurance
She probably should have got better insurance
The challenges ahead are gonna test her performance
So endurance is of the utmost importance
Limited ordnance, She'll really have to use her wits
Now the developers appear to have reduced her tits
Dragon's Triangle, Here's a house of lunatics
Darker than the night sky during a lunar eclipse
No clips to put into the gun, you know and
No gun so it's a good job she brung her bow
Unarmed, Not Locked, Loaded
Going hard with a longbow, Depart you with one blow
Prognosis: a disarmament pronto
Shots popping off as if there was a lock-in
In the bar with the Cointreau, Top row combo
From the coast of the Arctic to the heart of the Congo
Lara's banging heads harder than Bongo's
And angering her enemies, like a mom joke

Tomb Raider's a tune that'll invade your brain
Get in her way and she'll make you taste the pain

Shh. This is the bit of the track
In which I kill it with triplet raps
It doesn't particularly add to the narrative
But it's a blast
There isn't a faster Brit on the map
Who's spitting as wicked as that
So I suggest you give it a clap
Or I'll give you a slap
An aristocrat whose bars are hotter than ovens
Did I tell you the fact that Lara Croft is my cousin?
I'm dropping a dozen hip-hoppy productions a week
To leave you properly buzzing, and it's costing you nothing
I'm pretty sure than Nishimura should be hitting the record button
Soon as I walk up and talk upon Tomb Raider
Like a doomsdaying saber-toothed soothsayer
'Til then I'll see you dudes later
Touché huh?

Tomb Raider's a tune that'll invade your brain
Get in her way and she'll make you taste the pain


"Top Down"
(feat. Beit Nun)

"Top Down"
(feat. Beit Nun)

[Dan Bull:]
I'm basking in the sunlight, hi-hat sizzling
Snare cracking like it's blasting in a gun fight
The pattern of the drum's tight, kick pumping in your stomach
Something like the aftermath of a drunk night
Daft cunt, see I like music that has spunk
Thrash, pop, rap, punk, drazz-wop, jazz, funk
I'm beginning a vinyl collection
Thinking of buying all the decks and equipment then hitting the nightlife with a vengeance
But I've got a penchant for sitting in silence
Headphones hugging my noggin, I'm nodding my head to the said tones
I might be flesh and bones, but when I do a verse
My vibrations disperse through the universe
We can see the frequency, percieve them through the channels
I need a deeper feeling please, leave me with the ammo
White noise, clean my teeth, weaken the enamel
Street life's a squeeze like a needle to a camel
Please, I would leave in peace, retreating with the mammals
While leaves of trees are green at least, creeping in my camo
But a bee could see through these with ease, keys of a piano
Basked in light from black to white, from BC to Anno Domini

[Beit Nun:]
There's no questioning Ben as an artist
My musical palette's not like yours
So the same brush I'll never be tarred with
I'm a sucker for a Hendrix guitar lick
But not a purist though, Kendrick Lamar's sick
Mate, head to the bar quick
And fetch me a large drink
I'm ready to get this cigar lit
Beer garden, start a party for the neighbours like
No sympathy, Marley and the Wailers, and Bacardi with a chaser
It's getting late so it's time to slip something a little harder in the shaker
Bit of Marvin on the playlist, then The Temptations
Followed by Smokey Robinson, we marvel at the greatness
I'm Syd Barrett on Interstellar Overdrive
I'm John Bonham in a hotel on a motorbike
I'm Ray Davies on a sunny afternoon
I'm Ian Curtis, I'm John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Keith Moon
Music helped me get through all I've been through
When just me, you, and the beat loop, how can I feel blue?
I've got videos and photographs if you need proof
I've lived, though I gave my plot away in the theme tune
Beit Nun up in your iPod docking station
Feel free to get up and leave if you're not relating
But if you are, take a seat, I'm down for the long awaited conversation
Two bonding strangers have when they're off their faces