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"Where I Know You From"

"Where I Know You From"

[Verse 1]
Since they cut my umbilical [pause]
I knew it would be inevitable, That my case should go federal
Its part of my journey, see it might concern me
But who cam best friend, My attorney!

Can you hold something, Can I throw you some
Now I know you dumb, Where I know you from
I aint got it right now, but I owe you one
In your head, one shot from a loaded gun

Don't get extorted, I get escorted
To the resort, where the girls say lets snort it
I can import it, export it sports car
Lets port it, fresh auto, I report I just bought it

I scream lets get it, they aint pimp my ride
My cars an exhibit, huh? next critic
I don't talk it I just live it, just prove it
Tell the feds Calm down, its just music

Man you cold fronting, beat you like you stole something
Who you talking to, I asked you can you hold something
Where I know you from huh? Where I know you from
Where I know you from scrams? Where I know you from

[Verse 2]
You got a order shorty, you should learn ring
Your baby moms know, we call her sperm bank
Crazy hoe, word baby bro,
mad generous giving out falchios

A meat eater, Ms. Domma Domma
Honor my persona, its like a Parana's momma
We move bricks on the highway
So theres bricks in my drive way

K9 come, then the 9 spray
My girls toe ring, that's 55K
Crack in 4B, Coc in 5A
Dope in 8F, the hoe's in 9J

What can I say, You know how I play
We hustle all night, until the skies gray
Why you think the whole hood carotid
He tony the tiger, yeah he like it sugar coated

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3]
They got the cameras up; they want to tape a solider
Cuz I got that tan, you can call it beige & mocha
Talking in code, is sort of like playing poker
Bring the pepsi in the oven, that's the baking soda

What up tiny bum, we were all the sorta
Feds gave em 25, damn a quarter mortar
But we from the same hood where they slaughtered porter
You a passer, me I got a scorers aura

Owe me money, your wife, son, daughters oughta
Leave the country, I'm thinking like bora, bora
Run around with these silly secrets
Trying to keep it real, me I'm gon really keep it

You should really peep it, mack milly skeeted
In your face, any case, I'm gon really beat it
We aint never gamble, we ain't never bet
Where I know you from scrams, we aint never met

[Chorus 2x]


"Where I'm From"
(feat. Dutch, Spade)

"Where I'm From"
(feat. Dutch, Spade)

I'm from where niggas get killed for running they mouth
I'm from where niggas get they weight up in front of they house
Cop coke strap it to the waist of they spouse
I don't think I'll ever know what all this hatin about
Got a deal I don't know what perpetrating about
Got big guns dog, one pop and you out
Love women that suck and keep the nut in they mouth
While I lean back geeking how she loving my house
Let me tell you three things that the Dutch is about
'Cuzzi bubbles, grands, slow dick in yo mouth
And when u hear that (moan) he kicking you out
Hell naw I'm ain't no hater that's just what I'm about

They wanna flip me
Bounce me
Half and quarter ounce me
Try to speak my name out loud and mispronounce me
Hit me four five rubber grip me
Them hoes love me in a five but the dealer trying to six me
Dimes wanna twist me
Nah you can't kiss me
Go 'head with the mo' at the bar
You better Cris me
Baby blue 528 doing sixty
Cuttin' swiftly
Duckin' fifty
Hit my hoe crib for a nice dick suck and a quicky
Killa Cam, Dutch and the Spade flow sickly
The streets shifty
So I keep my tool
If yo ass wanna live you better keep your cool

Yo, Yo,
Yo where I'm from they let the cartridge blast
Everybody smart in math
Loan sharks with cash
Running from the narks and task
Streets arts and craft ?
Come on I start to laugh
Cause I almost caught the case with Rich Parker ass
Now a nigga paid out
suede couch
I'm into hooded things
Bitch butt be way out
These cats be Hecliff
When I come around they play mouse
Mickey and Minnie
Jerry from Tom
Heavy in arms
In front of bam bam
Hanna Barbara lover
Collar big
Cotton candy blue gators polishment
Y'all in astonishment looking for acknowledgment
We pour it on 'em
Meet a snitch throw wall off on em
Any repercussions make sure my seeds bubble
If you ain't hear me on clue I said I see double
Guns double tecks
Hoes double sex
Accountant handle my money but I double check
Bubble lex
Ain't too much more I care about
Liquor store and the Bronx old warehouse
Clear it out
L's with my liquor
Sounds sew a helluva whisper
Gas-ing up a hoe tell her you miss her
Dealing with the old timers was a helluva listener
Business sale a few differ
Nigga pelican slippers
Mommy is senseless
Get my moola I'm conscientious
Tell Medi she buy me benzes
Pour favor
Harlem mamma poor
We fell off but back on nigga time to ball
Hung 45th and Lennox
3 piece suit bean pies the final call
Gun up in the spinal cord
I got no time for y'all
We 8 digets you play frigate
Killa don't cook he blaze biscuits
Around us straight midgets
Jewels we keep frozen
Y'all keep dozing
The wolf in sheeps clothes and
Streets buzzing V dozen
Bitches calling me husband
Saying we fuck when we wasn't
Lying on her coochie
I'm dyin for a hoochie
With an iron for a boobie
Casino style diamonds in the doopey
But Killa keep running to the timing of a groupie
But need work
Plate of a kind
If ya dope ain't 8 or a 9
Don't waste up my time
You racing for shine
Only way you be around motherfucking paper boy
If you quit your job and go be a paper boy
Cars swoop buck fifty
Gun shoot buck fifty
Bear facts ? buck fifty
Air Max buck fifty
Only New York nigga to fuck with me
On her period blood sticky
Same night flood missy
Play Toronto like Doug Christy
Fuck Christy
Louie the 13
Slugs with me
Gimme head
Yo Quero kin chi blunt to my head
But my day is Friday
Toast for my bread
Niggas try to stick together like they Smokey and Craig
In real life Nia think I'm "Long" and throw me the head


"White Girls"

"White Girls"

[Cam'Ron: Intro]
Lemme tell you about my wifey real quick......
Had her wifed up........that's what's in and shit ya dig?

[Cam'Ron: Verse 1]
Yo she took me out my stinkin' aces, to the pinkest bracelet
Basics to basics, no way you could think I'm racist
Got a white girl, tell you that she's quite thorough
Borough to borough, flew me through this white world (from what?)
From Columbia, then she moved to Canada
Now she live in Harlem, writing, you could say I manage her
Met her in '90, jayvel was the damager ??
I wasn't understanding her, that nigga was a fan of her
That was confusing her, he was abusing her
That wasn't new to her, bought me a Luger brah'
Of course of course, never had intercourse
Of course of course, without her wouldn't of been a boss
I would flip for my mama, got me getting my commas (get it?)
Paid for my 1st va-ca, a trip to Bahamas (YES!)
Swam in the ocean, I was dishin' pirannas
That's my girl girl, yup, so give her some honor


[Cam'Ron: Verse 2]
My pride and joy, I call her butter
When she bake a cake, we'll be lovers
She live with me right, I hide her from my mother
see she wouldn't understand I'm supplyin the gutta
I let my baby hang outside with the brothers
Come back, cake on the bed the size of the covers
Shot 5 with a sucka, another 5 with a trucker
Took a hit without paying, won't get a dime for my butter
That's my holy ma-momma, second only to 'ganja
But I did watch her, played Tony Montana
Here's a queeeeeelo, yep she'll be back
For them peso's, yep she'll be crack
Rocks so bright, money so right
I got 7 workers, she's Snow White
And you know the steez, I met the ocean breeze
Killa Cam hand to hand with Cocoa Leafs

AND, and it's.........IT'S THEM BOYS

AND, and...........DON'T BE SHY
FA'SHO, DIPSET...............LET'S RIDE


[Cam'Ron: Verse 3]
McGoo said that the bird's the word
But the fur byrd gang flip bird's on curbs
And, it's ya homey thunny, I got a pony dummy
Phoney's clone me, calm down I'm only money
Like Prince Akee, you the servant semi
Living Martin's dream as I burn a hemi
Not concerned with many, got my girl here
When it come to money, shit I'm burning plenty





[Verse 1]
(Who) get money with Leyor, Kevin liles
(Who) Joie ie, LA Reid, Camron Giles
(Who) At the round table with Todd Moscowitz
(Who) Who the man, you the man so acknowledge it
(Who) Leave the dealer so smooth with the polished kit
(Who) Same night, 210 demolished it
(Who) Get girls no bullshit politics
(Who) Only gotta say two words: "swallow it"
(Who) Rocks look like Colorado dicks
(Who) got the mask and the gloves and the hallow tips
(Who) the one who can leave with your main chick
(Who) can fuck four girls from the same clique
(Who) Mr. Right (Who) Make sisters fight
(Who) ain't really gotta ask for a kiss goodnight
(Who) the one that the ladies call Mr. Pipe
(Who) the one that make feens go and get they pipe
Its me yall
no phone book but OG called
a few gun fights, some street brawls
Getting money, come come now please yall
[Verse 2]
(Who) Got mean jewels (Who) is gleaming heavy
(Who) get a million wired, I key and semi
(Who) light for movie (Who) no tyler perry
(Who) got the baddest chick, not halle berry
(Who) run your city, so fly
(Who) got all white birds that don't fly
(Who) the truth, you the truth, no lie
(Who) got dudes that'll kill you in a bow tie
(Who) blow la (Who) drove by
(Who) so high (Who) you know five
(Who) got louie kicks, like the checker board
(Who) will smack you, and check your broad
(Who) might blow (Who) like nitro
(Who) like black rob you, I'm like whoa
(Who) got twins (Who) like double mint
(Who) is wanted by the US government
[Chorus 2x]
[Verse 3]
(Who) roll up the bud (Who) saying it loud
(Who) work in the mud (Who) play in the cloud
(Who) live in the stars (Who) loving his style
(Who) come in the cars (Who) making him proud
(Who) be in them spots (Who) where they ain't allowed
(Who) they want in a box, we'll take em to trial
(Who) get thick chicks, or slim dymes
(Who) take a outro card, put it in mine
(Who) stand up, man up, no enzyme
(Who) you ray charles, yall niggas been blind
(Who) will get you curled out this world
(Who) like girls, girls that kiss girls
[Chorus 2x]


"Why No"
(feat. Freekey Zeeky, Jim Jones)

"Why No"
(feat. Freekey Zeeky, Jim Jones)

Yeah nigga
This is what the fuck I'm talking about
Back up in this fucking shit now
We gonna do shit ya'll niggaz never heard of
Fuck is goin on in this motherfuckin bitch c'mon

[Jim Jones]
Yo yo yo yo I'm a nomad nigga
I came up with no dag
Little broke nigga I ain't have no cash
No threads and no rags
Shit was serious
I wasn't in no fads nigga
I'm no pretender
I've been to jail and I know offenders
You I don't know or no remember
But I know you tender
Shit you ain't no exeption
I'm in the hood with no redemption
When you gonna die in life there's no prevention
Why the fuck you put us here when you know we bad
Yeah I was one that would cut you
Cause I came up to with no one to look up to
But the one that sold drugs to the ones with no life
Why the fuck police treatin us like we got no rides
Niggaz I know the truth though I ain't got no poverty nigga
I know my roots
Nigga I know some mirrads that don't get no dormida
Ain't got no trible for no cormida no papa no madre no nada
Nigga no hente what the fuck people no comprende

[Freaky Zeeky]
Comprende what the fuck
Nigga fuck all this shit up in this motherfucker
Got get your own cheese nigga
What the fuck is the deal what the fuck is the deal
Nigga fuck is the deal nigga fuck is the deal
Keep it real on this motherfuckin bitch nigga
You talkin shit blah blah fuck you bitch
Nigga I do what the fuck I got to do

Yo I can't live up in Hollow Hills with some model thrills
Why for the dollar bills I got the bottle Crils
I don't have to swallow pills
Why when I'm starvin I got to gobble meals
Why did I cop to steal
Why did I ride ride for real
Why we can't wait til our time God could take her
Why the flesh eatin disease make niggaz get ate her
Why bitches with a fat ass gotta wear A cup
Why Dave Listern from the NBA-a
Why the great ones always break up
And when travisty happen they wanna make up
Why niggaz can't get caked up and stay caked up
Say what why we can't tell who's smart or dumb
Why niggaz in blue suits gotta take us and put us in orange one
Why Adam and Eve didn't know what was in the garden dun
Why niggaz from America always wanna cart to foreign land
My drugs I gotta buy why sluts gotta fly why thugs gotta cry
Why when I get on blood got to die
Why me and Tai can't see eye to eye
Why when plane crashes niggaz fly to die
Why were depend on a handshake when you reachin a palm
Why beef with my mom why can't sleep when I cum
Why my black I love every fight I laugh when they mug me every right
I got to fuck every night
Run deep in my ways six feet deep in our graves
Why periods last three to five days
Why we ain't retreated to slaves
Why we don't learn til we leave for the cage
And we say the beasts is in rage
Why I can't tell you the whole story just a piece of the page
Whys no such thing as true lies
Why can't I have two rather than few highs
Whys homos got to do guys in the world
Why ain't there more girls that wanna do girls
Whys multiple-sclorosis why got multiple intosis
You know my .45 my .357 but why my shotgun why plot dun
Why man in statue depend on his rocks son
Why my hood fight flurges I see crook type murders
And niggaz get cooked like burgers
Why your girl want my clique why your girl on my dick
Why she rub it against her mouth like it's chap stick
Why this rap shit
Why CEOs wanna rap why rappers wanna be CEOs
Yo why you all wanna see me blow
Why the rederick why I can't get my proper etiquette

Better get all your money motherfucker get that said again
I want that money too nigga
Fuck that lil two dollar prude
I wanna get that Cristal shit too nigga
Yeah niggaz up in the shit motherfucker
I ain't stoppin I ain't never fuckin stoppin
I ain't never motherfuckin stoppin up in this motherfucker
Nigga you better get some more money cause
We got to tapes up this motherfucker
You better be rich cause we got a lot more shit
I ain't never gonna stop motherfucker
I bet you better believe that


"Woo Hoo"
(feat. Byrd Lady, 40 Cal.)

"Woo Hoo"
(feat. Byrd Lady, 40 Cal.)

[Verse 1: Cam'Ron]
When I cook up that coke I'm like (Woo Hoo)
And when the feens taste it (Woo Hoo)
You know the lace it and base it
Tell em to paste it, mann they getting wasted (Woo Hoo)

Look at mami in them heals (Woo Hoo)
She know exactly how it feel like (Woo Hoo)
Baby I love and discuss it, lets go public
Yeah fuck up my budget, my accountant like (Woo Hoo)

Hey you know how much you spent (Woo Hoo)
And then I hand her a check, she like (Woo Hoo)
Don't get offended but I get it much quicker than I spend it
Yeah yeah yeah (Woo Hoo)

Like when I get a new gun, I'm like (Woo Hoo)
And when I load it to the top I'm like (Woo Hoo)
I don't abuse it, with this I make music
Hope I don't have to use it, listen (Woo Hoo)

Now his mothers sitting there like (Woo Hoo)
Look what they did to his face, I mean (Woo Hoo)
Just understand this, yo doggie I'm being candid
Don't take this money for granted

[Cam'Ron outro]
I cant explain this baby
Its like me trying to explain why is water wet
Or why is the sun hot
Or why birds fly, and people don't, well I do

[Verse 2: Byrd Lady]
First I step up like (Woo Hoo)
They like good god almight, she be killing em' (Woo Hoo)
Ass so fat make a nigga say (Woo Hoo)
How you get all that, with the same from the back, let em hit it from the back

Now he tasting my (Woo Hoo)
Lick it all up, don't be wasting my (Woo Hoo)
Get up in that gut, put your face in my (Woo Hoo)
You a big boy right, nah you putting up a fight, nigga why you so up tight

I'm on the block like (Woo Hoo)
But you see the stones and the chains you like (Woo Hoo)
Dust them bitches off up out my way like (Woo Hoo)
Yeah like have a nice day, let me grab you through the way,
stay the fuck up out my face

Watch me tell em like (Woo Hoo)
Hoping I don't crash, pray to god like (Woo Hoo)
Slow it down a little, take the key off that (Woo Hoo)
That be the coupe, check the bitch who did me dupe, see this leg is too cute

[Byrd lady outro]
This that wildin shits
Yall aint know nothing about this
This nigga I rock with overseas
International byrd lady
His & her cedes
Call me the fur baby
I'm straight stunting on yall bitches man
You see me shining though

[Verse 3: 40 Cal]
They yell (Woo Hoo)
Become to every bigga bubble got em like (Woo Hoo)
Every other flip I double, come through like (Woo Hoo)
When she see the kid with muscles, but she singing... like the whole clique in trouble

But I'm like (Woo Hoo)
Every day a different hustle, feens like (Woo Hoo)
Every time the sniff a bundle, so I'm yelling (Woo Hoo)
Tell your friends to get a couple, I'm the one from trip em love em, show you how to get a hustle

So I yell (Woo Hoo)
Get your whole clique in huddle, you'll be singing (Woo Hoo)
You put it in a bigger duffle, quick to say (Woo Hoo)
We aint with the cigre bottles,get it in the hump, put it in the shottles
Run it through jones, don't stutter or stumble

Come through like a 1, 2 rumble
They be loving how I be stunting like a thug do
I don't cuff you, I slut you, my thought boo
What the fuck with the brothers who don't fuck boo
If you want to, gotta


"Wrong Ones"

"Wrong Ones"

[Phone Conversation]
[Cam:] Hello
[Girl:] Yo Kam
[Cam:] Yo mom whatsup whats goin on
[Girl:] Yo I cant meet you later yo
[Cam:] What Happened?
[Girl:] Yo he stalkin me
[Cam:] He in yo face like dat
[Girl:] Like dat yo hold on
Yo Im talkin to June Allright
[Cam:] Damn he in yo face like dat
[Girl:] Just like dat
Yo Ill beep you later I can call you later
[Cam:] Alright Alright

Ay Yo you got ta undastand
Im like a food to tha world
Cuz Im friends wit ya man
Plus your cool wit my girl
Now I dont really understand how dat cat he be stressin u
I dont understand that you grown but yet he question u
Guessin that u love him but you in it for tha pay
But he know where u at every minute of tha day
But since we learned to creep
Is like we yearn for sleep
And my girls in my face when i dont return tha beep
Its like a sin or a crime
U in tha benz all tha time
But ya man know u aint wit ya friends all tha time
Ill be selfish
Sayin chancin tha long
Dats why I hang up when he answer tha phone
And Ill be callin from tha house in tha paul lobby
Plus I know him he too cheap for caller ID
And my girl in my face jus stressin me child
But Ill dial anotha number if she press redial

Ay yo me and u creep right now its all fun
But you ever really think about tha long run
When tha nights over and its all done
Were tha wrong ones were tha wrong ones
Ay yo me and u creep right now its all fun
But you ever really think about tha long run
When tha nights over and its all done
Were tha wrong ones were tha wrong ones

I feel bad but good uh huh
When Im sexin u
But undastand its more than jus tha sex with u
Its ya otha side u show me your intellectual
The way you handle tha things
Minds a professional
But a real freak behind close doors
And you have me open tha way u throw yours
What tha hell you think why I bout those drawz
And when u go down how u move those jawz
Oh Lord
For u Ill be out on a search
Damn u look good in ya blouse and ya skirts
But we got to be careful when we out doin dirt
This aint about us its about who we hurt
But ?mom? i love ya technique
Tha way u make tha bed squeak
Ya man cant get it up
Maybe girl he deat meat
So lets creep
In a lex jeep
At a secret location do it again next week


Now that I sit here I lay distraught
Tha feelings get involved when u play tha sport
Cause when Im wit my girl u even stay in thought
And that dates back to my days in court
Sayin u admired tha way I faught
U aint even listen when my airplay was short
Me for u girl yo I feel we deserve it
But u ever really think about is it worth it
When tha nights over and tha cris' is gone
You got kids and a man playin mr. mom
Your man and my wife will be gone in tha smoke
Cuz tha last time we did it tha condom broke

[phone convo]
[Girl:] Cam Im pregnant
[Cam:] So Whatchu tellin me for
[Girl:] Oh u can Lay down and make a baby
But u cant take care of one
[Cam:] Get outta here wit dat Righteous

[Chorus till fade]


"You Gotta Love It"
(feat. Max B)

"You Gotta Love It"
(feat. Max B)

[Intro: Cam'Ron]
Ok First off, you a bitch nigga
Only reason I'm doin this
I'ma jus name 5 reasons real quick, got a hundred fifty
First - you stole Roc-A-Fella from Dame
Second - you stole Kanye from Dame
Third - you stole Roc-A-Wear from Dame
Forth - I seen the nigga throw that diamond up before them shots was fired
Fifth - hold on, turn the beat off
I had to turn the beat off for this
You talkin bout you a 80's baby
You 37 years old, you was born in 1968 and I open the daily news
How's the king of new york rocking sandals with jeans?
Open toe sandals with choncletas with jeans on
How's the king of New York rocking sandals with jeans and he 42 years old?
Back to business

[Verse 1: Cam'Ron]
You ain't the only one with big wallets
Got it, my shits brollic, dot it
But your publishing should go to Mrs. Wallace
Honest. Stealing +BIG+ shit, he made 2 albums, you wildin
And he can't dress dog who styled 'em
It was Roc-a-Wear, when Dame had it
Now you got it, call it +Cock-a-wear+,(you got it on) huh not in here (nope)
Dead it pronto, you won't see a car. No
Dame and Biggs bitch for years, now you Juan hoe
(Go to Lennox & Broadway you dumb ass nigga)
He own the 40/40 got you in Atlantic City
Bitched your budget outta baseline, goddamn it's pretty
You love a Harlem nigga we get it cookin' it's true
But now I look we got more dudes in Brooklyn then you
Appar-ently right? Down in Jeezy video
I shoulda kissed you on the cheek, you a pretty ho (ask Weezy, Weezy was there)
At Jaz video you starred in it, Peter Pan (Hawaiian Sophie)
I was hopping off the greyhound, Peter Pan
(Call him Hawaiian Sophie from now on)
How could he be the man? (huh)
Only reason fam I don't suck dick or kiss ass and I'm consided, damn
But we hawk yo, right where you walk ho (right where you walk)
You can fool the rest of the world long as New York know
We put u underground clown aint gone check to sell-us (cellars)
I know he 40 years old, I don't respect my elders
I respect the hustlers, plus the grinders and the sellers
Yous a customer buster, here go jet propellers

[Chorus 2X: Max B]
You gotta hate us the way we getting this paper
All my niggaz is coming strait from minimum wages
niggaz dick ridin the dips steady tryin to play us (Quit trying to spray us)
But for robbery we gotta new flavor (DipSet)
In 40th niggaz we tote them guns (DipSet)
This is 40th nigga we from the slums(DipSet)
Pushin 40 nigga you not the one
It's Killa Season holla at a nigga cause here it come

[Verse 2: Cam'Ron]
Killa! Let's go
Who can fuck with me? No mammal, but we tote handles
Atcha open toe sandals, and you look like Joe Camel (go smoke some cigarettes)
Off of Rocafella right? no contact
But Busta fly joints, they put us out the contract
I left the label right, lot of cats wonder how
Everytime I diss that label I get fined a hundred thou'
Jus for tellin y'all I get fined a hundred thou' (This is crazy)
Huh them cats are ill, 5 times a half a mil
Wanna play like a bumper sticker smack a grill
Paul Wall cap a grill but them cats are daffy dills (put flowers on them niggaz)
East coast west coast slang yo cap ya peel
Down in Houston ask B I'ma mack forreal
Heck you tell me, respect, better dwell me
Beyonce fiance, check my 2nd LP (check my second album)
I might bring it back, that's your girl, that's your world
Had the thing, fucking singing bout slinging crack (word)
Mr. Rocafella stop, stop, stop it fellas (stop)
Still got our acapellas, but I will Akinel her
"Put it in ya mouth-Put it in ya mouth"
It ain't my fault I'm raw
I'm sorry B but I want a war
And he stabbed "Un" (Lance Rivera) over Charli Baltimore (fucking faggot)
Sucker for love, nuh-nuh sucker for love
Killa bitch go to trial handy stuff in the glove
I'ma hop in the bed, dog gon jus pop off her head (you know what is is)
Tell "Oh Jay-Z chill, Cochran is dead"


[Ontro 1: Cam'Ron]
Y'all niggaz don't want it with us man
This just round one, 15 rounds B
We ready you aint gone bluff us at no concert, sell out 25 thou'
Actin like you gon diss us
You got anthrax over there man, and we George Bush man
You aint gone Sadam Hussein it
Acting like you got something over there
You doing what Ma$e did, you making super songs man
Let it out man, we ready for 15 rounds man [fades out]


"You Know This"

"You Know This"

Let's start the year off right
I smell that Killa Season comin' on
[Verse 1:]
I do what I do, but boo won't get a chicken dinner
Unless you kiss my wood, you won't get a splinter
She agreed, not surprised, and merked off
Not Jamaican, but I gave her my jerk sauce
No oxtails, knew me for rock sales
She ain't drink liquor, but I gave her a cocktail
Gave me great knowledge, call her Top Yale
You gon' make me cum?
She replied: "I will not fail"
Hot damn – "you chockin' me, goddamn"
Treat my dick like some dice and shake that shit with your hot hands
I could start a riot, you cannot deny it
Talkin' loud - but they pockets quiet
Your girl all on my zipper
In the club, baby, more of them tippers
Better yet, man, more of them strippers
Matter fact, man, more of them lit blunts
Aye, and you know this
Aye, and you know this
Aye, and you know this
You so focused, I'm glad you know this
[Verse 2:]
In a average car, at the bar
On the dance floor, smack, watch me grab her bra
But I still get fly and only doubted y'all
When the sun hit the jewels, turn to Avatar
Yeah, but in my pocket are ghost locs
No folks, that'll bring it in on a rowboat
No joke, blow smoke, thought I had no hope
Then I copped a yacht, guess I showboat
Yeah, I guess I showboat
Catch me on the water, baby, that's how hope floats
My chauffeur in Louis, my loafers are Gucci
Tonight your girl my bitch, and I'm hosting her coochie
Let's start the year off right...


"You Know What's Up"
(feat. C.O., Sky-Lyn)

"You Know What's Up"
(feat. C.O., Sky-Lyn)

[Chorus: C.O.]
This bitch ain't nothing but a filthy slut that's why I
Fuck bitches all I do is fuck bitches
This bitch ain't nothing but a filthy slut that's why I
Fuck bitches all I do is fuck bitches
So you hooooooo's
You should know whats up
When you see me
you know its time to fuck
[Verse 1: C.O.]
Bitches ain't shit but hoe's and tricks
I fucked her in the crib, then in the whip
And after I fuck her I'm taking the chips
I'm taking the whips, but she can keep the kids
I fuck good bitches, bad bitches and stick
Shawty's so bad I'm glad she's all on my dick
I took her to the crib and we were smoking the piff
Now she's twisted sucking the dick
I ain't trying to get played like no silly ho
I just get what I want then I'm out the door
So if you think that you fucking me baby boy you got it twisted
You got it twisted, you got it twisted
I just want to hit it and split it, then move on
If you thinking ima stay you know your so wrong
Unless you got the cash, you ain't seeing the stash
Now you mad, catching feeling, now that's just too bad!
[Verse 2: Cam'Ron]
Your girl's a ex dust junkie, but a butt dunkey
Keeping it just funky, she a slut monkey
Yeah true blue, who knew, you knew
Fucked her in the ass, started to leak yo-hoo
Woo ooh started to cry, I said boo ho
Calm down boo boo
You an animal, yeah from the zoo crew
Want me to stop, nah killa do you
Brought my niggas in the room, ran a choo choo
All of a sudden the bitch said "sow-woo"
Looked at her like ma you delirious
Said nah cam, just caught my period
Know what I'm thinking, machete season
Smack blood out her, nah she already bleeding
Now sitting in, with nothing on
So I jerked off, left her nutted on
This nigga ain't shit if he ain't got no chips
That's why I fuck niggas, all I do is fuck niggas
If he cant eat the pussy I ain't sucking shit
That's why I fuck niggas, all I do is fuck niggas
So you main niggas, you should know whats up
Everytime you sleep with me, you be trying to fuck
Fuck niggas, all I do is fuck niggas