Šta je novo?


"We Got It"
(feat. Mase)

"We Got It"
(feat. Mase)

Uh, check it, check it
Aiyo, it's very rare that you see me an Lanson
In a club, with bub, partyin, we dancin
If so, it's Chris, Bacardi, an some Branson
All leathered out in a Harley or a Vanson
Now I ain''t dissin chicks
But I ain't trickin shit
That's Un yo, wit me you get fish an chips
That's right exotic and we live it
But jus cause I got it
Don't mean you can get it
Now I take them black, nasty, redbone, beautiful
Jus brush your teeth for me, that's suitable
Don't care about your toes or your cuticles
First we lie then work them thighs
It's a one night stand, not to hurt your pride
But ma, I'm a dog, it ain't worth the lies
And tell your man chill
He don't deserve to die
Plus the nigga probably ain't circumcised

Oh every beat we make, we make hot
And every watch we got, got rocks
And every car we got, we got dropped
And every glock we got, we keep cocked
To all the charts you on, we on top
And every house you own, we jus copped
And all the bank you got, we got stock
And every chick you wit, we jus hit

Check it out
Yo, I'm the same cat that you see in all places
Got a mil in hundreds and it's all small faces
Old school money, uh huh, we got access
What you get a year, we spend that on taxes
We don't talk to niggas, we jus wait for faxes
End up wit the cash, you bent up in the trash
Leave you wet, we set, in a net, in the dash
Nigga like me been a vet since the past
Who out here don't feel I'm lockin it yet
Video time, no props on the set
If you see a car that's my drop on the set
If you see jewels thats the rocks on my neck
And if a club scene really pop to be wet
We jus bought a chopper, you coppin Bigets
If you feel different, I'm stoppin the bet
You rockin a vet while we hop on a jet


Hey pretty mama come wit me
If you think your a nasty girl
Your man had you livin in a fantasy
But it's really Cam'Ron's world
Meet me at the door about a quarter to four
And bring four more girls (bring em all)
My mans outside in the parking lot
With the six chromed out in pearl
And yo, you know my style when we creepin too
Yo, who dat boo, your man beepin you
Well say your wit Lexis, with the Lexus
God damn yo, I just missed the exit
I''m kinda tipsy, I dont want to wreck shit
And don't think ma, that I'm on some next shit
Just wanna know if we can get breakfast
Then go to the telly for some sex shit

[Chorus 2X]


"We Make Change"
(feat. Juelz Santana)

"We Make Change"
(feat. Juelz Santana)


[Cam'Ron:] What up Ja
[Lil Ja:] What up?
[Cam:] What's the deal?
[Lil Ja:] Nothing...Cam you can't be feeding niggaz
[Cam:] Why not?
[Lil Ja:] Cause they don't appreciate shit...
I guess they gon learn when they get in they car, start it up and BOOM!

[Verse 1: Cam'Ron]
I'm official nice (nice), y'all niggaz Fisher Price (price)
Fuck "trout" you bout....let's "fish for ice"!
This a risk that's light, get it right the vicious price ($50,000)
Plus my kicks are Nike...this what the bitches like
Like ya bitch and wife, and sister might get tonight
Mister right, kissed her right...make sure that her lips get white
She don't suck nothing, buzzen but she lick it nice
She a hummer, nah plumber she can "twist the pipe"
When I was fifteen, BANG BANG, I call my moms..
cell, she snorting long....that don't even correspond
All the Ganj, all is gone...just came from Autobon
Came back with the foreign palm.....I'LL HOLLAAAA!
Shit....before I go berserk, jerk when I sold it hurt
Eurth told me go to school....nah bitch go to work
And gave the coldest smirk, right after she stole my work
(where you going with my shit?!?!)
And the nerve to hold her purse.....I'LL HOLLAAAA!

.380 HOLMES..

[Verse 2: Cam'Ron]
Ok...here go the rundown, niggaz gonna run down, tell you put ya gun down
Puff puff puff, shutdown, uptown, in the house, hollaback, going around, done clown
I'ma do this fast or slow when I rap or when I bag a O
When I wrap that...pass that, catch that, fast that....motherfuckers had to know!
OH OH!...I'm about that cornbread, believe me I'm beyond dead
I do this for blood sheed, do it for Bloodshed, Derrick Michael Armstead
Me and him soul to soul, if you bowl ya fold, better slow ya role
Before ya role get popped and them hoes is hot from pole to pole! (WOOO!)
Lemme slow it up (why?), so y'all can cope in touch
I'm heroine and sex in one...dope as fuck
I'm hoping I'm roping the trojan
and go in the hole and open it up...if not dog I'm choking the slut
Am I poking or what? You got to figure dog
The game in a chicken wing, stupid "figure four"
I'm that nigga y'all......I just ball, best dressed, dress fresh, oh yes YES Y'ALL!



"Welcome To My World"

"Welcome To My World"

Female: Hey Cam we're going to the park, you want to come?
Cam'ron: Man, fuck you shorty. I don't do what everybody else does. You want to hang with me, come to my world

[Verse 1:]
Reporting live girl (from where)
From where they kidnap and hide girls (wifey in the cut)
But I got four or five side girls
Five in ya dry curls
Girl what you talking about? Yo who you talking to?
Welcome to my world
Where you might get your shit laced
Girls got their wigs laced
Spit on cop cars, rip up parking tickets
They still having dog fights, they still having dog fights?!
Man they don't care about vacay's
The corner store is a cover up
Girls fight at the nail salon
Baby mom and wifey, well see they don't get along
(They tried to blame me though)
I say you bitches done got it wrong (Word up)
Old girl got me fucked up
This cold world got you sucked up, oh well tough luck
I'd like to take this time, New York City
Man what the fuck's up?

Welcome to my world [x2]
[Female:] Girl you know my baby father ain't give me no money in 2 years? He ain't even get the kids no school clothes, but he going to ask me to suck his dick. (Mhm) Welcome to my world

[Verse 2:]
Welcome to my world (what up)
That's what you fools be dreaming about
The two-door I be leaning out
Not Arizona, but my cousin in Phoenix house
I hope that he detox
Man they better clean him out, But look cribs we clean 'em out
Go in your grill like Paul Wall
Like dominoes you all fall
And I'm like Santa, yea I got something for all y'all
That Johnson and Johnson
That ain't no baby powder (Go ahead and just taste it)
What you're thinking it may be flour
(5, 5 thick thighs)
Yeah she got some lady power
I nutted on her face, baby that's just a baby shower
Been doing this before Bathing Apes
Moving out state to state
Man I been on this paper chase
Niggas just hate to hate, but they know I be making pape
Don't matter the season
But I been about shake n' bake (no homo)
Man I told all you hoes before
I don't care we could go to war
My homies unload the four
I know that you know the score
And my jewelry?
You can't get out no clothing store (shit)

Welcome to my world [x4]


"Welcome To New York City"

"Welcome To New York City"

[Jay-Z] Turn the motherfucking music up
[Cam'Ron] Just Blaze, man. You owe me nigga
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Welcome to the Empire State.
Home of the World Trade.
Birthplace of Michael Jordan.
Home of Biggie Smalls.
Roc-A-Fella headquarters.
Ladies and gentlemen, Killa Cam, Young Hov is definitely in the building
Brooklyn, Harlem World
(Welcome to New York City, welcome to New York City)
Stand the fuck up!
I'm a B.K. brawler
Marcy projects hallway loiterer
Pure coke copper, get your order up
I bring 'em to Baltimore in the Ford Explorer
It's gonna cost you more if I gotta get 'em to Florida
Rucker game attender
With the Bent parked on the sidewalk with the temp plates on the fender
I ain't hard to find you catch me fronting center
At the Knick game, big chain and all my splendor
Next to Spike and the pen left to write
I own Madison Square, catch me at the fight
But damn once again if you pan left at the ice
If you the man that write checks with the hand that don't write
I go off the head when I'm rambling on the mic
And I go off the feds when I'm scrambling at night
And if it's off the set I brought hammers to the fight
But we from New York City, right Cam?
([Cam:] Yeah, damn right)
[Chorus (Juelz Santana):]
It's the home of 9-11, the place of the lost towers
We still banging, we never lost power, tell 'em
Welcome to New York City, welcome to New York City
You all fucking with BK's banger and Harlem's own gangster
Now that's danger there's nothing left to shape up
Welcome to New York City, welcome to New York City
Yo, there's a war going on outside, no man is safe from
It don't matter if you three feet or eight-one
You'll get eight from me, nine and straight blown
Wig split, melon cracked, all that on day one
Carry eight guns, two in the trunk
Two in the waist, two in the ankle, two to just spank you
You can jam with them jammers, blam with them blammers
It's hot here, ask Mase he ran to Atlanta
You think we know what life do, make wanna mold the cycle
Drinkers they so delightful, blinging with so much ice
In front of sparks, body of Castellano
Block away watched by Gotti and Gravano
It's la Cosa Nostra, someone close approach you
They'll toast your gopher, bread loaf with shofer
Old coke they raise up and snort, blayze up your fort
Jay puff shine, cases was caught
Midnight pick fights, they love a victim
Watch him fore he watch you, Killa
[Chorus (Juelz Santana)]
I'm from 101, west to Hunt 40th, this shit is live
Fifth-floor, 56, you know the zip, district five
You're on 22nd, you from two-one
That's on Lennox, 7th ave was news one
Coverage I synethestry
Got rise from defending me
'cause New York'll miss me if I'm locked in the penitentiary
The judge said "Is this that thug, from the kit kat club?"
But I got enough chips stacked up to make a bitch to pack up
Killa, I pinch that button, I grip that snub to hit that thug
Lay up in a pitch black tug,
You looking at rich black thugs to get that love
And we won't stop till I get back blood
Holla at 'em Hov
I'm from Flushing, Marcy, Nostrand, Myrtle and Park
Niggas'll drive by in the day, murder you in the dark
That's why the Johnny gun I'm holding
Wet niggas up like the johnny-pump is open
Homie, I play hard
[Chorus (Juelz Santana)]
You all niggas man, you all can't fuck around man
It's the ROC bitch, Killa, my nigga Jigga, Sigel, Beans
Diplomats man, holla, Dash
Get the fuck off our dicks
I own this shit right now man, I ain't going nowhere
Welcome to New York City!


"Welcome To Purple Haze (Skit)"

"Welcome To Purple Haze (Skit)"

Hi, im mizzle
Former herion addict
Coke head
Crack fiend
Man if killa had it , i tried it
If i itch he scratch, yo no homo man
But im part of the diplomats now
Yea u kno the byrd gang
Dip set bitch
So id like to welcome you to purple haze the album
Yea my man killa's a mother fucker
I mean, he brings out the best in u
If u rap, u better spit that shit
N u better sell that shit too
If u steal, dont rob a store
Rob the stash house
"george its 200 bricks in there stupid"
Ha thats wat he told george man
Wut up o yea
If u sellin nickels n dimes
Then ure nickel n dimin
Get some weight on u like that fat bitch delaresse
I i still dont kno wat that means man but
But i do kno wat this means
U get high, get high all the way
U sniff coke, fuck it, smoke crack
Dont stop there, if u smoke crack, shoot dope
If u shoot dope, sniff meth
He had all that shit rite there fer sale man
Funny mother fucker


"Wet Wipes"

"Wet Wipes"

Killa, Killa, Killa, DipSet Bitch, DipSet Bitch, DipSet Bitch

[Verse 1]
Them niggaz pumpin dimes, trunk pumpin mine
I really make cake, you could call me Duncan Hines
Had a drunken mind, club wobbled out
Next stop, start trouble inside the waffle house
Mmm, click the nine, yup skip the line
Looked at home boy yo, your bitch is mine
Had a little knife, tried to flick his shine
Had a big gat, click clack, hit recline
Don't ever complain, over no dumb dame
See you big money, I'll turn 'em to chump change
Let my muscles show, cause I'm like Russell Crowe
Beautiful mind, took his bitch, hustle hoe
That was her boo, yes sir true
But I collect the chicken, call me Purdue
His ex wife, a new sex life
But ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it, go get ya wet wipes

Go get ya wet wipes, go get ya wet wipes
Go get ya wet wipes, go get ya wet wipes
I see your head lights, they lookin dead nice
They got me sayin

[Verse 2]
They all comical, Killa Killa phenomenal
Honored the honesty mommy illage villa I promise you
I come once a year, I'm like the carnival
They all talk about me, call him Donahue
It's the don in you, nope it's the Kris in me
The '06 Ricky D, less glitter b
Yes Sicily ricery, don't mean shit to me
Get with me physically, mentally, literally
My henchmen, they lynch men
They apply the appliances the wrench-men
That's sense ten, I've been attendin
Plaintiff, defendant, sentence, independence
But it was said right, I was dead nice
And I'm dead wrong, but you'll die dead right
This red ice, chicken wings red rice
But baby girl, go get ya wet wipes


[Verse 3]
Y'all niggaz know the deal, pop the golden seal
Candy apple rain drops, Soul For Real
No singer b, sling Heavy D
Ready rock, killa cop, steady b
Stay steady please, say I bet he squeeze
I ain't on it tonight, I need head for sheez
I don't care if your Japanese, Lebanese
Chinese, Siamese, just be from the seven seas
I was wrapin a L, I got trapped in a smell
Perfume, bag, hat, all matchin Chenelle
Ohh you a baler boo, how tall are you
5'6" 150, I need all of you
She had a candy chocha, como te llamo Josa
Lets meet her family, let me hit, Sammy Sosa
I know you first class, I'm a jet flight
No take off, first get ya wet wipes

[Hook - 2X]


"What I Gotta Live For"

"What I Gotta Live For"

I aint got shit to live for anyway
Yes you do
I'll see these niggas in hell anyway
You gotta lot to live for
Man fuck all that
I'm sayin, you live for me then
Fuck that shit
Bloodshed, bloodshed, bloodshed...
[Verse 1]
Yo, yo
I'm ready to stick the gun to my head and bust a clip
I want the world to see the blood to drip, pus to drip
Crash the car crush the whip
And it's one time I loved the six, fuck this shit
Trust a chick? Never that
It's only to fuck a bitch to fuck a bitch
Girl ran a circus on me Wrangling Brothers tip
Fuck my connect, fuck I expect, I could get weight
I'll take half of his cake, run, I would debate
Father had the nerve to tell me I'm a mistake
I said, dad I told my daughter that, I could relate
And the beef up the hill, is real gettin live
Still sittin by, still gettin high
And I don't hold my tongue
I was wrong enough to tell 'em
That I could stop doing drugs long enough to sell em
A proclamation, with intoxication
(Ayo Cam' gettin high!) A three rock occasion
Whoa, I'm so high, you're so high
What the fuck these motherfuckers put in my lye??
Make a million dollars, yo I could if I tried
But why the fuck I gotta pay him, him, and him?
Yo fuck around I'ma spray him, him, and him
And fuck her when your girl lay, him, him, and him
Man, that's why I'ma give it up
The Benz truck driv' it up, every weekend did it up
But tell me why, live for what?
What do I have to live for...
What do I have to live for...
What do I have to live for...
What do I have to live for..
[Verse 2]
Yo, yo, yo, I was wishin for knowledge
But didn't have tuition for college
So that mission abolished
Straight street like power, politics, and policy making
Give a fuck how I see bakin, gimme this, gimme that
Gimme your hat, gimme your gat, gimme your shit
Gimme your bricks, gimme your kicks
Matter fact you pussy, gimme your bitch
Cam' is clappin, I'm in
Can't negotiate with Samuel Jackson
It's A Time To Kill, what do I do?
My girl pregnant, rent is due, the phone is off
The heat is off, no the heat is on nigga
In the street is on, I'm about to beat upon
A nigga til they deceased or gone, at least I'm gone
What do it matter, they just relate to Binnis
Girl fucked my man like Jada from Innis
But I play to the finish, got blazed in a blemish
Least I wasn't caged in a clinic
In there, you age in a minute
But you know the sharks, diplomat ho, we know the art
Come through leave your shit wet like Noah's Ark
We order the pies, you sort of a lie
You aint 730 nigga you 'bout a quarter to five
Life's on the line, wife's goin blind
Tell me man, god, what type of a sign
Take a nitrogen nine, man, that's why I'ma give it up
Wrists stay glittered up, every weekend did it up
But tell me why, live for what
What do I have to live for...
What do I have to live for...


"What Means The World To You"
(feat. Keema)

"What Means The World To You"
(feat. Keema)

killa, killa, killa, killa, killa, killa dog,
its killa dog, ill kill you dog,
What means the world to you
Cause money mean the world to me
I'm a shine for the world to see
Pearl the V twirl the key cock back kick
back and twirl the weed
(Ma) Wanna roll wit a top gun
Hot one done pop one scrub not one
Wanna ride shotgun wanna shoot shot guns
and i got hot one's
But i wanna chick that'll hop up on a stick
Wit a porno flick
(Uh) Make sure my comes go on a lick
More to sip but screw that
Where my thugs with the hollow tips
Girls that acknowledge it
Polish it after that swallow it
Stand by baby where you at huh?
Raise ya hand high
You dont suck what that's a damn lie
Got red rye my man ride my fam tide
So i need a real chick
Someone to keep it real wit
Someone to rob and steal wit
Someone to share my meal wit
It's that there look wit you
and be out for your revenue
then even at you and she'll be blessin you
Caressin you startin that mess wit you
But you always good for now and plus no friends around
So girl jus come lift up that dress for now
And give me some points for now talk to me ma
What means the world to you my money, my doe, my hoes, my clothes
What means the world to you my money, my doe, my hair, my nails
What means the world to you some sex, some mex, and a little bit of head rah
What means the world to you to sex is sweet wit a cat who eat
What means the world to you lots of cheese shopping sprees
What means the world to you diamond rings shinin things
What means the world world to you ladies (oh) fellas (ah)
oh, ah, oh, ah, oh, ah
oh, ah
My cousin tandelese see the gurl type honory
But the girlfriend was real real real fond of me
But the girl put her on to me and I'm like why
I mean come through wit her she drivin that alumina
I'm not even thinkin bout screwin her
let alone pursuing her
I got a gurl she like what that got to do wit her
Get through wit her mess around my gurl come down
and put two in her
But I'm in a heavy case like the type that pepsi make
Who you fake got pies like betty bake
Top balla in every state
In Chi im mike
Boston I'm Kenny
In Miami im Timmy and Phoenix I'm Penny
damn in Harlem I'm Sammy order or so
What the hell you want
Got sons guns run run
Make them run run skate take one
From young one's dumb dumbs
Hit wit the dumb dumbs hit wit the stun gun
Oh damn young hon where the gurl come from
And i wanna meet her can i greet her
Yo we in my bed for now
She said oh no my spine on respire now
Well give me some points for now talk to me ma
What means the world to you my money, my doe, my hoes, my clothes
What means the world to you my money, my doe, my hair, my nails
What means the world to you some sex, some mex, and a little bit of head rah
What means the world to you to sex is sweet wit a cat who eat
What means the world to you lots of cheese shopping sprees
What means the world to you diamond rings shinin things
What means the world world to you ladies (oh) fellas (ah)
oh, ah, oh, ah, oh, ah
oh, ah
Ladies say (ah) scream it out speak it out
It's that time of the month for you leakin out say oww (oww)
Shit yall know I'm down for the hoes down for the doe
down for a little lay dick on the low yall know
I'ts that kima chick that'll heat ya chick (oww)
Squeeze the click (oww) go home and get freaked again
Yall know i like that sex wit the right cat
Rings make them iced stack
Yo now hold up mama
I don't want you to be no hoe
I done layed them, J'd them
That's right played them hoes
I ain't one of them hoes
Why you come wit them hoes when I come for the doe
Keep them under control
What means the world to you my money, my doe, my hoes, my clothes
What means the world to you my money, my doe, my hair, my nails
What means the world to you some sex, some mex, and a little bit of head rah
What means the world to you to sex is sweet wit a cat who eat
What means the world to you lots of cheese shopping sprees
What means the world to you diamond rings shinin things
What means the world world to you ladies (oh) fellas (ah)
oh, ah, oh, ah, oh, ah
oh, ah


"What Means the World to You (Remix)"
(feat. Ludacris, Trina, U.G.K.)

"What Means the World to You (Remix)"
(feat. Ludacris, Trina, U.G.K.)

Track Mas-ter-rrrah!
What means the world to me? Snappin bras, menage-a-trois
What means the world to me? Smokin hash, slappin ass
What means the world to me? Breakin laws, racin cars
What means the world to me? Makin bail, A-T-L
Uhh, uhh
What mean the world to me?
When I bang hoes, sky blue Range Rov's
Stop comin to my crib with your period
Serious bitch, and you act like I ain't know
I like my dishes deep, I like when I twist a freak
I like when her man find out when the court came mouse
Laugh when he went for me; I tell him
Women are trife - yeah I been in your wife
but do me a favor, dog
Don't call here again in your life, I'm killer
Atlanta I bubbled, in Memphis I hustled
In Kansas I juggle, New York, all my muscle we tussle
Listen you would too, if you knew
what this game would do to you
Been in this shit, two years Boo
Look at all the bullshit I been through
So called beef with you know who (who?)
But I got max gats
Nine nine's times nine, blow, blow, OW! (owww)
Let me tell 'em what'll mean the world
Ludacris and a couple a girls
You find a brotha runnin up in the girls
I get 'em drunk, chugga-luggin the girls
Ding-a-ling face huggin the girls
I get late - think I'm up with the girls?
Skeet, skeet, gone; it's all about that party
Bacardi - motions, rub lotion, all over your body
What means the world to me?
A little head preferably, so I express this verbally
And I don't care, I just want somebody to braid my hair
Cause I keeps it nappy, I'm happy, and I got my word and ball
That's all I need in this world, plus a little bit of alcohol
A box of Phillies and tig ol' bitties in fifty cities
I set it out after shows and the club is comin with me
I'm black and proud, I'm black and loud, I'm black and high
And it really mean the world to me
if I live my life, stay black and die
Uhh, c'mon, yo, yo
What mean the world to me?
Gettin money fuckin girls for free
On the corner hustlin from twelve to three
Cook coke, make twelve from three, uhh
Bottle up, it'll sell for three
Two for five, sound well to me
My coke so good have them fiends outside
on line from twelve to three (uh-huh)
And everything'll stop in the winter
when I cop in the winter
Come to your block in a drop in the winter
Chinchilla top in the top of the drop in the winter
Gotta make it hot in the winter, uhh
Post on your block with the glock (?? ??)
[Cam] What mean the world to you?
[Luda] Breakin laws, racin cars (HO!)
[Cam] What mean the world to you?
[Trina] My house, my rocks, and my Bentley drop (OW!)
[Cam] What mean the world to you?
[Trina] Shoppin sprees in a Prada shop (HO!)
[Cam] What mean the world to you?
[Cam] Ladies? (HO!)
[Trina] Fellas (OW!)
(HO!) (OW!) (HO!) (OW!) (HO!) (OW!)
[Pimp C]
Uhh, what mean the world to Pimp?
My paper, steak and shrimp
My bitches on the track
For they daddy, bringin it back
Pussy is still the best thing going
I got a hoe like Jesse Owens
I used to sell dope, ride dirty, cocaine scorin
Sellin D wasn't for me, I gotta keep the prostitutes hoe'n
Comin through, sittin low, in the C-F-I double-oh
Platinum with the twenty inches
Instrument to get the bitches
Comin down, prancin 'round
Gettin my dick sucked in every town
Sweet Jones, fuck the clone
Rippin wood, in the Brougham
Bitch I got some game to sell
and only money make my dick swell
Hold up.. beitch, Sweet Jones
[Bun B]
Man, now what mean the world to me?
Well, to me man, the world is mean
Cause a - mean world is the only world
that a mean man like me just care for seein
Now ever-green I smoke, forever clean I croak
The average Bun B Texas loc'
The savage choked out, smoked out up in the mezzanine
Now I'm just a fiend, hooked for the mic
Bless the scene, look for the dyke
I get a letter and know that we better
Hit the hotel, do what I like
What's that? Find a fresh one take it in
Strip it, flip it, break it in
My pimp game is rock solid
There's no way for you to bring fakin in
Now we makin men, outta boys, or makin boys wormy
Cause we bust bigger guns, got bigger nuts
And when they go off they make a lotta noise
And I can't think of no prouder joys
than money, big cheese and a girl or two sheeit
That's what the world mean to me mayn
Tell me what the world mean to you, huh
That's what the world mean to me mayn
Tell me what the world mean to you, huh
I know y'all wonder, who the female stunner, in the G-G-Hunter
Ridin 'round town in a hot pink Hummer, hot like summer
With the diamond bangles
like Charlie's Angels, you can't knock my hustle
And I need my bread up front playboy, cause I can't trust ya
I'm just like a phone bill, if you don't pay me, ain't no conversation
And money mean the world to me, that's why this bitch here paper chasin
When it comes to the figures
I'm way way worse than them hustlin niggaz
With the ki's to the coke, for the mansion
the Bentley and the keys to the boat
I take that dick real, real, real deep to the throat
I'm from the M-I-A, that's where I dwell, niggaz can't you tell
I'm bad as hell, even my pussy smell like Chanelle
[Cam] What means the world to me?
[Luda] Breakin laws, racin cars (HO!)
[Pimp] What mean the world to Pimp?
[Trina] Marble floors, platinum beds
[Cam] What means the world to you?
[Trina] Stacks of bread on my Gucci spread
[Cam] What means the world to you?
[Cam] Ladies? (HO!)
[Trina] Fellas (OW!)




I'm in the whip, pedal smashin it
Mase went to chruch, settled down, imagine it
Who me? Devil's Advocate Shit
Tell a tail to cry, just so you could fail to lie
Me, Un, Suge, Pac would go to jail and die for this
Fuck school, A&E murder majors, CLK's insert the flavors
Now listen to the coach cause you heard the players
Got schemin' targets
Philly hoes boost clothes from out of Neiman Marcus
Real hot while you fast to melt
Gucci jean suit, jacket felt, oh yeah, matchin belt
Uh, she so independent
But I slapped her, why? cause I ain't slapped a ho in a minute
I'm low, low, low in a Range Rov tinted
Same fo frontin', be the same fo who'll get it
Uh, and we big cats, jig cats, clcik triggas
Pig nigga, bring the hook in 6 figures

For my cats with the ice, who don't need no wife
We getting head tonight (Whatever)
To all my honeys that stall, give a dummy a call
Get his money and ball (Whatever)

Cats don't mess with ya'll, cause ya'll are dummies
Cats fuck with me cause I tell, "Let's get money"
Get it, get a benz, come through on 20s
Me and Jim Jones, stay fighting 2 on 20
Fuck it, the hoods scary and all my whips they should vary
You cheap niggaz still shopping up up in woodbury
I'm Viv Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld, Salvatore Ferragamo, John Galliano
And my girls they be blessin' me first
Took 'em out of Foot Locker and that referee shirt
And I put that on the death of me first, test me, an'll squirt
Best be alert, cause yo sexy could hurt
Uh, cause one thing I can't stand is a pussy chick
I need a "Here ma, goof this in your pussy" chick
All these sleazes trying to be my Hillary, Winnie or Wheezy

To all my cats in the club, who be dead at the bar
We getting head in the car (Whatever)
To all my women whippin' a Jeep, getting it sweet
Have 'em licking your feet (Whatever)

Yo, yo, let's stab 'em, let's stick 'em
Let's get 'em, get all of his spinach
Grab 'em, and flip 'em, while Killa get all of the women
Bakardi in lemon, Ferri at lemon, party in Lennon
Sorry I'm limbin', I'm just fronin' ya'll; ya tittes
I'll touch 'em, I'll kiss 'em, I'll hug 'em, I'll suck 'em
If I'm with a chick, most likely I'm trying to fuck 'em
Not tryin' cuff 'em, tryin' a duck 'em, lyin' I love 'em
Have with a pie in they're oven
Shit, to me, ya'll a dime a dozen
No time for buzzin', beat it, go find a husband
Shit, that'll trick on you, buy you a ton of clothes
I'm at the Tunnel, they let in 500 hoes
I'm at the bar, see shorty is bent
My ratio up in here, fucked 40 percent
Shit, drink is sour, armaretta, yo
Whatever, forever, but won't stop my chedda

For all my cats with the ice, who don't need no wife
We getting head tonight (Whatever)
To my honey's that stall, give a dummy a call
Get his money and ball (Whatever)

To all my cats in the club, who be dead at the bar
We getting head in the car (Whatever)
To all my women whippin' a Jeep
Getting it sweet, have 'em licking ya feet (Whatever)

And I don't care how bad no chick is, I ain't licking nobody's feet
(Whatever) Killa (Whatever)