Šta je novo?


"Suck It Or Not"
(feat. Lil Wayne)

"Suck It Or Not"
(feat. Lil Wayne)

[Chorus: Cam'Ron]
Ma, I been hugging the block
That's right! hustlin rocks
I know, I been pufffin alot
But a nigga wanna know
Babygirl, are you gonna suck it or not?

Huh? My dick hard as a motherfucker
You don't what?! tell that shit to another sucker
I ain't no sucker mama, come on fuck the drama
And kiss it down, lil pucker-rama
I'm so active, you being so drastic
Got something for ya face, fuck pro-activ
I'm a pro at this
Round the globe, atlas
But I need to know ma, are you gonna suck it or not?
Babygirl, I'm in love with the twat
Missionary, back shots, pop it off, rock it off
I tell you right now if my cock is soft
But I want head before and after, top it off
On ya knees, show you how to top a boss
Lick, suck, deep throat, stop, cough, hop on, hop off, lollipop off
I know it's white, but here come the hot sauce


Lookin light skinned, mami was tight slim
Fat ass, big tits, I noticed her nice chin
I approached her, slight grin, white Timbs number you can type in
Said she don't like men
I just laughed
Ma, if we link, we link
You don't like men? me neither, what a coincidink (what a coincidence)
Ms. Jiggy, Ms. Piggy, Pinky mink, pinky ring blingin'
Ma, are you gonna suck it or not?
I ain't the type to diss you, kinda like to hit you
That's the situation, bring wifey with you
Would you like a tissue? (Why?) You gon' need it
for the cum up in your nose babygirl cause you suckin my cock
Ain't a question now, it's a guarantee
They say I think I'm the shit, well apparently
But you won't hear words like "Marry me"
Only thing you gonna hear is, suck it or not


[Lil Wayne]
I get head in the strangest places
2 at the same time, call it +Changing Faces+
I tell a bitch "we ain't trading places"
Now stand back and catch my amazing graces (hehehah)
Taste it, savour it
Vanilla Ice Cream, she say "ooh, my favorite"
Do you know who you playin' wit? Wayne
Chillin' like a scarecrow, looking for some brain
Drivin' in the range or flying on a plane
Her head is crazy so she's insane
She know the game
Get in and get right
Every bitch in the industry wanna rock my mic
I'm hot like light
I'm tough like Ike
I don't fuck with dog hoes cause them hoes might bite
Yeah, and if she follows
In the back of my mind, I'm hoping she swallows

[Chorus - repeat 2X]


"Take Em To Church"

"Take Em To Church"


This that Harlem Music Right Here.

This that Diddy Bop, Get ready for the winter music.

That's what it is.

Killa, Dip Set,

[Cam’Ron Verse]
Uh, Uh
You know me dawg, i just wanna keep the peace
But saying my name, that's only gonna lead to beef
Tell my niggas chill, but they wanna heat the streets (Be Easy)
Or do all the records, Check-it who spit beef to heat

[Juelz Santana Verse]
Everybody Welcoming this, Welcoming that
He wasn’t welcome in the first place, how we welcome him back?
Give me the Mac, let me welcome with that
Tell “Mr. Rogers”, I leave his brains on the trolley track
Now prolly that

[Cam’Ron Verse]
Listen, ya’ll Stop It (Stop)
Know you appalled dotted
But this my call by the force prophet, all profit (all profit)
Harlem Hustler (yep), I can’t at all knock it (nope)
But you hard, when you go in the lord's pocket.
What you offering, put it, write an offer in
They take it all, Cash, Credit, Silver, down to porcelin
Look at the Porsche he’s in (look at it)
Then Give them portioning (To Who?)
No handicap, Annie Rag, orphan friends
Friends, but the sizzurp I’m drinking on
Birds I’m thinking on
Get your Kirk Franklin on
Word, so you get your Ben Franklin on
Just when you think it’s wrong
One blink, he’s gone (damn)

Father Forgive us
We gon take him to church
Father Forgive us
And it’s the truth it hurts
Father Forgive us
And that won’t work
No, No, No, No, No Way

[Cam’Ron 2nd verse]
Yo, you try to handle us
Get on the air and damage us
Screaming out Harlem (huh) like you ain’t just a fan to us (Where you been at?)
Well let me fill you in, now it’s a whole clan of us
Blink so mad, he went and beat up Canibus
Zeke got shot then Zeke locked up (then)
E got killed (what else?) B popped up
But B hopped up and still broke out his chest
On probation, Doe on house arrest (what up Doe)
Right out the flesh
Sit in a house and rest
He don’t pout, get him gear, in the house he fresh (Fresssh)
Not that you care, just getting clear and think
One glare and wink
Everyone wearing pink
I’m the reason that your two rings are clear (Yeh, What Else?)
I’m the reason that your ear rings is square (Yeh, hear?)
Now we take trips to casinos, to lovely homes
You check on Lotti’s mom, Minos, Honeycombs (Homes)
You trying to fake it with cardem, pardon
You gonna leave them naked like Tarzan

[Cam'ron Talking]
Kudo Love know that too.

Holler at Kudo, ask Nelly about him.


[Cam’Ron 3rd verse]
Yo, Yo
I kill diamonds, get with pearls
I ain’t trying kid the world
I ain’t got beef, when I do, I say “Get ‘Em Girls”
Not a diss dawg (nope) we just heard the fronting (Heard It)
Do Harlem a favor (What?) get a church or something (something)
A rec center in the winter where the youth can play
They don’t even shoot the jay
sell drugs, shoot and spray
I’m knownbetter, still moving deuce a day
Two, that’s two keys, I still move the Yay (Yayo)
Found a newer way
My crew do and say
Fist Fights to Shoot Outs, we won’t move away

[Chorus behind Cam’Ron talking]

All my niggas that held it down the last half a decade.
My nigga Gruff, Bad 140th, 139th.
Black tone, White Tone, 142nd Rell Street.
And 141st, Tito, My Jamaicans, My Belegians.
33 33 Polo grounds, St.Nick colonial Jurist.
Lincoln, Tab, Forster, Johnson, Jeff Wagner.
Wilson, East River, The 9, 145th St.Nick, 145th Broadway.
Lukas, Taliban, 135th, 118th, Manhattan.
134th and 8th, Powerful what’s really popping.
Sarge hold your head, Freaky Seeky hold your head.
The O.B.B.O., 151st Amsterdam holla at your boy.
A.K. Jackie Rob, All my niggas in Harlem.
Get your hustle on,
Keep your muzzle strong.
I know about the blocks you hustle on.


"That's Me"
(feat. DJ Clue)

"That's Me"
(feat. DJ Clue)

I'm not going to watch this go on any longer
You put my food in the dark
and expect me to look for my plate on some Mr. Magoo shit
Fuck I look like
I'm not going to watch this go on any longer

we going to set this off

I'm on ya'll
Harlem, who else is going to hold us down
Bloodshed niggas
lets get it right this time

Yo, I don't understand how these cats sip daqueri's
Like it's all good down at the hit factory
Be on 54th, whole clique backing me
all that click clackery takes your wrist wrappery
I ain't no rapper, b, I skeet oozies
And I can't act, turned down 3 movies
So gimme your chain, your jewels and your cash
And your fast food, I'll eat your food fast
My rude ass, carries 3 weapons
And I'll give your face a c-section and keep stepping
Who else in a hurry to mirk
We kill girls, rape em', bury their skirts
imagine me wake up 7:30 for work (what?!)
I'd rather run the streets 7:30 with work
But met this knucklehead, thought he want a order
Came and asked me stop pitching to his daughter
Tell me it's the man, can't be
Be glad I'm not in her damn panties
Got her damn handy
How you going to ever ask stop carrying candy
I'm going to sell to anybody in your damn family
Your Uncle Tom, your Aunt Tammy, your Grandmammy
Your right hand man Randy, understand me
in Antlanta I got an outlandish land piece and a matching land
Desert Calasandi

You know the one with the whips, THATS ME
The one with the chips and the chips, THATS ME
The one with the toast, pants saggy, yelling out get at me
Get at me, nigga, THATS ME
The one that be running and dodging, YOU
The one that be sucking mad dick, YOU
The one that's scared of some yay yo,
always wanna lay low, cause your girl say so, YOU, biatch

I could show you some ice
Throw you a bite
You not that good dog, who told you you're nice
Ay, yo your crew, switch siders
When I come through, hey Cam
Dick riders
But I only mess with Navigators 528
6 drivers, big buyers, where you live we live liver
Come through, stick your suppliers
Mack so many hoes, dick in siliva
Gash her up, ma, put it on you mouth
Then I grab her neck and try to take her tonsils out
And I don't got beef, I don't play those games
If I did though believe me I would say y'all names
Go to your house, red dot scope your crib
Smack your earth, snatch your seeds, choke your wiz
My crew split it was my mistake
But to my nigga Duke we all make mistakes
I'm going to get shit right if I spend my cake
Jimmy, I'm a get you up out of 5h
This is for my niggas that load the pipe
Saying I'm the best just not promoted right
You know my life
Drink, smoke, roll some dice
Control the hiest
Know I'm a patrol your schiest
We all get schiest
Ma, keep all your rice
Wedding ring, HELL NO
I like all my ice
Niggas tried to make Killa Cam all polite
Turn on the set now bitch I'm like poltergiest
You the type talk about everything you got now
I interupt you like "Not now you hot owl"
My rings like a dog, all rock wild
When I flash it, everybody shocked "wow!"
I see y'all concerned about me
you don't got to go to school to learn about me

Yo, the one with mad guns, THATS ME
The one with the yay for 23, THATS ME
The one with the ice, sliced, coke half price,
yoke that's nice, THATS ME
The one that's scared of a scuffle, YOU
The one that say "Baby girl, I love you," YOU
The one that talk about hustling, never seen a oven,
you all about nothing, YOU Biatch

Told you I got us this time around niggas
Feeling me some, HUH
Harlem, I got us nigga
Santana, Freaky Zeeky, Jim Jones
Feshon, run with us or run from us or get run the fuck over
It's fuck us so fuck y'all

Killa bitch
Killa bitch
Killa bitch
Killa bitch
Killa bitch

AND I..............


"The Other Side"
(feat. Sen City)

"The Other Side"
(feat. Sen City)

[Sen City:]
I can show these hoes the other side
Where these niggas spend they rent
Give these bitches them hood dreams
New Coupe so I show the lean
I can teach you bout the other side
When they shake it we blow it
Grab those clips up and load em'
Can't find your bitch we the ones they going to

I grew up around the animals
The cannibals and hannibals
So if I act up understand its understandable
My father died from AIDS
And nowhere was his health
I don't care fuck him he left me to fend for myself
He smoked angel dust
And my kitchen was funky
Tried to tell me what to do
I don't listen to junkies
Two pieced him at Nana crib his tooth was broke
Then start selling the shit my momma used to smoke
It ain't easy here
Trust me it get greasy here
And I ain't got no grease for my peezy hair
My uncle Bill the Thrill
Tried to get me to box
But my uncle called
He would get me them Glocks
My uncle Ted though
He would get it in flocks
My uncle Steve robbed banks and he shot at the cops
Caught the murder charges
Attempts too
This is what I can do

[Sen City:]
I can show these hoes the other side
Where these niggas spend they rent
Give these bitches them hood dreams
New Coupe so I show the lean
I can teach you bout the other side
When they shake it we blow it
Grab those clips up and load em'
Can't find your bitch we the ones they going to

Ain't nobody pulling no book out
Before we book we book out
My niggas shoot up don't cook out
This barber steal my look now
[?] is still my partner
Sug is still my stickman
Bret is still my barber
In other words my hitman
He'll clip a nigga
You know click the trigger
It gets no bigger
You beg to differ
I'll rip a nigga
Flip a nigga
Let the coroner
Zip the zipper
We don't murder cats
44 long, ever heard of that?
I'm swerving back to MIA
I need some of that Turbo Tax
Sak pase!
My Haitians let me eat
That home invasion shit
Don't ever go to sleep
In my pocket though
Fuck the hired, I'll take shorty for that short stay
She ain't beef
She ain't never mad
That's the best three hours that she ever had
Murder charges
Attempts too
This is what I can do

[Sen City:]
I can show these hoes the other side
Where these niggas spend they rent
Give these bitches them hood dreams
New Coupe so I show the lean
I can teach you bout the other side
When they shake it we blow it
Grab those clips up and load em'
Can't find your bitch we the ones they going to


"The ROC (Just Fire)"
(feat. Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek)

"The ROC (Just Fire)"
(feat. Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek)

[Memphis Bleek]
Yeah...yeah, nigga...
Just Blazin' this shit, ya heard?
It's ya main man...I'm back niggaz...HOLLA!

My break I'm fresh off it
I never change, I'm stuck in these ways
Nike Airs, sweats and Taurus (uh?)
But I'm-a do it for my enemies
They wanna end my chill, wanna see what that villa be
Now what that sound like?
Plus they know what a clip get down like
Turn bags from bladders, legs to wheels, paint it peels
Cuz u fuckin' wit' a nigga that'll jump out, raise the steel
I live this way it's real...dog...no joke
Blow smoke in ya bitch face, piss in ya wheels
Slap ya custies, clap your workers, dead the strip
Stick ya connect, yap ya bitch
So let it be known I'm back for my grizzley
The Sergeant, the Cap, the Mac holds 60
For rookies and vets I'll bang 'til it click
So run and tell ya duela the Ruger come wit' two clips, dog
M-Easy, won't leave, my hood need me
Pop fa' sheezy, who don't believe me?
We all criminals but live like a diplomat
We get low, when the dough low, get it back

[Beanie Sigel]
Here is something you can't understaaaaaaaaand
How I could just kill a man for Killa Cam
Me and my Roc killa fam, top billers man
We run the spot, drop ceilings fam...
Hit the wall drop ceiling fans
Listen boar, man I show you how to fill a van...
Up with killers man
And line the trunk
Keep a stash box for the nine and the pump
The coach walk you through and he grind you up
What-chu want the dope or the weed?
How you want it packaged? In the cap or the bag?
How you want me packin'? Wit' the mac or the mag?
Yeah that Bent get back, but listen scrap...act real fast
And keep a wack that'll gag ya back
Block style from ya swagger, ya swacks
It's the Broad Street Bully bitch
I bully niggaz on the broadest streets
I house niggaz on the narrowest BLOCK!
Know my rules when the barrel get hot
When the gun blows...and the shots fall...and the smoke clear...
Man I be hearin' you murder (you ain't here!)
Nobody hit up in the cross cuz I'm observin' (you ain't here!)
Nobody be missin' your loss cuz you deserved it
South Philly niggaz kill at will, I keep my mac-milli CHILLY CHILL
On the really-real, 'fore I make you niggaz feel this steel...

(Killa! Killa!)

Go 'head stupid niggaz go fuck wit' them chicks
I'm the third little piggy, I'm-a fuck wit' them bricks
Better yet the bakery I got pies and cakes
Nigga think doublin' is turnin' 5 to 8
I turn 8 to 20, 20 to 100, 100 to 1000
That to 100,000, in front-a housin'
Closed 'em all down dog, no one's allowed in
I'm coppin' everything I'm done wit' browsin'
It's the top don, glock palm, dot com
Get your shit rocked ma like Haseem Rahman
And I'm extra scary
CEOs all the frontin' ain't necessary, I fuck wit' secretaries
All for information...it ain't necessary
They in love like the 14th of February
Play 'em like April 1st right before I slide off
It could be March 2nd, sound like July 4th
Halloween or Memorial Day
At your memorial be one year from today
All y'all think it's peace and peachy
I leave you reesy piecy, all my bitches rock...
Christian Dior, BCBG...'round phony niggaz get the heeby jeebies
Hungry hoes say "Killa feed me feed me..."
Calm down ma, easy easy
Talk greasy, please me, get my man Weezy
Still rock Ellesses, to squeeze appease me
He ain't no tease but measly
Not Doggy's Angels...KILLA...please believe me...

You now rollin' with them thugs from the R-O-C... [Jay-Z]
Niggaz wanna despise the team... [Beanie Sigel]
When the shit gets down you know who's doin' the poppin! [Jay-Z]
KILLA! [Cam'ron]
Fuck those who disagree, my bullets you get 'em FREE! [Bleek]
Roc-a-roc-a [scratches]
Roc-a-roc-a [scratches] Roc-a-roc-a
ROC in this muh [scratches]
muh-muhfucka... [Jay-Z]




[singer harmonizing]

[Cam'ron over singer]
Uhh, Killa, yo ..
You got to wonder man, what is all this shit really worth,
y'knahmean? Uhh, uhh, you ain't got ya man here to share
it wit, yo, fucked up man, yo ..

I been on both sides of burglries, guns out and choked up
Man, this shit'll get you choked up
I'da been shot at, got at, backedstabbed, coked up
Almost doped up, but had no guts
So I pimp all these hoe sluts
When they period come it get slow but so what?
I got big plans to blow up
I'ma love this year, but blood ain't here
We would puff grass, plus hash, cut class
to fuck ass, dough, we had enough cash
Little cats, he would see our dreams
Eighteen wit the three-eighteen, that's blood y'all
(blood y'all) He had hot gear, rock yeah
Now that he's not here I feel that it's not fair
Fuck see 'em at the crossroads, wanna see 'em drive across roads
Poor, stole, then floss mo', had to tell a few niggaz
"My man was a hell of a nigga," (?) wit the triggers
Whatever ethnic problem dawg, better check it
Little Cam, it's just bloodshed resurrected
Death to birth, "logic" I said
Four months, got 'em some head, right in the bed
Listen dawg, I'm beyond dead
This ain't even me spittin, this Derek Michael Armstead

For my fam, keep it up, those that fell, pick them up
They been here, that's whassup, tomorrow's my promise
To my streets, hold it down, all these hoes, hold your ground
Let's act brave, get it now, tomorrow's my promise

Yo .. yo, I never had fights in rings
I just had fights for rings, ice and bling
I done spent nights in bings
Now I realized Christ the King, ain't no righteous thing
but how I get the right to sing?
And the streets be talkin like Donahue
Clowns, they belong on Comic View
that's why the feds onto you
When they form they assembly's
you stuck on the block like the ave. got parenthesis
Course everybody gotta war story (shit)
I swear to God I hear more and more stories (damn)
I'm in Jersey, the crib, four stories
Add a fifth one incase the fourth one bore me (Killa!)
I done ran through the NBC's, CBS's, 3GS's, VVS's
Baggetteses, princess cuts, diamond layers
and I never said "I'ma player"
But I been down wit messy action
Similar to Jessie Jackson, the threat would happen
Ma kept resistin, I had to bounce wit my shit man
I'm scared of commitment
I'm a hustler, work in the closet, work in the kitchen
Outside, workin and pitchin, work on the block
Even put the work on the glock
Work on the toilet, I'ma work-a-holic

[Chorus - 2X w/ Cam'ron adlibs]

[singer sings until fade]


"Touch It Or Not"
(feat. Lil Wayne)

"Touch It Or Not"
(feat. Lil Wayne)

Killa, dipset, lil weezy, cash money,
yo ma, let me holla, lets do this uh,

Ma, I been huggin the block (huggin the block)
That’s right, hustling rocks (hustling rocks)
I know I been puffin a lot,
But I need to know ma, you gone touch it or not.

My drink hard as a rubber rubber
you know what, tell that shit to anotha sucka
I aint no sucka mama, com’mon, F the drama
Pat, kiss it then, lil puckerama
Im so active, you bein so draftive
Got something for your face, not proactive
Imma pro at this, round the globe atlas
But I need to know ma, u gone touch it or not
Baby girl im in luv wit ya spot
Missionary back shots top it off; pop it off (pop it off)
I tell ya right now if my **** is soft (what)
Hey before and after, top it off
Come here ma, show ya how to rock a boss
Lick, suck, kiss, kiss, stop, cough,
Hop on, hop off, lollypop cough
I know its right but here comes the hot sauce. (killah!!)


Looking light skin, mommy wit tight slims,
Big butt, big breasts, I noticed that nice chin, (sturdy chin)
I approached her, slight rim, white tins,
Number you can type in, sexy on lightment
Ill just ask, ma, if we link we link,
You don’t like nuttin, me nether, what a coinidink (what a coincidence)
Miss jiggy, my piggy, pinky ming, pinky ring blingin (oooo)
You gone touch it or not?
I aint the type to diss you, kinda like the issue.
That’s the situation, bring wifey wit you. (Bring her)
Would you like a tissue, or a wet wipe?
Either one baby girl, cuz ya touchin my spot
Its not a question now, it’s a guarantee,
They think I think im the shit, well apparently
But you wont hear words like marry me (what, marry me?)
The only thing you gone hear is touch it or not!!


[Lil Wayne]
I get head in the strangest places
Some nut same time, call it changin' faces
I tell the b!tch we ain't tradin places, So stand back and catch
my amazing graces
Taste ya savor it, vanilla icecream she say ohh my favorite
Do you know who you playin wit?
Wayne, chillin like a scacrow, lookin for some brain
Drivin in the range uh, flyin' on the brain her head is crazy so she's insane
She know the game get in and get right
every bitch in the industry wanna rock my mic
I'm hot like light, I'm tough like Ike I don't F wit dog hoes cuz them hoes might bite
Yeah, and then she follows and in the back of my mind I hopin' she swallows

[Hook x2]


"Triple Up"
(feat. 40 Cal.)

"Triple Up"
(feat. 40 Cal.)

Dipset, Killa, Street's what it is

[Verse 1]
I done stopped and styled hummers, rock for wild summers
The nerve in me, these courtesy of Crocodile Hunter (that's right)
That mean the croke-adile, see ya'll niggaz chokin' now
Know my style, you know I style, get money poster-child
Crip, piece, I swear you should come over child
Garage, Benz, Lambourgini, Rover fouls
Red, blue, green like the average frog
Don't be mad at dog, Ferrari out the catalogue
Bracelet switched to Bangles, medallions shit just dangle
Chain twist and tangle, you'll get ripped and mangled
Hit from angels, I told you we equipped with angles
Can't find you, your girl tape her wrists and ankles
Show her the click clicker, better yet six figures
Ask her where that nigga bitch, he a bitch nigga
The big picture, get figures, my kicks glitter
Get with her, in the basement longer than Big Tigger

Triple up, trey eight, four nickel tucked
Get some weight on your ass, give them nickels up
This is for my fly ice niggaz
Kilo breast, Chicken wing, fried rice niggaz
Quadruple up, triple five on me you stupid fuck
Take your ass up the block doggy the stoop is us
This is for my Benjamin bitches
You don't need 'em, get money credit scam bitches

[Verse 2]
Ayo your clique is soft, my wrist is frost
I just pick a Porsche, guns we strap 'em on, then we lick 'em off (pap pap pap pap)
Got a sickenin' loft, you know how much the kitchen cost
Your bitch and boss, get 'em crossed, best bet don't piss me off
Listen horse a lot of niggaz I did endorse
Or course makes me nauseous when they call the force
Only force I call is the Holocaust
Holla scholar, bodies drop when the dollars tossed (35 hundred)
Hot stove, jelly jar, baking soda
Hot water, mask, gloves, can't take the odor
But I make the quota, hate cats that faking older
Remember back in the days, man them days is over
Know it might seem I'm sellin' ya'll a pipe dream
Wolf tickets, nope been a legend since nineteen
And that was in the late 1990's
You late, homeboy I kept them 19's shiny
Killa, easy


[Verse 3: 40 Cal.]
I came a long way from getting hanged by a white jury
Look at my neck, all you see hang white jewelry
I triple the chain, triple the wrist
Dice game the same night I through triples and split
I get menage et tua, the triple the chicks
Got 'em on a triple beam takin' trips with the bricks
My clique, the weight watchers, we wait for niggaz with watches
Or watch niggaz with weight with cake in they wallet
Raping they pockets and taking they projects
If you flip like T-Mobile I could make you a sidekick
Shit you see a profit one day off of my flip
You gotta go triple to say that it's my shit
But for now get ya hustle up
How you talk about triple when you still trying to double up
This the bubble music, hoes with the bubble buck
Bubble coke, and they bubble coke to cop that bubble truck



(feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard)

(feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard)

Fuck who ever saying shit
fuck the hole system
fuck who ever playing me
fuck who ever listens
Juliany fuck perjury
fuck the club
fuck the pub
fuck the ball
fuck him, fuck security, (violence)
with a gun and grill that's how I fucked her, fucked y'all
even Juvenile said all don't give a fuck hen, (violence)
we on the worst on this shit
holla more I go first on this shit
lets see how many times I can curse on this shit, (violence)
shit, fuck, ass, bitch, nigga, pussy, hoe hoe
Putta, marico, pera, toto, (violence)
I put a gun to your brain
put you in front of the train
drink a Smirnoff
wait for it to wear off, (violence)
take is hair off
tear his ear off
you loath us
strip now you blow
got the strap now she knows
don't sob a bitch, hug a bitch, mug the bitch, mug the bitch
get out of hear
mugged the bitch, slugged the bitch, (violence)

[Chorus x8]

(violence) die bitch nigga, bitch nigga die (violence)

[4 chorus background] (die die die die die die die)

yo, yo, yo
you don't know me grab you I will
fuck what you heard, stab shoot I kill, (violence)
kill kill kill kill
nigga's triggers off
we burn bitches nipples off
pull them pistols off, (violence)
for my real bitches cocaine copy
they straight Loraine about it
run up on your chain and pop it
get in the red and drop it, (violence)
you acting strange to cawk it
you want a brain then stop it
honey game is logic
the money's regardless, (violence)
gun scared to use it
they so wild and pros
shave your pubic, then put on the alcohol, (violence)
here on the aria, fuck the plant house
razors in the mouth
waiting for you to talk slick
then she talk spit, (violence) (spitting)
ups the hork he
you better cover, (violence)
cut from neck to Dracula, chocked in blood, (violence) blood, blood, blood

[Chorus x8]
die bitch nigga, bitch nigga die

[Old Dirty Bastard]
[8 chorus background] (you fucking zoo keepers better leave my mother fucking monkey's alone)

You prejudice I put you in you chair and peace to president
I wasn't having that veal, (violence)
and don't forget the fuck who's here
Mike Tyson you cant be in jail
am getting you the fuck out of hear, (violence)
prostitute bitches if you prostitute, PROSTITUTE
you're the best at the game of the few, (violence)
I over heard a bitch say how he saw always two
you could never have travelled my room

die bitch
and am a hater
hate your taste
Hate your place
hate your face
hate y'all nigga's
can take y'all nigga's, (violence)
hate my life
well I hate your wife
hit your wife
but I hate your wife
now your about to hate this life, (violence)
hate to say I hate shit
I hate that bracelet
well take that bracelet
take that fake shit
take that stink shit, (violence)
and I hate shit collectors
and fake big brothers with dick sucker's
make the pig suffer
you die left out, (violence)

[Chorus x8]
die bitch nigga, bitch nigga die


(feat. Hell Rell)

(feat. Hell Rell)

[Intro: Hell Rell]
Yea this sound like a movie right here
Well fuck it, here go the soundtrack!
Bullets & Gunsmoke! DIPSET!
[Hell Rell]
If we was playing pro-ball, every game I'd be slamming on 'em
Step on my competition, yeah Duke I'm standing on them
I ran up on 'em, pussy ain't have his hammer on him
pulled the cannon on 'em, blammed it on 'em, 'til I jammed it on 'em
I got some A-rab's hitting me with coke
And when we on the phone we be speaking in some codes
A camel is an ounce, a kufi is a brick
Tell him I need 5 kufis, and meet me on the strip
Yeah I know "Stafalla", but I'm tryna cop some cars
Run up in the club that's popping and cop the bar
And everything I hear is garbage to me
You know where I be faggot, bring the drama to me
I'm Presidential nigga, Bush'll pay homage to me
I'm putting in alot of work man acknowledge a G....
Yes, yes, a G I am, holla if you need some grams
I'm poppin off by myself I don't need no Cam
I don't need you Jim, Juelz I got these niggaz
I don't care if they small or some stocky niggaz
I just grace 'em then erase 'em, I forgot these niggaz....
What they name again?....What they claim again?
Yeah these faggots hated, cause I'm they rappers favorite
You procrastinated so I got you assasinated
Shoot 'em up, bang bang, bullets in his Red Monkey's
Thought he was a gorilla? Nah, he a dead monkey
[Hook 2X: Cam'Ron]
If this was football, I'd be scoring touchdowns (TOUCHDOOOWN!)
It's the circus though, I see some tough clowns (clowns)
I don't need you Rell (nope), nor Duke Da God (no Duke)
No 40 or J.R, I go stupid hard (stupid hard!)
What you dealing pops? How you feeling 'ock? (how you feel?)
My floors come up, walls spin, ceiling drop (DROP!)
Not the crib that's the car when I wheel or not (not a house)
Plus a partition....bath, bar, kitchen
Yeah, pa' shittin (shitting), they say y'all didn't (YES WE DID!)
Every car driven....yeah from hard living (hard living)
Hang with Mariah, spent the night with Vivica
Every tabloid asking Cam "what you did with her"? (did with her?)
Just friends dog, "word to eveerything"?
YES, word to everything now focus on this heavy bling
Eat at Reyo's....Fettucini, Spaghetti things
Cheddy heavy so fuck being some petty king (fuck all that)
Can't be nice right? Can't be arrogant
I stab a bitch over ice, "Nancy Kerrigan"
Slash Tonya Harding, see the mobster's mobbing
You don't like us right? We got ya momma boppin' (true)
She look like Amy Fisher, "don't the Range be bigger"? (usually)
That's a baby mama car you can't game me nigga
My Royce a quarter mill, chain a half a mill
Earrings another 3 quarter mill, you ought to chill