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Action Bronson

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"Bitch I Deserve You"
(feat. Evidence)

[Hook: Action Bronson]
Look at the game, say "Bitch, I deserve you."
Here forever, that's my word, boo
I know my words slurrin' now, but when I sober up
I just called to see how the fuck you've been holdin' up

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
I know you heard your boy's been hoppin' out the Rover truck
Long remove him when I rode the bus
Now I'm diving up in Polish sluts, with the gorgeous butts
And she love it when I throw her in the Cobra clutch
Window half down, smoke trickle out
Stripper fixin' out the blouse, put the pickle in the pouch
No more sushi, style reserved for the past days
Big joints filled with hash in my ashtrays
We still fam', though we chose different pathways
I heard you're sniffin', cleaning plates like the Cascade
That's the only thing that's certain, was the cash phase
Fuck it, I'm getting money 'til my last days

[Hook x2: Action Bronson & Evidence]

[Verse 2: Evidence]

Your number changed and I ain't recognized the ringtone
So pardon for the unannounced, the rain, you know I've been gone
Flip the fuckin' beat up, I was looped around the planet
In the coupe with the cannon, with car and the camera
Paparazzi never flashed, the days are way beyond us
Fact, they never flash, and I'm below the surface on us
Never blast my way out, I stroll out, pull by
Under the nose of anybody that knows not
Check-in's out of courtesy, cause these are not requirements
Wait until our time is up, high and then the niacin
Boomer Esiason, flyin' out the Lion's den
This is weird science, inside a siren's blend
I hit the solid ten, water just a little splashin
Loop it up and bring it back, man, cause this is Action

[Hook: Evidence]


"Blood Of The Goat"
(feat. Big Twin & Sean Price)

[Hook - Action Bronson & Big Twin x2:]
Grimy cats, keep 'em out of my peripheral
Caught you snitchin' too, dog I'm liftin' you
Off your feet like my daughter at the park
Don't cross the border cause it's slaughter after dark

[Verse 1 - Action Bronson:]
My life is inches from death, smoke a spliff on the step
When my shorty see the cops the drugs she boof in a sec
Ain't no games played this real life, we struggle and fight
Early morning with the money, we don't hustle at night
Aim my arm out the window, then I rock you to bed
One shot will knock the carpet off the top of your head
Catch the shark, skin the shark, hang the shark in the shed
Everything dinner got the marvelous spread, you feel me
Dabble in truffles, Sauvignon Blancs, simmer the mussels
Nothing ever ripped from my neck during a tussle
I'm Bolo Yeung, I'm Lecter with the muzzle
Injector of the deck of placin' sectors in the puzzle
Roses growin' from the cracks in the concrete
Palm Beach, palm trees shining like diamantes
Well step aside because you're playin' yourself
I'm gettin' money while you stay on the shelf, just like a statuette


[Verse 2 - Sean Price:]

When Ben Chavis submitted to the will of Allah
I gun-butted your grill, in Deville/the Ville with your mom
Sean, all praise is due to
The best rapper the rest of you rappers are doodoo
Got a way with distributin' bars
Inquisitive gibberish nigga the Wizard of Oz, P!
Nobody can rap better than
S-E-A-N P, fuck it I'm letterman
Kevin Madison flow
Have your motherfuckin brethren mad at the flow
Don't be mad at him pa
Unbreakable flow, adamantium bars
I am a fuckin' superhero
Top 5 dead or alive you just a stupid zero
I am the best rapper out
Best rapper, sket clapper in the mouth
Shut the fuck up



"Blue Chips"

[Ed Axley:] "I gotta ask this question or I wouldn’t be doing my job...
Would you care to comment on the rumor that you arranged for an automobile to be purchased for (Action Bronson)?"
[Pete Bell:] "You know- You know, Ed, you just gotta get your mind out of the gutter
You know, you- you just gotta start thinking straight
I mean, it’s right there in front of you
For Christ’s sake it wasn’t an automobile, I mean, it was a fully loaded Lexus!"

Fifty large
Sitting sipping vichyssoise
Silk robes
Pepper on the pasta
Cheeses from Lazio
Pussy di carpaccio
Lightly dressed
Hairy like a Viking’s chest
Bobby Bacala
Hopping out the Saab
Chris Hansen
Dancin’ in a Swiss mansion
Shorty gorgeous
Daddy keep the wrist handsome
Old Impalas
Keep them jumping like they Steve Francis
Need a Carhartts
Like Daisha with the car wash
Young [?]
Higher than a Star Fox
Monday morning
Caught her back end with the arm slot
Twenty years
Probably catch me with the pony tail
Borsch polish
Sipping out the holy grail
Tear-away pants
Prince Rogers Nelson
We father figures
Famous like DiMaggio
You can tell a tranny by the neck
Catch me in [?] with the bow and arrow
Roasting marrow
Lacoste Sailboat
Tying hookers to the railroad
Doctor Zizmor
On the N train, Astoria-bound
Celino and Barnes
Trying to get the paper right

Trying to get the paper right
Guy Fieri shirt
Long pinky nail
Nose numb
Earing with the feather
Every hooker’s name is Heather
The Marlboro hat
The Newport windbreakers
Ne-Yo mixtape cover
Straight from the Aqueduct
Black Acura
Imported straight from Africa
White tigers
Thousand-dollar spatula
Salad with the bread
Big retard sleep with
Towels on the bed
Blue chips with the championship
Plus the Lexus
Weed smell like disinfectant
Fucking bitches pregnant
Stroller from Stockholm
Nanny from Haiti
Boyz II Men posters
Gladys Knight fried chicken



"Bon Voyage"
(with Statik Selektah)

Uhh man, I just want to thank you
Ridin on this muthafuckin' mission with us
From Queens to Boston, all around the muthafuckin' planet

As the ganja gets evaporated
Tellin' all these bitches beat me cause I'm activated
Rockin '97 Maxes with the double bubble wrapped around the bottom
Old Gold twisted like the cap that's on the bottle
Mash on the throttle, swish, shoot expose the ankle
Swiss chocolate lay up in the bed like a blanket
Ready to smang it, smash it and bang it
No more fruit punch in the crib so I guess I'll have to Tang it
Young Bronson, blade runner, Rutger Hauer
Sticky fingers cause that's what I use to crush the sour
Suede shoe like the natives in the teepee
22's drop Z3, get off the peepee
Beep beep, twist the laser key, press the clutch
Shift into the gear, give it gas and then I hit the Dutch
My mind is diamond, have you feelin' like you sniffin' dust
We come in heavy so you better have your shit to bust, pussy!



My life, my life

It's been a minute but your boy back with it
Time to enjoy my chicken
Mother fucker this is big business
My product bangin' like a baked biscuit
Daddy back with his long white Cadd-I-lac
Now it's time to take a nappy-nap
I'm so chill it's like I'm in a circle playing hacky-sack
Embroidered dragon on the satin jacket bastard
I'm always eatin' dinner
Still got the body of a swimmer and I don't like winter no more
You can catch me where the grass is greener
Blastin' Aaliyah
Sleep with amethysts around the bed
Quartz go around my head like a force field
Open portals to the stars and it's all real (Yeah, and it's all real, yeah)
Open portals to the stars and it's all real
Now I'm layin' in the bed naked
My chick said I look like Kevin Bacon
I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not but I'll take it
Three dice in my hand, I might as well shake it (Head crack)
Mommy need a kitchen set
She off the boat, she don't even know The Simpsons yet
Told her, "Baby, you ain't livin' yet"
Nah, you ain't livin' yet
I might hang off the side of the mountain to trim a bonsai
Perfect 10 on the swan dive, uh
I could never do no wrong in my mom's eyes
Damn time flies, and it don't wait for no one
Crash the Benz buy a new one
And get my baby one too 'cause she a true one
I'll get the red you get the blue one
I rolled up and then I blew one and she did too, uh

Seen Tom Hardy on the street a few weeks ago
Tom Hardy knew what a real cowboy was
Jimmy Page and Led Zepplin
Were the last ones with this much sauce


"Brand New Car"

I got a brand new car
I got a jazz guitar

Welcome, everybody

Thank you a lot for coming, it means a lot to me
Steer the yacht with my knee, plenty of botany
Damn, bad chick on top of me, pornography
And I know she only want me for my guap-ery
(Ahem... let me get my voice right
Gary, sorry, 1, 2, 3, 4)
It's the first time ever
Yo fuck this jacket, I turn this shit to 85 napkins
Since Jeter's done I'm now the captain
Trust you me, Gotham's safer now
But there's always a new joker in town
Ready to smoke you with that pound
But when he shoots it, the flag says "BANG!" and everybody laughs
He must be up and off the molly tab
I'm by the bar lookin' Swedish in the trenchcoat stupid
The only one drinkin' mango lassi in the bullpen
My lips are sealed like the singer with bad skin
My need for speed made the Jag spin
Dog, I'll resurrect Freaky Tah to do my ad-libs
Overseas I prolly got mad kids
That I don't even know about, you better slow down, baby
I'm still young, fuck it, gotta use it while it works
Nothin' lasts forever, or does it? Fuck it
Shout out to my cousins, all of 'em

I got a brand new car
I got a jazz guitar

I'll take it back to playin' handball and smokin' on the park benches
Dippin' cabs and hoppin' fences
Laughin' all the way back to the buildin' runnin'
Got to the door, twist the key, elevator waitin' for me
100, got upstairs and fixed eleven bowls of Crispix
Grabbed a Snapple out the bin, no one's an even match for the kid
Legs are made of stone, the back of a bridge
In goal line situations I'll tackle The Fridge
Peace to Mike Ditka, 50 on the light fixture
Right side shifter, fight fixer, twist your sister
And I ain't talkin' 'bout the hair band, mothafucka
It's Bam Bam doin' ah ah ah ah

Out with the, ah!
I can't even get this fuckin' right, are you kidding me?
I'm ashamed of myself, I'm sorry


"Brother Jedidiah"
(with The Alchemist)
(feat. Big Body Bes)

[Action Bronson:]
We are gathered here today, way-oh-way-oh
To commemorate a very good man, Brother Jedidiah
He stands about 5'8"

I wear the yamaka to court to gain some sort of leverage
My lawyer puts a little molly in the judge's beverage
As a team player, you know what
I'ma buy him a motherfucking Nissan Murano
Rabbi Rodriguez did to Prince
Then a little piece of fish fell on the dish that he sniffed
Like a dog that's his dick that he split
So he could go pick up his kids in a brand new whip
What the fuck

[Big Body Bes:]
Oh pardon me
I was out here busy living your lies
You've been dead your whole life
Oh yeah Alfonzo, pull up the car

[Action Bronson:]
Riker's Island runway show better than Yeezy season
This year the color green is in
Dog I'm fucking crazy like velcro sneakers
I'm playing with shit
Dog I ain't playing with shit
Your frame will lay in a ditch
My chick is Asian with a twist
I'm so hard you could cook a piece of bacon on my dick
Better be turkey though
So if these turkeys try to murk me, Moe
I'll let these turkeys know that I'm in Turkey hoe

[Big Body Bes:]
We was 47 and a half deep on the strip
You was in front of the store with Team Jordan's and yellow pajama pants
That's a big no no
That's a big no no!



{Know you broke my heart woman}
{When you said goodbye to me}
You said goodbye to me bitch, you better break North
Before you sick South and I'll be sitting in that big house

Just let me sharpen my knives, thrown on the apron
X's mark the steak and the salad crumbled with bacon
And bleu cheese, caramel complexion's on two knees
On two skis, carving up the ounces with his dookies
I'm Vic D'Amato, martel to cartel
Live fast and eat the big tuna like Billy Parcells
No more childs play kid you with the big boys
Fuck her in economy size, we want that big Royce
My family's hating that I rhyme with fury
Only focus on them hundred bill faces and suitcases
That'll bribe a jury, grind the curry never shine the jewelry
Pussy like an eighty-six style, you know it's fine and furry
Spark the bark in the park, you know, lumberyard
You ain't never in the limelight, undercard
Bronsonelli in the sky, thunder rod
Commandante of this rap shit, your facade, killer


The second stanza even deadly than the first
From the birth, I've been enlisted to plant seeds in the earth
That's soon road to a valley that feeds, civilization
I'm walking the torrid land though I'm seeking my vindication from
My bad, I'll keep it fifth grade, keep the switchblade
He'll figure sailin' apparel and plus a crisp fade
First day class, the Agassis are black and white
My older cousin puffing clot bitch, pass the pipe
Now I'm a certified user, more like abuser
Slice and dice the music I'm fluid like the yakuza
I'm Sanders whether Deion or Barry, find candy
Though I smoke until my eyes are the shape of Tia Carrere
My team we work as a unit, nobody hide the ball up
Great intuition and vision, no time to hit the mall up
Just a taste of the life like a September call up
Johnnie Walker in our tour cup, getting torn up
Listen - I'm steel fisted with the iron lung
Heavy metal balance out the guitar with lion's run
Praise the son that can stand on his own two
Smoke on the big blunt, take a sip of this home-brew



(feat. Meyhem Lauren)

Ah, yeah, ah, ah, ah
Yeah, ah, ah, ah, ah

I'm glad I never used cocaine, 'cause I would be an addict
Running 'round town ass naked, chase rabbit
They found me face down at the Great Lake Tavern
A payday pattern, the fake ID said "JJ Adams"
My other one was stolen by a madame
She whispered to the hooker like, "We have him"
She was right, I was blinded by the pussy like
Gotta make it home because my wifey said it's cookie night
Plus I owe two hundred large to the bookie
I think I might boogie

Bread stack, head crack, I'm a G
Iced out like Pat Ewing's knee
All white, alright, I'm the hood pope
Break night, take flight, got the good dope
Adidas Boost on, looking like a highlighter
True fact, I'm a live wire
Got denied at the red light district
Shorty said I probably break wombs with this dick
My life is the fountain of youth
Let a rapper talk slick, he'll get felt in the booth
Draw mom on my face and rock one gold tooth
Then it's back to the strip, gotta get more loot
Persian lamb jackets, chinchilla collars
Surgeon hand ratchets, winners get dollars


"Buddy Guy"

Uhh, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Bronsolinio, yeah

Stoned on the stoop, got the box pumpin' Billy Joel
I'm Mickey Mantle while you motherfuckers semi-pro
Neck to colon how a slice from the machete go
Shoot your gun and throw confetti cause I'm ready ho!
Look in my eyes, you can tell that I'm a stand-up
Call me the teacher, wanna talk just put your hands up
We eat the lamb, duck, goose, beef or chicken
Two seater shiftin' with the smooth Cedar Strippin'
My facial hair is light red just like a ball of fire
Golden sound, blow the town, 'lo attire
Brown haze leather swampy like the Everglades
I'll switch a style so that I'm ready when the era change
First pressed virgin oil from the Greek Border
Spit the shit that have me laid up with the sheik's daughter
Three quarter on the Bally jacket to the knee
Lights flashin' when I'm rappin', tappin' tree
That smoke lingers son it shine through the curtain
Cracked pepper motherfucker I'm a grinder for certain
So never in your life come with scared business here
Fuck around never found bitch, disappear

Time after time I'm a winner
Seasoned in the barrel, harvest in the winter
Far from a beginner, keep an extra cartridge in the denim
Twisted off of Manischewitz, Harlem in a rental
The hash candidate, kindly gorgeous
360 is the ways and the caesar's huggin' knotty flosses
Never stop until we hoppin out of grimey Porsches
One night shorty needin' over 9 abortions
I'm the whole shit, one you wanna roll with
When in canoe waving the ganja like a glow stick
Number one, numero uno with the flow shit
Your style is tired and limp just like an old dick

Roman sculptures, all of my students hold a diploma
Straight to the back, garage door, behold the Lotus
Finest tuna right out the sea straight off the boat this
Hurricane rap spit tap low, rock a toga
Bronsonelli chef de cuisine I flex the two seam
Inject the vein with marijuana I'm a true fiend
Up-to-the-minute, all the weapons we invented
That's hidden inside the rented, the window tinted ten the percentage
Sacrificin' the lamb for the nutrition
"Criminology 101" hard cover, newest edition
Nuclear fission is heavy weighty top the division
Lots of provisions collosal status stoppin' collisions
Too beaucoup, fresher than a lake trout
Barbecue the venison, pair it with a great stout
Peace I'm out kid, a motherfucker pace out
Every time I take that motherfuckin' weapon from my waist out