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Action Bronson

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"Action Silverado"

That's right (sniff sniff)
Bam Bam in the mother fucking building
Queens New York
Straight up
Drop that shit
It's me
I built this shit

Let me begin baby, my name is Bronsoliño
All I see is C-notes, silk shirts at the casino
It's time to take those leather pants off, this ain't no dance off
I know your hands soft, you're on the menu like the lamb broth
This is a grown man's sport
And, dog, I leave a motherfucker laid out on the handball court
I never brag and boast, I'm fire out the dragon's nose
My words pronounced just like a camel toe
And every whip in the garage laced
Keep that thing in the guitar case, bait the cops into a car chase
Crash the mother fucking Jeep into the venue
You better pray to God it's straight to Heaven where they send you
Ah, why the fuck would I have a bodyguard
If I look just like the mother fucking bodyguard
Baby hair curls on my forehead, leave your whore dead
Hop out that four times, four door and draw lead
I'm underground and I need more bread
And I need more head from some bitches straight from Morehead
State your business cause I'm busy tanning naked
My joint is shaking while I'm wearing bracelets
Uh, your words are tasteless, your taste is basic
My taste in Asics will lead your fucking spaceship into Matrix
This place I made is quite spacious
And dog I'm not the one to fucking play with
Hear me?



Baby my ride so clean, I ride so dirty
I'm about to buy an alligator for my birthday
My girl asking me, "Where you been?", don't worry
She said, "Baby I crashed the Benz," don't worry.
I ride so clean, my ride so dirty
I'm about to buy a fucking Lion for my birthday
My girl asking me, "where you been?" don't worry
She said, "baby I crashed the Benz don't worry."

Dropkicks out the drop-top 6
Don't make your fucking kid become a hostage, I got this
Stay in the water like the lochness
Shirtless rocking a locket
Drugs in my pocket
It's all for a profit
Aim it and pop it, drive in a range in my boxers
Lay in the tropics, my girl pussy red like a lobster
Orgies at Hofstra
My bank account is like a polish doctor
My heart is cold, I sing a soldiers opera
My drug's as strong as Arnold
They found her dead in the gold Impala
Hanging backwards out the chopper
The room smell like nam chopper
Most my crew a bunch of art robbers


Yeah, I rhyme sick like I play with shit
I've driven every flavored whip there is to get
Feel like I dip that cigarette in wet stuff
I should be on that Sped Ed bus, layin' on the bed with a red head slut
These mother fuckers praying that I don't make it
I'm on the balcony stoned and naked playing sega
Prince of Albania
No money, nothing to say to ya
I push the limo to the stadium
Game 7, Knicks- Heat
Me and Spike had to switch seats
Cause he kept spilling henny all on my bitch feet
Expensive bracelets where my forearms and my fists meet
Down in Mexico eating chick meat


No emotions, lotions on the bed sheets.
I saw her walking cause I'm stalking on the dead streets
Trying to purchase with a shoulders and a head niece
She had a tight pink dress, her pussy was a weapon
Said she was a daughter of a Reverend
Well thank God I don't believe in heaven
Butt cheeks sculpted like a horses hind
Shit man, I think that I just crossed the line
Annual abortion time
Yeah, she got the tat straight from West 4th
Hereditary cancer almost took her breast off
And over 6 months she said she had a chest cough
Well I'm not a doctor, but I know that's not a good sign
Matter of time 'til she placed and laced in a wood pine
For years she was the hood slime
Now no longer having a good time
Under earth, she burst into a sudden birth
Oh shit, the facial of my cousin Murph
Strange occurrences, alignment with the sun and earth, yeah
As baby turtles break the sand just to figure out the meaning
Instinctively they heading towards the water cause they need it
Forever psycho stay the same, they feel it like a fiends wrist
Mustard straight from Russia that they brought in on a steam ship
My mustache like a Colonel
Take a haters facial and I treat it like a urinal
A bit disturbed, confessions in a journal
I'm sickened by my thoughts so it's tossed in the inferno.


"Amadu Diablo"

So give me that reason
I told you I loved you already, bitch, what the fuck?

Shawl neck on the drunk lawyer
Coke shits in the toilet
Turkey sandwich in aluminium foil
The game been fixed
I don’t play that shit
I aim that shit
If she looking at another mother fucker than you leave that bitch
I don’t play that shit
Hear me
Left hand is steering
In a Amadu Diablo
Shit I got the urge to get a earring
Image in the rearview mirror like Timothy Leary
Don’t even come near me
I keep it thug with a gun near me
Your boy been eating on the run clearly
Clear the run-way
720’s on a one way
So much drugs, what would a nun say?
And its Sunday
Shit, I don’t really give a fuck
All I really want to do is see my people up
Up to no good again
She threw the condom told me put it in
I did, fuck
I nutted in like three strokes
Shit, now that’s no way to rep the East Coast
Every day I’m walking with my head up
Don’t let up ‘cause it’s a set-up
Like Albanian marriage go from Haiti to Paris
The bath was 90 degrees
Tapping Heinies with ease (shit,)
Bitch please I’m the bee’s knees
Shooting Deca-Durabolin three CC’s
Peep the landscape
You can catch me in the trees like the shit for the pancakes


"Arts & Leisure"
(feat. Kool A.D.)

[Verse 1: Kool A.D.]
Yo, brown Napoleon Dynamite, white Dolomite, sure you're right
Holy Moly, totally tight
White America, good morning Erykah
Badu, where are you at?
Allahu Akbar, do that, do that, do that
Do-do that that that
Do do do, do do that
Do that, show that, pro-black, pro-brown
Down, round, getting down, down
Yippee-kai-yai-yay, it's a showdown
Girls say chill, you ain't too cool to be nice to boo-boo
You right, you right, you right, true, true
Sorry if I'm acting too coo-coo
All the zoom zoom got me acting like the flowers in my doo doo
I'm a roll the dice for some new shoes
If that don't work then boo-hoo
At least you couldn't say I never grew two
If I can't win, then it's lose-lose
Do it for the kids like Blue's Clues
Choo-choo-choose to be
Half-asshole, half-bashful
Uh, give me like half a glass full
Or maybe a quarter that
Like a black quarterback
In the motherfucking... oh shit, bobbing, ducking
Weaving, passing and running
Passing and running, passing and running
Like a caravan... um, wait
Oh was it... I don't even know, buddy

[Verse 2: Action Bronson]
As my grandma knits the sweater
Chickens with the cheddar
Timbos and yarmulkes, you ain't in my genre
Bitch, blow me - harmonica
Arts and leisure, peace to Jon Caramanica
Sam Sifton ate the plate that we feasting on
I jerk my penis off at the precinct, dog
Since a youth, all proposals been indecent, dog
Sense of humor so I'm down for a comedic song
Rub my dick like my zipper when I walk
Touch of Down's Syndrome, flip it when she talks
Gums are purple, teeth monkey
Her look is mix with streetwalker and a junkie


"Baby Blue"
(feat. Chance The Rapper)

[Hook - Action Bronson:]
Why you always all on my back?
Why you gotta do me like that?
Why you gotta act like a bitch when I'm with you?
Baby girl I'm blue

[Verse 1 - Action Bronson:]
Because you treat me like shit
I paid for the bed and never even slept in it
I paid for that crib and never stepped foot in
And now somebody else is eating all the pudding
Things change now my dashboard wooden
All black Benz like a young Doc Gooden
Thug shades cause I'm stone crazy
Girl, we grown, stop playing on my phone, baby
All your childish attempts to make me angry fall short
Which only fuels the rage you have, because you have nothing
Understandable, I'm shining brilliant with 5 Brazilians
There were times I used to hide my feelings
Now I'm butt naked in the Lamborghini
And motherfuckers can't see me
Wait 'till the chick see me on TV, I make the shit look easy
Who would've thought I hit you right back?

[Hook - Action Bronson:]
Why you always all on my back?
Why you gotta do me like that?
Why you gotta act like a bitch when I'm with you?
Baby girl I'm blue

[Verse 2 - Action Bronson:]
So many women wanna call me, baby
And you wonder why the fuck that I ain't call you lately
Some would say that I'm the symbol for sex and uh
Others would hate, but I don't give em no breath
Go on a date, I'm at the crib with the chef and uh, that's me
And you could order whatever
The specialty is white snake and underwear sauce
You could probably catch me somewhere where the sun is next
And I understand that's only cause I'm popular
I'm getting topped off in the front row of the opera
As Bocelli sings the celly rings
I gotta go you'll never know how good it feels to lay in bed with king
I'm not exactly flawless, but I'm gorgeous just like a horse is
I know the thought of me succeeding makes a lot of people nauseous
Still I'm on the back of the boat taking pictures with the swordfish

[Hook - Action Bronson:]
Why you always all on my back?
Why you gotta do me like that?
Why you gotta act like a bitch when I'm with you?
Baby girl I'm blue

[Verse 3 - Chance The Rapper:]
I hope you get a paper cut on your tongue
From a razor in a paper cup
I hope every soda you drink already shaken up
I hope your dreams dry like raisins in the baking sun
I hope your titties all saggy in your early 20's
I hope there's always snow in your driveway
I hope you never get off Fridays
And you work at Friday's that's always busy on Fridays
I hope you win the lottery and lose your ticket
I hope it's Ben and Socrates poop all up in your kitchen
I hope the zipper on your jacket get stuck
And your headphones short, and your charger don't work
And you spill shit on your shirt
I hope your tears don't hurt, and I can smile in your face
Cut my losses, how Delilah changed my locks to fade
I hope you happy, I hope you happy
I hope you ruined this shit for a reason, I hope you happy, igh

[Hook - Action Bronson:]
Why you always all on my back?
Why you gotta do me like that?
Why you gotta act like a bitch when I'm with you?
Baby girl I'm blue

[Outro - Chance The Rapper:]
La La La La


"Bag Of Money"
(feat. Meyhem Lauren)

[Sample: The Big Lebowski]
"Where's the fucking money, shitheaddddddddd?!"

[Action Bronson:]
Yo, fucking Paulie TRYBE, man
Get your muthafucking hand out her asshole
We gotta go, fam, we gotta go, kid
Yo, get the whip, get the whip!

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
I'll take 21st Century poets that's for a thousand
Curly hair or Nubian women get me aroused
To the point I wanna gamble it all
I was smashing from the back
She put her hands on the wall
She couldn't take the thrust
Only lust like a fiend for the dust
Or the pizza from Pezzi, perfect
Want to sleep with the crust
Or the 740 Alpina, leather seats is a must
And my shorty holding a nina
Rolling green in a duuuuuuuuuutch!
Bronsolini, organically I rise to paper
In the purest form, lyrically derived from nature
Like the Amazon, put your cameras on
Watch this muthafucka turn into an animal!
Light stubble, rock the muzzle like Hannibal
Jump off the top of the boat into a cannonball
Hoes with gold teeth, we off the coast of Greece
In under 3 seconds, muthafucka load the piece

Kid, the bag of money coming with me
You muthafucka
The bag of money coming with me
Yeah, the bag of money's coming with me
Muthafucka you

[Verse 2: Meyhem Lauren]
Surprise! Lauren is in the house
I eat fowl birds and keep a hen inside my mouth
Always extra, guest featuring with Dr. Lecter
Like Bald Head Slick, I hold my mic like a scepter
Rest in peace, Guru, son I rep Q-U
Chains on chunk
They looking at me like "who you?!"
These handmade Cubans probably fucking up my posture
Pesto sauce properly drizzled upon my pasta
No imposter, son I'm authentic
Around drugs so much, I'm probably raw scented
Bag of money dips, triceps is all dented
Precise painting pictures
Think about life and then I pen it
Nike Air extraordinaire, it's a cold world, prepare
That's what it is, dad
Winterize your vehicle
I love kicks like Action Bronson loves a reefer pull
Peace to good, bad girls that let us both sleep with you

The bag of bitches coming with me
Word up, son, all the bitches coming with me
Yeah, yo, the bag of bitches coming with me
We go raw son, all the bitches coming with me!

We making babies tonight, nigga
Yeah, smoke what you want, sniff what you want
You wanna have five daddies, you ever have five daddies before?

[Verse 3: Action Bronson]
Ayo, 2010, got 'em buzzing like a beeper
Round table discussion
Conference in Geneva
Leaders at the table, poly over nasal
Forty seven minutes since the time I lit the basil
My rhymes are carte blanche
Liver than the Oscars
Extra virgin olive oil drizzled on the pasta
Fry the bacon, make it sizzle for the chazers
Honor in this thing of ours
Living like the mobsters
Compliments go to the chef and that's the real
My crew of goonies in the joint
We need some extra veal
You know the Caddy got an extra wheel
And if I'm ever in a pickle, I can hand a fucking Tek to Steele
Take aim and knock an apple off your head
And I'm a play like Polamalu
You get tackled for the bread
We're running in your crib
Your shorty shackled to the bed
Money laying on the Persian
Leaking plasma from the lead
And it's on!

[Outro: Action Bronson & Meyhem Lauren]
The bag of money's coming with me, muthafucka
(It's all coming with us, nahimean?
Queens, kid, the bag of money's coming with me
Uptown connection, you fucking pussy
(Word up, man, It's all marvel,
Ya'll niggas know everything is marvel)
Bronsonlini, Bronsolovski, Team Facelift
(Everything we drink, everything we smoke,
Everything we buy, everything we sell
It's all marvel!)
My muthafucking man Shaz
Paulie TRYBE, Paulie Walnuts
(Action Marvel, Meyhem Marvel, nahimean?)
Machine, Fonda, Tommy Guns
(Tommy Marvel, Marvel is everybody's middle name we fuck with
Meyhem Marvel Lauren, it's all marvel
The bag of money's coming with us)


"Barry Horowitz"

"His opponent from St. Petersburg, Florida"
"Two hundred thirty-one pounds, Barry Horowitz!"

Yeah, the chocolate T.A
Bronsalinio [?]. yeah

To the back with the hat, lean back in the 'llac
Crack the window, hear the soldier styles and that in back
Ain't no "Cat in the Hat," just a cat that can rap
This is Bronson - representing Flushing, Queens on the map
Yeah - heavyweight primate with a Harvard mind
Blunts filled with the citrus mixed with orange lime
Pussy drip when the thought of Action come to mind
Born to ride, winter spring summer shine
Bonafide, eyes wide, run and hide
You don't want the revolution to be televised
Terrorfied from the Arab mountain death camps
With the iron burning hot, give you chest stamps
Phone calls with the cloth over the mouthpiece
With or without leaf, burn about an ounce chief
To the neck like a razor for the stubble
Raised inside the struggle, blazin in the huddle yeah
Dig a hole, throw the lamb in it
Left the slippers in the sand motherfuckers couldn't stand in it

("Someone took the words to my song") [ding ding ding]

It's Barry Horowitz rap, I pat myself on the back
Don't fake the funk on a nasty dunk, Shaq I attack
Close the window to your soul, weed inside my lungs burn
These old suckers gettin placed into a young urn
Specialized like the little bus
Use my chubby little finger first to stimulate the clitoris
King Kong ain't got shit on us
I'm out here gettin it for real while you motherfuckers filibust'
Weed in my finger flicker, I'm on a solo mission
Started at pole position, eyes on the long division
As it burn my thumb, I roll another one
Quite persistant, that's why they call me my mother's son
Shoot the cold gift, leave your ho stiff
Make your ho sniff Hootie and the Blowfish
Obey the coke king
Cause every motherfucker in rockin loaded, I'm on that old shit!

("Someone took the words to my song") [x2]

[Jim Ross:]
"Barry Horowitz, always likes to pat himself on the back"


"Beautiful Music"

I'm not your normal kind of rap singer
In the building where the subtle scent of crack linger
Fiends smoking off the foil
I only smoke shit from out the soil
Virgin oil, the name Bronson, no Arroyo
Barbecues get thrown with EBT Cards
Land and sea, the air, 3 stars
Till gold plates get made right on arrival
The Amarone got me spinning like a gyro
Take the high road, poppy seeds from Cairo
Aaron Rodgers style: I'm here to take the title
Rock a Maz Dog cause every word is viral
To leave you like a wet noodle, paralyze your spinal

(Smoke this motherfucking weed real quick, hold on
I'm a get back to you in a minute)

"Darling, let me lay besi-
Darling, let me lay besi-
Darling let me lay beside you
Kiss my burning lips about you"

Dennis Byrd shit, china doll
Leave your fur split, dig your pockets
Then she'll kill your earth
Even if she's seven days away from giving birth
Ruthless, she'll catch you for your leather and your purse
Lamb roasting over wood-fire, extend the olive branch
Since the 90s I've been rocking hundred-dollar pants
Fifty-dollar drugs linger in my sock
Put the lighter to the plastic, that's the sealant for the top

Cause we coming from the heights, you know I copped the Puto
Tried to put it in the pussy, slid it in the culo
Damn, that's the wrong route
Now I gotta knee her in the stomach so it falls out
Take a deep breath
Ancient knowledge like the crocs up in the Nile
Alabaster tiles in the kitchen cause I'm wyling
Tryna cop a chain that say you styling
Only chain of interest in the water made of Valens


Wild world that we living in
I smoke dro got the subtle hint a cinnamon
My mind twisted from the Absinthe
You can thank Flushing for my accent
So much more than rapping
You fucking with the captain
Action Jeter
Salmon on the cedar
You ain't do the job, and then they calling a reliever
Me, Dennis Eckersley
Rhyme flavor like my grandma's book of recipes
I'm 'bout that equity
Large stocks, a palm Glock, bomb box
Long beards, knee draped in sports drop
Loafer pressing on the pedal
Extra heavy doggie cause my leg is made of metal
Often tangle with the devil
Shapeshifter, shaking with strange ham
Bronsolini fresher than Maine clams
Making money every day, it's been the motherfucking game plan
Remain tan during the winter laid in bay sand


"Big Body Bes Intro"
(feat. Big Body Bes)

[Big Body Bes:]
Yeah, here I am again, Big Fuckin' Body, it's me
We done came a long fucking way from stealing out the supermarket man
I'm out here, oh my god
We out here so fuckin' heavy man
Mr. Motherfuckin' Marvelous Himself
But enough about me man, and more about myself
We out here, all types of big situations on the table, man
And I'm just pulling my chair up man
Let me put my motherfucking paper plates up, man
Big Body
The 06 Commissary King
I had the most fuckin' tunas in the house
Rice game, soup game ridiculous man
I had all a dat man
Soap, deodorant on stack
Ask about me man
Two buckets under the bed man
Fuck outta here
You must be outchea motherfuckin' mind man
I does this man
This is me man
No rap checks man
I does this man
Platinum in the street
You must be out your fuckin' head
It's me, though


"Bird On A Wire"
(feat. Riff Raff)

Smoke sum'n, bitch!
Blow a kiss to my dick,
Wash my body with the sponge
Feed me flavored rices, put the chronic in my lungs
Tailor me a leather suit, on some Jodeci shit
Bi-costal man we supposed to be rich

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
Leave the party with your daughter (little Deborah)
In the morning do karate in the water
Hear sounds of samurais, rockin' shorts in the winter,
Don't fuck with splinters, roll with sinners
A bunch of winners, catered lunch and dinner
While my drug jar look so empty
Drop a hook, and then I'll probably cop an M-3
Long nights (machete), that's an e-event
Somebody try to get me then to heaven they'll be sent
Oh, off the strength, caviar and porche taste!
All the beans are getting boston-baked
On thin ice I skate across the lake
With the CCM tags, my feet are like Cassius,
Smoke premium cabbage

Smoke some, bitch!
Blow a kiss to my dick,
Wash my body with the sponge
Feed me flavored rices, put the chronic in my lungs
Tailor me a leather suit, on some Jodeci shit
Bi-costal man we supposed to be rich

[Verse 2: Riff Raff]
Yo with eighty thousand shopping mall
But we ain't browsing, popping hood
At tresco towers, prowlin prowler, gucci towels in bathroom viles, niles, ailes, aston-martins,
Sparking one in valet parking,
Loan sharking, hoping that my days don't get darkened,
Cheeta skin, outside the park the propaganda propellers.
Ostrich feathers, security guards with 9 berettas
Pulling up Wolkswagen Jettas
Cause a storm in sunny weather,
Sunny weather, it's sunny weather,
Hoping that my days get - hoping, hoping - days get, days get - better!