Šta je novo?
"The Kosmos Pt. 2 - Power Glove"
(feat. Boldy James)

We on that Kool Moe Dee, Wild Wild West
Broad daylight, face to face without a vest
Got on my earrings doing my utep two-step
With the trey pound and my double-breasted
Trying to take over towns in that bubble Lex
That Escalade just another big drug investment
Running through the beer quicker than that one nigga
On the Monopoly board, I got tunnel vision
All I see is cash so if the money missing
I'm on your ass quick fast in a hurry nigga
Trey city, M-1 stay murder ment
Time for the percolator dirty glove circuit breaker
Power up when I run it through the outlet
She sock it to me then I plug into the power strip
Extension cord working and if it short circuit
It's cause I'm working on this joint with the Alchemist
"The Kosmos Pt. 4 - Moon Probe"
(feat. Big Twinz)

Time's flying and I'm not getting younger
The best days of my life is like '91
On the run as a juvenile living wild
Profile on the hill with them cinder blocks
Pitch game on point just like the White Sox
I'm a thug for life and I won't stop
What up, ops? You holding down north click
Gotta guy Sactown getting more rich
Life's a bitch but I'm a fucking raw dog
When it comes to beef I'm going overboard
I got grenades, shotguns and two nines
The world is mine, that's how I feel inside
Spit bars so I can get my rent paid
You gotta love it, we higher than a jet plane
Fly as fuck laced up in war gear
QB tatted on me, we all here
Sip beers, put fear in everyone
I know I did shit that you never done
Caught jux, robbed stores and all that
I'm not proud about it, dun, I need a cash
"The Kosmos Pt. 6 - Life On Another Planet"
(feat. Willie The Kid)

This ain't rap call it carpentry
Blades sharp enough to cut carpet, I'm sticking to the paper
No cupcakes, I'm awkward, leave 'em all in awe
And all in all it went well, Tylenol for the swelling
Midol, you butter soft rappers, fucking with a Dewalt miter saw
You might of saw me on the bulleting
Bullet fragments, metallic pieces in my thesis
Ultra violet rays, riesling, private beaches
We extra violent, rush ya like Moscow
The scowl on my face, no scare tactic, warning
I'm warming up some leftovers, I'm Jeffrey Dahmer
My apartment gotta step over, some body parts scattered
Careers here and there, the dream shatterer
Pop that like Adderall, parallel parking
Stay in shape like a parallelogram, hella sharpened
Hoes throughout the spectrum, prefer my liquor darkened
Bitches obey me like a collie, no flea collar
Ready for the melancholy, I'm jotting down
A downtrodden rotten ridicule, the rude shrewdness
Rapper niggas minuscule, no comparison
I stay Strapped my advantage
Flipping like Bamboo, "That ain't the same sandwich!"
Bokeem Woodbine with mine when I combine minds
With the Alchemist, burning like turpentine, no sacrilege

True Religion
"The Kosmos Pt. 7 - The Explanation"
(feat. Mr. Mfn Exquire)

On a trip to Moscow, in his apartment, in the capital...

How much of that experience do you recall, can you describe to me?

Sweaty as fuck after my show, backstage, met three bitches
Video vixens, they ran up on me grabbin at my zipper
Asses out straight stuntin, thick like they only ate muffins
I smashed two and Dallas, grabbed the other one
Pillow talk cuddlin, underneath the sweaty comforter
One got her tongue in my ear the others massaging my nuts
When suddenly I hear this beeping noise coming from her bra
A walkie-talkie sound, she responds like, "We're ready boys"
The bed we're laying in starts to glow, I blink
We're teleported to a place where everything is awkward shaped
I mean the suns blue, the snows hot, the trees glow in the dark
A light stares right through you and hears your ultimate thoughts
It's weird I tried to stand and got woozy
Next thing I know this stripper broad is tied to me
Held captive by a race of strange beetle-like creatures
A gold one arose and said "Take him to the leader"
They marched us through the whole village like a prize catch
The natives snapped pictures and threw confetti at us
Soaked pinata, they dropped to our knees at the altar
Shadow a came up from the throne and walked forward
It was the beetle oracle her body sparkled
She carried a wooden totem that flickered like a light-strobe
Placed it round my neck, jammed her antennas in my head
And entered in my brain and planted thoughts where cells were dead and said:

[Beetle Oracle:]
Remember that nigga from the hill
Up in Brownsville that you used to chill with
Fuck hoes and trade games with?

Yeah my nigga dolt from the plazas
But fuck that nigga he's a traitor and a little bitch

[Beetle Oracle:]
I didn't mean him, confused him with the snake-race
Out of Quadron 10, they want to use our land for digging
And they're gonna blow us up like nitro
We summoned you here so you could lead us in battle

I was taken, by my apartment, in Moscow, to this spaceship and we went to...
"The Mack Book"
(feat. Action Bronson)

This was crafted by the masters
To be played on the block
In the project hallways of secluded mansions
I shot a video once
With French Montana in the Hamptons
He brought a hundred chicks through
Coke boy magic
I was rolling fat ones
I always had that pack son
When Tity Boi was the only one
Calling the weed gas
I came up with a nice plan
To stack some mean cash
I done this move
Away from the stash spot I cruise
On the way to my next move
My best move, you best move
Or get wrecked
That's real life that's not a threat
The crib big still got wings like a jet
Wings like a plane
Elevators, hella steps

[Unknown sample]

Feel like a player
Straight game
Commentators, fans, haters, spectators
All in the same stadium
Only one can win
Will it be you or one of them?
"The Myth"
(feat. Styles P)

Cocaine Cowboys, Heroin Indians
Drug dealer fly, which car to put the Fendi in
I'm in a condo on a Louis couch
New York fly nigga, California gooey out
Mobster, know I got the tooly out
Cops come, you don't even put the doobie out
From the block, them niggas will make a movie out
Everybody fly like they got gear from groovy house
G'd up, know what you out for
I get high riding out to the Outlawz
Broke right hand, load the southpaw
Get off the turnpike, different route ya
How I know they sent a different scout ya
Trying to figure out, how the cat got the mouse ya
Trying to figure out, how the dog got the cat ya
From the hood where they let it go blat! ya
Weird science, simple math
Take a cab wherever you got the rental at
Check the spot wherever the connect sent you at
Check the credit of homie that fucking lent you that

Smoke break, at the table bagging up snowflakes
9 mil at my waist, but I don't feel so safe
Cause a lot of niggas is dos face
I mean two face, bitches get yo'food laced
I don't stay in the spot unless the mood straight
I rather be mad high in my new place
Rather be mad high in my old place
Wondering if the pearly gates is white like Colgate
A lot of dollar bills, can't fold straight
Cause the knot thick, told you that the plots thick
You in the way, you gon' hear the Glock click
God bless this ignorant and obnoxious

European American, V's with the smoke tints
Ten rack, black label suit with the smoke scent
Meet the connect by the ocean
I do my deals on the beach
Up to my neck in the water, and it ain't sweet
Cause trust is an issue
The ice pick tip with the rust gon' hit you
It cut through your tissue
Cause you could go to jail, niggas'll act like they miss you
It's only when they see you, when you gone they forget you
I fell in love with the money, and lust with the pistol
Always hated the cops, say fuck when they get you
I still "Kill Bill" ill, monster from "300"
Talking money to G's want it
We roll up then we load up
It's a cocaine deal or a hold up?
I could care less about the set that you throws up

Came from nothing, used to have nothing
Now I'm somebody and I got a lil something
Rich nigga, Ritz nigga
You don't know this nigga
I don't like snakes, I'll kill it if it hiss nigga
Rat nigga, snitch nigga
Rap nigga, fuck 'em all
My posse over there tell your girl to go suck em off
They say I'm underated, I just be getting faded
Cause niggas'll have your name all on the affidavit
I find it fascinating
I know how to kill em all, holiday'll kill em off
When ghost procrastinating
You could see the holy ghost
I stretch your flat [?], take some herb in your pocket
You could call that the holy smoke
We ain't cut from the same cloth
I'm the boss, we couldn't work for the same boss
Point blank nigga, I would shoot your brains off
In the spot, the manteca and the cane soft
But you know that the bass hard
Dealer death and there ain't no safe card
That's Alchemist, this is Alchemy
Sniper on the balcony, higher then the Falcon be
It's a pack of wolves and you know I'm where the alpha be
Guns go north, but the drugs go south for me
If anybody is out for me
Better go the fuck in, cause I'm gonna go the fuck in
New York fly, California high
Miami hustle when I get up on a pie
Down south lean, midwest bounce
And I wanna double up, it's the buck that counts
"The One"
(feat. Action Bronson)

These niggas know the deal, it's easy to get killed
Wet that pussy up, see now you got the chills
Your bright idea shooting at me, the fuck yeah
Bright idea, 'til I blew out his light bulb
I'm more than a hip hop legend, I'm iconic
My sixteen is strong as fuck, I'm bionic
Apparently... you a parody of real nigga shit
Pop your forehead like a zit
I don't fuck with no snitches so I need to know who telling
And I need to know who they told on so I can fact check it
The alpha and omega, Mobb nigga I'm a fixture
Black culture, bougie niggas get they bitch took
Like bad bitches get they body shook
From Jamaica Ave. to the boulevard in Hollywood
From the projects, Nam and Oslo
Rocketman Elton John, call me P-iano

Yeah now I'm on my shit, got me on my shit
I'll hit a nigga with the clipper
And fade a nigga real quick, see
Keep me on my shit, wiling on that shit
I will ruin your life, I promise you that shit

[Action Bronson:]
Swedish features through the window of a Lincoln on the Bell swerving
I felt certain I was born to be the best Earthling
Felt worthless, so many Xs and circles
On my mother neck I know I serve a purpose
Smoke the same shit that turns a normal turtle to a ninja turtle
Neo-ninja doing? on Myrtle
The motherfucker making a drug look like Urkel
Forward shooters like Türkoğlu
740 with the curtain and set to 1020 degrees
Eyes closed switching speeds, hitting the weave
I shapeshift to a disease, attack your lung and cripple your knees
R&b chicks are twisted with ease, blitzkrieg
You still posing for your little-league pictures
I'm drinking beer straight out the pitcher
I'll put your moms in an armbar at the bar-mitzvah
Irish linen on the king
I'm guaranteed I'm gonna win another ring

Yeah now I'm on my shit, got me on my shit
I'll hit a nigga with the clipper
And fade a nigga real quick, see
Keep me on my shit, wiling on that shit
I will ruin your life, I promise you that shit

I supercede that crap, now bitches want this hard shit
Niggas want this crack, them songs you got that's garbage
Paralyze your ears, stop talking, this P rapping
Been doing this for years, know money I keep racking, up
Come with it nigga, get beat the fuck, up
Next to me you're chuck meat
Yeah, we just committed suicide
With this swammi I get busy B; do or die
Big bar champion, the Henny and the rap flow
The great black shark, you just a little mackeral
My bitch appetite for power surpass yours
Now imagine my thoughts while I'm alone and you paused
That's 600 horses stomping on your neck strap
That's me, g-leaning with the pistol on my lap
Got a 3: 00 your death, I could pencil you in
Ya'll niggas is chow, my gun fit to dig in

Yeah now I'm on my shit, got me on my shit
I'll hit a nigga with the clipper
And fade a nigga real quick, see
Keep me on my shit, wiling on that shit
I will ruin your life, I promise you that shit
"The Spirit Of God"

He may not come when you want him to
The Christ
What's happening
I come in the name of Jesus by the power of [?]
Who name you coming in
And by who power
Is what?
It's the spirit of God
See the spirit of God is omnipotent
And it works on you, it'll works on your ass I can be far far away
Cause it's considered constant
You know
Anybody, anybody who's listening
Goddamn my ass kissing
No matter how you come with me
If you down with doing what I'm talking bout doing
The father lives in the wind
You down with that
You ain't down with that
Shut your Goddamn ass up
"The Turning Point"
(feat. Rock Marciano)

Swab the deck, Indian Ocean
Ibuprofen, pots are broken the safe's pried open
I boasted while the duck got roasted
And posted, my jacket was poached, I provoked it
Fifth on the hip bone
Flip a hippo, then hit the bistro
Wrist glow like, disco lights, Morris Day
Michael Knight, I'm wearing fahrenheit, a rare knight
Bite the pear when it's ripe
The old banana in the tail pipe
The fishscale's white, the hammer's held tight
The impolite, is sniped and thrown out in the turnpike

Uh, burn a joint, I'm at my turning point
Tryna earn points, the herb we burnt was turquoise
Maneuver the leg, black lens, metal Medusa head
Le Coq Sportif, leather rooster egg
Triple beam balance between fabric
Established, fucking on a king size mattress
Good with the iron, I'm a blacksmith
Weak tactics, resort to pay street taxes
Armani scents at the barber with pimps
A french peppermint, 85 percent's mescaline
I went to sketch the next testament
The nectar was sipped, I slipped dick in a specimen
Blocks is desolate, we still hustle though (Have a blast)
Move weight, it's conducive to muscle growth
Double the gross, fuck a humble approach, in coach
Light up the roach and spit a bundle of dope
Colorful coats, cope
The gold spirit was evoked, I can feel it gettin' close

You hear that? What's that?
"The Type"
(feat. Prodigy of Mobb Deep)

Let the little homie kick it in the auto shop with us
Long as he can make store runs and keep his mouth shut
Same way I came up
All my triple o's was hood famous
Nice guy surrounded by wolves, wild dangerous that's where I gained this cool
Walk this talk, you trying to duplicate and make tools
All you do is make fools of yourselves
Underground jewels testa copping pot, wallet in the wishing well
Evidence, niggas can fail
Tryna get close to the jet code
But it will never get deciphere by a rookie pilot
That's why I sit opposite to drive a 63 impala bad bitch
Change steering wheel guidence
I'm out the window sky watching, plotting as usual
That's what I'm doing when I'm quite
Can't remember shorty name but she had that loud pack
The other night in tallahasse and I thank her for that
Fine, freaky [?] with her legs behind her back
In the wee hours of the morning, picture mailin that she horny
But love I'm tryna fuck with this money

We bust raps like d-boys bust gats, we the type of people that don't burry the axe
We bust raps like d boys bust gats, we the type of people cutluss, monte carlo, regals
We bust raps like d-boys bust gats, we the type of people that don't burry the axe
We bust raps like d boys bust gats, we the type of people cutluss, monte carlo, regals

We bust raps like we bust these gats, we the type of people that don't bury the hatch
We bust raps like we bust these gats, we the type of people chevy's and gmc's to
We bust raps like we bust these gats, we the type that don't bury the hatch
We bust raps like we bust these gats, we the type of people chevy's and gmc's to

Fuck it, it's the life of the shooting star
Gotta move smart
Can't get caught slipping there all wanna see me fall
Take my punches like a troop but take my loses like a man
And come with the territory, take the good with the bad
Throw the dice watch them tumble where they land so big
Everything is not strategic, sometime we risk our life
Sometime we risk our love, our money and our freedom
Fuck that bullshit we feed it, to see if you gone eat it
In new york we manipulate naive dummies
We beat you on the head it's just game we be running
Sometime, but most of the time we don't play
They can't figure us out, we like it that way
The road to the riches so long I be catch blisters
All these crabs in a bucket pull you down tryna get em
Every man for them self, every women won't bags and shoes
We the type of people that'll find you