Šta je novo?
"The Blow"

Yeah, yeah
Nigga just, you know what I'm sayin', the king of, you know
King of talkin' shit
Yeah, yeah
(You don't know how far, you don't know how much, you don't go, when you fuckin' with the blow)
Yeah, we goin'
Yeah, yeah yeah

[Freddie Gibbs:]
Choppa style, chop chop, choppa style
Shout to Gazi, Arabic numbers in my Rollie down
My baby said if I be faithful, she gone hold me down (Real shit)
I'm fuckin' these hoes, I want it all like an only child
About to take a trip, I got coke and dope on my grocery list
Oxytocin pack, I be switchin' rackets like Djokovic
Stood up on my deen, the machine ain't never promoted this
Coldest nigga you ever heard on Ellen or Otis shit
(And you know this shit)
Bitch, it's liquid golden when I'm over shit (Yeah)
I fill up the track like a Mr. T starter kit, spit the hardest shit
I should grow a muh fuckin' mohawk and get a black van with a red stripe
Nigga say I got 'em for his weight, I shot him in his face
That pussy boy was dead right (Dead right)
It's just a freestyle, let a nigga breathe
I don't know what's worse
To have the IRS or have your baby mamas in a nigga's cheese
Had to cut a couple bitches off
I guess they used to think that they was out a nigga league
Ghostface, I got ice cream
Russian, Puerto Rican, Black and Blackanese

You don't know how far
That shit easier than writing
You can go, how much
Federal photographers
You can grow, how far
I don't know why the fuck I wanted to say that, shit
You can go, when you fuckin' with the blow

From a seven hundred square foot apartment
Never claim to be the king of New Orleans
Though my new castle one of the largest
From helicopters, federal photographers takin' pictures
My driveway full of Impalas and I'm not stoppin' for one minute
If they really thought they knew somethin'
They would've been came to come get me
Not sayin' that they would've got me, though
You copy, bro, I'm out of my hobby
Desert dune-buggies and Kawasakis
You gotta know to have fun with your money
Young hustler, watch me
Keep hittas around me
'Cause niggas be clownin', can't trust nobody
It might be your partner that drop your body
That shit not shockin'
I see it all the time, livin' in this wild world of crime
Scribblin' lines on her mirror
Bitches nose dive, who am I

You don't know how far
You can go, how much you can grow, how far
You can go, when you fuckin' with the blow

You mean to tell me you guys have never snorted coke?
Well, I always wanted to try, you know
But you want to, right? Why not?
It's great stuff, Albi
A friend of mine just brought it over from California
"The Essence"
(feat. The LOX)

AH-HA. Uh. Yeah. Know who it is. (I-I-Infantry, 1st Infantry)
Kiss of Death, motherfucker (A-A-A-A-A-Alchemist)
Definitely the strongest shit on the shelf
Double R, D-Block (1st infantry)
Yeah, what, yo, yo...

Listen, the thugs need it, hoes gon' use it
Me? I'm just a young nigga that make old music
Uh, shit is real, I put the inf on the 4
Keep it with' me 'cause possessions 9/10ths of the law
Here I am goin' all out again, doin' all that I can
Even had a daughter born outta sin
Nigga, I make pain cinematic
I spit dope and you been a addict; treat beef like jail
Summertime, somethin' big with the scope under the winter jacket
I use the winter tactics, and I know you tryin' to play the role
But bullets the wrong shit to interact with'
I hurt the game, hurt ravines
Soon as you murk somethin' these niggas'll chirp Janine
Yeah, let 'em all cock ride, in my mansion with a bottle
Move a novel and the wall spin counter-clockwise
Might as well go on, go and see papi
'Cause niggas only know three words: "He shot me" (Uh)
That's why I be eyein' 'em down
No dap, no rap 'cause these niggas be wired for sound
But I still put a hole in a goon, Jada Montega
Still put a hole in a spoon, pay the bond later
Plenty ones, plenty guns, plenty ammo
Remember this: "Calmate", ''que te calmo'' mutha-fuckas. What!
"Calamate" "que te calmo"
Know what that mean, huh? Calm down... before I calm you down!

[Styles P:]
I don't wanna talk much
You gettin' hawked up and chopped up
Two guns up on your tour bus
Heard you got the cops with'chu-that's a goddamn shame
The talk on your album, I thought you had a block with'chu?
Couple niggas to pop with'chu-you full of shit!
And the only thing you got is a couple niggas to drop with'chu
Waiting for a nigga... with' a mouth like you
When they said you was the hottest, they meant out yo' crew
I'm the hardest in New York City
Think not? I got a Glock, Sheek Louch style, you walk with me
You bitch niggas will die leery
I keep the 9 in the 5 Series
Why don't you come work a 9-to-5 with' me?
See, the bricks moved, the stick-ups pulled
I got the killers laying flat down in pickups too
Pop up and put a clip in your mug
Hate is different than love, it spread faster-is you gettin' me, cause?
Shit, let me explain, my brain is on a different wave
Everybody get it now-fuck it, it's a different day
And suck my dick when I ain't got shit to say
Niggas think I'm dumb like I ain't put them bricks away
Prepared for the war, anxious to kill
Bang shit, swing shit, leave you shanked in the grill
I ain't give a fuck then or now, when or how
How many niggas die? That depend on Styles

[Sheek Louch:]
(And my nephew Alchemist...)

Ayo, I ain't seen nothing yet
Niggas all threat-pussy when they sober, thugs when they wet
What up, killer? Nigga, please, stop frontin'
You don't need a safe to hold 5 G's
My neck don't freeze and my wrist don't either
I don't need it-I just copped a house on a Visa
And I ain't go platinum, my first album was a teaser
Now they on my meat like ice in the freezer
Sheek Louch, I tell you that boy he's a
Problem-I take out blackheads like a tweezer
We'll discredit you homie and let the wolves eat you
We don't need to dump lead at you, homie
You either in or you out of it
'Cause I got a son now, and you fuckin' up a lot of shit I gotta get
And I hate for this to get out of hand
To have to give it to a nigga I played with' in the sand
Shit, the West Coast barely know the name of our band
That's why I spit enough heat to give a nigga a tan
A'ight, I know you got mad cake-okay, nigga, AND?
Sheek don't give a fuck, I let my gut hang
You one day away from lipo and a face tuck
This that D-Block, Alchemist heat rock
Yo, I'm fucked up man! P pass that blunt
Yo Busy, where my yak at, son?
Fuck that, I'm outta here
Let's go...

(R-r-r-reppin' ALC, you know what I'm sayin? 1st Infantry bitch (bitch bitch)
"The Feeling"

It goes one for the doe two for the hoes
Nigga if you feel it how I feel it then
You need to go get it
We gon' ride it from the bottom till we sitting on the ceiling
Pop bottle after bottle to intensify the feelin'
We winning

[Verse 1:]
My niggas illin we knew from the beginning
We would kill it
From penny pinching to Vegas city sinning
Went from chilling in Syd's crib to first cabin tripping
Hittin bad bitches, too far to even catch feelings
Bitch I'm back wit it
Success make these bitches act different
Mad bitches chasin them model hoes and actresses
And if anybody ask we livin fast on the dash
Tryna blow up so fuck if a nigga crash
Click the ash, bitch we gettin blazed
Feelin' like it's seventh grade
Sippin' champagne for the moments that we couldn't save
Feel like my reign is only days away
So make a toast and lets celebrate to the paper chase

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]

For the rush, it's for the dream, it's for the feeling, it's for the moment
It's for the victory; the reason I leave mess of my opponents
It's for the hustle
And the grind and all the hours you ain't notice
We be workin' so hard and we be feelin' like we owed this
It's for the moment, bitch we own shit
That's why we drinkin' and we smokin' tryna slow shit
Happy while we got it, cause the only thing we really know is
Right now, we the focus
When your days become your dreams and your dreams become reality
Sleep is obsolete because your mind is working rapidly
When people who laugh taking success as a causality
When you get that feeling like your vision is in fact in reach
I wish that feeling to all my bitches and all my niggas
I hope you realize our path; it may be walking with us
May all your pain be champagne, we all could live up
So when I roll up to celebrate you should spark it with us

[Hook x2]


I bust mine for real, see this for real
It's not a fluke, I really shoot
Don't give a fuck, I ain't no nice guy or nothin'
You know what I'm sayin'?
I'm nice to the bitches, not no nigga
Nigga come around me, you get hurt, anything can happen to you
You know what I'm sayin'?
"The Floating Hotel (Outro)"

"There's nothing like a boat you could maybe think of, maybe"
If you'd like to have a yacht like that"
"There's nothing like the seas"
"We're the floating hotel"
"The G Code"
(feat. Action Bronson, Blu & Domo Genesis)

[Action Bronson:]
I got this pretty, brown queen, her kids addicted to chicken nuggets
She used to play college ball, I'm just trying to ball
I'm trying to sit on leather 'til my time is called
When it is, fuck it, it's been a wild ride
Since '95 with the jeans set back on the scene fresh
Beamers that lean left
I'm on the fucking roof doing squats, ain't no boots in the box
Just some dead, white man and his Glock
The cyrus cock-eyed doing 360's in front of Popeye's
Nobody could control me, Allah tried
But then I ate ribs, fuck I hate myself, this shit is banging though
Shoot the pistol, bite the mango
Out for tango, bravo
Applaud me, the seats are coffee
My mother wrist look like it's coughing, it's costly
Hide the dope inside the four-seat
Hit me on the jet before 3
I'm there at 5 like basketball team

[Domo Genesis:]
Looked in the mirror like oh my progression's beatiful
Look how you wear success, what could any problem do to you?
You seen everything so nothing new, no one's unusual
You made it through and niggas fell, survived the greatest crusible
How you rebel, you claim that you already in hell
And you just trying to float up everytime you take an inhale
Statistics say my destiny is with shells or in jail
Man, I'm just trying to make the things I pencil if it helps
I just hope the steps that I've exampled could inspire
Manifest your desires and we can set this bitch on fire
Who's a liar? If said that I wanted it, but I reached that
While I'm spitting heat crack, them black sand beach raps
They riding dirty for surely, you better keep your seat strapped
Seen a baby boy with Tyrese, got his drink jacked
Meaning watch out for them young niggas
Show me green, I fucks with you, never fronting
I'm puffin blunts

Ayo, the steel cold-crushed and flux
She touched the real with he deal, playboy
The Illinoise got you iller, still a laid boy
The Rudy Ray Moore, but with that clay-born she stay warm
My Ason stay stunting like say, son
You know I told 'em wise play dumb
Hop out that grey one and keep low
Illegal lingo like Ocho Cinco, blow the weed smoke
Good of for three tokes, don't try that East Coast
My people brought if back for the lax
And Latinos lax my leeno, I crack my single
Roll off the leaf and chief the keef slow
Serve up some fresh quiche and cut the cheese
Dust the eagle 'til she shine like a bald boss
From Baldwin to [?]
If the sober receive note it ain't a loss
And that's the G code
The cross match the gloss on the linx
We got the streets on like moccasins be
Model my meat flow, I'm honor, B
My oceanography is no philosophy, it's peace, bro
Chunk the deuce in the trunk, the chumps needs those
"The Good Deacon"

The only thing that really matters
And there's only one life, a chance to do God's will
The Christ
Whenever I hear the name of Jesus
Sounds like music (music to my ear)
And I'm always reminded
How he sooths my doubt (and then he calms my fears)
"The Hopeless Romantic"
(feat. Action Bronson)

Catch me high at the arraignment
Never been a plaintiff
Shit I'll aim the stainless like I'm Nameth
Lawyer tackled the case like he played for the Ravens
So I stuff him with cheese like a danish
Damn I crave paper
Catch me later at the Laker game
I bet a grip on the Knicks
Carmelo sweating on my kids cause I'm court side
This [?] good weight
I'm a free man, that's what I should say
Nobody holding me back except myself, that's what I realize
Pealing the 5, now I'm feeling the vibe
Hand on the wheel, drugs in my eyes
Money on my mind
I think about it all the time
Cause there was a time I never had shit
Now I got shit, it's like magic
All these cars in front of the crib look like a pageant
I catch AIDS, find the cure like I'm Magic
Hide the fucking drugs inside a rabbit
I'm a bastard

It's so easy to just be looked over
Never looked sober
Look through the eyes of a soldier
Look fly in the Rover, lions and cobras
Keep the iron in the toga
Send a message, leave you lying over
Bitches crushing on the kid so now they're flying over
Half of the world'll get wrapped up in pearls
Like the Queen of England, stay wavy
Mercedes color Wayne Brady, it's me, baby
Please baby, ain't nobody taking my spot
That's on my mother kid
Cross my heart and hope to die
That's on some other shit
This motherfucking kid been covered in
Different types of silks is what I'm covered with
Baby I'm loving it
Your boy is hotter than an oven mitt
If I was broke then you'd be running your shit
Poke your kidney with the knife I cut an onion with
Then poach your kidney with some onions and shit
It's me
"The Illest"
(performed with Havoc)

Yeah, say it (say it) uh-huh
I'm the illest
Yeah, yo

I gotta be a I'll nigga, with no denyin
How the fuck I get this crowd movin' without even tryin'
Made it out the projects, against all odds
Went from, ridin these trains to coppin expensive cars
And even so, all this shit don't make me better than y'all
It only means that I work harder than the average nigga
Never sat around for handouts, I watched and observed
Then quickly rubbed my eyes, if my vision got blurred
I coulda sold drugs (yea yea) 'til I got bagged and jailed
Out of sight, out of mind, niggas locked feel me like braille
(Feel me) While everybody was chillin'
I was broke like a motherfucker, loyal to my vision
Knowin' that I'd be on top or somewhere close to it
Nigga, my livin' quarters'll be the thing to prove it
And vowed once I got there to never ever lose it
Let my head, get big and slack off on my music
I'm the illest

[Havoc (Prodigy):]
("We done seen it all, done been through it all yo")
I'm the illest
("Let y'all niggas know right now, word to mother for real")
No doubt, cause I'm the illest
("We done seen it all, done been through it all yo")
Cause I'm the illest
("Let y'all niggas know right now, word to mother for real, for real")

You know I
Come through with that seven-four pound I
Voice activated, know these whities just hate it
Thinkin' I'm a drug dealer, how else could he cake it
Bitch my shit's legit, plus I invested in stocks
So if this rap dough stop (yea) the show won't stop (uh-uh)
Believe me there's more ways than a few to make it pop (word)
You gotta have it in you, bring it out once it's needed (yea)
Be strategic, live it, shit it and breathe it
I won't stop 'til I'm famous, hostin' shows with Regis (that's right)
It's my world, my game won't be defeated
(C'mon, give it to me give it to me)
Keep them checks comin', thoughts flowin'
Words blowin', hoes goin', Havoc always holdin'
First one to fuck in back of the Porsche truck
Lord knows how many babies that chick coughed up
If you asked my enemies they would say it was all luck
That's why you see, mixed emotion once my name's brought up
Cause I'm the illest

[Havoc (Prodigy):]
("We done seen it all, done been through it all yo")
I'm the illest
("Let y'all niggas know right now, word to mother for real")
No doubt, cause I'm the illest
("We done seen it all, done been through it all yo")
Cause I'm the illest
("Let y'all niggas know right now, word to mother for real, for real")

Yo, you know you I'll when you can kill two birds (yea)
With one stone alone and slowly emerge
From the deep depths of jealousy and envy's domain
Make chips then stash for the days it rain
Never cry and survive the pain (that's right)
Though shit looked impossible, to an, eye untrained
Nothin to lose, and know the game, be proud of yourself
Remind yourself, say it to yourself, say it
I'm the illest

[Havoc (Prodigy):]
("We done seen it all, done been through it all yo")
I'm the illest
("Let y'all niggas know right now, word to mother for real")
No doubt, cause I'm the illest
("We done seen it all, done been through it all yo")
Cause I'm the illest
("Let y'all niggas know right now, word to mother for real, for real")
"The Infamous"
(performed with Mobb Deep)

Just when you thought it was safe to come out
Infamous all in your face, in your mouth
That's right, niggas best to stay up in the house
Watch we getting our money, for the two thou'
Nigga, P back out in the streets, so what now?
Strictly for the ghettos and hoods, in your town
Pableek [?] got bundles of drugs in your town
Like crack, coke and dope - remember me now?
Queen Bridge motherfucker we'll blow your house down
We the big bad wolf that'll eat your food clown
I ain't gotta huff and puff you know my style
Calm as fuck, I just let my gun wild out
I got cash motherfucker I could have you touched
But I rather be hands on with that son
Certain things, you just gotta perform youself son
When I start busting I don't stop till I hitting, c'mon

[50 Cent + Prodigy:]
Everybody got gangs everybody got clicks
But they ain't like this (the Infamous)
Everybody can't afford to live the lifestyle
Of the young, black and rich (the Infamous)
You ain't crazy, don't make me show you
Why they call us this (the Infamous)
We own the streets - who basically control
This rap shit - G-g-g-g-g-g-g-unit!

We got the most gangsta shit, the second most biggest projects
We sold the most crack, since '86
We don't handle a lot of pricks, we the most thug
You think you're dirty over there, but we're more dirtier
We last more longer than them; more songs than them
More money for us, more broads than them
We get the most love in the streets
I had the most tattoos, ever since thirteen
P got the most now; our guns are the most loud
With enough bullets to down mostly the whole crowd
We drink the most Henny, yeah me and Jake
We smoke the most weed, that's mostly the haze
Get the most [?] kicked on a nigga's face
Gotta be the most idiot nigga on the face
Of the Earth, to ever let the thought cross your head
That we're not the most likely to pop off kid

[50 Cent + Prodigy:]
Everybody got gangs everybody got clicks
But they ain't like this (the Infamous)
Everybody can't afford to live the lifestyle
Of the young, black and rich (the Infamous)
You ain't crazy, don't make me show you
Why they call us this (the Infamous)
We own the streets - who basically control
This rap shit - G-g-g-g-g-g-g-unit!

Right now, I change guns with the season
When I was young I bought Ninja Stars on Jamaica Ave
Hitting trees then; started hitting trees then
We ran the train on the girls and on my family dance schools
We was beasting, little young heaven
I had the Rambo knife, and when I got my first gun I was cheesing
I couldn't believe it; I had the power of life or death
In the palm of my hands, fiending
But quickly to be scheming; if you choose to front on me
That leaves me with no choice but to start squeezing
And I hope they stop breathing
Because if they do pull through, in the hospital beds
They'll be squealing - talking to these D's man
They don't waste no time, they want answers
Even if you're still bleeding
Homey I'm on the fleezy
I ain't got no time neither I'm making money off of this - it's too easy!

[50 Cent + Prodigy:]
Everybody got gangs everybody got clicks
But they ain't like this (the Infamous)
Everybody can't afford to live the lifestyle
Of the young, black and rich (the Infamous)
You ain't crazy, don't make me show you
Why they call us this (the Infamous)
We own the streets - who basically control
This rap shit - G-g-g-g-g-g-g-unit!
"The Kosmos Pt. 1 - Liftoff"
(feat. Chuuwee)

My barbershop rhyming
Quest told him what's a goon to a grown man
Tell Houston we've got a problem
We have lift off so tell 'em that I don't want to land
High as fuck I said it before
I came to bring the pain hardcore
You Aries Spears, I'm Aries the God of war
Better be Gэs in my palm when I perform
Keep calm under pressure if you don't give us alarm
Then a bunch of killer bees going to swarm like a swat team
Game cold I heard just like a iceberg
Niggas try me I turn 'em Rodney, hockey
Get beat down, do you got me?
Sock it to niggas like a bopper, boxer, Ali
No nigga tops me, I place tips
On whoever try to stop me, a net never caught me
Get 'em drunk nigga, sloppy
A nigga pop me then I'll be a new Pac, Veli, Maki
Me and my team moving at mach speeds
You twenty per hour and I's mach-3
Copy cats be trying to jock me and mock me
Label booked my flight, yours was not free
Oxycontin got me
Yelling out ollie-ollie oxen free, she yell papi
Yeah, yeah nigga who got beef?
I bust raps like I chop trees
I chop trees then re-up and re-cop seeds
Green thumb then I take it back to the block streets
And niggas lift off
C-section niggas probably pissed off
Better cut your bitch dog