Šta je novo?


"Worst Enemy"

"Worst Enemy"

You were supposed to be my dog
Homey when I first met you what was told to me was fraud
What a shocker an imposter, I been crossed I lost ya
My best friend turned out to be an enemy the sin in me hit me
No sympathy no empathy either, Homey I never denied ya

Nothing that you wanted women, I never player hated I hooked
You up booked you up from the beginning the sin in me had
Love for you shed blood for you when you wanted to dig
I dug for you nigga, But you a double crosser nasty hand tosser
I should've known you was evil, when you told me it was cool
For we to be sex fools when we under the steeple the retrieval

I'm trying to get my life back no more stopping women
From putting a knife at your cap remember when we were
Kickin' it bitches was giving everyday we did it in
Everyway, but the respect went away you got a mind of
Your own now you're grown now can I ask you a question
Did you forget we were kinfolk nigga we the same complexion
I'm stressing

You was always in front of me so I listened everyday
You wanted me on a mission I even let you have sex
With my lady like a g. infatuated with you and not me
I sucked it up; I got back with her you fucked it up
By letting her know I creeping around with every chick in the
Town buster, I should've known not to trust you

Listen I'm losing my life because of you
I lost my life because of you; I'm losing my wife because of you
I even had sex and a baby with that crazy bitch you introduced me to
Now I'm straight depressed, I hate your flesh
The fate was just, belate the Tech laid to rest
Every time you got drawls you made my
Poor little life fall nigga you got balls

You ain't never had a partner like me, real a never
Ever sold you pipe dreams personal yes it might seem
Nigga when you was burning, I went and got the doxcycline
Looked out for your health, and this is all the respect
I get hater your neck I slit but I can't cause I'm
Attached to ya and I don't know why sometimes I wish
You would just die

It would eliminate all this hurt maybe I could
Get up out of all this dirt you caused me so strong
Nothing can stop ya not even cerebral pawlsy I can't believe
It my best homey turned on me you must have forgot
We grew up together I'm thru life is over now it's
Nothing else to do point the finger and blame it on you

It's all because of you, you, you. I lost my girl, my world
Is upside down because I found you wasn't shit.
It's all because of you, you, you. Broke us into you untrue
Don't know what to do I'm talking to you, who?
My dick!


"Ya Killin' Me"
(feat. Pill)

"Ya Killin' Me"
(feat. Pill)

[Intro (Tech N9ne)]
Nigga ya came lame
Trying to attain fame
Making it that damn thang
But strange bringing you Samhain's reign

Trying to blame game
When you in the lane you can tame on the bang mang
When fame you gonna bring insane pain

[Chorus x2]
(It's so easy) God sent me here to punish you
(Believe me) I'm the wrong one to run into
(I'm crazy) They tell me ain't nobody cold as you
But you, you (Ha ha) ya killin' me!

Thought that you was nice
But I got news for ya sorta kinda
A deal twice, its nice, its rights with the 49ers
Pain bringer over houses
You softer than Dora's pouches
Smoke a Joker quicker than Batman and torture spouses

Can't believe that you ain't with me
That you ain't as clean and cold as us
Trench a weed? might crank some speed but ever believe that you froze enough
With the lights on
You think that you tight because you got all of that ice on
This the right song, because I finish beginnings as soon as they turn my mic on
Yeah but I tell ya this
Fuck it I package and mail ya this
Better open this letter, ya hope its a fella?
They told me to tap ya and tell ya quick (Bitch!)

This the mixture of a pistol and liquor
Wrap your mouth around this barrel
Guaranteed you drop quicker
(Damn!) On some Smokey shit
Its Friday with the coldest bitch (poke a bitch)
Shoulder then shoulder the dough and toe the ditch
Oh, my bad! I didn't know that was your bottom bitch
I do this shit easy like after eating some cottage cheese

[Chorus x2]

I feel vicious
I bust to my meal ticket
I'm up in the ill spittage
I fucks with the Pill nigglets!

I'm real bitches
Be walking I feel livid
Even though my skrill vicious
I'm painted up and still wicked

Fuck! My pen just took a big shit
I don't give a fuck cuz I'm gonna rip this
Everybody that called me Devil is gonna get a plague on their family
Dammint its in the muthafuckin' red

Tech is sick of people's lack of acknowledgement
He was rippin' before wack niggas got a scent
To the reaper, the sack when ya dollas went
Bustin [?] cuz I gotta vent

This industry can truly suck a booty
This rap is how a snap and hack a loogie, sucka sue me
Got straps right in the back, I pack it truly for ya newbies
I crack ya niggas ass for acting tooty fucking fruity

Laughin' at you wannabes,
Im'a hang nooses, for dudes thats useless
Nigga its fucking Strange Music (Strange Music)

We bang to the boogie, don't sleep on this
Stoppin' a nigga gonna eat with a beast [?]
Wanna creep up on a brotha, beef ya gonna get
When you rappin' niggas never gonna speak on shit!

[Chorus x2]


"Yada, Yada, Yada"

"Yada, Yada, Yada"

[Verse 1]

Just think, what if I could just, just blink this shit away.
Niggas think, because a nigga bust, I got grips and grips of pay.

The pain grows in fame and kangols with change
And strange hos who bang in range roves for thangs,
Same shows with lames the rain woes will stain insane
Foes who drain and hang bros with brains

If you caught it that means you got it, and if you brought it,
That means you should've shot it cause I'm about ta, drop
The real ya need a lot to kill a leader, prop the
nina nigga or pop the milli meter

Demarco I'm bout to spark flow your bark so harsh
But parts gon make you heart blow, blood
And don't be wassin' me cuzzin' me buggin me bout dubs
I'll be mud till these clubs really lovin me

It hurts my nigga to hurt my nigga but hurt
My nigga is what's inspiring these spurts my nigga
At first my nigga, used to be my homey, used to
Be my ace, yellin' you gon slap the taste out my mouth

Nigga I never scare sebwafares everywhere,
If you need me believe me its easy, to put holes in
Shakra teasy watch the wezzy he's lots of talk
4 sheezy

Some say I should worry and watch where I walk (yeah)
Yada, yada, yada
Nigga that's just talk
I'm a friend, if I was a foe I would be knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knockin at yo front door
[Repeat 2x]

[Verse 2]

The industries faulty industry salty (man)
The industry cost me industry brought me (pain)
The industry taught me industry caught me (strange)
And you niggas know that the industries awfully (bane)

I ain't a snake nigga all I did is make niggas
Money was sunny now it's funny you playa hate
Niggas, over some cake the fate of a show me state
Nigga in my face will be Don Juan the great 2 late nigga.

I don't speak a lot I peep a lot I creep a lot
And people who speak are usually weak and out 4
Peace and no beef a lot remember we used
2 kick it like bros now you niggas act
like bitches and hos

Wit your licorice souls,
Tecca9 I got the wickedest flows
No kid in his mold on misery
Never will get wit this rogue, I'm pissed
At his whole little fisad of crip that is sold
Instead of a rap I should've twisted his nose

Who kept short nitty from killin you me, who
Kept Dyamund from drillin' you me
Who kept villain niggas from vill dealin' you me,
So now you can take away me and keep on talking
Crazy and Imma let em know where you
Keep yo baby and where you stay D.

[Repeat 2x]

[3rd Verse]

You can't turn enough mutha fuckers against me
You can't find a harder rapper that'll convince me
I'm wit the Canty's the Ashby's the Whitebears
LeJeunes the Harrises and the mutha fuchkin Timley's

The Theorys the Byers the canadys you know the
Familys that are known to be bad 4 humanity
Can he be bad, can he be tough can he be
Rough no cream puffs are considered to be rough enough

Nobody likes you not even yo bitches imma
Witness they sick of yo disrespectful way of speaking
explicit always talking about how big yo dick is,
better hope Anghellic, go multi platinum to get your riches

Blood, this is the end of men who were once friends
And then, one asshole thought he was somithin when
Punks bend over they get fucked (get fucked) hand over
Them Tech tapes or get stuck (get stuck)

You must think I'm soft 4 talkin to Icy Roc
Bout knockin the nina out I'm trippin without
A doubt, Imma tell you who really is ya friends,
Vell Barkardi and maybe you and him can get
Together and tell it like it is again

Its over man, I hope you brought ya navacane
I know the pain, is slowly taking over brain.
So calm that mutha fuckin wombat I don't
Need no Don Juan tracks to come bomb on raps.

[Repeat 2x]


(feat. Marcus Yates)

(feat. Marcus Yates)

Ever since my cradle date, on my prenatal state
I was blessed with the gift to disable hate
With fatal takes on the mic is makin' my halo break
And smash every lady workin' at Strange, call them my label-mates
I throw the squad up, them I'ma pour ya broad up
Genital, so plentiful, ya chemical's low but shot up
Wishin' they'd slow the god up
But I ain't trippin' when I rip I'm twitchin'
They think that I be sniffing on Snow Tha Product
Bitch I might be, this a nice key, to get ya hyphy
Dick ya wifey, this for Ike
Slice of sin or source if ya see somethin' slither slightly
Step inside the surface of Strange or simply sight-see
Spit the flow, get the dough, then I hit the ho
Mister irresistible twisted is this kiss the toes
I'ma kick ya nose if one of ya pricks oppose
I'm all he hates, cause I became a landmark like Ollie's Gates
Molly's great, tall estate, y'all debate, nigga, call me Yates

[Hook - Marcus Yates:]
It's no challenge, It's no challenge at all
When you up the ball against the low average
The low average, killin' 'em, Toetag 'em
I'ma let you be great though [x3]
But it ain't no stoppin' a Yates

Lately I've been like fuck rap
What? Did he say "fuck rap"?
Oh no no, Imma write in bold and plus caps
Cuz all these tough cats really don't have no nut sack
Trust that 'nuff scratch does back much wackness
Flush that shit
Down with the gowns with the sounds for the clowns
And not in a good way
You can drown underground with the pounds
When they gust that shit
Oh so, low we stojo, hoes and dough negro we flow though
Let the soul glow, mojo niggas
Pillowcase, over the head of the industry
Illustrate, with my mouth and murders my ministry
Seal the fate of my enemy, feel the way of my energy
I heal the hate. Facilitate. Disc jockey's will scrilla make
Then play your records until you break radio
Ain't nothing but real estate
Is still a fake deal of mates who ain't real awake
But them ill is great and ain't no iller ape that can kill a Yates


[Marcus Yates:]
I can keep my hand, while everybody else losin' theirs
No Marcus, I told you, don't start this debate
I'm all arsenal friend, We the medians like, you feedin' me in
Tired of bein' with the intermediate
Faded on bullshit, control the whole medium
I done ran inside my meniscus
I done out-rapped everybody Christmas
So why in the hell would I fail?
If I do, I'm just being Ezale
Front line level, untamed, unchained
After all this shit, I remain on lane, loser
And that's what yo ass get for hittin' that snoozer
My brain is worth the future, and yes, I don't get worked
So my verses hurts when they send me to kill 'em
I'm like Biblin' niggas, keepin' it blacker than power rangers
But why the name Zachary? No leashes, I'm free sucker
No reachin' no knee deep into mine
Like a comprehension of lines
Revisit them when you wanna hear that real wizard dim
Young and timeless, elite science, prominent and flyin'
And beat them beats to meet and greet but I conscience


"Yeah Ya Can"

"Yeah Ya Can"

Yeah you can [2x]
Will you go with me don’t leave me lonely [2x]

Would you go with me baby if I tell you I can do you good tonight say yeah you can
Can we get lost mama if I promise I can break you off tonight say yeah you can

Would you go with me baby if I tell you that ill do you good tonight say yeah you can
Can we get lost mama if I promise I can break you off tonight say yeah you can

Can I holla atcha yo holllla holla can I holla holla you liking the way I throw these dollas
at chu they say your kitty cat is one hell of a dog catcher can I take to my kennel and make it
all better can I get you in the parking lot I mean can I get you out the parking lot then we
can bend the corner and find a darker spot baby can I let the seat back so I can bark a lot
yeah you can I see why u at the silver slipper cuz that ass fat baby pass that let me smash
that want me jizzum but I holds em bagnum courtesy of my player partner Trojan magnum think you
pimpin your broads you’ll be hold like tagnum first night like im mad I don’t know these hoes
from adam deep as im deep down diamond Joes I jabbed em can I come back again and repeat this
with you madam

Would you go with me baby if I tell you I can do you good tonight say yeah you can
Can we get lost mama if I promise I can break you off tonight say yeah you can
Would you go with me baby if I tell you I can do you good tonight say yeah you can
Can we get lost mama if I promise I will break you off tonight say yeah you can

Can I tell you a secret before you get to answer shadow done already peeped it it’s the freak
with reason the ladies wet in they bed and shell probably get orgasmic just from giving me head
can I bring a couple of my closest friends get a telly play some music prolly throw you some
mens oh you wana keep me all to myself you wana cum a couple times well mami can I offer some
help can I see the way your body look from the back she shook form the fact that me tongue
motions did it like that had her walking like she had a camel hump on her back and since they
say we only mammals i'm the king of the cat and as long as your ass is fat can I give it a
smack record the whole thing and play it on track if you telling me you good with that ima
handle some things but is it cool if I come right back

Would you go with me baby if I tell you that ill do you good tonight say yeah you can
Can we get lost mama if I promise I can break you off tonight say yeah you can
Would you go with me baby if I tell you that ill do you good tonight say yeah you can
Can we get lost mama if I promise I can break you off tonight say yeah you can

I know you heard of me baby i'm one they talk about they call me calli baby say it while we
walking out and next lets hit the exit go get naked doing thing you know will get you pregnant
but cant it be just a fantasy plan to have you panicking this shit pad in this ring bring out
the man in me and ill be gentle at first and then frantically i'm a damaged de back at you
attacking where your pant be
And I just want to love you now can you tell me how I get you home tonight baby let me turn
you round lick you up and down let me see every part of light
And maybe it’s the drink making you look better or maybe its my voice making you get wetter if
you like me like I like you girl don’t hesitate don’t make me wait tell me

Would you go with me baby if I tell you I can do you good tonight say yeah you can
Can we get lost mama if I promise I can break you off tonight say yeah you can
Would you go with me baby if I tell you I can do you good tonight say yeah you can
Can we get lost mama if I promise I can break you off tonight say yeah you can


"You Don't Want It"

"You Don't Want It"

[Tech N9ne:]
When you see me smilin'
I'm really frownin'
You think you really wilin'
I'm killa klownin'
Meaning I don't give a fuck about nothin'
You say that you do because stupid
Is how everybody soundin'

Niggah you think you know me
But only if you knew me homie
You leave me by my lonely
I'm thinkin' death and destruction
Imagez of blood n pus and
I ain't lookin' for nothin' but trouble
Thinkin' of murderin' you when I'm just loungin'

That's just the devil (just the devil)
Block it out and keep it movin'
I'm evil and this pussy that I'm pursuin'
Gimme the bible yes I need it
Cuz tecca nina'z in ruin
Mentally I'm fuckin' up when I really don't know what I'm doin'
My tolerance for physical pain is gained rapidly
I'm gobblin' more thizzlez than thangz but it came back at me
The holy father musta flipped and became mad at me
Because I'm ponderin' a wicked insane strategy

How to end it all?
Many men will fall
And he sent us all
Ninna been involved
You don't really want it wit me punk you don't have the gall
It takes the blood on my tongue to get me wanna brawl
No sentimental shit
Death is the penalty for any bitch who try to rekindle this that'll get ya temple hit
bout to bubble about to pop just like a pimple get
Sin is somethin so insane I'm so not for simple shit

So teeter tatter motha fucka if you wanna but just keep it to the left of me
Crazy till the death of me
Pussy money mo money blood and guts is the recipe
Havin hella drama for ninna is a neccessity
Good and bad is fightin within me and I'm the referee
Shit its lookin like evil is gettin the best of me
Bitches think I'm pleasant and really wantin the sex with me
I promise you I'm losin it you no really wanna mess wit me

[Chorus: Big Krizz Kaliko]
You don't wanna see me run up wit the thang (cock back)
Make the trigga bang bang (You don't wan it wit me)
If you don't really want it niggah (fall back)
Cuz to killas it ain't never been a thang (You don't want it wit me)
And I can give em to ya if you feel u really want it one of us ain't gonna make it out (You don't want it wit me)
I'm kinda sick and psycho crazy feelin like I'm michael push it You'll see what I'm talkin bout (You don't want it wit me)

[Mr. Reese:]
Betta load up ya drums, load up ya guns, everybody better get to runnin you don't want it with me
I'm a lyrical cynical rippin ya pinnacle, damage anybody when I see they really want it with me
Techa-ninna told me nigga get money and never been dumby shit on a nigga when he comin funny with me
Follow the beat follow your feet gimme the weed keys g's and a quarter pound of bullets with a machete
Mister reese known for getting it poppin you niggas be droppin and when you do your albums be floppin
When ever I spit it and better yet when ever I drop it your wife is gone cop it she even tell you nigga go cop it
You don't want it with me
I'll fuck your life up like a disease
I'm hauntin your dreams with a fully auto choppa them beams
Mayne yadadamean
Ya life ain't shit but a dream so just remember when your breathin you don't want it with me

[Chorus: Big Krizz Kaliko]
You don't wanna see me run up with the thang, (cock back) make that chicka bang bang
You don't want it with me
If you don't really want it nigga (fall back) 'cause to killas it ain't never been a thang
You don't want it with me
And I can give it to ya if you feel you really want it one of us ain't gonna make it out
You don't want it with me
I'm kinda sick and psychopathic feelin like a michael push it you'll see what I'm talking bout
You don't want it with me

And you don't want it from me
See I'm believing that people are really angels and demons instead of human beings
I'm havin feelings of wanting to be the cause of you bleeding causin your family to be grieving now your soul is leaving
Entered in my mind the raw holy words and religious battles keep 'em mutilated like cannibal over serpent rattles
I'm seeing shadows and bodies swingin from gallows as I'm sitting in a circle surrounded by seven candles
My eyes rolls back, I speak in tongues, I bleed from gums, it's time to hit the streets with guns
I'm bustin seventy shots laughin as the people run, I plead to be free from these evil deeds I've done
Until the pain coincides with my violence and agony, oh the humanity, why does he keep stabbing me
But it's me that I'm stabbing, it's self-inflicted wounds, the hitch-cock of hip-hop and it's comin soon.

[Chorus: Big Krizz Kaliko]
You don't wanna see me run up with the thang, (cock back) make that chicka bang bang
You don't want it with me
If you don't really want it nigga (fall back) 'cause to killas it ain't never been a thang
You don't want it with me
And I can give it to ya if you feel you really want it one of us ain't gonna make it out
You don't want it with me
I'm kinda sick and psychopathic feelin like a michael push it you'll see what I'm talking bout
You don't want it with me


"You Owe Like Pookie"
(feat. Jay Rock, Kutt Calhoun)

"You Owe Like Pookie"
(feat. Jay Rock, Kutt Calhoun)

I don't know if it is gon' jump, you front
Owe me money you might get stomped like a punk
(hey) like a chump (hey) we can thump
(hey) what'chu want (hey) c'mon

You owe like, Pookie
Everythang thang, coochie
You're soft like, sushi
If you owe like, Pookie
Yes you do - you owe like Pookie
Yes it's true - kiss all that booty
Yes you do - you owe like Pookie
Yes it's true - kiss all that booty

[Tech N9ne]
I'm still drivin, with no license
Cold night when a woman gets wined and dined and it's no pipin
Remember the crackhead on "New Jack City," the low life one
(Yup!) Well his name Pookie (gyah) and you owe like him
At the trailers, thought we began trust
You stand up my hand is on your damn butt you say I'm nuts!
The way I ham up, you said you understand us
And lessons that I can't cut but in the end you jammed up!
I don't take nothin (gyah) but I expected somethin! (Gyah)
Cause you stated after dinner and movie next was humpin (gyah)
And I was always taught by mom and them respect a woma (gyah)
But you owe like Pookie I suggest you pay when the checks are comin


[Jay Rock]
First tee I go to jail then Wayne too
Notice a traumatic drop in sales when the lame dudes
come to try the same, dude remains in the game fools
wantin to be starts everybody ain't spangled
So how can I be confident and say these rappers ain't be prominent
Today they grabbin put a comical stain on (music, music)
It happens to be looted, you sad, you signin for a little bit of stacks
But when you miss intuitive facts (you ruins it, screws it)
Uck-fay everybody else, I'ma fuck everybody else
I walk up in the sto' what they purchase (NOTHIN!) All by myself
With all the money lost to booty suckers (you owe a lot of people)
Me, you owe yourself, you even owe my mother
So you owe Pook!


[Kutt Kalhoun]
It's been a minute, I want my stack with interest
And if you come with that you talkin you gon' need a dentist
(Yes!) Money never grow on trees so you disrespectin
Fuck a Smith & Wesson I'ma order you that chopper special
They say you shuckin and jivin from me you duckin and hidin
Let's see you duck and hide from these bullets when I fly 'em
It's been a weak nigga takin my kindness for weakness
'til I cock back and squeeze this and I leave yo' ass bleedin
Period! Now niggaz wanna act so delirious
When I ask for my paper 'til I do somethin so serious
like bust a head, break a neck, you lettin in some dookie
My advice just pay up, nigga you owe like Pookie


"You owe"


"Young Dumb Full Of Fun"
(feat. Ces Cru & Mackenzie O'Guin)

"Young Dumb Full Of Fun"
(feat. Ces Cru & Mackenzie O'Guin)

[Tech N9ne:]
K state, K-U
But I'm born and raised in M-I-Z, Z-O-U
My eagle eye sees the day
They legalize weed in K
C I'mma need to buy trees and pay
But we don't need no high fees, OK?
Movin' at a snails pace, arms around this gals waist
36 24 36 I'm guessin' she's not jail bait
So drunk I got pale face, just like when I tailgate
Woke up with 3 chicks on me they lucky I don't yell rape
Ooooh yeah cherry kool-aid
Mix it with some grain alcohol add lemon that's called that foolaid
You made so much that'll prolly last you like a few days
But not when we come thru you know what we do me and my crew rage
Cookies, brownies, THC suckers
Vodkas, cognacs, whiskey, lovers
Rita's, Tini's, downers, uppers
Doin' it cause we young dumb and FUN MOTHER FUCKERS!
We just

[Chorus - (Mackenzie O'Guin) Tech N9ne x2:]
(Young dumb full of fun) I live it
(Young dumb full of fun) I got it
(Young dumb full of fun) I'm with it
(Young dumb full of fun) You not it

[Hook - (Mackenzie O'Guin) Tech N9ne:]
(Young dumb full of fun) And we got shots, ooh
(Young dumb full of fun) And then we hot box, ooh
(Young dumb full of fun) And if the cop stops, ooh
(Young dumb full of fun) Take it to mi casa, this is what I do

Like an illiterate idiot
We'd read on a light flare
Dumbin' up in the muck
She didn't give a fuck
But I might care
Trynna snag me a chicken
Then cinch her up in a tight snare
If y'all coppin' I'm right there
Like an orthodontist's nightmare
Fiendin' like Christine
I can hear em knockin' don't let them in
Dreamin' I'm Steven Dean
When I'm in this home made of Ketamine
Itchin' to wet your whistle
Official while out and get it in
Take a shot with Ephederine
Red is nothing but [?]
Picture me with a pitcher
Or passin' out with an 8-ball
Tell every chick I meet that
Her meat will probably get ate raw
I'll catch y'all on the far side
Promise to pack the pipe tonight
And I am nowhere near OD'ing
Just satisfyin' my appetite
I'm young

[Chorus x2]


Do it for all the college kids K city MO
With the vision fo' future politics
Smokin' on marijuana is 'bout as common as sayin' amen is
Throwed off of that cognac
No rocks you could hold that
Patrón shots and a dope sack
Doing big things so you thinkin' that
You can spit game, talk your shit
Grab your dabs, call your clique
Kief on a key, got to keep that low
With the law catch wind on a log-on trip
Wild for the night, higher than a kite
My eyes squintin' like where Waldo is
Team on deck and we all go in
I'mma puff puff puff 'till my jawbone bent
Ah, ah, now we wobble
Dewobble get out the way way
Your knotted squad is Ronald
MacDonald without the face paint
But I maintain, we gon' get her done
Bang bang never with a gun
Take-take in, pullin' love plus wooly bud, bruh
Cause we young dumb full of fun!

[Chorus x2]