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"Which One"
(feat. Murs & Godemis)

"Which One"
(feat. Murs & Godemis)

[Verse 1 - Godemis:]
Yeah, which one of ya idiots claims that ya know me
Ya don't have a clue so back up lil homie
My headpiece is heated I hang with heretics
We load up and lock and aim where the red is
And bang where your head is, I bet y'all will beat it
Oh Dean, that's my dog, them words y'all will eat 'em
My power circlin' small, I think outta the box
And try different angles to wreck tables or not
My shot's wet as a whistle, I'm on fire fam
Y'all don't even know that's my column in y'all's diagram
Who they want, Godi or Donnie, ya better choose wisely
Greet 'em with ketamine and then that Adderall IV, try me
Checkin' to see if the guy's fearin' ya
They wishin' I would go stick my dick in the criteria
It's all good, doin' the type of shit y'all wish y'all could
Dippin' out with skaters through fuckin' acres in y'all hood

[Hook - Godemis & (Tech N9ne):]
Which (One)
You fuckin' with pick (one)
You label this fic(tion)
You lookin' there is (none) is (none)
Which (One)
You fuckin' with pick (one)
You label this fic(tion)
You lookin' there is (none) is (none)

[Verse 2 - Murs:]
The story of my twin and I, Pisces not a Gemini
One of us is underwater, other floatin' in the sky
Highs and the lows of me, violence in the poetry
My evil twin we goin' in, I told him to let go of me (Nigga let go!)
Don't let nobody close to me, drunk when I'm not s'posed to be
I take a sip, start to trip and won't nobody know it's me
One bottle Jameson, take it to the face and then
Now I'm talkin' 'bout the bodies buried in my basement
Spirits talkin' to me, I can hear 'em, I can see 'em too
Lookin' in the mirror and I tell 'em it's just me and you
One of us is goin' out, the one that's always showin' out
I put my fist right through the glass and told that bitch to close his mouth
Hand bleedin' needin' medical attention
I'm feelin' no pain, I'm in a whole 'nother dimension
Next mornin' wake up, don't remember shit
Bandage on my hand and dirty condom on my dick (Ugh)


[Verse 3 - Tech N9ne:]
Pick three and guess what you get, me
I'm messed up and sickly
The head is a mystery, quickly twist T
With a idiotic mix-ly, hit exotic chicks gee
Killin' got it history
I've become a scumbag fuckbuddy needed to wipe after
She got me and my lady's cum rag, that's just one of the things I done bad
Like when I put Dulcolax liquid mixed it within my brother's rum flask
I can make a love potion, give you the ocean
Then you wake up in a pit gettin' instructions on how to rub ya lotion
You think I'm jokin' while listenin' to Drake's "The Motion"
I put syphilis dick down her throat and that's without her havin' a notion
I'm playin' I don't dare summon them other suckers
That tell me to do bad, there done and them under covers
She think the demon's unfair, Hung wants to love her lover
After this verse she's not pickin' nare, one of them motherfuckers



"Who Do I Catch"

"Who Do I Catch"

[Verse 1:]
Real rock rap and not to Xerox weird not
Enough to make you fear a lot from here watch
I ran scrimmage and I fought to the damn finish
And I popped eyes open without eating me canned spinach
My fans in it constantly tellin' me I can win it
If I stand grimace damagin man every damn minute
I blend then expands quick it slams wicked rhyme
Grand spittage H.A.M. with it fans dig it N9ne!
Cha hard to see me like the background
Your rap styles comin' softer than a cat’s meow
Red laces but booted like I’m Iraq bound
That frown will get you ate by my cannibal from Sac Town
So relax pal pat down gat down back down blackout
With a fat smile I might react foul so don’t make this cat growl
I caught everybody when I spazzed wow who do I catch now!

Who do I catch now?
Maybe those who can't get with the rap sound
I caught the industry who do I catch now
Who do I catch now?
Maybe those who told me put the rap down
I caught the whole world, who do I catch now

[Verse 2:]
I caught wrecks (AND THEN)
I caught checks (AND THEN)
I caught press (AND THEN)
I caught sex (YES)
And no permanent diseases were caught when I caught that
Now the games been offset cause I'm Strange in a lost mess
I caught a lot of shit by being different they tried to hinder Tech
By calling him devil worshipper surfaced up on the internet
My temper gets grimmer just as winter sets Imma venter yes
And I can't forget when the finger pressed triggers I can't remember that
I caught stars attention Nina had a large ascension
So high the lord is squintin' (NO)
I mean ya'll are squintin' (OKAY)
Cause I'm tall as Pippen (NO)
Got a flawless vision (OKAY)
On a lawless mission (NO)
Cause I'm ballish pimpin'(YEAH!)
Best believe I caught fades never homie soft made
I'm active no off days and I got boss paid with music I caught babes
And I even caught gays before they all caught AIDS


[Verse 3:]
I hit a pot of gold with the harder flow
You haters oughta know that we are the MO
This is my land you in my hand and you'sa particle
And I see you marvel over the fact I caught the Carter 4
So that means I caught Martians already
And you talk shit about that because often ya'll petty
And because you jelly sicklin' its costing ya'll bettys
To get tossed in our headache cuz we lost in tall fetty
Hey you catch the vapours cause Nina he catch hoes
And you non believers are funny people like Seth Rog
Better pay attention cause if ya simpin' ya get froze
And I'ma leave you with a wet nose when im rippin they catch colds



"Who You Came To See"

"Who You Came To See"

[1st Verse]

Everybody's off up in the place
Like Dwamn
Women throwin' booties in my face
Like dwamn
Am I teccanina you can bet that
I am
Down for wham bam thank you mam
Like dwamn
This is for all of ya'll killers
Who buy my records supporting all my dogs
When I'm in your town
Can I pub crawl with ya'll
Go back home with your
Silky drawers baby doll
Exodus insanus nocturnus
Never your clan cannot learn us
Ya'll dead cold and I'm a furnace
With hella hot burners
I vibe like no other man when
I'm in another land
Use a rubber band
I don't love her man
Bell till I bail ride till I die
Yes I'm that gang related nigga yellin' why
Haters find it hard for them to see
How hard nina be
Tell me who you came to see


TechN9NE TechN9NE
Been on TV been on CD's
Who been that mystery
What's my name
TechN9NE TechN9NE
And what you gain from me
Is pain from me
Tell me who you came to see

[repeat 2x]

[2nd Verse]

Bout to bring it back boss doggin'
boss ballin' bigger than beitnam
We brop bombs
On the boulevard Bickin' it
With my biggas bubblin' bouncin'
Big bootie blacks and blonds
Ronnz from Berlin all the way
To Don Juan's
Kansas City's me front lawn
One man beyond bomb
Come with crazy shit
Get your ass on the dance floor
You lazy bitch
In order to bring the bread cream in
I got to keep them heads ringin'
You trip and you's a dead demon
No spread semen leavin'
Groupies on the bed dreamin'
Her newlywed steamin'
With the infrared beamin'
Do I have to get my gun
For this punk spit one for this punk
Villain I ain't bought
To have ta run from this punk I dump
Nigga what I keep it crunk
And cranked lumps in banks
Your girl's getting' pumped and spanked
Who you aim to be
Who you claim to be
Do you aim to be
Insane bane with me
Can you hang with me
Man claim strange with me
Then tell me who you came to see

TechN9NE TechN9NE
Been on TV been on CD's
Who been that mystery
What's my name
TechN9NE TechN9NE
And what you gain from me
Is pain from me
Tell me who you came to see

[repeat 2x]

[3rd Verse]

You better blow that shit out
If it ain't greeny green
Better throw that shit out
Kind of funny
How I come nina stun niggas
Out of money
Then I run with a gun trigger
Get us in a club killer
When I am in it
Women give us love with 'em
I'm a damn menace
We keepin' it hot
Don't cock the glocks
If you came to make it hop
You're at the spot drop
We smoke weed
And we drink rum up teccanina
Sex we don't stop till
We bust nut teccanina
Ain't no change in me
Ain't no sugar veins in me
Ain't no petty kiddy games in me
If you're with me
And ain't ashamed to be
Flamed with me
Tell 'em tell 'em
Who ya who ya came ta came ta see see


TechN9NE TechN9NE
Been on TV been on CD's
Who been that mystery
What's my name
TechN9NE TechN9NE
And what you gain from me is pain from me
Tell me who you came to see

[repeat 2x]


"Why You Ain't Call Me"

"Why You Ain't Call Me"

[Tech N9ne]
To whom it may concern...

Why you ain't call me?
You know I'm the hardest, you know that my art is applauded
Why you ain't call me?
I'm not broken-hearted, but I couldv'e been old when I started
Why you ain't call me?
You know I'm the hardest, you know that my art is applauded
Why you ain't call me?
You sleep on my music and that's a damn shame 'cause I slam my bang

[Verse 1]
I've been inside every hip-hop circle you could imagine
Gangster or Pop, even backpackers know that I'm real good at rappin'
I was strugglin' back in the day when my hood was lackin'
yo so I'm 'bout to talk about what shoulda, woulda and coulda happened
If music was about inovatin' and penetratin' generations by generatin' musical intergration
It wouldn't be about limitation and demonstration
imitation within a blatant looks just disentigratin'
It ain't about the music, it's just about the fame
If you ain't popular homie, then you just out the game
If video and radio don't frequently announce your name
They don't know your music even though you blow most out the frame
But a closed mouth don't get fed when it stays shut
Lay cuts with Tecca Nina 'cause he can straight bust
Say what? You ain't heard of me gettin' paid bucks?
Torrent y'all see me rippin' the stage up


[Verse 2]
I've been on tour with Hov, 'bout 27 shows
Why he ain't have me on a record only heaven knows
Maybe he missed us, missin' the big picture
that this is a fixture, aw yeah, he got Twista!
Well Twista's my homie and we both from the Midwest
and I guess Hov ain't lookin' for another speedy rapper kid yet
Me collaboratin' with them was all in me dreams
Matter fact the only one of 'em called me was Beens
He told me he played you The Industry Is Punks
and you loved it so you know Tech is what the industry would want
I started down at the bottom, got with TOG and then it payed
but I wouldv'e loved to been on the third verse of Renegade
They must think I'm a stick of dynamite with no stem
That's probably why I got D12 but no Em!
But I burst flame and I bet that y'all know my first name
'cause I'm the hardest this side of Earth mane


[Verse 3]
This ain't no hate-mail, this a love letter
I love you niggas' music and I hope is does better
I just wish you woulda hit a brother that love cheddar
but I'm ballin' now and I'm better than I was EVER
Space age flows like Jesse and Primrose
Tin-fold, I used to open-up, now I end shows
Grim road, when you one of the best with slim dough
and you ain't got Dre, Storch, Pharrell and no Timbo
I've met almost half of the DTP
but the couple times I spoke to Luda, don't think he see me
Had never met I-20 but he spoke at BET
Shawnna love me, Field Mob and Chingy decently speak me
So I'ma re-inaurate the game, it's all fame
and you don't get no play if you an emcee with a small name
If I wanna get on TV I guess I gotta call Pain
and Nelly, my great-grandmother's name is Maud Haynes

Maybe I'm trippin', full of delusion
Maybe it come from all the drugs I was usin'
Maybe I am the best thing that you ever saw
Maybe I'm wrong and you don't know me at all
I guess I'm blinded, I got reminded
that none of you just will ever know who the N9ne is
and you never heard of the homie from the Show-me
PUNK THAT! I know you niggas know me

[Chorus x2]


"With The BS"
(feat. Big Scoob, Red Café & Trae tha Truth)

"With The BS"
(feat. Big Scoob, Red Café & Trae tha Truth)

It's late in the headquarters, 2014
Everyday is a struggle
We dread the day and pray we make it through the night
Anything turn up we with it
So I buzz cut my hair
Put on my please-come-trip-with-me suit
Lace my boots tight and what
Ahhwoo ahhwoo ahhwoo
Turn up, turn up

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
Hard times living in this bad land of mine
Everybody on vanilla skys by design
A lot of my brothers are buried, a lot of 'em in there prime
So take my chopper and stick it where the sun don't shine
Ahhh - please don't make me make you say that
Tripping cause momma ain't really happy where she stay at
I can't afford to move her away until I pay that
IRS a new Maybach, I'm tripping don't come my way, Jack
Son needs a way through college
Daughter too, harder, you gotta pay for true knowledge
Surised when a guy get layed off
Everything ain't payed off enterprise
Beam up, I'm finna die, and a lie, clamanime minimize
I'mm kinda tripping in my go clothes
Step up malicious and 10, I'm throwing boat loads
To my soul goes
The average person they hurting cause for certain everybody's dolo

[Hook x2: Big Scoob]
I'm with the bullshit tonight
If they tripping I ain't tryna do right, uh, uh
I'm with the bullshit tonight
Let it loose on every devil in sight, turn up

[Verse 2: Trae Tha Truth]
Yeah, tell 'em I'm tripping, I'm at war with these devils
Dumped that bitch in the gutter, make 'em get on my level
I give a fuck about nothing the way I'm strapped with this metal
I was tripping in the back of a truck that I done packed with these shovels
I don't want no problems, just want you to leave me the fuck alone
Before I end up inside of a cell and have a neighborhood inside of your home
My money be funny just laughin at niggas
And the hoes they got keep asking them niggas
How I'm crashing them niggas while I'm passing them niggas
Well, take your seat and fasten them niggas
Before I dispose the trash of them niggas, go to smashing them niggas
I'm on that bullshit, ain't nobody finna pull shit
D got my wrists rolls-es balling, I'm on some bullshit
Pay attention
They don't get any realer, hey there killer, about that drama
Terroristic, risk getting [?] Osama
If I don't get you The Boss [?] with that llama
Bitch this is what we do, believe it, downing niggas' mama's


[Verse 3: Red Cafe]
Cocaine on my mind, my table, I'm out of line
Doing lines open wide, nigga suicide
Blood in my vein, hella drugs in my vein
Rap with the strap, keep the thugs entertained
All my foes I leave critical, they pitiful
I'm a 5 star general, East side cannibal
West side salute it, all these kids my students
Class still in session, the shooters I just recruited
Turn up - look I came to bust a motherfuckin head
Got some wild knucklehead killers bucking lead
I came from the bottom, now I'm on the roof
I'm big-headed so the coupe never had a roof
Thug life, got that 2Pac up in my boombox
Gassing on these pussies, no brakes, they pray I do stop
We all with the bullshit and I'm the boss
When I holla shake down we gonna set it off


[Verse 4: Big Scoob]
So with it, if you want it then you gonna get it
So terrific with this bullshit, the best that did it
The best to give it, get me livid then I'm diving in it
These pussies talk it, they don't walk it, they ain't never did it
Aim and bust then I bust then I bust and bust
Blood gush in the rush from the school crushed
Scarce thoughts being bought from these wars fought
Real talk, I'm a validated warhawk
History, this ain't shit to me, let's get it, V
Click the heat, no defeat, I need victory
It's meant to be what these villain niggas bent to be
Tendecies, stick this story, fuck the enemy
Snapping and losing it fast - Ruger, extended the mag
Fuck it, they wearing no mask - jump out and dumping the brass
Crushing, concussion these fast - a movie where Scoobie get mad
Jesus ain't helping your ass - leaving inside of a bag
I'm with the bullshit


(feat. Krizz Kaliko)

(feat. Krizz Kaliko)

[Verse 1 - Krizz Kaliko:]
Now in the distant future
I won't be, dependent on you
Your pleasure is my torture
So I let you do what you do

[Bridge - Krizz Kaliko:]
The love you give to me
The reason I lost it all
I'm flyin' without wings
I'm free, I'm free to fall
So withdrawal

[Hook - Krizz Kaliko:]
Take me to a place
Where I can't feel my face
And I'm half the man I think I'm s'posed to be
Cause I hate livin' here
Well, I gotta face my fears
But I can't let this drug take over me

[Verse 2 - Krizz Kaliko:]
I wanna go back up there
But that's the, way I'll die
And sober seems so unfair
And not the way to be high

[Bridge - Krizz Kaliko:]
The love you give to me
The reason I lost it all
And I'm flying without wings
I'm free, free to fall
So withdrawal


[Verse 3 - Tech N9ne:]
Hello, can you hear me now?
I need you here to do music and write your raps when
Something really frightful happens
Makin' my life so taxing
You overdose it'll kill me like a rifle clappin'
At me if I go jack can
No longer hear my bro laughin'
Livin' items bad when
Every night so saddened
Gotta fight yo ass
Or deep down inside no action
Call it your bible black friend
My pyro blastin cause don't you know
That's how we lost Michael Jackson



(feat. Corey Taylor)

(feat. Corey Taylor)

[Tech N9ne:]
I don't care, they say my angel glow is subsiding
I'm sliding outside of these high beams and I won't dare
Try to mend this tear, I love I'm fading
The good once there is just dying
So I'm withering away and I'ma trigger when I spray
And I'm attacking everybody till the feeling's gone!

All my life I loved with people, so passive back then
I thought I'd be above this evil, my tolerance level
Then was up with doves and eagles, currently I've
Hit ground zero under bugs and beetles
I'm tilted, inside my head's a lettuce but wilted
Serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine I spilt it
Could it be how many times I've been ran over and jilted?
That makes me wanna totally detach from light and just kill shit

[Corey Taylor:]
I'll know when the pain is gone
It's just a matter of time before my bosses win
And I can feel the wrong
Coming up through the cracks of my heart again
I'm holding on, I'm going
Straight into the mouths of makers
Everything that keeps me calm was taken
I'm letting go, I'm burning through, reserves are low
Just pushing on these old restraints
My time is up cause it's too late

[Tech N9ne:]
I'm about to blow up on anyone in my way
My anger's set to show up, at any time today
I'm about to blow up on anyone in my way
My anger's set to show up, at any time today

I am lookin' for some fire, yeah, putting on my gang attire
Drooling and blood I can taste, so get the fuck outta my face
I'm a killer with a quick switch, yeah, all I ever really wanted was bliss
Look at me wither to waste, so get the fuck outta my face
Find another one to get bent, yeah, and it ain't no stoppin' this
Lovin' the thrill of the chase, so get the fuck outta my face
N9ne's a nigga with the sick-ness, yeah, and it ain't no blockin' this
It doesn't matter the race, just get the fuck out my face

Going, withering away
Going, withering away
Going, withering away

I gotta say, when my mother died, I really did inside
And that's the other thing that did it
Turning my crazy on a hundred babies gonna plummet
Maybe I should be committed

[Corey Taylor:]
What am I supposed to do?
Do I just keep faking? fucking forsaking everything I am?
Another pissed mother fucker with a fist and a plan
Oh but you're making me do this
I can scream while you stand there clueless
If you're listening I've made up my mind
Take another step and I'll snap this time!
Something please save me, I'm losing myself

[Tech N9ne:]
I don't think I wanna stop it, but the feeling inside is nauseous
I get really exhausted off it, gotta find a way to wash it lock it
Profit matter so I got to drop it, ain't nobody in the cockpit
Toss this lostness, people from the office boxes
If you cross this boss live cautious
Don't make me, don't make me repeat myself
For your safety, because a pilly is beneath my belt
But I don't wanna do anything bad to anybody
But I'll never be perfect
So I'ma say to the people that got a little evil comin' at you from me I think they deserve it

Going, withering away
Going, withering away
Going, withering away

Straight, literally snappin' out
My lady backin' out cause I'm becoming really mean and vicious
Watching me wither, how can I give her
Blood when I been so tainted by these bitches

[Corey Taylor:]
We are the arsenal
Chemically imbalanced, completely disposable
So butter my knuckles and taste it
Another sick delinquent is wasted
I don't forgive, I don't forget
I haven't got time to regret
Everybody else in the world can hate me
Nobody but me can save me!

[Tech N9ne:]
Shit, Yates, hates, this, place
If they close enough for me to hit the switch
I'm willing to never turn it on
I got the feelin' I'm gonna be comin' and killin'
There gonna be reelin' the evil in front of a psycho
And them who mentally gone


"Won't You Come Dirty"
(feat. Stevie Stone & Young Bleed)

"Won't You Come Dirty"
(feat. Stevie Stone & Young Bleed)

Try it, breath in baby and I'ma hold those bun's sturdy Stevie Stone and Bleed say one puff'll make you come dirty

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
First 30 minutes it ain't been no hit
30 more I'm plopping in your shit yeah
Plop is the sound it makes
Plop plop plop till the ground breaks
I'm ground breaking when I fuck I pound great
And she ain't got no stoppers
No bra
No stockings nigga no gown nothing
I made that frown straighten around 8 she sound fake but I hound make her go down like she found Satan
I know you thinking that she ain't do it
Cause with you, ya hella boring so she ain't fluid
But when she with me equivalent to straight sewage
Like they call you in the St. Louis

Won't you come dirty?, won't you come, won't you come dirty? won't you come, won't you come dirty?
Won't you come, won't you come, won't you come dirty? won't you come, won't you come dirty?
Dont bring miss goodie goodie round me, won't you come dirty?, just let that booty booty drown me
Won't you come dirty?, Hey, won't you come, won't you come, won't you come dirty? Hey, won't you come

[Verse 2: Young Bleed]
I'm a black Jim Morrison
Peep the game from a far away glimpse
If I get it
I got it
I'm going in
I'm on some bitch
I'm far in
Strange lane I could hardly win
Strange Chain Jenny car we in
My chain hang through the hearts of men
It's the same thing at the bar again
Strange Land more women than men
Strange hands they be giving me gin
My plane land about a quarter to ten
My game grand
Living this sin again and again
Bottles in hand
Chop the hair off my chinny chin chin
We are wild in there
Wild with friends
I'm going to drop the top of the beam on my benz
My team in my hands
Hustling ends
I'm along with you
I'm about to go in
On the phone with you
Like the back of a 4 10
It's on with you
From the beginning to the end
You look like some twins
But really some tens
I keep them clean blowing smoke in the wind
I'm a post the kin
And that's pimp the kin
Mr. Snoop my pimping friend


[Verse 3: Stevie Stone]
Well she come then she eager for the front stroke back stroke
Deep throat strap in the camel toe swoll
Getting dirty as a model
Baby girl looking like a model
Very hard act to follow
Got a new shift kick with that throttle
She swabs
Baby got a mouthpiece swabs
Girls girls they swab
Got them and done them since Carolina Colorado
Feeling like I won the lotto
That bad bitch is Mulatto
Baby come drown me
Squirt on me today and tomorrow
I'll take that
And when I pull your hair you take that
And I'm a smack that ass you take that
Start cumming in your legs
Get shaken and shaking
Callin' her a sexual addict a fanatic
In the pussy enthusiastic
Gotta have it


Too drugged out
Now I'm bummed out


"Worldly Angel"

"Worldly Angel"

[Verse 1:]
Mama told me I was her angel sent down from heaven
When I was a little one enthusiasm caught my dome and lessons
Teachin' me 'bout the Seven and how I should be a reverend
She really gave me a "this world is not my home" impression
Sent down to help lost souls and fight their foes
Angels chose to toss woes when the night air's cold
But it got to me when she looked up and said (I'll soon be gone)
Then I was right there, froze
Cause that meant, I'd be alone
The second, that she was gone
I was beckoned by my brethren
Then my head spinned like (buzz)
Tech went to be a grown
A complex gent, that freed the wrong
And blessed it with the best scripts
I invested my whole life, chose light
But the people down here don't know what to do with it
When I fly away cause I really don't know too many that's true with it, ya know?

(I know)
Ya know?
(I know)
Ya know?
(I know)

This world is not my home
This life will soon be gone
And one day, I'll spread my wings
Gonna fly away, I'm gonna fly away

[Verse 2:]
They don't understand me, when I say everybody's family
With the evil deeds they proved me wrong, I failed
To the heavens you can hand me
Cause my god will never just land me
Down deep with Satan, that is not my home in hell
But where I'm living now, people are living foul
They keep they heaters on the key to stone
I'm mentally stiffened, wow
A lot of love is missing now, so (I'll soon be gone)
Cause they don't wanna listen to what I'm giving thou
Love, but who gets it usually disperse
B-b-but wait, it gets worse, I found out that it never helped it hurts
I thought my job was to give it all the works
To many it's worldly, when you can't control your thirst
So if I can't bring happy, I'll go
Flings that this queen catch me really seems tacky, ya know?

(I know)
Ya know?
(I know)
Ya know?
(I know)

This world is not my home
This life will soon be gone
And one day, I'll spread my wings
Gonna fly away, I'm gonna fly away

[Verse 3:]
Fear not, cause this ain't the point when you hear shots
Me, and my peers got, by God's will dropped in the weird pot
I wanna ascend cause I'm feelin' like I'm near shock
Mama gone I'm feelin' like I want the rest of my years blocked
You got your ears locked?
I wanna fly away cause inside I have eternal tear drops

This world is not my home
This life will soon be gone
And one day, I'll spread my wings
Gonna fly away, I'm gonna fly away

I'm gonna fly away [x3]

Strange music


"Worldwide Choppers"
(feat. Ceza, Jl B.Hood, Uso, Yelawolf, Twista, Busta Rhymes, D-Loc, Twisted Insane)

"Worldwide Choppers"
(feat. Ceza, Jl B.Hood, Uso, Yelawolf, Twista, Busta Rhymes, D-Loc, Twisted Insane)

[Ceza (Turkey):]
Sen kalk, bir minik mikrofonunu getir (Get up, get your microphone)
Bak jak burada mikrofonuna tak (Look, here is the jack, connect your mic)
Kağıt kalem bir de ilham alınacak (And here is the paper and the pen, we’re gonna get inspired)
Tam gaz choppers, havada düşman avına çıkalım (No stop Choppers are in the air, Let’s hunt enemies)
Akalım, haydi bu battle’ı kazanalım (Let’s go, let’s win this battle)

(We started in the Midwest)
(Now we ’bout to take it)
(All over the world, baby!)
(This is the pinnacle!)
(Yeah, Tech N9ne!)

[Tech N9ne]
Follow me, all around the planet, I run the gamut on Sickology
They could never manage, we do damage wit’ no apology
Pick ‘em off the planet, got little manic ’cause I gotta be
Frantic, I’ma jam it ’cause I’m an oddity
Gobble the track up like I'm grubbin' at my mama nakas
I could pop at you, proper, ’cause I’m partners wit’ Waka Flocka
Gimme the top of hip-hop and watch 'em make ‘em rock
With a show-stopper, chakras poppin’ off the (Worldwide Choppers)
If you anybody, you notice it
Tech is the pinnacle, not an identical soul as it
Loaded cold as the polar get, wrote it quick and they quoted it
Yo, when exploded, the flow behold it, ’cause when that motor spit
A-bi-de-a, bi-de-a, never to get free of the real
Better ya just kneel to me or ready to get near my heels
Gimme the knock and I’ma chop it, he came and he went tomorrow
But I’ma lock it down and hop in the pocket like empanadas

Hit ‘em up and get ‘em up, I ain’t done, I ain’t did enough
Trippin’ when I rip it, I be the X when I split ‘em up
Sorta like I was liquored up and backin’ up in the gut
Everybody be knowin’ I be actin’ up when I buzz
From Missouri to Canada, I be keepin’ the stamina
If you never been a fan of the man, the planet’s unanimous
Can I cuss, fuck anybody, Tech is calamitous
Leave ‘em in the dust, ain't nobody tough when I’m standin’ up

Tech is hostile, he’s awful
He really be wicked when he be off in the bottle
You wit’ it, you dig it, you never lost the apostle
He’s thinkin’ he give it to Poe and toss to Picasso
Killin’ everybody off is the motto
And I be the only chopper that’s tossed in the brothel
You said it’s pathetic, my head is off in the taco
I sped and you bled and you in the coffin when I go

I’m light years
Ahead of my peers
Want some, you can come bring it right here
Can’t clown me
Don’t come ’round me
Bow down, I was crowned when they found me


Check it, I’m ahead of ‘em, chop it up with the veteran
A legend developin’, they gotta tell 'em it’s evident
Gotta notice an elephant, none of you niggas relevant’
You delicate, I’m lovin’ every second of this


[Uso - Translation in brackets]
De vil alle tjekke når vi ligger det (They will all check it when we lay it)
Kommer ind og smækker det beatet jeg vækker det (coming in and smashing it beatet I'm waking it)
I ved hvad der kommer ud af min mund (you know whats coming out of my mouth)
Hanger med de vildeste gutter (hanging with the coolest guys)
Det minder mig om vi stikker det af (it reminds me we stepping it (set on fire))
For de kalder mig alle vild worldwide chopper (cause they all call me wild worldwide chopper)


What if I ran into you wit’ a Pogo stick?
Hopped up on top of you rappers like a Jehovah’s Witness?
Wit’ a photo of Jesus and a paper pamphlet
And I threw up more churches like I was playin’ Hamlet?
Syllable burnin’, that internal damage
Swing, batter, batter, but then I lay back on a hammock
Under an oak tree, like I was peelin’ pecans
But instead, I’m peelin’ rappers’ heads, makin’ a sam-a-wich
Pick up a 22. and put a bullet inside of a
Motherfucker from Westside, a 1987 box
I’m headed up, yeah, headed for bucks
Fuck ‘em all, make ‘em feel my dread like I had a head of locks
Feel every bump like you had dead shocks,
But I hopped on the fuckin’ beat and I worldwide chopped
Wanna fuck wit’ Tech N9ne, twist up the pine
And smoke a beat wit’ Mr. Busta Rhymes, well, sure, why not?
Really don’t need to show any more of my cock
But I run across the stadium in a pair of your socks
In a trench coat wit’ the pencil and a watch
Then drop a verse before you can focus to read the clocks
Slumerican is out of control
Heat it up, beat it up, then I gotta go
But I’m a dump truck, just send another load
Peter Piper dump a pile of peppers in your throat
Wit’ an alien probe

I’m light years
Ahead of my peers
Want some, you can come bring it right here
Can’t clown me
Don’t come ’round me
Bow down, I was crowned when they found me

Twista! (Chicago)

Like I gotta focus up in my rhythm
Or loosen the venom and hit ‘em and give ‘em astig-a-ma-tism
And then I’ma spit ‘em somethin’ so full of vengeance
That everybody’ll wanna devour the pieces of my enemy ’cause of cannibalism
Breakin’ ‘em off into particles, they get in a predicament
That be never reversible ’cause a nigga be too versatile
Makin’ you nervous, you could never compete with the colonel
I burn you, I’m an immortal, and that’s the reason I murder you
Focus on my hocus pocus and make a likkle magic
After I wreck and check ya, then ya respect a better habit
‘Cause I’m an anomaly, able to give a lobotomy
To any motherfucker challengin’ my astronomy
Hoppin’ out, I don’t stop what that follows when the flame's thrown
Now one of the most popular choppers and my name’s known
Throwin’ it up in the air, takin’ it there
We W-W-C, if you can’t keep up, shoulda stayed home
My-my-my alien knowledge be makin’ other astronomers
Welcome this angel as a discovery of paleontology
So play me and I’ma be shinin’ on them haters
I’m finna be usin’ it as energy, watch how radiant I’ma be
Like a helicopter when the words fly
Entire families all the way out to you girl die
If I catch you fuckin’ with the most intricate lyricists
Or even try to stop us ’cause we choppers and we worldwide
And I’m

I’m light years
Ahead of my peers
Want some, you can come bring it right here
Can’t clown me
Don’t come ’round me
Bow down, I was crowned when they found me

(New York)

[Busta Rhymes]
See how they ask when I’ma stomp on my dude
And when I’ma cock it and pop it, and what I’ma drop on my dude
Inevitably, is that I’ma be the most incredible dude
To ever spit on the record and put it together, my dude
And then they ask “What in the world is you provin’?
What, when you already the best? And what the hell is he doin’?”
Well, I’ma be choppin’ and cuttin’ and breakin’ and beatin’ and shakin’
And fuckin’ everything up ’til there ain’t no further mistakin’
And bustin’ everything up like a fuckin’ angry Jamaican
And shuttin’ everything up, ‘specially the ones who be hatin’
They lovin’ everything until I got ‘em stutterin’ stupid
You hear ‘em now? “D-d-d-d-don’t do-do-do-do it!
P-P-P-Please? Wh-wh-wh-why you gotta t-try us?
W-w-w-w-we already know that you be the nicest!”
And now I’ma come and kill ‘em, get ‘em, hit ‘em, and finish ‘em
And bang ‘em in the head and diminish ‘em, and then I’ll
Hit ‘em again at a minimum, creepin' comin’ to kill ‘em
Then he be gotta be drillin’ ‘em, thinkin’ “They gotta be feelin’ 'em!”
Spittin’ lithium, see the way a nigga be spillin’ ‘em?
And gettin’ ‘em stupid to the point where there’s no forgivin’ 'em?
Hopin’ you’re listenin’ and you’re payin’ attention
And you’re witnessin’ the way that I be crushin’ on the mic
And gettin’ in the zone, I be flattenin’ and packin’ in
People from the front to the back and
They got me actin’ a fool, I’m blackin’, nigga
Now I’m home!

I’m light years
Ahead of my peers
Want some, you can come bring it right here
Can’t clown me
Don’t come ’round me
Bow down, I was crowned when they found me

(Kansas City)

Like fire annihilate me father retire instantly
I’m choppin’em, call me Michael Myers in my vicinity
The way I be killin’ ‘em with rhythm, it get illegitimate
The Yela will finish and end any predicament
And the enemies in the vicinity, I gotta mack up
They know they never can get wit’ me whenever they mention me
The history of a lyrical criminal, more deadly than chemicals
Check my resume, they say that your boy’s biblical


[Twisted Insane]
I hit 'em wit venom and get up in 'em
I bend 'em and send 'em and you can feel me
Diggin’ up in your brain and bringin’ the pain, and y’all fin’ wanna kill me
Fillin’ ‘em with that fury, get up and hurry, you can feel the real me
Comin’ in wit’ that shit, I’m havin’ a fit, and you will never peel me
Off of you when I’m on top of you, I got the drop on you
You been poppin’ off, I’ma hit ‘em up wit’ a bullet to the (Brain!)
You can look into the eyes of a heathen, breathin’, you’re fiendin’
And dreamin’ to find a demon name Insane, I’m a worldwide (Chopper)