Šta je novo?


"The Best Of Times"

"The Best Of Times"

It's been a long and lonely trip but I'm glad that I took it because it was well worth it.
I got to read a couple books and do some research before I reached my verdict.
Never thought that I was perfect. Always thought that I had a purpose.
Used to wonder if I'd live to see my first kiss.

The most difficult thing I ever did was recite my own words at a service
realizing the person I was addressing probably wasn't looking down from heaven.
Or cooking up something in hell's kitchen, trying to listen in or eaves drop from some another dimension.
It was self serving just like this is.

Conveniently religious on Easter Sunday and on Christmas.
The television went from being a babysitter to a mistress.
Technology made it easy for us to stay in touch while keeping a distance,
'til we just stayed distant and never touched. Now all we do is text too much.

I don't remember much from my youth. Maybe my memory is repressed.
Or I just spent too much time wondering if I'd live to have sex.
Fell in love for the first time in 4th grade but I didn't have the courage to talk to her.
In 8th grade I wrote her the note but I slipped it in someone else's locker.

Considered killing myself 'cause of that.
It was a big deal. It was a blown cover.
It was over for me. My goose was cooked.
Stick a fork in me. The jig is up.
I blew my chances, the rest is history, our future was torn asunder.
It became abundantly clear that I was only brought here to suffer.

At least I didn't include my name.
Thankfully I wrote the whole note in code
and it had 10 layers of scotch tape safety seal making it impossible to open.
Plus, it was set to self destruct.
Whoever read it probably died…laughing.
I wonder if they lived long enough to realize what happened.

A year later, I came to understand that wasn't love that I was feeling for her.
I had someone else to obsess over.
I was older. I was very mature.
I forged my time signature while practicing my parents autograph 'cause I was failing math.
Disconnected the phone when I thought the teacher would call my home.

I checked the mailbox twice a day at the end of a long dirt road.
Steamed open a couple envelopes like I was in private detective mode.
If you snoop around long enough for something in particular you're guaranteed to find it.
For better or worse that's how I learned that it's best to just keep some things private.

It was the best of times. It was the end of times.

It was the best of times. It was the end of times.
I was always on deck, I was next in line.
An only child with a pen and pad writing a list of things that I could never have.
The walls in my house were paper thin.
Every squabble seemed to get deafening.
If my memory serves me correctly I made it a point to void and forget some things.
Probably to keep from being embarrassed.
Never meant to upset or give grief to my parents.
Kept my secrets…hid my talents…
in my head, never under the mattress.

Therapy couldn't break me.
Never learned a word that would insure safety.
So I spoke softly and I tip toed often.
The door to my room was like a big old coffin.
The way that it creeked when I closed it shut.
Anxieties peaked when it opened up.
As if everything that I was thinking would be exposed.
I still sleep fully clothed.

It was the best of times.

It was beautiful.
It was brutal.
It was cruel.
It was business as usual.

Heaven. It was hell.
Used to wonder if I'd live to see 12.

When I did I figured that I was immortal.
Loved to dance but couldn't make it to the formal.
Couldn't bear watching my imaginary girlfriend
bust a move with any other dudes.

Tone Loc was talking bout a "Wild Thang"
but I was still caught up in some child thangs.
Scared of a God who couldn't spare the rod.
It was clearly a brimstone and fire thang.

Pyromaniac. Kleptomaniac.
Couldn't explain my desire to steal that fire.
Now I add it to my rider.
Like "Please oh please don't throw me in that patch of brier!"

It was the best of times. It was the end of times.

The school counselor was clueless 'cause I never skipped classes.
Perfect attendance. Imperfect accent.
Speech impediment they could never really fix
and I faked bad eyesight so I could wear glasses.

Considered doing something that would cripple me.
I wanted a wheelchair. I wanted the sympathy.
I wanted straight teeth so then came braces.
4 years of head gear helped me change faces.

It was the best of times. It was the end of times.

Now I wonder if I'll live to see marriage.
Wonder if I'll live long enough to have kids.
Wonder if I'll live to see my kids have kids.
If I do I'm gonna tell 'em how it is.

"Don't listen when they tell you that these are your best years.
Don't let anybody protect your ears.
It's best that you hear what they don't want you to hear.
It's better to have pressure from peers than not have peers.
Beer won't give you chest hair. Spicy food won't make it curl.
When you think you've got it all figured out and then everything collapses…
trust me, kid…it's not the end of the world."


"The Buzz Kill"

"The Buzz Kill"

[Recorded Voice]
You are listening to the heartbeat of the Sage
Sage posses the newest and most revolutionary advance in split second presentation
As well as split second calculation
To protect the future of America
The defense techniques of tomorrow had to be discovered now
But Sage needed more than this
New concepts, new tools, new weapons
By analyzing the past, Sage can project into the future

[Sage Francis]
I used to think that rappers had it figured out
Brass Monkey, St. Ides, Old English, and Guiness Stout
Once a man twice a boy with a choice of vice or voice of spite
Not enough poisons to pick to enjoy this life
Now I thought suicide was a suburban myth
I couldn't see my own hands being the ones I'm murdered with
That is until I travelled this world a bit
I understand now if I lose my nerve I'll get the girl to do it!
She heard the music but preferred the person, she's worth it
The only one I left behind the curtain to work with
Pushin' buttons and playin' with levers
We'll stay together as long as I'm honest in my songs
(Radio) Suckers never play this
Scared shitless of dismissing clear channel playlists
Poorly developed, yet highly advanced
The black music intertwined with the white man's line dance

[Recorded Voice]
Supersonic, super destructive, seemingly unresistable
On the job, around the clock, with 24 hour a day reliability
Constantly monitoring, pulse-taking, controlling
Into a continuous flow of interpretation, which could be understood at a glance

[Sage Francis]
It's not only a time I'm kept
Busy with shivers and cold shakes
Sitting on snow banks
Waiting to be delivered some soulmates
Or wait
Lift and tuck my fate for several levels
Fill my body till they send me an empty face with the head of devils
My breath resembles the smell of flowers
Yanked from life, placed in a vase
Sits and wilts and watch 'em dies in the name of grave mistakes
That we all make
Believe that we're getting by treating ourselves wrong
Throw me a reindeer John letter party
And ill be there with bells on
Hell spawn
So if he calls the city hall
They still got the gall
To blame the victory on biggie smalls
From strip malls
To strip clubs
They slip drugs
Into the drinks that kids love
Tell us to drink up and get buzzed
This is the buzz kill jump into the saddle
Emerge from the dust kicked up in the uphill battle
With my guns drawn and sword out
Pointed towards the couthouse
I sort out words from my war torn mouth
I disassociate the actions with their meanings
Songs from "ends justify their means" mentality
Plus I'm bleeding
Give me a bandaid a band that can play
A fanbase with hearing aids and a voice like a hand grenade
I pull the wool over their vision
Pull the pin and push it in 'em
Using women as a pin cusion
A super villian
With some war paint and jokes done in poor taste
We'll see who laughs last all the way to foreign banks

[Recorded Voice]
Ready to take over in a matter of seconds
to protect the future of America
Sage also has protection too
(Come on come on, feel it feel it)
The protection which comes with the possesion weapons of retaliation
But is this protection enough?

[Sage Francis]
(I was) I was B-boyin' in my former body
Singing all the songs at parties
Now I'm like don't let nobody
Through the door in the hotel lobby
I'd wear Armani if they endorse me
So people who are poor can rob me
Then forcefully sex me up
Color me confused when they paint issues black and white
Resuscitate their grey matter right back to life
It's my destiny she wants me she beckons
She left me for dead but death didnt want no sloppy seconds
I'm certified fresh
Our freedom kissed the French for their political dissent
Like *mwah* I do it with tongue this time
And take that bovine blood out your wine
And take that statue back to the lab it was created at
Your huddled masses yearning to breath free
Take 'em back!
Your homeless tempest-tossed to me
Take 'em back!
The U-S-A has cracked

[Recorded Voice]
And as long as we're on guard
As long as we're ready to look ahead
To move ahead
The future of America is secure


"The Emperor's New Clothing"

"The Emperor's New Clothing"

I listen for secrets hidden in whispers...in the winter time
And catch them tickling my whiskers...colliding with wind chimes
The kind that send shivers...up and down tingling spines

Thinking time could stretch if...

we'd spin a design inside our web that would catch drifts
The type that blow out birthday candles before we make our death wish

I'm waiting for a message in my calling so I'm checking my voice mail,
and I'm answering machines with man-made dreams.
Man made bandaids to cover up the seams.
The cover-up seems to only work if the wound never opens up or bleeds.

Beads of sweat form above the eyes of a heathen Emperor
Who won't get on his feet and step outside into the freezing temperature
He wants to adjust the global thermostat
But he's so remote...and you can't control the world like that

Come to find these eggs ain't even golden.
I see depreciation in the family jewels the Queen is holding.
That broken marriage was fixed. It happened when her feet were frozen.
She still remains to be the only one who's seen the Emperor's new clothing...


"The Masters Are Back"

"The Masters Are Back"

By the time the flags rotted off of their antennas,
They were questioning who the real threat is.
Big Brotherly love is the 21rst Century's plague.
No matter how bloody the glove, question evidence displayed.

Don't forget what two plus two equals.
Don't let them upgrade your math no matter what they have as proof of evil.
Remember when they went after the Jewish people?
You don't recognize that same black mask as see through?

Attack of the eagles. If they don't fall dead
Before they reach me, I'll be damned if I don't shoot one in it's bald head.
Fuck what we're force fed. All I ever wanted
Was a warm bed and a house that wasn't haunted.

I'd rather die for a cause than to die just because
We exhaust natural resources forced into wars,
Restoring wasteful ways, keeping other countries poor.
"Monkey see, Monkey do" I wonder what those fucking monkeys saw.

Keep rethinking the still-frames in your mind,
And guarantee they will change with time.
Your outline is pixelated with poor resolution while
Downtime is simply wasted. You were born execution style.

Head first in a trial. I'll second the motion
'Til the jury's bored to death and puts your neck in a notion.
The situation's volatile. A naked problem child
Is trying to find the right clown costume to make his father smile

So he bombs while he tries to tell jokes.
This ain't a false alarm, can't you smell the smoke?
You're in the line of fire where they buy and sell votes.
Our sense of liberty doesn't ring true, stupid, that's why the bell broke.

Trench coat Mafiosos propel rocks
At recruitment officers and rebel against cops
'Til they hurdle infinite circles in small cell blocks.
Turtle upon turtle 'til they're all shell shocked.

This so-called president got elected in a court room.
With the war efforts of pops he inherited a fortune.
We "talk, talk, talk..." so the veterans of war assume
The revolution stopped. This ain't a protest tune.

"Hey, Bobby...the Masters are back. They're up to no good just like the old days.
They played dead when you stood over their grave, Bobby. They played dead when you stood over their grave.
"Hey, Bobby...them bastards are back. It's our turn to stand over their grave.
I'm a do it right this time...I'm awake...I'm a wait until their fuckin' skin decays."

You can't roam a lost land as the last existing dinosaur.
There's no escaping ass kickings in these times of war,
Replacing apples with hospitals...where doctors are hostile,
Killing two pterodactyls with one fossil.
I got you. If they don't fall dead
Before they reach me, I'll be damned if I don't shoot one in it's bald head.
Fuck what we're force fed. All I ever wanted,
Was a warm bed...and house that wasn't haunted.

Thumb through novels to have your fingerprints match,
The description of criminals committing innocent acts
Of compassion for tired civilians crawling with pistols,
While we fire million dollar warning missals.

Force the issues in the back of your head where eyes roll.
Brain wash yourself out of that mind control.
Or act a fool like you're told.
But we won't see no type of justice 'til that bitch removes the blindfold.

This ain't a "Love it or leave it," it's a "Change it or lose it."
I'll never sing the anthem of a nation who never faces the music,
Chasing an ever-elusive caveman
In space ships that makes trips to the futures that are name-brand.

Faking progress...but we ain't advanced
Enough to change the posture of our ape stance?
They've got the key to the city but they prefer the break-in entry.
Duck and weave, I'm shedding light in their shadow box to make it empty.

"Hey, Bobby...the Masters are back. They're up to no good just like the old days.
They played dead when you stood over their grave, Bobby. They played dead when you stood over their grave.
"Hey, Bobby...them bastards are back. It's our turn to stand over their grave.
I'm a do it right this time...I'm awake...I'm a wait until their fuckin' skin decays."

Attack of the eagles. If they don't fall dead
Before they reach me, I'll be damned if I don't shoot one in it's bald head.
Fuck what we're force fed. All I ever wanted
Was a warm bed...
There's nothing scarier than the human stories I tell ghosts,
Chilling accounts with my tongue frozen to bed posts.
The catharses of carcasses whenever threats are close,
Shows a heartlessness that doesn't register on stethoscopes.

Sell your hopes for a homeland security chart,
'Til your sense of self is broke and no man's pure in the heart.
Preventive detention for the folks who never left home.
Tensions have grown into a 24/7 red zone.

Scare tactics...have got you under control,
The fear factors of a color code. The uppers know
They can't hold you down without having anchors attached.
"It's all the same." Nah, balls and chains on ankles don't match.

So drag your torso back to the off road.
We may have lost the fashion battle but we ain't lost the wardrobe.
Go window shopping for your next free meal,
'cause when we start the revolution all you'll probably do is steal.

"Hey, Bobby...the Masters are back. They're up to no good just like the old days.
They played dead when you stood over their grave, Bobby. They played dead when you stood over their grave.
"Hey, Bobby...them bastards are back. It's our turn to stand over their grave.
I'm a do it right this time...I'm awake...I'm a wait until their fucking skin decays."


"The Place She Feared Most"

"The Place She Feared Most"

Oh you wrong, you gots to get right with yourself
Sinner please, you could never get with the god
Oh you wrong, you gots to get right with yourself
Sinner please, you could never get with the god

[Verse 1:]
Don't wanna fake that smile, don't wanna have that talk
Don't wanna make that child or let the suspect walk
Don't wanna take it to trial or settle out of court
Just wanna shoot down the stork
Don't want a long disclaimer as a preference to your short story
Don't wanna sum up in one sentence why your sort bores me
In fact, one more word out of you and the girl gets it
You're so bossy in a world that has no work ethic
So let's shake to that, don't wanna give you dap
Or figure out whatever hand dance you're bringing back
For I am not a tween, don't wanna talk with memes
Or let the internet infiltrate all my dreams
So what do I want? Want now?
To exercise my right to be hostile and drop trou
Hey, you, get off that cloud
You don't know what that technology allows
I don't wanna weigh it out, don't wanna be more patient
Don't want a bank account charging me for paper statements
Don't want no ancient astrology stopping me
From boarding the spaceship once it gets to our colony cause

All I ever wanted was space
Cause all I ever wanted was space
Cause all I ever wanted was space
Cause all I ever wanted was the place she feared most

[Verse 2:]
I could mock a killingbird without dropping a single word
I'd flip the middle finger till he's stoughing in the herb
My catapult becomes a death wing
To a red phone in the west wing, y'all are soon to fall
For the oldest-known joke in the phone book (what the fuck's the phone book?)
That's like a black book for fat folks who don't cook
Pick-up or delivery? Sick of this chivalry
Just tell me what you're willing to give to me and we go from there
Well hello there, dressed to impress but going nowhere?
Well let's go there
Grown man flirting like it hurts him that he has to bother
Is that your baby-baby bubba, does he have a father?
Don't be insulted, that was off the top freestyle
Still battle rappers for the custody like Cleese child
These styles are fatherless, motherless, marvelous
Adopted by every hip hop George Papadopoulos


"The Set Up"

"The Set Up"

I set it up, you knocked it down, lay the foundation, I built this house
I feel cracks underneath my feet, I feel cracks underneath my feet
The walls are breathing heavy, sucking up the oxygen with no plans of leaving any
For as long as I’ve been hoarded, it’s taking me forever to gather up all my belongings

[Verse 1:]
I get attached, near attached to people who I’ve loved and lost
Even though I gotta admit, there are few who’ve run me off
But I’m under no illusion how relationships get ruined
How I’m ancient to this movement when I’m just stuck to a cross
Tossed into the underworld and give in specific info
Forced to find another girl, sick of living in limbo
But I have my songs to play so I got lost along the way
And now I’ll never see the light of day thanks to the tinted Limo
I was hopelessly romantic, emphasis on antic
Now run hopeless along the open coast of the Atlantic
Bought an overcoat that says “Francis, Showboat captain”
Did my best to scrub it off cause it’s utterly embarrassing
Every night I’d re-write my will on a sandbar napkin
I’d crash after sticking it to the window of my cabin
Once I awoke I’d notice it, read it then remove it
Just stunned I left nothing to my loved ones but music
Muses abandon me while choosing family over continued support
For my intuitive thought, who would’ve thought?
Worst thing I ever did to another person in this world is nothing
Only a few can claim that’s what I did when I could have done otherwise
Every single last one of them sang for nothing-types
Made me pay the price at any cost, I’ve got buyer’s remorse
How many toxins will the doctors find inside this corpse?
Suicidal watch it’s diamond studded
Tells me when my time’s up, trying to keep my eyes from it
It’s so swag, I flash it at the fashion shows
Walks with a limp, it’s so pimp, and it smacks the hoes
Rappers used to brag about intelligence, made me want to be smarter
Then I harbor no regrets, whether it sells or not is irrelevant
I would have sold coke if making dough was the sole motive
It wasn’t but fuck being a broke poet
Without paying debts, begging friends for loose ends
If your so-called talent only results in loan extensions
There’s no defenses, or buyouts, you don’t get a per diem for good intentions
Do you want to sign now?
Promise that a job doesn't define you as a person
If your words don’t carry weight, it’s not the worlds burden
And in no certain terms am I suggesting that you shouldn’t set fire to the stage and let the curtains burn
Just be aware of the exits
Keep in mind that the closest one might be behind you, the entrance
[?] in the event that I can’t live better as an honest rapper
Without my past self being my benefactor

I set it up, you knocked it down
I set it up, you knocked it down
I set it up, you knocked it down
I set it up, you knocked it down
You laid the foundation, I built this house

[Verse 2:]
Gamble away my better half in hopes of doubling up
[?] is a double or nothing, I laughed, I was shit out of luck
But what have I got to lose? At least I’m whole now
Half man, half clone, the bad composite sketch of a one-hundred percent asshole
But it wasn’t without help, many people did their part
To make me take the time to Frankenstein was ripped apart
And put it together again, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t admit that this was a predicament they put me in
You want a piece of this? Welcome to the eggshells
I’m barefoot and pregnant to my kitchen, y’ll can help yourselves
To the feast but tippy-toe away if you can’t take the heat, or over-used clichés
Back in the days I’d leave you heartbroken
These days I simply reach into your chest and tear those scars open
Evaluate appreciation, write you off for tax purposes
I’d rather be homeless than settle in that worthless nest



"The Strange Famous Mullet Remover"

"The Strange Famous Mullet Remover"

Closing out our feature for you now
Captain of our slam team - Sage Francis.

It was the [beatboxing] that got me [beatboxing]
It was the [beatboxing] break [beatboxing]

It was the...[beatboxing][8x]
Name's Francis but everybody calls me STRANGE FAMOUS
any of you guys call me Francis
and I'll kill you
and I don't like nobody touching my stuff
I catch any of you guys in my stuff I'll kill you
also I don't like anybody touching me
and any of you homos touch me and ill kill you

"I cant settle down here, I cant. I gotta be free.
I'm not, I enjoy company in a woman, I.
I love you. It's just eh. I don't need em.
See you know thats the way it is when you're a true artist, let my feelings come out in my music" - [Sage]

"Yeah well maybe if you put your feelings out in real life, then your music will be even better" - [Woman]


"The Time Of My Life"

"The Time Of My Life"

Consider me to be a fly on the wall with a bird's eye view
I stare, as my birthtime drew near
The only Earth I knew reared me in a world I grew to fear
I do appear quite nude and warm
I'm like "What's up with the lights and the white uniforms?"
You're damn right you're truly wrong when a hand strikes the newly born.
"I can't fight" I'm cruely scorned.In a man's life, the beauty's gone
I was scared with fright through the storm
I'm prepared to write a mutiny song
"It's a miracle Ma!" Damn my dick is long
Oh, that's just the umbellical chord
Clip clip, snip snip.and now it's gone along with my foreskin
One of them awful things that they do to theoffspring
The sting is lessened by the drugs they pump into my miniature body
Making us addicts just that quick is their signature hobby
An infamous robbery, and if I'm not careful then my shaft'll break
It's got me coming up with creative ways to masturbate
I wanna be held but my father rebelled and my mother's unconscious
I went from a dark bliss to some boxes
It's obnoxious the way the doctors poke and prod
seriously I can barely function
This is my first out-of-body experience and alien abduction
I'm barely a munchkin after just minutes of labor
They're putting my tiny footprints on some birth certificate paper
My personal hell of isolation began in an incubator
To think of it later, slice open my wrist and check the microchip data
They didn't capture it on beta film or audio
The year made me a dragon, the month made me a scorpio
The weak, feeble, helpless baby boy cried for nights
But that day was the time of my life
But that day was the time of my life
But that day, but that day was the time of my life
But that day, but that day, but that day, but that day, but
that day was the time of my life



"The Write"

"The Write"

this is to the woman who I loved but lost.
intertwined souls of the universe got divorced.
but it wasn't forced. got single thoughts of being double crossed,
still there's no love lost.

now i can't even start this. i see no light inside the darkness.
so whatcha want, miss? don't check my pulse because i'm heartless.
you were my life support. and in a sense my defense fights the thought.
i'll try to keep this one nice and short.
our four chambers beat in unison.
I'm wanting you to listen to the dead silence in my defiance.
i used to sin and be intrigued by violence,
now as i glimpse into the past i thank God for your guidance.
alas, i give my eyes a rinse.
blink and think in retrospect...realize you need to get your respect.
i apologize as i holler cries
'cause it's you and not these college guys that keeps my knowledge wise.
you're my crutch. but now i fall cause you're someone i can't touch.
now no one wants to help me up and that's too much.
even my wisdom fell. i'm in a living hell.
throw my inner child back in the prison cell.
incarcerated hatred is causing conflict
with the free love sentencing death to the convict.
my soul is on skid row, where can this kid go?
i'm homeless, how could you notice when this whole world didn't know?
it's time i make public just how personal we got in private moments,
because lies are our opponents.
forget material or superficial stuff.
i either let you know too much or not enough.

this is to the woman who i loved but lost.
intertwined souls of the universe got divorced.
but it wasn't forced. got single thoughts
of being double crossed, still there's no love lost. There's no love lost.

I can't pretend this. The impact on my life has been tremendous.
It can't be fixed with a friendly kiss
What's endless?
Questions, pain, grief and misbelief?
I'm so faithful all I grind is my teeth.
But what I find beneath the surface has changed from priceless to worthless.
This three ring circus of clowning around is what hurts us.
My brain short circuits as my mind starts to wander
to discover another lover. I'm isolated, living somber.
She's whispering "come hither from there yonder."
I don't think i wanna. The pressure ain't gettin' lesser.
Open my dresser...it overflows with memorabilia.
Momentos of our success now symbolize my failure.
I took time to write you diaries when we couldn't speak much.
According to you that was a weak touch.
Cause "actions speak louder than words." Turn up your hearing aid.
You made this man afraid. Put the pin back in the hand grenade.
There's not much time left til I'm left with nothing but a broken promise.
While every syllable I said was spoken honest.
We expected each other to be a physic mind reader.
Don't tell me "life goes on." I need her...
Next to me...
So once again I can feel the high of ecstasy...
We tripped...walking down the aisle of destiny.
Respectful sexually, because see...I understood.
And I don't know too many people who would
have done anything to get a laugh from their better half.
I should have sensed it sooner...when you lost your sense of humor.
Now let my soul speak, I couldn't eat for a whole week.
With no sleep. The price I pay for being a control freak.
Now I'm screaming inside my pillow instead of dreaming.
I must have said "I love you" so much that it lost it's meaning.
But no one's perfect, so where's my chance to make adjustments?
It's worth it...if our romance had substance.
Because with purity we conceived marriage.
Til insecurity caused a miscarriage

this is to the woman who i loved but lost.
intertwined souls of the universe got divorced.
but it wasn't forced. got single thoughts of being double crossed...

I was in it for the long run
Now who's the weak and the strong one?
I tried to be Mr. Right, though things were wrongly done.
but ummmm...When it was time for sacrifice
Straight up, you didn't have to ask me twice.
I put off this rap device.
I wasn't ACTING nice, all my feelings they were genuine.
You got me open and I let you in.
But now you're screaming bloody murder. Used the entrance as the exit.
Now you're absent like my mind, i'm on a head trip.
You never said shit. Used then misused the entrance
And never let me get in one sentence.
Forget friends...you were my best one
Now I'm depressed, son. It didn't take long for the stress to come.
Memories be my arch nemesis
As i sit and reminisce, wondering if you remember this:
Our genesis. First experiences on old dates.
Got cold shakes and tingles, never single, we were soulmates.
That term used to hold weight but now it's temporary
And lately I've been making trips to the cemetery.
Ain't nothing evil in death, but this feels devilish.
I'd never wish this on my worst enemy.
Remember me.


"Three Sheets To The Wind"

"Three Sheets To The Wind"

Had one too many one way conversations
with the licky licky lord
'till I grew a scissor tongue
and c-c-cut the cord
put the phone on the floor
detach the wires in my head
took awhile to accept that that line was dead

didn't never wanna not live forever [x3]
didn't never wanna not not wanna live

Nah, it didn't matter if the laughter didn't come after the bad joke,
if i was down with the filthy rich or flat broke,
accepted by the Aryans or black folk
cause i was carrying this weight until my back broke,
wasn't trying to be no hip hop god or raps G.O.A.T.
shootin to be a rock star like its my last hope
Eyeballin that pack of smokes DO ME IN!
graduatin on the crack coke DO ME IN!
knocked of a paddle boat in the middle of the castle moat
kings men are yelling GRAB THE ROPE!

three sheets to the wind three!
three sheets to the wind!

i talk like a sailor, my mother is one
that's why i got this sixth sense of direction and my split tongue
taught me how to go with the flow when the winds come
curled up in a ball and tried to hide inside a kick drum.
while the crew is gettin piss drunk i had to purify my own and drink up
i had to save and conserve recycle my salty words to keep the meat on my bones all pres-s-s-served.


It was a tug of war and we all faught together
'till we went our own way when the c-c-c-cord was severed
The stormy weather would begin, we'd all sucumb to this sin
any bar within reach, Three sheets to the wind
From a back pedal the backstroke got traded in my life jacket for a mask and cloak
Three sheets to the wind
I had to go, watch the sail grab the rope
See shanty ending on a sad note, three sheets to the wind
Malnutrition (Pull me in), Bad Religion (Pull me in), Fact or Fiction thats addiction
Three sheets to the wind


Pick it up, put it down


Three sheets to the wind