Šta je novo?


"16 Years"

"16 Years"

The sun flies through the sky leaves darkness in it's wake
And now I hear the hellhounds barking at the gate
To be honest sometimes I want you to relate
This ain't up for discussion it's not a topic for debate
Entrepeneurs that want to bottle up the hate
And slap a label on the glass so hard that it'll break
And if you break it you buy it and we sold it by the case
It's ok if you just try it you can hold it to your face

How close can you get without touching it
How far removed can you get from the public
Can you keep a secret?
If not, can you tie a slipknot?
Can you stand high up on this brick block?
Listen to the clock tick tock and switch gears
It's been 1 2 3 4 5 6 years

Are they all dancing now? Are you joining the party?
Are just celebrating your life just by destroying your body?
It's a part of your psyche that I want to sightsee
I dont need you as a tour guide and I dont want you to like me
I was voted least likely
That's it just least likely
So pardon me if I seem fiesty
Bite my tongue like a bullet take a pull from the peace pipe
Push past the low expectations of me each night

I leave light in my wake and I moonwalk across the floor
Until I hear the sex kittens all purring at the door
There's something outside that we all want
But inside there's an ex who marks a soft spot
Till it rots and decays and then no one else cares
It's been 7 8 9 10 11 12 years

Now I sell pennies to the well-wishers
I fish through the coinslots
I fall through a girls bait participate in boycotts
I demonstrate a demon's trade
With a face void of thoughts
If that don't launch a thousand ships
Than that's a helen of troy's loss
There's nothing in this horse
It's hollow it's empty it's entry will not be forced
Like an eyesocket stripped clean of tears
It's been 13 14 15 16 years


"99 Rappers"

"99 Rappers"

I got rap control with a whack patrol
In a industry where they give me cash for soul
I aint buyin' into the fashion show
I got a big foot, I could kick your whole asshole.
Spaghetti, spaghetti, tuna casserole.
They force all their rhymes while I grab his balls.
They don't care what I have to show
I'm lucky if a single of my albums goes Gold.
Talkin 'bout Platnium Plaques you hold?
Like McDonalds talkin 'bout how many Big Macs sold
It don't matter, Fuck Yeah I jacked your flow
Ask Biggie and Pac how many raps you stole fucka.
I'm just having some fun
For real, I aint trying to have beef with anyone
6 million ways to die, choose none.
I like 99 rappers but Jay-Z aint one HIT ME!
If you hate Hip Hop i feel bad for you son
I like 99 rappers but Jay-Z ain't one.


"Agony In Her Body"

"Agony In Her Body"

Day one I played with her blood
Day two left her face bruised and we called it making love
Day three her blood played with me
Dirty talk caught me off guard
She had the nerve to ask if I thought she was crazy

Baby, you don't know where my mind has been
Fell off the bike more than twice
But it's time to ride again
This time I learned from my past falls
Old wounds may re-open soon
Burn 'em in alcohol
I heard that last call
It was a close one
Road runners
Know which direction to go when snow comes
We're coasting
With extra traction on radial tires
Having sex in the back wrapped in radio wires
Self abusive, Stuck in a bad place
A Head full of bruises and scratched face
I bled profusely
Stirred in my juices
So you could taste me
Put my neck in a noose
And swung to safety
Found a land mine planted in the sole of my foot
I can't find santcum in the holes I've been put
I keep digging
Covered in earth
I undress
They run tests
I leave the dirt to the experts
White coats and shiny objects
I jump their lifeboat science project
We got a floater
Guinea pig overboard
Stone sober hillbilly kid with open sores
And ripped vocal chords
Tearing them out
It's a mute manifesto that you'll probably never hear about
Weirded out about my wearabouts
Swears pierce my mouth
A bearded medicine man who wears a pouch
Keeps digging
I'm swimming uphill
Fighting the tide of mudslides and blood spill
Until I've got a shirt off my back
And a girl on attack On top With a curled lip
The world map is our bedsheet
We share geography now
I explore virgin territory
The squeaky swat acted as a mating call
Had Nothing on me but her
And didn't feel naked at all
Ever feel the need
To keep it so real you feed
Yourself into her hunger and don't care if she bleeds
Asking all these questions
Isn't highly recommended
They'll eventually get answered
If you put time into friendship
That's assuming that what you're doing is helping
And it's not like you'll know until you uhhh
Reach the ending

She wanted my
Agony agony agony
In her body

Day one I played with her blood
Day two left her face bruised and we called it making love
Day three her blood played with me
Dirty talk caught me off guard
She had the nerve to ask if I thought she was crazy

She was crazy
I need more holes to breathe from
Went under the knife
And contemplated freedom
Put it all out on the operating table
Clutching onto rubber ducks
I played double dutch with some jumper cables
Then I broke like the water
It started rushing
All of a sudden
There she was... gone
I'm the fall guy
She's the sight for sore eyes
I'm in labor all night until a new day is born
Her globe rotates like eyes roll dice
Earth pulls a 180
When I look into her snake eyes
I'm not afraid of dying
Pieces of me die all the time
I keep digging (I keep digging)
I leave the dirt to the experts
Who push the boundaries of pleasure til the sex hurts
I hold today with a death grip
And play hard to get with tomorrow
So as not to look so fucking desperate
Face sweaty
Hands unsteady
Blood pressure off the charts
My heart hangs heavy
Untreated wounds
Through repeated moons are seeds soon
To develop in your needy womb
A feeble, ill cocoon
I don't grieve for many people
I don't mourn the pieces killed in you
My injection must have been lethal
Pick up the shovel love
You got some digging to do

Agony agony agony

She wanted my
Agony agony agony
[repeats as sage says the following:]
Day one I played with her blood
Day two left her face bruised and we called it making love
Day three her blood played with me
Dirty talk caught me off guard
She had the nerve to ask if I thought she was crazy


"All Word No Play"

"All Word No Play"

[Verse One:]
Who wants to play a game? /
Game Boy /
Boy George /
George Bush /
Bush pie /
Pie plate /
Plate Tectonics /
Catch my continental drift /
Driftin' /
Inward /
Word play /
Play time /
Stop quick /
Quick pick /
Pixie stick /
Stick shift /
Shifty eye /
Imus in the Morning /
Mourning the death /
Death Metal /
Medal award /
Award winning /
Winning vote /
Vote for the lesser /
Service myself /
Self-sufficient /
Sufficient funding /
Dingoes eating my baby /
Bees Wax /
Wax on Wax off /
Awful /
Lawful /
Falafel wraps /
Raps off beat /
Beat poet /
Poet Lauriet /
"It doesn't look like an ice sculpture, or…" /
Orbit /
Bit the culture /
Culture clash /
Clash of the Titans /
Insecure /
Cure for cancer /
Sir, yes, sir /
Serbian attack /
Tactful /
Full of shit /
Shitzu /
Super hoe /
Hoe Hoppin' /
Hop in the van…sure /
Sherbert /
Burt and Ernie /
Knee pad /
Pad lock /
Lochness Monster /
Stir the Madness in a Cup /
Couple /
Pull your weight /
Wait on her /
Herpes /
Peas porridge in a pot /
Pot luck /
Luck of the draw /
Draw bridge /
Bridge the gap /
Gap teeth /
Teeth marks /
Marxist /
Sister Act II /
Too much love /
Love handles /
Love handles itself /
It's selfish /
Fish and chips /
Chips paint /
Paint brush /
Brush with death /
Death Wish /
Wish upon a star /
Star struck /
Struck gold /
Gold plate /
Plate Tectonics /
Catch my continental drift /
Drift inward /
Word Play /
The Non-Prophets /
Cuz some emcees are all word and no play /
Some rappers are all DAT and no DeeJay /

[Verse Two:]
This is Sage Francis /
Francisco /
Co-Dependent relationship /
Ship wreck /
Recollect /
Electoral vote /
Vote me into Senate /
Knit picky Joe Beats /
Joe beats off to Asian porn /
Pawn Shop /
Shop of Horrors /
Horoscope /
Scope the premises for records /
Kids incorporated /
Rated X /
Extremely dope /
Dope smoking /
King Tuttenkhamen /
Common practice /
Disaholic #1 /
Won the battle, lost the war graffiti bombin' /
In the event of an emergency /
Seek helping hands /
Han Solo /
Low profile /
File for divorce /
Divorce court /
Caught cheating on your progress report /
Port Authority /
Delightful /
Philander /
Reliable /
Bologna /
Neanderthal pandering whore /
Hormones make whores moan /
Mona Lisa /
Lease a car /
Car phone /
Phonograph /
Graphic language /
Language Arts /
Arts festival /
Voluptuous tone /
Tone Loc /
Location /
Shin guard /
Guard your Grill /
Grill piece /
Peace pipe /
Pipe line /
Line backer /
Back 'er up /
Uptown baby baby baby baby, uh! /
Another one bites the dust /
Dust mite /
Might an emcee want to bust a mic? /
Michael Jackson /
Son of Sam /
Samson /
Samsonite /
Night of the Living Bassheads /
Head south for the summer /
Somersault and fall /
Into your Winter Wonderland /
Where bed springs sing this song… /
Cuz some emcees are all word and no play /
Some rappers are all DAT and no DeeJay /
DeJay Perseus…break it down like THIS! /

[Verse Three:]
We are the Non-Prophets /
Fitzgerald Ford /
Four door /
Door prize /
Prize winning ticket /
Ticket stub /
Stub my toe /
Tow truck /
Truck Turner /
Turn her off /
Off base /
Basic /
Sick of drug-free /
Free Mumia /
Ya' gotta' pick your battle /
Battle cry /
Cry Baby /
Baby Huey /
Huey Lewis and the News /
News at 9 /
1980 /
87 was the year I saw the Run's House Tour /
Tore your green card apart /
A Part Time Sucka with no job /
Job-core /
Correlate /
Late pass /
Pass me by /
Bypass /
Pass the time /
Time passes slow /
"Slow Down…you little hooker" /
Hooker T. Washington /
Tinted window /
Doberman Pincer /
Pinch 'er ass /
Assets /
Sets the mood /
Moodswing /
Swing Low Sweet Chariot /
Chariot of fire /
Fire water /
Water log /
Log Cabin /
Cabin Fever /
Throw ninja Stars of David /
David Letterman /
Let 'em inside from the snow /
Snow cone /
Coney Island /
Lyndon Johnson /
Sinbad /
Bad dog, no! /
No play and all word /
My flows spray awkward moments into the airwaves. They're altered /
Altered Beast /
Beastiality /
Decreased /
Creased Lee jean /
Gene pool /
Pool hall /
Hallmark /
Mark of the beast /
Beastie Boy /
Boy-loving priest /
Priesthood /
Hood rat /
Rat bastid /
Did you know heaps of hoe freaks /
Peck the wood so much they're left with broke beaks? /
I chuck the bird so far they're left dangling from phone lines like old sneaks /
So don't sleep on what your soul seeks. It's Sage and Joe beats

Cuz some emcees are all "word."

(Game Over)


"Andy Kaufman"

"Andy Kaufman"

Now I know it ain't right, but I decided I hadta'
Us poets paint life, but don't get recognized till afta'
So I faked my own death just to see what would happen
As I taje shallow breaths and wait for people's reaction
It was funny at first, but I had to hold my laughter...wait
Before long I was on display at an open casket wake
And I'm the main attraction who draws a crowd. A freak show of sorts
Good thing my skin is pale enough to pass as a decomposing corpse
Frozen in my thoughts, laying stiff...playing with
People's emotions and awaiting a kiss from praying
lips that I hate but miss.
She didn't show...although she sent a card with flowers
How considerate. That little bitch would make me sit in my car for hours
Heartless powers start to devour my patience...it gets me violent
I'm ready to fly shit and end everything like "I QUIT!"
Then again I sit deathly quiet...biting my tongue
Just excited that some kids...who were invited to come did
I'm the center of attention...the talk of the town
It ain't all that profound,
but on this special day of mine I'm the one the universe revolves around
It's like a birthday...kind of.
I also found that it's the worst way to find love.
White doves battle black crows in one of the back rows
And everybody my ass knows back home is sporting black clothes
Looking glum as usual...it's all too familiar
I put the fun back into funeral. My morbid humor'll kill ya'
For all that it's worth...the people who I thought were jerks
Were putting on the water works and it sorta hurts
My momma stroked my hair with so much care but hardly spoke
Now my heart is broke, and yeah...I should've let her in on the joke
But I'm honestly choked up, and I'm stuck holding back my tears
As I absorb the atmosphere, "I wanna turn back I'm scared!"
Then a hand touches my shoulder to calm my nerves
And something odd occurs because I heard my father's words
So I got disturbed...as he expressed what he's never said
What bothered me the most is that I remembered...he's dead
I manifested destiny. The best and worst of worlds has come true
As I'm buried alive, in the back of my mind echoes his words:
"I love you."


"Black Out On White Night"

"Black Out On White Night"

Lights are out, phones are dead
and I'm the only thing that's runnin in this city
except for the clouds
and man they're comin down
if i knew my way around wouldn't feel so dizzy

where's tele? nobody can tell me
i don't speak a lick of that language and got a slippery memory
if i spelled it all out on my arm, only if
but i didn't so i think get a grip kid, deal with it
baby's waiting for a ring
wont settle for the substitute excuse that's forming
i got a complicated case of escapism
for her i try to rewire my nature
too tired to wake her up
odder that artificial calm she was on
drug-induced future that slipped out of her palms
seductive rain dancer, she thinks i'm waterproof
like superman doesn't need a roof over his head
when i come home to roost i need truth to hold in bed
but i'm seeking salvation in a booth

and the phones are dead
and the lights are out
and i'm the only thing livin in this ghost town
except for the clouds, and man they're comin down
if i knew my way around by now i'd be bound for home

blackout on white night in rome
blackout on white night in rome

i know that i'm in love, but i know i'm out of touch
and i know that i get dumb when i can sense something's up
and then i bottom out
European tailspins
scrolling messages out on my pale skin
in hopes that they get mailed in
before the ink poisoning takes effect
and it gets smudged because i budge before letting paint set
i get judged by the ones who have shelter and rain checks
while i trudge through the mud cuz its pouring to rain sweat
regain consciousness and lose common sense
the ominous dark skies that lie between me
and providence are signs
the obvious answer isn't standin on your face with stilettos on
if you pop the question wrong
every song's a post afterthought
i wont grab the chalk to outline my body of work
toe-tags get caught in my teeth
cuz my foot is in my mouth
and spurs are in my words so my tongue cant dismount
even after our rapport had fully run its course
couldn't figure out the most heroic time to jump from the horse
and place this old hat for the last time
on the coat rack
but i donate all of my earnings from this race
just to know that
resisting urges to go back and get it later
like the milk wouldn't sour itself in the refrigerator
a wet boy
in a dry, dry state
on an old country road
where tradition has a blind date
i make it dance on its own grave tonight
with a change of direction by the pale moon light

and if it needs theme music i'll break out the bagpipes
and play a tune a ghost wrote me in a past life
that goes like...

blackout on white night in rome
blackout on white night in rome
blackout on white night in rome
blackout on white night in rome


"Black Sweatshirt"

"Black Sweatshirt"

Tonight I'm in the mood for some unscheduled affection
Spontaneous combustion...I'm playing with my fire inside
Burning my inner child blackened his skin to the tint of his sweatshirt
"Hey...when you play with the big boys, you get hurt!"
I used to suck my thumb while rubbing silk blankets across my cheek
Until my mom denied me access. I bawled for weeks
We don't speak to this day. I came to terms with my fear and loathing
Now I wear this clothing...like it's an extra layer of old skin
Afraid to shed...tears...in the fabric...from years that I've had it
Found abandoned on the stairs to the attic
Collecting runaway skin cells...absorbing memories
It's been to hell and back, dragged through the dirt and even worn by enemies
Born in the 70's of the 20th century
Making that distinction is for future reference...In case y'all remember me
And my genesis. What's most important is to remember this
Women and men are pissed. When they kiss they exchange spit that is venomous
Most of it is affection-less and the affects of this has us quick to clench a fist
Don't get fancy with your paintbrush when you reminisce

I'm sentimental and I miss what used to be close to me
or maybe I've just got OCD and I can't break my old routines
Hopefully I reconcile with my inseparable...what lies inside from head to toes
Instead of symbolizing clothes...identifying with outside symbols...

Cut out the middle man...

But my woobie is in demand...

I'm feeling like a kid again.

"It protected me from the wind, sea and sand
Sanity was saved from the crazy cemetery walks
And every awkward moment spent talking with the Boogie Man
Man...managed unconditional comfort. As I've come to understand...
The monsters are under my bed again...
The monsters are under my bed again."

Dedicated to the memory of my Black Sweatshirt




I've been patient.
I've been a mental patient.
I've been a parental replacement
for kids sent to the basement.
I'm a has-been. I've been had.
I've become best friends with a pen and pad
understanding the logic of an inanimate object
standing in the projects with a sign around my neck
saying "Show me my respect!"
They thought it as a setup, upset.
I've been unusual.
I've been an unusual suspect.
You're beautiful, just check
to make sure that you're musical on set.
I'll be back in a minute.
React to the limit
and find out if ya act offended
asking me if you can kick it?
I said "No you may not."
Cause your flow just ain't hot.
So you busters stay shy.
What the fuck do they got?
Watch your mouth. What'd that bitch say?
That went way out.
No doubt hit by the ricochet.
Kids today. I just don't trust em.
When I have mine I'm a make him speak in rhymes.
He'll think that it's custom
I'll tell him that he's Muslim every Christmas
so on December 25th he'll be giftless.
Then I'll convince this dumbass
he's actually a witness of Jehovah,
flip mat sheets on the sofa,
have him bring fat chicks on over.
Give em drinks if they're sober.
We'll make some noise soon.
If she stinks up an odor,
send it to my boys room.
This is my house.
You don't like it you can get the fuck out.
Cause under my roof, you live by my rules, son.
I make you want to bounce.

Sage Francis makes you wanna bounce.
Joey Beats makes you wanna bounce.
Non-Prophets weathered and deep cuts.
We send battle rhymes to shatter minds.
The Secret Service Crew
But they'll all fall through.
If you're jumping up and down right now
stop it.

I've made a man mad.
I've been a mad man.
I've been a goody two shoes
who walks bare footed in a bad land.
I've been to Madison.
"What's up?" to my Boston heads.
I came to visit y'all
but you know me I got lost instead.
I toss in bed.
Keep myself awake at night.
Worried that I might not fall asleep
until I see the light.
My friends wanna see me fight
cause I'm a Black Belt Karate Master!
I'd rather have my freestyle raps
sale the party's laughter.
Plus I'm out of shape
and haven't trained in months.
Can't count how many times
my face has been punched.
I'm feeling cranial lumps.
They made you a chump.
I left you walkin a course of
mind anguish with sign language
is y'all def or what?
That depends. You mean the d-e-a-f kind?
He must've read my lips so hard
that he was left blind.
I've never been signed
but I've been signed off.
Cause I never rhyme soft
or wore designed cloth.
Every time I cough
I swear to God that it's a cardiac arrest
Feel my chest.
Make sure it's not a heart attack.
I'm stressed.
It's rest that I probably lack.
Yes. I'm a full fledged
over the edge hypochondriac obsessed
with cleaning the rims on my Pontiac.
Rollin through the plaza asking
"where tha party at?"
come in hardly last
but hardly fat
buying oil in Iraq
to get him violent
and his car keys back.
My wife don't want me back.
I want to hold her.
It's a shame she ain't been the same
ever since I told her
"This is my house.
You don't like it, you can get the fuck out.
This is my roof, you live by my rules bitch."
She said I had to bounce.

Sage Francis makes you wanna bounce.
Joey Beats makes you wanna bounce.
Non-Prophets weathered and deep cuts.
We send battle rhymes to shatter minds.
The Secret Service Crew
But them all fall through.
If you're jumping up and down right now
you missed the topic.




Maze broken
She's runnin'
Feet swollen
He's comin'
She's stolen
And before he even knows it she's gone.
Tea cups sittin' on the hollow tree stumps
He's dumped, and can't seem to swallow these lumps
The beat goes on…

Same fire
New passion
Old flame
Trade it in for a summer fling
There's nothing like that sweet old song…

Tip over
Root the trees
Bend the leaves
Blend in with the open wound
The freeze frames keep him warm…

The day's frost is scraped off the weight loss
The new sign that says keep off
As he speeds off into the storm…

Out of spite the lighting strikes him twice
He's peeking out on the pike and cheatin life
Peeling out on the lawn

Now he's idling
His time is dwindling
In his mind he's figuring out life's about the little things
And his labyrinth
And all his magnificence can only keep the mice trapped
The princess is innocent
She doesn't belong…

(I never thought I'd miss you)
They had a ceremony where he put her in a bridle, the headstall…
She stopped to think for a minute, and in a split second went AWOL.
(I never thought I'd miss you)
He draws in the chin as in a expression of resentment or scorn

He's pullin' on the reigns, the bridle, the shower the storm
The maze, the high tower, clouds are at war…
The reigns, the bridle, the shower, the storm…
The maze, high tower, clouds are at war
The reigns, the bridle, the shower, the storm…
The maze, the high tower, clouds are at war, clouds are at war, clouds are at war...

I never thought I'd miss you – [repeat 3x]