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"Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 19)"

"Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 19)"

[Reverend MJE:] "Pimp Lucius ah... you have been on my heart (yeah) hallelujah (hallelujah)
Thank ya Jesus (yes Lord) in the look that you had got a world from God (hmm-mmm)
Now Pimp Lucius God is telling me you don't wanna pimp no mo' (yeah)
He saying to me he's saying you wanna stop pimping ALL these hoes (amen)
And turn yo life around haha hmm (just turn it around Lucius)
Now if you wanna (yeah) God'll do it for ya (yeah)
Yes he will (yeah) come on choir help me sing it, come on...
You can do it Pimp Lucius
Just stop pimpin (STOP PIMPIN) Lucius
You can do it Pimp Lucius (you can do it)
Just cut it loose, let it go...
You can do it Pimp Lucius
I believe, oh I believe
Now y'all just come on saints and give Pimp Lucius a hand as he leaves the stage (people clapping)
Come on show em some of that godly godly love"
Young Bishop Craig says "Pimp Lucius are you seriously about to stop pimpin and give yo life to God?"
Pimp Lucius stop dead in his tracks and looked at Young Bishop Craig and said "shh... shhh shhh shhhhh...
Na just ssssshhhhhhhhh"
Then Pimp Lucius says... "I, ah... I ain't goin ever stop p-p-p-p-p... pimpin
P-p-p-pimpin for life
I'm just here with a c-c-c-cousin
Chuuch! chuuch!
Now the only thing a pimp done caught up off in here is the HOL-ly ghost
Now come on Bishop Craig let's go get this mmm... mmm... money
C'mon, shit oops!"
[Reverend MJE:] "God goin do it for ya Pimp Lucius, you just wait and see, God done bless ya, hallelujah, hallelujah"
"Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 20)"

"Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 20)"

Rosie's in the den sitting in her rocking chair
Reading the bible and it's so peaceful. Until
[Door opens] "He got the package Rosie! He got the package
Secret sweet bridges he done got the package!"
"Lawd have mercy Randolph what's done got into you?
And who got the package and what is the package?"
"The package Rosie... the big package"
"Ah hell I ain't got time to be playin with'chu (what you mean?) playin games and carrying on like if I want to play some games
(I wanna talk to ya when I tell ya) I'm a go ahead and turn on the TV and watch me some Wheel of Fortune"
"How the hell I'm a tell ya if you walking away from me... hmm... hm, hm... well hell with it then I ain't goin tell ya nothin
You must want to know... about the paaasssssstor"
"[Gasp] what about the pastor?"
"Wha... wha-wha-wha-wha-wha wha what? Did you hear that? Did somebody round here say sumthin? I thought I heard a–"
"Just quit playin and tell me what's going on with the pastor?"
"Well now you wanna know... I'll tell ya it's way better than peeking out them damn windows you be peeking out of [sucks teeth]
Ain't no pigeon goin shit on you listen to me" "RANDOLPH!"
"Okay, okay... lemme calm down... ooohh saahhh"
"I'll slap you with this hot water bag if you don't start talking to me!"
"Alright, alright, alright... I'm a talk to ya, and I'm a tell it all
I was at church in the pastor office cleaning up and next thing you know I was..."
[Randolph sings:] "Hmm, yes Lord... yes Lord, yea- [stops and drinks liquor] oooh, yeah loooorrrrr, what..."
[Someone shouts:] "I can't talk to you about that right now sister Marie, I got a phone call"
"Shit think shit think shit shit think Randolph..."
"Hmm, and that's when I got my ole ass in that closet"
[Rosie:] "Now quit cussin" "Now just shut'cha ass up and just listen Rosie
You say you wanna know... then I got in that closet and it all started to happen
The pastor came in; he was on the phone talking to a man"
"What's wrong with being on the phone talking to a man?"
"Well it all depends on what'chu saying... to that man
Now to make a long story short he said "Rufus I miss you."
And I couldn't believe my ears when he said "Chuck I miss you too."
And then his wife comes in starts pinching the bitch"
"I know meh don't like being in folk bidness but Randolph this is some juicy shit, what else"
"Anyway they arguing back and forth, pastor Rufus start try'na convince this man to let him come see him
But obviously he said 'No'."
"What else?"
"Nah calm down dammit wait a minute lemme think... oh, oh, he asked the pastor to stay in his life
But then the pastor said 'No.'" "God must be working on em, then what?"
"Pastor say 'Chuck let's meet and our spot, the Holidae Inn"
"And then?" "That's when" "When what?" "OHHH, took another shot of that gin"
"Ooooh Randolph this is getting good, but what make ya say got the package?"
"When Chuck let em know" "know what" "that he's in the hospital-ooooooh [burps]"
"He got the package!" "Didn't I tell ya?" "He got the package Randolph you was right"
"Next time you listen to me when I'm try'na tell ya ass sumthin"
"Oh my god, where's my phone book?"
"What you need the phone book fo? ("Lord have mercy") Now don't go tellin everybody around town Rosie ("ahh he got the package")
With yo big mouth ass [door closes] shoot!
[Randolph drinks liquor and goes to sleep]
"Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 21)"

"Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 21)"

Sylvester goes home cause he had to change into more something comfortable like, another suit
Then he gets back in the car and Tawn looks at him and says "Man where's mine at?"
Sylvester says "where's your what?" Tawn says "My suit!"
Sylvester says "nigga what make you think you can fit a suit like this?" "Man I'm slim"
"Shit nigga you be looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger in my shit! Just stick to the jogging suits and Timbs
And leave the suits to me" "Cheah whatever you say bruh-in-law"
"Tawn listen... cause what we about to go I'm gonna need your full undivided attention"
"I'm listen" Sylvester starts reminding Tawn of his past and situations like this
When he lost his head, and then he looked at Tawn and says,
"Now when we get there it'll be a whole lot of fine bitches in there, with drinks in they glass and they hands in the air
But don't get caught up just keep focusing on me
Then will go downstairs it'll be a hallway with a couple of pitbulls and armed security up the axe"
"Yeah this on some ole movie shit" "Nigga this ain't TV you fuck this up and our ass is grassed... you feel me?"
"Yeah I feel ya" "well make sure you do
Nah, they'll be a room will go in it it'll be about six or seven gentlemen there
Then they'll search and take my gun, say nothing just sit down in the chair"
"Man wouldn't it be better if I stand" "Nah because they don't like it when you stand
And Tawn, whatever you do don't stare"

[Joey:] "How ya doing Sylvester?" "What up Joey?" "Don't say my name, who's your new friend?"
[Tawn:] "I'm not a friend I'm his br..."
[Sylvester:] "Bruh-in-law, he's my bruh-in-law"
[Joey:] "Bruh-in-law is he, well he smells like a coppa to me"
[Tawn:] "A what?"
[Mob:] "Me too boss!"
[Tawn:] "MANNN!"
[Sylvester:] "T... ass grassed... that bring any kind of bells to you?
Now Joey the only reason I'm here is to discuss business with you"
[Joey:] "Yeah, yeah well I ain't discussing no bidness especially with mister, LL Fool J sitting here"
[Tawn:] "Who?" [Mobs laughs in background]
"I'ont like em"
[Sylvester:] "T, Joey"
"Sylvester I'm not about to sit here and take this shit from the blob father!"
"Now watch ya mouth you fucking mully"
"Now Joey that's enough!"
"Yeah you right, fellas escort these gentlemen the fuck up outta here"
[Mob:] "Alright let's go"
[Sylvester:] "Now wait a minute... Joey how long have you known me?"
[Joey:] "Obviously not long enough get em outta here"
"Wait... well how long have you known my father?"
"Six years protecting each other in jail, but'cha nothing like O'Dell
Youse young guys, you fucking kill me, fellas"
"Alright, alright... Tawn wait outside for a minute"
"Sylvester I'm not about to lead you up in here with a-"
"I said wait outside for a minute... remember I got this, nigga"
"I'll be listening from the outside"
"Yeah, yeah whatever momma say knock you out, fuck outta here... what you was running around with hotheads now?"
"Joey, I think you need to lay off of the pasta, it's getting to yo attitude"
"Yeah whatever, okay so let's make it quick, what do we got here?"
"Thursday twelve-O-clock midnight a train comes in from Indiana"
"Pff, yeah so what about it?"
"Well here's the deal..."
While Sylvester's talking, Tawn sits outside and falls to sleep...
[Joey:] "Yeah well what kind of money are we talking here?" "Joey I'm telling you, you can own a whole pasta factory"
[Mob laughs:] "Gee boss imagine that, your own pa... [clears throat] sorry"
[Sylvester:] Now all you have to do is..."
[Joey:] "You shittin me?" "I'm telling you the shit is real, hold on" [phone rings as guns point at Sylvester]
"Jesus fellas, it's just a phone, I got a phone call, hold on"
It's Gwendolyn on the phone saying "Sylvester what's wrong you left out and didn't even eat"
While Tawn in the hallway mean muggin and sizing up the security
Sylvester says "Can't talk now put the food in the refrigerator; I'll get to it later"
Joey says "hurry it up" he hangs up and asks for a pen and paper
Now Tawn turns the chair around and sits down puts his hand up and says "asshole"
Security looks at Tawn like he goin shoot him Tawn yells out "arm wrestle"
Now security looks at Tawn like it sounds tempting but he hesitates
Sylvester's telling Joey if everything goes smooth this is what will make
And now Joey checking out the piece of paper, Sylvester checks his watch then looks up at his goons
Security outside laughing at Tawn cause it looks like he's about to lose
Then Joey looks at Sylvester and says "what is this a joke?"
He pulls a gun out and says "yes but I'm the only one laughing, nigga don't get your ass smoked"
Tawn's straining and looking at his watch cause he know his time is up
He breaks the table takes the gun and point it at the guards and says "what, what what!"
Sylvester says "guns on the floor" then Tawn says "guns on the floor"
Then Sylvester says "safe, open it up" Tawn say "shut them punk ass dogs up"
Sylvester says "get on the flo, Joey don't make me have to ask you again, open up the motherfucking safe!"
Joe says "forget about it" Tawn says "I'm bout to shoot me a motherfucker today!"
Joey goons start getting up off the floor
Sylvester says "Joey don't make me do this" and then the strangest thing happened
They start moving in on em, getting closer and closer and closer
They start moving in on em, they getting closer and closer and closer
They start moving in on em, they getting closer and closer and closer
They start moving in on em "I'm a SHOOT ME A MOTHERFUCKER TODAY!" "Tawn!"
[Tawn panicking:] "Wha, wha"
[Sylvester:] "Wake yo ass up!"
[Joey:] "Sylvester ya man's gonna be alright!"
[Sylvester:] "Ya Joey he'll be alright, fuck is wrong with'chu?"
[Tawn:] "Man I had a motherfucking dream, that all these muh-"
[Joey:] "Yeah more like a nightmare" [him and his goons laugh]
"Huff and stuff I'll show you a nightmare"
[Sylvester:] "Tawn, we did good let's go"
"What are you a wise guy, I'm just breaking your balls"
"Yeah, he's just breaking ya balls"
[Sylvester:] "Joey, Thursday night"
[Joey:] "Sylvester tell ya lovely wife Gwendolyn I said hello... this guy" [Blows smoke]
"Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 22)"

"Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 22)"

[O'Dale on speaker:] "Hello Saint you reached O'Dale and Murna, leave yo name and number
We'll get back to ya, and oh yeah God bless."
[Rosie on speaker:] "Randolph I told you to shut the hell up!"
"Murna, this is Rosie, call me back I gotta tell ya sumthin about the pastor"
[Randolph on speaker:] "Ole big mouth ass woman I shoulda never told yo ass that shit"
"Shut up!! Randolph shut up!!"
And now the rumour...
[Gwendolyn:] "Hello, Cathy?"
[Cathy:] "Gwendolyn, how ya doing girl?"
"Have you heard anything about this package?"
"What package girl tell me what'cha talkin bout?"
"Rufus, Rufus your husband the package, I overheard that he got the package."
"Where you hear that from?"
"I ain't try'na say no names but I heard it through the Grapevine..."
[Rosie:] "Yeah that's right the package Murna! I can't believe he got the package Murner!"
[Murna:] "Rosie are you sure about this?" "Yep" "Well tell me who told you this?"
[Randolph:] "I told her ass."
"Randolph get off the damn line!!!"
"Don't chu tell me to get off the line."
"Just get off the line!!--"
[Sylvester:] "Speak on it"
[Gwendolyn:] "Sylvester?"
"Hey baby, what's good?"
"We gotta talk."
"Baby lemme call you back in ten minutes."
"No Sylvester we gotta talk right now!"
"Okay, okay, what's going on?"
"Have you heard about this package?"
"Now Gwendolyn baby I know what'chu thinking, that when the drug deal, that was just—"
"I'm not talking about that kind of package; I'm talking about the pastor"
"The pastor?--"
"Now listen to me--"
[Cathy:] "Sylvester this is Cathy I'm try'na get in touch with'chu
When you get a chance call me back, it's very important, here's my new number--"
[Sylvester:] "Gwen baby listen just calm down, I'm on my way. Hello?"
[Cathy:] "Hello Sylvester"
"Cathy what the hell is going on, and what's up with this rumor I'm hearing about some fucking package?"
"Na, na just calm down, I'm try'na figure it out myself, but I haven't talked to Rufus!"
"Yeah, yeah well you better call me as soon as you hear something else!" [hangs up phone]
[Officer:] "Chicago Police Department"
[Gwendolyn:] "Hello this is Gwendolyn for Sergeant James"
"Hold on, James you got a Gwendolyn on line 2"
[James:] "Hello?"
"Gwen, yesterday you said we were through."
"Yeah we are, but I think there is something that I outta tell you"
"Yeah what is that?"
"I got a friend named Cathy, who slept with Sylvester, now Cathy got a husband; he's a pastor, slept with a guy name Chuck."
"What the fuck?--"
[Sylvester:] "Yeah what up Tawn?"
[Tawn:] "Sylvester I heard on the radio about this muhfucking pastor and talkin 'bout he got the package!!"
"I know."
"Man I will bust a cap—"
"Calm yo ass down nigga this is a pastor we talking about. And besides nigga you ain't even got no gun
Now call me back." [hangs up phone]
[Lady on phone:] "Dixie's [Bridget cries] I said Dixie's"
[Bridget cries:] "This is Bridget, and I would like to speak to Big Man."
"Just hold on honey. Hell is wrong with her? Big Man! Big Man! Telephone!"
[Big Man:] "Who is it?"
"Some hussy"
"Big Man?"
"Bridget is that you?"
"Yes... I got sumthin to tell you."
"Well... it's hard to explain."
"Bridget talk to me"
"It's hard to explain--"
[Pimp Lucus:] "Yeah Bishop Craig I tell a hoe like this 'I don't need'cha bitch I'll let the welfare feed'cha
Ya understand what I'm sa-sa-sa-sa-sa-sa saying
Hold on Pimp got a ph-ph-ph, phone ca-ca-call... Hello... Hey this bitch... Who when and where got what?
The p-p-package, the p-p-package, the p-p-package, the p-p-package..."

[Characters talk in the background as song fades]
"Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 23)"

"Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 23)"

Well if this hasn't taught you nothin else
its taught you that
everybody's got a closet and
they' own problems that need solvin
Could this be another case
of what goes around
comes back around
and what goes up
must come--
Well yall've heard the saying
Yall get the point
Let me get back to the story
cause these next chapters of Trapped in the Closet
is gonna be so crazy.
Sylvester and Gwen chillin in the bed
Watchin TV
No Drama
Phone rings he says "Hello"
somebody says "Sylvester?"
he says "Who is this, and how did you get this number?"
Cathy and Rufus decides to do a little shoppin downtown
Only she can't, her phone rings again,
she says Rufus its those people again.
He says Hang up...Hang up!
Now everything seemed to calm down
between Big Man, James, and Bridget
'till Bridget gets a call
someone says "We wanna talk to you"
she says "Who is this?"
Mmhmm...Ah...Am I gonna be famous?
Twan on the corner in the front of the liquor store
talkin on his cell phone
somebody calls he switch over and says
SPEAK ON IT!...........WHO?
Man don't be fuckin with me!
You shittin me?
How much am I gettin payed?
Then Rosie and Randolph gets a call. Hello?
Then..Then Tina and Roxanne gets a call. Hello?
Then Joey. Yeah Hello?
Reverend Mosley. Hello?
Big man. Dixie's.
James. Yeah?
Pimp Lucius. Hahahaha ha.
Now they tried and tried and tried and tried but there was no luck
When it came to gettin in touch
With Chuck...
"Tryin' To Get A Number"
(feat. Nelly)

"Tryin' To Get A Number"
(feat. Nelly)

Oooooooooo Weee!
Ho Ho
Guess Who
It's Kellz and Nelly
Nelly you ready? (Uh-huh)
Y'all ready? (Uh-huh)
Okay let's go

Pull up to the club steppin fresh up out the hummer
Gotta lot cash on me
I'm a number one stunna
In the middle of the winter make it feel like summer
What I'm doin? (hey hey)
I'm tryna get a number

[Repeat Chorus]

Half you niggaz goin bout it all wrong (all wrong)
Lemme tell you what might help to get her home (get her home)
You think that lame ass demeanor gon' make her wan come and see ya
Should've listened to BIG, u dead wrong (dead wrong)
First, you get your swagga right
Then, go stand right by that light
Let that light hit off that ice
Lookin like u landin flights
That girl there like kryptonite
She tryna put up a fight but
She cant' help it she enticed
She don looked like more than twice
St. Louis (yeah)
Chi-Town (yeah)
This alot of money mama this aint even fair
they climbin on the table and they standing on the chairs
They tryna get a glimpse of what the hell is over there
Then pop pop pop go round the bottles
Then pop pop pop R Kelly follows
This shit here like hard to swallow
Only real niggaz niggaz in on this power
Only real niggaz give paper showers
Three four grand like every hour
And I don't give a fuck who else in town
Midwest come through shut this bitch down

[Chorus (Repeat twice)]

[R Kelly]
I'm in the club and I'm sippin on Patron
And imma be up in this bitch all nite long
So many my baby mamas
I'm scopin' out like a hunter
I'm tryna see which one thst imma take home
Look at her (look at her)
I like her (go get her)
Fuck it go get them
Let all of them bitches in
Gotta lot of cash
And I'm ready to spend it all
I'm so high up in this muthafucka
I can't see y'all
Before u take a picture (hee)
Gimme time pause
And it go like suit (uh huh)
My ice (uh huh)
My stunnas now pause
R Kelly (that's what's up)
Kellz and Nelly (that's what's up)
Get that paper (that's what's up)
Fuck them haters (that's what's up)
Playa y'all got the game all misconstrued
I'm bout to break it
Try to talk some sense in y'all fools
Looky here
Playa let me tell you what's happenin
Get that number keep it proud
Tell that bitch to write it down
Shake yo hand and give u that now

[Chorus (Repeat twice)]

I'm gettin my drink on
I got my stunnas on
Just stop the music you can hear this on ya ringtone
We in here all nite long
This goin' til six in the morn'
Wake up with two cchicks, wash our ass and goin' straight to the mall
Now gimme that number

"U Saved Me"

"U Saved Me"

I was riding in my car one day
In the express lane rollin on the freeway
And suddenly the phone rings then I
Reached down beside me then i look
On the floor felt on the backseat
See I was drinking while I was driving
Never thinking bout what I was doing
I turned around and before i knew it
Here comes this truck now

Doctor said don't think he gonna make it
Family said make the funeral arrangements
Unplug the machine he's gone now
Then told my wife to be strong now
Then a small voice said told me
If you promise to stop drinking
I surrendered on that day
Now for ten years i've been straight

You saved me [4x]
Gave me a second chance
You saved me [3x]
You saved me

Now i've been sitting in this chair
Waiting on the phone to ring
Praying up to God that someone will call
Me with a job opening
Cause it's been so hard for me
Month to month struggling to eat
But still there was no answer
I stop believing in his word and
Got so mad at him and
When somebody said God's good
I just laugh at 'em

But in the nick of time his blessing
Rain on me
By his grace the phone ring
A lady said were hiring and
That's when I knew

You saved me [4x]

Now i was 18 out there on the block
Selling drugs
With a gun at my waist
And for people I had no love
See the streets was my home
Family and friends were all gone
Had no one to trust
And deep inside i was all alone
And a deal went bad one day
And it was enough to pause me
I was shot 4 times and before i
Knew it I was on my knees

Blood pushin out my body
My heart's beating faster don't know what i'm gonna do
I don't think i'm gonna last then
I begain to flash back on the things
I done in my past
Then I heard a small voice that said
I'll give you peace if you believe
I accepted Christ that day
Halilujah now i'm free

You saved me [4x]

I was in the aisle of the grocery store
With a pain in my chest and I'm wondering
Where did it come from (I got tested)
And the results came back
And the doctor said i'm sorry but u got cancer
I could not beleive it so
I call my mama to calm my nerves

(mama) she got down on her knees
(mama) she said a prayer for me
(mama) just keep on thanking Jesus
(mama) he'll give you what you need
(thank you Jesus)
Now that was five years ago
I don't have that pain no more
Doc said you can go home
Cause all your cancer's gone

You saved me [4x]

You saved me (said you saved me)
You saved me (but you saved me)
You saved me saaaved me
Gave me a second chance (second chance)
Halilujah saved me
Saved me saved me
Wooooooh You saved me

You gave me it was by grace You saved me
I'm so thankful that You looked down on me
Saw me standing there
I was at the end of my rope no where to go
And you gave me

No where to go (and you saved me)
I was down and out 2
I was doing drugs 2
I was running the streets 2
Never felt love
I was wilding out
You saved me
You stepped in ooh save me

You saved me
"Up And Outta Here"

"Up And Outta Here"

I was so wrapped up in all of the finer things
That I never took the time to show ya
What you meant to me
Money, cars and ice blinging off clothes
I thought that I was hot, until you turned cold
How could my success go and deceive me
If I could turn it all back
Then all of this would be a dream to me
(ooooh, ooh, ooh, oooooh)
(ooooh, ooh, ooh, oooooh)
Baby, baby
If you saw me in Church on Sunday You could tell
That I've learned my lesson well

Never said a prayer
(Oh oh, like this)
Never shead a tear
(Until it was you I missed)
Never fell in love
(Like a bottomless pit)
I was so so tough
Till you were up and outta here

My pride had me thinking that being with me
You were blessed
Funny how you could ask for so little
And receive less
All of the fussin' and fightin'
Cause I was always gone
And even though I gave you a lame excuse you still hung on
Oh I don't blame you for leaving me
If I could turn it all back
This would be a dream to me
(oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooooh)
Ho, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
(oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooooh)
Baby, baby, baby
If you could see me on Church on Sunday
You would say I learned my lesson well

"Use to Me Spending"
(feat. Nokio & Jaz-Ming)

"Use to Me Spending"
(feat. Nokio & Jaz-Ming)

Take your clothes off
Uhh, Bad Boy
Knahmsayin? We wanna..
Uh-huh, uh-huh, TrackMasters
reconvey a message, knahmsayin?
Uhh, uhh, Rockland
R.I.P., B.I.G.
Uhh, uhh, think I'm gonna..

[R. Kelly]
I'm gonna get into you (get in too deep)
I wanna get into you (get in too deep)
Wanna get into you (get in too deep)
Oahhohh, ohhh .. (get in too deep)

All my fellas in the house if you fuckin tonight
Throw yo' hands up!
And all my honies in the house if you fuckin tonight
Just throw yo' hands up!

I wanna get into you (get in too deep)
I wanna get into you (baby get in too deep)
I wanna get into you (just get in too deep)
I wanna get into you (kick a lil freestyle, yo)

[R. Kelly]
Y'all been here so what the hell
Let's get up on our hotel
Doin the nasty, all night long
Make your body scream and moan
Tell your man that we're some kin
Play it off and bring a friend
I got backstage passes for you
Just meet me right by the bathroom
And if you don't have a curfew
Keep it real and we'll be cool
And if your ID's up to age
Then you're gonna get some "12Play"
I ain't gon' front, got it like that
The stairs goes down as room goes black
Get deep in you like +The Abyss+
You bring your ass home all pregnant

[Chorus: R. Kelly, Jaz-Ming (repeat 2X)]

You must be use to me spending
and all that sweet wining and dining
Well I'm fucking you tonight
Baby it's no mystery
You will be all up in me
Freakin is my specialty
I've got all of what you need

[R. Kelly]
(yo, yo)
All my fellas in the house if you fuckin tonight
Throw yo' hands up!
And all my honies in the house if you fuckin tonight (uh, c'mon)
(Just) throw yo' hands up!

You know there's nobody better than
Jaz-Mack, late night like Letterman (oh word?)
From the movies to the hooptie to the Sheraton (what?)
There you go, tryin to feel up on my breasts again

Shorty better guess again
I trick grips of chips and trips on you
You did flips when I tried to put the lips on you
Now we ain't got SHIT to do
but head to my crib and "Enter the Dru"

The who? You nuttin but a star joke nigga (oh word?)
No few for your Benz Jeep car broke nigga

Aiyyo listen my advice is
fellas pay the prices
If she's fuckin you
and not those sexual devices


[R. Kelly]
Pull that, boo-ty, ov-errrr, yeah
and jump in my ride, babe
Cause once I get you home with me
And fulfill your fantasies
You'll say bust the flavas
then give that ass to me! Oahhhhh, yeah


I wanna get into you (get in too deep)
I wanna get into you (get in too deep)
Oahhhhoahhhh (get in too deep)
La-di-da-da-da (in too deep ??)

Baby it's no mystery
You will be all up in me
Freakin is my specialty
I've got all of what you need..
(feat. Tone)

(feat. Tone)

Rock on, come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on
Chillin' at the club
Showing niggas how we ball
Ever since the drought
It's been nothing but the trump

Can you really blame me for getting these G's
Something I don't understand
Why you fools after me, VIP
Got the haters after me
Cuz I push these V's
They wanna be like me
If you agree
Then raise the roof with me
In the party place to be
Living VIP

Since when did money, oh
Become such a problem
I just wanna live a life
That only involve the numbers, yeah

Can you really blame me for getting these G's
See what I can't understand
Why you fools don't rock with me, VIP
I got the haters after me
Because I push these V's
They wanna be like me
If you agree (If you agree)
Then raise the roof with me (Raise the roof with me)
In the party place to be (In the party place to be)
Living VIP

Ha ha, nothing but the
Stretch Bentleys with the top thats drop, that's right
Kelly CD's with the sound that knocks
Di di di di di di di
When the party rocks
Fingers to the wrist filled with nothin but rocks
I know you haters wanna come to Rockland's party
But you can't get in unless you VIP

Can you really blame me for getting these G's
See what I can't understand
Why you fools are after me, livin' V
So if you're ballin' and you know, raise your hands
And if you sexy and you know it, stomp your feet
And if your man ain't spendin' money on you
Then ladies, you can come and get with me
A little V

Yo, uh huh, wish I could call up all the haters
I mean, I wish I could make a phone call
To all the haters around the world
You know what I'm saying?
This is what I'd say
What's goin' on in the world today, huh?
Seems like every nigga got beef cuz they ain't got steak
When I ain't had no money see, everything was cool
But now that I got a little money and y'all wanna act a fool
And none of 'em VIP

VIP, I got the haters after me
Because I push these V's (What?)
They wanna be like me (Raise the roof, y'all)
If you agree (Now let's lock)
And raise the roof with me
(Over this here's, just bring it on)
In the party place (Uh, Rockland)
To be living VIP, VIP

I got the haters after me
Because I push these V's
They wanna be like me
(Wanna be a.....)