Šta je novo?
The Plague Of Sorrow

Signs through the end of time
Like a plague of sorrow
Pain infects the mind
Pollution injects

Demon's craving death
Infested souls
Demon's craving death
In silent force

Poison straming
Through the veins
Like acid reign
Dead eyes starring
Through the flesh
Searching to feed

Alien of foreign race
Possess and breed
Inside the wallsof thoughts
Feeding on life
War Of Fidelity

Darkness redeem us
From saviours of sin
Temptations of lust
The thorns from within

Souls dressed in vanity
Drained we shall die
Open your eyes
And be gone with the lies

Raised in disease
United we fall
Killed by the sints
More evil than all

Sons of the holy might
Children of war ready to fight
Raised by the book of lies
Evil behold dressed in disguise
In Torment's Orbit

A world gone blind
Delusions never end
A world gone wild
Where hate is all untamed

Flesh will shatter
As evil debarks
The shades of hope
Will slowly dissolve to dust

Defied by life itself
Remnants of an earlier past
Lost in time repelled by thier god
This time will be your last

Souls in arise to awake
And be dead in holocaust
Souls torn apart swallowed
By hate in holocaust

Enslaved by pain
Repent your sin or die
Eternal death
Come before your god
And spill your blood
Eternal death

Your sum sill fade away
To the dark beyond this world
Your grace will fall apart
And be crushed
By the hands of your kind
Lord Of Command (Bringer Of Hate)

Dreams of fear
Wake up and be afraid
My kingdom awaits you
One force so black
In darkness domain
Rest eternal, eternal is mine

One soul one fire
To light the flame
Of the fallen's defeat
Summon the dark
Walk through the falmes
Death returns as evil awaits

Summon the beast, follow my path
The ancient arrives
Cricify those who we dispise
Feed out cross

It's nothing to save
All will be lost
Lord of command
Bringer of hate
The Flames Of Deceit

Fallen through ages
Siduced by time
Fallen through glory
And born as divine

On whom they praise
The saviour of might
On whom they put faith
Evil, collide with hate

On with the battle conquer thier soil
Rape the messiah, beseige and control
Raised in belief of fictions so pale
Go to your god and see how you fail

Fade away into the dark
My child we welcome thee
Fade away into the dark
My world... your fantasy

On through the dusk
In dimensions they weep
On through the light
The flames of deceit

With reign of terror the seasons begin
Master your harvest demons of sin
Black winged through the night we roam
Enter the world from the world beyond
Black Marvels Of Death

Sorrow the cause of my pain
Like thorns ripping in skin
Torment of silent screams
Awakes me from lifeless sleep

A storm of rage crushing all
That remains hidden inside
A war within human souls
That devour the spirit of man

The chain of life is upon me
Devil spawn raised to be possessed
Buried down below me
My soul lies dead
And awaits the arise
Pure is the faith
Strong is the wind
That leads towards
The endless pain

Life shall suffer
Crushed to remains
Dissolved into dust
The fuel to regain my pain
Twilight Damnation

Murder the art of the insane
A breed of terror born to destroy
Sickening thoughts, minds feeding on death
Craving for pain

The face of death, evil descends
From the throne of fatal contempt
Illusions embraced, evil seduce
Acts of man, with nothing to lose

Following the path
And my wisdom you will gain
Follow the one
In darkness and pain

Scenes of horror a call from beyond
Acts of lust, kill for fun
A black heart the devil's soul
Pure as stone, remorse for none
Slaves Of The World

A curse of the fallen
That once died in wars
In battlegrounds of hades
A legacy is born
In the storms of the fire
The burning crusade
Soldiers in black
Enslaved by their hatred
Death is now bound to this world
Breeding the spawn, the ones named mankind
One life forced to exist
In the circle of lies
Betrayed by god

Slaves of the world

Black is the dawn
That arises from hell and beyond
Dark is the day that possesses
The souls to decay
Far away from a past to remember
The spawn embraces the world
Far into a future of pain
Life goes on, destined to fail
Saviours Of Doom

Dark prince of the underworld
Start your battle, prepare your war
Enter this world through the gates of hell
Unleash the wolves and your demon-slaves
Roots of malice buried in the ground
Buried beneath what's never been found
The portal's thunder roars from beyond
And calls on evil to kill the weak
In orbit through hell's realm
Like clouds drifting in pain
Bleeding like rain the feeds
The earth of Satan's flames
As the troops of hell arise
From the graves of beyond
The storms of hell unleash
The silence of doom
They have come from so far away
To a world of fire
The sons of mortality, a beast called man
Demons in flesh