Šta je novo?




[Verse One:]

Could you tell me who released our animal instinct?
Got the white man sittin' there tickled pink.
Laughin' at us on the avenue
Bustin' caps at each other after havin' brew
We can't enjoy ourselves
Too busy jealous... Of each other's wealth
Commin' up is just in me
But the Black community is full of envy
Too much back-stabbin'
While I look up the street I see all the japs grabbin'
Every vacant lot in my neighborhood
Build a store, and sell their goods
To the county of sips (?)
You know us po niggas: nappy hair and big lips?
Four or five babies on your crotch
And you expect Uncle Sam to help us out?
We ain't nothin' but porchmonkeys
To the average bigot, redneck honky
You say comin' up is a must
But before we can come up, take a look at US

[Verse Two:]

And all y'all dope-dealers...
Your as bad as the po-lice- cause ya kill us
You got rich when you started slangin' dope
But you ain't built us a supermarket
So when can spend our money with the blacks
Too busy buyin' gold an' Caddilacs
That's what ya doin' with the money that ya raisin'
Exploitin' us like the Caucasians did
For 400 years - I got 400 tears- for 400 peers
Died last year from gang-related crimes
That's why I got gang-related rhymes
But when I do a show ta kick some facts
Us Blacks don't know how ta act
Sometimes I believe the hype, man
We're messin' up ourselves and blame the white man
But don't point the finger you jiggaboo
Take a look at yourself ya dumb nigga you
Pretty soon hip-hop won't be so nice
No Ice Cube, just Vannilla Ice
And yall sit and scream and cus
But there's no one ta blame- but US

[Verse Three:]

US ... will always sing the blues
'Cause all we care about is hairstyles and tennis shoes
But if ya step on mine ya pushed a button
"Cause I'll beat you down like it ain't nothin'
Just like a beast
But I'm the first nigga ta holler out {PEACE, BLACK MAN}
I beat my wife and children to a pulp
When I get drunk and smoke dope
Got a bad heart condition
Still eat hog-mogs an' chitlin's
Bet my money on the dice and the horses
Jobless, so I'm a hope for the armed forces
Go to church but they tease us
Wit' a picture of a blue-eyed Jesus
They used to call me Negro
After all this time I'm still bustin up the chiffarobe
No respect and didn't know it
And I'm havin' more babies than I really can afford
In jail 'cause I can't pay the mother
Held back in life because of my color
Now this is just a little summary
Of US, but yall think it's dumb of me
To put a mirror to ya face, but trust
Nobody gives a fuck about...


"Waitin' Ta Hate"

"Waitin' Ta Hate"

(Ain't no 'California Love') (Love) (Love)...

I see them niggas
You see them niggas?
I see them niggas

Look at them niggas just waitin to hate (wait)
Waitin to hate, waitin to hate (look at them niggas)
Look at them bitches just waitin to hate (wait)
Waitin to hate (wait) waitin to hate

Get your ride on, ride on
This ain't the day for you to die on, die on
I'm a nigga that they lie on, lie on
See these shoes you wanna try on, try on
Yo, we can go to war with the enemy
All we need is A.K.s and Hennessy
This ain't back in the days of Tennessee
Pull the trigger and release the energy [shots]
See muthafuckas run till they catch one
In the back, and it might cause a cardiac
Bitch act like he died and we brought him back
Him screamin for his mama and his sister pack
Flatline -
These niggas wanna act like
They ain't never had a full can of act-right
Make me pull out my gat, right
And smoke his muthafuckin ass like a crackpipe

So what you sayin, muthafucka?
We ain't playin, muthafucka
A.K.'in muthafuckas
So what you sayin, muthafucka?
We ain't playin, muthafucka
A.K.'in muthafuckas

Look at them niggas just waitin to hate (wait)
Waitin to hate, waitin to hate (look at them niggas)
Look at them bitches just waitin to hate (hate)
Waitin to hate (hate) waitin to hate

Get your smoke on, smoke on
Here's another verse to choke on, choke on
To all my niggas in the pen, get your yoke on
To all my thugs in the house, get your loc on
We can really give a fuck about a broke home
All we care about is bitches we can poke on
Nigga, what's that bullshit that you spoke on?
Better roll on 'fore we split your whole dome
Cause you're fuckin with Ice Cube the Terrible
Fuck around, I make your life unbearable
Make you live all scary and careful
Come through my neighborhood, you better tip-toe
Cause if you loud, then you might get chased down
Westside Connection catch a case now
Po-po's find your monkey ass face down
Tell your mama that you in a better place now

So what you sayin, muthafucka?
We ain't playin, muthafucka
A.K.'in muthafuckas
So what you sayin, muthafucka?
We ain't playin, muthafucka
A.K.'in muthafuckas

Look at them niggas just waitin to hate (wait)
Waitin to hate (hate) waitin to hate (look at them niggas)
Look at them bitches just waitin to hate (wait)
Waitin to hate (hate) waitin to hate (look at them bitches)

(Ain't no 'California Love') (Love) (Love)

'You can hate me now'

(Ain't no 'California Love') Ah-ah (Love) (Love)

To all my niggas with the lleyo
They rock it up like Play-Doh
They cook it up like Waco
Better do what I say so
Better lay low, cause you fuckin with a halo
Death to the niggas with the big mouth
And death to you devils from the Old South
And death to you hoes turnin tricks out
And death everyone that go the bitch route
Check it
If you infected by this record
Bow down butt-naked
And pray to God
Ice Cube won't spare the rod
Westside Connection here to mob, nigga, rob
We can take it to the streets
We can take it to the concrete
You niggas know where the Don be
You bitches ain't tryin to find me
All you haters need to shut the fuck up and get behind me

Look at them niggas just waitin to hate (look at em)
Waitin to hate (look) waitin to hate (look at them niggas)
Look at them bitches just waitin to hate (ugh)
Waitin to hate (ugh) waitin to hate

So what you sayin, muthafucka?
We ain't playin, muthafucka
A.K.'in muthafuckas
So what you sayin, muthafucka?
We ain't playin, muthafucka
A.K.'in muthafuckas

This is dedicated
To them haters
Who ain't gon' kill nothin
And who ain't gon' let nothin die
You know em
You know em
When you see Ice Cube you better holla
And pop a collar
When you see Ice Cube you better holla
And pop a collar


"War & Peace"

"War & Peace"

Ice Cube the great!!

"He has indicated to us that he has sufficient.. firepower..
to.. blow up the Bradley vehicle..
and in fact his words were,
We are ready for war.. let's get it on"

[Ice Cube]
"War, and peace"
Sing it!

[Chorus: singer interprets No Doubt's "Don't Speak"]

War and peace... (Sing it!)
War and peace, forever!
War and peace, together.. always!

[Verse One: Ice Cube]

I'm at the highest peak, still glad the meak is understandin me
Artillery, thoughts of killin me is just a fantasy
The man in me is ready for war, like Holyfield/Tyson IV
A gang against you niggaz on the shore
Either or, your whole family is on the floor
Windows breakin all around em, you can't climb this mountain
I'm at the fountain, with my troops
I start screamin at em like Patton, we gattin at you fools!


[Verse Two: Ice Cube]

strategy is the key!
I hope they ain't...
exclusively after me!
Cause if they are...
we gots to be who we be!
And make a star...
out of a head enemy!
The papers said...
that he died tragically!
They found his head...
with no legs and bo-dy!
We made a pledge...
to the Dub-S-C!
if they got no love for peace!
Sing it!


[Verse Three: Ice Cube]

I'd rather break bread than uhh, break your head
Break your legs, have em broken, I ain't no joke
Don't provoke, the gun smoke from the highest slope
Eternal peace, for my peoples and my folks
My crips and my bloods, criminals and my thugs
Just show a nigga love when I'm rollin on them dubs
Just, give a nigga hugs, we can ride on this piece
Westside for Life but still down with the East
Sing it!

[Chorus 2X]

After the haters attempt to blow up his car
We find our hero, Ice Cube, on the ground
Bruised, but not beaten
He pulls out his cell phone.. WITH THE CHIP!
And begins to dial Mack One-Oh
Who's faded and rolling through Inglewood
with Mr. Short KHOP
Words.. are spoken


"We Be Clubbin'"

"We Be Clubbin'"

Yaeeyaae uh huh uh huh brrr
We be clubbin'
Heyy hey heyy heyy look here look here first of all I wanna welcome
All y'all broke ass entreponiggas to the Player's Club. Yaeeyaae

[Verse 1:]
It's packed niggas don't know how to act
We the macks V.I.P's in the back
With a stack of numbers
My niggas like 'em dumber
We oughta get 'em smarter
Baby take my order
The only shark that swim in Henn no water
Got ya daughter doin' shit you don't think she oughta
Gave the order to slaughter any ass like that
You know how the loni act off the cognac
Brainiac with maniac Mack 10 (my nigga)
Down ta get this mothafuckin' party crackin'
Nigga back in so we can smoke a dub
Down ta bump all these bitches at the club (Yaeeyaae)

We be clubbin'
Everybody likes when the girl
Shakes something
Nigga don't pull nothing (That's right)
We ain't dumping
We just bumpin' and bangin'
Like it ain't nothing wrong
Get ya club on (We be clubbin')
Ah, we be clubbin'(we be clubbin')
Yaeeyaae (we be clubbin' we be clubbin')

[Verse 2:]
We gettin' in free so what the fuck now
WSCG just touched down
Show a nigga 'round
Least take a nigga to the sto'
(Y'all in fo the night?)
Hell no
Security bail slow up in the club
Remember when they push & shove
It's only love
Dubs for everybody waitin' on us
And fuck everybody hatin' on us
Debatin' on us but we only visitin'
Ain't tryin' ta fuck with niggas in lizard skins
I see you watching me, you should watch her
'cause if she sick of yo' shit I'm the doctor watch her
Show her to the car
& see how bad she wanna meet these stars
They know who we are (Where we going?) WESTSIDE
Nigga meet me by the bar

Shake it off shake it off take it off
Break it off break it off make it soft [4X]
Brrr (we be clubbin') uhh (uhh) (we be clubbin' [2X])

[Verse 3:]
Baby beware Ice Cube is on tilt
Waitress bitchin' off the drinks my nigga spilt
Everybody's sweatin' like it's Armageddon
1999 party over oops I'ma still grind
Straight from the West put away yo' 9 (click click)
DJ can ya play my shit one mo' time
Goddamn you fine (my nigga speak on it)
She got ass for days (put a week on it)
Now everybody in the world love to go clubbin'
And after the club it's either breakfast or fuckin'
Hope we ain't duckin' from haters in the parking lot
Who ain't got nothin' tryin' to prove sumthin
Frontin' we be the niggas who be bluntin'
On our way to the Marriott keep 'em very hot
Westside hittin' hairy cock all night long
Get ya club on!



We be clubbin'
Everybody likes when the girl
Shakes something
Nigga don't pull nothing (That's right)
We ain't dumping
We just bumpin' and bangin'
Like it ain't nothing wrong
Get ya club on
Homeboys show me love up in the club (Yaeeyaae)
Homegirls show me love up in the club
Security show me love up in the club
Owners show me love up in the club
Waitress' show me love up in the club (Yaeeyaae)
Bartenders show me love up in the club
L.A. show me love up in the club
The Bay show me love up in the club
Chicago show me love up in the club (Yaeeyaae)
St. Louis show me love up in the club
Miami show me love up in the club
New York show me love up in the club
Detroit show me love up in the club (Yaeeyaae)
Houston show me love up in the club
K.C. show me love up in the club
Denver show me love up in the club
D.C. show me love up in the club (Yaeeyaae)
Atlanta show me love up in the club
Memphis show me love up in the club
Dallas show me love up in the club (Yaeeyaae)
I might spend a dub. Bitch!


"We Had To Tear This Muthafucka Up"

"We Had To Tear This Muthafucka Up"

[Intro: (numerous men speaking)]

(Peace, quiet and good order will be maintained in our city to the best of
our ability. Riots, melees and disturbances of the peace are against the
interests of all our people and therefore cannot be permitted)
(The jury found that they were all not guilty, not guilty....)
(We've been told that all along Crenshaw Boulevard that there's a series of
fires. A lot of looting is going on. A disaster area obviously)
(The jury found that they were all not guilty, not guilty...)
Make it rough
(A lot of activity continues here in this....) Make it rough
(We have sporadic fires throughout the city of Los Angeles)

[Verse 1:]

Not guilty the filthy devils tried ta kill me
When the news get to the hood then niggas will be
hotter than cayenne pepper, cuss, bust
Kickin up dust is a must
I can't trust a cracker in a blue uniform
Stick a nigga like a unicorn
Vaugn, wicked, Lawrence Powell, foul
Cut his fuckin throat and I smile
Go to Simi Valley and surely
somebody knows the address of the jury
Pay a little visit, "Who is it?" (Who is Ice Cube?)
"Can I talk to the grand wizard?" then boom
Make him eat the barrel, modern day feral
Now he's zipped up like leather tuscadero
Pretty soon we'll catch Sergeant Coon
Shoot him in the face, run up in him witta broom
Stick prick, devils ain't shit
Introduce his ass to the AK40 dick
Two dazed niggas layin in the cut
To get some respect we had to tear this muthafucka up

Make it rough

[Verse 2:]

I gotta Mac10 for Officer Wynd
Damn, his devil ass need to be shipped back to Kansas
in a casket, crew cut faggot
Now he ain't nothin but food for the maggots
Lunch, punch, Hawaiin lyin
Niggas ain't buyin
ya story bore me
Taerin up shit with fire, shooters, looters
Now I got a lap-top computer
I told you all what happened and you heard it, read it
but all you could call me was anti-Semitic
Regret it-nope, said it-yep
Listen to my big black boots as I step
Niggas had to break you off somethin, give Bush a push
But your National Guard ain't hard
You had to get Rodney to stop me cos you know what?
We woulda teared this muthafucka up

Huh, make it rough!
Huh Muggs, make it rough!

[Verse 3:]

It's on, gone with the wind and I know white men can't dunk
Now I'm stealin blunts
And it came from Betty Crocker, overweight and blacker
Don't fuck with the black-owned stores but hit the Foot Lockers
Steal, muthafuck Fire Marshall Bill
Oh what the hell, throw the cocktail
I smelt smoke, got the fuck out, Ice Cube lucked out
My nigga had his truck out, didn't get stuck out
In front of that store with the Nikes and Adidas
Oh Jesus, I ?? Surplus got the heaters
Meet us so we can get the 9's and the what-nots
Got the Mossberg with the double eyed buckshot
Ready for Darryl and like Beretta wouldn't say
Keep your eye on the barrel, a sparrow
Don't do the crime if you can't do the time
But I'm rollin so that's a fucked up slogan
The Hogan's Heroes spotted the gorilla by the Sizzler
Hittin up police killer
The super duper nigga that'll buck
We had to tear this muthafucka up so what the fuck!?!

Huh, make it rough!
Yo Muggs, make it rough
Huh, make it rough

[Outro: (newsreader)]

(Not Guilty verdicts for Stacey Coon, Lawrence Powell, Timothy Wynd and
Theodore Vaugsinio, the four officers accused of beating motorist Rodney


"What Can I Do?"

"What Can I Do?"

[Intro: sampled announcer]

In any country, prison is where society sends it's failures
But in this country, society itself is failing.

[Verse One:]

Today, how you like me now, I'm in the mix?
It's 1986 and I got the fix with the chicken and a quota
Got the baking soda, let the water boil, workers all loyal
Dropped out the twelveth
Cuz my wealth is shorter than a midget on his knees
Now I slang keys
Infest my hood with crack, cuz I'm the mack
Take a nation of millions to hold me back
Too big for my britches, and I got bitches
Now I'm hittin' switches, niggas want my riches
Used to get 18 when my G was alive, now a key is 13-5
'89s the number, another summer
Police ain't get no dumber
Streets dried up, used to think it would last
But being a king-pin is a thing of the past
They tried to blast me for selling a boulder
Now I got my ass in Minnesota
Got my own crew, it's on brand new

Damn, what can I do?


[Verse Two:]

Already done stack me half a mill ticket
Bought a house next to Prince, so now I can kick it
Now I got ends, wavin' to my friends, rollin' in my Benz
Goin' to see the Twins, play at the dome
Police are tappin' my mobile phone
I'm almost home
Gettin' excited, indited, spent a grip and a year tryin' to fight it
Lawyer got paid, plea, no contest
And everything I own got repossessed
Now take a look at the dust
And I'm happy cuz I only got 36 months
Never picked up a book
But my arms are 16 inches, niggas look
Can't wait for '92 so I can get with my crew
And see, what can I do?


[Verse Three:]

Phucked up in the pen, now it's ninety-fo
Back in LA, and I'm bailin' in the dough
Everybody, now I gotta start from scratch
So where to work at, and niggas smirk at
Me say ain't nuttin' poppin from here to the LB
What you tell me?
No it ain't crack, and everybody's jackin' for a coupe
Cuz, they sent in the troops
Even tho I got muscle, that ain't my hustle
Takin' niggas sh*t in a tussle
No skills to pay the bills
Takin' 'bout education to battle inflashion
No college degree, just a dumb ass G
(Yeah you Nigga, who me?)
I got a baby on the way, damn it's a mess
Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Yes
Took some advice from my Uncle Fester
All dressed up in polyester
Welcome to McDonalds may I please help you?
sh*t, what can I do?



The white man has broke every law known to man to establish AmeriKKKa.
But he'll put you in the state penitentary, he'll put you in the federal
penitentary for breaking these same laws. Now we gonna look and see if
this muthaphucker is guilty for the laws he'll put you in jail for :

Drug using, drug selling, armed robbery, strong armed robbery, grand
larceny, rape, racketering, conspiracy to commit murder, extortion,
aggravated assault, mayhem, sodomy of the black man, trespassing,
embezzelment, purgery, kidnapping, smuggling, grand theft, brandishing
a firearm, carrying a conceled weapon, breaking and entering, and
premeditated cold-blooded murder.

Guilty on every charge.


"What Is A Pyroclastic Flow?"
(feat. Keith David)

"What Is A Pyroclastic Flow?"
(feat. Keith David)

[Keith David]
What's the definition of a pyroclastic flow?
That's what happens when a volcano blow
That's what happens when Ice Cube starts to flow
Red hot lava mixed with salava
Pulvarising everything in it's wake
Nothing can survive a pyroclastic flow
And noone will survive this one


"What They Hittin' Foe?"

"What They Hittin' Foe?"

Fucking around in a crap game
Niggas think I'm soft cause now I'm in the rap game
And I don't hang out as much
Bang out dope cuts
Standing on stage and I'm grabbing my nuts
But when it comes to getting in a circle
I'm hitting sevens turning broke niggas purple
Looking for Little Joe and the dumb nigga scream and choke
When deuce-deuce hit the floor yo
Now which of ya wanna fade the twenty?
I'm turnin your fat pockets skinny
Ah yeah I'm shaking the ivory
And boom it's like they die for me
Fool you can get loud, get mad, hit the joint
But don't forget my point
There it is yo
I put my Nike on the bet so it won't slide
Money gone cause I'm never hitting deuce-five
I'm never hitting four-trey no way
You wanna leave but come on hoe stay
Nigga see but that'll work
Poppa needs brand-new shoes and a sweatshirt
Fool you can't even fuck with that
And now that I'm winning I gots to get my gat
Cause I see your homies starting to look
And broke motherfuckers they make the best crooks
And I'm feeling like a baller
Bucking fools now the circles getting smaller
Now you wanna go and scheme
Punk niggas like you just love to triple-team
So I pick up my money and start walking
Cause now I let the gat start talking
Now since ya'll lost you wanna go out like a sucker
Take that motherfucker


"When Will They Shoot?"

"When Will They Shoot?"

"Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots" [Brother J]
[repeat 2X]

[Ice Cube]
God damn, another fuckin payback with a twist
Them motherfuckers shot but the punks missed
Ice Cube is out-gunned, what is the outcome?
Will they do me like Malcolm?
Cause I bust styles, new styles, standin - strong!
While, others +Run+ a +Hundred Miles+
But I never run, never will
Deal with the devil with my motherfuckin steel - BOOM!
Media try to do me
But I was a Boy-N-the-Hood before the movie, yeah
Call me nigga, bigger than a spook
But you the one that voted for Duke, motherfucker
White man, is somethin I tried to study
But I got my hands bloody, yeah
They said I could sing like a Jaybird
But nigga, don't say the J-word
I thought they was buggin
cause to us Uncle Sam, is Hitler without an oven
Burnin our black skin
Buy my neighborhood - then push the crack in
Doin us wrong from the first day
And don't understand why a nigga got an AK
Callin me an African-American
like everything is fair again, shit
Devil, you got to get the shit right I'm black
Blacker than a trillion midnights
+Don't Believe the Hype+ was said in '88
by the great Chuck D, now they're tryin to fuck me
".. with +No Vaseline+
Just a match and a little bit of gasoline.." - HUH!
It's a great day for genocide (What's that?)
That's the day all the niggaz died
They killed JFK in '63
So what the fuck you think they'll do to me?
But I'm the O.G. and I bust back (boom boom)
Bust back (Boom boom!) peel a cap (BOOM BOOM!)
Gimme room in the fire of the sun
Here the mack come, here the black come, watch Jack run!
Motherfuckers can't gank me
Fuck a devil, fuck a rebel, and a yankee
Overrun and put the Presidency
After needin that, I'm down wit O.P.P., yeah
I met Farrakhan and had dinner
And you ask if I'm a five-percenter, well...
No, but I go where the brothers go
Down with Compton Mosque, Number 54
Made a little dough, still got a sister on my elbow
Did Ice Cube sell out? You say, "Hell no!"
A black woman is my manager, not in the kitchen
So could you please stop bitchin?

"Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots" [Brother J]
[Cube] Yeah, yeah..
"But when will they shoot?"
"Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots" [Brother J]
[Cube] Yeah, yeah..
"But when will they shoot?"
.. [automatic gunfire]

[Ice Cube]
You missed, and didn't hit Da Lench Mob either
"Guerillas in the Mist.." without Jungle Fever
But I got the fever for the flava of a cracker
Not a Pringle, bust the single, here's my new jingle
"Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots"
The KKK has got three-piece suits
Using niggaz like turkey shoots
My motto is +Treat 'Em Like a Prostitute+
Now if I say no violence, devil, you won't respect mine
Fuck the dumb shit - and get my Tec-9
And if they approach us
A-ight, a-ight - I bury those cockroaches
And if you can't deal with my +Kill at Will+
Here's a new gift to get - try my +Death Certificate+
+Amerikkka's Most+, Amerikkka's burnt - it's like toast
Like Jordan, I'm goin coast to coast
Dribblin the funk here comes the nigga
with the motherfuckin monster dunk, get off me punk!
"Jordan.. watch Jordan,
aiyyo yo watch Jordan .. YES!"
"You better eat your Wheaties" [M.J.]

"Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots" [Brother J]
[Cube] Yeah, yeah..
"But when will they shoot?"
"Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots" [Brother J]
[Cube] Yeah, yeah..
"But when will they shoot?"

[Ice Cube]
Darryl Gates got the studio surrounded
Cause he don't like the niggaz that I'm down with
Motherfucker wanna do us
Cause I like Nat, Huey, Malcolm, and Louis
Most got done by a black man's bullet
Give a trigger to a nigga and watch him pull it
Negro assass-in
I'ma dig a ditch, bitch, and throw yo' ass in
When they shoot, no, it won't be a cracker
They use somebody much blacker
What I do? I called up the Geto Boy(s) crew
Cause +My Mind's Playing Tricks On Me+ too
Never died, surround my crib
and F.O.I. makin sure nobody creep when I sleep
Keep a 9 millimeter in my Jeep - PEEP!
When I roll, I gots to roll deep
Ain't goin out cheap
Met the MADD Circle on Cypress Hill cause it's so steep
They'll never get me, they'll never hit me
Motherfuck that shit J-Dee
Now I'm relaxed
Grab the St. Ide's brew so I can max
Sittin by the window cause it's so fuckin hot
and then I heard a shot - boom.


"Who Got The Camera?"

"Who Got The Camera?"

[Verse 1]

Drivin down the motherfuckin highway
the flyway hey bitch, you goin my way?
Now I got a passenger
I look at the miniskirt, now I'm askin her
Would you like to hit the fat bud,
or perhaps should I run your name through the mud
I mean, are you giving up the nappy dugout?
She said no, well then get the fuck out
Cause I know where the hoes be feinin'
plus your fat ass got my six-deuce leanin'
Bust a U on the avenue
why oh why there ain't shit to do
But then sir jinx played his mix
and you thought that shit played out in eighty six
Lookin for my dogs
looked up in the mirror being followed by the hogs
One time's on my motherfuckin line
why the fuck the swine had to get behind a nigga like me
They must thind I'm a gee
they both walk up with the g. l. o. c.
(Freeze! There was a robbery and the nigger looked just like you. Now
get out of the car with your hands up and legs spread.)
Started they investigation
no driver's liscence no registration
When I stepped out the car they slammed me
goddamn ya'll who got the camera?

Oh please, oh please, oh please, just gimme just one more hit
Oh please, oh please, oh please, just gimme just one more hit
who got the camera?

[Verse 2:]

No lights no camera no action
and the pigs wouldn't believe that my slave name was Jackson
He said don't lie to me
I'm lookin for John, Matt, or Spike Lee
The motherfucker called for back up
I guess they planned to beat the mack up
He called me a silly ass thug
and pulled out his billy ass club
Tearin up my coupe lookin for the chronic
goddamn nobody got a panasonic
Found an empty can of old gold
came around and put my ass in a choke hold
Fucked around and broke my pager
then they hit a nigga with the tazer
the motherfucking pigs were tryin to hurt me
I fell to the floor and yelled lord have mercy
Then they hit me in the face ya'll
but to them it ain't nuttin but (a friendly game of base ball)
Crowd stood around I said goddamn ya
Who got the camera

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]

I knew when I saw that deputy smirkin'
that they were gonna put some work in
Mr. law had to hit me in the jaw
cause I called them faggots with guns and badges
They played rat-a-tat-tat on me head
but if I had the gatty-gat-gat they'd be dead
A victim of a big fat 187
and little devils don't go to heaven
Last night there were eleven but they were'nt scarin me
so they tried the flashlight therapy
I looked at the black one and called him a traitor
I don't give a fuck if you got a beta
Just take my fuckin picture
so I can go downtown and bitch and pitch ya (?)
The one that called me a spook
his name is officer David Duke
If the crowd weren't around they would've shot me
tried to play me out like my name was rodney
Fuckin police gettin badder
but if I had a camera the shit wouldn't matter
(bitch), uh who got my nine, who got my nine
Ya'll done did it this time, uh
who the fuck got my nine