Šta je novo?


2 N The Morning

"Yeah this is a story of a famous dog
of a dog that chases it's tail, will be dizzy"

[Ice Cube]
Met her snake ass at a barbecue bash
She had a lot of ass and a twenty dollar stash
.. of some of that superb 'erb
She said, "I got the chronic, so fuck whatcha heard"
"Ice Cube do you wanna hit this?
This shit is hype, sho' you right"
Soon as she passed me the J and a lighter
Me and this hoodrat bitch got tighter
Talkin all day on the blanket (so whassup?)
with her ass jacked up, beggin me to spank it
Lookin like a host from the Barbary coast
Nigga don't wanna get burnt like toast
Whassup wit deez nuts in ya me-outh
Aight everybody.. c'mon we out
Took her to the six dollar hole in the wall
and I like how she's holdin the balls
Gobble gobble, from the incision
Stuff that bitch and it ain't Thanksgiving
Didn't even have to fuck all night long
Take me home, damn it's on
Jumped out the cover, snatched off the rubber
Met the hoe's mother - yo whassup?
Got the seven digits and I'm gone'n
that's the kinda bitch you can call at 2 n the morning

[Chorus: Ice Cube]

Not just knee deep, she was O.G. deep
when she did the freak with me
Not just knee deep, she was O.G. deep
when she did the freak with me

"Yeah this is a story of a famous dog
of a dog that chases it's tail, will be dizzy"

[Ice Cube]
I bumped this hoe on the danceflo'
Where you wanna go? She said, "I don't know"
I thought I had a treat in the passenger seat
Now her ass wanna get somethin to eat
From where? She said, "Denny's I figure"
I said hell naw cause they don't like niggaz
Let's go to my house and order Domino's
and maybe I can get the bitch out her clothes
Got to the panties, her ass started fightin
and I'm thinkin bout my dog Mike Tyson
Took her ass home, all alone (ring ring)
Whoa-oh, there go the phone
Ay whatcha doin? "Nuthin"
Then what about screwin?
Now I'm fuckin and I'm yawnin (*YAWN*) yup
but thank God for the bitch
that'll come/cum at 2 n the morning


[Ice Cube]
You the kind of girl to eat a dick up raw
and drink a 40 through a straw
And I love ya, cause you're down to get dug
and your man don't know you're gettin fucked by a thug
You a woman that's true (that's right)
Doin what the fuck you wanna do
And it's cool, cause you got a purse full of rubbers
and I'm a friend of your brother's (yup)
So jump your freaky ass in your Hyundai
I got a room at the Omni
Nothin tricky, no you ain't picky
Whassup Nikki? Down for a quickie
Get your lil' dickie and your Mickey and you're straight
and gotta be at work by 8
Called you last night, you wasn't home and
damn - it's half past 2 n the morning


"Yeah this is a story of a famous dog
of a dog that chases it's tail, will be dizzy"

[girl] Hello?
[Cube] Yo whassup this Cube, whatchu doin?
[girl] I'm asleep
[Cube] Asleep? Get yer ass up and come over here
[girl] Want me to drive way over there?
[Cube] Yeah, come on through and shit, y'know, it's about 2
[girl] Alright, here I come...


24 Mc Hours

24 Mc Hours

[Ice Cube]
Put the whoop on 'em (Ice Cube, a.k.a. Don Mega)
Put the whoop on 'em (a.k.a. Poppa Don)
Put the whoop on 'em (a.k.a. the Big Fish)
Put the whoop on 'em (a.k.a. Brainiac)

Keep it gangsta y'all, Keep it gangsta (uh huh)
Keep it gangsta y'all, Keep it gangsta (Keep it gangsta)
Keep it gangsta y'all, Keep it gangsta (all my life)
Keep it gangsta y'all, Keep it gangsta (all my life)

[verse one]
Everyting is real on this concrete and steel
Niggas peel your cap for a happy meal
I got to deal with this ball of confusion, world of illusions
We ain't losin' playa (never), weez winnin'
Playin' every night when we sendin' paper chasing, grinin'
While you still chasin' women 'round tables no lieutenants
Use your own man grown, (hook it up)
It's Ice Cube and the family stone
Breakin' bread every night in L.A.
And I pray, for one more day that's unate (check it)
It's 90 degrees no enemies in sight
Even the Don gotta fall to his knees every night

Can I get 24 more hours (can I get get)
Without dealin' with these killers and these cowards (can I can can)
I don't wanna loose, all i wanna do is win
I fucked up today, can I try it again?

[verse two]
I'm lovin' every breath like a cold sip of soda
While I'm bankin' down these back streets, thanks for lookin' over
Damn sure nice to know ya, fuck a four leaf clover
And thanks for this range rover
We gets down with this underground gangsta shit
Politians and parents, always havin' a fit
Everybody wanna know "who you with?" "where you from?"
Why you lookin' at me dumb?
Here's a bullet cuz you number one
Nobody knows, the fate of a platinum rap star (nobody knows)
We gotta wait until tommorow
(yeah yeah)
And I'm a nigga like you (yeah yeah)
You know I got the bar

Can I get 24 more hours (can I get get)
Without dealin' with these killers and these cowards (can I can can)
I don't wanna loose, all i wanna do is win
I fucked up today, can I try it again?

Put the whoop on 'em (look to allah)
Put the whoop on 'em (pray to your god)
Put the whoop on 'em (I look to allah)
Put the whoop on 'em (pray to your god)

[verse three]
Mister prosperity, these niggas wanna bury me
Your bitch wanna mary me
Rollin' more than a cherokee
Don't, I drive what I want, and what I ain't drivin' I don't want
Let it be known (let it be known)
Permits hit the conk in the reagal
But weez legal niggas dollars got bald eagles nigga
You can't undermine Mister Grime
You rappin' 'bout the same shit i rapped about in '89
Tryin' to be the new fien(d) (never), with raps complex
They love you one minute and they hate you the next
Push my lex thru the california sunshine
Look back on my life and say "damn I done done fine"
(damn) (I done done fine) (uhh)
Mister Ice Cube, i'm always on the grime
(always, always)
The Don Mega Mega Don, Don Mega Mega Don

Can I get 24 more hours (can I get get)
Without dealin' with these killers and these cowards (can I can can)
I don't wanna loose, all i wanna do is win
I fucked up today, can I try it again?

Keep it gangsta y'all, Keep it gangsta (keep it gangsta)
Keep it gangsta y'all, Keep it gangsta (everybody)
Keep it gangsta y'all, Keep it gangsta (Keep it gangsta)
Keep it gangsta y'all, Keep it gangsta (all my life)

I know we can make it, I know that we can
I know damn well that we can work it out
I know we can make it, I know that we can
I know damn well that we can work it out
I know we can make it, I know that we can
I know damn well that we can work it out
I know we can make it, I know that we can
I know damn well that we can work it out

...and we can work it out, we goan work it out
my niggas work it out, help us work it out


24 Wit An L

24 Wit An L

24 with an L, 24 years old and I got life in this motherfucker...

24 with an L as I bail through the concrete, shit is kinda deep
Deep, deeper than Atlantis, you got to know who the man is
L.A. better known as Pelican's Bay
The ghetto bird's got the word from the stool pigeon
A bird in the hand can't beat a chicken
There ain't no warden (shit)
Just broken glass fucking up my Jordans
Twice upon the time in the projects
I done got jacked for my Rolex
But I keep going, let it pass
Cause the swap meet got a sale on ski masks
And my little homie Kevin
Been carjacking since '87 (really doe)
L.A. is like a jail cell
And I got 24 with an L

"Get in that cell, nigger" [x8]

Now, I made a little money, good
But I still want to live in the hood
But buying new fly shit
Is just like inviting ants to a picnic
There's just too many sets
And now I'm getting those kidnap threats
But who wanna get wet?
Cause I'll soak ya, you think I'm fat like Oprah
All I got is a little piece of nothing
And now you want to jack all the sudden
Rahter have me face down on the floor
Instead of that devil you work for
Motherfucking coward
And clowning my man cause he wants to go to Howard
Now I got a strap when I bail
Through the hood, 24 with an L

"Get in that cell, nigger" [x8]

24 years, but see I got life
Sorry Mike, it does matter if you're black or white
Cause I'm up against the black and white
They spread my legs and grab my nuts tight
Niggas keep hitting me up
And bitches try to get a drop of nut
Asking me to dick this
So they can blow up, throw up from the morning sickness
Keep my shoulder on the wall like the county
Cause you buster-ass niggas can't clown me
South of pee go, that's where we go
Deep in a Regal, Desert Eagle
Sitting on my lap like a bitch with a gat
Westside's on the map
So if you want to scrap or even drop shells
24 with an L

"Get in that cell, nigger" [x12]


A Bird In The Hand

A Bird In The Hand

[Big Bird: Sesame Street]
Hey look at this! I was cleaning out my nest
and I found a book of my old poetry

[Ice Cube]
Fresh out of school cause I was a high school grad
gots to get a job cuz I was a high school dad
Wish I got paid like I was rappin' to the nation
but thats not likely, so here's my application
Pass it to the man at AT&T
Cuz when I was in school I got the a. e. e.
But there's no s. e. for this youngsta
I didn't have no money so now I have to hunch the
Back like a slave, thats what be happenin
but whitey says there's no room for the African
Always knew that I would boycott, jeez
but welcome to McDonalds can I take your order please
Gotta sell ya food that might give you cancer
cuz my baby doesn't take no for an answer
Now I pay taxes that you never give me back
what about diapers, bottles, and similac
Do I gotta go sell me a whole lotta crack
for decent shelter and clothes on my back?
Or should I just wait for help from Bush
or Jesse Jackson, and operation Push
If you ask me the whole thing needs a douch
a masengel what the hell cracker sale in the neighborhood
To the whorehouse bitches,
Miss porker, little joe or Todd Bridges
Or anybody that he know
so I got me a bird, better known as a kilo
Now everybody know I went from po' to a nigga that got dough
So now you put the feds against me
cause I couldn't follow the plan of the presidency
I'm never givin' love again
Cuz blacks are too fuckin broke to be republican
Now I remember I used to be cool
till I stopped fillin' out my W-2
Now senators are gettin' hired
and your plan against the ghetto backfired
So now you got a pep talk
but sorry, this is our only room to walk
Cause we don't want a drug push
But a bird in the hand is worth more than the bush

tell the politicians, the hustlers: live and let live (yeah)
tell the politicians, the hustlers: live and let live (yeah)


A Gangsta's Fairytale

A Gangsta's Fairytale

[Intro: Little Russ, Ice Cube]

[story-teller] Once upon a time, in the black part of the city
[young kid] Yo G, yo G you better get out of here man, 5-0
[door swings shut, car peels out]

[Russ] Yo Ice Cube, man
[Cube] Whassup man?
[Russ] Why you...
[Cube] Whassup?
[Russ] Yo Ice Cube man, why you always kickin the shit about the bitches
and the niggaz? Why don't you kick some shit about the kids, man? The
fuckin kids?!
[Cube] Word

[Verse One: Ice Cube]

Little boys and girls, they all love me
Come sit on the lap of I-C-E
And let me tell ya a story or two
About a punk-ass nigga I knew
Named Jack, he wasn't that nimble, wasn't that quick
Jumped over the candlestick and burnt his dick
Ran up the street cause he was piping hot
Met a bitch named Jill on the bus stop
Dropped a line or two, and he had the hoe
At that type of shit he's a pro
So Jack and Jill ran up the hill to catch a lil nap
Dumb bitch, gave him the claps
Then he had to go see Dr. Bombay
Got a shot in the ass, and he was on his way
To make some money, why not?
Down on Sesame Street, the dope spot
There he saw the lady who lived in a shoe
Sold dope out the front, but in back, marijuana grew
For the man that was really important
Who lived down the street in a Air Jordan
Ride to the fellow Mister Rogers and hoes
Drove a 500 sittin on Lorenzoes
He broke out, Little Bo Peep, smoked out
Saw, her and her friends sellin sheepskins

[Little Bo Peep]
Yo yo I got them sheepskins
Yo, my empty sheepskins
Yo baby, what's up with that?

Hickory dickory dock, it was twelve o'clock
Cinderella ain't home must be givin up the cock
I don't doubt it, she is kind of freaky of course
Had a fight with Snow White, she was fuckin her dwarfs
Saw a fight over colors, too
Red Riding Hood, and Little Boy Blue
A bad influence? Yo I don't know
But Ice Cube'll tell the kids how the story should go

[Interlude: Little Russ]

Yeah money, that's it, yeah money, that's it
This is Little Russ in the house
Rock that shit homey, rock that shit!
(Well, you know the rest)

[Verse Two: Ice Cube]

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
With a joint, drinkin some 8-ball
Three little pigs in a Coup de Ville
Lookin for, the wolf to kill
They're fucked up and they want revenge
Them and Humpty used to be friends
Now they're enemies cause he's a traitor
Pulled out the Uzi cruised by and sprayed him
Cinderella hoeing for the fellas
And Mister Rogers is gettin mighty jealous
Of the cash that the pigs were makin
Time for the pigs to get turned to bacon
Cause Mister Rogers found out quick
That Humpty Dumpty was blown to bits
They said that the motherfuckin wolf was next
So Mister Rogers better watch his step
So he let the wolf know
We're gonna fuck up the pigs, and take their ho
Cause Cinderella is much too fast
Before twelve, givin up ass
Double barrels all loaded and cocked
As soon as they show, they gonna get popped
They bailed down Sesame Street and caught em
Little Boy Blue is up front givin orders
Little did they know Cinderella was a fink
She called the cops and got thrown in the clink
A bad influence? Yo, I don't know
But Ice Cube'll tell the kids how the stories should go

[Outro: Little Russ, Ice Cube]

[Cube] Aiyyo man was that dope enough for you?
[Russ] Yeah you aight, you in the house
We outta here, seeeee-yaaaaa
[Cube] Yeah you better go home before I whoop your little bad ass

[Barney Rubble] Some bedtime story huh?
[Bugs Bunny] It's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't wanna live here

[Andrew Dice Clay] Ay, good ol' Mother Goose, remember her? I fucked her


Alive On Arrival

Alive On Arrival

Down at the best spot
Its me and JD and they sellin more birds than a pet shop
The spot's hot and everybody nervous
That's when the blue car served us
Oh why did fools had to let loose
Heard six pops from a deuce deuce
Big Tom had to push us
13 niggaz runnin straight to the bushes
For they gats so they could draw down
But why a motherfucker like me had to fall down
Not known why I dropped out
Fuck it, still can't afford to get popped out
So now I gotta jet
Only ran one block, but my shirt soakin wet
Tryin to see if we got him
Looked down at my sweatshirt red at the bottom
Didn't panic but I still looked cracked out
Yelled to the homies then I blacked out

Woke up in the back of a tray
On my way, to MLK
That the county hospital jack
Where niggaz die over a little scratch
Still sittin in the trauma center
In my back is where the bullet entered
Yo nurse I'm gettin kind of warm
Bitch still made me fill out the fuckin form
Coughin up blood on my hands and knees
Then I heard "freeze nigger don't move"
Yo, I didn't do a thing
Didn't wanna go out like my man Rodney King
Still got gaffled
Internal bleeding as the bullet starts to travel
Now I'm handcuffed
Being asked information on my gang affiliation
I don't bang, I rock the good rhymes
And I'm a victim of neighborhood crime

I need to see a MD
And ya'll mothafuckers giving me the third degree
Look at the waiting room
Its filled to the rim like the county jail day room
Nobody gettin help
Since we poor
The hospital move slow
Now I'm layed out
People steppin over me to get closer to the tv
Just like a piece of dog shit
Now will I die on this nappy ass carpet
One hour done passed
Done watched two episodes of M*A*S*H
And when I'm almost through
They call my name and put me on ICU
Halfway dead
No respect and handcuffed to the bed
Now the trauma starts
Cause the bullet must be just a hair from my heart
So I begin the ass kissin
Just to get looked at by an overworked physician
Got the chills, but my temperatures 103
Only got a band-aid and an IV
That's when I start cussin
Police steady askin me who did the bustin

Why oh why can't I get help
Cause I'm black, I gots to go for self
Too many black bodies the hospital housin
So at 10 P.M. I was Audi 5000


Amerikkka's Most Wanted

Amerikkka's Most Wanted

Ice Cube with The Lench Mob, I got it goin on
A nigga that's livin in the city of the criminal zone
One-time can't keep the law in order
cos everybody's goin crazy for a quarter
You're tuned in to the number one crew in the area
The way I'm talkin I'm scarin ya
I'm darin ya to raise hell and bail and brag and sag
or beat down for ya flag
Cos if you is or you ain't a gangbanger
Keep one in the chamber
Cos you'll get them thangs put on ya son
Ice Cube has got the 4-1-1
All the ol' school house fellows are crooks
So I get jealous looks
They keep thinkin did my hair grow?
Will the boys 'n' the hood have to beat down Ice Cube?
Hell no, I'll static son, you'll see it's okay
I keep my 9 anyway
for the day one of my homies wanna squab
I'm still rollin wit The Lench Mob

(AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted)

Back in the day I dip my shirt in dirt
Sometimes I got away clean, sometimes people got hurt
But if you know me, you know that I'm liable
to bust a cap cos it's all about survival of the fittest
I'm a menace crook
I did so much dirt I need to be in the Guinness Book
From the shit I took from people
I reap all your fat shit, jack
Back to the criminals sect
I leave crew after crew but they can't catch me yet
Cos I'm slick as slippery
They can't get wit me, cops ain't shit to me
I can't dig a pig so I drop the dogs
and sweat em like sweathogs
and get mad, mad cos I'm the nigga that flaunt it
AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted

Aiyo, here's what the poster read:
'Ice Cube is wanted dead'
That's all it said
I put heads to bed and fled the scene wit all the green
Hear shots and si-reens
When I feet first they yo' rings, now they my rings
So give it up punk and then I just
put another jack in progress
It's the American way
cos I'm the G-A-N-G-S-T-A
Ice Cube - a motherfuckin clepto
and tried to catch the early bird but they slept, so
who gets the worm?
And if I'm caught in a trap
you know I'ma beat the wack
with a payoff, cop gotta lay off
FBI on my dick, stay off!
I'm not a rebel or a renegade on a quest
I'm a nigga with a 'S' on his chest
so get the Kryptonite cos I'm a rip tonight
Cos I'm scarin ya, wanted by America

(Aiyo Cube man, they on your ass)

Word, but who the fuck has heard?
It's time to take a trip to the suburbs
Let em see a nigga invasion
Point blank for the caucasian
Cock the hammer then crackle, smile
Take me to your house, pal
Got to the house, my pockets got fat, see
Crack the safe, got the money and the jewellry
Three weeks later, I'm at the P-A-D
Had a little fly ass bitch wit me
Sittin in a dig, yo it couldn't be
(Whattup G?) Saw my face on TV
Damn (oh shit!) I didn't know I lucked out
Struck out, I gotta get the fuck out
Pack my bags and tried to hit the dough when
the ol' bitch down the street must've turned me in
Cos the feds was out there ten deep
I got hassled and gaffled in the back seat
I think back when I was robbin my own kind
The police didn't pay it no mind
But when I start robbin the white folks
Now I'm in the pen wit the soap-on-a-rope
I said it before and I'll still taught it
Every motherfucker with a colour is most wanted


Ask About Me

Ask About Me

[Mr. Short Khop, (Ice Cube)]
I check it in on the West Coast (Ask about me)
I check it in in the Dirty South (a-yeay)
I check it in in the Mid-West (hustle, man)
I check it in on the East Coast (The Hustle Gang)
(Look at me)
(Don Matta')
(Poppa Don)

[Ice Cube]
Check my blood pressure,
they think they fresher than the Don
Prescription pills to keep me calm,
Nigga, I'm da bomb!
In the black Testerosa,
Sippin' on Mimosa,
A bleedin' ?nosa?
I'm in the West, we ain't got the ?nego?
Give me Sicko kilos from Puerto Rico
When I okay it,
So much cheese, you got to weigh it
Never thought these niggaz was the feds
"Freeze" was the sound
I started lettin' off rounds,
lay the whole fuckin' room down
I don't wanna see Your Honor,
Ratha eat pirhana from Benny Hana,
Smokin' marijuana in my sauna,
I done hade it with these attics and faggots,
They them rattic causin' static,
bring me my A-U-T-O-matic,
oh niggaz wanna se how we ride
Bitch, you know the muthafuckin' side,
world muthafuckin' wide.

Make yo' hustle official,
And them niggaz that's wit' you,
gotta push tha issue,
on the fools that dis you,
whether pump or pistol,
when it's up in yo' gristle,
hand yo' mama a tissue,
If I decide to kiss you.

[hook] (replace "a-yeay" with "Ask about me")

Can you dig her?
It's the bigger, seven-figure, super nigga
Wit' the triggas at yo' dome,
we like to roam,
Through yo' muthafuckin' home like a comb
and find the money that's gone
And we'll take you, shake you,
break you, take two,
play you on wit' the chrome,
nigga shoot!
Execute, they try to electrocute
I got too much loot
Ya say I'm on yo' hit list,
You niggaz miss,
tryin' to turn my muthafuckin' cheese into Swiss
Rappers make bucks and I can hear it,
hard to fear it,
'Cuz I know you grew up on my lyrics
It's the boss player,
never lost hair over assholes,
blast holes in you muthafuckin' tadpoles
Like a bullfrog,
nigga I'm a bullhog,
guppies get worked like puppies by the bulldog
Where millions never gave a fuck about Sicilians,
or killas on T.V. can see,
we got the real ones
So check yo' muthafuckin CD-Rom
and your World Wide Web, dot com,
It's the Don Mega!


[Mr. Short Khop, (Ice Cube)]
What cha call it? (The Hustle Gang) [x3]
What cha call it? (Hustle, man)

[Ice Cube]
Ask About me [x2]


Bend A Corner Wit Me

Bend A Corner Wit Me

(Feat. Mr. Short Khop)

[Chorus 1 x2: Ice Cube]
I see you, Over there, Lookin like somethin wrong
Cause I'm over here, Sittin on some chrome
Shotgun to the dome
Bend a corner wit me

[Verse 1: Ice Cube]
When shit get boring, I jump in some foreign
Explorin through my neighborhood, All to the good
Ain't the finest order riches
Still got ordinary bitches to jehovah's witness
Tryin to get wit this
Know I got the green thumb, Hustler you never seen one
Extreme fun, Wit this mean one
But you'll never get none fuckin wit them broke hoes
Pinnochios, Fuck around and get a broke nose
That's ya fate when we congregate
It's the great writer, Exponium big spider
Tighter than virgin cocks, At the mall like dispurge a lot
Like these niggaz servin rocks
But I'm servin rhymes, Two cds at a time
Like it's weight, Ice cube the great

[Chorus 2: Mr. Short Khop]
Bend a corner wit me, We can ride to the store
Do it like friends do, What I'm into?
Everything on the menu, Wit extras on it
Cmon baby and jump up on it

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 2: Ice Cube]
This one is strictly, For niggaz rollin 750s
And it's polished from the 60s
Bumpin that cube shit, Do shit, I bet the wheels fall off
Before the skills fall off
Throw up the dub, Got more cocks to rub
And if you don't, I done got this far without yo love
Hoes want the nigga in the t-shirt and rolex
And y'all still get the .9 up out the kotex
Got the o.z., And the x.o
Broads get fatal, And don't wanna let go
Incredible, Nigga who you rap like?
Come out the movie, Who you act like?
It's the don, Still rappin 2000 and beyond
Tryin to come up on another million

[Chorus 2]
[Chorus 1]

[Verse 3: Mr. Short Khop]
From the gate, Khop want the whole plate
Want my drink and eat the whole cake
And won't wait until another nigga say go
I lay low wit the tweed and the yayo
And play po, And stop niggaz knackin
Still keep the set crackin
All about the cheese and how it's stackin
And plus, It's mo cheddar down the line
Ain't no better time for me and a gang of niggaz on the grind
Tryin to get the income, And then some
Stash a little bit and spin some
Keep it poppin till the end come
Can't stop it, Then shawties wanna grip
24/7, Money got a nigga whipped
Chip after chip, But if I slip
Have the homie send me o.t. and work the flip
Cause the world is payola
Silk the spot and left connect on ya wall in a black crayola

[Chorus 2]

[Mr. Short Khop]
Cmon baby and jump up on it

[Ice Cube]
Cmon baby and jump up on it

[Mr. Short Khop]
Cmon bitch and jump up on it

[Ice Cube]
Cmon bitch and jump up on it


Black Korea

Black Korea

[blends into intro with dialogue from Spike Lee's _Do the Right Thing_]

"Twenty D Energizers."
"Twenty, C Energizer?"
"D, not C, D."
"B Energizer?"
"D motherfucker, D! Learn to speak english first, alright? D!"
"How many you say?"
"Twenty, motherfucker, twenty."
"Mother-fuck you!"

[Ice Cube]
Everytime I wanna go get a fuckin brew
I gotta go down to the store with the two
oriental one-penny countin motherfuckers
that make a nigga made enough to cause a little ruckus
Thinkin every brother in the world's out to take
So they watch every damn move that I make
They hope I don't pull out a gat and try to rob
they funky little store, but bitch, I got a job
("Look you little Chinese motherfucker
I ain't tryin to steal none of yo' shit, leave me alone!"
"Mother-fuck you!")
Yo yo, check it out
So don't follow me, up and down your market
Or your little chop suey ass'll be a target
of the nationwide boycott
Juice with the people, that's what the boy got
So pay respect to the black fist
or we'll burn your store, right down to a crisp
And then we'll see ya!
Cause you can't turn the ghetto - into Black Korea

"I do fuck you!"