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Cradle Of Filth

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"Amor E Morte"

"Amor E Morte"

Her bouquets are wilted
Too long has She slept
Their cruel red mouths darkened
To bowed silhouettes
I saw in a new moon
With Her scent on my breath
But then all to soon
Came the hunger for flesh

I held Her in eyes like necropoli
Laying Her on a tomb with a view
Lighting Her from Her feet
To the stars in Her hair
Drove sweet blood to Her throat
And My lips parted there

(In the tone of splintered bone)
She screams benighted
My limbs ignite
A carneal carnivore
On all fours to go...

An ebon Nemesis
From torture gardens of Dis
Having never breathed an Eve
As far narcotic as this
Two spellbound hellhounds
Hearts pounding loud
Racing Heaven out of focus
Under quicksilver clouds

"God is maimed come let us prey..."
To lunar deities that pave deadways
Twixt the living and the grave
Amor e Morte
To cast our fearl shadows there
We made Love bleed on a Deathbed shared
Where, begging Me to feed
To best be Were...

I licked Her wounds and ate Her rare

Argentinum spurred
Her watnon words incurred
A sin ridden tongue
To open trading in fur
Never were those gates of pearl
So rubbed to their cusp
Never were the Worlds above
So bitten with the bestial...

Seraphim fell like guillotines
Giving gracious head

Instead of harking prophecies
And how our brother sang
Amor e Morte
In the thick evergreens
Theirs was a chorus for raucous souls
Shifting shape and lifting napes
To commemorate
Erotic stains
Amor e Morte

Unfasten thy masque
Come skyclad to my arms
Leave thy gown a dark pool at thy feet
I yearn musky valleys that no Man hath seen
The chill keen of stars
Over Yew and deep wooded ravines
A hidden meridian
Where Midian may be...

In black antlered glades
Encunted in this forest Goddess
She whispers My name
I buck under flames
Animal nitrates
Howling through my veins

I ride riptides that wrest and writhe to the fore
New lusts ecllipsing lips
That brought me to this verge of War
With inner beasts unleashed
To feast, fuck and run
Rampart in chase of She wolf pacts
Forged on heat with setting Suns

I love the night
It would murder My soul
Should I ever fall blind
For though thy flesh haunts
I keep also in mind
The stampede of clouds
From Dusk's predatory sky

Purple versed like the funeral hearse
That first turned thee over to My...
Unbridled kiss when I found thee in mist
Dressed for the sepulchre
My Demon bride...

"God is maimed come let Us prey..."
To Lunar Deities that pave deadways
Twixt the living and the grave
Amor e Morte
Ours was a chorus for raucous souls
Shifting sape and lifting nape
To commemorate
Erotic stains

Amor e Morte
Amor e Morte


"An Enemy Led The Tempest"

"An Enemy Led The Tempest"

As pride precedes the downfall
So he took His place before the firewall
Of dissonant choirs whose faith in one
Was embraced in this wraith whose fate was hung
Between forgiveness and the damage done
An electric scent over drear decay
Lent a violent surge to their serenades
Through white glades as His winged parade
Bent to silhouette and to sharpen dull razors
Within vast skies unversed in starkness
His might grew
And blew light hues to grey...
And worse, a third of stars to darkness
Then thunder seethed
And wreathed in thickening night
A line was drawn midst wrong and right
And across the throat of thieves
As love fell choked, the tempest broke
From Heaven's farthest shore
Descending to eclipse all hope
Repentance might stay holy war
He would not heel nor fake a bow
Murmur curses to the wind
Enraged, he raved in balrog howls
Upon a storm firstborn of sin
Incensed anew, rebellious tore
Like frenzied beasts of prey
Through temple doors...
Thrown east before the midnight masses
And where once bliss reigned so serene
In sweeter glades
Now veins ran openly...
Like eyes that shed from kindred ashes
When suddenly
There shone a hideous light
And a voice like three insanities
Soared up in thistled speech
"Thou hast bred hate where there dwelt none
And for this grave mistake
How thou art fallen Morning Sun
The proud will be abased"
He would not heel nor fake a bow
Murmur curses to the wind
And lo, the wrath of god swept down...
"Thou art no more an angel filled
With light, but a leech to be abhorred
And thou shalt suffer My burning will"...
Quoth this raven: "Nevermore"
Never fucking more
And with these words like heavy stone
Cast against that gilded throne
With many legions still in tow
He turned his wings to flee
His eyes a picture of distaste
Drawn to tears and in their place
The dawn of time and fates to face
Through all eternity...
I wept for him a deep red river
That ran like blood through scarred ravines
To sluice away the guilt that slithered
Like a serpent tongue to Eve
For once as I, in heaven climbed
Too high for truth to truly see
My sunken mind, drunken and blind
Saw the lie: The fool was Me...
Alone and cold, face to the crack
Beyond the dark gates with no way back
His crown of gold faded to black
Like a bruise upon the heart that lingers
With thrill-kill culture shock wave lengths
Of rope to hang high
Ten commandments by...
Snaked about his upraised fingers


"As Deep As Any Burial"

"As Deep As Any Burial"

Thrill, kill the black cult
Walk among the weak by night
Deep as any burial

Take their worthless lives...


"Babalon A.D. (So Glad For The Madness)"

"Babalon A.D. (So Glad For The Madness)"

I bled on a pivotal stretch
Like a clockwork Christ
Bears sore stigmata, bored
And as I threw Job, I drove
Myself to a martyred wretch
To see if I drew pity
Or pretty litanies from the Lord
So the plot sickened
With the coming of days
Ill millennia thickened
With the claret I sprayed
And though they saw red
I left a dirty white stain
A splintered know in the grain
On Eden's marital aid
So glad for the madness
I walked the walls naked to the moon
In Sodom and Babylon
And through rich whores and corridors
Of the Vatican
I led a sordid Borgia on
I read the Urilia text
So that mortals wormed
As livebait for the dead
And as I broke hope, I choked
Another pope with manna peel
Dictating to DeSade
In the dark entrails of the Bastille
And as he wrote, I smote
A royal blow to the heads of France
And in the sheen of guillotines
I saw others, fallen, dance
I was an incurable
Necromantic old fool
A phagadaena that crawled
Drooling over the past
A rabid wolf in shawl
A razor's edge to the rule
That the stars overall
Were never destined to last
So glad for the madness
I furnaced dreams, a poet, for of sleep
Turning sermons with the smell
On Witchfinder fingers
Where bad memories lingered
Burning, as when Dante
Was freed to map Hell
I sired schemes and the means
To catch sight of the seams
And the vagaries inbetween...
And midst the lips and the curls
Of this cunt of a world
In glimpses I would see
A nymph with eyes for me
Eyes of fire that set all life aflame
Lights that surpassed art
In sight, that no intense device of pain
Could prise their secrets from my heart
I knew not her name
Though her kiss was the same
Without a whisper of shame
As either Virtue or Sin's
And pressed to Her curve
I felt my destiny swerve
From damnation reserved
To a permanent grin...
So glad for the madness


"Balsamic And Anathema"

"Balsamic And Anathema"

"No human power can stop the will of heaven from being asserted."

Worming through the mark
Of Ezekiel and Mark
Through the chapters of Honorius
Gilles, as in a trance
Screwed the pages up and danced
Courting something vainly glorious

He walked he gravest night
That decrepit final juncture
Of doom and negativity
Reeking of death
And the gloom of Stygian light

When suddenly, the faintest whisper!
A curtain opened in a painted vista
Moonbeams swept into his dream...
Balsamic and anathema

Balsamic and anathema

Prelati full of stars
Magical, ecstatic stars
That sparkled, no debacle sought to douse
His fiery omnipresence
Hissed at heaven, evanescent
He was there to thwart the burning of his Faust

The gates were prised, the phantom horses
Snorted, restless to be gone
With enchantment's eyes upon the door, he cried-
'Come with me now!'

Gilles balked, the thought of life
Accused and pursued
And overridden by morbidity
Saddened his breath
For those destined for his knife

Then suddenly - the strangest feeling
One that left the angels reeling
Atonement crept into his midst
Balsamic and anathema

Balsamic and anathema

Prelati, full of stars
This abductor of his heart
Promised him horizons free of pain
But all the grand designs
Magic sings and midnight wines
In the dream-world couldn't hope to swerve his aim

He would stay and face his slayers
Cardinals and courtroom players
Whilst Prelati must now flee before
The pure and azure dawn...

The gates were wide, the phantom horses
Snorted, restless to be gone
With enchantment's eyes upon the door
Once more he cried
'Come with me now!'

Prelati full of stars
Tried to pull him from the dance
Summoning his Barron to perform
But as the Demon rose
In sweet miracles of prose
And propaganda, came a proper bible storm

Lightning - grinning, froze
On this murder-site of crows
And from the scattered ashes stepped a sylph
The maiden Joan of Arc
Crept more beautiful and dark
A paradise, a cradle free of filth

She was chaste beyond all graces
The face of faith illuminated
More precious than Prelati's spell
A Goddess in a dream...

And trembling in her arm
Her eyes a thousand golden psalms
That glittered as on Christmas night
He wept like Hallowe'en

He held the scene, the poignant gleam
Of peace and great serenity
Close to his heart, her parting kiss
He slept to wake released in bliss


"Bathory Aria"

"Bathory Aria"

[I. Benighted Like Usher]
Snuffed tapers sighed
As Death left impressing
His crest of cold tears on the Countess
Benighted like ill-fated Usher
The House of Bathory shrouded
'Neath griefs dark facade
If only I could have wept
In mourning by Her side
I would have clasped Her so tight
Like storm-beached Aphrodite
Drowned on Kytherean tides
And Kissed Her
For from Her alone
My lips would have known
Enigmas of shadowy vistas
Where pleasures took flesh
And pain, remorseless
Came freezing the breath
Of raucous life hushed unto whispers
Inhaling the pale waning moonlight that crept
Through the crypt of Her Lord who so lucidly slept
Exhaling the wail of black widowhood's toll
Waxing eternal night entered Her soul
[II. A Murder of Ravens in Fugue]
Now haranguing grey skies
With revenge upon life
Gnathic and Sapphic
Needs begged gendercide
Delusions of Grandier denounced the revolt
Of descrying cursed glass, disenchanted in vaults
Encircled by glyphs midst Her sin-sistered cult
With hangman's abandon She plied spiritworlds
To Archangels in bondage
From light to night hurled
Cast down to the earth where torment would unfurl.......
But soon,
Her tarot proved
Hybrid rumours spread like tumours
Would accrue
And blight Her stars
However scarred
To better bitter truths
Of cold bloodbaths
As bodies rose
In rigid droves
To haunt Her from their
Shallow burials imposed
When wolves exhumed
Their carthen wombs
Where heavy frosts had laboured long
To bare their wounds
To the depths of Her soul they pursued
Wielding their poison they flew
Like a murder of ravens in fugue
And knowing their raptures
Would shatter Her dreams
She clawed blackened books for damnation's reprieve
Baneful cawed canons on amassed enemies
So Hallow's Eve
As She received
Like Bellona to the ball
Those enemies
Fell-sisters heaved
Her torturies
Cross stained flagstones
To Her carriage reined to flee
But She knew She must brave the night through
Though fear crept a deathshead o'er the moon
Like a murder of ravens in Fugue
For each masked, jewelled gaze held dread purpose
Horror froze painted eyes to cold stares
And even Her dance
In the vast mirrors cast
Looked the ill of Her future
If fate feasted there....
[III. Eyes That Witnessed Madness]
In an age crucified by the nails of faith
When rank scarecrows of christ blighted lands
An aloof Countess born an obsidian wraith
Dared the abyss knowing well She was damned
Her life whispered grief like a funeral march
Twisted and yearning, obsessed an entranced
With those succumbing to cruelty
Crushed 'neath the gait of Her dance
A whirlwind of fire that swept through the briers
Of sweet rose Her thickets of black thorn had grasped...
She demanded the Heavens and forever to glean
The elixir of Youth from the pure
Whilst Her lesbian fantasies
Reamed to extremes
O'er decades unleashed
Came for blood's silken cure
But Her reign ended swiftly
For Dark Gods dreamt too deep
To heed Her pleas
When Her gaolers were assailed
With condemnations from a priest
Who'd stammered rites
In the dead of night
For maidens staining winding sheets
And She postured proud
When Her crimes were trowelled
And jezebelled to peasant lips
Though She smelt the fires
That licked limbs higher
To the tortured cunts of accomplices
So ends this twisted fable's worth
And though spared the pyre's bite
By dint of nobled bloodlined birth
Her sins (crimes) garnered Her no respite
Forever severed from the thrill of coming night
Where slow Death alone could grant Her flight
"The Spirits have all but fled judgement
I rot, alone, insane,
Where the forest whispers puce laments for me
From amidst the pine and wreathed wolfsbane
Beyond these walls, wherein condemned
To the gloom of an austere tomb
I pace with feral madness sent
Through the pale beams of a guiltless moon
Who, bereft of necrologies, thus
Commands creation over the earth
Whilst I resign my lips to death
A slow cold kiss that chides rebirth
Though one last wish is bequathed by fate
My beauty shalt wilt, unseen
Save for twin black eyes that shalt come to take
My soul to peace or Hell for company"
[Quoted words above are from Hammer Film's "Countess Dracula" (1970).
The singer is Imgrid Pitt, the actress who played the role of Elizabeth in that film.]
My soul to Hell for company


"Beast Of Extermination"

"Beast Of Extermination"

"Kill a man and you are a murderer.
Kill millions of men and you are a conqueror.
Kill everyone and you are a God."
[Jean Rostard (1955)]

Born of the best of enemies
Beyond the pearly constellations
Wherein heaven has no embassy
And hope no surly grip on reason

Yahweh: frankincense
Satan; gold and murder

He is sly, bejewelled with sylph
Slick limbs spread wide to guide you through the filth
And rust
Crawl to him fuelled by lust

He's the horned one in the pentagram
A waste of chaos by the gram
Dark eyes for trouble, double damned
The storm upon lake Lacrymose
Restless. never comatose
The thorn upon the single rose
We share...


His a renegade a Capella now obeyed
A shitstorm without warning
The pleasuit King In Yellow on parade
Son of the thunderous morning

Yahweh: frankincense
Satan: gold and murder

He is high. inured with vice
The tower-cree er on our edelweiss
A foreign power cut of utter fear

Taught curiosity, he s atrocity. banned
The taste of chaos by the dram
A tortured course like slaughtered lamb
Best rare
The curse that haunts this thirsting tomb
Disturbed, becomes the worst of doom
Rehearsing all his worth for soon
He's there...


He is hatred. greed and war
He is everything we ought abhor
Were it not for the fateful truth
Be sure
We suffer him all the more

And lo! his tyrant's eye
Is fixed upon our rich and vibrant sky
Now hear the wind
Herald desolation

As on that eve when angels clad
In nothing but their whispered virtues
Slipped into the valley
Of the dirty serpentine

Hes the horned one in the pentagram
A waste of chaos by the gram
Dark eyes for trouble, double damned
The storm upon lake Lacrymose
Restless, never comatose
The thorn u on the single rose
we share...


Disdainful. he self-deprecates
The mirror's jagged stare
And it's painful how we subjugate
The grinning face reflected in there

Yahweh: frankincense
Satan; gold and murder


"Beauty Slept In Sodom"

"Beauty Slept In Sodom"

Death, spirit me away
My anguished soul doth strain
On taut and twisted reins
Yet, insatiate I still remain
Like a proud, unfalled star
That dares thee from afar
To calm my thund'rous heart
Else, rend it's knots apart
So I may never sing
Of jewelled skies o'er my strings
And love, a wanton thing
Can plunge on burnt, black wings
To hang amid the thorns
In scarlet, like velvet worn
About the clouded moon
Who wanes in solitude....
I am alone
Thirsting for the dark
That lurks beneath marbled stone
What black witchcraft
Shalt prise thee from thy dreams
And what perverse world-strategy
Will wend it's way with thee from sleep?
"Rouse my disease
And with cadent naked dance I shalt teach
Thee wisdom of darkness
From earth and red sea
Lightbearing Samael
Coalesce with me...."
Through pagan city gates
Bred shadows play like twining snake
By candlelight
Thanateros rites
Death seduced and chaos wakes....
Obsession grips, blindragon fever
In throes of scythed orgasm, Eros dies
And Saturn rapes faith's lovelorn Diva
Upon a cyprean altar, stripped bare for sacrifice
Virtue births a demon
Pandora's box, unhinged, sets loose the night
Winged lilith born for want of Eden
Fanning plumes of harlotry
Like pearls before the desert swine
The skies, they darken
And the oceans part
Storm forth indignant Kraken
Reborn Venus as thou art
Feasting at my banquet
Of Saturnalia
I call thee having wrestled
The tides from lonely Diana
"For thee Endymion
I forsake the cerements of this star-flung tomb"
Be-with-us come
Unveil the ancient flame
Throw the cats our enemies
Desire's menstrual strain
Eastern Devil eyes
A cruel erotic plague
The Shekhina is in exile
And the Israelites enslaved to shame
A tenebrous phantasy
Revelates to men
Their celestial walls crumble
When walks the Xul
Born to the scarlet whore in Babylon
The centuries of wait have all but gone
Behold dark beauty stirs to conquer on and on
Now worship Everything


"Behind The Jagged Mountains"

"Behind The Jagged Mountains"

I have come from the freezing seas
From the warmth of foreign coals
Through the dismal fog of insecurities
To a cloud-enshrouded noble goal

The world has cast me from its laughter
Thrown to the wolves, to the dread thereafter

So now I forge a journey fraught
Through these bitter wastes of snow
Over ice and gorge to an Eden sought
Far from the human races afterglow

This sightless climb is treacherous to weather
As the cold bites deep, old heartstrings sever

Behind the jagged mountains
Beyond the frozen North
At the back of Boreas. The zealous wind
There crest celestial fountains
Crystal waters soaring forth
In the realm of our sacred Angelus kin

Neither muse nor music flees
This garden of delights
Everywhere the soothing hands of nature please
In this state of pure Euphoria

Paradise lies at the heart of darkness
And one must pay for this deep catharsis

Now the storm-clouds retch
A vision fleets before my eyes
Wherein minarets and spires touch
Phantasmagoric skies
And meadows stretch to woodlands
Of sweet nymph and fireflies

Death is in the breeze
And his mind will paralyse

My mind is in the clutch
Of something too long fantasised

Behind the jagged mountains
Beyond the frozen peaks
At the back of Boreas, the zealous wind
The Gods of love are counting
Down the nights until we meet
In the realm of oursacred Angelus kin

Now the mirage blears
And the howling gusts renew their fury
The gleam of moonlit towers
Fades to utter fear

The mountains rear in anger
At the righteousness I lack
And in their monstrous grasp I know
Dear God
They will never let me back...

Free of enemies, no death, disease
The doves of peace, in flight
Carouse upon the ever-Summer breeze
In this land of Hyperborea

Behind the jagged mountains
Beyond their icy stares
At the back of Boreas, the zealous wind
My soul is now surmounting
Past the grasp of last despairs
To the realm of our sacred Angelus kin

Behind the jagged mountains
Beyond the frozen North


"Beneath The Howling Stars"

"Beneath The Howling Stars"

Midwinter wrongs the rites of Spring
Her spinal chill rakes the earth
Whilst pensive souls at zero sing
Woebetidings of rebirth
Under cold stares of Mars maligned
Near-suicides cross their hearts
And unborns writhe in tepid brine
For something wicked this way starts

Beneath the howling stars

Elizabeth, paragon of vice
Watches the sun set pyres alight
As Bane and Tyranny, Her Dobermans sleep
Like spellbound paramours at Her feet

A chatter of bells without
Raise hellhounds, teeth on edge
From sleighs hastened through snow lit red
Guests espied from the garret ledge

Great gloomy mirror tell Her face
She will outblind them all
That heavenly bodies would fall from grace
To possess such a lustrous pall

For beauty is always Cruel...
For beauty is always...

(Let destiny in chains commence...
Damnation under Gods seeking recompense
Enslaving to the whims of this mistress)

As the dance ensued
Elizabeth's mood
Tempered by the craft of a vitreous moon
In slick black iciness it grew
To consume
The wench Her tower tombed
Tending to Her costume
Bore the brunt of the storm
When the needle askewed
She has Her dogs maul the bitch's wrists through
Restored to jaded bliss
This evisceratrix
Descended to the ball
With painted blood upon Her lips
Passing like a comet so white
As to eclipse
The waltz wound down, transfixed

Devoid of all breath in the air
Even Death paled to compare
To the taint of Her splendour
So rare and engendered
'Pon the awed throng gathered

Beneath the howling stars

She danced so macabre
Men entranced divined from Her gait
That this angel stepped from a pedestal
Had won remission from fate
By alighting to darker spheres
Delighting in held sway
For She was not unlike the Goddess
To whom the wolves bayed

"Whilst envy glanced daggers
From court maidens, arboured
Who whispered in sects
Of suspicions abroad
That Elizabeth bewitched
See how even now the whore casts
Her spells upon the Black Count
Whom Her reddened lips hold fast"

Tongue unto tongue
Swept on tides without care
For the harpies who rallied
Their maledict glares
A halo of ravens tousled Her hair
Chandeliers a tiara
For passions ensnared

"Phantasies sexed
When their eyes, moonstruck met
Their friction wore a way
Through the sea of foreplay
Lovers at first bite
She an Eve tempted to lay
Gasping at rafters
Flesh pressed in ballet"

But caprice, honours leashed
She absconded the feast
To prowl wonderland
Beasts in hand from the Keep
Of Feudal dilemma
Well mantled in furs
Through cullis to watch
Dogstars howl at the earth

On this violent night
Unholy night
Winds lashed their limbs together
As the ether vent its wintry spite

She wished His kiss on Her frozen landscapes
To excite the bleak advance
From castle bowers
Wherein small hours
The Devil never came by chance
A lone charm tied to Her inner thigh
Sent lusts nova as hooves trod
Cobbled streets where lowlives fleet
Were flung to a wayward god

Midwinter wrongs the rites of Spring
Her spinal chill rakes the earth
Whilst pensive souls at zero sing
Woebetidings of rebirth
Under cold stares of Mars maligned
Near-suicides cross their hearts
And unborns writhe in tepid brine
For something wicked this way starts

Beneath the howling stars

Pounding upon the pauper ridge
Earshot of a hunched beldame
Elizabeth teased, would He dare to please
Such elderly loins enflamed?
To this He feigned a grim disdain
Playing to Her slayful eye
But the hag replied...

"This girl that chides
Will soon be as plagued with age as I"

Her consort laughed a plume of icy breath
For Elizabeth's grace could raise
A flag of truce in burning heaven
Or the dead from early graves
Yet still She seethed
This proud Snow Queen
Embittered with the cursed retort
And because He sought Her loves onslaught
He gutted the crone for sport

Soon in full moon fever they were wed
Lycanthropic in the conjugal bed
Littered with aphrodisiacs
To tease dynastic union
And beget them further maniacs

Free reigned, now a Countess
Outwielded and outwore
Her title like a favoured dress
Whilst Her errant Lord
Whose seasons savoured war
Stormed black to fell the infidel
Her embers, tempered, roared.