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Cradle Of Filth

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"A Bruise Upon The Silent Moon"

"A Bruise Upon The Silent Moon"

"And the Earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep..."


"A Crescendo Of Passion Bleeding"

"A Crescendo Of Passion Bleeding"

Spells lay daggers before me
Passion speaks in grue vehement stabs
Trance my eyes, fix my focus to pain
The tumour grows until the enemy is slain

(Gut The Church)

Slightless storm
Knee-deep in hate I seeth
My purpose here has woken to breath
Total war on the brethren of Men
Millions regardless
Dying by my hand

A Black Age Of Fire
Brief in its vicious eloquence
Removing the dross
Love will arise from the ashes of your loss

Then and only then
Will the pleasure of Eden be mine
And the sinews of life itself will be tied
In the very veins of my bloodline

And their tears taste like wine...

I will rule as a king
And the Goddess will sit as my guiding Queen
In the glory of the earth our crowns are studded
With the jewels of blasphemy

The blood is the life!

I seek to evoke a new order in Man
A flood of compulsion to resurrect Khem
The lion is vexed to uproot and descend
Chaos my steed in the thick, clinging dust
Tempering weapons of criminal lust
I hold sway from the East to fulfill prophecies
Thinning the cause as fresh cells to disease

The blood is the life!

Even the moon will not lend thee her light
The darkness serves will to snuff out human life
That I might reclaim the world as my right

I kill without scruple or silent regret
In haunts of the sinister lunar aspect
For I am the pleasure that comes from your pain
Tiny red miracles falling like... rain

The incessant pall of death surrounds me
But this is not the part of me that wishes to breed
There will be no dread thereafter
The mysteries I reveal unto thee

I stir the hearts of the wisest
By the fools I will always be feared
My Kingdom feeds off their slaughter...

A crescendo of passion bleeding...
On the pale reflection of dawn

Devour The Sun

"The Great Man of his time
Is He who expresses
The Will of his time;
Who tells his time what it wills;
And who carries it out"


"A Dream Of Wolves In The Snow"

"A Dream Of Wolves In The Snow"

"Oh, listen to them
The children of the night
What sweet music they make"
[From Bram Stoker's "Dracula" (1897)]

May dreams be brought that I might reach...
The gentle strains of midnight speech
And frozen stars that gild the forest floor

Through the swirling snow
Volkh's children come
To run with me, to hunt as one
To snatch the lambs of Christ
From where they fall...


"A Gothic Romance (Red Roses For The Devil's Whore)"

"A Gothic Romance (Red Roses For The Devil's Whore)"

Evening minuetto in a castle by the sea
A jewel more radiant than the moon
Lowered Her mask to me
The sublimest creature the Gods, full of fire
Would marvel at making their Queen
Infusing the air with Her fragrant desire
And my heart reeled with grave poetry....
From grace I fell in love with Her
Scent and feline lure
And jade woodland eyes that ushered in the impurest
"Erotic, laden fantasies amid this warm Autumn night
She lulled me away from the rich masquerade
And together we clung in the bloodletting moonlight"
Pearled luna, what spell didst thou cast on me?
Her icy kiss fervoured my neck
Like whispering waves 'pon Acheron's beach
In a whirl of sweet voices and statues
That phantomed the dying trees
This debauched seductress in black, took me....
In a pale azured dawn like Ligeia reborn
I tore free of my sleep - sepulchre
On the sea misted lawn where stone figures, forlorn
Lamented the spectre of Her
Bewildered and weak, yet with passion replete
I hungered for past overtures
The curse of unrest and her ardent caress
Came much more than my soul could endure....
I, at once endeavoured to see Her again
Stirring from midnight's inertia
Knowing not even her name
On a thin precipice over carnal abyss
I danced like a blind acolyte
Drunk on red wine, her dead lips on mine
Suffused with the perfume of night
For hours I scoured the surrounding grounds
In vain that we might meet
When storm clouds broke, ashened, fatigued
I sought refuge in a cemeterty
Sleep, usher dreams
Taint to nightmares from a sunless nether
Mistress of the dark
I now know what thou art
Screams haunt my sleep
Dragged from nightmares thou hast wed together
Lamia and Lemures
Spawned thee leche
To snare my flesh
Portrait of the Dead Countess
Deep stained pain that I had dreamt
Flaunted demise, life's punishment
Leaving little strength to seal this wretched tomb....
But poised nectar within my stirs
Up feverous desire and morbid purpose to search
Through cobwebbed drapery to where she swoons
Goddess of the graveyard, of the tempest and moon
In flawless fatal beauty her very visage compels
Glimpses of a heaven where ghost companies fell
To mourning the loss of god in blackest velvet
Enrobed in their downfall like a swift silhouette
"Fleeting, enshadowed
Thou art privy to my sin
Secrets dead, wouldst thou inflict
The cruel daylights upon my skin?
Dost thou not want to worship me
With crimson sacrifice
So my cunt may twitch against thy kiss
And weep with new-found life?"
Red roses for the Devil's whore....
Dark angels taste my tears
And whisper haunting requiems
Softly to mine ear
Need-fires have lured abominations here....
Nocturnal pulse
My veins spill forth their waters
Rent by lips I cherish most
Awash on her perfidious shores
Where drowning umbra o'er the stars
Ebon's graves where lovers whore
Like seraphim and Nahemah
Pluck out mine eyes, hasten, attest
Blind reason against thee, Enchantress
For I must know, art thou not death?
My heart echoes bloodless and incensed....
Doth temptation prowl night in vulvic revelry
Did not the Queen of Heaven come as Devil to me?
On that fatal Hallow's Eve when we fled company
As the music swept around us in the crisp, fated leaves
UNder horned Diana where her bloodline was sewn
In a graveyard of Angels rent in cool marbled stone
I am grieving the loss of life in sombre velvet
Enrobed in Death's shadow like a swifter


"Absinthe With Faust"

"Absinthe With Faust"

Pour the emerald wine
Into crystal glasses
We will touch the divine
Through kisses catharsis

Let us pitch to the seven-year itch
Of the ultra-decadent
To a tainted world and the painted girls
That our fantasies spent

Tripping through boudoirs laced with opiate themes
Sipping the bizarre, tasting copious dreams
A toast to those most sacrilegious of days
Where for every whim won
One soon repays

We touched the stars
That now laugh from afar
At we, the damned
The damned
The damned
The damned

We have spent our time
Drenched in opulent splendour
But when midnight chimes
Will gilded souls surrender?

Let us drink on the giddying brink
Of pools of excrement
All manner of shit for the glamour and glitz
Mephistopheles lent

I remember the night as if it were engraved
A bright marble bridge stretched across the dark waves
To the shore from the moon and by her grace
Came that erudite stranger
That fucker

He was a predator, creditor cold
Our blood was shed on the yellowing scroll
And all that glittered was not gold
But we wanted everything
And for it all, lost our souls

Come my friend, to fate let's raise
Two finger shots at this our last soiree
For tomorrow I fear
Swoops all too deadly near
This precipitous weir to Hell's high gate

We touched the stars
That now laugh from afar
At we, the damned
The damned
The damned
The damned

He was a preditor, creditor, cold.
Our blood was shed on the yellowing scroll.
And all that glittered, was not gold.
But we wanted everything,
And for it all, lost our souls.

Our souls
For it all lost our souls
Our souls


"Achingly Beautiful"

"Achingly Beautiful"

Night, that fateful raven alighted on the cusp of my bewitchment
The beast in the clouds had swallowed the moon
A silverback thundering across the cosmos
In silence now stars followed her tune
Winking from existence on the brink of chaos
I penned an open sonnet, to the pearly gates ablaze
As I gazed upon this angel intoxicating everything
The ball became her court, her presence there electrifying
Candelabra fought, to tear themselves away
She was a flame, divine
My pathic call of duty, irrefutable
Her eyes they paralyzed me, froze the flow of time
A glimpse so achingly beautiful
Fleeing from the manor in the manner of this crime
We sheltered from the pelting, helter-skelter of the skies
In the Greek gazebo, speaking tragedian rhyme
Death would never settle, for one petal at a time
He would pluck
Lo, this malleus eve, is heaving to the pulse of souls
She was the game, sublime
A Knight takes Queen in ruby, Indisputable
Then her eyes, they paralyzed me for a second time
A glimpse so achingly beautiful
Drinking in her flora this Aurora to the storm
I was burning in the furnace of a love that went to war
With ravenous desire, fires lit the heavens for
Caressing in the rainfall, a less painful metaphor
For this hunger
On marbled tomb
Breathless, cocooned
A long red dress shrouds, like Ophelia, this Goddess
Mourning then crawls
Black velvet palled
To pass fervent lips, betwixt her deliciousness
Miserere Mei Diva
Forgive me forever my bride
But a gift was delivered, however perverse
On that night you exquisitely died
(Seraphina rise)
Arcane perfection, her legend was etched
(To queen demon revised)
A fell resurrection, unparalleled in this world or next
Awaken, forsaken, by others so taken as prey
Now you shall stand in the grandeur of love
A wonderland in which to play
The beast in the clouds spat back the moon
And arrayed in a crown of glittering cobwebs
She slid to her feet like a prophet of doom
Born to immortal darkness as mortality slipped away
She was a flame, divine
My gnathic call of duty, irrefutable
Her eyes imparadised me with their wicked shine
A glimpse so achingly beautiful
Now she stirs the night just like the perfect Lorelei
As she spurs the dark horse foaming in my soul
Death is fleet, sweet, oft discreet, the beast in beauty's mask
Her skies, bediademed, complete, now freed of days grown overcast


"Adest Rosa Secreta Eros"

"Adest Rosa Secreta Eros"

My number is 11, as all their numbers who are of us.
My colour is black to the blind, but the blue & gold are seen of the seeing.
Also I have a secret glory for them that love me.
But to love me is better than all things:
if under the night stars in the desert thou presently burnest mine incense before me,
invoking me with a pure heart, and the Serpent flame therein,
thou shalt come a little to lie in my bosom.
For one kiss wilt thou then be willing to give all;
but whoso gives one particle of dust shall lose all in that hour.
Ye shall wear rich jewels; ye shall exceed the nations of the earth in spendour & pride;
but always in the love of me, and so ye shall come to my joy.
I love you! I yearn to you! Pale or purple, veiled or voluptuous,
I who am all pleasure and purple, and drunkenness of the innermost sense, desire you.
Put on the wings, and arouse the coiled splendour within you: come unto me!
I am the Snake that giveth Knowledge & Delight and bright glory, and stir the hearts of men with drunkenness.
To worship me take wine and strange drugs whereof I will tell my prophet, & be drunk thereof!
They shall not harm ye at all. It is a lie, this folly against self.
The exposure of innocence is a lie.
Be strong, o man! lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture: fear not that any God shall deny thee for this.
Let the Scarlet Woman beware!
If pity and compassion and tenderness visit her heart;
if she leave my work to toy with old sweetnesses; then shall my vengeance be known.
I will slay me her child:
I will alienate her heart:
I will cast her out from men:
as a shrinking and despised harlot shall she crawl through dusk wet streets, and die cold and an-hungered.
But let her raise herself in pride!
Let her follow me in my way!
Let her work the work of wickedness!
Let her kill her heart!
Let her be loud and adulterous!
Let her be covered with jewels, and rich garments, and let her be shameless before all men!
Then will I lift her to pinnacles of power: then will I breed from her a child mightier


"Alison Hell"
(originally by Annihilator)

"Alison Hell"
(originally by Annihilator)

Alice, isn't it frightening?
Alice, aren't you scared?
Alice, isn't it wonderful?
Living life afraid
Don't look around the corner
I might be lurking there
Under the bed at night
You're up 'til dawn again

Alison hell, your mind begins to fold
Alison hell, aren't you growing cold?
Alison hell, you are looking blue
Alice in hell, what else can you do?


I begin my rule, life hideous in your mind
Crying out, you've lost your doll
It isn't worth a dime

Alison hell, your mind begins to fold
Alison hell, aren't you growing cold?
Alison hell, what are you looking for?
Alice in hell, soon I close the door

Sitting in the corner, you are naked and alone
No one listened to your fears, you've created me

Alice, isn't it frightening?
Alice, aren't you scared?
I was killed at birth
I shoot this final scene
You're in the basement
You're trapped insanity

Alison hell, what were you looking for?
Alison hell, as I close the door
Alison hell, here you shall dwell
Alison hell, Alice dwells in hell


In hell



"All Hope In Eclipse"

"All Hope In Eclipse"

A thousand nights once succoured Me
In the shadow of misanthropy
Sat gargoyle-limbed amid My licking flame

A cruel tongue at work in Her secret vaults
Sent Rebellion's embers into revolt
The coming of extinction
Synched to whimpers of my name...

Legion I arose, a flood of inhumanity
An acid reign to purify the world
The Asp at Pharaoh's breast
The Atom split under duress
A sniper at the gates of spattered pearl

My heart, torn apart, left a rifled grave...
Save for an unfurled flag of hate
To enthral a mindless zombie race

All heil, all heil, all heil the serpentine's gift
All heil, love fails, all hope lies in eclipse

Black bibles I incribed,
The words "Damnation through design"
Seemed a bitter truth far better for the lie
For as hope was felled by reason
Forlorn became the season
And Death was swift to swallow on the hells of life

Lowered souls, growing cold, tentered easy prey
When heaven's flock, a fair game, dropped
I bored of war with God with greater thrones to claim...

All heil, all heil, all heil the Libertine's wish
All heil, love fails, all hope lies in eclipse

Then between the past and the ravening dark
A sly Messiah came
In the thick of treaty with obligatory greed
She stole the soul hate had sold away

An ancient chill blew down the centuries
That night atonement's eyes
Lit a burning man in Me

When love lay bleeding
And Fates sate feeding
From wounds gored 'neath
Those cherubic wings
She of kindred light
Gladly sacrificed
Just to be
With Me

As the moon whose silvered fingers play
On words and dreams too cursed for day
She led my hand to lands I'd not accrued
Where the Faun Dawn bathed Her golden hair
And faith renewed, leaped joyous there
I praised their worth, then planned their conquest too...

All heil, all heil, all heil the serpentine's gift
All heil, love fails, all hope lies in eclipse

All heil, all heil, all heil the Libertine's wish
All heil, love fails, all hope lies in eclipse
...and ignorance is truly bliss.