Šta je novo?


"The Rude Boy Oscars"

"The Rude Boy Oscars"

What if they mobilize a merc team to your location right now
What you gonna do, how?
Didn't wanna listen when I told you
Now you eating Soybean Tofu trynna be social
Cold weather index drop, put it in park, stop
They got a checkpoint every block, Korean car seat head rest
STuffed animals, 3 thousand mile traffic
That's understandable, put you in a shanghai sling
Cause you be carrying things, lock you away with PRK Kim
Human nature, animal behaviour
They believe in a saviour
We were all duct tapped by the taper
Can't wake up and smell roses to heal yourself
You're looking for an opportunity to kill yourself
The undead grabs your leg, kick him in the fucking head
Kick his fucking ass again
The ahndicapped hunter covered more ground than all the others
We gotta' give it to him, that was really something
Out taking a walk Nahanni national park
Fourteen when I caught my first Goshawk hawk
Now it's time for improvement, 58 wade mount shooters
We sit on the hill and count cougars
We told them about the future
None of them cared, till they went to confiscate his balls
He wasn't there
Peripheral neuropathy, my nerve endings rarely work properly
I can't feel nothing, try stopping me
They do what they do cause they can
They dominate man, every human homind is scanned
I beg you pardon, I don't know what you talking
Right now from where I'm standing, escape ain't no option
Late August, dry spell, smoke jumpers jumping outta planes trynna battle fires from hell
They have the right to blindfold your eyes, under paragraph five
They need you to initial and sign transparent policies regaring technologies
Software secure - and then again it might not be
The microphone is a philosphere's stone, negative and positive poems
Can-I-bus - you probably know him
I make the music, I create it, I don't have to explain it, I don't care if you hate it
It develops slow, just like we standing here watching the grass grow
Then some day, out of no where: GO! GO! GO! GO! GO!
What you gon do now yo? When MRAPs run over the town folk
I'm not the only one that sees it, I'm just bold enough to believe it
Predictive policing, they watch you while you speakin' and tweeting
For so many reasons, seeing is believing
Ever since the agreement between the humans and the reptilian species
Before the Garden of EDen that bore Prometheus
The devil is devious cause he's the greediest
Land lizards below, winged ones above
The crude we depend on is dinosaur blood
This prison is perfect, a vacuum inside these gates
Together we created something that escaped
You sold us all out to this alien intrusion
And you got the fuckin' nerve to call yourself human?!
Tell em why you mad, I ain't mad no more
You don't wanna listen to knowledge than that's on ya'll
YOU put material items before God
YOU put the evil leadership in charge
YOU were deceived by they villainous charm
And YOU destroyed the constitution's rule of law
One hundred thousand price per share in a uranium mine
Poor lady looks at her baby and cries
Billions of people, slaves to consumption, destruction
You know that God is disgusted


"There Has He Been"
(feat. K-Solo)

"There Has He Been"
(feat. K-Solo)

Yea, Mic Club and Waste Management
"Javelin Fangz"
WolfGang, sharp fangz

The vocalist with osmosis spit
Canibus on some robust robot shit
You're not fit, drop, give me fifty bars of spit
950 more bars just to talk to the kid
They just rappers I'm a cloud of galactic matter comin' at ya
Like radar or race car spelt backwards
The mirror image of the emperor's lyrics
Concubines are forbidden to compare it until I finish
The magnetic patient will record the same thing
While erasin' the lost dynasty of Beijing
Spittin' rhymes 'cause significant mission lapse time
You'll be fine, don't rewind; move onto the next line
Three bogies ten O'clock high, I die if I do not try
Ostriches are not supposed to fly
Fighter pilots with not eyelids
Did you see what I just did?
Hydraulic pressure gettin' as high as a bitch
Textbook vertical spin, landed on the wing, I'm in
The evil bald Eagle strike you again
Yuri Gagarin, I met him when we he came to Heaven
My first guest from terra firma Passage Magellan
I didn't hesitate to tell him, 2012 you police yourselves
As Earth travels through the gravity belt
And I can offer you no help
The Period of Purification can be described to somethin' you call Hell
Yeah, S-P-E-L-L, R-A-P-E-L down to W-E-L-L

Start at your head, I end it quick and end your ass
Send your career on a collision course; then you'll crash
I'ma laugh mothafucker, its gon' only get worse
You'll hit a tree and you go flyin' through your window headfirst
Foes come in the white mink, leave in the red fur
Get your fuckin' ass kicked, leave with your head hurt
Beef with me equals dead thugs
Even when I'm fuckin' sleep, stomp out you bedbugs
The Hitman buck quick
One thing I can't stand in this rap game is a bitch ass who suck dick
Rap too good for the hood, who's the don
And they said I'd never make it with a help from you know who
But I proved them wrong
Even without money in my pocket I still move along
And I'm happy Canibus got me to do this song
I was never assed out; my label's the only label
And the mothafuckin' world is able to take the trash out
Call me sweet, Big Kevin I fuck a bitch 'til she pass out
I got hands too when I cum, a lot of niggaz don't wanna back out
Dirty niggaz, they gon' pull a mac out
'Cause I rap grapple and box, make competition tap out
I put it down; I cut them down, cut them down
You know I'm known to shut them down
Dudes is jokin', I laugh, take cash 'cause they clowns
If they got beef with that I get Canibus to spray the rounds
Take them down; I'm the Godfather, Long Island music here to take the crown
Breeze through, enemies quiet, they don't make a sound
Get a bucket of red blood, paint the town
I'm a beast, when I walk I shake the ground
Who hatin' now? Who hatin' now? Who hatin' now?


"This Ain't The Movies"

"This Ain't The Movies"

I got human growth hormone bones
You better leave me alone
Badass M.A.N.P.A.D.S and drones
I follow slow, their footprints in the snow
They pigeon toed, they cooking with peanut oil
They gotta be close
I track the geese, take flight move east
Team real, tree fleece
They match rims on the pickup chief
I'm that p3 orion, dragon Judah standing next to the lion
With angels beside him and god behind em
The son of perdition wants to kidnap all of the women
And make slaves outta all of the children
Shinola hit the fan, the pine sol soils ya pants
You were warned - but you still in a trance
Brand new Lambroghini vans parked outside the Fema camps
Can't nobody change they plans?
You sat down in the chair and you crossed your legs
The next time you do that you'll be wearing depends
They took your picture up close - with a telescopic lens
They wrote a report that said you got terrorist friends
They all lies and more got damn lies
She got bedroom eyes, carmelized apples beef patty thighs
It ain't the brown mans fault - that the second vicil war jumped off
Who's his boss? Implicate the source
They got battle cruisers bigger than Cuba
With internet 2 computers, the front man is just one of they stooges
They control the information, they abuse it
Noone could disprove it, resistance means your already recruited, stupid
Identify threat within and external
EMP blast stop the war wagon when it circle
The keys the nuclear closet is in his upper jacker pocket
Locked him up with a Nuwabian prophet
The N D double A was the process
But they been doing this brown people since posse commiatus
Poverty migration, depopulation violations, genocide of nation
Through the god they put faith in
Our thoughts and spiritual energy force is wasted
Rebirth is eliminated, we are rehypothocated
World domination predidacted by human lab rats
And dead cats that got ate by economic Mad Max
Platnium before I knew what platnium was
Got plaques, ried to exchange it for cash and got laughed at
Not funny, still don't nothing move but the money
If the dollar is devalued - you just another dummy
Derivative bubbles, quasi illegitimate puzzles
They chuckle in they bungalow till it crubmle
If you were me, then I would be humble
Seek out those who love you
Seek the lord for you know he loves you
Avoid digital voo doo and these black swan gurus
Yeah, it's the end of the world and business as usual
Americans ain't stupid, they're just distracted
The good life was good for as long as it lasted
Primary audio circuit, fait accompli emergency service
Pay me up front for the verses
Any currency is good as long as it can be converted
As long as I can use it for my food item purchase
Or any emergency purpose, religious workers travel by permit
Mega bus merchants public transportation mergers
Good bad and ugly, all wanna grab your money
Brass monkey - uncle Sam be grumpy
He make sounds like star wars Chewy
But this ain't the movies
Trust me - this ain't the movies
Shell cases make beats when they touch the concrete
You might hang from a tree if you don't got a strong fleet
Of course we gon remember you, look what you did
You threw America in a trash can with no lod
Forgive and forget, woah not so fast just yet
Rodney Dangerfield just wanted respect, from the powers


"This Is Rome"
(feat. Pyrit)

"This Is Rome"
(feat. Pyrit)

[Verse 1 - Canibus:]
Every soul is sold - This is Rome
The money not backed by gold - This is Rome
Loads for your chariots and homes - This is Rome
The Emperor has no clothes - This is Rome
Russell Crowe just like me - This is Rome
Everything a warrior can be - This is Rome
Me and Jahmen'll fight the beast - This is Rome
Joaquin Phoenix in the streets - This is Rome
Every single motherfucker is confused - This is Rome
The ugliest piece of ass in the room - This is Rome
Nobody knows what they gon’ do - This is Rome
Every talkin’ point is all true - This is Rome
More conquests for the war chest - Rome
Everybody wanna be the best - Rome
Corruption is the path to respect - Rome
Assassin with a knife to your neck - Rome
The illusion is too much to bear - Rome
History falls on deaf ears - Rome
My ears still ringing from the cheers - Rome
Till the wheels fall off no fear - Rome
Prepare for the army to invade - Rome
The good times are over Germaine - Rome
Come here you, what is your name? - Rome
Now they gon’ turn you to a slave - Rome
Do you not like how I sing? - Rome
Would you prefer to do your own thing? - Rome
Come, let us be merry and drink - Rome
How dare you not kneel, kiss the ring - Rome
Sabotage through espionage - Rome
The Black Knight satellite watch - Rome
Destruction of the enemy is a art - Rome
There is no more rule of law - Rome
The Senate will take recess now - Rome
They’ll walk around bare foot style - Rome
You whore! Your titties hang out - Rome
Caesar will have sex with your child - Rome
Zeus will release the Kraken - Rome
The revelation seven headed dragon - Rome
You do-done do-done niggas still rappin’? - Rome
You motherfuckers won’t know what happened - Rome
Our prophets gonna smash it to the moon - Rome
The Vatican City is doomed - Rome
Romulus howl at the moon - Rome
The Antichrist rise from the tomb - Rome
Blood will flood through the valleys - Rome
The hounds of Hell will be happy - Rome
Peace to Black Rob, holler at me - Rome
I speak the truth they still attack me - Rome
Yo I don’t even care no more - More
They don’t want peace they want war - War
Nostradamus crystal ball -Ball
Says the rich will perish with the poor - Poor
Now it’s too late to repent - Rome
The Holy Spirit has no more strength - Rome
The General is drunk in his tent - Rome
Surrounded by homosexual men - Rome
Everybody needs gas masks to breathe - Breathe
Plagued by sickness and disease - Disease
The elite scream, “Run away and leave!” - Leave
We have no more leaders to lead - Rome
We brought this upon ourselves - Selves
We got caught up in the spells - Spells
For whom the bell tolls don’t tell - Rome
We traded our Heaven for Hell - Rome
We failed to stop chemtrails - Rome
The worldwide hunk of death mail - Rome
We cared too much about our bills - Rome
And we never communicated well - Rome
Now we gon’ get what we deserve - Deserve
We turned our backs on God’s word- Word
You were too cynical to learn - Learn
I cried out till my throat burned - Burned
God will not clean up your mess- Rome
You humans are so quick to forget- Rome
All you have now is regret- Rome
You figure out what to do next- Rome
It was written that this happened before- Rome
Every cycle of the black star- Rome
Time flies, life dies- Rome
Then the Phoenix will rise and that’s all- Rome

[Verse 2 - Pyrit:]
It’s like I just woke up in (Rome)
Everything around me say this country is (Rome)
You bring it back to gold standard like this is (Rome)
And [?] kill you right in the street like this is (Rome)
And now we got women catchin’ plague like (Rome)
Armies killin’ people for religion like (Rome)
Fuckin’ politicians touchin’ kids like (Rome)
Police come get you right where you live like (Rome)
Horses and chariots (Rome) Judas Iscariots (Rome)
Gladiators in the streets battle to the death (Rome)
We all carryin’ (Chrome), turn you to (Chrome)
Leave you where you stand let another man clean the mess (This is Rome)
The gods wage wars in the sky (This is Rome)
The men on the ground with the pestilence and flies (This is Rome)
The plague is in the water supplies (This is Rome)
Find concubines pourin’ wines (This is Rome)
It’s time that the great beast dies (This is Rome)
Welcome to the feast you swines (This is Rome)
Entrance has made you mines (This is Rome)
Now you'll all exit my bowels at the same time (This is Rome)
We ain’t time travelin’, we talkin’ ‘bout the time we livin’ in
This modern roaming empire underneath Caligula
Close your eyes envision it
You can see imperial police in the streets beatin’ pleebs out their innocence
Welcome citizen, you can pay your penance to the Emperor now or get put with the prisoners
Are you listenin’?
Do what you are told or what you are told will be done to you, simple wisdom it
City sprawlin’ with soldiers on war horses
With chest armor armed forces for official employers
Roman source patrol off on the dogs roaming remorseless
‘Cause job shortage makes some rob to recoup losses
Full equipped with gods on high cliffs
Bombs from drone ships, it’s lightning from Zeus’ fist
18 A-list VIP as it gets
‘Cause pirate computer mix worth a trillion bits
2016, rulers with big dreams
One world, one Roman government, one currency
One slave populace from one goddess' ovaries
One love motherfucker and it ain’t for you or me
Totalitarian, barbarian
Motherfucker this is Rome say the name again
You got a favorite sin? Go commit it then
Livin’ ain’t safe in Rome, but we don’t give a shit (This is Rome)


"Time Flies, Life Dies…"

"Time Flies, Life Dies…"

Back on the island
When somebody dies
And that body loses soul
That soul go flying up to Heaven
Or digging down to the bad place
There be good dubbies, and there be bad dubbies
And them dubbies, hm, they be a spirit
There has been no place to go
They can’t go up, and they can’t go down
Some of them look so bad
Until one little boy looked at one the mirror, and that made the [?]
And he frightened little boys
And he turned to a full assault
And all the little animals leak him away, until he was nothing


There ain’t no such thing as ghosts
Besides, uh, I never heard of “dubby” before

There’s lots of things little boys ain’t heard of before
That’s why they little boys
But bad little boys, the dubbies like [?]
And in the begining ready for the bad kids to become dubbies too
So if I were you, I’d be saying me prayers
And doing what the elders tell me to do
The bad dubbies, the bad, bad boys

I feel like greatness lives on the edge of destruction


"Title 17 USMC"

"Title 17 USMC"

I'm in a meeting with the Surgeon General of written texts
The battery of 1000 psychological tests
I am exhausted and stressed but I continue to press
She asked me if I'm the best. I signed languaged back YES
Spell words wrong, when writtin down rhymes nowadays
My hairs are beginning to Grey, that's why I'm a shave
The sky dark purple, low crawl through the wormhole
Took me back to 1998 at Universal
2008 I'm eternal
You know I'm still nice with the verbals, and I ain't even heard you
Your views. Your virtues
Whatcha goin do when Martial Law curfews lock down your Rock Band Rehearsal
Got ground zero asthma cancer
Buried on the moon as the top Hip-Hop Commander
After talkin to Paul Laffoley, he spoke about perigee and apogee
Something that I understood naturally
The mindscape, the other atmosphere is my space
But in my case, I seem trapped by the rhymes that I make
Canibus code for a data tabulated below [?]
It's the end of the world you know, glad you made it to the show
According to Title 17 USC, section 107
Canibus is just an MC
I'm a Reggaeton rap translated from Jamaica
You a hater with that white boy hodgy behavior
You could say what you say, but, my catalog greater
Everything you heard before with more layers
Poet Laureate V, why didn't they accept me?
If I remember correctly, let's see
The "C" of Tranquility, the mind will ascend
The audio will blend into multiples of 10
The lies we have been told really are the truth
So together we will all learn again what we knew
Proud to have come so far, spit another bar
The carousel issue continues to revolve unresolved
Take my hand Ripper Grand Wizard chain of command
Take this torch to another land, tell them who I am
The riot squad robot look like Robocop photoshopped
Heckler and Koch, Semi auto stock
I speak into the Mic, leaves fall off the "Tree of life"
BUT next Fall I'm a see if you nice


"U Didn't Care"

"U Didn't Care"

You.. didn't, care about me
And now this is how it has to be
I was lost, but now I am free
I'm happy cuz I found a family

[Verse 1]
Whattup Em', it's ya biggest fan
It's not even necessary to introduce who I am
by now, cuz we're good friends
Remember the letter I wrote, before Atlanta on Up In Smoke
That's the day I was gonna cut ya throat
I guess my watch was broke -- cuz by the time I woke
I seen my watch was twelve hours late and I missed the show
But none the less I'm glad that I finally reached you
Ever since the accident I've been dying to speak to you
To tell you things have changed, and I'm a different man
A different level of understanding, I'm a different Stan
Things are a lot better, I promise I won't harrass you with any letters
Saying shit like "We should be together"
I may reach and start a group
The industry's full of homosexuals Slim, but I don't wanna fuck you
I got a new attitude, really, I ain't mad at you
I just wanted you to recognize I got talent too


[Verse 2]
When I say talented, I don't mean battle kid
I mean storytellin, kinda like how ya album is
I been attendin counselin and takin medicine
They did some tests on me at NIH in Maryland
They showed me techniques to help me pressure
whenever I remember that crazy night when I was being reckless
Drivin with a deathwish, on the bridge and I crashed into a Lexus
Right before I finished that last sentence
I was listenin to Xzibit's album "Restless"
The next thing I knew I was under water and breathless
I was unconscious for a second, literally dying to go to heaven
till some fellas came and pulled me from the wreckage
They started CPR, then they called the paramedics
In retrospect I probably shoulda used a gun to end it
By the time the car sunk
My pregnant girlfriend was still in the trunk
and I was still feelin kinda drunk
The ambulance came and they put me on the stretcher
Hooked me up to the IV and checked my blood pressure
One of them was so concerned that they wouldn't leave
He hopped in the back of the ambulance and rolled up some weed
My vision was blurry, I couldn't really see
I just remember his voice talking to me
In the emergency room, I needed surgery to get some glass removed
and fifty stitches for my wooze


[Verse 3]
After a couple months of therapy,
I figured I was as ready as I'd ever be - I wanted to be an emcee
He took me to shows wit him, he let me flow wit him
He let me write some rhymes and go on tour wit him
I really believed in him, I decided to team wit him
And now I'm overseas wit him, gettin cheese wit him
And I'm emceein wit him, I'm havin the best time of my life
And I'm writin the best rhymes of my life
He introduces me to people as his lyrical equal
Let me write a rhyme on his album and even produce a beat too
He ain't see-through, I can't see him frontin
He's not the type to call you, just because he needs somethin
That's what I like about him,
I wouldn't want to rock a mic without him
He's got kahunas and he's not a coward
Matta fact, I think he met you
It was the day you came to his video shoot with DJ, Jimmy's nephew
'Clef stepped to him and told him he should step to you
That you was ghost writin for L, but that wasn't true
You was lookin at him the same way I'm lookin at you
Why can't we be friends Em', I don't want nothin from you
You see there's a little bit of Stan in all of us
Tell me where you think all of these record sales sparred from
Talkin 'bout Britney and Christina Aguilera
Nsync too, have you ever looked in a mirror?
Your hair ain't really blonde, and ya eyes ain't blue
So never diss me, cuz when you diss me your dissin you..

See.. See what happens when you don't care



"U Don't Cee"

"U Don't Cee"

It's the capital C, little A-N-I, capital B, U-S, whattup G
Even from a distance I got a front row seat
And I'm watchin what y'all don't see
Listen up kids
Your favorite artists are mafia bosses
From the streets to the corporate office of they lawyers
Niggaz got money and then they got hungry
Got friends in powerful places just like Bugsy, but more ugly
It's gon' get bloody, niggaz don't know
the side of the street shit the TV don't show
Tour buses full of weed and coke, gettin a hundred G's a show
These niggaz got cheese to blow
On the phone, governor hits, gotta hide they mothers and kids
Talkin in code, watchin out for the feds
Every day they address change
Hoppin out of bombproof automobiles, from real jet planes
The mainstream think they just rappin
They don't have the eyes or ears to see or hear what's happenin
I'm from an island where the skinny niggaz ride
It's an island where the real skinny niggaz die
Ask my nigga Spragga Benz, he'll tell you why
We represent Jamaican pride
It's a war bein fought on all levels, let me paint the picture
It's the straights against the gays, but the gays is richer
There's a lot of sexy beasts in the system that like men more than women
Cause they spent so much time in the prison
I can tell you what it is and what it isn't, this shit is subliminal
Can't see it without the criminal vision
Motherfuckers is livin a life nobody ain't filmin
Thug TV, and it ain't for children
Guns, sex, money and drugs, fuck your feelings
Feds puttin smoke detectors with bugs in ceilings
Niggaz hirin they own law enforcement
Goin to court bent, dollars be talkin, drop the charges
Don't forget, that nigga Shyne comin home soon
And I +KNOW+ he hungry, I wonder what he gon' do
If you can hear me cousin, I got my money on you
What niggaz sayin in the streets is true, see you soon
We can do somethin with Spragga B or Elephant Man
When you come home, you see my shit is militant man
I just came back from Belize, my uncle got married
to this drug lord's niece, and bought a 36 karat marquis
I'll holla at you, we'll discuss the plan
I'm a soldier but I squeeze with a delicate hand
The 50 cal cost fifteen thou'
And I ain't stupid enough to say I got one, you figure it out
It's a lot of nosy niggaz around
That's why I moved the fuck out of New York to a less busier town
With a 9 to 5, I still experience life on the finer side
Hollerin ride or die
Man of flesh with the eyes of God
A concrete bunker protects my mind so I cry inside
While I watch how the media designed the lies
But real niggaz see eye to eye
While fake niggaz run around lookin for another ride to buy
With they lawyers co-signin the crime, I rhyme like
there's a hundred million dollars on the line every time
I'm ready to place a bet any time
Empty a whole nine into any shield you hide behind
to breach your contract with Father Time
Just an old problem in the modern world, you see how these niggaz
is thorough from borough to borough, I'll give you referrals
7-1-8, 3-6-0, 2-5-1
Send the last digit on a bullet through a barrel
My hundred pound rucksack full of ammo and army apparel
If a nigga REALLY wanna battle


"U Know Who"

"U Know Who"

You know who snatched the mic from you know who
But let's keep that between me and you
You know who snatched the mic from you know who
But let's keep that between me and you
You know who snatched the mic from you know who
But let's keep that between me and you
You know who snatched the mic from you know who
But let's keep that between me and you

You know who snatched the mic from you know who
I still got a lot of fight in me too
It's the dragon in me, against the tiger in you
It's already around my neck, they want to tighten the loop
Ten steps ahead, twenty steps behind you
Spit a rhyme in your ear just to frighten your boo
Most niggaz rather ask me, 'You nicer than who?'
When they really want to ask me, 'Who's nicer than you?
The mic on the bicep is the proof, it ain't a lie it's the truth
I'm just doing what I'm [_A_] to do
I'm a two-thousand and two Canibus type-two
Mic guru with gurus and [_B_] too
Modules with blood vessel designed tube and
My mind is moving to rewrite blueprints with new ink
Click on Canibus and choose a link
I abuse how you think, just get off my dick
Rhymes so cold, I spit block-ice
Gotta wear night socks at night, to stop vocal cord frostbite
The R-type I.P.P.E.R. aconite
Burning [_C_] and dark Hip-Hop nights

You know who snatched the mic from you know who
But let's keep that between me and you
You know who snatched the mic from you know who
But let's keep that between me and you
You know who snatched the mic from you know who
But let's keep that between me and you
You know who snatched the mic from you know who
But let's keep that between me and you
You know who snatched the mic from you know who
But let's keep that between me and you
You know who snatched the mic from you know who
But let's keep that between me and you
You know who snatched the mic from you know who
But let's keep that between me and you
You know who snatched the mic from you know who
But let's keep that between me and you


"Vitruvian Canman"

"Vitruvian Canman"

Yo, even when I rhyme slow
My lyrics move at a high rate of speed cause they comin down slow
My pantheon stands beyond songs, beyond the norm
I've managed to draw the sihlouette of God
Connect the dots with stars 'til my C forms
in the shape of a deep sea prawn, go to the store
Grab the CD without tongs or gloves on
And see if it don't barbecue your palms and arms
Ambience have a seance in the garden of Eve
I'm a God, a gardener, a guardian of trees
Banana clips and the spliff is all I'ma need
I'ma inhale and exhale as long as I breathe
Turn the mic on, I'ma torment the beat
Tear the club down with a warning to leave
Snit snow in the sauna, up to my knees
Conduct business with broads that fuck for the queen
Givin angels anal through halos
Cause the skinny nigga in the seude gold say so
I'm a pimp with a payroll, tryin to get paid
Worldwide, I'm thinkin 'bout hirin some gays
I pace back and forth like a lion in a cage
Goin out in a blaze, call the fire brigade
This is Canibus nigga, fuck what you heard about the name
Niggaz know the steez, I tear mics out the frame
Who wanna be famous, who's the brainless ignoramus
Tryin to go against my steel stainless, I train for this
How the fuck you gon' be grimy? Your guns is tiny
Kill me you gotta deal with a batallion behind me
In the center of the circle I stand as the Virtuvian Man
I'm the illest, truly I am
I unzip my own flesh and step out my skin
Let you observe my inner being, it's a beautiful thing
The intensity in the eyes, the reflection in the rhymes
Microscopes couldn't find the depths of my design
Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick
Sometimes I rhyme so long, the listeners quit
This the template real MC's should abide by
Let me wipe the mucus out the side of your mind's eye
Singlehandedly carried the torch for ten years
With a trojan horse techinque, that modern man feared
And I never lost a battle motherfucker don't front
Maybe on the 32nd day of the 13th month, CHUMP!