Šta je novo?


"The Ghost Of Hip Hop's Past"

"The Ghost Of Hip Hop's Past"

[first minute of the song is DJ shoutouts]

Yeah, the ghost of hip-hop's past
Let's see how long infinity gon' last...

Wake up, what is the date? 1988
Hip-Hop is barely exposed to the emotion and hate
I hibernate, rhymin from space, my first album ten years late
I tried to take it to a positive place
But it was like a communist state, I tried to escape
My label shot me in the back as I was climbin the gate
I woke up, now I'm awake, I found democracy to be fake
Hip-Hop sucks, who made it this way?
I was a teenager when hip-hop saved the day
Paychecks paid the way, not radio play
Some artists had knowledge of self, that little bit of honesty helped
Violent lyrics promoted positive guilt
So even when you thought the message was negative it promoted positive health
It was about the rhymes, not wealth
It was about our culture, not about what the culture could sell
It was a path to enlightenment, not Hell
We amused ourselves and this confused everybody else
I memorized "Rock the Bells"
I memorized "Tales for the Crack Side" I used to rock gazelles
EPMD, "You Gots to Chill"
Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, Pete Rock, "Mistadobalina" was Del
Cold Crush Crew, Melle Mel
Sugar Hill, Salt-n-Pepa, Sweet Tee pretty as hell
Shante dimple on her face, pretty as well
I used to wanna smell the pale Roxanne's taie
Technics 1200, beat it like an SB-12
Lord Finesse the punchline king, Heavy D was doing his own thing
Dio and McGruff used to hold things
Biz Mark's big ass gold chain
One day I think I saw the Jungle Brothers dancing on Soul Train
Marley Marl, Craig G, Master Ace, Big Daddy Kane
Kool G Rap put me under his wing
On the road to lyricism, with Rakim and them
Some real lyricists, Eric B. was sick with the zigga-ziggas
I know I'm trippin, it's been a minute
So many brothers and sisters it's hard to remember who did it
Memories disappear like Whodini
My friends disappeared faster than my budget when my producer was greedy
{"Fat, Boyyyyyyyyys"} feed me
I've been eatin emcees, you still don't believe
Brand of wool, brown teeth, red blood leak from Black Sheep
Whenever the horns blow it gets deep
Digging In The Crates for my niggas in the street
Diamond D had the "Best Kept Secret" for weeks
D-Nice said, "Bis, you a beast", Redman said, "Peace"
Def Jam said I couldn't compete
Killah Priest spit "Heavy Mental" before "Heavy Mental" was released
Accapella, no instrumental beat
My Girbauds would hang low, no crease
Timbs on the feet, Cold Cheeks had a Lex
Tom Leek had the MPV, J Rav had the Jeep
Clark Kent had the Tahoe, Charles bought a 4.6 because of Jay-Z
The program director's name from Hot 97 was Tracy
Tragedy Khadafi, Queens' first intelligent Prodigy
Probably the first Arab Nazi
K-9 Posse chew you up like blue chnk chopped meat
"This is the way we walk in New York"
"Throw Ya Gunz" in the air if you ready for war
Throw your hands the air if you ready for more
If I don't like the way you look, I'ma tear your face off
The Undergod, underground lord
When it comes to "100 Bars" you niggaz know who to ask for!
I woke up in the mornin, on a regular day
I knew my nigga K-Solo would be around my way
I washed off my Thor hammer, the trigger mechanism lubricate
It was time to destroy the place
He kept sayin if I spit my rhymes on the mic
in no time, I would be back in the limelight
I said, "Solo, nowadays I don't feel rap
Cause it ain't like it used to be, the shit is whack"
He said, "No 'Bis, trust Wolfgang, cause I know my shit
You already know the flows I spit"
We love hip-hop, we gotta pay homage to the shit
I love hip-hop... [fades out, comes back as scratching]

[repeat 2X]
Yeah, the ghost of hip-hop's past
Let's see how long "Lyrical Law" gon' last

DJ Immortal, get it kid! YEAH!


"The Goetia"

"The Goetia"


"And this variation of analogy of working that comes from
On this idea that they were created on the Earth
These giants were created by the natural themselves
They can manifest.."

Nothin' to prove, nothin' to lose
Can-I-Bus - bussin' in the booth
Straight out (The Goetia) to eat ya
This is the fire breather
Nothin' to prove, nothin' to lose
Can-I-Bus and Mic Club - bussin' in the booth

Microphone check one-two, you know what it is
Can-I-Bus, still gettin' biz
Rip mics, gas molecules emit light
I bring delta T.C. squared to the fistfight
First, I developed the fence
Then negotiate disarmament from the other side of the fence
Hence, the tetrahedron is a prison for a four-headed demon
I weaken, every time I see him
Fight for my freedom, under the fig tree bleedin'
I create Hip-Hop but don't need it
I turn my back on rap like God turned his back on Eden
To return like Cat Stevens
For those who believe it, I live it, I breathe it
I smash mics to pieces, that's the secret
I cannot fail, I rock bells
On the Ho Chi Minh trail to the song of the nightingale
Any artist can turn a garden to a desert
But can he turn a desert to a garden?
That's where I come in, runnin', straight gunnin'
Ready to punish, nigga I don't budge one inch
Fuck it, double the budget
Niggaz turned Hip-Hop to somethin' it wasn't
Made it hard to love it
So I come back to conquer with a monster mantra
My spiritual father is Swami Vivekananda
Rhymes promote freedom, stabilize the region
Think for yourselves, it's just like breathin'
The departed Hip-Hop artist regardin' the condition of the carnage
Dead farmers I already saw it
Back to the army, back to pituitary
Back to the heartbeat, off-beat on a dark street
Comfy, aggressive assistive trainin'
Hajji somewhere waitin', one minute remainin'
Satellites counter locatin', the bloodbath begins bathin'
We both believe we're fightin' Satan
'Cause we both got the same God, who accepts the same sacrifice
Blood, tears, life, fine picks and trowels are real
I was holdin' a weapon when I was overpowered, there was no album
Thirty-minute sessions cleanin' weapons askin' myself questions
About what happened last mission, Radiation isolation
I'ma asshole but I'm patient for a nurse with nice shaped tits
I'm a poet, my house is a palace
A small cavernous passage, darker than the Catacombs of Paris
Chateau de Canibus, Saint Germaine sadomasochist
I don't use chains to trap a bitch
Don't get distracted, repeat your rap's schematic
Over and over until it's automatic
My body is a machine, machines need fuel
Two gastro-nasal tubes, feed me smoothie food
The recluse clearly produced the abstract schematic
You can use over a glass of fresh-squeezed pear juice
Right side paralyzed above the waist
Below the waist the left side paralyzed, this a unique case
It's a challenge to rhyme great, lost weight
Lost sense of smell and taste, wastin' away payin' attention to space
Sayin' "wait!" open the gate, rusty screwers reverberate
Through the deserted desolate space of this purgative place
Grimoires and metaphor law, make your skin crawl
Nothin' to prove, this is lyrical law


"The Golden Cypher"
(feat. Ras Kass, K-Solo)

"The Golden Cypher"
(feat. Ras Kass, K-Solo)

[Ras Kass]
Rap so klepto, any mic I steal
Y'all niggaz don't belong here like Michael Steele
at a Republican Party, I go for [?]
Leave cum stains on Sarah Palin's veneers for sure
Like I'm in Mordor, tryin to burn the ring up
The black semi knock your block off like playin Jenga
Have sex with the whole world just by raisin my middle finger
But y'all don't hear me though, (Inga)
And just like that I'm back spittin nasty as (Foxy)
Then I'ma stop servin y'all like the soup nazi
Happy Days, then I'ma spin off like (Joanie Loves Chachi)
Burn rubber, the Maserati mach three
Screamin mazeltov at my aki
(Squad) vomit at Keith Shocklee for the beat made of broccoli
Got a Palestinian girl, her pussy the bomb
Get it? Blew up, you can't stop me

That's right, I wreck melody, so much energy
Why get on the track if you can't stand next to me?
So much energy it's a felony
Your microphone memory remember me, this is your penalty
You can't keep up mentally, you can't rhyme intelligently
Do it on the track, can't do it in front of me
You frontin, you and your man get all psyched up like it's Fight Club
Times up, you lost, life sucks
So does your wife slut, got a nice cunt
Last night we wiped white stuff on her butt
True power cannot be achieved by fightin over the mic
You can't compete with Canibus, aight?!
If your hat's turned to the back and you rap be prepared to scrap
You don't have to be scared of no strap
Cause your mind overstand all that
Fall back or no more contact with the Gods of rap
Go back to the "Lyrical Law" lab, first of all you trash
You can't add all the rhymes you had
Your mouth is a wound and your tongue is a scab
This is a concept the young mind doesn't grasp
That old stick in the mud, will put a gold bullet in a gun
Show you where red blood comes from
But that's not what you want, you want love
Where does that come from? Define that you bum
One thing at a time, intertwined as one mind
The proto in the prime of one perpetual line
No evil one I can divide, no matter the times try
No matter the lies that claim otherwise
Slumdog drug lord, guns drawn, motherfuck guns laws
You catch a big mini-gun gun charge
This is "Lyrical Law" not lyrical war
This is spiritual God, get your lyrics [echoes]

I'm nice with everything but chopsticks
Eyes couldn't see my style with glasses or binoculars made of optics
Stop it, slam it, rappers couldn't scoop a topic
Let alone follow they finger to mock this
Caught your hand on my style kid, put it in your pocket
If you can't get it home, what the fuck is the logic?
Want my devices, send my boys in to send fire to the ground
Hang my flag and brag, who's the nicest?
My Fort Knox, like Bunker Hill, [?] emcees guerrillas
Rhymin to go banana, breaks performed by Mad Drill
Man chill, your man'll get killed
And when they dump his ass off they gon' find him in a landfill
If I have to I will, that's on the real
I'm (Destiny's) only (Child) of the pay, on these girl group "Bills"
Word to Arthur Kill, Gun Hill for real
Wolf Gang, Murder Mouth, it's the king of the hill


"The Kings Sent For Me"
(feat. Bronze Nazareth, Raekwon, Kurupt & Craig G)

"The Kings Sent For Me"
(feat. Bronze Nazareth, Raekwon, Kurupt & Craig G)

Yo what up?
Stop parking your rollers on the side of the street homey
This is fucking Chef, man
This your brother Chef, man
From Shaol-land
You already know it's Shaolin, what goin' on?

Back for vengeance, glocked up, drinkin’ Cîroc up
Call it what you call it, I’ma call it some block stuff
Used to flashing gats, double barrels that flips narrow
Don’t even give it to Daryl then
Hang with the monster mobsters
All of them keep rockets on ‘em, ain’t no sense for the arguments
Drugs and guns and dunns in every part of my plan’s done
Hidin’ in my mansion, one year
I’ma a Polo head, Polo with a Rover sober red
Ridin’ with my niggas in Chicago, hold the lead my nigga
‘Cause it’s the bigger we get, the bigger you fall
The bigger we shit, check the wall full of scholars
Bank robbers ankle gold joggers
All my niggas quick to get off, poppin’ collars, kid
It’s just a family status
Don’t get sprayed up for fuckin’ with the family cabbage

[Hook - Bronze Nazareth:]
Samuriders, scramble when I aim and toke
Best believe I’ma flame your ankle with metal bolts
From the flavors you taste when the rocks is quotes
I’ma have a bronze [?] with all onyx scopes
My hands stay clean without the soap
When you see it’s us you feel the rush, the opposite of hope
Slammin’ grammar wizard choke and the hammer hits the oak
Slam a wiz that's cold, I deliver keys of coke

He must be on meds and shit
I keeps one of those thangs that shreds your shit
Or did he forget the number of how many get hit?
For fuckin’ with real niggas, more money to get
Fuck it, sandblast niggas like the Mojave
Beef Mugabe I’ll be probably oddly
Pushin’ down the street low key bucket and banger
Front liners with me strictly, buckin’ and bangin’
Twistin’ the robbery, on missions soldiers
Goblins know got steam brewin’ niggas like Folgers
Fronkenstein, I’ma bubble away
From triplin’ what a nigga made yesterday
Before I start bustin’ a musket, ivory tusk handle on the hammer
Trust me it must be Pentagon or nothing motherfucker
I won’t tell you again
Sand rider Samurider I’ma ride till the end


Women are for fucking, men are for fighting
Who cares as long as they both bend over smiling
Yo, I get muddy like Volkswagen offroad buggy
Ladies love me, teddy bears and puppies
Poisonous insects and animals in the stash house
Lookin’ for cash, don’t put your hand in the couch
Frodo Baggins escort the Komodo dragon
Repeat rappin’, memorize the God's solo classic
Predator prowler, truth to power, gunpowder
Plaid lumberjack flak jackets and cowboy trousers
Ponderosa Ibuprofen, gasoline-soaked Mimosas
Ocean spray Grey Goose dolphins
Charles Bronson, Godzilla, Gulf of Tonkin
Sponsored by the Luxor, the casino comped him
The rat hunters cut his dick off last summer
Flushed it down the toilet, sent it back to his mother


[Craig G:]
Heartless, like war torn soldiers in Bosnia
I was with his girl yesterday, ain’t have to Bill Cosby her
Craig G, Can-I-Bus, Rae, Kurupt
Antiseptic on beats, you ain’t low spray your guts
What? Cover it up with a Band Aid
Damn straight you’ll never come close when we mandate
These verbal executions, fittin’ MCs necks for nooses
Catch him as he cops a few loosies
I literally and figuratively shoot fifths
True shit, a way to lose quick
Is to cross me, leave a body cold in these warm streets
Hop off stage punch him in the face hop back on beat
Hold New York, 42nd Street was for dope fiends
Triple feature Kung Fu flicks and other coke schemes
Orange boxcutters, and [?]
It’s different now it’s easy to act tough from a safe place



"The Last Christians"

"The Last Christians"

[Verse 1 - Canibus:]
Oblivious Christians, Muslims most of them
Puppet master controls both of them
All spoken language was created by Satan
Planet Earth is a captured operation
Lies cannot exist without speech
Humankind can't trust what they see, tell me what are your beliefs?
Are they a multiple or singular God
Do you follow 10 commandments or 10 thousand laws?
Life on Mars, what are the odds?
Do I remember being there, nah but what if I was brainwashed?
The tier one scientists, that's they main job
To teach you where you are and not where you came from
The telescope is offline, why?
The culture divides due to confusion most of the time
History's always been sorted
Important facts not reported, real Hip hop is not recorded
Dark forces, shadow sorcerers, de-facto black marketers
Families feuding in their corporate offices
The Running Man strangles Mr. Dawson outside Guy Fawkes apartment
Right after the Boston Bombing
I'm in the pawn shop, make me an offer
Take two more derivatives and call me in the morning doctor
E.coli malaria water, earthquake victims still starving
Babies born with bar codes on their organs
Holocaust healthcare was never any better than welfare
A lot of people think it ain't fair
They should drop food from drones instead of dropping bombs
Jimmy Crack Corn from modified hormones
Soybean Tofu grow produce
Faggot ass doctor wanna grab your prostate and he don't even know you
I got nerves of steel protected from electrical surge
My curse words become medical terms
He said "Allahu akbar" and then blew up the plane
They said, "God bless his radioactive remains"
Tactical protocol was changed from that moment on
The whole world's at war but not for long
They say from disaster comes peace, God bless the deceased
They had to pick up the rest of his teeth
First and last name, RFID in your brain
Shackled to some chains on a train
Close quarters close margins, no wiggle room on the target
Stay close like titties and armpits
Bioceramic bone fragments, post apocalyptic mathematics
How do you weaponize a rabbit?
Fusion ignition, a new way of thinking just listen
Close enough to hear the laser beams whisper

[Verse 2 - Canibus:]
Pyramids on every planet
Spacecrafts crash landed and disbanded, left in a sandpit
A Christian cross stands outside a crater
Faint crescent moonlike shapes glows through the vapour
21st century mega quakes shake ups
Mommy late for work with messed up make-up
Daddy lost his job, they might break up
He makes 25 cents a week (He makes what?)
The country hungry and tired, Nero is fine tuning his lyre
The empire is consumed by fire
Parliament closely monitored, School bus size comets hit Washington
People in the church talking about God again
Tsunami - what you mean God?
I mean watch the ocean sea saw up thousands of feet to the seafloor
Thought process froze, think but do not disclose
Rap music don't barter no gold
All the plaques we got were fake
Just like this horse shit reality they make you think you create
Dummies amused by the sound of their own laughter
Black gold sprays from white holes in Alaska
Didn't wanna listen when they told you
Now you eating Soybean Tofu, the government owns you
The Antichrist approaches, everybody holds their noses
They know death don't smell like roses
The minister was putting on his tube socks
Went downstairs in the elevator like 2Pac
A foreign diplomats jewel box is no match for elite rulers toolbox
Look how many rules they got, no respect, human conditional disconnect
There's nothing left, certainly less than you would dare suspect
Yet perhaps maybe there's more
Crystal quartz tuning forks, mind control forces strangle your thoughts
My land is lost and now I can't talk or walk
I cry out "my kingdom for a horse!"
Operation full spectrum I reviewed all the metrics
I removed everything that was pleasant, dig a hole to get over depression
Psycho psychic methods, if it works, then why switch the method?
They control the entire globe, they say "I don't care what you know earthman
Just do what you're told!"
Dents, Nicks, Cracks, Splints and other Swedish laments
The best poetry barely makes sense
Their pulse race, blood all over their face
This craziness, an nobody's coming to save us
His mortal wounds were heat treated, we were unable to stop the bleeding
Humans retreating, robots feeding, boulder size rocks are reeling
The earth is squealing, dollar crash
And Wall Street didn't even feel it!
What you dealing with what you gon' eat a meal with
No tangibles? Don't even think about stealing it
Purify your h20 and stop moving so slow
You already know where we gotta' go
Opsec topside, Tony Stark bomblets, rockslide
Twist metal, a bent up carbine
Sweet Caroline, double barrel time
They wanna' beef, don't let em get past the cattle line
Retched, dusty ass stetsion, isotope sensors
This is a community consensus, boys will be boys
Men playing with contaminated toys
The future is full of so much joy
Burgundy maroon John Mayer, blue tooth black root
Yohimble bark root player, soothsayer
Whose within the distance to hear, they don't care
God bless the parying pepper who is scared but prepared
A brand new world begins after pole shift planet overspin
Awe, here we go again, modern day martyrs sing chorus
Ave verum corpus from the pinnacle of tire bale fortress
This is your world, take it back if you want it
But you can't sit at that table without a offering
Pursed lips like Mick Jagger, a bowl of hot soup cracker barrel
Raisin oatmeal with apples, illegal 7.62 rounds in the satchel
This is unnatural, the sentence is death if they catch you
Fuel station incineration, all over the nation
Devils flying all over creation
Don't open that box, it belongs to Pan
And he will compose music for the songs of man
Area 51 is off limits to intellectually timid
Humankind really has no business, if you wanna to see a fight start
Just turn the lights off, just a dark world and a tragedy of life lost


"The Messenger's Message"

"The Messenger's Message"

Yeah, every man see him 'Sail to Byzantium'
For those that can't see him, they lost man leave him
Transparent transceiver, no hand lever
On the hand receiver, the signal gets weaker
Sales of street polymer gels that form hardened shells that repel
Interrogative drills in the torture cell
Sounds like Hell, not exactly
Rap for me, this human's cavity interacts with me
Blood, liver, and lungs, external viscera thugs
Cutting me up with glitter covered gloves
I ran out the building, ran to the building where I parked
Why my children not in the car?!
I am not unravelling, I am calm,
I'm staying at Bigelow Arkansas obeying the law, playing GRAW
They ask questions with Russian like aggression
From the on screen projector, what is your intention?
Moratorium? I got four of them, meet me in the auditorium
I'm a show you how to talk to them
Right handed MC, used to be lefty
When direction don't effect me, my spotter corrects me
Open the eyelid, check behind him like crazy Ivan
On the coastliner, Psilocybin, crazy rhyming
With third Density binding, galactic plane timing
The Pleistocene is rising, I cannot describe it
Lavatory tidy and quaint, brand new paint
Laboratory, huge, sprawling, brand new warheads
Space grunts line up face front
Base jump into the waste dump, complete Phase 1!
Bone shards scattered all over the boneyard
We low crawl paying no attention to our nose at all
I see the beast pupil size increase
Seen it grab somebody off the street, bite and release
I decrease my silhouette, try to lay flat
Zero in where the chest and the neck intersect
Take a breath than hold it, but only for a moment
Stay focused or your first one'll be your last soldier
Woke up in the Infirmary, here's your papers
Thank us for your service, young man, see you later
Cardboard papers signs
"I will eat rhymes three times a day if you could only spare me a dime"
Real Hip Hop spitting, that's how I'm living
I mount my weapon like I mount my women
Intercept correct beats, sleep search collect and keep
If I like it let's meet next week
The mind of a weirdo, it's not really clear where he goes
Nobody here really knows...
Everybody wanna ask questions, don't pay attention to the messenger
Listen to the message!


"The Mic Disease"

"The Mic Disease"

Yeah! New York City
You are now rockin with the best, the 'Bus
And I'ma test this once (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Let's go, let's go

Aiyyo I'm so updated niggaz get frustrated
I'm the best that you ever heard, nigga fuck your favorite
Fuck a public statement, I'ma say it right here
It's quite clear, I'm the nicest anywhere
You paranoid, what's the reason for that?
Scared in the barbershop chair, with heat in your lap
I drag you out in the desert, freeze you in fact
Pulp trees run out of paper, roll leaf with the map
It's like that, give me dap, Cani-Beezy is back
I'ma take 40 million this season in rap
Take small change as long as I can afford range
When I'm flyin overseas, I can't take no small planes
If the course change, I'll be in the cockpit
With the glock cocked, lookin at the pilot all strange
Jason Jermaine, born Williams as a false name
U.S. military trained, remember one thang
I remember was no other soldier like me
My M-4 carbine bang nightly
Hand combat Tai-Chi, fight me
I'm Sagittarius, so I don't like Pisces
Effect you with the mic disease, try to breathe
Airborne spores reach overseas with light breeze
Out in Waikiki with ki's and G's
On a hammock with my trees like, what you need?
Got shorties in tight jeans over there, this is what life means
She suck me off, then she take me sightseein
Spendin per diem with a real nicely tanned Korean
She and her friend, they drive a little BM
Picked me up at 10 P.M., took me to the VM
Cause I was already kinda leanin off the Seagram's
I'm feelin weak, blame it on the herb rush
Yo that's Kay Slay bangin Lloyd Banks? Turn it up
I got a track after this one, I burnt it up
Big Shaq, Money Mark, Canibus, you heard of us
I do you rhyme surplus, words deluxe
Manufactured the 'Bus, just observe me once
I'm the bright light before you, the first of one
Kay Slay brought me back cause they worshipped son
The cursed one, my hip-hop heartbeat thump
Who that punk talkin junk, I'll punch the chump
Badunkadunk, like Lil' Jon on crunk
Have wonton for lunch with Brazilian fudge
Toss a rock my way, and I'll probably throw a million slugs
Be at your door with a million thugs!


"The Primary Axiom"

"The Primary Axiom"

It ain't no excuse, it's the truth
We never had a chance cause the enemy's not human
Bite off more than you could chew then choke
Good and bad opportunities, I've ruined them both
What you be about, Lord? "Aiyo, I be about Tiaamat's law
Before the Great Wall was destroyed."
Knowledge, wisdom, understandin'
Amnesia pre-plannin'
Native tribes slaughtered by cannons
Didn't wanna listen when I told you
Now you eating soy bean tofu, look what you go through
The faggot wants to be accepted, the Anti-Christ is erected
The whole world changes perspective
Khadafi had a golden gun
China got two hundred and fifty quadrillion golden tons
American confidence is waning, patriots complaining
Drones in the sky filmin' terrorist training
The white man's mad because the white man is selling out the white man
Now you KNOW shit is bad
The Asian man got computers that don't subtract, they just add up
While the Arab man'll still pull the dagger
The rednecks from Santa Ana reach for they hammer
Blam, Blam, Blamma look straight into the camera
Jenny Lake, Wyoming camping, the stars are dancing
Starlight skies, Dreadnaught's commander
Homo Cobra Capensis, long pincher's
Like a Mantis, early Appalachia Atlantis
Baalbek, broad shoulders, throw boulders to the four corners
When I'm around they start talkin'
Knuckle-draggin' monkey, think he know somethin'?
You don't know nothin'! The Ironman suit was on Tussin!
The nation sinks into a cesspool of sinflation
Automated Jamaican simulations, I'm stimulated
Eviscerated, well-shaven, when he's dead cremate him
Make sure you say his rhymes verbatim
I'mma put you in rehab, punch you i your fuckin' bean bag
And go have myself a nice steam bah
You don't want the wrath of black Charlie McGrath
I sprinkled glass on the grass before they raided my pad
Pull up the customer case while I fuck your face
Negotiate, how much does your 10.99 make?
Yeah I like joggin' in place, Martin Luther's speech everyday
Cause I had to have a dream anyway
Camelbak break, ice cold water on a dry lake
Not bad for a primitive primate, huh?
Dark project research manager, Canibus
In the '90s I created a neuro-sampler
Nano-nuclear waves, non-particle
You the NCO in charge of this group? Lemme talk to you
Rap this, rap that. C'mon Canibus just rap
The whole world happy Canibus back
1000 bars plus tax, I know you love that, you little muskrats
Doin' jumpin' jacks on the tracks
Be quiet! Something is watching us, influencing our consciousness
Falsely encouraging us, stopping us!
They can't live without you, 'Bus
They said we need more time. I quietly replied "Time is up."
I've rhymed enough, uncoiled B-Fields
T1, 2 & 3, the Beast from the East will not yield!
The time war samurai sword, pantomime record
Minds like mines not minds like yours
If language is a virus, Germaine is timeless
Simply put, Germaine is a syllable scientist
In comparison, I pale to creatures with scales, claws and tails
Laser weapons hangin' off of they belts
With the wings and the eyes of an eagle
No matter the distance, they see you
Put your hands where they can see you
Read your thoughts like the NSA
Paralegal power to the people
I wish I had the power to defeat you
The Hebrew has no equal, technology he has the keys to
With breakaway speeds to leave you
The pyscho psychic hypersensitive Sifu
Since the veil's too thick for human beings to see through
They don't need to let you know they don't need you
All you need to know is that they came from Nibiru
Nimrod wants his gold and he's coming to get it
And that's why he's worshiped by the ones that collect it
I can motion vector long enough to hold that sector
I'm the protector, Hip Hop's alpha-successor
Kick yo ass all over the battlefield, it was my pleasure
And we can do it again, whenever


"The Principle Of Equivalence"

"The Principle Of Equivalence"

River water floods, every country, blood red algae
We are the people, the people have a bounty
Every man woman and child, non elites must bow
This is the future, the future is now
Freedom - liberty - the pursuit of happiness
The home of the brave with a ravenous dark side
Chickasaw war tribes, black aparthied
Hard on the eyes, heavy on the hearts and minds
We can't use consitution to defend our laws
Padelford V. Alderman, Savannaha
Executive order 13037
They call us human capital, capital credit
Executive order 12803
Everything in America's for sale my "Gee"
Fictious obligation, how you gonna qualify that statement
You still live in grandma basement, alone with your thoughts
Don't wanna take your headphones off, they strip you to your draws in the airport
Zombies in the dead zone, pretty ass bitch she redbone, I sat next to her no leg room
The treaty of 1213 means I work for the queen
I work to recover my title deeds
Do noy folly with idle speech, poetry deep
A silent as spiders feet, LE be quiet you creep
Stealthsubmarine silent fleet
The man smiles - he admires the beast
A lamb is just something to eat
Especially when spicy seasoning is added to that wonderful meat
We are the people but the people don't count dude
Barron VS the mayor of Baltimore city council
The USA was not founded on christian values
The treaty of tripoli spells it out for you
Pennsylvania supreme court, the most powerful of all
10 paces draw in front of town hall
The estate was divided into districts to define it's existence
This is a realistic statistic
They set us up to perform poorly
It's the usual story, if you love me make a movie for me
The human population is so easily occupied, human life is just a commodity modified
The highly comprehensive Canibus collection
Old school classic like them early century westerns
Papyrus paper record deals stage coach wagon wheels
Sping transporing my written cylinder seals
Medieval artifact retrieval
Yes, we are the people, but we're just poor people
Evolution produces revolution, not the other way around
Thses stupid ass rappers is as dumb as they sound
I want Freedom, I already know I'm a dead man speaking
Who dies before the RV every weekend
Multi digit palindrome prime lexicon online
Linear lines up right on time
No more lies, Crypto contrived
Quantum worlds collide the moment the groom returns for his bride
I accep the slander and praise
Cause one of these days, it's gonna happen one of two ways
You wake - none of it's real - you laugh or
Inertial mass of inert gas splits the world in half
All that is, is reincarnated to live
We only think we're alive but we're really dead
The yellow dragon from hell
Hatched from a black eggshell with a red tail and deep blue nails
The predator pulled energy from a pool of point 2 mega joules
At zero point zero residue
Ingest the yes pill, this is my last testament and will
Protected by a polar satellite shield , for real
I travel in the flesh, but the goal is to travel without
The house of the lord is a traveling house
In a G2 cloud, when helium 3 hues un shrouded
Among spirits that the pyramid houses
Superwaves shear off the sides of every mountain
Spacecrafts land, a God steps down out of it
A little G God, no doubt about it, people crowd around him
Knowledge - looking gallant and valiant
Wisdom, knowledge nothing without it
Understanding - every attribute itemized and counted
The wind blows up from the ground, the ground makes earthquake sounds
Miles of city blocks shook down
The blood thirsty dracs, shout:
"Launch the attack!", they say "stand like a man or crawl on your back"
Go head take a stand, I know you don't understand
See we always have a choive but we never had a chance
The murder weapon was thrown in the pacific in the high seas
That means it will never be retrieved
When indivudals decide to climb into a hive mind
They shouldn't be surprised what they find
Your mind is no longer your own
A one billion man army of clones, that follow orders like drones
Hopless silence - whispering quotes of violence
The sky is black, the smoke is violet
There is evil at the doorstep of every man
Declaring you have a choice, but you don't have a chance
The savage salivates at the scent of a man
And say you always had a choice but you never had a chance
What you gotta say about that lieutenant Dan?
Bubba died right there in Forest Gumps hands!


"The Rip Off"

"The Rip Off"

[crowd chanting]
Can-i-bus, Can-i-bus, Can-i-bus
Can-i-bus, Can-i-bus, Can-i-bus [x2]

[Hook: x2]
Can I rip it? (Yes you can!)
Can I rip it? (Yes you can!)
Can I rip it? (Yes you can!)
Well I'm gone (Ohhhhhh!)

[Verse 1]
Yo, my brain races to create these lyrical mosaics like paintings
To me record store and art galleries are merely the same thing
I feel like I'm Rembrandt and my man Van Gogh is amazin
Canibus is not some average rap patron, have patience
I went through changes, not being with the majors and all
'Til my man Louie Lombard gave me a call
and talked about some other way to cake off
I thought hmmm.. I could make more, he said "Sure"
"I could put you in about three thousand stores,
and get at least fifty thousand orders"
"Maybe more 'Bus, who knows your fanbase is emormous"
Well of course, look who I've toured with; Wyclef
I didn't sell twenty million cuz it wasn't my time yet
I'm satisfied with the line up I rhyme with
Kool G Rap, Pharoahe Monch, and Rakim
Including future superstars I've worked with thus far
Like Free, from 106 and Park
You need to understand somethin; 'Bus is raw
Raw to the floor, raw like reservoirs,
Auger mechanical mandible jaws, split you in half
Addicted to rippin jackers, but I rip a jackass
Before we battle, there's two questions I have to ask
Are you carrying any firearms, and did you pack your bags?
Cool, cuz I'ma make you feel real bad
And I'ma make you so mad, you'll probably spazz
I can see you tryna get me like they got Biggie
Somewhere in the city, on a pretty day when I dressed in Jiggy
And I got security with me
I'll give you a buck-fifty so quickly,
you won't even know that ya nose dripping
So much blood on the floor, you might as well be pretending
to be mudwrestling a dozen bitches PMSing
Sounds kinda tempting, doesn't it?
Dissing me wasn't really worth it, was it?
I'm buggin, I know a lot of y'all loved it
and tryed to convince the public to safe bug this
But just think, I played y'all like a bunch of puppets
You play Russian Roulette with a musket,
and got busted in your own nugget
A twenty-one gun salute with no bullets and no trumpets
While the rain pours and the storm thunders
Your rotten carcass smells so pungent, it turns my stomach
Attracts the buzzards, on Fox Eyewitness News coverage
Rip the Jacker's on the loose in London,
he slipped through US customs and flew to Dublin
Frontin as a janitor in a school or somethin
Workin for little or nothin, I'm warnin you DON'T TRUST HIM
He's a complete risk to the American public
And don't ever call the law cuz he thinks he's above it
Let's get one thing straight; you can't touch him,
Outsmart him, out muscle him, or out hustle him
You can't beat 'em - join 'em, you can't join 'em - fuck 'em
Can-I-Bus, either ya hate him or ya love him

[Hook: 2x]

[Verse 2]
Yeah yeah, I seen you at Ruby Tuesday's
With a toupee, talkin on ya two-way -- you look gay
Nigga I don't give a fuck about the games you play
I gnaw on ya bones 'til my teeth turn blue-gray
Or turn yellow like I ain't brushed in a few days
And the blood starts to taste like red toothpaste
Nigga this ain't communion and that ain't Kool-Aid
Delicacies the FDA won't approve in the states
Like a little witche's brew in your vanilla latte
Or perhaps Filet of Dog in a Malaysian cafe
If I was a cook I would probably take a half day
Clock out and never come back, you keep the back pay
That's some metaphorical shit, all you have A
Is that why all you weirdos all attracted to me?
Look at yourself, why you even listen to me?
Listen to yourself, your constantly dissin me
Well listen to this bitch, get off my D
If you don't think that I'm the illest, that's cool I don't agree
I proved myself, time and time again
Grippin mics like Heinekens, who want me to rhyme again?
You could never expire the fire within
Killin me with a gun is easy, try a pen
For the use it was intended
I don't like to be the one to start the drama nigga,
but I know how to end it
Kill yourself I'll take the credit - get it?
You see that way, things couldn't work out more pleasant