R@1n ReBirth Activator Project v1.7 Final

The idea is to have an All-in-One activator.

I understand that the main attraction of the project can be the keygen, so I try to explain a couple of things.​
  • This project includes a key generator, written a long time ago by Bob65536.​
  • For a study purpose I have included the keygen in the project.​
  • For a product activation it is not enough to generate a key, but the correct license must be installed, so the keygen has been attached in an activator.​
  • Basically, there is an unknown variable in the construction of the various keys, so it is impossible for me to get a genuine key. however, all the keys that can be generated are valid, therefore they can be installed using any of the known activation methods. (HWID, OEM loader, KMS, KMS38)​

You must understand that:​
  • There is no kind of presumption on my part.​
  • What I do, I do to share and grow.​
  • I do NOT take any responsibility for malfunctioning.​
  • I recommend everyone to try on a virtual machine first.​

So, I accept constructive criticism and suggestions, as long as they don't say "Keygen doesn't work" for the reasons mentioned above.
My job so far has been to find a good number of activators, re-code everything for a single solution. So, there are a lot of people to thank, and I hope I don't forget anyone.

Thanks to: WindowsAddict, abbodi1406, Bob65536, QAD, xinso, Hotbird64, nonosense, Nosferati87, Mikmik38, Cynecx, heldigard, Daz, Alphawaves, mxman2k, Nummer for the various source codes and the work!

Thanks to all the people who have supported the development in all its forms.

Languages available: English, Italiano.
Thanks for the translations to: seagate (Bulgarian), Lysoform & anakin206 (Spanish), NoNooBS (Deutsch), A2R14N (Romania), keke(Chinese Simplified), Fedsi Moh (Arabic, French), ronen1n (Hebrew), 2ri2 (Spanish Mexico), kkwong7878 (Traditional Chinese), Pico01 (Hungarian), ERCAN KOÇAK (Turkish), jaideejung007 (Thai).

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