Šta je novo?


"The Summer League"
(feat. Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign)

"The Summer League"
(feat. Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign)

Live from the BF Coliseum, southeast DC, Barry Farms where I was what? Born and raised!
Wale, Kanye West and Dolla $ign! DC and Chi Town! Live inside the gates! Welcome to the big show!

[Hook - Ty Dolla $ign:]
Pull up on you, hop out stuntin'
The money keep comin', it keep on comin'
The money keep comin', it keep on comin'
All my bitches love me, the money keep comin'

[Verse 1 - Kanye West:]
Woah, you was just alright
Yeah you, okay
You know I could do this type of shit all night
Anyway, I wanna see you with the lights on, right now
Forreal, you got everybody watchin' like the fight on, god damn
Keep on thuggin', keep on, keep on thuggin'
While the money keep on comin', keep on, keep on comin'


[Verse 2 - Wale:]
Everything fast, everything fact
Money in the bank, put away the cash
Pedal to the floor, foot on the gas
300 on the... like damn
Slippin' and slidin'
Made it to the top but my mama from Nigel
And they just wanna watch shit
She used to flower bomb now the [?]
I tell her, "Keep on comin'"
And when she on top, man she keep on cummin'
And I can't keep her off of me
Keep on, keep on comin'



"The Sun"
(feat. Memphis Bleek)

"The Sun"
(feat. Memphis Bleek)

[Chorus - Mandrill sample:]
The sun is in the sky
But I refuse to smile
Still darkness lingers in my mind

[Wale talking over chorus:]
Fuck am I smile for?
You don't even know what you talkin' about

How the fuck am I goin' smile?
See y'all niggas got the wrong guy
The box that I'm in isn't mine to be in
Must I remind you again?
The mind is an engine
My drive doesn't drive for intolerance
because I'm popular to bloggers and pirates
The ignorant downgrade me to average
but they don't even know half of the rapper
So they threw me in the skinny jeans crew
because I rap about shit that the people really do
If I got Glocks poppin' at Picasso that proper
I'd rather rap about politics and Prada
Gucci and bitches, and hip-hop business
I don't gotta pass stones like fucked up kidneys
to make y'all listen, and get my vision
While the real niggas hear it, bitch niggas goin' whisper
B-grade rappers gasp like wind sprints
Whack rappers sound better when they dis skip
and look better with their wrists slit
Then, and only then will you motherfuckers see a grin (Wale)


[Memphis Bleek talking over chorus:]
Ha, I mean, I really don't got nothin' to smile about
You know?
Let's get low, Brooklyn, Bed-Stuy

Yep, I keep my head up
The only thing down is the top
I mean mug nigga cause the grind don't stop
Last week, my little homie got popped
and Lord knows if the gun play law stopped
Fuck cops and politics
I'm into makin' hoods hot as shit
Now ain't that boutta' bitch?
Had a strong team, until the feds came
Peepin' down the week
Tote it all mang'
So what the fuck am I smiling 'bout?
This the shit here niggas on the island 'bout
and the foe building right now wild'n out
So I don't wanna hear about how you Gucci'd out
Nigga, I'm bout' to pour about a hundred out
out the bank, and bail all my niggas out
Fuck you think? Get low!



"The Trip (Downtown)"

"The Trip (Downtown)"

Okay my game tight My game right
Don't even know her name until I know her taste right.
I said my game tight My game tight
Don't even know her name until I know her taste right.

Passion that she's asking for Her man always slacking, no?
That why when he outta town I make sure she is not alone
That's when she gon hit my phone and tell me what's been goin on
Tell me whats been on her mind and I'm inclined to know some mo'
Tired at her normal seat 9 to 5 is all it be
Cubical small as shit and coworkers is talkative
(?) don't call the crib boyfriend on that jealous shit
He fathers her only kid that's why my homies let him live
But Friday night she gon make him babysit we gon blow that haze a bit
And get away from all of it See it's not right
But it's okay you see our love is just not the same
Cause any woman lacking love deserves is entitled to a get away.



Good love then I can do that for her
I can do that to a nigga and make a pool on her
It's temporary lust you need an in showing
And for the time being lets me in love with the moment
Okay you dancing drinking on your last one
Im just tryna poker face that's why I got my hand in
Grown man shit tonight no romance shit and you should make this bedroom like Monday night at magic
Like a (Gigi mcguire?) now let me up inside
I give you that massage good hygiene is required ion want no dirty junk
I just want a girly girly that own a rack of Jordan but don't sport em cause she love her pumps
Give my love to no one else kiss that cookie til it melt I am going underwater...micheal phelps
Do it til I'm tired or your homegirl can provide the help or you can be ms independent make that movie by yourself



"The Vacation From Ourselves"
(feat. Julia Louis-Dreyfus)

"The Vacation From Ourselves"
(feat. Julia Louis-Dreyfus)

[Clip from Jerry Seinfeld:]
Because you said this would be better. Remember? A vacation from ourselves. That's what you said...I'm sorry, you've gotta get a job

Bammas is trippin'. Vacationin'
You see they way out they minds with no return ticket
This how here go
This how I hear it different
That's why I'm so annoyed
That's why I here whispers
Call me a product of my own damn hood
Since Nautica was popular than popular for good
Reason I'm good
Reason I stuck with the sound
I ain't playing like the rest who got free from it
I grew up on circuit boys and go-go music
A couple others but I feel they less important to me
The point is
It pointed
Me in the direction of my home grown noises
Of a artist I loved yet avoided
Imitating out-of-towners wasn't going well
And I ain't goin' well
I jive like Bone
Them fast songs was cool but never wrote to 'em
Only concern was the home that was close to him
Our style, our slang and our own music
If I could hone my tone I could blow too
So I phone Tony Craig, said we gonna do it
And that we did...

(Hey Dan was that alright? Damn smack everythin sound good, we gonna keep it... Next Verse)

A lot of rappers sound like a lot of rappers
Sound wise... or that style they puttin' out now
They puttin out the same blueprint
So pun... it's no new shit and it ain't no fun
It's no fundamentals it's one dimensional
One can mention one's self and it'd be too pretentious
And to pretend as if 2Pac is not these dudes' intentions
Pay attention if you should listen to his shit and they shit it's too convincing
As well as Chris-to-pher we miss ya
But every march ninth another twenty is with us
Clones... imitators known
For imitatin the off switch like I'm on top of my own
And they copy what's on
And copy what's hot until that goes cold
The one who breaks mold is that last to get on
But usually will last cause the last stick is on
And firm his beliefs... his heart made of stone
Opposers try to knock but harder he will go
Never can he mimic... maybe can admire
But never will he imitate another rap nigga
I am Wale and never can I vacate
Never can I straight face
Look at Wale and say you nothing but a biter
Not the enlightener or liaison to the niggas that's grindin
Niggas that's reading
Niggas that's learning
Niggas that's scheming
Niggas out Maryland
Niggas out DC
Niggas who ain't seen beef
To niggas in it knee deep who you think keep peace... me
And I'm free free free..

(Wale Folarin mixtape about nothing, but really I am saying something, y'all all bluffin... keep coming)

Even if I ever leave now
If I ever bleed DMV you can hear it when I speak
You can hear it in my lyrics
And even when you old and your hearing incoherent
You can feel it via spirit
Via my inheritance speakin as I did it
Via niggas rep spreading speeches through the city
The outskirts listen
The outskirts distribute my vision contributing to the buzz I position
The thugs say I'm cool
The cool say I'm thug
The mirror's screaming at me saying I'm Emmi Lola's son
I am not the only one
In the city where the Burns magazines say I'm in
I don't really give a fuck
DC lovin ya
I don't want it on my back
And they label me king... you can kindly take it back
I don't want no fucking crown
I don't need no fucking throne
See, the kings get killed very least overthrown
I'm a thorough ass nigga I don't need a nigga hold me
Even if I roll I'm a forever gon be home
See there no place better than the state of my mind
There's no time wasted and no vacations... Bitch..

[Outro - Julia Louis-Dreyfus]


"The War"
(feat. Daniel Merriweather)

"The War"
(feat. Daniel Merriweather)

[DJ scratches]
They ain't sayin' nothing anyway
They might as well talk about nothin

[Seinfeld Sample]
[Jerry Seinfeld:] This woman is bending my mind into a pretzel!
[Cosmo Kramer:] You better be careful with that thing. You'll start a war


[Verse 1]
I just wanna make you better, I think I can save you
But I think I'm Bi-Polar, I love you, then I hate you
Grew of disdain, though I hate whoever ain't you
Hate when I can't date you, but I also need my space too
I made room for this love, how foolish of me
And every woman lookin' at you, knew that you was lucky
So check the verse Miss, I ain't say I'm perfect
But you was low on love, what I do? Reimbursed it
And now it hurts to be around or converse witcha
And what's worse is before this I had worse witcha
Now war missles, handguns and grenades
The wars I couldn't break, Imma take 'em apart with a tank
And Momma told me, "Be careful who you love"
Gee said, "Just wrap it up, these bitches actin' up"
And as for us, we was different though, things have gotten difficult
Tried to be, Mr. Perfect, Intercontinental, hold up
You spend your time with your fiends, all the time
And all that time, with your friends, put my momentum on decline
My mind's gone evil, you changed with the season
You had a nuclear heart, guess I was Hiroshima
So now I need some Xan, need some Remy and some Reefer
So when this war is over I'm not PTSDing
And I don't wanna leave her, but you know what got me wondering?
I'm scared to lose love, but even more scared to love again

[Chorus - Daniel Merriweather:]
But why we gotta argue, why we gotta fight
I just wanna love you, I wanna make it right
It's like we both forgot what we were fighting for
So tell me why are we at war? [Chorus repeats as a round in the background]
Why are we at war?
Why are we at war?
So baby why are we at war?

[Seinfeld Sample]
[George Costanza:] They get away with murder!
You never see one of them lift anything over 3 pounds.
They do whatever they want, whenever they want, and nobody can stop them!
[Jerry Seinfeld:] She's like a beautiful Godzilla
[George Costanza:] And I'm thousands of fleeing Japanese
[Cosmo Kramer:] Oooh, she's a package full of energy!
[Elaine Benis:] She's a package full of something!
[Cosmo Kramer:] Yeah!

[Verse 2]
Yea, they do (whatever they want, whenever they want) and nobody else can stop it
I'm catchin' myself depositing these feelings she'd withdraw from
And I ain't got the gall to tell my Godzilla bye-bye, so I'm hurtin'
My effort is apparent, she not fertile
The anger I've adopted, the feeling's been aborted
So now I press ignore if forever Cupid tried to call her
They call me, better not, see when everything is stop
And your love's in hindsight, and you see everything it's not
Notice everything it wasn't, realizin' why it shouldn't
Ever be again, 'cause in the end, it's not 'bout what you put in
Fuck kissing and hugging, they love pushing your buttons
New love, is so beautiful, time just makes it ugly
But fuck it, I accept it, no longer will neglect it
If a period is late, then I will mark it with a question
That mean I never trust 'em, and if you ever love 'em
Know that favorite girlfriends turn to crazy baby mothers
The war

[Chorus - Daniel Merriweather (2x):]
But why we gotta argue, why we gotta fight
I just wanna love you, I wanna make it right
It's like we both forgot what we were fighting for
So tell me why are we at war? [Chorus repeats as a round in the background]
Why are we at war?
Why are we at war?
So baby why are we at war?

[Wale - outro]
Just another product of the Matrix, this maze I'm in amazes me at times
I just wanted to be at peace with you, and if I gotta settle for a piece of you then I gotta say Peace to you
With all due respect, I do respect you enough to expect
Effort is all I ask
If we're gonna last more I gotta ask for more
And if that means I'm asking for too much, I'm sure we'll end up as our last
We bash
We blast
We shoot
We lose
We pass
The War


"The White Shoes"

"The White Shoes"

I had a lady once stop me on the street.
I was wearing white shoes.
And she says, "I'm glad you're sticking with the white shoes."
She says, "It makes me feel good."

Take this good advice
If they're gonna judge you for life
Say we can't always be fly
We gon' be good long as them sneakers white
You'll be alright
Said you'll be alright
Said you'll be alright
Said you'll be alright

Gucci iced out, whole hood had 'em
Ice cream 'fore the hypebeasts that's into fashion
Being forreal, yo try being Pharrell
When your black ass in a back class, the fronting was real
No Lauren London, we was on a budget
You know, sharin' Old Navy so the army could be fresh in public
Where the sneaker stores and laundromats get all the money
Cause it ain't 'bout what you're doin', 'bout how you're lookin'
When they love you for your status and your catalog
And everybody got a jersey to play along
Back then the hoes checkin' for your zapatos
So even dirty niggas had the foams


Biotech trainers on the way to work
And we would quietly complain while Eric would lurk
That was the PG Plaza manager, managin' us
Yeah I'm standin' in Lucky 7s but slingin' them Lugz
Still have them Js for the low, low, and I could get 'em early
But I'm not without a conscience, I see people out there hurtin'
Got 'em for Penny Foams that was bought at this very store
And I think that was my shift, then again I'm not very sure
And that's a lot that can get to ya
When you're not sellin' drugs but the outcome is similar
Cause out come them niggas with pistols, tellin' you give 'em up
Now out come the moms with tissues cause you ain't give a fuck
Free lunch for everyone, income was very uh
On the second and 16th everyone would have every 1
And Reebok would carry pump, and that's not the scary part
These niggas love white shoes so much they'd be buried in them


You'll be alright
You'll be alright
You'll be alright
You'll be alright


No matter how good or lavish us niggas got it
We just a bunch of ravenous addicts living for fancy haberdashery


"The Work (Workin')"

"The Work (Workin')"

[Beat starts]
Uh. Lets do it.
Floor not havin it,
cover this track like a motha fuckin laminate.

Yeah,real niggas in my cabinet,
you the type of nigga make a stripper turn celibate.

Lets celebrate, levitate, with the loud,
never wait when we out,
fuck a line, get in now.

what they bitchin bout?
what the goin for?
polo head to toe no zone 4.

Kick game on rebitz, bonjour,
winter time, all clear,
summer time, different shore.

This a different motor man better go to work,
rapper tryin trade places like a motor mur.

Its no days off, all though I'm born to work,
but daddy gotta order somethin dealers cant afford.

Ha, the envy in dime dealers,
bentley ain't my but I let bitches recline in em.
Tell em they mind clippin I give em like 5 minutes.
Tell em we'll never be but they settle for side bitches.

Dc got wild niggas,
them .45 niggas,
some runnin with 2 k's though we some loud niggas.

Don't get besides yourself, thinkin I'm with the loving,
I just came back from Howard I made a deal for the locals,
they hit em, fling em, delete em,
hug em, love em, then leave em,
if you call me a genius, nobody would disagree it.

I'm spotted on different beachs, cause he was smokin reffah,
I hope you hit me by 3, I'm incoherent by the evening.

whats up sugah, I'm diggin yah, oh you aint feelin young'n?
thats even better I'm not that into submissive woman,
I'll like to tell you I'm the type to get all woman,
I put that battery in back so small wonder,
its been a long summer, and I've been on my grind,
we killin shows out in london like I'm on my grind,
I think I'm Larry Hoover, I think I'm Big Meech,
I think you need the streets to succeed the inner street.

but I'm a different route, hip-hop lyric route, quote un quote
backpack still bring them bitches out.

I bet you burnt em, you fry chicken nigga church em,
or popeyes, we don't keep no birds in the circle.

Stop lyin ya'll pretenders ya'll ain't really workin,
Ya winslon, within lauren, though you nigga urkel.

kin folk, I've been dope since super soakers,
no matter who gonna show up I make a move over,
all that talk about who's better then falauren,
go and get that bread and they'll be penniless tommorrow.

Living out of a homer shit,
broke and no one notices,
ghetto whip you lisa like your margerie and homer kid.

Rather beatin on the bitch,
motify your quota bitch,
PG bitches love me like I'm TCB and Polo bitch.

norfitomic love me like a mother fuckin jonahs,
thats why we're always goin and we don't gotta go with them.


"Theory 11.1.11"

"Theory 11.1.11"

[Intro: 2Pac]
When I was young I read a lot, I wrote poetry...
I would have been a totally different person
Had I not been exposed to these things
I'm not saying I'm going to change the world
But I guarantee I will spark the brain that will change the world...

[Verse: Wale]
Sometimes a simple cadence can get in the way of greatness of a nigga statements
I feel I know a little bit of everything but I've grown unfamiliar with limitations
See I'm just a narrator that's see the world as a nigga who never made it
I forever debate a nigga who stand in the way of my standing ovation
Nigga I'd be lying to tell you my mind isn't exhausted
But to recline is to say God's blessing isn't as awesome as I flaunted
See I got more haters and nay sayers than eight Lakers in Boston
So I happen to Phil Jacksons along the way with this talking
See I give my heart to an unforgiven genre where passion is frowned upon
With a muzzle around em all a league full of dry rhymers I proceed to... cannonball
Loose cannon starts us off and crucified for the passionate ways...
I'm only but a man but man enough to challenge all
And I love you all
And I pray you just don't think I'm smart and see my vision and know my heart
This is 11.1.11... 11.1.11...
11.1.11 is when it all makes sense
When my critics break down and make amends with my supporters
Who been supporting me since day one can tell you niggas who fronted
Wale polish and guess what Wale got it...
I am just an artist
I am just a man
May not change the world
But let me inspire someone who can
Who can [x4]


"Tired Of Dreaming"
(feat. Ne-Yo & Rick Ross)

"Tired Of Dreaming"
(feat. Ne-Yo & Rick Ross)

{M-M-M-Maybach Music}

[Chorus: Ne-Yo]
Get out of my head, get into my bed
Come to me now, I'm tired of dreaming; imagine, baby
Ooh, get out of my head, get into my bed
Come to me now, I'm tired of dreaming; imagine, baby

Fame has made me more foolish, uh
What would you do with all these lusty groupies? Uh
And I know that God has made me only human, uh
But I'd like to take the time to describe to y'all my favorite woman
Look... teeth, white and bright and still talk to me like we back home
And the weed? That's optional cause my only concern's that her head's strong
And her feet? Let's see; course you know I like them clean
And I can understand a little bruise, you've been running through a nigga's mind all damn week
And no, I won't OD, you'll get D, young as 19
I believe age is for math, all I need is chemistry, yeah
The shawty be the glory - until my dream real
And I like a good story, I bet she got a mean tail

[Interlude: Ne-Yo]
Your little attitude, and the way you make your moves
Baby, it's just hella cute, baby...
Girl, I've been lookin' for you cause of the things we do
In my dreams, how I be makin' you scream; I wake up like...


[Rick Ross]
HUH! {Maybach Music}
When I look in your soul, all I see is the gold
Her beauty is blinding, she's in total control
Her emotions at peace, let's walk the shoreline
Statuesque as can be, we're spending more time
Sky-dweller moving counter-clockwise
A perfect 10, I'm watching you through God's eyes
Bonita Applebaum - my strawberry letter
Love Potion #9, this shit's a gifted era
If this is wrong, you my co-defendant
As we plead guilty to this life sentence
Choosy lovers - she my block goddess
I love the realist - rock solid



{M-M-M-Maybach Music}


"Tito Santana"
(feat. Joe Budden)

"Tito Santana"
(feat. Joe Budden)

Uhh... Dub, A, L, E
Appreciate it Joe, yeah

Highly unstoppable, nothin's un-coppable
Tito Santana matador ain't equipped to stop the bull
Proud of product pulled over nigga not be scorned
Around here I am the goat like the Capricorn
New grove, still bitches don't know this a flaw
Cause my hoes in the X like they model for cars
Here to change the whole game due to audible
Initial place wasn't cruel so we oughta bull
I'm ? to my little mack competition
You gon' need a couple stars to get your first victor
Word picture, hurt niggaz, young verse killer
Fist pleaser, skirt lifter, young Dirk Diggler
Wahlberg (Shooter), young flow fluid
And my brains travel like Yung Berg jewels
Transformer, no opponent is formidable
Pockets morbidly obese, I'll be tourin for loot
I'm Wale, the new nigga on the block
See my team has hella cars, I got a couple knots
See, how the beat gets ate off
Acquire my scratch and I ain't have to use an 8-ball
Hip-Hop's whole face is off
And I rock with the band, this a cake-walk

And I don't want
I don't wanna be condescending on that but like cake-walk
Like, I meant like cake from the second season of "Da Band"
Like cake-walk like it's, fuck it

[Joe Budden:]
Yo, I'll be whatever you wan' call me
Weird or faulty, but lyricists can't ignore me (nah)
Keep a shooter wherever the force be (why?)
Case they gotta make a band member strip naked like Aubrey
So, they hate and they say
But the AK's a cross from the tommy like Shenene and they'll try ya
Rap hero but wasn't nicer, prior
I started off the top of the dome, call him Sylar
Now you now son become C. Dalvin
Dollar Dungarees, kicks fly closet like Chun Lee (but dawg)
Pump me with Sigel to pump B
You just servin yourself, go pull up to pump three
Flow's all flames, not a race but keep up
Cause I'll (Bolt) on Usain, I'm too ahead of the game
So take your seat on the bench
You met Wale and 9th Wonder, now meet the tenth