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VoidRealms - The C++ Qt training course (2011) Training


VoidRealms - The C++ Qt training course (2011)
English | MP4 | 480x336 | AVC 159 Kbps 19.917 fps | AAC 138 Kbps 44.1 khz | ~17 hours | 1.94 GB

Qt video tutorial from the specialist Bryan Cairns. He is owner of website VoidRealms and the author of all source code and applications on the site. He is a highly trained professional that specializes in computer programming, Active Directory, VMware, SQL server, Linux and network security. Currently he is located in the USA - Michigan. He is fluent in the following programming languages: Visual Basic, C#, C, C++, Java, Python, Delphi, Pascal and a few other less known languages.

VoidRealms - The C++ Qt training course (2011)

C++ Qt 01 - Introduction to QT programming Using the QT framework with C++ and the Qt Creator IDE
C++ Qt 02 - hello world A simple hello world application in QT
C++ Qt 03 - Intro to GUI programming Everyone has to start somewhere, here is the intro to Qt C++ GUI
C++ Qt 04 - Signals and Slots Learn about QT signal and slots, very easy and very powerful
C++ Qt 05 - Displaying Windows Lean how to display main Windows and Dialogs in Modal and Modeless
C++ Qt 06 - layouts, tabs and buddies Learn how to rapidly and graphically set-up a simple dialog
C++ Qt 07 - Basic Application and HTML Aware Widgets Learn how to make a very basic application without using the designer and how widgets are HTML aware
C++ Qt 08 - Horizontal and Vertical Layouts Learn how to make horizontal and vertical layouts
C++ Qt 09 - QGridLayout Learn how to layout widgets in a grid using the QGridLayout
C++ Qt 10 - Splitters Learn how to use splitters in Qt Creator
C++ Qt 11 - QDir How to work with the Qt QDir class to list directories, drives, and files
C++ Qt 12 - QFile How to work with the QT QFile class to write and read files
C++ Qt 13 - Resource Files How to create and read from QT resource files that are compiled in your application
C++ Qt 14 - QLabel and QT Designer Learn how to use the QLabel and the basics of the QT Designer
C++ Qt 15 - QPushButton Learn how to use the QPushButton widget
C++ Qt 16 - QLineEdit Learn how to use the QLineEdit widget
C++ Qt 17 - QCheckBox Learn how to use the QCheckBox widget
C++ Qt 18 - QRadioButton Learn how to use the QRadioButton widget
C++ Qt 19 - QComboBox learn how to use the QCombobox
C++ Qt 20 - QListWidget Learn how to use the QListWidget
C++ Qt 21 - QTreeWidget part 1 of 2 - Learn how ot use the QTreeWidget
C++ Qt 22 - QTreeWidget Continued part 2 of 2 - Learn more about the QTreeWidget
C++ Qt 23 - QActions Learn how to quickly and easily make menu and toolbar items
C++ Qt 24 - QSlider and QProgressBar Learn how to use the QSlider and the QProgressba
C++ Qt 25 - QStatusBar Learn how to use and control teh QStatusbar on the QMainForm
C++ Qt 26 - QMessageBox Learn how to use Message boxes
C++ Qt 27 - QTimer Learn how to create and use timers
C++ Qt 28 - QThread part 1 creating a thread Learn the basics of threading in QT using the QThread class
C++ Qt 29 - QThread part 2 the Priority Part 2 of our threading tutorial, learn about thread priority
C++ Qt 30 - QThread part 3 the QMutex part 3 of our threading tutorial, learn about QMutex and how to keep your applications from exploding.
C++ Qt 31 - QThread part 4 threads with a GUI part 4 of our threading tutorial bring together everything you have learned into a simple GUI application.
C++ Qt 32- Community Feedback A thank you for all the feedback i have gotten
C++ Qt 33 - QThread part 5 Waiting Part 5 of the QThread series, learn how to wait for a thread
C++ Qt 34 - Where to Get Qt Creator Some ramblings about Qt, Qt Creator, and KDE
C++ Qt 35 - QThread part 6 - Threading done correctly in Qt Learn how to do threading correctly in Qt, some discussion on how this is done and is this actually correct.
C++ Qt 36 - Introducing containers and the QList Learn about containers and the QList
C++ Qt 37 - QListIterator and navigating the QList Learn how to navigate containers like the QList
C++ Qt 38 - QMutableListIterator and QList Learn how to examine and modify the QList while navigating it
C++ Qt 39 - QLinkedList Learn how to use the QLinkedList in Qt
C++ Qt 40 - QMap Learn how to use the QMap in Qt
C++ Qt 41 - QHash Learn how to use the QHash in Qt
C++ Qt 42 - QStringList Learn how to use the QStringList in Qt
C++ Qt 43 - qSort Algorithm Learn how to sort containers in Qt
C++ Qt 44 - qCopy Algorithm Learn how to copy containers in Qt
C++ Qt 45 - qFill Algorithm Learn how to fill containers in Qt
C++ Qt 46 - qFind Algorithm Learn how to search containers in Qt
C++ Qt 47 - Intro to model view programming Introduction to Qt model view programming
C++ Qt 48 - QDirModel and QTreeView Learn more about the model view methods of programming with QDirModel and QTreeView
C++ Qt 49 - QFileSystemModel a simple file explorer example Learn how to make a simple file explorer using the QFilesystemModel along with a QTreeview and a QListview
C++ Qt 50 - QItemDelegate - delegates in a QTableview Learn how to create your own deletegates for editing data in views
C++ Qt 51 - Intro to Databases with Qt Introduction to SQL Database programming with C++ and Qt
C++ Qt 52 - Basic SQL Query with Qt Learn how to make a basic SQL Query with Qt
C++ Qt 53 - QSQLQuery prepare and bindValue learn how to prepare and bindValue with the QSQLQuery class
C++ Qt 54 - QSqlDatabase with DSN Learn how to work with QSQLDatabase and a DSN
C++ Qt 55 - QSqlQueryModel Learn how to display data with the QSqlQueryModel
C++ Qt 56 - QSqlTableModel Learn how to display and edit data with the QSqlTableModel
C++ Qt 57 - QSqlRelationalTableModel Learn how to display relationships between tables
C++ Qt 58 - QT Book reviews What books I have read to learn Qt and my thoughts on those books
C++ Qt 59 - ToolTips with HTML styling and images from resources Learn how to work with tool tips in Qt
C++ Qt 60 - Whats this help with installable event filters Learn how to use What's this help and how to create and install event filters - taken from the foundations of Qt Development book
C++ Qt 61 - Compiling Qt Creator for making your own widgets If you want to make widgets on windows, you have to recompile QtCreator with MingW
C++ Qt 62 - Viewer Feedback Signals and Slots in depth Signals and Slots revisited
C++ Qt 63 - Introduction to Network Programming Concepts A brief introduction to Networking concepts for Qt Programming
C++ Qt 64 - QHttp download files from the web with ease Learn how to download files from the internet using the QHttp class
C++ Qt 65 - QTcpSocket basics Learn how to make a connection, send data and get data.
C++ Qt 66 - QTCPSocket using signals and slots QTCPSocket using signals and slots, very easy, very powerful
C++ Qt 67 - QTCPServer - a basic TCP server application Learn the basics of creating a TCP server in QT
C++ Qt 68 - QTcpServer using multiple threads Learn how to make a multi-threaded TCP server uing Qt
C++ Qt 69 - QTcpServer using QThreadPool Learn how to combine the ease of a QTcpServer with the power of QThreadPools
C++ Qt 70 - Advanced Asynchronous QTcpServer with QThreadPool Learn how to make an advanced TCP Server that is fully Asynchronous and Threaded
C++ Qt 71 - QUDPSocket Learn how to use the QUDPSocket
C++ Qt 72 - User Feeback Part 1 of 2 - how to use a third party DLL, and encrypt a file Learn how to compile the Botan DLL for use with QtCreator
C++ Qt 73 - User Feeback Part 2 of 2 - how to use a third party DLL, and encrypt a file Learn how to use the Botan DLL to encrypt and decrypt a file using AES 256
C++ Qt 74 - QPainter and QPen learn how to drawn on the screen with QPainter and QPen
C++ Qt 75 - QRect and QBrush Re-recorded, fixed the sound issues QRect and QBrush
C++ Qt 76 - QPolygon and QPainterPath Re-recorded, fixed the sound issues QPolygon and QPainterPath
C++ Qt 77 - Line Caps learn how to use line caps in Q
C++ Qt 78 - Gradients Learn how to make gradient brushes
C++ Qt 79 - Drawing Text and QTextDocument Learn how to draw text with QTextDocument
C++ Qt 80 - QPainter Transformations Learn about painter transformations such as rotate and scale with Qt
C++ Qt 81 - QGraphicsView and QGraphicsScene Learn how to make complex image objects using the QGraphicsView
C++ Qt 82 - Custom QGraphicsItem Learn how to make custom object to display in the QGraphicsView
C++ Qt 83 - Basic and Advanced Animation with the QGraphicsItem Learn the basics and a bit of advanced animation with Qt all in one video
C++ Qt 84 - User Feedback how to deploy an application Learn the basics of application deployment
C++ Qt 85 - Binary IO basic object serialization Learn how to save your objects to a file and read them back
C++ Qt 86 - Advanced Binary IO Learn more advanced binary IO
C++ Qt 87 - Static Compile Learn how to make an executable with no dependancies
C++ Qt 88 - User Feedback QVariant Learn how to use the QVariant class to work with unknown values
C++ Qt 89 - Standard Dialogs Learn how to use the Qt Creator examples to find all sorts of information
C++ Qt 90 - QTextStream Learn how to use this class to easily read and write text files
C++ Qt 91 - Simple Application - NotePad We bring a lot of things we learned in previous tutorials together to make a simple notepad application.
C++ Qt 92 - QSettings Learn how to save application settings
C++ Qt 93 - Basic XML Primer A very basic primer on XML
C++ Qt 94 - Writting XML Learn how to create an XML document and put it in a file
C++ Qt 95 - Read XML with DOM Learn how to read XML documents with DOM
C++ Qt 96 - Simple Application - XML Editor Make a simple XML editor
C++ Qt 97 - How to Create a DLL Learn how to create your own DLL files
C++ Qt 98 - How to use a DLL Learn how to use the DLL files you create
C++ Qt 99 - Static Libary Learn how to make Static Libs
C++ Qt 100 - QPluginLoader and Plugins Demystified learn how to make plugins for your applications and the complete souce for one of my projects
C++ Qt 101 - Using Qt with TOR TOR (torproject.org) and Qt to hide traffic
C++ Qt 102 - Memory Managment with Qt Learn how to avoid memory leaks and use the QPointer class
C++ Qt 103 - Error Handling Learn how to handle errors in your applications

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