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Abduction Was The Case

Abduction Was The Case

Cold night, dark road
Strange object starts to float
Unknown force carrying me
Lights in the sky, shadows I see

Dark figures, odd faces
Eyes so bright, alien race
Paralysed by the fear
My scream no one hears

In the ship... nightmare
Experiences, voices in my head
Their purposes no one knows
Misterious unknown

Abduction was the case [6x]

At the mercy of greys
In my mind... I'm afraid!
Strange needles touch me
Excruciating reality

[Repeat verse #1 and #3]
The Host

The Host

Maledictions, bad intentions, malpractice of the greys
Mortal virus inside of us, proposital decay
Human victims used to feed the alien embryo
Savage desire, born to torture, they live to kill

The host!
We are condemned!
The host!
Arisin' insane!

Into the body, he waits quietly the time of the birth
Start to grow, so slow, gainning shape and girth
In few time, the host dies givin' your place
Spreading pain, you are slain, here comes the disgrace


Open your ears an listen to the sound
Spreading a new diseases
Disciples in service of an unknown force
Danger to increase
From another space, watching your faces
Dominion through the fear
Watching you and what you do
Nothing is so clear

These men in black, comprehension's your lack
Hide your existence
Everyday... what they say
Is pure ignorance
In Dreamland, I don't understand
They test without care!
Behind of the hills, landscape is so still
But the truth is out there

Killing your victims, evil instinct, hate's your desire
Unknown creature, another structure, hard to decipher
See the death, the last breath, there's no place to hide
Beware my friend, there's an alien, by your side
Area 51

Area 51

Feel a chill in the spine
Lost in this place called Dreamland
Lights shinning in the sky
Things so strange to understand
Tales of ET's, spread in our minds
Lies in high degree
Rip the night like a sight with amazing velocity

When they appear in the night
The fear and the perplexity
With your ships crossin' the sky
Bringing the old prophecy
Fire, water, death, destruction!

Hidden files keep secrets that can't be revealed
Tales of aliens working with humans
It's to surreal!
Building a new technology
Advanced memory, made by ET's
A new way of life or this a new way to kill

[ chorus ]

UFO! Disturbances in the night
Owing to this new form of life
Divine gods from another space
Or black demons bringing disgrace!

This is the area 51...

When they appear in the night
The fear and the perplexity
With your ships crossin' the sky
They are bringing the old prophecy...
Welcome Home (The House Of Eternal Night)

Welcome Home (The House Of Eternal Night)

There's a place where the night is eternal
Spirits imprisoned to that living inferno
Feel the carried air pressing your chest
Listen to the groans of the souls without rest
Nightmares flowing with facility
This is a terrible prison inside of me
House of the evil, violence is the law
Chaotic reality touching on the open raw

Welcome home ( The house of eternal night )
Welcome home ( You'll never see the light )

Freedom's a forbidden word in this place
Evil lives here, hell face to face
Harmful thoughts and dark emotions
Spirits in black in eternal distortion
Another world dominated by pain and by hate
Abysmal wish to flee, marked by lack of fate
A lost look inside these frozen walls
Your dignity... it will falls

[ chorus ]

Extreme repugnance rules your sickening souls
Impious minds in disgust like a viper in your hole
Land of depression where the human life isn't
Worth what you eat
Torture through the fear and pain!
Rebellions are so easy to... unleash!!!

Hell on the earth, home of maledictions
A lot of people living in terryifing condictions
Locked inside the walls of the fear and afraid
Bad omens warning about a great disgrace
A perfect example of lack of sense
Bloody stories ready to tell
Faces of death march to the rising hell

[ chorus ]
Under The Wings Of Empire

Under The Wings Of Empire

Panzer division marching to kill
Bloody days... run to the hills
Feel the impact of the bombs in the land
And hear the song of the end
A lot of jews transported to hell
In your eyes a silent yell
Under the flag of superior race
Auschwitz-Birkenau... just disgrace

Under the wings of the empire

Slaves in a factory called death
Awful stench of burned flesh
Gas chambers working everyday
Scorching one by one total disarray
Trench of corpse rotting to the sky
Portrait of a mass homicide
Agony! Anguish! Nothing to feed
Old men, children dying by the breed

Under the wings of the empire
Wings of the empire
Under the wings of...
Wings of the empire!!!

Fuhrer rules with iron hands
In the name of the Deustchland
Made with blood and malevolence... goals!!!

Walk to death, cursed destiny
Pile of deads, enormous butchery
A cold cruelty behind of the barbed wire
Torture! Humiliation! Meanness desires
Dying vision, smell of demise
Seduced by slanders and his lies
The open wound of stupidity
Monsters living your own monstrosity

Under the flag of the job and liberty
Soldiers in service of the tyranny
Try to make a new reich
Remember the holocaust, aching pride
We don't need a new genocide
We don't want to hear the battle cry
I reject your repressive way
I spit on your swastika... and in your face

Under the wings of empire [bis]
A Soul In Hell

A Soul In Hell

[bonus track]

Fanatic for religion
Alone with holy images
She consumes eagerly
Gospels and prayers
Her mind deforms the real
Your fanatism hits your soul
Screams invade the dawn
Insanity out of control

Cripped in a bed
Waiting the divine death
She agonizes in thoughts
Macabre as the shadows
Altered subconscious
To a catatonic state
A dark room will
Her grave

A soul in hell!

It's so delicious the agony
Embracing the death
Last thoughts of the life
Silence's her scream
Fanatism got to last consequences
Creating pain and disturbance
The flowed mind
For religion in decadence
Horror And Torture

Horror And Torture

Hear my call e come to me
Gathering lives is just my ecstasy
Hidden in the shadows I'm watching you
Like a fly to a spider I'm gonna get you

Horror and torture
See me coming to your side
Horror and torture
Coming through the darkest night
Horror and torture

Let me take you down to hell
I'll make you burn 'till you cannot yell
Inside my world there's no place to be
Death is just a good thing to me

Horror and torture
See me coming to your side
Horror and torture
Coming through the darkest night
Horror and torture
You never gonna find a place: to hide (bis)

[Repeat verse #1]
[Chorus 2 times]
Towers On Fire

Towers On Fire

In the world I'm living
Hell's in front of my eyes
Ignorance stands to burn the reasons of mankind
Black flames of pure insanity
From the sky will come the truth
A threat reveals to the world: power in the hands of fools

Screams of panic in the building on fire
Slaves of faith against the beast's empire
And the flames consuming higher and higher:
Critical time in the dawn of a new day
Bound new era by the evil's way
Where is peace? It's gone away!

Towers on fire!

Diabolical forces ruling
From the acts of human race
This kind of situation finishes in disgrace
Blind by faith and hate
An unruly wish to kill
Across the times this same shit comes to spill

Hopeless people walking around
A cloud of dust and terrible sounds
The burning tower is falling to the ground
The world's watching: while you die
Death embraces you! You can't deny
I'm not guilty for you folly fight

Towers on fire!

Innocent people had paid with their lives
They were used in their ominous fight
For all that you saw, you can't deny

Awful thoughts unleashing hate
Leaving the world at the edge of hell's gate

The wheels of doom continue their way
Unveiling the facts: prepare to pray
Time is over and the sky is so grey!

Page of blood! Terrorism condition
The world walks to the last premonition: death!

[Repeat verse #1 and #2]
World Of Misery

World Of Misery

When the cry of a child rips the night
When the armies with great power in eternal fight
Try to obliterate the war's spoils
Eyes of death over the burning oil
This mean war makes you go insane
Macabre dance, world under bane
Fear of tomorrow and nuclear power
Future is a fallen tower

Living in a world of misery
Listen to my bloody prophecy

Century of pain, century of tears
Burning fanatism increasing the western fear
When the night comes down on the hills of sand
A new page of blood marking this barren land
This mean war makes you go insane
Macabre dance, world under bane
Fear of tomorrow and nuclear power
Future is a fallen tower

Living in a world of misery
Listen to my bloody prophecy
"Shame will follow you forever"
"In the name of god: we'll die together!"

I smell a rotten stink of death on the ground
Listen to the clamour: despair! you will be found!

Inside of me a vulcano explodes
Efforts for peace starting to corrode
Warlike power in the hands of fools
Marching to die, treading on bloody pools
... Where's the truth?