Šta je novo?


"Carved In Stone"
(performed with Mobb Deep)

We gettin' our burn
Here we go again
I bet y'all saying to y'all self: "The fuck these niggas last so long, man?"
And my response to that is, I palms don't ever stop itching, nigga
You know, it's about that you hear it right now, so…

We back, people, for more money, more jewelry, more vehicles
Less hangers on, tag-alongs, and leech dudes
We back minus that weak label trying to hold us back
Now we gettin' more profits every unit shipped
You gettin' returns, your album ain't movin' shit
We gettin' our burn in places we don't even live
We learn you niggas on this game and how to stay afloat
We teach you clowns about some things that y'all don't know
Like how to bang out songs for 12 years straight
And that's not all—they all gotta be gangsta
Consistent anthems, put us up against whoever
We got a thing for competition, only make us better
And better and better, I know you can't believe your ears
You pinching yourself, but doggie, this is all real
Convincing yourself that we Cell Block 4 thugs
Man, that's how the last nigga got bucked

Homie, don't get it twisted, I been gettin' money since '90
'Fore Magic retired and Lakers head coach was Pat Riley
I bone a bitch then bounce, baby girl, don't mind me
If you mad, take it up with God, that's how designed me
I'm multi-talented—fuck you think Jive signed me?
The only thing grimey is that pen that you write with
Got your main hoe two-waying me on my Sidekick
Talking how she fuck you but she really don't like it
About my paper when it come to that hustle, I all-night it
If I ain't been through it, yo, Havoc won't bite it
I can't keep it real for shit, but everything happens for a reason
So I won't wifey the wrong bitch
I'm a bastard, pimpin' in a Caddy 16
I'm a bastard, pimpin' in a Caddy 16
Y'all know nothin' 'bout it, make the Maybach look weak
With compartment secretly designed to stash the heat

Yo, these niggas know my style—fuck is wrong with you, doggy?
Know these cannons'll blast off and make this place foggy
Have everybody in this bitch cramped in the door
I just introduce myself and let the hammer applaud
Yo, niggas know my style—fuck is wrong with you, doggy?
Know these cannons'll blast off and make this place foggy
Have everybody in this bitch cramped in the door
Running for life, amazing how you could move the crowd with the 4


(feat. CJ Fly, Dessy Hinds, and Nyck Caution)

Great one for the whole family

[CJ Fly:]
Yo, yo
Guess it's time to make 'em see that I'm an M.C
Know cats that got bodied for holdin' heat like Vitamin D
Thinking intricately, but ain't trickin while he
Doing things that he still can't believe
Like being able to round up all of our friends
Take a trip out to France
Our record is getting spins on the air for the fans
They screaming out all our chants while we give them the chance
We're sleeping with all the [?] tryna get with the camp
Nobody had our back, no support like I was spineless
Everyone knows we cold, why wouldn't they want to sign us?
P.E. popping like Sudafed
Know your worth, get a law suit, then sue the feds
Buddha blessed
Pass the Buddha to my boo in Budapest
Some might say I do the beast
But I just say I do the best
That I can
All pray like a [?] when I attack
Know that things is heating up if you see us in [?]

[Dessy Hinds:]
Advanced shining like spectacles
Compared to the path of light they just spectacles
Highly unquestionable
For the credit that's past incredible
Can never settle for less when the ruler stays magnanimous
And plus we got a can of that Cannabis
Blazin to the ways when every third world
Couldn't see active thinkin'
But this is a mental state that's cross-linking
Thoughts swimming 'til these wavelengths mix in
Uplifing and leave a local listing
Power vocal missing when the illminded start spittin'
With shots of a cannon
Even with the shots of a Canon
Ain't no cropping out the illustrated passion
And whether they brainstorm, I'm overcastin'
Still over asking if this is a total ransom
Just to total mansions
I'm a eat like a New York nigga spose' to
Flow like a New York nigga spose' to
Drop heat so they could smoke to
Then reexamine pretentious connotations that's askin'
And Ask em if a real nigga rappin

[Nyck Caution:]
Flying over cities, I'm in plane sight
Steering from the pilot's chair
I see a thousand islands
Dressed like an Italian
Rare medallion 'round my neck
Put the pieces of that puzzle in the order
And Make sure you see the portrait
I'll assault if you try & judge my thoughts without exploring 'em
The operation taking place before your corneas
Consolidate any shattered fragments and figments
We some misfits, so
We cannot cooperate with corporates who ain't popular
I can see the plane through my binoculars
Chop us down
Now there's heavy [?] where helicopters was
You can never stop the gun
Once the bullet pops, become a target then
He'll figure out the picture from a Tommy Gun
Steelo was a rebelist
Sorting out the rest of it for change
Obama is the 47th president
Stay a young alchemist
Gold is on my pallet
Got my palace when these shackles slip
It's Nyck

[CJ Fly:]
Oh no we can't be stopped
We gon' keep on doing it
Like it's the only chance we got
The only chance we got


"Chemical Warfare"
(feat. Eminem)

You are now listening to the sounds of Shady
And Alchemist, Alchemist, Alchemist

Got an axe in the duffel bag, couple of fags
Stuffed in the backseat, muzzled and gagged
Wrapped in bubble wrap, two lesbians, a couple Hustler mags
Now grab the Pez dispenser, fill it up to the max
With muscle relaxers, the governor of Alaska
She lusts when I ask her to shove my Polaski sausage up in her ass, huh
While we hover over Nebraska shootin' at the fuckin' buffalo pasture
In the helicopter, man I can't fuck her no faster
She's screamin' "Grab my titties, Shady suck on those bastards"
But I ain't no sucker, I won't snuggle up with her after
I'm a gigalo, bitch I look like the juggalo rapper?
Every day man I just seem to get a little bit doper
Shit, back down, man I'd rather lick on a scrotum
And eat the fuckin' Octomom's pussy lips with some okra
While I watch Whoopi Goldberg scissor with Oprah
While Rosie pussy-farts and takes a piss on the sofa
Get a boner and play dick swords with the Jonas
Brothers, your motherfuckin' mother's aroma's
Like no other, I keep thinkin' of her smothered in somas

It's chemical warfare, drop bombs like Saddam
I'm bringing the drama, like Barack Obama
Playing rock em' sock em' robots with the Octomama
I'm vato loco, homie I'll cock those llamas
For chemical warfare

(Fuck did I just talk about the octomom twice in the same rap? Fucking whack)



Late night I can't sleep I get dressed
4am, I'm gon' get cigarettes
Grab my hoodie for the light drizzle
Hit the curb, what's the word with the night shifters
On that grizzly grime they said P
Nigga you was looking for, I saw him up the street
He was parking his car, probably still there
Hot-boxing with little shorty with the hair
Who, that bitch with the cheap red weave? Yeah, that smut
Aaight cool, I'm out, good looking out dunn
Made my way up the block to the spot where they saw the joker
That's why I never leave home without the toaster
I saw his radio lights through the rear tint
I stepped in front of the car so he could see the hit
The look on his face was priceless
The bitch micro braids caught fire when the fifth
Put pieces of her wig on the seats in the back
Now there's weed smoke pouring out the bullet hole glass
Turn the gun on him, he trying to float
Trying to run up out the car, but left on his seat belt
Now the nigga going ham in the whip
Cause them shots tearing him up and thunderclapping

There's six million ways to die, I'll choose for you
I live by the gun when you try to move on me
I stick to the script, sometimes I'm too loyal
I step away, get the fools off me
Sucker free, get these fools off me
I step away, get the fools off me
Sucker free, get these fools off me

You can bet the house that I'm holding
Blackjack her face or maybe poker
Face for coming at me the wrong way
Dog I ain't want to do it to you
You the one that came with that aggressive shit, now you want to cop out
In hood court I'll put your gangsta on trial, you blew it
Now it's time to face the music of the Israeli uzi
That murder music, this dumbing season, I hunt humans
But I never find niggas when I go looking
They always seem to fall in my hands
Like nigga don't blame me, this is really God's plan
Up, there he go
What the fuck nigga picking up his kid from the school bus
Now how shall I proceed?
Do the nigga dirty right in front of his seed
So the little bitch grow up traumatized, a witness
To how ugly life can be, it is what it is
They walking up the way holding hands, look
I drove ahead of them and got out for the ambush
There's no thinking twice, the dark-skinned nigga turned white
'Fore that first shot turned out his lights
Now baby girl screaming hysterically
She gon' spend most her life inside therapy
Spitting image of her pops
So I smacked the little ho with the gun then I walked around the block
Police bugging, I left the chariot still running
Forgive me lord, he had it coming

There's six million ways to die, I'll choose for you
I live by the gun when you try to move on me
I stick to the script, sometimes I'm too loyal
I step away, get the fools off me
Sucker free, get these fools off me
I step away, get the fools off me
Sucker free, get these fools off me


"Crushed Kremlin"
(feat. Meyhem Lauren)

Steak and peppers, 4X Polo leathers
We bag bird bitches ruffle feathers, let 'em dead us
We ain't want 'em anyway, that's the game plan
Switch 'em up with Bronsinelli, that's my main man
Move vigorous, sharp smooth scissorish
Sipping on the VSOP ock, smooth privilege
QU lineage, see through fake images
I do this winning shit my progress is limitless
Incinerate dreams just by living
Pass the mothafuckin' gravy, everyday is Thanksgiving
Skanks driven quite often in my ride
Got a good girl on lock but keep some bad ones on the side
Stuck in my ways, hustling for days
Don't give a fuck about a war let's start chucking grenades
I got bags under my eyes, keep 'em tucked under shades
Gold chains and brand names keep 'em stuck in a daze, I'm out


"Curb Ya Dog"

Curb ya dog, he dropped his shit
Try'na pay his way outta gettin' his face split
He got away by the hair on his ass, he lucked up
Now every time we see him he gettin' fucked up
Lil' corny wannabe celeb,
You'll never be a top ranked spitter, get a life, get dead
Whilst I bedazzle with extreme brilliance
Cause I know how to write songs, got it down to a science
Sit at the periodic table with bosses
Break bread and drink while we discuss fortunes
Tell your dog sit down before I put him down
I euthanize much when they step outta bounds
Niggas is gluttons for punishment
Strangely sadistic
Why else would they challenge my hand? Ya I get it
You's a freak for embarassment and pain
Like I'm a freak for this rap music
Let me give you what you need

My D-O-Gs, the G-O-Ds
Of rap is back
M-O-B-B, Hav and P
Who rep NYC like QB
We vets, we not pets
You confusin' me

My D-O-Gs, the G-O-Ds
Of rap is back
M-O-B-B, Hav and P
Who rep NYC like QB
We vets, we not pets
You confusin' me

With them other bums that rap
They nothin' like this
They wish upon stars that their bars can get
Similar burn as us, who had a run like this?
I peddle dope longer than Lance Armstrong
Alright, alright, okay, okay you got dough
How many times you gonna say it? We already know!
When we debate rap wars, money and plaques
It's not a fact all, let us hear the raw that you wrote or
Curb ya mouth, you muzzle that jaw
You ain't sayin' nan that we wanna hear
Take a walk, go that way
Run from in front my face
Move like you got somewhere to go
And act like you late
This not a place for frauds
This a professional sport
You challenge me and I'mma treat you like a female dog
Bitch, must be rabid, these mangy fucks
My breed is champion, you's a back alley mutt
Little puppy balls try'na run with the big huevos
Of hip-hop, Don P, senor fuego

My D-O-Gs, the G-O-Ds
Of rap is back
M-O-B-B, Hav and P
Who rep NYC like QB
We vets, we not pets
You confusin' me

My D-O-Gs, the G-O-Ds
Of rap is back
M-O-B-B, Hav and P
Who rep NYC like QB
We vets, we not pets
You confusin' me


"D-Block To QB"
(feat. Big Noyd, Havoc, J-Hood & Sheek)

[J-Hood:] Whattup? D-Block to QB nigga, get at me
It's another one of those, A-L-C things
"It's the Ryders and the Mobb"
"Yo Alchemist, drop that new shit for 'em right fast"
[Noyd:] This is it homie, we gon' go with this one right here
[Jadakiss:] "It's the Ryders and the Mobb"

Aiyyo, I'm never empty-handed, understand dunn?
I keep a fistful of cash, the other on some ass son
Smack the shit out niggas like handball, or I give 'em a fair one
They ain't gon' do nothin I dare 'em
I hear 'em, "He a gangsta, he don't take crap
Until I point this cali' at him, tell him take that"
In fact, I'm about to blow but that you already know
Shit I just strap holdin cracks just a minute ago
Now I'm in a Jag with a rag and the tints is low
And you mad cause you a fag and your chick's a ho
Yeah she been around more than any bitch I know
You should be glad though, I taught her everything she knows
Whatchu reachin fo'? What I done touched a nerve?
You wanna hurt somethin now you know I'm fuckin your bird?
Cause that's my word, front like you want a war
And homie we can settle the score, whatchu waitin for?

Yo, I'm the Tracy McGrady of the shit, I take you right to a hole
Shove the tip of the nose of the silencer right in your nose
Y'all niggas is degenerates
It don't make sense to do business with a nigga, if you ain't gon' benefit
Fuck a Bentley and a jet, I'm gutter nigga check it
All I need is two-point-five and a couple Intrepids
It's drama, I ain't starin you down
I'mma clap ya forehead and dump you on one of them merry-go-rounds
We put the packs of crack in the streets to get you a stack
It's been acid since they made the first box of Cracker Jacks
Beat in the staircase purple'd out, rollin a phat
Bottle of 'gnac next to me, on my lap is the mac
These slugs hit you they takin your arms
D-Block got the kind of weapons that Bush, tried to take from Saddam
From Y-O, to your hood, to QB
Catch me thuggin it out shootin dice twistin up a O-Z
Y'all faggots don't know me, it's no remorse
When hollows rip through your corpse
Homicide'll find you dead on your porch

[Jadakiss:] "It's the Ryders and the Mobb"

That's what I'm talkin 'bout, yo, yeah...
Like white on rice, I'll be on you, you couldn't even shake me off
Be in your chest like a smoker's cough
Put the hammer in your mouth and have you suckin it off
Like a ho tryin to stop 'fore she find the law
You in the club, you's a thug, why you playin the door?
Like you know somethin I don't playa then put me on
You cowards so nervous, I got broads that'll get it on
With any fella and think before they talk
Mine like a nigga on the road takin his last walk
And when I come niggas kiss they cross
You know you done fucked up now
Niggas talkin just to be talkin, ain't nothin sweet but the pound
Repeatly vow, they never go against the grain
Know I been doin it, since a little stain
[*gun cocks*] Pull a hammer, move you right out the lane
Niggas talkin out they ass like you just sniffed 'caine

[Styles P:]
My niggas live life with a death wish
Smoke for breakfast, a lot of people hope that I'm breathless
Wanna send my ghost to the essence
Go head nigga, I don't care I heard the light was fluorescent
Niggas count they ones but never they blessings
'Til they at the wrong end out of the Wesson
D-Block five star general
Die Hard like Bruce Willis nigga, I could put a end to you
Ruff Ryder soldier, cold as Antarctica
I'ma make the plans to pick your man's daughter up
Big.45 in the sweats of my Nautica
Fifty-five bricks when I'm tryin to pick my order up
All my niggas flow, nobody watered up
Shoot 'til the gun empty, then niggas sort it up
Anytime P in the booth, nigga record it up
G-host toast, I kill niggas when the quarter's up


"Daily News"
(feat. Spaceghostpurrp, Earl Sweatshirt & Action Bronson)

[Verse1: Domo Genesis]
My flow is crispy, hundred dollar bills
I tend to not care how niggas feel
Say what the fuck I want, bitch I'm ill
Keep it real, I ain't feeling you niggas I'm killing you niggas
Mentally rich before I sign a deal on you niggas
I get it crackin, while you niggas all rapping in whack fashion
I'm calling niggas' numbers on action that's Kat Stack-ing
Track hacking, cutting slack that can't happen
Any cat easing up on the plan, ya man scratching
I ain't parler-ing with these rap niggas
I'm in the spot, rolling pot getting plots to get my racks bigger
Any feature, on sight Doms attack nigga
Taking champagne to the brain like fuck it, bad nigga
Play your lane I'll be speeding down the runway
Nigga keep it raw like wrestling on Monday
Chest out, not giving a fuck to what a punk say
I know some hood niggas like Ross that's with the gunplay

[Hook: Earl and Action]
Stay tuned, six Goonies in a whip
Straight Hoochie only blew me cause I'm rich
Shit, we swerve ships
Medicine that burns lips, earn chips
She only blew me cause I'm rich
Where he at? [x4]
In your city where them niggas carry gats
Sperrys kicked up, it's a ferry cruise
Fuck around, leave your family on the daily news

[Verse 2: Spaceghostpurrp]
I be the Don, believe me
Making your girl tease me
Pitch-black lokes I dedicate it to Easy
Pocket full of cheesy same color Luigi
Dead presidents, the resident is breezy
Funky is a fall I ball and call shots
In your girl's spot like cars in parking lots
The block stay hot like Floridian weather
Thinking that it's not? Then try dying in leather
Better yet, ninja turtle I'm the shredder
Attacking every rapper with my shadow black reaper
Keep her, creeper, kidnap you from the cipher
Eliminate competitors, the verbal lyric sniper
Phonk kill you, then I kill you too
Thinking and drinking and tweaking like Purrp is that dude
Mysterious I'm killing the game so fuck the fame
Confusing rappers with the mystical maze
To make them lame



"Dead Bodies"
(feat. Prodigy & The Game)

We out in this... pen game'll blow that bitch up
From the world's most infamous, first Infantry
Game: Yo Alchemist, this shit raw like fresh beef nigga
We boyz 'n the hood, wanna see a dead body?

[The Game:]
Sittin' in a lowrider, with murder on my mind
Cause' I had too many dead homies in my lifetime
That's why I ride with a nine and them hollow tips
Lift niggas like a chrome hydraulic switch
With a hood rat in the car that swallow dick
So good that I got P on that 6-4 Impala shit
She from Compton just like me
Caramel with extensions just like Eve
She wanna go to a Knicks game, sit next to Spike Lee
We''ll do the right thing, blow a nigga out his Nikes
She married to The Game, thatss wifey
Ask Gotti get them blood stains out your white-T
P in the backseat finger fuckin' her girlfriend
That'll put a golf ball hole in your right cheek
Start trippin over colors like Ice-T
And you can watch your life slip away through an I.V

We out in Cali, P and Game straight blow that bitch up
We out in New York, P and Game'll blow that bitch up
You can't stop us, we gettin' this money its not bangin'
You can't pull that shit this way, we head bangin'
With them Glocks and them oo-ops
Me and my fools shoot, why you tryin' to do that
I suggest you do not
My chain is hot, what's more hot than that
That's how I murda' music, that's why your broads on my back
Got two birds on my shoulders, they all over me
And ready to fuck Game and whoever else roll with me
My presence is strong, I have a bitch seein' dollar
Signs spots stare at me too long
Have you seein' that white light you come at me wrong
Or any one of my dogs, I'll be settin' it off
You was raised on beef and live real drama
Don't let the coupes twist you, we lettin' o's off

[Prodigy:] We out in this. P and Game, we'll blow that bitch up
[Game:] P and Game rollin' the Dutch
(From the world's most infamous, first Infantry)
P and Game straight blow that bitch up, mixed with the A-L-C
(Alchemist 'been my nephew for a minute)
(Mobb Deep and all that)
[Prodigy:] N-Y-C to L.A. we do our sweep

[The Game:]
We out in Compton, P and Game lacin' Chucks
We out in Q-B, P and Game rollin' a Dutch
Dumpin' ashes out the windshield
Haze got my head spinnin' like them 24-inch wheels
Ridin' to Suga' Hill bangin' Shook Ones
On the west side highway, hand on the steel
If I like your chain then blood spill'
Cause' I ain't get a million dollars when I signed my deal

Nigga I'll tie your wife to a chair and blow that bitch up
You better fire-proof your crib, I'll blow that shit up
I'm all about this crime for real, this rap shit is luck
Try to score points on me, I'll fasten you up
In that smelly proof bag, real-real fast
Shoot the deuce under my arm, I'm real-real slick
Can't put a tail on me, I drive too fast
Can't put tag on me, I smoke people' ass

[The Game:]
If you 'from the west side, nigga throw that shit up
If you 'bang to east side, nigga throw that shit up
I ain't trying to be in The Source or Double XL
I'm just trying to fuck Trina cause' Dre said sex sells
And it was either this or jail
Imagine trying to fit birds in a Honda Accel
And they caught on the Fed-Ex mail
So we stopped doin' business and chirpin' on Nextels we gangstas

I fold people in half, I tore people' ass
But they still wanna ride out as long as we see death
I get money, and I don't need your help or friendship
But love, I'mma survive just how I 'been
I'mma stay alive 'till the day I die
But right now I'm healthy, niggas better get up off my
A bitch is nuttin' we easily fuck it
And we posessed by the cash and these guns we bustin'

[Prodigy:] We out in this. P and Game, we'll blow that bitch up
[Game:] Ain't nobody fucking with us
(From the world's most infamous, first Infantry)
[Game:] G-UNIT, mixed with the A-L-C
(Alchemist 'been my nephew for a minute)
(Mobb Deep and all that)

[Female:] I don't know nothing about alchemist, who is he?


"Dean Martin Sticks"
(feat. Roc Marciano)

Dope gang, gold chain
Camouflage suits
Black Range, Jag pink
Carolina blue
Masked up, flash bucks
Marijuana coof
Play the booth
Display a Dr. Malachi book
The pie cook, your eyes get the wide look
Provide kush
Galvanize troops, advertise crooks
The beef got tied up by the hoof
Swing on a hook
You're horsing on a hook, you're being cooked
Proceed and push
Off in that plush European truck
I'm peeing in your cup
My G is seasoned in the dub
I popped up, your feathers got plucked
Your peacock jumped
And give the cheap diamond G-shock up
Then marvel at what's under the Starter cap, part of rap
Bitch stay in pocket like a quarterback
Thoughts of a stack before the snap
I got the bomb like I caught the pass
And I enjoy a hot oil bath