Šta je novo?


"The Wormhole"

"The Wormhole"

[2Pac interview]
"Niggas is tellin' me about this Illuminati shit while I'm in jail - that's another way to keep your self-esteem low, that's another way to keep you unconfident. And I'm putting the 'K' cause I'm killing that Illuminati shit. Trust me. These motherfuckers wanted to kill you, why the fuck they gonna tell Farrakhan, why they gonna tell the Nation of Islam, why they gonna tell this nigga in jail about the plan? How did he know? How'd it leak to him? Who told him? Who told him, the Pope? Who? Cause they like, 'the Pope' and 'the money', aw c'mon man, get the fuck outta here."

Oh you niggas wanna get deep?
Niggas wanna kick knowledge?
Y'all niggas ain't deep man, y'all niggas lost me
Soon as you steady tryna tell me which rappers in the fuckin Illuminati
Then I'm like, show me the proof right?
Niggas start talking about the anti-Christ and aliens and shit
Save the ghost stories for the kids nigga, I'm a grown ass man
Let's go, let's go

You can lead a man to a drink
But you can't make him take a sip
You can lead a man to a link
But that don't mean he gonn' click
What's this? Y'all ain't really on no deep shit
I peeped it, scared of a motherfuckin' secret
Society and only bein' with people you agree with
You scared of a chalice scared of death
Only thing worse is your silence
Illuminatis enlightened, the OWL see in the darkness
Masonic roots still survive from the book of dearly departed
Egyptologist and scholars
Symbologists at the college
Will all acknowledge that ancient Kemet is where it started
Way farther back than the knights
Or the Rite of the Scottish
You need to wake up, no new Bugatti
My enemy tryna stop me but I don't stand a chance
If I can't identify 'em properly
Illuminati as we know it started in Bavaria
Years before it landed on the shores of America
The mission: abolishment of government and religion
They were enemys of the state
And they was hated by the Christians
They was Poets, they was Scholars
Early Illuminati was sorta like the students
In Victor Hugo's Les Miserables
The modern day politicians would diss 'em
Turning them into martyrs
This in turn inspired the founding fathers
The vast majority Masons who were the subject of the Illuminati
Found this fascination the order was insipiration
And ain't no disrespect to the masons
But you try to keep secrets then it leads to speculation
Only those in league with Satan need to hide infomation
That's how you catch a ride to your final destination
Where the proof, show 'em proof put it all on the table
When the facts are intact ain't no need for a fable
Good versus evil is primitive
Real life's more complex, what's your context?
They put the symbols on the dollar bill, the monument, the obelisk
They honouring Columbia the children of the colonists
You can trace it back to the root trace it back again
It's really just another case of stealin' from the African
Racism and vanity justify the sale of flesh
You property like cattle or produce but are you still as fresh?
Population control is real, you know the deal
But still perpetuate the cycle of violence
We known to hold the steel
No, I don't need no fuckin' chorus
Use to read so many books
Thought I was a hoarder down at Borders
Like Behold the Pale Horse or The New World Order
But you really don't know what you reading
If you really don't know the author
A lot of Satan worship is just government propaganda
Unsubstantiated lies with no proof a bunch of slander
Of course there are forces against you and that's a fact
Don't get caught in the distraction, it's bigger than any rapper
The truly oppressed ain't got the luxury of inventing a monster
The devil incarnate is much realer than the devil in concert
What they doing so sinister
Worse than any blood sacrifice you can imagine
Iller than any cinema
The Federal Reserve, the World Bank and the IMF
Helping the poor get poorer you in debt until your dying breath
Food, vaccines, humanitarian aid
They want control of the region, they really tryna get paid
Obey thy consumer make a product out of man
Where's the conspiracy? It's always been the plan
Y'all niggas scared of one world currency
But still paying your taxes
It ain't the Illuminati that worry me
Lack of spiritual energy, suicidal tendencies
Unwitting soldiers in the armies of the enemy
I'm leaking information so follow me down the wormhole
Same reason that they called Bradley Manning a turncoat

(Man, we supposed to be brothas!)
Oh what you tryna get smart?
Nigga you tryna kick some knowledge?
Nigga fuck that give me your muthafuckin jewelry nigga
Take that shit off
Oh you got a pager too huh?
You a balla huh? You a balla huh?
Gimme that muthafuckin' shit
Better me than the muthafuckin cops nigga


"These Waters"
(feat. K'Valentine, Niko IS, Chris Rob & Jessica Care Moore)

"These Waters"
(feat. K'Valentine, Niko IS, Chris Rob & Jessica Care Moore)

I gotta split this honeybun in four ways
No heat because the gas is off us, it’s goin’ on four days
Depression in the corridors, pressed to the doorway
No power in my tongue, nobody cares about what the poor say
Fuck the system, Willie Lynch ‘em, what they did to us
I’m walkin’ to the cornerstore, the scenery’s ridiculous
Commercial with the old hands about how it used to be
They witness the digression but the struggle shit ain’t new to me
I’m from the place where all the money and respect is missing
Poverty stricken but the pastor still collect commission
We think we free but unknowingly we accept restrictions
I’m out the dark because my hunger sparks my scepticism
Was always taught embrace my elders and protect the wisdom
Peaceful, still neglect the victim but we give it that permission
Black girl, thick skin, woman [?]
She’s the reason we’re a diamond so I call her pressure

[Chris Rob:]
Spent a long time searching for the heart I’m feeling shy
I can feel the freedom in me; I can make it to the other side
And when my mind begins to drown
When the world’s tryna bring me down
I’ll still be keeping my head above these waters

All muthafuckers afraid to speak out so they tweet out
Celebrities hashtag revolution on the rebound
My life is in rehearsal, why you think I always freestyle?
People are getting beat down, yo [?] Niko turn that beat down
Look, you wanna make history, boy, you tryna make it out?
Too many negative people in your circle you gotta take them out
See [?] paper route
Find the combinations cause I never took the safer route
I wanna see my people wealthy, in body and mind I’m healthy
But some people just wanna settle for a selfie
It’s hard to level with the devil in me
And the next man is tryna sell me a dream, in a pyramid scheme
Wake up now look, my vacation is a permanent safe haven
Man, this system isn’t game, why you think they buying PlayStations?
My people in body bags and you watch Twitter lobby gagging
And would rather spend $200 on Jordans that everybody have

[Chris Rob:]
Spent a long time searching for the heart I’m feeling shy
I can feel the freedom in me; I can make it to the other side
And when my mind begins to drown
When the world’s tryna bring me down
I’ll still be keeping my head above these waters
Spent a long time searching for the heart I’m feeling shy
I can feel the freedom in me; I can make it to the other side
And when my mind begins to drown
When the world’s tryna bring me down
I’ll still be keeping my head above these waters

[Jessica Care Moore:]
I walk for miles and no smiles
I live for my brother who didn’t know how
I see the envy in my know-how
I know the world looking at me, the ocean so shy
The sun got my skin brown
Michael could easily be Michelle
No doubt, so foul
Being a girl is half silent, part-time loud
No Matel, no L’Anglaise like mine to play with
I’m surrounded by magic
Put the hood in my cloud, you can’t have it
No curfews for godless bandits
This is the world I’ve been handed
Mother ships and Cutlass Supremes landed
Not a fan of bandwidth
I communicate with ancient Sanskrit
Use the lead to write the life I was dealt with
Always number two to you
But I know I’m the curve of every corner
The place you gotta stop before you cross one
And it’s usually the hardest story, from the brightest smile
And the sweetest child
And you cry rape and smile
You steal the lost and found
Indigenous screams keep my mouth shut and my dreams deferred
Word, I’m a blue bird, in the jay territory
I’m my great-grandmama’s glory
These new trees wanna lynch me or whore me
While my arms keep stretching at climbing past rings of stories
My block is be more and black
My block steals horses, the hearse and fire’s back
My eyes tire from watching my back
My existence is a matter of fact
Retold this fiction, I created form, style and diction
Surviving was my first adult decision
I breathe, I love, I travel, I pray
Beyond this place, this moment, this walk from my door
To simply make to the other side of the day


"Time Is Right"

"Time Is Right"

"Well I'm impressed most of all with the serene mood.
A lack of comprehen..."
{"I can dig it man, right on right on! I know what'chu sayin baby.
These folks that come here, have invested, a lot of credit
In havin a - fine time, when the time is right - baby."}

Yeah, the time is right for me to find a mic
The crowd is tight, the lab ac' ain't workin right
But I'm a get it done, even if we gotta fight
I ain't goin out like that, no not tonight
Yo let me get a mic check
This my prayer for y'all niggaz cause the game ain't got no life left
Came in with Mos Def and Hi-Tek
And that's my family dawg, they might catch the last gasp of my breath
And rest in peace to my nigga Dilla
My mind into real estate like a bigger villa
Your rhymes are cheaper than gas in Jersey
Before you leave the state you know you got to fill up
Matter fact, put your schwag back, cause I got the realest
If not the killer then I ain't smokin
I'm not buyin off the street or be askin 'em what kind you growin
You can't flush it is cause the kind is floatin
Kids be eyein totin open defyin mothers that's cryin oceans
It's Sin City without the Clive Owen
I keep it fresh, these rappers staler than a big of chips you findin open
Let's take our time and, have a silent moment
It's like I'm jokin, I get 'em open like multiple lines are snorted
They snortin I'm spittin flames; nigga the flow'll blowtorch ya
I'm on fire so they always try to put me out
Flatbush all day but they don't know what my hood about
I'm so good without your props and accolades
Crackin like whips on the back of slaves, spittin on the master's grave
I'm tighter than 'yette's braids, y'all niggaz are "Tenderheaded"
Just cause I ain't you as my friend yet, then forget it
SHEESH! Y'all niggaz are sensitive
That's really me on that shit, not a representative
Nuttin pretend or fake, many came and went, tryin to imitate
That's the quickest way to disintegrate
It's cause I innovate, my shit hardly assimilate
Still I'm bringin "SexyBack" like Timbaland and Timberlake
I don't stop, I never hesitate
Plus it don't start 'til I arrive and so I'm never late
The time is right get it straight
The time is right get it straight... c'mon!

I'm so slick it's slide when you ride with it
Like the Y kitted, do or die with it like the Stuy in it
Fly with it, +Do or Die+ with like the Chi in it
Live the life of Riley like my nigga from Guy, shit... [fades out]


"To The Music"
(feat. Maino)

"To The Music"
(feat. Maino)

[Intro: Talib Kweli]
(To the music)
Go 'head (What?) go 'head (Yeah) go 'head (Foundation, y'all)
Brooklyn New York is most certainly in the building (Worldwide, baby)
Yeah, go 'head, go 'head, go 'head
Hey [?], turn it up man
9th Wonder in the house, let's go

[Verse 1: Talib Kweli]
First rule of the party: respect the DJ
Second rule, if he's got the girls dancin', respect what he play
(Wait a second) Or she play, the woman is the womb
We in the moon with the sky whisperin' to you
She carryin' a sword, like she Joan of Arc
Dude got a Napoleon complex, they bone a part
When I throw them darts, I hit her in the heart
The livest love survive the flood like Noah's arc
Faded, but still jaded enough to be cautious
That's why I never force it, I'm sure she receive offers
Forever she go, clever wherever she go often
Dancin' all night, it's like she's never exhausted
Better forfeit if she's too much to handle
She got 'em too open, now they're runnin' both ends of the candle
No I ain't like the rest of the dudes, please don't get it confused
You gave me rhythm cause my heart beat (To the music)

[Hook: Talib Kweli]
And when them other broads get jealous
She stuntin' on 'em like Liz Taylor
(Listen to the music)
Cross the floor like Grace Kelly
Not a care in the world, ain't nothin' they could tell me
(Listen to the music)

(Unstoppable! I got you Kweli! Maino)

[Verse 2: Maino]
We only here once, let's live it out
All black Flying Spur, glass tinted out
Whole club packed, broads and the liquor
The more patron, the more damage to my liver
Standin' on the couch with my niggas
Screamin' in the air, "Yeah! We gon' live forever!"
Damn I wish this moment last forever
Or long enough for us to have a moment to remember
Been around the world, lived the crazy life
Shorty said she heard stories, I was hella trife
She said her ex-man was locked up with me
And she know a girl that used to stay in touch with me
It's a small world, girl, now let's make a toast
To the rest of the night, all we need is hope
Hopin' that the liquor gett into her head
Hopin' that we wake up in the same bed, yup


[Verse 3: Talib Kweli]
So gorgeous that I couldn't ignore it
To let this opportunity pass by, I know I couldn't afford it
We add a chapter to the life story
I turned around, seen her movin' across the floor headin' right for me
You're sexy and plus you get the paper
They throwin' ice, she slide on 'em like a figure skater
This nigga greater, a demonstrator, I make you come
To my world where your body language is my native tongue
It's like a wave how you rollin', I keep it goin'
We movin' in slow motion like we walkin' on the floor of the ocean
It's like you floatin', I got you explodin'
Keepin' it tight, I'm like the thief in the night, every moment is stolen
Gotta know when to go in and when to let it go
Gotta know when to chill and when to let her know
Men have groupies, but women have stalkers
She only tryin' to release endorphins


Talib Kweli on this motherfucker, we ridin' out, baby!
Hear how this bitch sound?
We rollin', man


"Tryin To Breathe"
(feat. Killer Mike)

"Tryin To Breathe"
(feat. Killer Mike)

I'm from a place where real is real
(Okay, we about to be out of here)
I'm just tryna breathe
(Talib Kweli, Killer Mike)
I'm from a place hustler's still
(Beautiful struggle continues)
Rob and steal and kill
And extort and
I'm from a place where real is real
I'm just tryna breathe
I'm from a place hustler's still
Rob and steal and kill
And extort and
(Yo it's so dangerous man, let's go)

[Verse 1 - Killer Mike:]
Baby's locked in cages
Mamas look twice they ages
Starvation's too much to stomach
This must be Reaganomics
These ain't for Martin Luther
Don't let that name dupe ya
And how he's born violent
He's on that younger future
On my block, boys with they hair
Walk like two miles, sell crack rock
And sell some samilia
It sound familiar?
Mi hombre, this is our familia
Addicted felons, gun stealers
And dope dealers
And I'm from where coke is captain
And you can buy whole in the back
Of your block, in a napkin
By themselves, children are left to fend
So we indulge in sin
Do what it takes to win
Push off, shoot that jump
But please check yourself, we win
(I'm official
Your Georgia homeboy
Killer kill
Putting it down for the ghetto)

[Verse 2 - Killer Mike:]
Ride with cracked up bumpers
Do what it takes to win
We mix our juice with Gin
We mix our fight with hands
We burn our dro slow
Only with our closest friends
We never scared
We ride and die for one another
This ain't my boy
This boy here, he's my brother
For him my blood'll spill
For him I will kill
This is true, my testimony live from Dixie Hills
This is Killa Kill, live I rest from Adamsville

[Verse 3 - Talib Kweli:]
Before he toured school, my father was an entertainer
Traveling through the south with a band of the crackers love to hang ya
He stayed with me while I know most niggas pots is strangers
Got soo gangsta, godfather to my cousin in van
My suns is daily green
These is the roots of my family tree
My path is locked, I'll hand you the key
I ran through the streets, niggas can't advantage of me
I've seen calamities, soo much insanity, oh the humanity
From a place where niggas keep the game face of the grills
And go to the steel to make it real just to pay off some bills
While robbing and killing is just basic skills
But still niggas documented on those tapes of film
Bullets gon' hit you in your stomach, near where your spleen be
And rip you open, split six pack in half the mean three
Yeah put addicts in the order, manics, yeah the hood have it
You know the hood pack it, leave you in the wood jagged
I wish you would actin', Brooklyn don't act a fool
When apex tack only way to pack a tool
I got the flappers, you know the swagger with attitude
Nigga piss in my ear, I let 'em go like ladders do
Oh you wanna battle dude? You my challenger? I'm bad for you
Make a snappy dude become a grown ass man, dawg, this shit I have to do
When I spatter you back up a few feet away
When niggas laugh at you, you feel like there's something you need to say?

I'm from a place where real is real
I'm just tryna breathe
I'm from a place hustler's still
Rob and steal and kill
And extort and
I'm from a place where real is real
I'm just tryna breathe
I'm from a place hustler's still
Rob and steal and kill
And extort and


"Turnt Up"

"Turnt Up"

[Verse 1:]
Thinking of the masterplan, where there's nothing but cash inside my hand
Wanna dig it to my pocket my profit is ever set
I dig deeper, you know I represent, represent.
Money over bitches, my sisters go over everything
Band that make her dance, that is just like a wedding ring.
Barb of the haters, the jealousy that the cheddar bring,
Trying to get away from this 85s like avalanche.
Ride with me, I got 'em licking like Minnie,
Got 'em licking like Mickey, these monkeys writing like dickeys
Cause they're seeing what I'm doing, feeling the more confusion,
Cut edges like a chewing, I'm flowing just like a student
Of the romance languages, only the diamonds hang with us,
My mil is decorated with ton just like the greatest is,
The crive's outrageous like really is no joke,
The girl of your dreams be coming over the smoke.

Turn it up loud, turn it up loud,
Turn it up load, turn it up load,
Drop it, stop it,
With all the soap operas and the soul boxes,
Turn up, turn up, turn up, for the people.

[Verse 2:]
You can feel the heat from the beat,
My sand dark on your feet,
Want it down like a zebra, I move with the speed of cheetas.
I'm from Brooklyn where the heat is the side of a true leader
I ain't asking for no followers, just looking for new leaders.
Is hard not consuming all the bullshit they feed us,
And your venus like a cork to the wound from the fetus.
Been hard since it started reading, alliteration is literally lidid
To my DNA swimming on through my semen.
So everytime I bust babies begin being born,
Draw it like a picture, picture of perfect painting,
Police profile and people peacefully praying
Lay the low like lead us the lazy as lolly
Gagging on my ground, getting guap cause green is the new black.
Meet me at the bar, we throwing a few back,
Hop out the car, you know who blew that.

Turn it up loud, turn it up loud,
Turn it up load, turn it up load,
Drop it, stop it,
With all the soap operas and the soul boxes,
Turn up, turn up, turn up, for the people.

And we drink and smoke,
Got wearing funny hats like the pope wore,
Come in looking quite clean and open
So heard might scheme of the no good
You know quirt got sling in the notebook
I got the birds on the wire like no wood,
I still rap these styles like this poster,
I'm alive and down throw like a notion
We rhyme like a lazy bee so focus
I'm in the ring so lean I need a phone call
I ain't lying, bad teeth so ferocious
Maybe I'm lying bare feet in the ocean,
On the beach full of sleep in the open,
To the beez so unique like a potion
I love music, I'm completing my devotion,
I'm completing my devotion.

Turn it up loud, turn it up loud,
Turn it up load, turn it up load,
Drop it, stop it,
With all the soap operas and the soul boxes,
Turn up, turn up, turn up, for the people.


"Two & Two"

"Two & Two"

They wanna know (All you have to do)
know how I do
Maybe you don't (All you have to do is call me... call me)
Why you playing, why you playing?
I be going like two and two
With some hot shit ready to spit for you
With the songs that you love just to get you through

[Verse 1]
Back in effect
I'm back to collect
Got the respect
Which will turn into the cash or a check
You can, pay me in fear, you can pay me with love
You can, pay me in tears or you can pay me in blood
Spray me with slugs, and the revolution live, I never die in vain
The writer might be dead but the piece remain on the train (yea)
The music help you be true to yourself, accumulate wealth
So what I spit is the embodiment I do for self
As a teen it was kinda hard to find a job
I took over my writer's bloc and ran it like a spot
I'm Pimp C in this game nigga, I'm a hard
But I'm never feasting on it, keep speaking on it God
That's what they say when I'm building, I keep my dialogue street
But still spiritual like we deep inside a mosque
Or the sin of God that don't preach or go where the sinners are
And keep the fire burning like a slum lord in the Bronx

Of course I will 'cuz you know how I do
Maybe you don't (All you have to do is call me... call me)
I be going like two and two
With some more hot shit ready to spit for you
With the songs that you love just to get you through

[Verse 2]
Rhyme writer from nine to five
It's the 25 to lifers with the balance of the acrobatic high wires
The pain of the slave with his back feeling like fire
'Cuz the whip talking to his ass like Knight Rider
Most of these rappers now days be sounding like liars
Got visions of guns in they head like the Pied Piper
When I bust they start to disappear like my lighters
'Cuz they shit is faker than the dreads on Mikah Phifer
The industry is in trouble
Plus these industry niggaz is fake, so they tend to be in a bubble
So I hit the block where they're known to thicken the plot
Sticking up cops, kids be pocket-picking they Glocks (my man)
Balling outta control, don't be forgetting that niggaz is broker than dishes at a Greek wedding
They might try to run up on you, take your life quick
It's like this when you walk the strip up on the night shift

Let 'em know
Of course I will 'cuz you know how I do
Maybe you don't (All you have to do is call me... call me)
I be going like two & two
With some more hot shit ready to spit for you
With the songs that you love to get you through

[Verse 3]
This right here the bare essentials with no extras y'all
I kept it raw from the school of thought where less is more
Brooklyn is cooking and I blessed it with the special sauce
I got the soul of a prophet and never take a loss
Fresher than kicks out the box, the kids on the block
That is street hungry trying to get that sweet honey out the rock
Crack in the socks when they click the row thicker than sour sop
Listening to my black power rock
Music, of this hip hop we be rock to it
I'm a river, you a valley, watch me run right through it
You wanna learn how to do it, tell the truth in your single first
Lil' Kim went to jail for what you do in every single verse (free Lil' Kim)
Lyrics is perjury, your beats is more plastic than surgery
And we in the United States of emergency
One of the main reasons none of you lames worry me
Is I change lanes like a changed plane that change currency

They wanna know, tell them (All you have to do is call me)
of course I will 'cuz you know how I do
Maybe you don't (All you have to do is call me... call me)
I be going like two and two
With some more hot shit ready to spit for you
With the songs that you love to get you through



"Uh Oh"
(feat. Jean Grae)

"Uh Oh"
(feat. Jean Grae)

[Intro: Jean Grae]
That is great
Good for you! Okay, get out of the way though
Ehehe, thank you
Excuse me, excuse me

[Jean Grae]
Been a long time (yes) shouldn't have left you
Without a dope beat to step to
Say - uhh, shouldn't have left you
without a dope beat to step to, sayin
(UH OH! UH OH! UH OH!) C'mon, the word is back
(UH OH! UH OH! UH OH!) Yeah, y'know you heard of that
(UH OH! UH OH! UH OH!) Ohh! Uh, you know the word is back
(UH OH! UH OH! UH OH!) Yes, I know you heard of that

Psychopath, ride a tricycle in a biker's club
Mike Tyson face tatted addict, like it tough
Hey scatterbrain, don't get your grey matter punched up
'til you hunched, talk-talkin like you punch drunk
One love - two maybe if I'm drunk enough
Naked watchin three, painted ladies do the bump and grub
Mean muggin Jean - the Heebs call meshugenah
Bookin her in the Catskills like "Look at her rap skills!"
He's rockin a backpack, a nerd in the rat pack
Jean Martine de Begerac, you heard of her murder rap
I murder rap, you learn it, confirm it and burn its audio
Music for your convertible, music for burnin cardio!
Don't use it for burners - they'll find me in your stereo
and blame me for the murder sock me up and get me carried off
I know I said murder befo' - murder murder, FUCK IT murder
Make it fo', insert a learning curve
Mine is so high you get vertigo, assertive girl a-fern to blow
Eternally superlative, blindfolded learn to drive
at night up on a girder bridge, heard a "NO!"
Talib dirty nervousness, yes the boys are back
Oh yes the boys in black, the boy's a {motherfuckin} rap star
Teeny rock star, minus the f'real and all the cop cars
Rocks off, lock bars with the realest (hach-too) in the spot
Really y'all should get on your knees and just pray for forgiveness sayin

[Chorus: Jean Grae]
(UH OH! UH OH! UH OH!) I said the word is back
(UH OH! UH OH! UH OH!) Uh oh, you heard of that
(UH OH! UH OH! UH OH!) I said the word is back
(UH OH! UH OH! UH OH!) Uh oh you heard of that ohh
(UH OH! UH OH! UH OH!) I said uh oh
(UH OH! UH OH! UH OH!) Oh yeah you heard of that ohh
(UH OH! UH OH! UH OH!) I said uh oh
(UH OH! UH OH! UH OH!) Oh yeah you heard of that, ohhhh

[Talib Kweli]
I'm a, man of God who asked the Devil for some face time
It's shade time you never see him comin cause you fake, blind
The mainline, Bloods are wavin flags like K'Naan
The Crips throwin gang signs, the Beast in the street
there to keep like a canine, and low like the bassline
Jean and Kwe' think alike like great minds
The crown is on my head, what makes you think that you can take mine?
They know they'll never win but still they racist like a hate crime
Runnin track like Tyra in (Higher Learning)
We bleeding gasoline so we keepin the fire burnin
We speedin like Valvoline and we speak fo' a higher purpose
You believe in magazines that deliver entire sermons
Give me some Vasoline cause your shit is dryer than deserts
You never fired a weapon in your life! So
picturin yourself as a gangster the only way that you shootin
My intelligent design is a product of evolution
Psychotic, erotic, catch phrases just to, get at your girl
Create solutions for a digital world
So baby even when I'm spittin game I'm addin on
Rappers goin hard pure for the dope, I got an acronym for Capricorn
{?} And Prepared, Rigorous, Innovative
Captivatin, Ordinary, Regular, Nigga just
throwin daily your chick goin crazy yo
Handle her like Chelsea Lately
Rockin the fresh kicks like you felt her baby
We'll wait until you done bein whack
We got every hand up from the front to the back
If you wonderin why you just dressin funny in rap
You need attention dog, there ain't no more, money in rap
So if you're mixin with GarageBand, videos on the Flip cam
I'm a big fan - you got more (Hart) than (Bret - The Hitman)
But shit damn, it's the pinnacle, it gets no better
I'm boastin, but still stay humble
Never spinnin, I'm always coastin

[Chorus - first half with ad libs]

[Jean Grae]
(UH OH! UH OH! UH OH!) I said uh oh
(UH OH! UH OH! UH OH!) Oh yeah the word is back
(UH OH! UH OH! UH OH!) The word is back
(UH OH! UH OH! UH OH!) Yessir the word is back

[fades out: "Yes, the word is back..."]


"Upper Echelon"

"Upper Echelon"

Check it out baby
Check it out y'all

This that upper echelon shit
What is this?

[Verse 1:]
Welcome to the prison of conscious
Brainiacs said I'm done, bust the scientifical
You feel it all up in your soul, we getting spiritual
You heard I'm coming back, it's so scary I put the fear in you
I murder every track, cause the rhymers like to stare at you
Real shit back, it's a miracle, rap been laughable over the last year or two
Reflecting like a mirror through who is the real living proof
I'm back with the classical shit, I pack lyrical
Substance like a bowls of kush into a vaporizer
And then I vaporize ya', my paper may surprise ya'
No need to brag on my paper cause I'm a naturizer
I vibrate higher, the truth break liars
I chose who is like us, the lovers, the fighters, the writers, the exciters
Cut the grass we could see the vipers, we cut the glass cause we the diamonds


[Verse 2:]
I be listening to real shit, real spit, like die hard feeling
Type of shit the fake niggas find hard to deal with'
I'm on a higher plane, I'm destroying em' while I build them
My threat can't be contained, so my name on Obama kill list
Kweli the artist that you wanna be, moving the through darkness,
The light is what's in front of me,
Front on me you posers exposing your insecurities
Supposedly it's wack, and replaces lack of maturity
The purity you need to get in the game is gone
Ain't no conspiracy, stop looking for someone to blame it on
Gotta pay a debt, took a stale style and I made it fresh
Wait a second, got your girl wetter than tomatoes flesh
Waiting on me with baited breath


[Verse 3:]
Welcome to the
Walking through a double fist, and I'm lifted on something vicious
Everything is moving, I'm getting me a percentage
Vintage, nothing but the sky is my ascendant
My girl is ride or die, I'm avoiding the evil temptress
Ain't no question who the best is, you don't like the state then fuck it and my mansions
Pimping down to the socks, and so is business
The all night workout like 24-Hour Fitness
Y'all niggas is adorable, incorrigible, the prayers that you get is barely audible
People is ignoring you why? the last place in the world that you belong is a recording booth
Order suit, niggas is gassed up, petroleum a lab when these niggas get swept up
Custodians a culture back to the future rap the delorean
A class looking joint to spit as valedictorian

This that upper echelon shit

Welcome to the Prison Of Conscious


(feat. Raekwon)

(feat. Raekwon)

[Verse 1: Talib Kweli]
Heed the battle call, check the catalog
Flow so crazy it's adderall with the padded walls
More twisted turns in the body that's on the baddest broad
These cattle call 'rappers' is weak, my honor matter more
Your whole style stiffer than mannequins you see at a store
You mannequins are Chante & Kenny, I mean the Latter more
No ping pong and we volleying with the back and forth
Straight King Kong and the trap we blasting off, son

[Verse 2: Raekwon]
You want Nigerian money, see me in Qatar drunk
Waving the K, I can't fake the funk
Blessed with the belts, flying in the stealth
Jewelry on the neck, diamonds in the Cheals
You know I wrestle with pawns, getting my money, we gone
The automatic laying player, we Dons
You can't see us, the new phenoms, I like the Benz zeons
Split your wig like I got three arms
I need a fiancé, at least a Beyoncé
I know my vision beyond some other shit
I'm just as meaty as moms
I'm supposed to be on, the greenery gone
I'm still the king of the drama
Put the Ruger down your throat, eat my Johnson nigga

[Bridge: Talib Kweli]
Way they all in their feelings, what's wrong with niggas
Forgetting silence is still a response
The way the blood paint the wall you can tell he really an artist
I get it like Whitey Bulger 'til rapture, dearly departed

[Hook: Raekwon & Talib Kweli x2]
We gon' Lex in, my nigga
These are blessings, my nigga
Keep stressing, my nigga
Don't stress, little nigga
Eat a clip, little nigga
Niggas trip, little nigga
Violations we gon' flip, little nigga

[Verse 3: Talib Kweli]
It's the champion flow, the Jordan, LeBron and Kobe
The Obi Wan Kenobi, of getting that guap-a-mole
We touring overseas, got her fanning out like a Dakota
I'm trying to get the check, I'm Martina Navratilova
Catch me at the races, gateway at Saratoga
They trying to place my face cause we mobbing, we taking over
My niggas keep it pure while you cut with the baking soda
These rappers be stretching the truth like they taking yoga
Couch potatoes, now they made us into a vegetable culture
A result of the vision like it's a decimal quotient
Do the math, my nigga, do the math
You'd never settle for less than the whole if you knew the half

[Verse 4: Raekwon]
Rough as alligator skin getting crazy grip
I'm so amazing with words I make a baby spit
Resting in Tibet, wild with the Gillette
Giraffe long goose on, my boots is [?]
Pocket full of coins, producers on set
Niggas with the coupes is on next
The losers gon' step, the users gon' check
We choosing our ninjas, the Jews is on deck
Refuse, that's a debt, pool with the steps
Everybody see us, the tools is all TECs
Anything come through we school, wan' bet?
Fuck you gon' tell us? He knew we on next

[Bridge 2: Talib Kweli]
They wanna act like they know me, you don't know me nigga
You got the baby boy hustle, you a Jody nigga
You wanna swim with the sharks, I'm Chief Brody killin'
Get your jaw tapped this is raw rap, come on, yeah

[Hook x2]