Synametrics WinSQL Professional v7.0.84.596


WinSQL is a "must have" utility for DBAs and programmers who deal with databases. It empowers them to be more productive by providing an intuitive tool that can talk to any database through ODBC. As Jim Arnolds puts it, "The professional version of WinSQL is the best database administration tool with many features that can be packaged separately into a product of its own. With WinSQL you get all these products bundled into one package. More than 80% of today's business applications require interaction with a relational database. In a typical enterprise there are many databases provided by multiple vendors, such as Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MS SQL Server, Informix and others. In such heterogeneous environments developers face a constant challenge of using multiple tools, one for each database, to get their day-to-day task done. Besides, some back-end databases do not provided adequate, GUI based, and feature rich tools on the front-end.

WinSQL solves all these problems by providing developers with one interface that connects to a variety of back-end databases through ODBC.

With WinSQL you can:
Database administrators can easily and effectively manage any relational database
Programmers can quickly write SQL statements, capture their response time and convert them into code
Get metadata for tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, rules, etc.
Learn how to write SQL statements by using wizards that build SQL for you
Transfer data from one source to another
Reverse engineer a database
Draw E/R Diagrams
Generate test data with millions of meaningful rows
Find structural differences between two databases
Find data differences between two tables in different databases

How does it work?
It's simple. WinSQL can talk to any database for which you have an ODBC driver. Most of the databases today come with an ODBC driver and usually it is free. The ODBC Driver Manager gets installed on every machine with the Windows Operating System.

WinSQL talks to the ODBC driver through the Driver Manager. ODBC Driver converts generic ODBC calls into database specific requests and sends it to the back-end server. The server computes the results and sends them back to WinSQL through the driver.

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