Serbian history - Kosovo

Hello to all the people on this forum.

I don't know serbian sadly, and i'll write my message in English since i'm sure a lot of you know this language.
First of all i'm a person from Romania, not Serbia. One of my grandfathers was however serbian, he came to Romania from the Voivodina region before the Second World War. I am deeply attached to Serbia and it's history. Usually when there's a sporting competition my favorite is the serbian team or serbian athlete, sometimes even before the romanian one.

I know Kosovo was a part of Serbia for a long time and you consider it a very important part of your country. I also know in the XVI century serbs were 90% in that region, and now albanians form 90% of Kosovo. So the demographics have turned.

Now my question:

"Isn't today's Serbia better of without Kosovo? Since it's a very poor region, it has a 75% unemployment rate, the majority of it's inhabitants are muslim albanians." (Again i'm adding that i'm only curious since this question has bothered me for some time, and i'm not trying to incite to violence and hatered just to have a normal civilised disscution)

Write your oppinion on the subject