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Searching on DuckDuckGo is completely anonymous

  • Začetnik teme Angelus
  • Datum pokretanja


You know all those ads following you around the Internet?
FIG. 1

They're from online tracking.
FIG. 2

You're also getting charged different prices
FIG. 3

based on profiles corporations build about you.
FIG. 4

No one knows more about you than Google.
FIG. 5

You share your problems with your search engine,
FIG. 6

and Google saves all of them with your profile,
FIG. 7

which advertisers use to target ads at you everywhere,
FIG. 8

since Google's ads are on millions of Web sites.
FIG. 9

But that's not all.
FIG. 10

Your saved searches can be legally requested,
FIG. 11

and then come back to haunt you.
FIG. 12

Your browser's "private" mode won't help you.
FIG. 13

On the other hand...
Searching on DuckDuckGo is completely anonymous.

FIG. 14

We don't store any personal information at all.
That's our privacy policy in a nutshell.

FIG. 15

So don't get tracked when searching. Use DuckDuckGo!