Šta je novo?


A Salt With A Deadly Pepa

I'm Salt here to resource so start steppin'
When me and my homegirl Pepa start pepperin'
Try and dis the girls, try to stand tall shorty
The girls got naughty - we went Top Forty
Call in the troops, we're comin' out blazin'
Ill if you will there ain't no savin'
The queens have been ordained
You can't play me boy, I'm no game

It takes two to dance so c'mon let's tango
Us on the mics and y'all on the dance floor
It's a Salt and Pepa affair, yeah
Never ever no static, beats will come out clear
Title after title we take
Rack 'em up we're gonna tally 'em
And when we're done you're gonna need a valium
To calm your nerves, after I bomb your nerves
The quiet comes after the storm is heard
And I'm stormin' long and strong, I can't go wrong
Watch me get into this rap song
Like a river I flow into the mic I'll blow
Make sure it's on as Spinderella drops the beats so


Beauty And The Beat

Beauty And The Beat

Oooh, baby, I like the sound when
The switch is on, and you start poundin'
Out my radio and pretty soon
Salt and Pepa will boom into the room

Clap your hands now people, clap hard
Clap your hands now people, clap your hands
Clap your hands now people, stomp your feet
Clap your hands now people, clap with me

Listen hard and tell me what you hear
Is it noise or is it def beats in your ear?
You said you want one, and now you got some
Vicious snare, high hats, and a bass drum
First the mix empress to impress you
Cutting right on time and I'll bet you
Didn't know it (did you?), you can't believe it (could you?)
Word to life, I swear, we wouldn't kid you
And she can cut it up like a wild animal
Slicing and dicing away as a cannibal does
Cuz only a beauty can make you people clap with me

Who is the best?
We are the best!
Who's one of the best?

You're one of the best!

Why am I so def? Why don't I have flaws?
Why do I cut for Salt and Pepa? Because
When my turntable talks your body will listen
To a message ?? tested and kickin'
Out of my speakers and into your sneakers
Providing conversation for the woofers and tweeters
When I play the Technics obey
Cuz I'm a fader translator, a mixboard slave
And I'm-a do like this on 'em...this on 'em

When I'm on the floor, beat is like romance
The rhythm makes love to me as I dance
And from what I see it's about to be
A relationship between beauty and the beat
Word up y'all, it's a royal ball
Turn hip-hop clubs into concert halls
Inside is live, if I use up highs
Twelve hundred ??
Power in high drive, the woofers don't lie
Opposites attract so the birthrate's high
Your chest and ribcage the bass is poking at
(Lower the what?) Stop joking...
We can't do that it possess power
You ask how-a people get louder

(Uh, step aside, sir....
Sir, will you please step aside for the....)
Salt and Pepa MC's represent beauty
We want y'all to see why we're the only
Nominee nominated representing our race
This jam is dedicated to all the pretty faces
And we're gonna rock like you like
Spinderella on the mix, Salt and Pepa on the mike
And we can satisfy your desire
We can make your body perspire
Make the men all want to get with it
Then take 'em down to the ultimate
Sounds and I say: Spinderella's not a fella
But a girl DJ!


Big Shot

Big Shot

A-one, a-one-two
It's like, it's like, it's like, it's like, it's like...


Everybody wants to be a big shot
Everybody wants to make a quick buck
Everybody wants to be on the top
Everybody wants to be...

Just like me, just like me
The S to the A to the L to the fa-sol-la T's makin' dough
(Nuts?) No, but as in big bucks
So (huh?), so (who?), so what the hell
It doesn't matter who goes 'n buy my records long as they sell
And I can tell that you don't like me very well
Pop-popular hit, pop hits is makin' my pockets swell

And makin' me a little rich now (yeah, baby)
You ain't seen nothing if you think that I'm a bitch now
Check it out, check it out
Just watch me, just watch me

I wasn't tryin' to be a hooker sellin' pootang
Up and down the block just ain't my thang
I seen a lot of women fall and gettin' fast money
Cuz either AIDS or jail will get that ass, honey
I needed more to explore so I tried rap
Now in 1993, I'm livin' mack stack
Check my attitude it comes with the territory, baby
And now I'm drivin' niggas crazy


Everybody wants to get paid, paid like a Lou Mays
Poppin' that coochie or sellin' fake Guccis
Whatever's in style and costs some big ?
Just to get one, niggas get a real five
It's all about the great paper chase
A million dollars worth of whip appeal could even buy Babyface
So read me all the rules so I can have my money right
Cuz I'm a new lady boss keepin' game tight

So, you think you're all that, feelin' kinda phat
But can you see where the wrong is?
I, I don't know much about ya
But there's no doubt you're out to get yours anyway you can


(You know what? I can't stand them Salt-N-Pepa bitches
They think they're all that cuz they're popular in Europe
Yeah, probably sell-out hookers
Oh, oh, and they swear everybody want to be like them
Please, I don't wanna be like them bitches
I know - live in a big house and have all them bills and headaches and stuff
Oh, and Spinderella
Nah, nah, nah, she's cool, it's them other bitches I can't stand

(So I'm a bitch now?)
Oh, Sue, there they go, right there Salt, Pepa!
(Sometimes I be buggin' because I'm rich now)
Yo, Pepa, can I get your autograph for my son?
(Well, I don't need nothin' cuz you know that I'm a bitch, y'all)
Yo, y'all's hair is real fly, where'd ya all get your hair done at?
(You say, "oh, ain't she somethin'" because I'm rich now
And I'll bet you wanna be like me)
Still can't stand them bitches
(Because I'm rich, y'all, and I'm a bitch, y'all
A rich bitch, y'all, and I know))



Blacks' Magic

Blacks' Magic

(I'd like to send this one out to the partner
Pepa MC, and her first born, whatever it may be)

Yo, Spin, once again help me get this crowd on its feet
So we can set it off
I've got your back, Salt, you know I'm never soft
Yo, where's your records at?
Right beside me
Ready to give a scratch?
Yep, like poison ivy

It's the Nineties, the year for change, can you prove it?
I made this beat, I'm an Invincible, and I produced it
It's in my soul to roll and flow, take control
Sold the show, can go like a pogo stick
Hot hit, dop, dip, rock, rip, don't shop on my hit list
Cuz I can be a witch if
They music is cool, and it can calm the savage beast
Then we got plenty of beats for the beasts to eat
A party animal that's livin' rather large, in fact
Take out the camera, Salt, (Why?) I wanna picture that
Make sure it's focused or you may only not have noticed
Before I cut up a jam I yell a "hocus pocus"
And right before your eyes you'll understand the name
Musicans and magicians are usually the same
And the fame, proclaim, obtains, the stain will gain a rain
That pours, it soars my brain to yours
Ordained by law to train the poor
I'll make sure that there ain't gonna be no more
It's a treachery hidden up the sleeves of men
Magic will only work for those who do believe in them

Black magic, it's black magic
Do you believe in black magic?
It's black magic
I believe in black magic
It's black magic
Do you believe in black magic?
It's black magic
I believe in

We call this song "Black Magic" cuz it's a fact
Anything that's tragic relates to black
Coincidental? (No) Here's an example, Jack
Words as ancient as fossils or artifacts
Black Sunday or Monday
Black tongues or lungs may cause a black sleep
Why say black sheep?
Black sabbath is evil, black market illegal
A black widow is deadly, black potion ain't healthy
See, some try to say dark-skinned men ain't sexy true
Darker the cherry, you know how sweet will be the juice
Music's the only thing that brings the dead right back to life
Have faith and it will guide you through the night just like a light
Never say Salt steered you wrong inside a concert hall
My crystal ball can see the future, to the beat y'all

Magic, it's black magic
Do you believe in magic?
It's black magic
I believe in magic
It's black magic
Do you believe in magic?
It's black magic
I believe in magic

And my feet in the street is black magic
And my soul in control is black magic
And the life that I live is black magic
Anything that I give is black magic

It's black magic
Do you believe in magic?
It's black magic
I believe in

In magic, a dimension of sight and sound
Where people see in only shades of brown
And reality is the same as a fantasy
Is this the way you want your world to be?
Not me, I want variety in my society
Where I can change if I don't like what I see, you see
This is a woman speakin' bringin' door-to-door, seekin'
Tranquilty, that abilty will keep on repeatin'
To saw someone in half may be a trick or treat
Making them dance and laugh is somethin' quite unique
Abracadabra, Salt's comin' at ya
You say my music was a phase, a fad, huh, I proved you wrong
Over ten years and still goin' strong
Whoever heard of a fad kickin' for so long?

Magic, it's black magic
Do you believe in magic?
It's black magic
I believe in magic
It's black magic
Do you believe in magic?
It's black magic
I believe in black magic

And the life that I live is black magic
Anything that I give is black magic
And my feet in the street is black magic
And my soul in control is black magic


Boy Toy

Boy Toy

Yeah, heh heh
S-N-P, hmm, for you
Brand New, uh, uh, uh, yeah


Boy toy, I love you so
Temporary lover, never let you go
I spend my money on you
Boy toy, I love you so
Never no stress, let's keep this flow
I know you feel the same way, too

[Sandra "Pepa" Denton:]

Where you been all my life
No diamonds on her fingers
But I know you got a wifey, boo, word to life
No proof, cuz Pepa got plans for you
Reservations for two on a flight to Honolulu
No disrespect, for losin' sweats
You take the keys to my Lex, and this here blank check
So shop till you drop, thanks to hip-hop you tight
Have you fly, F.B.I. wanna indict
Bet you shit is right, got my daisies
Goin' crazy, the 20 ways you laid me, uh
Now come and bathe me, wanna get high
Take this helicopter ride
From the westside down to the eastside
Pick a highrise, I'll buy, uh, you know why
Cuz you're all that, no commitments, no lies
Never settle for less, I'm the best, no stress
So rests, yes, my boy toy


[Cheryl "Salt" James:]

(Seeking) Black female (Word) seeking black male (Uh)
With the nice tail, uh, not frail (That's right)
I like 'em focused, 20-20
A man that needs little but gives plenty
I'm never vexed givin' up no sex
Unless I wanna release stress
And get this shit up off my chest
Enjoy how you massage my mind, at times
Feedin' me some knowledge instead of tryin' to out rhyme
Not insecure, for sure, not bored
Send you a first class ticket when I'm out on tour
Show me a lot of love in the club
You know your place, you give me my space, stay out my face
A G worth a cristal, for you and your pals
I love to see the other women yearn waitin' on their turn
Money earnin', more money, cash, checks
But you ain't never met a girl like this yet

[Salt:] What's up, man
You got that package I sent you
[Man:] Yeah I got it
[Salt:] Did you like it
[Man:] What
[Salt:] You know you earned it
[Man:] Yeah
[Salt:] Put the thing down right


[Deidra "Spinderella" Roper:]

Me and my girls chillin' at the mall, laughing and all
Brother's kinda tall, you think he play ball
Damn, you look live, hmmm, so fine
I think I estimate about 4.5
My pockets goes high, so we can ride
I'll pick you up about nine-ish
Take you to the finest, masseuse
And we can get loose, sleigh la bouche styles
Get wild, I'll bet I leave your ass with a smile
Always a mouse, Spinderella, trick cheddar
I like a good fella but I love a boy toy better

[Cheryl "Salt" James:]

Cheryl James, you know my name, I love the same
I check for a player with a lot of game
Not a little, not tryin' to get caught in the middle
Uh, I like my toy part like a Tonka truck
Hit the middle, uh, like Larry Zonka, what


I'm not scared to tell you (Whoo)
S-N-P, it's your boy toy
All day, all night
Nine-seven, like heaven, baby

Boy toy, I love you so
Never no stress, let's keep this flow
I know you feel the same way, too

I ain't gon' front


Brand New

Brand New

[DJ Flex:]

Uh, uh, Here we go, uh
Ah yeah, DJ Flex with Salt and Pepa
And we about to get brand new, ah-ha
Ah yeah, uh, here we go, here we go, uh
Here we go, here we go
We about to give you a D.C. party New York style
Wait a minute

[Cheryl "Salt" James:]

Got the brand new, uh, attitude, what
Raw to the core, hardcore to your gut
Notorious, just scandalous, can't handle this
Black Miss, worth a twist
America, here to remain, maintain
Blowin' up, out the frame, we uppin' in the game
Ten years on your knees, no mercy
You wanna curse me, I'm the queen of controversy
You're thirsty, wonderin' how I got the power
Hour after hour, phat tracks as the money stacks
Keep comin' back with the bomb, to the dawn
Uh, I keeps it on without a break
While others try to fake it, I make it
She's gotta have it, see what I want I take it
No rest with duress, I'm on a quest for fights
(My mic sounds nice) Send a kiss without desire


No stoppin', no stoppin'
No stoppin', let be no stoppin'
No stoppin', no stoppin'
No stoppin', let be no stoppin'

[Sandra "Pepa" Denton & Cheryl "Salt" James:]

You give me props in my presence, compliments I'm phattest
Status got me high, but that should never matter
Success, blessings, lessons, I got plenty
Rough roads, I travel many
Paid dues so I choose, I call you out, you owe me
Made a way for you, don't play like you don't know me
Can't end till I say when, now come again
With the yes, yes, and then
Check it, check it out, ladies say, ow
To the beat yo, fellas gotta, ho
You gotta earn my respect, break a sweat baby, work it
Eliminate the job, turkey, or you can jerk it
Take it to your face with taste and play on
Billboard chart (Rap part), stay on
Arrive with the mic, it's live and Memorex
Promote safe sex, the best, one love, respect


[Sandra "Pepa" Denton & Cheryl "Salt" James:]

Once again I got the roughneckin' beats, funk sound
Peace to my peeps, be strong, lock down
Big up to everybody gettin' tons, gettin' funds
Makin' runs, lookin' out for their sons
Here we come, fly girls make your moves
Gotta get the dollar-dollar bills so we livin' how we choose
Brand new, forever reign, you know my name
Cream always rises to the top and it don't stop


Ain't no stoppin' us now
We're on the move
Ow, come on it, jump on it
Ain't no stoppin' us now
We're brand new
We got a new attitude, yeah, yeah

[Sandra "Pepa" Denton & Cheryl "Salt" James:]

Yeah, see I be crankin' up my Kirk Franklin spirituals
Believe I can fly, like the, I Believe in Miracles
Must recognize the one up above
Less gunshot, uh, more self-love

[Chorus (2x)]


Break Of Dawn

Break Of Dawn

(Yes, yes, y'all, and you don't stop)

Keep-keep it on 'til the break of dawn
(Boom-bam-slam) Keep-keep it on
Keep-keep it on 'til the break of dawn
(Boom-boom-bam-slam) Keep-keep it on


Keep-keep it on 'til the break of dawn
(Boom-boom-bam-slam) Keep-keep it on
Keep-keep it on 'til the break of dawn
(Boom-boom-bam-slam) Keep-keep it on

Jam, S-A-L-T pump up the bass
S-A-L-T pump up the bass
S-A-L-T pump up the bass
S-A-L-T pump up the bass

On and on keep it on 'til the break of dawn
I'm-a rip shop and drop the bomb
Boom-bam-slam with the jam in effect
Catchin' wreck, catchin' wreck with the Pep
Yet, yo, I'm-a flow like the now
You know my style buck-wild
Rippin' scripts, dive and dips, dip and dives
Overdrive, I'm in overdrive
Goin' off, never to the loss, of course
I'm the best, yes, I am, yes
Yo, so here I go again
I'm in like Flynn guarateed to win
So step back with the battleship grip
Word to mother, my brother, you're outta my tip
Let it go, let it go, I just wanna flow...uh, and keep it on

I'm gonna keep it on until the break of dawn
Big-big Pep keep-keep it on
I'm gonna keep it on until the break of dawn
Big-big Pep keep-keep it on

Check it out (what?), big Pep PG
Not rated R, I can flow without the B's
And the F's and the A's, gotta have a taste
To kick, gotta have the P's
To pick up the bass, pump up the bass like that
When you pump it up it makes me rap like the pro that I am
Hear what I am, yes, I am, gotta have the D for the "damn"
Jam on the one, jam on the two, oh yeah
Give me my ? on a dare, cuz I'm the rare
Do you see a woman rip shop?
But I'm here to drop and drop
Here 'til I can't 'ford no more
Sucker MC's better be out the door
More I pour, get to the core
When I finish, girlfriend, you're gonna be sore
Word, the big birdy's like that y'all
Big Pep Denton is crazy, phat y'all
Word is born, keep it on, yeah...'til the break of dawn

[CHORUS (repeat)]

One-two-three it's me - S-A-L-T
The woman to be, can't ya see?
On the microphone I stand alone - psyche
Pepa P got the left, I got the right
As if you didn't know the flow got better with the weather
Fall off never that never, never wack ever
I'm butter like my leather
Clever, yes, I'm a lady that's clever
Rockin' it, rippin' it, yes, I'll be kickin' it
Kickin' it, brothers be trickin' and trickin'
Don't stop, don't stop, I won't stop
I can't stop, I can't stop
When I hear the beat I'll be damned not to get ill, kill
Yo, Salt, chill, what ya mean "chill?"

Chill, I know how you feel
When I hear the beat I wanna flip, too
Let me show you how I do
In '92 I was on the L, '93's time to get off the L
And watch my pockets swell like hell
Can't ya tell how Pep be livin'?
Livin' every day livin' like it's Thanksgivin'
Cuz I got the gift to get swift on the mic
Al'ight, psyche, cuz I'm the type to get it hype
Get it up, get it on, that's word as bond...to the break of dawn

[CHORUS (repeat)]


Chick On The Side (Remix)

Chick On The Side (Remix)

Don't touch me! Get away from me!
Homeboy, you better stop it, keep up you're gonna get it
Your mouth is gettin' sassy, don't make me have to hit it
Cuz when I heard about you my teeth just gritted
You told me that you didn't, but I knew you were with it


Bet you got a chick on the side
Sure you got a chick
I know you got a chick on the side
(Love bandit, love bandit)


Don't worry, boy, cuz I won't complain, no need to explain
I seen everything through the window pane
You and your other lover, that's really insane
And another thing: Please take off my gold ring
I got another finger I can put it on
You blew the deal so now I'm all gone
I was prepared for just in case you messed around
On the side you could be replaced
But you could have found a better way of lettin' me down
Instead of running around with every girl in town
I heard you on the phone the other day
Don't you say it's an old friend all the way from L.A.
I finally caught onto your little game
Your lying and denying is a cryin' shame
You took me for granted, this is the end, dammit
You're playing the field like you're some (love bandit)


Oooo my, oooo my so-called fiancee listen to what I say
Whatever game you play I play the same way
So if you wanna go mess around and cheat
And you wanna romance between another girl's sheets
Go ahead sweetheart, I expected that
Cuz you're nothing but a cheap, little, stuck-up brat
Wherever you're at you want this and that
You dirty rat, I'm not a welcome mat
I got another lover, and I know he cares
So smile child, but keep your crocodile tears
Go ahead, go, go boy! I'm going steady
In loving arms this teddy is ready
He fixed the table for his and hers
And while the dinner simmers he served the hors'doevres
Then munch-out time, hit the wine, get mellow
Cleared off the table and his hello-jello
I can't express the feeling that I get
So I just lay back and light up a cigarette
And try to be cool, collected, and calm
He tells me my fortune and reads my palm
With a suave taste I cannot embrace
In a feeling of desire by the fireplace
Love bandit, I'm makin' it clear
See ya later, gator, I'm gettin' outta here, yeah


You're at the window starin' at the sky
Birds fly by, you start to wonder why
You're not by my side sharing the dream
That one day you'll be my king, and I'll be your queen
I call you every day, ask to get into your home
I tell you I'm alone, but you hang up the phone
You're like a hot flame getting ready to burn
You say you're concerned, baby, you don't earn


Do Me Right

Do Me Right

Cuz I need a man
S'alright, yeah, oh

[Deidra "Spinderella" Roper:]

Hold up, wait, let me get this straight
You want your cake and eat it
Brother, you can beat it, uh
Unless you're willing to drown me in passion
Romance the cat, better make it last (Forever)
Ain't lookin' for no quickies
Brothers be like Tricky
Tryin' to get me, hit me, and run, but me I'm picky
I like it sentimental
Stimulate the mentals, I
I like a gentle man, with a gentle hand
I want the baby carriage
And the marriage and the whole thing
Diamond ring, treat you like a king
I'll be your queen bee
Better keep it real with me
Or the be the ex-man, I'm with the next man


If you're lookin' for do you right
Hold me tight lover
I'll do anything you want me to do
I need you to do me right
Hold me tight, brother
Baby, all I've got is all for you

[Sandra "Pepa" Denton:]

You call yourself the best
When you put hickeys on my chest
Nevertheless, I'm not impressed, I want the rest
I'm talkin' 'bout the quan baby, the vagabond
I got it goin' on, that's right, that's how I see it
So what you got the cheese
Brother, I'm not pleased
Want the striptease (Take it to another level, uh)
You'll be a homely lover, friend, sexy pushin' my Benz
Dividends stacked, you got it
By the way, don't bother me
Unless you are attracted to the God in me
Pardon me to talk to, borish
Shit is tired, and you'll be fired
If you can't have one, can't have none son


Call on me (Call on me)
When you need me (When you need me)
I need a man (I'll be your man)
That can please me (Oh yeah)
In the middle of the night (In the middle of the night)
Hold me tight (Hold you tight)
I'll do it right, if ya, bring me right

[Cheryl "Salt" James:]

You put me onto the next level
Fool don't be trippin'
Your whip-appeal hit me in my heart, skippin'
Your ways got me singing your praise with the next phase
I count the days, you're so amazin', I'm cravin' your skills
My temperature's blazin', show me how it feels, uh-huh
I'm savin', my secret sauce for the course (That's right)
You gotta hit me off with that God kinda love
That work it out through the hard times kinda love
You know how I broke it
In the Lexus, the Benz coupe
Yesterday, I should never leave you or deceive you
Uh-huh, I wanna please you

[Chorus (4x)]


Do You Want Me

Do You Want Me

You said it loud, and I heard you
Never tried to hurt you
Some say I'm old-fashioned
I like to take my time and do it slow
You know with the flow
But don't try to rush it
So ride it like a horse
And let nature take its course
Get to know each other
Be my friend not just my lover
Share your thoughts with me
Love my mind not just my body, baby

Do you really want me, baby? Let me know
Cuz if you really like me I suggest you tell me so
Got no time for silly games, that ain't even why I came
Cuz I may be the kind of guy you like

Please understand the way I feel
I must have trust or there's no deal
My emotion's ain't to be
Played with or given free
I appreciate greatly
The way you toleratered me
Sometimes I do act flaky
I wouldn't blame you if you hate me
You put up with my butt
When I wouldn't give it up
Yeah, I know that really sucks
But if you wait awhile, I'll make it up


Who me? A tease? Brother, please
You're just having bad memories
About some skeeze who did the squeeze
And had you on your hands and knees
Look, I am telling you straight out
That's not what I'm all about
I'd just be playing myself out
If I spent the night at your house
Now don't get me wrong
I didn't mean to turn you on
We haven't known each other long
But this is my life not just a song