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Novel happiness through love wallpaper

  • Začetnik teme Lilly1996
  • Datum pokretanja


Some people say, life is a process of looking for love, each person must find 3 people. The first was the one you love the most, the second was his sweetheart the most, and the third person is your lifelong companion (mate).

First you will meet the person you love the most, understand the feeling of love, then met his sweetheart the most, and get a sense of being loved; experienced when feeling love and "be" love, can know what you need and will find the most suitable partner in their lifetime.

Unfortunately, in life, all three are usually not the same as a person, the person you love the most do not choose you, who love you most was not the person you love the most and your partner is not always the person you love the most, nor the people who love you the most, just people show up at the most !

You will be a few things in my life !?

No one wants to change his love, when someone loves you, that's when he really love wallpaper you, but he does not love you, it is also true that not love you, who can not pretend not to love when he is in love with you, and he can not pretend to love if not love you.

When a person does not want to leave their loves me, I need to ask yourself still really love that person anymore, because perhaps their love did not make him want to distance themselves. If you do not love him anymore, then please do not ever because of pride that refuses to leave him. If you still love him, of course you would expect him to get a life of happiness, joy; hoping someone else was in the same one you love. Never stop, if you stop him get his true happiness means that you do not love him anymore, and have lowered themselves for having accidentally let him know that I wanted possessed him. And if you do not love what you get as a responsible person to infidelity.

Love is not possessive, you like the moon, the moon can not buy into the box, but take the light of the moon can shine into your room take. Just as you love someone, you can still get him without tenure and making love becomes an eternal memories in life.

If you truly love someone, to love his real people, loves both the good side and bad love, Heart wallpaper the advantages and disadvantages, it is absolutely not recommended because love him, but hopefully it becomes people as you want, if he does not get her way, I do not love him anymore.

Loving someone does not actually say that is the reason love, you just know that, anytime, anywhere, good mood or bad, happy or sad, you are also desired him at your side, and that is enough, do not need anything more than ...

Away from a test well is love, true love will never become love resentment. Two people love each other, my favorite is the catch you have to swear, to promise, why do we catch the opponent to do so, all because we do not believe the enemy ... I do have things run smooth stone sea, sky rippling landslide, if any, does anyone live up to that day ... In sad wallpaper love, saying is one thing, doing is one thing, people do not dare to believe what he said and who said it did not believe what you hear ... hear it is falsehood in love!