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Lich King

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Fan Massacre

Fan Massacre

"When's the new album coming out?"
"When you gonna come to my town?"
"You should make 'Deathcore Sucks'!"
"You should make 'Emo Sucks'!"

We have had enough of all your shit and we're fed up
We've decided to have the lot of your worthless throats cut

Our mascot himself is the hitman we call for the job
We gave him your addresses,
sent him to carve up you slobs
Your endless sycophantism we cannot forgive
You haven't bought enough merch
to allow you to live

Fan massacre
You've bugged us for years, we don't like you,
we want you to die
Fans are all jerks
Thanks for the tour bus but now we don't need you...
so goodbye

The King fireballed Mike Murrell in the throat
Scott Montgomery was drowned in the moat
Tony Sahin was teleported into space
Julie Trubiano got a sword to the face

Jimmy & Toccara Nickerson and Marcy too
were mashed up with a mallet
and converted into glue
Ryan Krystiniak was burned alive
Ray Magini was seasoned and deep-fried

David M. Clark dies gurgling, stripped of his skin
Dan Hammer choked on his own blood
when we ripped off his chin
We mauled Patrick Evans and
left him impaled on a stick
That's what you get for liking our band, you dick

Fan massacre
Carlos Alvarado is slowly ground up into chum
I hope it hurts
We watch and we laugh as you mewl and you beg and
we say "this is what you deserve ...you scum"

Stormspell Records HQ was blown up with a tank
Michael Hughes met his demise
on the end of a shank
It's wholesale slaughter on
our loving and doomed devotees
Don't let your blood ruin
our fancy clothes, you sleaze

Fan massacre
Most bands say they're grateful to fans
and their fans are the best
Please buy a shirt
We know the truth, our fans are the worst

And every last one of you needs to be beaten and bludgeoned and poisoned and stabbed... to death


Lich King IV (Born of the Bomb)

Lich King IV (Born of the Bomb)

Last living thing has been brought to its knees
and the multiverse worships the King
Dimensional empire of smoldering worlds,
their ruler is standing alone

The earth is a tomb and the sky is its pall
and the dust is the people that failed
Regarding his realm in its thundering death
Calm at oblivion's door

To the victor go the empty and bitter
and terrible spoils of war
There are no more worlds to conquer
There's no one left to fight

The fallout drifts in the wake of the strike
And the cloud overhead blankets all
Nuclear lightningstorm flashing
A shadow is moving within

Something has formed
Something has spawned
Fission, unlife
Born of the atom
Born of the dead
Born... of the bomb

Rising up there amidst towers of smoke is a
hydrogen-made skeletzar
Doppelganger in all respects, body and mind,
powers mirroring those of the King

Hammered iron and bone and a chestplate of
spiked armor all of it blackened by soot
Billowing green from its empty skull sockets
Tendrils of sickening light
The undead lord regards the usurper
and the newcomer returns the glare
An accident of science
A conjuration foul

The King begins to cackle and laugh
Realization sets in and the answer is clear
His one worthy opponent
In all of time, himself

And at long last
Something as strong
No end to the coming fight
Neverending battle has been
Born... of the bomb

solo 1 - Jay Visser
solo 2 - Rob Pellegri

Sword and axe are raised
and the two things are joined in combat
Sparks ignite from quickened strikes
the fireballs are as raindrops and
the thrumming lightning blasts
cannot kill the sorcerers
yet they carry on, his minions
cower horrified and horrible


Lashing out with all his might
at the one made in his form
locked in blissful violence
a perpetual and total war


Laughing long and loud the undead lord
a blackened denouement
Atop their world gone dead the
maelstrom continues on