Šta je novo?
"'03 Bonnie & Clyde"
(feat. Beyonce)

"'03 Bonnie & Clyde"
(feat. Beyonce)

Uhh uhh uhh.
You ready B? Let's go get 'em..

[Verse 1: Jay-Z]
Look for me! Young, B
Cruisin down the westside - high, way
Doing what we like to do - our, way
Eyes behind shades, this necklace the reason
all of my dates been blind dates
But today, I got my thoroughest girl wit me
I'm mashin the gas, she's grabbin the wheel, it's trippy how hard
She rides with me - the new Bobby and Whitney
Only time we don't speak is during "Sex and the City"
She gets Carrie fever, but soon as the show is over
She's right back to being my soldier
Cuz mami's a rider, and I'm a roller
Put us together, how they gon' stop both us?
What ever she lacks, I'm right over her shoulder
When I'm off track mami is keepin me focused
So let's, lock this down like it's supposed to be
The '03 Bonnie and Clyde, Hov' and B

[Jay] All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend.
[Bey] Down to ride 'til the very end, it's me and my boyfriend.
[Jay] All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend.
[Bey] Down to ride 'til the very end, it's me and my boyfriend.

[Verse 2: Jay-Z]
The problem is, you dudes treat the one that you lovin
with the same respect that you treat the one that you humpin
Now they 'bout nothin - if ever you mad about somethin
It won't be that; oh no it won't be that
I don't be at, places where we comfy at
With no be-atch; oh no you won't see that
And no, I ain't perfect - nobody walkin this earth's surface is
But girlfriend, work with the kid
I keep you workin' at Hermes, Birkin Bag
Manolo Blahnik, Timbs, aviator lens
600 drops, Mercedes Benz
The only time you wear Burberry to swim
And I don't have to worry, only worry is him
She do anything necessary for him
And I do anything necessary for her
so don't let the necessary occur, yep!


(Talk to 'em B)
If I was your girlfriend
I'll be there for you, if somebody hurts you
Even if that sombody's me
Yeah-hee (break it down for 'em)
Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be
And so I put this on my life
Nobody or nothing will ever come between us
And I promise I'll give my life
my love and my trust if you was my boyfriend
Put this on my life
The air that I breathe in, all that I believe in
I promise I'll give my life
my love and my trust if you was my boyfriend

(feat. Beanie Sigel, Free, Memphis Bleek)

(feat. Beanie Sigel, Free, Memphis Bleek)

[Beanie Sigel]
1-900-Hustler, Sigel, holla at your boy
What's the problem shorty?

Yeah whattup man
I'm the only nigga from Brooklyn out here man
I'm tryin to lock the spot down, holla at me

[Beanie Sigel]
Alright; hold on - Hova, line one

Here's a couple of suggestions of how you could finesse it
You find a dude in town, you send him a short message
Say, "Hey, I'm new in town, I don't know my way around
but I got some soft white that's sure to come back brown
I get that butter all night
cause most niggaz don't know a brick from a bike
They keep buyin hard white
And if you free tomorrow night we can meet and discuss price
FYI, I never been robbed in my life"
Or -- you find a chick, shit, you hole up in her crib and
let her introduce you 'round town like her man
Shake hands, make friends like it's all innocent
then -- before they look up you sellin the town cook-up
Or -- gorilla pimp, come up on that killer shit
Take a nigga brick, smack him, then you sell it back to them
Still there Brooklyn?

Yeah yeah that's gangsta, I think I'ma roll with that one

Make out a check for eight hundred dollars
Jigga Man, holla [click, dial tone]

[Beans] 1-900-Hustler, Sigel, holla at your boy
[Chris] Whassup Sig? This Chris out the Young Guns dog
[Beans] Whattup?
[Chris] I'm ready to smash these niggaz in the rap game
The niggaz takin too long with that advance money and shit
[Beans] Yeah
[Chris] Talkin 'bout chill, chill don't pay the bills
[Beans] Yeah I feel that
[Chris] I know you well connected dog
Let me holla at somebody real
[Beans] Aight look, I got the perfect person for you, hold on
Bleek, line two

[Memphis Bleek]
Listen shorty, you wanna roll just give me the word
I ain't got time for a sentence all that shit is absurd
You find a strip first, if you don't cook find a bitch first
If you don't hustle find a nigga who pitch first
You new in town, no red and blue in town, there's gangs
Don't get fresh, let 'em know you small change
The strong move quiet, the weak start riots
We know you got a brick but sell 'em twenties til they tired
With no credit, you know you sick with that gotta eat fetish
and other niggaz who gettin it - DEAD IT
Make 'em an offer that they can't refuse
He resists, box him in, til he can't be moved
Here's the rules: chop it, bag it, stash it, stack it
Get in, get out - that's a O.G.'s classic
900-Hustler, you pass it around
Wanna speak to me direct, hit extension trey-pound, I'm out
[click, dial tone]

[Beans] 1-900-Hustler, Sigel, holla at your dog
What seem to be the problem young boy?
[MDKHN] Yo whattup, this Murder Def Kill Homicide Nigga
(??) I got two freaks
[Beans] Yo watch your fuckin mouth man
[MDKHN] Fuck you mean watch my mouth nigga?
Been on hold for about two hours nigga
[Beans] I don't give a fuck how long you been on the line;
shut the fuck up! Matter of fact, hold on
[click, classical type music plays]
[MDKHN] I know this nigga ain't just put.. put me on hold man
This bullshit-ass elevator music
[Beans] Free, pick up line five

First things first, watch what you say out your mouth
when you talkin on the phone to hus-tlers
Never play the house, think drought, keep heat in the couch
when you sittin in the presence of cus-tomers
Never hold out, pull out, throw heat and be out
if a nigga ever think that he touchin-ya
Lay low, get cake, whip all over the state
Stash dough, whip yay with, right amount of bake (hoe!)
Nigga too close went right around his place (yo!)
You stoppin dough when we clutchin the gats?
I know you heard "Friend or Foe," this ain't different from that
Make sure you got your four-four and he can slip if he like
Young, Jon Benet doin a mission tonight and yo
until you up stay away from them dice and whores
Three smuts, two streaks and a dyke
can pause one-three rumbles two streaks and a pipe for sure
And if it's tight, then he might come back for more
Nine and four, everyday back and forth
Winter to summer, 1-900-Hustler
Pass the number til you're stackin balls
Tell you how to weigh shit wet and package more
I take cash or write the check out to F-R
two E's, that'll be two G's
And forget my money I'm comin for all your ki's, nigga
[click, dial tone]

[Beans] 1-900-Hustler, Sigel, holla at your boy dog
[MDKHN] Yo whattup young, you put me on hold earlier man what happened
[Beans] Yeah you stupid motherfucker [MDKHN:] Watch your mouth man
you talkin all reckless on the phone
[Beans] Fuck you think this the,
Get-Indicted-Hotline or somethin motherfucker?
[MDKHN] Yo, my bad man, my bad
I know I was talkin reckless earlier about them two chickens
You get it, you know, two chickens? But listen
[Beans] What?
[MDKHN] Just tell me how to move this shit man
I'm pushin hardly half a wing back nigga, holla
[Beans] Get a job, holla at Perdue!
[click, dial tone]
"100$ Bill"

"100$ Bill"

[Movie audio]

One hundred dollar bills

[Verse 1:]
Benjamin Franklins filled, folded just for the thrill
Go numb until I can't feel, or might pop this pill
Stock markets just crash, now I'm just a bill
History don't repeat itself it rhymes, 1929 still
Write like Mark Twain, Jay Gatsby, I park things
Yellow cars, yellow gold like Slick Rick
Still tip on four-four's (Who?)
Four-four's at the 4-0, (Wait), for O
Dollars fall on the skin, some might call it sin
Politicians all move for money, what the hell are we callin' them?
Low life, I'm crawlin' out, 911 I Porsched it out
Y'all niggas so hypocrites, y'all know what this shit is all about
100 dolla, 100 dolla bill real, uh

[Movie audio]

[Verse 2:]
New heroines, new Marilyns
Move coke through Maryland
Through Easton, oh you beastin'
Move fat packs, Jack Gleason
The honeymoon's over with the streets, yeah
Least see my kids on the weekend
Carter, new Kennedy
No ordinary Joe, you'll remember me
No prohibition for my coalition
Colin Powell, general admission
You're all welcome, new Malcolm of the talcum
By any means, AK lookin' out the window screen
Let's get it on, new Marvin
Who wanna become my 100th problem?
Semi-automatic or revolver, semi-automatic I'll solve em
Einstein, my mind, this MC move white squares with my relatives
That cheese made us constipated couldn't tell us shit
Took that, Taylor Swift to a hundred fucking million, bitch
I'm a let ya'll continue but... haha...

[Movie audio]

I need a 100 bricks on them 100 blocks
I got a 100 drops, took 100 cops, uh
100 blocks, I need a 100 bricks on them 100 blocks, uh
Decade of decadence, ill reveverence, ill reverence
Decade of decadence, ill reveverence, ill reverence
Uh, young, uh
I need a 100 bricks on them 100 blocks
I got a 100, I got a 100 drops
Need a 100, got a 100
Got a 100, 100, uh
100 dollar bill, real
"2 Many Hoes"
(feat. Timbaland)

"2 Many Hoes"
(feat. Timbaland)

Uhh, yeah, uh-uhh-uh
Uh-huh, uh-uh-uhh, uhh, uhh
I ain't tryin to be RUDE DUDE
but give a nigga some space
I ain't tryin to be rude dude
Just, give a nigga some space
Just tryin to talk honey dog
I ain't got time to waste (check it)

[Jay-Z sings]
Why is you over here lookin at me
while all these girls up in here?

What you gay? Nigga Jay straight like indian hair
Y'all don't want me to spray the semi in here
I mean if you a fan I consider you fam'
But shake a nigga hand, but shit god damn
All that ("Do you remember me dawg?") Nah I'm drawin a blank
You got me feelin like a fish, in a fish tank
Just think, if you came to a club
Tryin to find a little hon for some one-night love
'Stead you got another nigga all up in your mug
You make me uncomfortable thug, go thatta-way!
And kill the ice grill homes
Cause I keep enough heat to melt THAT away
I came in some sweats, I came to get met
Tryin to find a chick that make it hard for me to "next!"
We exit stage left, hope in the Lexus
Treat me like a baby, mouth on her breast-es
.. may I suggest that it's
a lot of long-legged chicks in short-ass dresses
.. go find you one
Go get your dance on, go grind on one, damn
.. go find you one
Go get your dance on, go grind on one

Quick question - yo, why you over here?
So many hoes in here
My office hours 9 to 5, whyon'tcha call me there
It's so many hoes in here
I ain't tryin to be rude dude, whyon'tcha dissapear?
There's so many hoes in here
I understand you got issues but I really don't care
There's so many hoes in here

Yea yea yea I know you rap and your sister spit too
You been callin the office and you can't get through
I understand all that, but now ain't the time
I came to the club to get that off my mind
And all you thugs with your war stories startin to bore me
I ain't tryin to hear about your guts and glory
I'm tryin to hear B.I.G. and some cuts from Nore
And you keep talkin over the beat like Clue ("Do you remember?")
.. go find somethin to do
You're a janitor, go find somethin to screw
Disappear like Copperfield, go cop a feel
Play hide and seek witchaself for real, huh
The chick came dressed up just to get messed up
She got her hair done, just to get it sweated up
Shit I'm tryin to help her out
Whyon'tcha help me out and be out?


Jeah, jeah, jeah

[Timbaland: repeat 3X]
You're invadin my space
You need to, be easy, ahh

You're invadin my space
C'mon dawg, be easy, ahh

Uh-uh, I don't know why they do that
Heh, I don't understand
Heh, what you need to do, is..

[Timbaland: repeat 3X]
Stop spittin in my face and go talk to them hoes in here

C'mon dawg, stop spittin in my face and go talk to them hoes in here
Be easy
"20 Bag Shorty"
(feat. Boo & Gotti)

"20 Bag Shorty"
(feat. Boo & Gotti)

No more reason I gotta prove to be da illest MC
Somthing's wrong wit ya motor skills cause y'all ain't movin me
I'm who you see musically when you want it done hot
Comparin' you to me is a lesson in futility stop
I paint pictures beautifully but niggaz is near sighted
Don't worry about plagerist it'll take em years to bite it
Which the greatest fears I don't write it
It just appears outta nowhere like the information contain by the physic
Like it or not I pay dues and expect to be paid back
Why da fuck should I freestyle I'm gettin paid to rap
I sling a track laid back almost till it's a sin
Tell ya god somebody's doin a good job impersonatin' him
J-Hova spittin game from da range rover
What tha fuck is y'all doin in da third lane get over
Slow ya rode up I got it sewed up like a tella
Relatively easy like jerry hella
Cream is cherry vanilla got chicks in da telli
Belly up soundin like mayhelia tryna tell y'all
Y'all know da style burn da town
Down and change the locale I'm doin da same shit except its legit

[Chorus: x2]
Got a twenty cart shorty better play that shit
You owe me twenty baby better pay that shit
Got twenty bag son better blaze that shit
They said I wasn't seeing twenty but I made dat shit

Pimp Gotti get da dues in them double down
Like them kids with tips who tops down
Bricks who get money quick see me
representin bomb city on da bill block rockin' mic's
Before they get a mill I sold pills all night
The illest outta life got my mind on fate
Cause even on tour nigga still ain't safe
I keep a tre eight on my left smoke a L for stress countin dirt bag lex
I be da X like malcom puff for now dunn east side represent wit tons of guns
You keep it real where you from
Cause where you at might put da dagger in yo back
Its like livin wit yo homey that be on crack
And fact my niggaz know my styles phat like hoes in da El Dorado
My mind toatin fuck em duck em
Any thing but da main gun I don't trust em


Move wit da nigga huh from man chilla
Burge shit word shit I slpurge big scrilla
Observe when you work spit bird shit killah
Not to be purterb with...herb shit deala
Can make me feel y'all foreal ya tock ticking
Bust a rapper bust a cap hustler stop flinching
You fresh off the corner calling dog shit brog shit
Soon as you feel that sog shit you be like oh shit (stoooooop)
Broke niggaz resort the glass looking
Opposite the track ass whooping
Opposite the black class hooker the fat ass fooker
Triple your cash criple your stash pass shooker
The past ain't never the last to teach lessons
My peeps fucking up in the streets keep guessing
Brew don't becomming a preach I be blessing
Lotta kids commmin out da wrong way like sea sections
Know da bro gone flow even if it cross shorts
Fuck weed cop coke cause da shit cost more
But niggaz say I floss to much
but when I take it off and such they say I lost my touch
Those bitches like the money I wear
What its funny how they stare
Dumb bunnies with they cunnin' little glare
Shorty let me see the tail if its really that shittin
She hit me with a felion a young pair kitten
My boy hit that shit now every body smitten
Even holdin snow balls and I ain't talkin bout mittens
what I talkin bout mittens foreal

"22 Two's"

"22 Two's"

[people clapping]
Yo whassup everybody this is Mariah Davis, Mad Wednesday's
we here tonight to have a good time ("Yo! Start the show! Start the show!")
Wait a minute; I see my man over there Jay-Z
Jay-Z, Dam Deass let me hear that lil' tape of yours, and it's fat
Why don't you come up here and kick a lil' freestyle
Put that champagne down, and kick a lil' freestyle for me tonight

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Can I kick it? (Yes you can!) [repeat 3X]
Y'all motherfuckers musta hear that Tribe Called Quest, let's do it again
Can I kick it? (Yes you can!) [repeat 3X]
Well I'm gone... check this out
Too much West coast dick-lickin, and too many niggaz on a mission
Doin your best Jay-Z rendition
Too many rough motherfuckers, I got my suspicions
that you're just a fish in a pool of sharks nigga, listen
Too many bitches wanna be ladies, so if you a hoe
I'ma call you a hoe, too many bitches are shady
Too many ladies give these niggaz too many chances
Too many brothers wannabe lovers don't know what romance is
Too many bitches stuck up from too many sexual advances
No question; Jay-Z got too many answers
I been around this block, too many times
Rocked, too many rhymes, cocked, too many nines, too
To all my brothers it ain't too late to come together
Cause too much black and too much love, equal forever
I don't follow any guidelines cause too many niggaz ride mine
so I change styles every two rhymes, hah, what the fuck
That's 22 too's for y'all motherfuckers out there, yaknahmean?
Shall I continue? Check it out, what?

Can I kick it? (Yes you can!) [repeat 3X]
Well I'm gone... yo, yo, yo
Copped to reach my quota, push rock, roll up smooth like on ya
Whole groove like hold-up, swoll up
Too many faggot niggaz, clockin my spendin
Exercisin you're, gay like minds like Richard Simmons
If you could catch Jay right, on the late night
without the eight right, maybe you could test my weight, right
I dip, speak quicker than you ever seen
adminster pain, next the minister's screamin your name
At your wake as I peak in, look in your casket
feelin sarcastic, "Look at him, still sleepin"
You never ready, forever petty minds stay petty
Mines thinkin longevity until I'm seventy
Livin heavenly, fuck, felony after felony, what?
Nigga ya broke, what the fuck you gon' tell me?


Jay-Z, Jay-Z, now you know this is a fat track (aight)
Now this is comin on your new album, on Roc-A-Fella records in ninety-six
(no doubt no doubt) well, it is definitely the bomb
But you know I do wanna say somethin to you, I know
you've been havin a lot of problems with the law
But I know you innocent, and I'm behind you 100%
Mad Wednesday's, Ruby King, DJ Ace, Dang Dash
Roc-A-Fella Records, we all behind you, you can come back anytime
(Hah, thanks a lot)
Wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute
Ace, turn that music down
I smell some reefer, now you see?
That's why, our people don't have anything
Because we don't know how to go in places and act properly
("Hey shut the fuck up!")
Wait a minute wait a minute who told me shut the eff up?
Who told me to shut the eff up? Get him out of here
I'm not gonna continue this show, until you throw him out
Get him out right now, then I'ma continue my speech
Thank you, he's out of here now, now like I was sayin
We gotta build our own business, we gotta get our own
record companies goin like Roc-A-Fella Records...
"30 Something"

"30 Something"

You ain't got enough stamps in your passport to fuck with young H-O
International ... uugh ...
show ya young boys how to do this thing

the maturation of Jay-Z Z
check me out

30's the new 20 nigga I'm so hot still
better broad better au-to-mo-bile
bet a yard, nah bet a hundred mill
then by the songs end I probably start another trend
I know everything you wan do
I did all that by the age of 21
by 22 I had that brand new Ack Coupe
I guess you can say that my legend just begun
I'm, young enough to know the right car to buy yet grown enough not to put rims on it
I got that six-duce with curtains so you can't see me and I didn't even have to put tints on it
I don't got the bright watch, I got the right watch
I don't buy out the bar, I bought the night spot
I got the right stock
I ... got ... stockbrokers that's movin' it like white tops
I know you like fuck, this is child abuse
call D.Y.F.S.*, I might just be gettin' nicer
them young boys ain't ready for real
30's the new 20 niggia I'm so hot still

I use to let my pants sag, not givin' a fuck
bae boy, now I'm all grown up
I use to cruise the used car lot, put chrome on the truck
bae boy, now I'm all grown up
I use to play the block like that (like that)
I use to carry knots like that (like that)
now I got black cards, good credit and such
bae boy, cause I'm all grown up

30's the new 20 nigga, I'm on fire still
these young boys is like a fire drills (uugh)
false alarms (uugh)
next don? (naah)
heen got- (on)
to the next one (Young)
I'm still here (yeah)
still here, like Mike gotta stop playin' with these children (yeah)
I'm a bully with the bucks
don't let the patten leather shoes fool you young'n, I got the fully in the tux
that was my past now I'm so grown up
I don't got one gun on me, got a slum army
to hire a gun army, get you spun like laundry
and I'll be somewhere under palm trees calmly
listen to R&B when we get the call he's
no longer wit' us fire your babysitters
you lil' fucks fall back for real
30's the new 20 nigga, I'm so hot still

I use to let my pants sag, not givin' a fuck
bae boy, now I'm all grown up
I use to cruise the used car lot, put chrome on the truck
bae boy, now I'm all grown up
I use to wear my hoodie like that (like that)
pile deep in the hoopty like that (like that)
now I got black cards, good credit and such
bae boy, cause I'm all grown up

Yall roll blunts, I smoke Cubans all day
yall young'ns chase, I'm Patron and it's straight
I like South Beach but I'm in San Tropez
yall drink Dom but not Rose' (hey)
your chick shop in the mall
my chick burnin' down Bergdorf's
comin' back with Birken Bags
your chick is like what type of purse is that?
I'm from the era where niggas don't snitch
you from the era where snitchin' is the shit
I'm afraid of the future (why?)
yall respect the one who got shot
I respect the shooter
yall go to parties to ice grill
I go to parties to party with nice girls
you young boys gotta chill
30's the new 20 nigga, I'm so hot still

I use to let my pants sag, not givin' a fuck
bae boy, now I'm all grown up
I use to cruise the used car lot, put chrome on the truck
bae boy, now I'm all grown up
yeah we use to ball like that (like that)
Now we own the ball team, halla back (holla back)
now I got black cards, good credit and such
bae boy, cause I'm all grown up

* [D.Y.F.S. = Division of Youth and Family Services - New Jersey child abuse reporting authority]
"44 Fours"

"44 Fours"

Can I kick it?
Yes you can
Can I kick it?
Yes you can
Can I kick it?
Yes you can

(I'm kina lovin that)

Can I kick it?
Yes you can
Can I kick it?
Yes you can
Can I kick it?
Yes you can

Rocafella forever Hov for life
Debuts a classical first album four mics
Shoulda gotta five but niggas lack full sight
But I don't giva fuck I aint do it for the hype
I do it for the hustlas for the ghetto for the polites
For the struggle for those who bubble white
Who fly four by four roofless cars flawless ice
For the pain for yall to know what its like
For every time it rains 40 days and 40 nights
For every promise made that never saw the light
I get my own forty acres give me four nights
Four o's a glock forty for the jackets and I'm right
All the four four was suffice
A fourteen year old will look out for the vice
You can sit back and just wait for the flight
Boy will take off like I've been strippin all my life
That's the type of metaphor so right
That let niggas know I was real before the mic
Four front rows had the fur at the fight
No pita on my pita left some room for the divas
And the sweet will meet up if you out for the night
On the rampage champaign pours on the floor
For all those who aint make it here and loss a life
Wouldn't forget yall for any price
Not for no hoes not for no ice
Not for no fame nor for bright lights
So I'ma end this here real mean but right
Fourty Four Fours motha fucka I'm NICE
"8 Miles And Runnin"
(feat. Freeway)

"8 Miles And Runnin"
(feat. Freeway)

Yeah, Renegades is back
Em the B the sick
It's Young, Freeway, 8 Miles, let's go

8 miles and running, got my 7th album droppin'
And my 8th album comin', feedin' a thousand growlin' stomachs
But I can rewind the calendar back, back when it was now or nothin'
People said I would amount to nothin', that I had talent for nothin'
Said I would succumb to violence or be silenced by your gunmen
I could just hear the folks now, "He got what he had coming"
Now that my eighth album's comin' everybody's smilin'
Wantin' something, claimin' that they done something for him
Got their Jay-Z pom poms and their whole uniform
Claimin' they been runnin' and tellin' everybody like Martin Lawerence
'Bout how hot my rap performance was before I was who I was
Claimin' that they threw it up before I threw it up
You what? Where was you before I blew this up?
I didn't see you in the courtroom when everybody was suin' us
I didn't see you in all black when everybody was suitin' up
Back on the block, gettin' it in, there wasn't no you with us

[Chorus: Jay-Z]
8 miles and running, got my 7th album droppin'
And my 8th album comin', feedin' a thousand growlin' stomachs, Free
6 miles and running, got my fist strip poppin'
And my first album comin', feedin' twenty growlin' stomachs
8 miles and running, got my 7th album droppin'
And my 8th album comin', feedin' a thousand growlin' stomachs, Free
6 miles and running, got my fist strip poppin'
And my first album comin', feedin' twenty growlin' stomachs

6 miles and running in the Pontiac
Six thousand eighty six, trans might shift while the engine run
Anyone tell ya rider give me one more chance
Hear them smokers screamin' "One more gram"
So I'ma bring 'em one
Homie, son, and my pop, stick close to my MOMMA
Keep toasters for DRAMA, mix a lot with my son
My son growin' and he learnin' a lot
That's when them toasters will the burners will pop, brain on ya own
Well a nigga, tell 'em niggas
That's like the biblical scripture
Look back, turn assault like the sin is in
Most of ya heartless and self-centered like "Me Shaq and me Shaq"
Set up ya brother cuz you jealous nigga
The heat back, like you never left
I ever rep, cops watch every step
Six miles and running dodgin' every trap
The rap gingerbread man, cheer us up
You precious breath, State P the second attack


Back when nobody would found he had talent, nobody would sign me
Nobody believed in me, nobody but mommy blindly
But how can she deny me? Me being the youngest runt
To come up outta her tummy, she got nothin' but love for me
When niggas would want me, the industry shunned me
That's why I'm takin' all the industry's money
Revenge is sweet honey, we run this
Young is the illsest, Free is the future
Bean's and Bleek is right now, we can see our 8 miles nigga