Mislim da je ovo tek drugi da sam to uradio, ja sam više za staru školu a ne za novotarije :dntknw:

Meni se ne cini tako no,ne mari...Ok ako ne volis da ga slusas i ne volis novotarije (Brus bas i nije novotarija al' 'ajde) ali kako moze da bude "drekavac" neko sa rasponom glasa od 4 oktave (sa takvim glasom moze operska dela da peva,mislim da se oprobao i u tome,nisam sigurna) wacko2

Bruce Dickinson, the Air Raid Siren, low tenor, 4 octaves (C#2 B5) one of the best hard rock / heavy metal singers.

1.- Lower note C#2:s from "Believil".
2.- A G2 and sustains a Bb2:s from "Fear of the Dark".
3.- A E2:s from "Dance of Death".
4.- E3:s from Acoustic Song.
5.- A high low note B3/ E4/ B4 from Hallowed be thy Name".
6.- A B4 with a trill to C#5 from The Thin Line Between Love and Hate.
7.- A B4 from Quest for Fire.
8.- A powerful B4 from Powerslave.
9.- Another B4:s from Rime of the Ancient Mariner
10.- A highest full voice note B4 to D5 from Twilight Zone.
11.- Rising voice B4 to D5 from To Tame a Land.
12.- A D5 from Die with your Boots On.
13.- Another powerful D5 from Total Eclipse.
14.- E5:s in head voice From Jethro Tulls cover Cross-eyed Mary.
15.- Another E5:s in The Duellists chorus.
16.- A highest sustained full voice note D5 to E5 from "Where Eagles Dare".
17.- A full voiced D5/ F#5 and a high pitch G5 in live version of Where Eagles Dare.
18.- A B4/ C5/ E5 from "Children of the Damned".
19.- E5:s in falsetto from "Quest for fire".
20.- F#5:s from Gangland.
21.- A high pitch F#5/ G5 from live version of 22 Acacia Avennue.
22.- A rising voice A3/ B3/ C4/ D4/ E4/ G4/ A4/ G5 from Run to the Hills.
23.- A G4/ B4/ G5 from the ending to "Run to the Hills".
24.- A high pitch G4/ G5 from Aces High.
25.- A high Pitch G5 from Rime of the Ancient Mariner.
26.- Great scream, a high E:s/ F#5/ G#5 falling to G5 in the beginning of this live version of Where Eagles Dare.
27.- A solid sustained and full voiced C#5 and then a G#5 with trill to A5, with a very wild and wide vibratto on Bb5/B5! from "Flight of Icarus".
28.- A high pitch F#5/ G5 from Flight of Icarus live version.
29.- A high pitch G5:s and G#5 from Remember Tomorrow live version.
30.- A High pitch A4/E5/G5 from Back in the Village.
31.- A G5 and A5 from Back in the village.
32.- The horror scream A5 scream from the classic "Number of the Beast".
33.- Another A5 from Gangland.
34.- Sounds to me like a A5 from To Close to Rock.
35.- Great scream!, to me it sounds like a A5 from Wrathchild live version.
36.- A powerful A5 from Take it Like a Man.
37.- Another A5 from Take it Like a Man live version.
38.- The highest note for Bruce Dickinson, a B5! from Gangland.

3.5 octaves (C#2-F#5) in full voice and 4 octaves (G5-B5) including falsetto.

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