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Insane Clown Posse

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"Where's God?"

"Where's God?"

Innocent folks wrong place at the wrong time,
Doing bids or drawn in a chalk line, little kids crossing the bridge too young,
Some tortured before they come, {damn}
Evil is here, the boogie man too,
You don't own a gun, man you should plan to,
Am I looking at shxt negatively,
Crib death mom ain't got shxt left,
How the fxck is shxt fair out here,
Homeless family froze on the stairs, where's God bumping his ipod,
It's odd, I'll be the lightning rod,
I wanna know,
Where's God? {pitiful that}
Where's God?
Where's God, when shxt goes down?i wanna know,
Where's God? {pitiful that}
Where's God?
Where's God, when shxt goes down? {it ain't right}
Are we all be tested fail me then,
So much fxcked up shxt where to begin,
Some kids are born with a silver spoon,
Others born with a needle & a world of doom,
Little girl found duct taped & raped, & the killer escaped God give me a break,
I want to keep believing but it's a struggle,
Let Jake & jack jeckel juggle,
Drunk drivers killing Iraq survivors, he can't interfere, then why's he here?,
After years of feeling like nobody cares,
Most of us switch gears on Him, Cheers,
Where's God? {pitiful that}
Where's God?
Where's God, when shxt goes down? {it ain't right} cheers....
Where's God? {pitiful that}
Where's God?
Where's God, when shxt goes down? {it ain't right}
Children fire, everybody dies,
As a preacher explains & I roll my eyes,
This game tryin' to make sense of madness,
For a ray of hope in a world of sadness,
I get it, we all need hope to cope,
But collection plate money goes to dope,
I cling by a finger & I'll admit it,
Most of it is bullshxt, & I don't get it,
If he was up there chillin',
Lettin' this happen,
Doin' nuttin',
He'd be in need of a slappin',
But we're all clueless to how it works,
There are no experts & that's what hurts,
Where's God? {pitiful that}
Where's God? {we need Him here} where's God, when shxt goes down? {it ain't right}
Where's God? {pitiful that}
Where's God? {we need Him here}
Where's God, when shxt goes down? {it ain't right}
"There's not an individual who's ever confessed Christ, who has not but one time or another, said the wrong thing, thought the wrong thing, done the wrong thing, & I don't care how saved you are"
Where's God? {pitiful that}
Where's God? {we need Him here}
Where's God, when shxt goes down? {it ain't right}
Where's God? {pitiful that}
Where's God? {we need Him here}
Where's God, when shxt goes down? {it ain't right}
{pitiful that}
I still believe.....
It ain't right,
Pitiful that,
We need him here,
It ain't right


"Who Asked You"

"Who Asked You"

[Violent J]
Drank my last cup of dead body stew
Paint my face, creep up and say BOO!
Nobody knows what I'm about
Walk around town with my guts hanging out
Chewin on toes, fuckin dead hoes
Bark at the moon everytime the wind blows
Why do I do the things that I do?
Who are you? Fuck you, and fuck Jerry Lou too
Fucked your mother at the Motel 8
Fingers in her booty, strawberry shake
Daddy walks in and see the sick clown
Moving his butt-cheeks up and down
Nate the Mack and Jump Steady
Rude Boy, Regis, Kathy Lee
I make rap rhymes and make quick bucks
And everybody sucks my nuts, shucks
Fuck Jazzy Jeff, fuck Jack Jones
Fuck Jazzy Jiff Jeff Jimmy Jack Jones
Why do we do the things that we do?
Who the motherfuck asked you, uh?
[Chorus (2x)]
Why do we do the things that we do?
Roses ain't red and violet's ain't blue
Why do we do the things that we do?
Wicked rhymes, wicked times, you too
[Violent J]
Never had life, always been dead
Gotta metal plate in the back of my head
Lemon drops, lick lollipops
I fuck redneck bitches at truck stops
Clown cutters, much clown luv
Found a body in the bathtub, mmm grub
Fuck the police, fuck Ebin Price
Fuck cop pork chop jiffy pop cops
Grew another head and I had it lopped off
But we still cool, what's up, (what's up, dawg)
Tock-ticky-tock I pack a pig clock
My dingaling swings when I run down the block
No, I don't sing in a rock band
"Gotta smoke, dude, what's up, man"
Fuck John Wayne, fuck Wayne Newton
Fuck two-snooting John Hootin nanny pooping
Why do we do the things that we do?
Now who the fuck asked you, bitch?
[Chorus (7x)]


"Who Wanna Flex?"

"Who Wanna Flex?"

I sell fake dope, it don't even work
Smoke you at 8:00 and won't even twirk
I shoot prostitutes like plastic ducks
Buck, buck, ping! I gives no fucks
Had me a girlfriend and blew her head off
I'm like an underground water-main, I gotta let off(boom)
Bend enemies knees the wrong way
Kick'em in the ass, watch'em crawl all day
I shot...damn...oh
Put a little aids up in....drawers
Then I produce like Superman
Come out asshole naked with my dick in hand
I use cocaine like Kool-Aid mix
Matter of fact y'all I could use a fix
[Slurp sound] Bitch, you like that hoe?
Now drop to your knees and blow, and who wanna flex?
Who wanna flex wit' this Killa
Big wheela', Dope man, Dope deela'?
Who wanna flex wit' this Killa
Cap peela', Killa', really, really, really, really? [2X]
I'm gangsta, like Tweety Bird Loc [bird whistle]
Fuck around and get your little bird neck broke
Wait behind fast foods, strapped to kill
Hole in your head for that happy meal
Break in your house, and I jump attack (c'mon)
Get the sledge hammer and I thump yo back
to make my scratch I let bullets fly
Cuz' i'm crooked, like Robert Gibsons eye
You can't see me like tinted glass
Fuck yo woman and kick yo ass
A fucked up hand life dealt me out
So sick Jerry Lewis couldn't help me out
Everything to lose notta thing to gain
Waitin' in your backseat, I bring the pain
Now your laid up like Eminems rap career
Dead in a year, now who wanna flex?
I'll beat'chyo ass like Butterbean
Spend my time in the gutter man
Hatchet in-hand wit' the blackest truck
Your like the L.A. Clippers, you fuckin' suck
Smack ol' ladies out they rockin' chair
Walk this earth withoutta damn care
Jack your car and then run you down
With you next to your grand daddy underground
Deck yo bitch-ass, again and again
'Til Yo face swells up like Don Choleons chin
Wave my flag as I walk your streets
Cuz' your wack, like No Limits beats
Hang out the window chuckin' hand grenades
Got the flame thrower for them morning raids
Stole a space shuttle so I can do a drive-by on the whole planet
Damnit, who wanna flex?
[Chorus 4X]
"Who wanna flex wit' this Killa
Cap peela, dopeman, dope deela?
Who wanna flex wit' this killa,
really, really, really, where you at? Rydas,
who wanna flex? who wanna flex wit' this killa? Y2 fuck you!
Psychopathic...Rydas...4-ever and a day...runnin' wit' a hatchet"


(with DJ Clay & AMB)

(with DJ Clay & AMB)

[Chorus X2]
WHOOP I cant get
WHOOP this wicked shit
WHOOP out my system
WHOOP and it ain't never quittin'
JUGGALO JUGGALO I don't wash my pants, I'm a SCRUBBALO
Bitch, this the wicked shit
Just bumpin' this'll get you a fat lip
Another card is comin'
Gettin' your guard or somethin'
Start runnin'
I break off into 6 mini ninjas
Cut through your neck across many inches
The bass rattle my balls I cant help it
Spit so hard on the mic I melt it
I'm legendary scary
Make the tooth fairy pussy hairy
Shoot you in the head
I'm Michigan military
Stick my boot up your dingleberry and marry
Bust you in the head with a hammer like tom and jerry
AMB and Clay with the 3 claw attack
Big J in the back
With the fully auto mac like
[Chorus X2]
I love the haters, they hate us cuz the shit we do is so fresh,
Underground, love n rep beneath the surface,
Runnin and keep it wicked with JUGGALO'S and 'LETTES,
Because we keepin it family till the fuckin death,
Blow the blow the roof off this bitch
If we WHOOP one more time then someones wig splits,
WHOOP like its easy WHOOP with AMBeezy,
WHOOP with ICP and DJ CLeezy
WHOOP its young wicked in the hatchet crew,
If my boys ain't down with a rapper I'ma clap 'em too,
Who the fuck could it be? OT
Hoes in the beat
Dead fallin' from the mic to my feet,
Ill beat yo head into the street
With no mask on the surveillance tape,
The cops got a good look at my face,
Holdin the sign with the mixtape release date
[Chorus X2]
Bone stub I spit that wicked blood
Flowin out my mouth as I do my thing and kick it
My steel I keeps it hella real
Head up I cut myself everytime I make the kill
Let the truth be told your girly loves it
Send her over, cuz I be like fuck it, I let her know
Chokin and stabbin her face like its nothin
Muthafucker I ain't frontin its murder lovin like
Throw your hands up if you aint JUGGALO
Burn a hole in the carpet when you hit the flo'
We WHOOP we roll, no need to ask questions
Turn on your local news top story at eleven
Make the world stop, dead on its axis
Hatchet swingin so fast make it spin backwards
Body count risin faster than your eye blink
We got the [?] and blood, you just added the ink
[Chorus X4]




you don't like the way I am,
you don't like ICP & Twiztid,
always wit a hatchet...Whut,
Fuck You,
this the way I am
I stay Scrubby even though I'm paid, Whut
Dropped out in the sixth grade, Whut
had syphilis three times, Whut
Committed mad felony crimes, Whut
Been a week I ain't washed my ass, Whut
Flunked outta special ed class, Whut
I'd slap John Gotti right here, Whut
But he's locked up now so neea, Whut
Carnivals beyond the dead, Whut
Still attack you without my head, Whut
Scrubatism I'm about, Whut
Slappin baywatch beauties in the mouth, Whut
Stomp ghosts that think they hard, Whut
Pickin fights up at the graveyard, Whut
You don't like me, I make you sick,
Come here and get a mouth full of dick,
cuz I am whut I am
I be whut I wanna be, WHUT
I act how I wanna act, WHUT
I see whut I wanna see, WHUT
I smack who I wanna smack, WHUT
I do whut I wanna do, WHUT
I go where I wanna go, WHUT
fuck you, you , you, and you, WHUT
forever I'm a juggalo, WHUT
I'll slap Michael Jackson's face off, Whut
I spread herpes every time I cough, Whut
I got head lice in my armpits, Whut
I sell nuclear bomb home kits, Whut
In church I'll wrestle a nun, Whut
Fuckin twist ya nipples then run, Whut
I watch my neighbor in the shower,
Then Waggle my dick for a half an hour,
I pour percasets in a bowl, Whut
And eat'em like cereal, Whut
I be that neighborhood creep, Whut
Singin voodoo chants in my sleep, Whut
I put old ladies in head locks, Whut
And run wit they ass for blocks, Whut
I rent studios and don't pay, Whut
(come on shaggy don't play) MIKE?
I am whut I am
Your mamas got a glass tittie wit a screw on nipple, whut
whut, yo mama live in a two story dorito bag,
she got a wooden leg wit a birdhouse in it,
I walk around beggin for change,
and kill mutha fuckaz who look at me strange, Whut
Psychopathic down til I die, Whut
I'll light a cigarette, and put it out in your eye, Whut
Smokes until my lungs explode, Whut
And punch you and ya moms and call ya dad a hoe, Whut
I don't give a fuck if ya hate, Whut
Just don't let me catch you hangin out on my side of the gate, Whut
Talk to the dead on the phone, Whut
If you ain't dead leave me the fuck alone, Whut
I call myself a juggalo, Whut
And scream it everywhere that I go, JUGGALO
Twiztid serial killaz commin to town, Whut
Dark Carnival and down wit the clown, Whut
Twiztid freekshow wickid clown bizzar, Whut
Check ya self cuz we are who we are bitch, Whut


"Wicked Halloween"

"Wicked Halloween"

Knock Knock Knock


How horrid to be buried alive
Imagine the terror of being trapped in your own coffin
Your heart beating wildly, every gasping breath
Using up your valuable oxygen

My hand popped up out of the dirt
Crawling out with broken wrists that dont even hurt
My blood wont squirt it's rusty.. dry,
A milipede made it's home in my eye
I'll get by till the wicked Halloween
I'm howl-ing straight dogs follow me
I'm coming home dead man walking
My feet flop Clown Walkin' might make a beat drop
Spend twenty-five years I'm chewing on gum
Wait, I got none I'm chewing on my tongue
Walk, oh my leg snapped off at the knee
I beat a kid in the head with it and stoled his candy
drag myself all the way to my old block
There go my old house, I go "knock"
Trick or treat, some chick opened it up
I stabbed her in the gut, started choking the slut

What happened to the wicked shit
cuz we all walk in Hellawicked
yeah, it's time to get blood
and we get blood in it!
It's time to get blood
and we get blood everywhere!

What happened to the wicked
This real Wicked Hellawicked
Yeah it's time to get blood
and we get blood in it!
It's time to get blood
and we get blood everywhere!

Extremely often, I'm laying in my coffin
but this Halloween the lid's comin' off son
A dead ninja got work to put in
and quite a few assholes to put a foot in
it's been twenty years, I wonder where my bitch at
My dick's still intact, I wanna hit that
aint shit buddy, and this aint a costume
I only live under the light of the Moooon!
Lookin for the bitch in the phonebook
but my only one good eye, it wont work
finally found the address, I'm going there
Lookin like a big Yoda, but I dont care
rang the doorbell with a dead ass rose
long ass worm hangin outta my nose
my bitch got older, look like mick Foley
I killed her, cuz I refuse to die lonely!
come on bitch!

What happened to the wicked shit
This real Wicked Hellawicked
It's time to get blood
and we get blood in it!
It's time to get blood
and we get blood everywhere!

What happened to the wicked
This real Wicked Hellawicked
I'ts time to get blood
and we get blood in it!
It's time to get blood
and we get blood everywhere!

Bring, bring, bring that shit back (the wicked)
bring that shit back
the wicked, Hellawicked
bring, bring, bring that shit back (the wicked)
the wicked shit back (the wicked)

What happened to the wicked
This real Wicked Hellaween
It's time to get blood
and we get blood in it!
It's time to get blood
and we get blood everywhere!

What happened to the wicked
This real Wicked Hellaween
It's time to get blood
and we get blood in it!
It's time to get blood
and we get blood everywhere!

The Wicked Hellaween
The Wicked Hellaween
The Wicked Hellaween...


"Wicked Rappers Delight"
(feat. Esham)

"Wicked Rappers Delight"
(feat. Esham)

ICP and Esham wicked rappers delight 2015
Feins of the wicked shit its time to get hot
Bump your fucking shit up for something wicked shit right
Detroit legendary demon lopatara
Staring you right back through your eyes in the mirror
Blowing out your brains spontaneous combustion
Lyrics like a barrel and cheering out busting
Fire breathing wicked shit melting microphones
Blowing speakers into flames setting fires to your home

How many times you gonna say I need help
Who gives a fuck if I murder myself
I'm thinking suicidal thoughts I shot a gay preacher
I didn't do my homework so I shot my teacher
I dropped out the next day fuck a g.e.d
Then I went and clowned the industry with ICP
Through up the 313 to let them know it was me
Esham is dope ho I'm the king of the D

I stole a fucking firetruck and drove through a Wendy's
All that happen to me was a bullet in the kidneys
I almost died then but look at me I ride again
Whats really happening reality is pretend
You can blow my fucking head off ill just grow another
My brain and my self we don't even know each other
Someone's in the darkness crawling out of my closet door
That's what the nines in the mattress for

Warlocks and witches come and learn from the master
The walls of my home feature body's in the plaster
The dead but sticking out like hon solo when he flows
With my favorite weapons hanging off there fingers and toes
Wicked pimping scary bitches living or dead
All with vampire fangs and they giving me head
Like cemetery girls back dance boogie woogie betty
Her nedens big and blew out like a plate of spaghetti

I'm out cold all my teeth gold
Plus I don't brush them
Quarterback sneaking plus if you rush 'em
Bust em down bust em up steady fucking 'em up
But wait why do I have all this blood on my hands
Blood on my clothes blood on my shoes
I'm on the 10 o clock news for steady
Murdering crews and there point of views
I'm like purple chronic mixed with ass and demonic
In her stomach full of jagermeister ready to vomit

Mirror mirror on the wall tell us who the wicked are
Shaggy E and Jay we in the game and getting ours
Hitting stars in there mouth and bumping off with red necklaces
Wicked reckless nobody expected
Bumping this wicked shit or are you brain dead
I can fly a mutha fucking egg on your head
Break in and tie your fucking feet up to your neck
Shoot you in the back once and kick you down the steps

I blow a crauder in the side of your head
Do the same to your missis while you sleeping in bed
Double murder robbery just another job to me
Rollin in a stolen Buick hookers slobbing me
Known though the farms lands as a duke of the wicked
Always shooting the bigots and booting the chickens
Asking me the wrong question also triggers my disease
They will find your body in Compton in and your head in Hallows, Queens.

The phone rong and on the other end it was the president
I cant talk right now I'm on the toilet taking a shit
I groped the phone I think my cover is blown I'm deep cover
Your wife ordered a pizza from me she got the meat lovers
I'm Johnny bravo the other black get at me ho
I make these hos happy tho 'cause I'm there pappy oh
Its to soon for you to be on my team
But give R Kelly a call I think like 'em 13

I once met a hooker and she did it for free
On the west first bus number 73
All the way in the back she was humping on me
Until I strangled the bitch and stuffed her under my seat
I got off on my stop without as much as a drop of blood
But then I remember I forgot to wear gloves
Now I'm chasing the bus my finger prints are on her neck

Fucking dead bitches on a wegie board all night
Busting off shots in the club we all fight
Hanging muther fuckers my there neck off of street lites
With there legs cut off trying to read me rights
I wear my CD I'll stick it in your face
Half way sticken out but look it still plays
I stomp when I rap and I shake the whole block
Stick my dick in your ear so you can hear what I got

I was one of those monsters in the video thriller
Known to the world as the pop star killer
And on another part from the part I arose
I'm the crusty ass booger hanging out of your nose
I'm the stink on your toes I'm the weed to your rose
Not one of your friends but one of your foes
And spitting the wicked shit is the life I chose
Do a spin grab my nuts then b boy pose

Chain you up for some tic tacs bloody mess
We the board on your chest and take turns shooting the rest
I win everytime the beat is good with every rhyme
And off with your head if your getting mine
This is esham and the wicked clowns for the vote
We come flying out the dark with a triple moonsault
I through a snowball so hard it replaced your eye
It melted and left a fucking hole and it was dry


"Willy Bubba"

"Willy Bubba"

Ok class, um, please settle down now,
I'd like to introduce our new student
uhh, uhh Willy Bubba, Willy is from Kentucky, welcome Willy, uh,
I'll be your teacher, my name is Ms. Felby
[1st Verse- Violent J]
Well I flopped out of school but I still hang in the halls
So there I was, you'll never guess what I saw
Maybe a chicken, I thought it was a duck
But it was a redneck fuck, so I walked up
"Hey Willy Bubba, hubba-bubba-lubba
My names Violent J, but my homies call me chicken plucker
I been down with the clown since day one, it's day two
I guess I got some plucking to do
In these parts, we tie you to the desk
And all line up and take blows to your chest (punch)
Fists to your chin (punch), kicks to your head (punch)
Last year we killed a kid dead (HAHHH!! oh, my fault...)
Walked in the school, there's hay in the hallway
Leading to your locker, walk up 'n sock ya
Then bounce your head around the class room and act nutty
The teacher walks, and asked everybody (body, body..)
[Chorus x2]
Who kicked Willy Bubba's ass? (I DID!)
Did you do it right here in the class? (SHO' DID!)
Did you punch him in the face, did you slap him in the mouth
Did you kick him in the forehead (YUP, YUP!)
(Nice to get back with a high school crowd where your alive)
[2nd Verse - Shaggy 2 Dope]
Willy Willy Bubba hubba lubba dubba dilly
Tell me why you talk so silly, bitch
You sound like you come from the land of the bigots
Jolly old Dickens, the land of the chickens
I guess you're in season, I'm packing me a .44
Barrels to your head and blow your face out your asshole
POWWW, bitch! I'm Shaggy2Dope
I'm coming for your kin folk, you get your chin broke
And don't cry or run to the teach
She can't understand your redneck-ass speech
If she could, she wouldn't do a thang
'Cuz she's my bitch and she loves to suck my wang
You in trouble Bubba, you better run quick
You too slow, Willy, 'cuz you a fat bitch
I caught up and got my hands all putty
Teacher walks in the class room, and asked everybody (body, body...)
[Chorus x2]
HOOOOOOLD UP! check it out...
Let's play, Willy Bubba, and kill the Willy Bubba [repeat 'till end]


"Wind Me Up"

"Wind Me Up"

Wind me up
So I can keep up with you
Shits so electric these days
I clash with everything new
I try to fire my guns
I try to bang on my drums

There was a time when I ran
The fastest anyone seen
There was a time in my hands
I had the world it would seem
There was a time I could stand
On top with no in between
There was a time
When I didn't need somebody to
Wind me up

I'm tryin' to race with the best
This once was easily done
It came easy to me
Now there's no to for risk
They do shit faster these days
I know, I'm tryin' to keep up

There was a time when I ran
The fastest of anyone seen
There was a time in my hands
I had the world it would seem
There was a time I could stand
On top with no in between
There was a time
When I didn't need somebody to
Wind me up

I can't let ship pass me by
I'm winded yet still I keep on
I'll never ever never at least try
This world is spinnin' so fast
I'm still on it
Lets see how long I'll last, how long I'll last

There was a time when I ran
The fastest that anyone seen
There was a time in my hands
I had the world it would seem
There was a time I could stand
On top with no in between
There was a time
There was a time I didn't need a wind up [x3]

There was a time
There was a time I didn't need a wind up

There was a time
There was a time I didn't need a

There was a time


"Wizard Of The Hood"

"Wizard Of The Hood"

One time, the ICP with this shit
For you and your boys to say "fuck yeah" to
Yo, G, kick some of that shit about the wizard and all that
Drop a psycho beat and go on and rap, bald-headed fuck
Aw shit, homeboy, you should of seen me
I was flipped at the party drinking a fifth of MD
Straight passed-out on his mother's bed
With seven cans of brew going through my head
Dreaming, I was sipping on Faygo
With my dope posse, hear comes a tornado
Huh, I can't run no where
Cause the whole damn house was spinning through the air (damn!)
And don't laugh just yet
And it bland my motherfucking eyes bet
And here comes a three and a half foot pimp
With a blue zoo suit and a mack daddy limp
Yo, I gotta grip on my weapon
Cuz this midget motherfucker and his boys are stepping
"Oh my, look at the witch
You crushed and killed that wicked old bitch"
And they saying that I'm doomed
Cuz I killed some ho that rides on a broom
Fuck this, I'm going back to where I stay
And I walking down the yellow brick alleyway
[Interlude (contains samples from "Wizard of Oz" and "Ghetto Zone")]
Well, go on motherfucker!
Now I'm roaming just like basshead
Everybody know just where the alley led
And don't say you don't know
Which way to go, yo, there go the scarecrow
I ain't playing this bullshit no more
So I whip out the nickel plated double-four
Best tell my ass how to get back
Or I'll blow the straw out your fucking head
You wanna see the wizard?
Fuck yeah, I do
Get me off this pole and I'll come with you
You know the wiz
Yeah, its the road for him
Then he gave me on a 'gene
Now I gotta bullet for him
So me and the crow was walking on bricks
Spitting and cussing and holding our dicks
Thinking, damn, this ain't how the movie goes
I ain't seen one motherfucking rainbow
Ain't a fresh pair of kicks in the land
Just what you thought, there go the tin man
How to get to the wizard?
What the fuck
I ain't saying shit until you oil me up
I don't see any motherfucking oil, bro
Oil me up with a forty of Red Bull
Huh, just like the book said
Tin Man was stumbling like a crackhead
Old-ass rusted out metal
But we was on our way to see the wizard of the ghetto
"Somewhere over the rainbow"
(Shut the) fuck up, bitch
Damn, this ain't Kansas, ho
This is the southwest motherfucking ghetto zone, bitch
So pick your skank ass up
And you and Toto get the fuck on
Yeah, we've come a long way
Drop the motherfuckers all the way to Del Ray
And I'm a wonder land story book tourist
Gripping that .44 we coming up to the forest
Anything could be out there
Lions, tigers, maybe a bear
Hoods and hoodlums and thieves, oh my [3x]
I'm a kick somebody in they fuckin' eye
Don't fuck with me at a time like this
I'll send out a bullet guaranteed won't miss
So I just move and the hooks are flying
You've come and buck with the fucking lion
I want rings, chains, any kind of gold
Or what?
Or I'm a let this nine unfold
Man, fuck this, come back to Del Ray
There you can rob motherfuckers any day
Crackheads, hoes, whatever you can name
Catch all the rich ones coming out the ball game (yeah)
So finally we was at the castle
And with the guards, we got no hastle
They all just got the fuck out our way
I guess even in Oz they know of Violent J
Yo, where's the motherfucking wizard stay
Who wants to know? Violent-psychopath-J
I wanna word with him at gun point
Cuz there's no place like Detroit
Welcome to the wizards kingdom
The Wizard of the Ghetto as its said
Welcome to the wizards kingdom
Sorry, motherfucker, this is where you'll stay
Scarecrow, you ain't shit to me
And the lion ain't shit but a snack for three
Tin Man, don't take me for a sucker
I'll chew your ass up and spit bullets out, motherfucker
We let it rain,
Seventy-nine slugs to his fucking brain
Then I stepped back cool and calm
Cuz the Tin Man was dropping cluster bombs
Everybody know about car jacking
So me and the fellas went home macking
Jumped in a smooth-ass ride
Drop top Geo says "Wiz" on the side
Gripped it back to the hood where we came from
And that shit was fun
Next thing I knew I was back at the party
Got up and was finning to tell everybody
But I just let it pass
Cuz I know they'll laugh at my drunk ass