Hosts File Editor 1.4.5

Hosts File Editor 1.4.5
Hosts File Editor allows for the easy editing of host files and backup creation.

The goal here is to enable the easy management of access to websites and network traffic by modifying the host files. The ability to edit host files can be useful after a malware attack or so that you can control access to certain websites.

Hosts File Editor additionally has some other useful options for managing your network traffic as well like the ability to turn the DNS service on/off, cache flushing for when transfer rates may seem slow. You can also block bandwidth hogs right at the application server. This includes social media like Facebook, Twitter, and others as well as Microsoft, Adobe, etc.0-min.png 1-min.png 2-min.png 3-min.png 4-min.png 5-min.png 6a-min.png 6-min.png 7a-min.png 7b-min.png

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